Monday, May 31, 2021

the deaths will not sing


The deaths will not sing

The deaths will not cry

The deaths will not speak

The deaths are ashes in the ground

The grave diggers will be sad

Looking at the unnecessary deaths

Of people who couldn't care

About Rocking Rona on the rise

Why need to rush?

Why need physical contact?

Use zoom or whatever to connect

Even the old telephone too

We are living in C19

The infectious virus isn't sleeping

Once we forget to stick to SOP

The dark angel will smile

Learn the lesson

Stick to SOP; get vaccinated

Stick to social distancing

The safe net will be there

house to house vaccinations


House to house

The vaccinations can progress

It may look tiresome

It is for the long run

Back to the basic

It doesn't need gadgets

We want all to be vaccinated

Deploy personnel to get it done

Give to the states

Let them handle from the ground

Going from house to house

It will stop the over crowding

It can go by housing estates

It can go by districts with days in advance

Plan properly with sufficient medical team

House to house to get all vaccinated

Just a simple one page form

With the basic details and numbers in the house

List down the chronic illnesses in the box to tick

A box to tick for the vaccine injected

It is for mass vaccinations

It has to be quick to get it done

No delay; no waiting; results count

Because C19 isn't sleeping on its job

hospitals are nearly full


Hospitals are nearly full

The people should listen

Don't try to beat C19 forgetting SOP

It will not happen

The numbers have jumped

It has given us warning

C19 isn't playing game

It is here to capture hosts

By tomorrow the lock down begins

The desire result may not happen

Because of the leeway of the lock down

The new mutations can be easily transmitted

Even if you are vaccinated

You can't escape the clutches of C19

You still can be infected and spread

So still have to stick to SOP

MOH has forecasted to hit 15,000

With the Raya clusters hitting the score

Hospitals are nearly full

The people should listen

Sunday, May 30, 2021

of poor, homeless and vagabond


Our back yard

Of poor, homeless and vagabond

Living in poor conditions or in the open

Begging for alms; running to soup kitchens

Every day in cities or towns

These are people the politicians forget

They champion for oversea causes

Collecting tens of million to help

Our poor people

We don't collect funds to help

The politicians busy collecting funds

Helping non-citizens because of same religion?

This is a sad affair

Charity should start at home

Not on a foreign land far away

Because of publicity?

Our back yard

Of poor, homeless and vagabond

The politicians or NGOs should focus

Don't run to faraway land to give support

i have a date with vaccine


Some are happy

They get notifications for vaccinations

They will express their joy

Thinking the long wait is over

It is just to prevent C19 causing severe illness

Nobody should think it is a cure

Prevention is better here

We have to live with it

I will be going for my jab

In the lock down in June

I just had a message delivered

So the day is set for me

Looking at what the world will be doing

The governments may impose restriction

Not vaccinated; no travel on borders, districts or countries

It may run foul of Nuremburg Code of 1947

But the world leaders may not listen

Each nation will try protect its own citizens

On the rising tide of C19 to the world

Though natural cure should be found

While those who are waiting

Drink baking soda with raw honey

Mix it in a cup of water 1 teaspoon each

It will help you to defend against the viruses

Stay at home

Let Rocking Rona bite the dust

The hospitals are nearly full

Don't let the health systems break down

the howling wolves on stage


The howling wolves

Still up on the stage

Still giving excuses

Still refuse to see the light

In the back door

The wolf leader tries to deflect

He has been given the authority

Quit the back door yet he stays

Maybe he tries to bargain

A freedom for his cases

He should realize by now

It is a different issue

He should give instruction

Pull out from the back door

Else he can't shift blame

His party is involved heavily

On the rise of C19

The poor handling of the case

The spike it has caused the nation

The deaths toll a sad history

The chief wolf

Now the time to pull it out

Don't stand on the stage

Trying to deflect blame

crossing districts driving borders


Crossing districts

Driving borders

People still do

Don't they realize it?

Rocking Rona is happy

Capturing souls for food?

The pandemic is high

Reaching and breaking numbers

Every day to tell us

We don't listen

Some will do every week

Like my neighbour

How does he manage to do?

What excuses he give?

Rocking Rona isn't worried

We have Paloi people

Thinking they can't get C19!

We have a Paloi pm

No wearing face mask in public

It is captured on picture

Will the police fine him or pretend?

People, hospitals are nearly full

The front liners are tired and worried

Play your part stay at home

Let Rocking Rona bite the dust

the police credibility


The police credibility

Sadly it seems on the low drive

What happen to the police cartel?

The new IGP doesn't say

The public still feel

The trust issue with the police

The custody deaths in lock-up

The alleged beatings with rubber hoses

During my kampong days

The Malay thugs got beaten up

Put them up in Black Maria

In lock up they got the beating

On releasing from lock up

They would buy Chinese medicines

They said to ease the internal pain

Outwardly it couldn't be seen

Until today the double standards

Ministers breaking SOP still no charge or fine

Still under investigations for weeks or months

While ordinary folks will be fined on the spot!

The police have to come clean

IPCMC should be enforced within

It will help the police to get back the trust

Along the way the credibility issue

the total lock down


The total lock down

Starting 1 to 14 June

A police force of 70,000

They will enforce the rule

Will the streets be empty?

There are still allowances given

For certain sectors to do business

It will be sufficient for C19 to flourish

It has to be no economic activities

On the duration of the lock down

We need to tackle head on with C19

Fighting head to head without compromising

We want to cut C19 down

Half measures will not solve the issues

Vaccines are prevention

Those vaccinated shouldn't be gung-ho on it

Every economic activity must be put on hold

Let every one stay indoor to stop the spread

Forget about losing billions when lives are at stake

Kill off C19 the good living will return

The total lock down

Every one should stay at home

The streets should be empty

Half measures will not solve the issues

Saturday, May 29, 2021

the shoppers aren't waiting


Shoppers spend and run

Stocking up for the total lock-down

What rules will be issued?

Nobody seems to know

People aren't waiting

They feel they need to stock it up

Though they may realize of essential services

Many will not know what are they

So to play safe on the lock down

The shoppers buy in herd mentality

They don't want to get caught of no stock

It may happen like in Sydney Australia one time ago

The SOP on lock down

We haven't read it yet

This is the way of the back door

Planning is half way through

All the back door should go

C19 has multiplied with new mutations

The vaccines may not be effective in time

Let a new party take over and crack the wall of C19

The shoppers will not stand for listening

They want to stock up now and don't want to worry

Now they have 14 days or more days to stay at home

They rather play safe by stocking up goods

why spread so quickly?


Why spread so quickly?

Because of people who don't care

They think C19 will not catch them

They can have their good times and joy

Now many in contact have to cry

They get infected and needed treatment

As hospitals are nearly full in capacity

Some may not get the medications

While waiting to be vaccinated

Shouldn't we think of natural methods?

We are living around the cures of nature

Yet we don't spend time to find out?

Here is one remedy would help

Baking soda with raw honey in a cup of water

It can kill cancer virus by implosion

So it may do the same trick with C19

It is natural to drink

It helps to fight in our bodies

Against bad viruses or bacteria

It is easily available on line or in cake shops

Today it has recorded 9,020 infections

DG of Health has pleaded the people to stay at home

It was the wrong rules in last September 20 causing it

Now MOH has lost the fight with C19

At the current level we will see

The spike of C19 will jump to 10K

It will follow for the next few days

So stay at home when nothing to do

all the back door


All the back door

Set your sail and go away

Let go of your anchor

Do us this favour

C19 isn't playing

The back door still can't do

Still warming seats

Still dreaming of wealth

On the ground

In the air

C19 keeping track

On the SOP breakers

Now C19 is every where

New mutations landed ages ago

The SOP breakers still never learn

And the back door dreaming in paradise

The land of the red zones

Whose faults will we put a blame?

The back door doesn't need to stay

Sail away to the sunset

Give vaccines house to house

Do it now before C19 jumps the queue

But the back door still walking so slow

The infection will shoot the chart

All the back door

Set your sail leave the harbour

Sail away to the sunset

We will not miss you

illegitimate children


Illegitimate children

Always the blocks

Within the laws

Of how a judge will interpret

There shouldn't be a reason

Born to a legal citizen

The children should have their rights

Born and breed in this land

Whether a man has married or not

The children who will born shouldn't be deprived

Their status through their fathers of their rights

But the Federal Court has different insight

It isn't the children's fault

Born out of wedlock in their lives

The laws are living

The judges should have compassion

We can't blame the children

They will not know what happen

Now they are born on this land

Through a legal citizen but deprive of their rights

Now the politicians have to wake up

Look into the laws and Constitution

Do not deprive the children of their rights

Born to a legal citizen of the land

Friday, May 28, 2021

rocking rona fly


It isn't stopping

Rocking Rona on the rise

The back door has lost

No new strategy to fight

Dr Siti Hasmah has said

Make it compulsory for all

Going house to house

Give the injection and so be it

No need to go to appointed centres

It will cause too many people crowding around

Rocking Rona will like the herd of people

It can spread its infection without walls

A simple form to fill

Maybe a page will do

Let the family members fill in

And the vaccines go

Let the state handle it

This is the easy way to beat

There will be no red tape or foul up

The state leaders will gladly do

Now the surge of C19*

It is causing fear with the public

The under-dosing and slow procurement

The MCO with leeway

* on 28/5/2021 it has 8290 infected Maybe it can reach 10K in June?

the back door


The back door

What's there to say?

The hint it pretends

Because it wants to stay

Even hanging by a screw

It will still willing to remain

With all the bad publicity

It still swings without a thought

The back door

It wants to find more screws

Let the door stay intact

Yet the finding is still elusive

The back door

The pounding on the knob

It gives headache and lack of drive

It should drop but hang on by a screw



Donuts for the kids

Donuts for the adults

Once you take it

Don't count the pounds

Life is full of interesting flow

You don't have to keep counting calories

Go out and enjoy the fruits of life

We are meant to live in it

Donuts for the kids

Donuts for the adults

The smell of aroma

The taste full of likes

Don't worry about weight

The children may not feel it

Let them enjoy their world

The moments of their lives

The adults can indulge in it

Once a while to feel of yesterday life

Of a time when they were kids

They could eat everything

Donuts for the kids

Donuts for the adults

Get the taste

Forget about the pounds!

the wings of life


The wings of life

In the mind of living fear

A deadly virus hogs the limelight

It doesn't want to die

On the ground

The SOP and rules

Learn to comply

Else fine and in prison

Yet many still forget

They want to challenge SOP

The celebrity too playing games

Wanting to gain publicity

The wings of life

Stay at home and cool it

C19 isn't playing game

It will take souls as reward

The wings of life

The red zones on the ground

Learn to live fight another day

Stay at home and cool it

world in masks


World in masks

The colourful or plain ones

Walking down the streets

In malls in public places

The ninja turtles influence

Sparring with the sars-Covid 2

Trying not to get infected

While enjoying the sun and moon lights

Look at the doctors

See how the nurses

All covering up in gears

World in masks

Because of C19

It hasn't died

It has mutated

It wants to torment us

It's a natural way

When it is under attack

It will try to change

So it mutates into an infectious one

Look at the world

People wearing masks

The colourful or plain ones

In the malls in the public places

Thursday, May 27, 2021

the wolves have no teeth


The wolves

Why still running?

Because of the meat?

Because of getting favours?

The chief wolf

Yet to declare his party stand

Though the grass roots had spoken

Quit the back door!

He is still undecided

It will cause him to lose

His party senior members have spoken

The chief wolf has to act now

The back door will collapse

When the wolves pull out from the coalition

The wolves better decide quickly

Don't dream of making wealth!

Parliament in silence

Because the wolves dare not do

Only good at howling loudly

Quit and emergency will be gone!

don't let life be a boring affair


Boring in life

It always happens

Boring jobs boring relationships

It is still boils down to the mind

The children's minds are active

They need to be actively involved

They can't watch without activities

They will get really bored!

On line tutoring

It has the dull moment

It doesn't have the active participation

As in live classes

Success comes what we learn

What we experience and knowledge gain

And how to use it to our advantage

As we dream as we ponder or nothing

Jogging or walking

As a way to change routine

Let the eyes and mind see

Something good in living

Too much jogging

It will cause knee pain

As we age

So the best is still walking

But life is to live in simplicity

Learn, enjoy, feel, smile, happy and free

No need to carry baggage or worry

Don't let life be a boring affair

the paloi back door


The Paloi back door

What else can we say?

The virus runs high

Sympathy isn't the way

The back door should resign

Let someone capable to run

The virus isn't going away yet

It will bite deep into our lives

The Paloi back door

Read the cards in hands

It shows all the red signs

Still want to hang on?

The honest leader will let go

The situation isn't good to crow

The back door has failed its tasks

Sympathy isn't the way

The red tape, flip flops and double standards

The back door is good in it

The Paloi back door

It still swings without listening

The Paloi back door

No need to ask for sympathy

It is best to leave the stage

Let a new party take the reign

i am C19


I am C19

I am Rocking Rona

You can't stop me now

I am on the roll

I came from Wuhan

I had traveled a long way from home

I have seen the world

I bring death, sadness, misery and pain

I bring down the economy

Though others still make billions

Because I am on the roll

You know me by another name

Sars-Covid 2

I am a virus deadly in humans

I have mutated to change with the times

B1351 and B1617 the easy infection flow

I see the vaccines rolling by

The sign is telling me

I have a fight on my hand

But I am still winning

Because the people

They are stupid or brave

The rules and SOP

They don't want to tick

They will fall breaching SOP

Because I will take them easy

Now vaccines on its roll

Maybe I have a fight in my hands

I am C19

I have a fight in my eyes

The vaccines are rolling in

Maybe I have to disappear

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

change the story in the mind


When you have bad experiences

It will cut deep in the soul

You have a deep wound within

You will feel it even in years

It will return to haunt the mind

Sometimes playing tricks as well

Letting you crawl back to hide

In a world you can't decide

But you have the control

It is your mind you need to know

You need to put in good vibrations

You need to write good stories

The sub-conscious mind can be rewired

Change the way the Editor operates

Change the template change the stories

You will become a better person

The past has gone

It has happened it has been done

Nothing can change it

Today and tomorrow is worth the time