Thursday, May 20, 2021

the crocodiles attitude


The crocodiles attitude

It's only for themselves

They can't answer the truth

They will spin in their reflections

The shadows of truth

Wanting to come forward

But it is chained in the minds

Because the crocodiles want to hide

On the land of many eyes

The crocodiles aren't confident but to cry

The crocodile tears falling to the painted ground

They will feel good if no eyes try to chain them

Give them the freedom

The crocodiles will make it worst

They will believe they have the rights

To take what is on the plate

If we watch the crocodiles in the pond

They will feel the power in their eyes

When they are on the land they thought they could

But the power isn't there to splash

The crocodiles the one way flow

Ask them to explain the bad glow

They will ask us to stop questioning

They will know what to do

The crocodiles

Time we put them in the cage of the pond

The nation will not miss their way of style

Let them dance living in the cage

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