Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the naked exhibitionist

songpu heilongjiang china
borrowed gutteruncensored

Capitalist Communist Country
Opening its doors to communist democracy
Letting her people taste the joy of capitalism
The freedom of private lives and making money

Imbue with the western cultures
The people frolicking freely
Now they want to live and enjoy
The pleasures of life of many delicacies

So this Chinese woman isn't the exception
Riding on the cable gondola she has urged to do
Exhibit her nakedness high up the ground
Who want to make complain?

Maybe she is afraid to lose her boyfriend
Up on the cable gondola she strips naked
Pleasing her man as she innocently disropes
She doesn't care what others stared
The wind whirring in her ears
She smile to the camera
The nakedness on the bench
She hardly hides her shyness

As the cable gondola cranks along
She parades her nakedness
As the boyfriend takes her pictures
Giving promises sweet coated words
Now it is history.............
She could become famous

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