Tuesday, July 16, 2024

teoh beng hock case


Teoh Beng Hock case

15 years down the drain

Justice seeking still deny

Renaissance man still slow dancing

While in opposition

He could say what he would do

Brought hope to those waiting

Justice for Teoh Beng Hock

Now in his role

He can find out the truth

He has the power and resources

But he has forgotten his words

PH leaders too

Like the Rocket should go

Fighting for Teoh Beng Hock

A Rocket rising young star

But his family members

Fight it to seek justice

Now Renaissance man says

He will meet the family

a political lone ranger


Tian Chua

No party to stay

In political wilderness

He has no standing to say

Don't talk about Blackrock

You just pick and choose

As opposition leaders do

They better return to the cave

It is about economy of growth

The recognition the naton needs

We don't need sour grape politicians

Only thinking of themselves

Tian Chua

Once in Blue eye

Now in political lone ranger

He should join Pee Anne

Since he talks like an opposition

Forgetting his old ties with Blue eye

The hey days of his time

He was known but he forgot in later years

Tian Chua

Stay away from politics

You don't bring any good value now

Batu voters kicked you out for good

don't they feel the shame?


The 2R

Still the game of play

The politicians in Parliament

Don't they feel the shame?

It isn't a child's play

The children we can forget

But adults in the House?

They don't have economic directions

Branding 2R

A game of bad vibration

In Parliament to debate laws and economy

It isn't about calling bad names

The politicians in Parliament

They should behave and work on it

They way they misbehave

A wasted tax-payers funding

guns should sleep


The political shooting

Nothing new in history

It has happened before

In American rich stories

As long as guns are available

Casualties will happen

So far shooting gone on for a while

Causing pain and sorrow

Yet America still can't see it

Still thinking like the wild west

Have guns will travel”

No guns no confidence

Donald Trump escaped

The political shooting missed the target

A young shooter was shot dead

The agents just wanted to stop the investigation

Maybe this can be a wake up call

Disband guns selling and stop it all

Only contract to the military, navy and airforce

Today an escape and tomorrow?

Monday, July 15, 2024

reforms in schools needed


Let no religion in schools

It will not bring good vibrations

It will cause a division on the wrong approaches

Causing pain in bringing up the young minds

Schools to teach the young

How to read, learn and write

Show them the need to live

Sharing the bond of friendship

Let no religion in schools

Over 5 decades what has gone wrong?

The education system needs to reform

But the politics keep it from happening

The current government

Still dancing on the same record

Refuse to see the writing on the walls

Reforms in education needs to shake up

sweet reforms?


Sweet reforms?

It will not come

Still waiting in the drawers

In the pockets of the mind

The pump up blood flow

Filling it up to its potential

Leaving no footprints

A moment to shake it up

Sweet reforms?

Only talk so long

Nothing yet to splash

No action no cry

In this time

Going backwards no listen

Sweet reforms?

Only talk so long

the power to entice


The wolves internal conflict

The camps starting to emerge

The division has been shown

The president and his deputy

The deputy statements

Contrary to his president's speeches

The sowing of disagreement

Slowly emerge in the open

The junior wolf leader

Still on his attacks on UG government

Though he is in state cabinet

Branding his arrogant style in public

Now he even hits back

At his own party leaders

It shows he has his backing

Otherwise he will not hit

The political conflict

It will have to happen

The power to entice

The ambitious leaders will fall

change for the better, renaissance man


Renaissance man

Stay alert on the Trojan horses

Some may have shown their hands

Speaking in public against the flow

These leaders in the government

They behave as if they are in the opposition

They don't flow with the contractual direction

They act to go against their party line of action

Some may have been his own party members

They make public noises sowing dissatisfaction

They speak to claim for the people's benefits

It is always a hidden clue to their actions

Renaissance man

Stop procrastination

You have the chance to rectify situation

Hurry it before it is too late

There are so many reforms to do

They are many promises to be fulfilled

Don't waste your time sitting on the chair

If you aren't doing anything for change

Sunday, July 14, 2024

don't blame the House Speaker


Don't blame the House Speaker

He got it right on his reasoning

The rebel 6 can keep their seats

It is the attitude of the moos leaders

They declared their support

Way back before the party amendments

The anti-hopping law doesn't apply

They didn't leave their party

They were sacked or terminated their membership

When they refused to pledge the party loyalty

They didn't want to leave the moo party

They were kicked out for not following

The moos wanted by elections

The House Speaker refused to draw into their plot

Conducting by elections involve millions of fund

The nation can't afford to spend on a party reasoning

The monies better use for the poor and needy

As they will face hardship now and tomorrow

The House Speaker had his reasoning justified

The court will not interfere in Parliament business

The rebel 6

It will be the last stand

Currently working as independents

They have to stay that way

the Rocket in silence


The Rocket

The silence in the group

Working in government as ministers

They will not say so much now

Even in Sungai Bakap by election

The Rocket was told to stay low

Though it was PH candidate in action

The top gun leaders kept in low key

The Rocket in silence

The party leaders shouldn't shy away

Though in unity government

The Rocket needs to draw its line

Because the wolf leaders still attack

Always trying to blame the Rocket

The Rocket still stays low

Even the prime minister holds back his mind

The Rocket in silence

The leaders shouldn't stay so low

They should say what's wrong

It's the voters who will count

confidence on the leadership


The wolves attack

The dividing moments in leadership

The chief wolf says something else

Confidence on the partnership

The second in command

He says something different

This isn't the first time he did

It is the party infighting

The Trojan horses will begin

Mounting a challenge in party election

On the outset they will lose

Because the chief wolf has his solid base

The 2nd in command

He may have his renegade group

About 10 or 12 of MP

The identities have been known

It is only AHL law chained them

Else they will hop over

This will be their last stand

Come GE16 they will not be fielded

The chief wolf will have his spies

He is holding court in his party

The line will be drawn

When party election shall begin

power will corrupt


It is always true

Power will corrupt

If a person uses it wrongly

The end of the road

It is something

Like playing god

Hire and fire

Without a concern

Even for the political leaders

Going to the extreme to overthrow a government

They will not feel sorry

They will feel justify in seeking power

It has happened before

Through the ages of history

Power will corrupt the mind

It's the end of the road

The people will suffer

The instability of a government

As the greedy politicians seeking power

By any means to live in it

Saturday, July 13, 2024

the samurai man


The samurai man

He doesn't learn his mistakes

He thinks he has a sound grab of history

He should sit down and reflect

But history of wolf youth chief

It is always out of control in their actions

The past history of the youth wing

They always attacked the minority

The president of wolf party

He should chain his youth chief

He is talking like an opposition

Better send him to the other side

His seditious remark

Police and AG still studying it?

It has been months

No action at all?

The samurai man

Living like an opposition

His party in UG government

He can't understand simple logic

sungai bakap voters sent a message


The Sungai Bakap voters

They sent a message to the Prime Minister

Don't take them for granted to stay on the job

Talking grand on stage but pursue something else

The Non-Malays stay out of it

Teaching Renaissance man to listen on the ground

If he doesn't change his track soon

His party may lose it all

His home state voters

They had enough of his grand standing

He has to listen in real time

Don't try to please his race all the while

His method of justification

It is still his grand standing

Quota system should go

UiTM must open it up for all citizens

He has 3 years till GE16

Enough time to play his card right

If he still persists in his current track

He may see his party draws blank

the disunity in religion


The Muslim disunity

On their political hiccups

The rival camps will not agree

Even praying together

They always talk about it

But politics in religion a bad light

As the reality bites into the game

Families, friends or relatives divide

They can pray many times a day

On the same holy book but can't stay

All due to political differences

A religion is to achieve peace of mind

These are the drama of fools

Thinking they are right in every way

They forget religion shouldn't in politics

As a result disunity erupts in their minds

The different names to a religion

Using the same holy book but can't stay united

All because of political game to divide

All have sins but they think they are free

wild in the wrong way


The Trojan horses

Horses wild, tame or free

Free in pursuit without frames

Frames to lock in and stay

Stay of rules

Rules to display confirmity

Confirmity to sustain in power

Power can bind or blind in wrong way

Way of the Trojan horses

Horses of pursuit of wealth or gains

Gains in power for personal benefits

Benefits to live a satisfied life

Life in wrong lane

Lane of good, bad or evil

Evil is always in the mind

Mind to control or losing it

It is the way of life

Life of Trojan horses

Horses to run wild

Wild in the wrong way nothing helps

Friday, July 12, 2024

some wolves are Trojan horses


The wolves

Some leaders attack

The UG government

Don't remember the help

The party is on the down

PH leaders share the good fortune

Let them breathe easy

Calming their minds

Now some wolf leaders

They are the Trojan horses

Fighting for the opposition

They are afraid to show their faces

Maybe those watching

Renaissance man should realize

He shouldn't play nice all the times

He doesn't know how to battle it out

Renaissance should stand firm

He shouldn't try to please his race

It is a wrong approach to keep his position

He should play safe for all in the nation

As it is

The wolves keep making noises

Forgetting they are in UG government

Supporting is the hall-mark of cooperation

if there


If there

A way to bliss

Don't leave it behind

Grab it to find

In this world

Too much darkness

Covering in our minds

A loss seems that way

If there

A way to find joy

Don't wait go and find

Of relationships to bloom

Even it is a moment

It makes the difference

A sadness or a smile

Grab it to try

If there

A way to bliss

Go and find it

Don't let time pass by

we are good playing fools


We are good

Our best of delaying

Services or court cases

Dragging it to our liking

Laws are made

Limiting our freedom

But we are slow to react

Thinking it isn't our business

We are good

Poking our heads in the sand

Dreaming of heaven in our minds

In reality we will try to ignore

The threats to our existence

We are good at delaying afraid to fight back

Until we are cornered we finally realize

We have been fools pretending nothing will happen

We are good

Delaying our ways

Until we are cornered

We finally realize our stupidity

Thursday, July 11, 2024

the lottery games 2


Many will argue

It is sin to gamble

It makes life a pain

Limping into debts and sorrow

The family will run into troubles

No financial gateway to live

Living always on borrowed time

Loan sharks will spray red paint

Who is at fault?

Lottery games to richness

The players must know

How to stay in reality

The lottery millions

The men on the streets dream

Let them feel their needs

Let them feel they are the lucky ones

Any type of gambling

A person must know the limit

Even buying shares or commodities

There are risks to lose the money

Sin is what we are told

Do we know who wrote the holy books?

All are crafted tales; some are copied

You say; he says; I say; them say

We have rights to sin

In the paradise world we are living

Learn all our mistakes in our lives

Perfection isn't for us to run

the lottery games


The gambling ban

High Court lifted it

It should be right decision

It is up to the punters decision

But Lucy of the North

He coudn't accept it

He brings God to his equation

He should reflect on his own

Religion is what crocodiles are good at

Though they can be wrong with it

Interpretation to suit their political agenda

The majority race shouldn't get blinded by

We should live in paradise

Heaven nobody know

Paradise we can experience it

People like Lucy living in their castles

We are allowed to have our sins

Gambling is how we look at it

It gives us millions to win

Something Lucy can't dispense with

Religion isn't economy

The living need the basic needs

Gambling in lottery a way to get the millions

The satisfaction to live in wealth

yesterday gone


Yesterday gone

It's over we shouldn't cry

We shouldn't feel regrets

It came and waved goodbye

Do we miss it?

We can't run after it

We forget to play our roles

We let the time slip by

Yesterday gone

The vibrations of a time

Touching lives and some regrets

Dreaming on history

Don't live on yesterday

It will not bring us ahead

Don't live in regrets

Believe there is today and tomorrow




Don't just talk

On stage or in public speeches

It needs to move

Renaissance man

There is still hope

He will realize his bad moves

Now his home state send the news

Sungai Bakap result

Hit him on his face

The crocodiles won

Though it made no difference

But the result

Renaissance man should listen

Reforms must be light up

No more talking for the sake of it

There's still hope yet

Renaissance man should realize

His wrong approaches to satisfy his race

Leaving the others feeling the heat


It needs to be done

There's hope yet

Renaissance man will realize it

the rebel 6 of the moos


The rebel 6 of the moos

They don't have to vacate their seats

The party amended constitution

Has no right to sack them from the party

Though the party president sent letter

Telling the House Speaker the rebel 6

Have no right to be members of Parliament

As they have been sacked from the party

The House Speaker took a different view

The rebel 6 has not breached the anti-hopping law

As such they are still the members of Parliament

The party latest amendment has no effect on them

The moos aren't satisfied with the latest move

They want to file a suit in High Court

Again they are wrong to pursue it

The court can't interfere in Parliament speaker's decision

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

divide and rule


The country wants progress

She can't be hanging on religion and race

She will not get the benefits of solidarity

She can't even smell the economic bloom

The political leaders should understand

Playing the game of divide and rule

It brings bad vibration to the nation

The country progress will be hindered

The nation wants her people to survive

In the economic reality everyone is facing

It isn't about religion and race

It is about living in joy and abundance

Sadly this isn't happening

The 2R game is still playing

The nation cries silently

The political leaders grab power greedily

The nation falls into divide and rule

The decades in her record of sadness

A chance to address the issues

The current leaders fall in poor execution

cold approach


Cold approach

Still the best method

Approaching women

In bar lounges, cafes

Malls, hospitals or on the streets

Though the fear always there

It is a test of confidence in a person

How will the approach be?

Feeling of rejection or get to shout at?

It is part of building a person's skill

It isn't an easy task

The best place is still in bar lounges

The dancing halls or night clubs

Where the reason is known ahead

Where everyone wants a good time

The low frame person

It will take a huge encouragement

Tackling the cold approach

It isn't walking in the park

It takes a lot of courage

Cold approach

Stay sober and let loose

Just keep on trying

Don't worry about rejection

The game will fall in practices