Tuesday, April 16, 2024

support growing thin Renaissance man


Renaissance man

He shouldn't talk a lot

It is time he should take action

The promises he made

He should focus locally

He shouldn't declare support

Those nations out of our shore

It has no bearing to the nation

The public getting worried

Renaissance man seems going the wrong way

Running to 2R afraid to spook his race

So many incidents he shouldn't talk

His support going thin

He mustn't forget the minority support

They will make the difference

Winning or losing in a contest in the poll

Renaissance man

18 months on his job

The public still waiting

The changes he should make

walking blue


Walking blue

On the streets or alleys

You think you are alone

Passing through in your life

In the neighborhood

Of bad characters roaming in silence

Gathering in group or alone

With their mean faces showing through

Walking blue

As you try not to stare

Passing them on the streets or alleys

They will make you feel the tickling effect

Going in your mind

Fear will ring in your eyes

As you walk through

Trying to pretend

Walking blue

The eyes will tell

As they eagle eyes you passing by

In an area they have a say

Walking blue

On the streets or alleys

You think you are alone

As you walk through

don't act like NATO


Don't act like NATO

It will not solve the current issues

It will drag on causing economics hiccup

Only a race will lose the employment

As the country trying to reach the top

Here the bird-brain politicians ring

Sounding the bad vibration in the nation

They think they are good at it

The drama of fools act on it

Hurling Molotov bottles at the premises

The gangster type approach to customers

The intimidation and or bodily harm

Though the police swing in swiftly

The culprits caught and in lock-up

Will it just for a show?

Never will they charge swiftly in court?

The vigilante ones

The police still sitting on it

The public will have the feeling

The police will slow dance

Monday, April 15, 2024

get it on


Get it on

Don't sleep on it

It will not help

In the long run

Get it on

Old age has no bearing

No excuses to say

Living is the goal

The rock and roll

The jamming of blues

The pop music echo

Get it on

Don't run away

Face the music

Jam the life away

Tomorrow hasn't arrived

Don't be afraid

Live the life

Don't listen to rumors

It is the green eye

the public watching


Renaissance man

Calling out the junior chief wolf

He will not understand in his mind

He needs to face jail time

The police shouldn't drag on

The investigation on the junior chief wolf

The public will recognize the pattern

The police will take a long time to complete

KK police took him in

Questioned him and release

The papers must be submitted

Let us see what AG will do

Renaissance man

Better ask your Home Minister

Don't sleep on his job

Else replace him

The public grouses

Don't sweep it away

They will make you pay

If you ever forget

the devils come early


The devils come early

In the sinners world

They will jam it up

Forgetting about their lives

The jam packed crowd

Leaving religion in the back ground

Let the love of music light up their lives

Tomorrow is hard to understand

The devils come early

Flying around in the air

The missiles light up the sky

The cries of suffering on the ground

Using religion on the wrong way

The sinners world jam it up

They don't see the missiles

They want to rock one more time

Some may not see tomorrow

Nobody can say what it will form

So jam in the crowd living it for today

The devils come early

renaissance man " don't be NATO"


MO1 still pushing

He can't stand living in prison

Though rumors spread

He lives in well connected facilities

Wan Ji told the press

When he was release

After serving his sentence

From Kajang prison

Quick to response

The prison authority denied it

But MO1 doesn't wear prison uniform

Even when he was attending his court case

Now MO1 wants his house arrest

He claimed the previous King allowed it

Renaissance man doesn't want to say

He has got the bad publicity lately

MO1 should serve his prison term

He should pay his fine and return the loot

Otherwise he shouldn't be allowed to plead

For the house arrest

Renaissance man

Time he takes back his back-bone

He should walk the talk of what he says

Otherwise he will be branded as NATO

don't play pussy-foot


The Rocket

Don't stay silence

Don't move behind close door

The public will say

You have no balls

Fighting the rights

For the nation of people

As the wolves keep pushing

Still using Rocket as the punching bag

Though in the unity government

The Rocket

Blast off your cylinders

Show the wolves

They should know where they stand

Tell the Renaissance man

Staying mute isn't the right way

He mustn't think of his position

He should think of the reforms

As PH promised in the last election

Now the wolves keep pushing

If they aren't sincere they should go

Renaissance man and Rocket

Don't play the pussy-foot

Sunday, April 14, 2024

black night


Black night

The shadows hide

Isn't easy to identify

Moving in silence

The extremists move

Feeling confident in black night

Nobody can see

Only their own breathing

They are after

The extremism causing fear

Knowing they don't have the support

Using scare tactics to win

Black night

Nobody can see

The shadows hide

Isn't easy to identify

no slow dance renaissance man


The wolves causing

The bad howling to the scene

Instead of going for stability

They are showing their colors

The chief wolf should read

What the ground has said

His party shouldn't bring

The bad vibrations to the public ears

He should cage his junior chief

He is causing bad image for the party

Going after the coalition partners

This isn't a partnership in the work

Renaissance man should wake up

Stop thinking about his position

It can come and go at any time

So don't waste time trying to please

It has cause concerned in the public eyes

Of his slow action to control the wolves

His slow dance doesn't help in the fast lane

He should run now before it is too late

the Trojan horse


The Trojan horse

Standing tall outside of eyes

Slowly the bad comes out

Eyes glow to cause uneven road

In the public eyes

They will read the news

The bad vibrations causing concern

Crossing through the minds

Besides of the fear

Causing the sleepless nights

Cruising in the dark sleepy hollow

The boom boom sound penetrates through

The Trojan horse

Nothing good will bring

The greed and power salivate

The minds of those who don't care

In the dark of night

The dark shadows move in silence

The Trojan horse

Standing tall outside of eyes

Saturday, April 13, 2024

it is about the nation and her people


The wee wee and Rocket

Stop talking like enemies

You should fight for the minority

Egos can't play in politics

Now it isn't the time

Claiming credit of the past

It was the previous generations

They got more than they helped

Now it is a different game

The opposite camp planning a different route

The nation can't afford to bag this title

It will sound bad in every aspect

Those race so eager to live in it

They should live in Middle East or Pakistan

Maybe in Syria too to open their eyes

Why these people are suffering or die

The wee wee and Rocket

Pull their weight together

It isn't about their party affairs

It is about the nation and her people

the police slow dance on the elites


The slow dance

The police will walk

When it involves the elites

The officers will take a while

The law doesn't see

The color of a person's skin

It only recognizes the crimes

A person has committed

But the police

On the slow dance

Playing their own jazz tune

Relaxing approach no emergency

They will call

The elite to the police station

The others the police will hunt them

Put them in lock-up awaiting court appearance

The slow dance

The police will conduct investigations

On the elites in the radar

Though the law doesn't recognize class system

the widow-maker


The widow-maker

The silence it moves

Hiding well in the body

Until it wants to strike

The rust in the pipes

It will clog the blood flow

The nutrients the body needs

To get the engine revving it up

The years it will take its toll

The rusty pipes need to clean well

It isn't about high nitric oxide

It will cause more pain

It is to clean up the rusty pipes

Let the free flow of blood

Otherwise when widow-maker strikes

Only 6% surviving rate!

The heart diseases

Causing heart attacks

Cause by the clogged arteries

No oxygen bad blood flow

the rocket shouldn't stay mute


The junior chief wolf

He has shown his immaturity

Running down on unity government leaders

Though he forgets his party in it

The King's advice he seems to forget

He unleashes his childish outburts

Attacking the unity minister

His party is a part of it

The police should act fast

On his previous issue on sock-gate issue

The police shouldn't play one eye

This junior party chief should smell prison

The party president should censor him

Don't let him run on his loose cannon

He has shown no respect on unity government

Is Renaissance man ignoring it again?

Friday, April 12, 2024

the wolves just don't learn


The blue eye

Stay alert and watch your back

The wolves aren't sincere

They will try to back stab

Renaissance man should read

The ground of why the wolves

Trying their best to play their games

Instead to stay to cooperate in unity government

Many events happened

The last one His Majesty had to intervene

While Renaissance man trying to find his way

It's time to let go of the wolves

Because the wolves never learn

Suffering badly in 2 defeats

The Malays didn't support them

Give them a place to stay but they forget

PH other leaders

They must keep watch

The wolves will demand

They just don't learn

distribution must be fair to all


Economy has to rise

The country needs it

The progress every one wants

No matter which party belongs

Economy will bring joy

The cheers in every one mind

It isn't a good take living

At a time of pondering

The 4th R can't stomach it

Living in fear of low economy

Rising costs eating their pockets

It will be a bad company

Renaissance man should stop his ways

Pandering to a race leaving economy on low

He should focus on the nation needs

He should stop being busybody across oceans

Concentrate on the nation well-being

He knows of the nation debts rising

Find ways to hack up the economy

Be fair to all in distributions

the celebration nights


The fire-crackers

The boom boom missiles in the air

The colorful lights splashes for the eyes

The adults and children feeling free

It's the time of a celebration

The sound of loud noises ring in the nights

The boom boom sound wake up any sleepy head

It isn't the time to fall asleep

The dogs and cats

The animals have a hard time

They will get scared in their eyes

They will run far away from the sound

Maybe it is an inbuilt in their minds

That kind of sound means danger in their ears

The ears will shoot up straight on high alert

One of my cats disappear for days

The fire-crackers

The boom boom sound in the nights

Don't think of sleeping through

I can hear the loud vibrations

Thursday, April 11, 2024

where is your focus renaissance man?


Renaissance man

His back-yard he forgets

He should clean it up

Though he pretends

Yet he shout for Hamas

This group causes its own problems

Living in peaceful ways Hamas refuses

They like the missiles and fires

Renaissance man

Look at your own back-yard

Sock gate issue you took a long while

Yet you didn't stop the 2R ringing

Somebody's issue

He wants to stand for them

Back home issues he doesn't see

He better changes his stand

He wants a second term?

The way he is conducting his affairs

He may not get his chance

Unless he refocuses on his back-yard issues

life is hard


Life is hard

Facing the world

Running the race

Up in the early morning

Playing the game

On economy to live

Trade, IT, marketing or speculation

To earn money to survive

So much so health will be affected

In hospital only nurses and doctors

They will check write on the file of records

They don't show the happy smile

Many have lived

Experience the bad in their existence

Covid 19 causing many to go hungry

When funds dried up so quickly

Life is hard

Without planning in old age

Thinking you can survive

But you will live to regret

marriage is the cause of divorce


Marriage is the cause of divorce

With statistics high in many countries

It will tell many to think over it

Once they take the plunge the statistics will record

It isn't about “death till we depart”

In our lives we tend to get on the divorce wagon

It is an easy way out of marital issues

Leave it behind and walk free again

Marital living without marriage

No statistics to show on divorce

On paper it will look good

Once disagree walk out of the door

The 60s of the flowers people

They lived together smoked grass

Living up in smoking high

Like the rock and roll on the beats

Marriage is the cause of divorce

A certificate to show they are married

No sin in their acts

But divorce rate still running high

PH leaders


PH leaders

Why are your sting now?

In opposition they had a lot to say

They could shout loud and clear

Now part of unity government

They should have called the shot

But they are quiet living on benefits

They have become a toothless tiger

Many events cross their path

They try not to smell it far

They pretend they are in the showers

Singing the national anthem

PH leaders don't sleep on it

The new found fame isn't new

They should learn their first lesson

Way back in 2020

Get the promises flow

It doesn't need to be low

Get right on it and don't waste time

The voters may get angry if you forget

the citizenship amendment


The citizenship amendment

It shouldn't have to be table

It needs to change the gender

Either father or mother will do

The Bill goes around the bush

Fixing one adding others in

Hiding the truth on the Bill

Until civil society and Bar Council hit back

For days it was

Telling UG government to withdraw the Bill

HM didn't listen but went ahead

In Parliament for the 1st reading

It didn't go to the 2nd round

As the latest news said it was

Renaissance man intervention to stop it

Returning to the board for fine tuning again

Renaissance man was sleeping

He knew how the Bill would be reacted

He could have listen well then

Until he realize he had to stop it

For now the citizenship bill

It will wait for June sitting of Parliament

By then the controversial amendment should go

They were in the opposition before

Why PH leaders didn't see it?

It will cost them the votes

Don't go pleasing a race

It has to be for overall good

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

the secrets in our lives


The secrets in our lives

We will hide it so well

Thinking nobody will know

As we keep it to ourselves

In our everyday lives

We tend to flow like the clouds

Sometimes we may cry like the falling rain

Shading crocodile tears to hide our thoughts

In the clouds of shadows

We think we can live on and pretend

Living on our pretending circle

Thinking nobody will know

But in our minds

While we fall asleep

The records will be made

While memories may float away

The secrets in our lives

We tend to cover it while alive

Once we are gone the whispers will flow

Good or bad we have to bear in silence

the mind is crying


The mind is crying

Reading all the bad

Coming at us

Showing no respect

One race has most of it

Yet they still demands more

Without playing their roles

Shouldering the burden of the nation

Until His Majesty has to warn the people

The nation has to grow in leaps and bounds

Not playing 2R to serve the selfish politicians

Together we can find progress for all

The mind is crying

The grouses still lingering in the clouds

Of leaders who don't see the truth

But giving lip services that they understood

The mind is crying

Watching a race smiling

The flame of truth is missing

As most politicians play hear no evil

Renaissance man in slow dance


The slow dance

Renaissance man flowing

Listening to grouses

He takes his time to say

The wolves calling it high

Showing their snarling white teeth

Hurling bad vibrations in the ears

Yet Renaissance man dancing away

He has to help the nation

The colorful people wait and watch

What is he up too with his inactive approach?

While the wolves keep howling in the air

Is he afraid to rock the boat?

He should think beyond his post

It is the nation he has to uphold

If the wolves causing problem he must act

He may have his sentimental reasons

As he was once the deputy president of the party

Now it isn't about his former party in unity government

It is about the Trojan horse causing bad vibration

unity for all to stay


His Majesty says

Unity for all to stay

Nobody should try to break it

Respect each other and faith

Will the bad politicians listen?

They have their own needs to satisfy

The one way ticket in their minds

With 2R they will want to rock and roll

The calm atmosphere

Others don't like the bad

They want to live and fulfilled life

Why want to play the cat and mouse game?

Renaissance man still keeps his watch

The time ticking yet he doesn't listen

The ground of grievances floating in the air

He has to act on the wolf bad politicians

His Majesty wants a united nation

He has made his call and the parties should listen

Do not stray away from the unity grace

It will not be good in our frame