Saturday, January 31, 2015

the fishes in the pond

The fishes in the pond
The many types big and small
Flowing along its daily lives
Listening to the fall of waterfall

The ripples silently flow
The short distance of circle
The fishes never bother to look
They just swim in remote mode

Why must they worry?
On the appointed time
The fish food will be thrown in
The fishes don't have a hard life

Everything is fed
In the pond the flashes of water
The crumbs crush into pieces
The fished don't bother to know

As long as they are fed
Tomorrow is a long way from home
The fishes blurb air bubbles
Looking up they just don't bother

the greed of money

The greed of money
The eyes keep the glow
It never says no
The fire burning in the brain

The large chunk of wealth
It makes a person retire early
If it is through honest way of living
Nothing fishy or under brown envelopes

The greed of wealth
It makes the dishonesty thrive
In the mind of easy living
Who want to complain?

But murders and assassins
It flourishes through the illegal games
Taking a life like a falling leaf
Without remorse or regret

The lies flashing in reports
The make up stories or hidden hands
The stories of political back doors
It hides behind the greed of money

the high rise dwellings

The dead on the ground
What is there to say?
Pray and cry out loud
A life just lost so young at the time

The high rise dwellings
The parents mustn't allow children to play
Without supervision tragedy may occur
It can happen anywhere

Will the parents learn?
The time will tell
The parent will forget
Until another one fall

Pray and cry out loud
The years will heal the wound
But the memory will stay
The silent tears and remembering

the casanova cat

The Casanova cat
The years he has been
Chasing after the female cats
Old age never keeps him away

He always have his thing
A new female cat he will pursue
Meowing loudly for all to hear
I am coming don't run away!”

At the back lane
No female cats to be seen
But the Casanova cat
He has his thing

He never gives up
He will pursue day and night
He just needs one female cat
Then he will keep quiet

Now he has found
A young white and ginger cat
The two have been dating
Quietly for the past few days

The Casanova cat
And his young female companion
Hiding in shady trees
Eyeing each other quietly

Friday, January 30, 2015

there must be a plot

Who want to believe?
Razak Baginda tales?
Rogue police officers
There must be a plot!

The court never found
It is ignored on many important issues
Who gave the order?
Why immigration records deleted?

There must be parties involved
The Mongolian beauty may have found her game
Why took the trouble to blown her to pieces?
Maybe she had damaging evidence

The players involved weren't called
Every line of questioning ignored
The lawyers from both sides
They didn't take up the issues

Now the Federal court ruled
The police officers will be hung
They don't have a motive
They are the puppet on the string

We have to change the government
Let a new party rule the nation
It is only then we can unravel the case
And many others under OSA

don't leave children alone

Living in high rise building
Nd doubt of the view
Feeling you are an angel
Looking down on the ground

The whirring wind
The caressing feel
The whispers in the ears
You are the top in the air”

Living as a couple
The danger isn't there to see
They will know the pitfall
Don't try to be a Superman

Living as a family
The security must never overlooked
The danger of children playing games
They don't know the fall down to the ground

Now we hear tragedies
Of children fell from highrise building
Parents still never learn
Putting up grills everything is safe

The children are active
They will seek adventures
They will make believe world
Like Superman flying in the air!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

the birds of many colours

The birds of many colours
Flying around in the open space
The small humming birds and eagles
Down to the pigeons and swallows

The sparrows will claim the roof
There it will breed and hide the whole day
Coming out to collect food
The watch dogs on the roof

They don't speak of territorial rights
They know what the open space means
Every of its kind has the rights to fly
There is no rules or net to avoid

But with humans
We hear of rights and borders
Why can't they live in harmony?
Sharing it for goodwill and peace?

With our brains we lose our sights
We lose to the peabrains of living in harmony
They have more sense sharing the open space
We are really far behind learning to live

age growing old

Age growing old
The eyes become blur
The mind can't think sharp
The body declining runs

And the money tree
The hot sun no rain
It turns up dry and empty
The nest of tomorrow disappearing

The juicy years
The fast lanes of life
Barking up through the nights
Of tomorrow nothing to cry

Now the dry up years
Age growing old
The nest still running low
Tomorrow the hardship flow

88% working adults never safe
The money tree to survive on retirement
Maybe they have many commitments
Work today pay today what else for tomorrow?

The sad state of affairs
The breadwinners will cry
When old age comes knocking

The money tree withers and dies

the big crisis in mic

The big crisis in MIC
The Ros waiting to deregistered it
Telling MIC last election is null and void
Meetings and correspondences fruitless drive

What is the president doing?
He replaces leaders not aligned to him
Pushing a screw deepening the crisis
The lid of the pit slowly opening

MIC senior leaders
Barring them to enter
Now the thugs and hooligans
Hiring out to control the crowd

The HQ becomes a shouting matches
The youth chief finally took over the security
The damages have been done
MIC will go down

Facing deregistration
The MIC head honcho should call a truce
Call the senior leaders to find solutions
Else MIC time is running out

the silence wait on the wall

The air conditioned unit
The silence wait on the wall
No switch no rumbling sound
The night dark of the time

The dark colour birds
Putting up for the nights
A nice hiding place
No predators will come

Unless the humans
On the switch the waking up unit
The whirring sound of its motor
The birds will fly quickly away

Afraid of the night monster
The birds hardly see it
They only hear the vibration
Spinning tales of hide and seek

The normal days and nights
The silence wait for the call
Once the switch is on

The night wings intruders will fly away

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

the day and time wait for nobody

The day and time wait for nobody
Everyday it comes and goes
We like it or not it doesn't matter
The clock clicking without our consent

We plan our lives or we are free agent
The day and time will just move on
When the day comes of our old age
Will we have enough to survive?

The day and time never tell
In silent mode it makes its day
We are the ones to make our harvest
Plant our crops watered it and wait

The day will come
The retirement will hit the ground
Do we have enough to live through?
The day and time wait for nobody

there is no way to run

There is no way to run
The costs will ring up in our ears
No matter what the government says
Its ministers never read the ground

Nothing will stay stationary
It always moves upwards
Even moving laterally the changes will run
The business people will make the hit

Look at what the government behaves
Outsource maids recruitment exercise
The fee jumped to $250 from $15
The Indonesian maids will not be arriving

What are the bloated civil servants do?
So many outsource to private companies
So they have long tea breaks or meetings
Services to the people will be affected

The pocket will punch many holes
The daily surviving tools will be dented
There is no way to run
The costs will ring up in our ears

the play never ended for the fall guys

Piah Samad cries
The old lady prays hard
She just couldn't believe
Sirul could do such a thing

He must have taken order
Blew to pieces the Mongolian beauty
Until all traces couldn't be traced
Now the Federal Court judges ruled

There was no order to commit murder
Sirul and Azilah acted on their own
They are highly trained police officers
They would carry orders without questions

The questions remain
The judges never even say
No immigration records
How could that be?

Now Sirul waiting
In the land of Oz knowing his fate
He has to wait for many years
Before he can land on his home again

It is better Sirul say his piece
In foreign press there is a way for him
Tell his story and who ordered the hit
The play hasn't ended in his conviction

mr handy man

Mr Handy man
You carry your small bag
Of tools you show it
From town to town you say
You hardly make sense
You want to screw
But you don't learn it how
You shoot it at the wrong place
Mr Handy man
You never make a good living
You try to make it looks good
But you turn yourself into a joke
Alone you will not make the mark
With your carrying tools of like minded ways
What else is new in your head?
Mr Handy man
You better stay at home
Learn how to cook instead
You want to screw
But you don't learn it how

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

when there is no wrong

When there is no wrong
There will not be a protest
We have seen the ills of the nation
The people can't take sleeping away

We have to stop the fall
Before the nation goes under
On the heavy debts burden
Bee Anne makes us suffer in pain

Belt tightening Bee Anne preaches
In its own turf they spend it all
The merrymaking among the connections
As if tomorrow will come in clean bill of health

The Auditor General's report
It never paints a favourable picture
The wastage of funds blowing into the drain
And nothing will be done to put the culprits in custody

When there is no wrong
There will not be a protest
The parade on the streets
The parade in the minds

hey prime minister

Hey prime minister
Rome is burning silently
And you go globe trotting
Obviously you know something
You will not stay on in your job
You want to enjoy the perks
Leaving your marks you think you will
Rome is burning silently
You don't say to put a stop

Silence means you have agreed
You support the groups making seditious speeches
And you don't make the connections
As you go globe trotting
Hey prime minister
Don't go hiding away
Show you have the balls
Hit the gong and do it fairly

Rome is burning silently
As the agents of destructions coming in
Recruiting the weak into ranks
Obviously they want to destroy
Hello prime minister
It is time you stay back home
Tackle the issues right away
Don't flip flop at every turn
Hey prime minister
Do you listen?
Obviously you forget
You want to fly in the sky

the spider

The web of long shadows
The white thin thread spreading out
Hooking up to branch to branch
Hanging there in camouflage

The blinded insects flying
Oozing with confident in the air
With speed whispering in its antenna
They look confident in every part

Once it hits the soft netting
The faces of fear of wings entangle with it
Struggling to get free but failed miserably
As the spider running down quickly

The insects only stare in agony
Struggling feverishly to get free
The spider only watches with watery eyes
You are mine in my cage”

isis militant is scratch and win

Isis militant is scratch and win
The promises of the pyramid way of life
Enslaving the weak into its cage
Once you are in you are doomed

Belief in a faith
Yet going out to kill
The religion showing compassion
No force should be used

Isis militants talk in different values
You scratch but you never win
You are at a loss on the field
Listening to the call but darkness fall

The promise of paradise
Death on the ground
What's there to show?
God says you are a fool

God kept His promise
Those thousands years ago
He sent his prophets
Now is the cultivating of good deeds

God never appoint any one
The fake prophets smell the doom
Better walk away and forget about them
God will rain stones and fire

the ugly faces

The ugly faces
It seems to occur regularly
In the political landscape
As we struggle to live everyday

The freedom to practice one's religion
It has been abused quite often
Article 3 and 11 of our Constitution
The judges should stand firm on it

Don't base judgement on a faith
It has to do with the law and Constitution
This is the foundation for the nation
Without it the troubles will be brewing

The Isis militants branding its way
They have recruited the weak link to a cause
Bring it as a shame to a religion
That the police must really bring it down

The violent protest on Jelatek project
Led by a group of racist mob
Afraid to mix around with other races
Saying they want exclusiveness to their race

The police must take immediate action
They can't close an eye and wait
There shouldn't be pick and choose
Show it without fear or favours

The ugly faces
Painting in our midst
As we struggle to live everyday
We don't need the hammering in

Monday, January 26, 2015

the old small traders

The old small traders
They will adapt in changing times
They know they have to survive
A little hiccup part of life

Though they may not be computer savvy
They will find ways to make it work
Go back to manual recording
It may not be very accurate

If the taxman wants his cut
He has to come in to help
He can't be knocking at doors
Thinking everything will be fine

No Sirs..old dogs still need training
It may take a longer time to do
Old age doesn't been they are incompetent
In business the money will make them survive

when they were young

When they were young
They fell in love
Like a wink of an eye
The pieces fell into play

The social dilemma
The faith of different religions
It stuck out as a hindrance
As lovers they couldn't understand

For months the lovers tried
The loving world in their eyes
They tried to brave the storm
Of society objections

In the wink of an eye
The lovers were left to go alone
Into the world of racial prejudices
Leaving them no choice but to surrender

Into the different world they went
They would not see each other again
Until one woke up to find the missing link
The lover came trying to link to the past

When they were young
They fell in love
Like a wink of an eye
The pieces fell into play

no permanent enmity

Political foes
No permanent enmity
Once there is common ground
They strike a deal

The subtle ways
The politicians will bargain
Out of sight
The deals are quietly executed

Political enemies
They will come together
Share common platforms
Carrying out tasks of common good

Though they will argue
Calling names and what's not
In the end they have teas

Strike a deal that's that

drive with caution

Drive with caution
On the road that is
Eyes must be full alert
The body functions stay calm

The drivers of today
They don't use signal indicators
They just brake and turn
The entry they want to do

They don't think of other drivers
Along the same road driving
Suddenly you see them turning
No prior indication of the move

Accidents happen
The careless drivers
The speeding impatient F!
Zooming past wheels seem to fly

Deaths on the road
The crying will be too late
Lives have been lost
What's there to say?

Stay alert on driving
Road accidents do happen
Eyes and mind in full coordination
Don't be a statistic on the road

the local councils elections

The local councils elections
Unless we change the present government
Else we don't see the light of day
Of Pas better put it in the bin

Pas has lost all credibilities
With its present president
He never brings Pas its glory
It will be put in the back seat

Though it may stay in Pakatan
The day will come it has to go
The people will reject it
For its flip flop on political decisions

The recent outburst on local elections
It shows its president veering to Amno baru
It has been said many years ago
This man I think will bring the party to its knees

Currently the local councils members
They are political appointees
They don't show their faces
Even here I don't even know them

Sunday, January 25, 2015


The many masks display
The colours of dark hues
What it say?

The everyday people
They walk by
They don't think
What will become tomorrow?

Awake or just pretending
As the nation reels downwards
The extremists have a field day

Religion in politics
The Constitution is violated
Like Article 3 and 11
Some judges fall on their own religion

The rule of law
The rule of the Constitution
Putrajaya plays the flute
The everyday people walk by

The many masks display
Awake or just pretending
As the nation reels downwards

the new term

The Crane fist on the rise
The pose on a sunny breezy afternoon
Izzy stands with her stance
Behind the shadows of banana leaves

The shadows falling quietly
The two young girls in spirit high
One posing as a ruse
The dance of the Crane fists fly

Together they form a formidable team
With the shadows falling in quiet breezes
The smile on their faces as they pose
We are the tag team don't you know?”

The soft breezes blowing
The shadows swaying along
The banana leaves waving
The two girls with new hair cut

Tomorrow in school
The two girls will walk with smile
The Crane will fly

The beginning of a new term