Thursday, March 31, 2022

we can't cry when we fall victims


We are living in a time

Nothing will be secured

Every system invented by humans

There are flaws hackers will hack in

Every security feature isn't safe

As long as humans have a hand in it

There will be a team or lone hacker

Trying to crack the systems

Many have received crank calls

Even scammers have our information

We can suspect all in our minds

But what the government is doing?

The police will not follow through

After awhile the cold storage on cases

The blame will put on the victims

Falling to the scammers' schemes

But the tracking?

The trail will not end

The bank accounts and holders

We don't hear the follow up

It's life on rock and roll

Sometimes good sometimes stuck

The scammers know about fear

They cash it to play their games

We are living in a time

The false security in our lives

When reality bites into it

We can't cry when we fall victims

vote out the political frogs


All the political frogs

They aren't fighting for the nation and people

They are looking for their own benefits and welfare

They shouldn't be elected into office again

They took the voters for their rides

They had no intention to keep their promises

They jumped ship giving silly excuses

They could have said for their own interests

The Anti-hopping Bill

It mustn't have double speak

It should be in plain words

No beating around the bush

The article 10 of the Constitution

Parliament must amend it with a sub-clause

Otherwise the Anti-hopping bill may be void

Because the Constitution runs supreme

The voters should keep track of the political frogs

When GE is called they shouldn't vote for them

Don't waste the votes for selfish politicians

They shouldn't be allowed to laugh at the voters

the bad leaders bring no cheers


The crocodiles speak

It always never bring good cheers

It is always toward their own kind

It is a shame to hear them speak

One gives a stern warning

To the NM on her children's conversion

Without her authorization to change religion

The Federal Court past ruling still applies

Will the police take action?

Nothing will come from the blue

Because they will say no police report

The mother is advice to lodge her complaint

Now another one will propose a Muslim PM

He wants the Constitution to effect the change

Mostly it will not happen because they don't have the majority

Yet the crocodiles want to imply the way they intend to do

The people should wake up to see

Especially the Malays in the rural areas

They shouldn't live in closet minds

They will suffer in the long run of things

The nation is running into heavy debts

The payment will drain our resources

The nation leaders now can't handle the situation

GE15 must bring in a new set of leaders to progress

nature sending signals


The strong wind yesterday

Swinging the branches high and low

It swept through with the rushing rain

It wet through the closed up areas

The papaya tree couldn't hold it

The wind blew hard and cracked its base

It fell and broken at its edge

The papaya tree couldn't be saved

The bird's nest on the palm trees

It swayed left and right but it stayed

The mother bird sat through the ordeal

Of strong wind and heavy rain

Across the street

A banana tree got uprooted

For months it stood high proudly

Until yesterday the strong wind broke it

The Nature wrath

The anger in her motion

The angry wind; the fierce flood

The hot sun burning skin

But we forget to protect Nature

We plundered and destroyed

Because we are greedy and corrupted

Until we wake up and change our ways

the buskers in KL


The buskers in KL

They make the city life

Bustling with activities

Take away the blues off the day

They are there to earn a living

As a landscape of the city life

Rendering free music and songs

The top hits of yesterday

At the Bukit Bintang area

Along Jalan Bulan

The walk way of easy flow

The buskers trade their talents

The flow of road traffic

The back-drop of moving vehicles

The crowd gather to watch the show

The street entertainers earning from donation

Listen to the top hits of yesterday

The buskers in KL

The Omicron has slowed the traffic

They may not perform now

Until the pandemic is over

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

suffer today; be prepared for tomorrow


EPF members

What happen when the cash is gone?

What will you do to survive?

If you can think it out now

You may not need to withdraw your fund

Some of you may think otherwise

It is our monies we better withdraw from our accounts

Because we can't think of tomorrow

Today we need to live to survive”

This is a short cut way to live

Tomorrow will surely arrive

When your fund is gone

What will you ask then?

Even when retirement reaches in time

Lack of fund will cause the pain

The future will not be kind

Old age will not run away

You will feel the agony

Suffer today; be prepared for tomorrow

Because tomorrow we are in the aging group

We need cash to survive and live day by day

Think about it before reality bites in

the gay lovers 2


In the flow of time

The gay lovers will find

They want to start raising families

They will feel inadequate

The surrogate mothers arrive

They will be paid well

Though they don't have right to claim

The babies born through them

The women will look for snow white donors

Paying it well to get them impregnated

Though the women may not know the men

They have the babies they wanted in their lives

The gay lovers will find no wrong

They choose their lives living their way

They may not know what will happen

When they walk in the shadows of the valley

the political business game


The Ali Baba's business

It still carries on in politics

It doesn't want to go away

Because it is a lucrative income

Hike the projects costs

Filter it through company A or B or C

Inter-locked in with the same directors

Move the ownership around

It is the political business game

The business of helping cronies to earn millions

Awarding contracts run into billions

A cut to look above board

But the investigators will not jump in

They will sit to wait for report to arrive

They don't take the pro-active approaches

They will hear no evil; and do no bad

But in Ali Baba's business

It seems to run above board

It doesn't arouse suspicion

It is a game in decades

we don't need the draconian laws


The draconian laws

These laws shouldn't be enacted

It will stifle the growth of democracy

Every time we have to look over our shoulders

These laws are created to install fear

Not only to the bad elements in society

But also the external extremists

Trying to spread the conflict of personal interests

These draconian laws

Make the police doing less investigation

The art of finding facts and building up cases

The police will not stay sharp in focus

We have the Penal Code

Every crime committed can be found here

Do we really need the draconian laws?

In democracy we must allow criticisms

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

PH should aim for the winning


PH should aim for the winning

GE15 is the ultimate prize to have it

It shouldn't aim for the consolation prize

It shows defeat before the major battle

The core voters in GE14

They aren't going to change it

They want the change to arrive

The nation needs it to breathe

Forget about the big tent ideology

It will become too time wasting

Pampering to likes and dislikes

Better stick to the present set up

PKR needs a real change

The engine room needs to turn alive

It is good Rafizi returning to ignite it

With his supporting team he will make it

The wolves feeling arrogant

With wins in the starter prizes

The major prize is a different game to play

PH should plot it now and get it moving

Maybe with MUDA in the wing

PH will gather a good harvest

The core voters in GE14

They want the change to happen

the gay lovers


The gay lovers

The sunsets in the horizon

Is it worth the time?

Today or tomorrow or hereafter?

Many will not think of it

They will take what it is today

Brave the agony of scorn and snide remarks

Show it to the public they have their lives

Through times of ancient history

The gay lovers weren't welcome

In the scriptures it is said

Repent before it is too late!

But think about it

God creates His children

Why the difference in tastes?

Why the division in life?

In the western modern world

The gay lovers can flourish and marry

The religious authority will sanction it

Only in certain Asian countries it is taboo

The straight people

They can't be critical

Sin cut through in our minds

Let God decide the outcome

let there be no death penalty


The drug mules

The life will not last

The shortest span in life

Why take the risks?

In countries with death penalty

The authority in human skin

They will like to see hanging

It's the nature of fittest to survive

As long as they can put fear

Doing or pushing drugs

It must be the norm in society

Clean living is the choice

Transporting drugs

The element to get busted is real

Once you are at the Immigration point

Because the cameras will start rolling

The drug mules

It is better to rob a bank

Run away and disappear

You don't face the death penalty

the super majority but can't choose


The super majority wolves in Johore

Has the dust settled down quietly?

Will there be a storm in the state assembly?

The 38 members signed SD opposing MB appointment

Currently the Excos sworn in

Everything seemed fine with the wolves?

They made so much chest thumbing

Now they stayed cool with it?

The super majority but can't choose

The candidate of their choice

Because the sultan picked his own

They still have a game to play

They can change the state constitution

They have the super majority to amend it

Will they plan it or they just keep quiet?

Maybe thinking of the projects in Muar?

The chosen candidate wasn't picked

The Johore voters counted on him

Now a different candidate was chosen instead

In GE15 the voters better understand the game

Monday, March 28, 2022

you can live in the circle


You can live

Without love

Every day in your life

You will still survive

You can't live

Without money

You will struggle

Every day in your life

Love can come and go

Maybe like the fleeting sound

Maybe like the whirring wind

It feels good for a while

But you will still survive

Even when love is gone in your mind

You will still wake up watch the sunshine

You will have time to make money

When you don't have money

Everything will be gone

You can't survive without it

You may stand alone homeless

The circle in your mind

Back and forth and disappear

You can live without love

You can't live without money

PH must stand ready


The morning breakfast by the wolves

The hatching of plan in a posh hotel

They have the hidden agenda

Gunning for a general election

They counted the eggs

They felt good about it

The last few state elections

They won it with majority

Though they denied about it

Meeting of comrades for breakfast

This was to plot a plan

Pushing the turtle man for action

PH must stand ready

There is no reason to wait

The wolves had said many times

Even turtle man seemed to agree

Map out your candidates

Make the list ready for action

Because the wolves may spring a surprise

Calling for it in July

when the road ahead is bumpy


When the road ahead is bumpy

Seeing a lot of potholes navigating a skill

A driver will not say stop driving through

He will make an effort to drive on it

Though he may feel his vehicle feeling the blue

Yet he has to drive on to reach his destination

Else nobody is going to help him

He has to make the effort

PH now in the bumpy road

The leaders feel the effort of it

Losing 4 state elections in a row

It affects their focus and strategy

Yet they have to stay focus

The engine room needs to revamp and revive

There are still the many potholes to drive through

But one leader seems to have a negative approach

The wolves want to make it looks

They have the winning edge to book

But PH still has the voters backing

As the popular votes had shown

Now with Rafizi returns to active campaigns

The “Ayuh Malaysia” will catch the people's imagination

PH needs to win the main prize in the lottery game

Don't cry losing the starter's prizes

The driver navigates skillfully

He reaches his destination in one piece

Though his vehicle may need a check up

He is satisfied written on his face

the bad leaders


The bad leaders

They will attract many

Because of the stigma

They dare to steal

Like the women

They will go for the bad guys

The attraction for the short term

They will bathe in glory for a while

These people can't differentiate

The good support for a cause

The bad support for self benefits

In it the bad leaders triumph

Only when the bad leaders

Get caught in their crimes

Send to prison to realize

The fun is over; the adulation is gone

The blind supporters

They will still cry their names

Hoping to get the free loading

How to steal and enjoy living

Sunday, March 27, 2022

memories in the village


Memories in the village

Where life was easy mixing freely

We gathered around in our friend's house

The young Romeos dreaming of Juliet

We were trying to make friend

With a pretty girl across his house

Every day we would gather around

Hoping she would come and play

Nothing happened

She was studying in front of her house

She could smile but nothing was encouraging

The young Romeos had no Juliet

Kampong Tengah was in the heart of town

Slowly development came the landscape gone

She moved away so were the young Romeos

The village was gone we moved our separate ways

We never met again

The young Romeos of my time

It is the memories of our young lives

Dreaming of Juliet but nothing realize

Ages ago I went back to see

The old temple still stands

No developer dares to demolish it

They are afraid to suffer death!

there is no conviction yet


Nobody should resign

As long as his case isn't completed

As long as his trial is still going on

Once a person resigns

It will reflect he is guilty!

Nobody should be that stupid!

Let the person has his freedom

The judge hasn't given his verdict

As the trial still on going

It will take months and years

As the appeal processes will take

Until he is found guilty by the court

Then the person should resign from his post

Though he still can maintain his party membership

The politicians who call for it

There is always this hidden agenda

They want to rub salt into his wounds

Though in the same party but feel slighted

As they can't climb up the ladder of leadership

Politics is always a nature of a beast

Nobody should resign

As long as the judge hasn't given his verdict

Let it be fair in the justice for all

It is just a trial no conviction yet

GE15 likely in September


The pressure is mounting

The turtle man stays quiet

He has to listen to the last AGM

The delegates shouted for it

Dissolve Parliament

Let GE15 roll in

But the turtle man

He will wait for his 1st anniversary

Likely will be in September

He may not want to rush into it

He doesn't want to lose his power

He knows he has the clout in his hands

It is only his party bosses

They want him to get it done

He has to think hard

He doesn't want to be TKO

His party bosses can stop him as a candidate

Without receiving his letter of approval

He is as good as losing his seat in GE15

So the turtle man has to play his cards right

GE15 likely in September

After Raya, after King's birthday, after National Day

The turtle man may ask for the dissolution of Parliament

Of course the King has his right to decide or decline

the food shortage


The food shortage in the world

The population of over 8 billion people

Somewhere millions will go hungry

Somewhere millions will have no homes to stay

This isn't new in our times

We saw it in the world wars

We see it even today's events

Millions still go hungry and without homes

It can be any part of the world

There will be the homeless or vagabond

This is to test our faith in our religion

It is better to give then receive

The rich countries in the world

The richest people in our population

They may help in charity and goodwill

It is still the politicians making the rounds

We know about politicians

They will salivate on power and benefits

All for themselves, relatives or cronies

Nothing will be given for the common people

The world we live and die

We will watch the harsh reality of life

If the governments suppress people with fear

It is the evil regime wanting to rule forever

The food shortage in the world

It is the politicians in governments

They should find ways to make it work

As it is they salivate on power and benefits

Saturday, March 26, 2022

think to win it will happen


PH leaders

Rise up and be wiser

Don't sink into inferior complex

Counting the losses

Even before the match

Think of the positive ways

Think of a winning strategy

It's economy!

Don't go to the battle

With a weakened mental approach

You want to win a match

You need to tackle the mind of winning

As it is now you are counting the losses

When you think you are losing

You will lose the game

The positive outlook

It needs to stay in the mind

The mounting obstacles

It will not break the spirit

Cultivate it back to win

It is always there for taking

PH leaders retreat

A while to mount a fresh challenge

Always stay in the winning mode

Forget about the distractors

They are the paid running dogs

Barking to disturb concentration

Think to win it will happen

dreams may come true


Dreams big or small

It will make a scene in the mind

Capture it and work on it

It may come true

It may come as dreams

A fleeting moment of joy

Make a life a moment of great

Put the worry and pressure behind

Sit down and dream through

The things or events going to happen

It always start from a dream

In the mind to wake up a life

Dreams big or small

Believe in the ability to do

Live not with regrets

Let it roll back in the past

Tomorrow dreams will light

Telling there is always a way

It needs action to see its fruition

Give it a try it may happen