Friday, July 31, 2020

only the bad moments

The bad leaders march

Together with frogs in basket

The smiling faces dreaming of power

They think they will be in

The frogs too

Dreaming of the wealth and positions

Marching together

Forgetting the trust and loyalty

The bad souls sink

Deep into the pit

They think they can get out

Once in the darkness who will see?

The bad move

It get knocked out half way

They stand there can't decide

The power has slipped through

The bad leaders march

Nothing to gain but emptiness

They have nothing to show

Only the bad moments

the quick sand will fill it

The bad leader

The monies and position

The dangling carrots

The fools fallen

The wide grin

The cat out of the bag

Too quick too arrogant

It finally fell

The bad leader

Smell the power

Rooting in his soul

But he didn't get it

The gate is close

The time taken up

The gate-keeper isn't staying

The bad leader screaming mad

Buying support

Paying for allegiance

In time it will fall

The quick sand will fill it

moo has to wake up

Moo has to wake up

Amno baru isn't supporting him

The back door leader shouldn't wait

He better returns to PH

Why make the voters angry?

Moo can't call for snap election

He knows his Bersatu will be cooked

The likes of the wolves and crocodiles

The frogs will jump away

The duplicitous traitors will try new way

All in Moo will have to decide quickly

He is a worried man

If he doesn't take action now

The chair may collapse on him

What will he show to himself?

His trust and credibility on the line

Go back to PH

Finish off the agenda in GE14

Moo will have his chance to continue

But will he take his option?

Moo can't call for snap election

Bersatu will lose badly in the poll

His option is to return to PH

Finish off the agenda in GE14

the history of political frogs

The history of political frogs

It will not disappear yet

As long as there is no change

The political frogs will emerge

On the Federal level

A government fell

Because of frogs and duplicitous traitors

They made the voters angry

In the Land below the Wind

The political frogs causing a snap election

The current state government opted for it

It is to let the voters decide once again

The political frogs jumped

It is rumoured on money and positions

There is no other motive

Though they will sing a similar tune

We have lost faith in the central leadership

We find we need to change the government”

The frogs jumped for the ulterior motive

It was the millions for entrapment

The history of political frogs

They will disappear quickly

Maybe they have gotten the millions

Now they can watch the sunset

Thursday, July 30, 2020

the bad things will sit on fire

The greed of power

It shows no shame

Once it rolls into the souls

Praying isn't going to take away

Once the power has gone

The bad souls will start to complain

Everything isn't fair

They will make all kind of excuses

The power of money

It isn't everything in life

The bad souls should learn by now

Money can't help to grow

The bad souls will realize

The bad things will sit on fire

Once they fall or travel to another world

The gate of paradise will not show

let the giant sleep

Let the giant sleep

He fell once he couldn't believe it

Now he thinks he can crawl back

Still arrogant and good in lies

Only the village folks

They can't see the right and wrong

They live through the years

They thought the giant gave them monies

They should wake up and see

They get the peanuts to live by

The giant has all the billions

Living in palatial homes

The urban folks have known it well

The giant can't convince these folks

He can't sweet talk or bribe with money

The bad in the city will not live long

Let the giant sleep

It will be good for the soul

It will make the nation progress

Without the bad intentions hanging in the sky

the snap election in Sabah!

The Land under the wind

The frogs jump high in demand

The State is known for the defections

It is always down to money and positions

Musa says he has the numbers

So is Shafie the current Chief Minister

They fight for the control of Sabah

The frogs make the jump

The Governor makes the right decision

Shafie requested for the snap election

It leaves Musa and his frogs stop on their track

Now they have to face the voters in Sabah

The bad still thinks to rule

This time the voters in Sabah

Send a clear message once and for all

No bad leaders should rule the state

All these bad leaders

All these frogs and monkeys

Let them work in their gardens

Let them feel the pain in their lives

The Land below the wind

Show us you can change it well

No frogs; no monkeys

No bad leaders; no corruption

This will reflect on the coup leaders

They will live to worry every day

When will they fall to their knees?

When will karma cage them in?

Macc should go after the frogs and monkeys

The defectors of people's representatives

Macc shouldn't stay away and keep quiet

There are the usual reasons involved

Money and positions

This is outright bribery

Macc should call up these representatives

Investigate what they say and hide

A normal person will not go for nothing

These representatives work hard to get elected

Under their parties banner to be the people's champions

Along the way they dream of easy monies and positions

When there are offers they will not refuse

The mathematics calculation suits their tastes

They don't go in to serve the nation and people

They go in to serve their own benefits

This will show when they become frogs

Macc shouldn't wait for report

Go after the defectors of any political party

The reason can't hold water at all

The truth is money and positions

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

the police must act

The police must act

On the Amno baru supporters

On yesterday verdict on MO1

For violating the Covid 19 SOP

The police mustn't drag their feet

There are enough photos and videos

The police can easily identify these members

They will cause a hike on Covid 19?

Though MOH felt sad about it

In spite of daily reminding us

Amno baru members and leaders forget

The police should catch and fine them

Some of these members of Parliament

They went back to the August House

Will there be a testing required?

It has to wait for 14 days?

The bad behaviour of Amno baru members

On the day MO1 was convicted on his SRC case

The police must punish these culprits

They may cause the next cluster of Covid 19?

the political talk on rule of law

Moo talks of rule of law

It's only to make him feel good

He broke his own decision

When he stole the people's mandate

Morally he is wrong

Stealing the people's mandate to rule

Though legally he has his rights

As an elected member of Parliament

Moo shouldn't preach about rule of law

He doesn't walk the talk for his case

He entices others to jump ship

Offering them positions to hold on to his position

The frogs and monkeys

These traitors should resign

But because of positions and wealth

They forget the rule of law

Now we will see

What the AG going to do

The audio tape of Moo

The buying of positions and allegiance

Moo talks of rule of law

Does he apply it to himself?

He is a worried man walking

Thinking will he stay or go?

let the old parties sleep

The giant can't get up
Once he fell to the ground
He will take a long time to recover
The shame inflicted on his face

The mighty once he fell
Most of the time he will be gone
Think of Hitler when he lost
He committed suicide

A mighty party lost
It will not recover of its losses
Once the people knew it could be done
The rule of divide will be in history

Though its members will speak
Of the need to revive its glory
But the pain and sorrow inflicted
For over 60 years of its rule

The mighty party and its leaders
They can dream of the past glory
The people will not welcome it back
The history is too much to bear

A new kid will walk in
A new hope in the horizon
Let the old parties sleep
Let history be a little kind to it

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

MO1 found guilty

MO1 found guilty on SRC

He has to serve 12 years in prison

Fine $210 million in default another 5 years

Now he is out on bail

The judge shouldn't allow bail request

Ordinary folks will be sent straight to prison

Because he was a former prime minister?

MO1 should stay in prison pending his appeal to COA

Amno baru members couldn't agree on his conviction

Why these members couldn't see the wrong?

We have to pay for one man's greed and corruption

The stolen monies from the taxpayers contributions

How stupid could these members be?

Stealing is wrong in any religions

How did they learn in schools and universities?

Stealing is a right?

Most of us will be happy to hear the verdict

But MO1 hasn't served his prison sentence yet

The Old Man will be smiling on this score

MO1 still has 1MDB to hang around his neck

We will salute Sarawak Report

For digging up the report on these scandals

SRC and 1MDB involving the former prime minister

Now we will wait for the next case on its way

Atlantuya needs closure

Razak Baginda

Once you were high

The political advisor

To one Najib

Then came along

A Mongolian beauty

She turned your life

And Najib too

Into the darkness

You can't get out so soon

Even Najib feels the heat

When Atlantuya was killed

The hell came to collect

You could escape the hold

The court set you free

You fled to UK to stay low

The police officers sent to the gallows

They are waiting to be executed

One fled to Australia one stayed behind

The truth hasn't been told yet

Razak Baginda

You want your public life

You have to tell your story

About the Mongolian beauty

It is one of the black spots

The nation wants to seek a closure

You should do your public service duty

Tell your side of the story, this time the truth

moo is worried everyday

Moo will not dare

Call for a snap election

He knows his Bersatu

Will be clobbered on the ground

Moo will hold on to it

Unless PH can get the numbers

Will AG charge him for the audio tape?

It is a buying corruption

In a normal course of action

AG has to agree to the charges

We know it is corruption

Buying allegiance for positions and support

Now Najib is found guilty on SRC

Moo is worried on his position too

Will Amno baru terminate the support?

What will the blinded supporters do?

Cash is king

On the way to Bamboo River

Karma is slowly caging in

Moo is worried everyday

cut the talk; get the numbers

Anwar or Shafie?

Or even Dr Mahathir

Does it make a difference?

When the numbers are elusive?

PH has to get back the mandate

The leaders shouldn't shop or argue with it

Get the mandate back to its original form

Then the decision can be made

Now it is the time

To get the numbers up

The coup leaders know their chances

They have a slim majority

It hardly makes for a breathing space

The fear is always there to collapse

PH should make the inroad now

Cut the talk; get the numbers

the bell rings

The bell rings

Everyone listens

Trying to figure out

Who's falling?

The courtyard of people

They gather to listen

The bell rings

Echoing in their ears

Who's falling?

They look at each other

They have no clues

Only watching

The bell rings

Shake up the silence

The people in the courtyard

They listen thinking who's falling?

Monday, July 27, 2020

Tian Chua

Tian Chua

He has lost his way

He still aligns to Azzmin grouping

Though he still coy about it

We remember him

In the Reformasi days

He was one of those guys

Who dared to face the police

He earned his strips then

He spent days in prison

On a course his party fight for

He was one of the favourite men

In Batu constituency he could win easily

It showed how popular he was by then

A few clashes with the police

He missed his chance to contest in Batu

Then he made his wrong move

Aligned to Azzmin causing the PH to fall

He still hasn't learned his lessons

He still aligns to Azzmin and gang

The messages on the ground

He should retire from politics

His credibility is zero now

He can't win in an election

Tian Chua

You make your own choice

Once the wrong move

The decades of accolades

Become the quick sand!

the black dogs

The black dogs

On the loose to the ground

Running from field to field

Looking for the meat bones

The noses holding high

They sniff for the prey

They can't stand still

Now they are unleashed

The black dogs

Hear the command of a voice

They are rushing here and there

Wagging tails hoping to bite

The meat bones

Once they get the job done

On the command of a voice

They will forget about compassion

the spike of infections

The yo-yo Rona

The worrying stage begins again

The spike of Rona's chart

It makes us to pray

The faults lie with the back door

The faults lie with the people

When Rona is still active in the air

The inter-states traveling shouldn't be allowed

The low rate wasn't the turning point

It was a ruse to let us out of our homes

When the authority didn't read the sign

The yo-yo Rona hit our heads again

The spike of infections

The back door must change the policy

MCO must be installed back again

Forget about economy we need to survive!

we don't need to worry about tomorrow

We don't need to worry

Will tomorrow change or stay?

We better prepare ourselves

What's today going to offer

We will see many negatives

Flowing into our minds

What we will be reading

What we will be told

Every effort must be our own

It is our own destiny to decide for us

Others can offer their opinions

We have to make our own options

We don't need to worry

For tomorrow we can't really predict

We have to play the games today

Let tomorrow sing its own melody

Anwar should prepare his brigade

Anwar let the events go

You don't have to waste time

The bad episodes passed under the bridge

There is nothing anyone could do

Dr Mahathir didn't keep his promise

He was a huge letdown to the voters

The changes we needed didn't happen

The master of his game he didn't see

He kept on the racial card

He shouldn't have gone into it

He was afraid he would lose

Now he has lost it all

He was betrayed by his own people

The duplicitous traitors saw the opening

They grabbed the pole position quickly

Then they abandoned him into the cold

Now Anwar should prepare for GE15

The back door leaders can't stand the heat

With a slim majority anything can happen

The corrupted members may face jail

Moo is on borrowed time

He knows he can't survive in GE15

Even his terminal disease may act on him

So he will try to stay on as long as possible

Anwar should gather the good horses

No more any horse will do now

Learn your lesson on Azzmin and gang

Prepare the time to electrify the brigade

Sunday, July 26, 2020

don't play with Rona

Don't play with Rona

We will be at the losing end

In this game of virus attacks

We will have no defences

We don't have vaccines

We have to play safe

We can't be happy go lucky

Rona is so eager to infect

It's time to review

The relaxing MCO

The infection rate is rising

We shouldn't be waiting

We have to go back to MCO

Close inter-state traveling

The economy has to bite the bullet

Because saving lives should be priority

Wear masks must be compulsory

Every time out of the homes

The standard SOP must be observed

We have to bring down Corona virus 19

peter morris

The face I knew

The name I remember

Now he is back

To The Lord

I will not hear his voice

It will be the echo of the past

The story of his footprints

The walk of remembrance

The photographs tell the memories

Passing the pages telling the stories

The face I knew in our times

The words in echo ringing in the mind

Live with the memories

It's to tell the moments

Of a time the footprints made

A time The Lord wants him back

Goodbye brother

You sat sail your ship

Across the stars

To be at home with The Lord

sin at the door

Judas Iscariot

He walks in the corridor

His mind full of worries

He has to milk more gravy

Walk into his office

Sitting on his chair

Pondering what his future like?

Rubbing his 11 pieces of gold

It doesn't bring him comfort

He feels his needs exploited

He has to flow with the demands

He needs to stay afloat

But the night is the worst

The howling in the dreams

He will see the ghoulish faces

This isn't good for his soul

Judas Iscariot

He can't hold the fort

He is slipping

He has to change

The Sin at the door

It will be a burden

It will not go away

Until he has done the right way

let the traitors worry

There will be no rest

The coup leaders will face

As long as they are sitting

Pursuing the game of intimidation

These duplicitous traitors

Don't let them sleep soundly

They have to watch every step

Worrying when they will fall

The coup leaders thinking of snap election

But will Moo dare to carry it through?

Knowing his party will be washed out?

He may want to sit and dreaming on his chair

Anwar hasn't brought in the numbers

He hasn't really hit back at his old colleague

It is only Dr Mahathir who goes into hard drives

He has his case to settle with the back stabbers

The slim majority

There is always the fear

Thus we read of divide and rule

The old way returns to haunt us

The PH leaders get ready for GE15

The coup leaders have made mistakes

You have your share of it

Next time put your balls to change the laws

Saturday, July 25, 2020

the good energy

The good energy

It seems to float away

Everyone still feels the fear

Rona will bite silently

The infection increases

The on-going free movement

Across borders to other states

It may cause the spread of Rona

The economy will be badly affected

The business operators can't run full speed

There is the need to practice social distancing

Along the factories or shops floor spaces

The short term measures

We will have to pay

There is no such thing as free

Nature will make us account for it

The good energy

It will take a while

The vaccine is still far away

The economy struggling to go by

a case on the illegal Speaker

The illegal Speaker

He isn't voted in

There was no voting

As a lawyer

he should recognize the fact

The back door government

The back door Speaker

There must be something wrong here

Why the bad keep on repeating?

As if this is the only way?

The Old Man and his group

They have file a case in court

Challenging the merit of election

The Parliament Speaker on stage

The House rules must be followed

What we read in the news

The Speaker isn't elected in the House

The Speaker should act honourably

Resign from his position and get a fresh mandate

As if as a lawyer he doesn't know?

Now we will wait for the Court decision

The truth has to prevail for this nation

The bad mustn't be allowed to go through

Brushing aside the rules and laws

We can't allow the bad to make us look bad

the party list candidates

The political frogs

They must be banished for good

These leaders aren't welcome

In the field of politics

They can be considered insincere

They act for themselves for their needs

The welfare of the voters is secondary

These politicians must be caged forever

The anti-hopping law

It requires 2/3 votes to amend the Constitution

It will take years before it can be realized

Voting out the political frogs

One politician suggested a party list candidates

In this way the political frogs can hop

It doesn't affect the party as a whole

Because the frogs have no value to bargain

Rona has made most things different

This is the time to get the law moving

From EC to the Constitution

Let the political frogs be in history

Rona blues

Rona blues

We can't get it over

We have to face it

There is no escape

Everyday we hear the news

The yo-yo chart displaying the cases

We should learn it by now

Rona blues isn't going away yet

In Perak a woman under quarantine

She goes out to public places

Wearing her purple wrist band

She doesn't care what she has done

Now she is confirmed she has Rona

A new cluster may spread to others?

It is a sad way when attitude sucks

There is no cure for Rona yet

Maybe now we learn our lessons

No more home quarantine

The adults will never learn

They will think nobody will know

Rona blues

Everyone must wear face masks

Out of the homes

Don't forget the SOP