Wednesday, August 31, 2011

our Constitution our rights

The Federal Constitution
The foundation for the nation
Along the way it is kept in cold room
Many laws passed violating its principles

The forefathers thought it is wise
Formulated and regulated a Constitution
In the hands of a tyrant camouflaged in democracy
The Federal Constitution stays quiet on the shelf

For decades it was the way
Telling the half truths for the elites
The minority gets the crumbs of the benefits
And yet these group pay the most taxes

Now we celebrate the 54 years of independence
We have to sit back and ponder on our freedom
The ruling party imposed so many laws and regulations
The police state seems the way of our lives

We can't be waiting on the side lines
Thinking it isn't our affair to mark the change
It is our duty to protect the Constitution
It is our foundation laid down for the nation

the beasts in human forms


The dark moon in the sky
The cloudy sky and the lights
The shadows lurk the transformation begin
In the quiet night the howling of a wolf

On the streets the human forms
They get ready to run to the back lanes
When the street is clear they changed
The werewolves in human skins

The crowd on the streets
They never know what lurk behind
They think they see own shadows
The obedient ones never change

The attack of the werewolves
On the rampage on the streets
The police only watching the scenes
They dare not move to trap the beasts

The night of screams
The howling echo in the darkness
The beast leader arrives
He can change at will

the dark moon light


The dark moon light
On the shore of the a quiet night
There is no soul to disturb the solitude
In the dim lit scenes to the eyes

A place for lovers
They want to find a gate away
The camouflage of darkness
The solitude of lovers echoes

In the vast open shore
The hitting waves lashing its kisses
Caressing the shore line with white pattern flow
The moments of time in the memories

For others they find it a place
To ponder what lies ahead
The solitude to keep a sane mind
Of the future where it will go

The dark moon light
The web of designs to ease the mind
Of the prints of life linking to the future
What you decide the future will tell

time to ponder

Dark Woods in The Moon Light

It's 54 years today
The nation celebrates
The independence she achieved
Our diversity of many cultures and religions

We achieved it
With peaceful handing over
The nation diversity of people
We come a long way

As the nation ponders
As we ponder of our lives
The cracks appear in our minds
The divide and rule game

The long serving party ruled
Our independence seemed curtailed
Our freedom is controlled in many ways
It's 54 years we achieved our independence

Our freedom is blocked
Many ways in subtle programs
It's the division of class
We got independence;we never get our freedom

It's time to ponder
The nation 54 years old
The people should realize
Where is our freedom?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the drivers on the roads

The drivers on the roads
They think they are the owners
They can speed without borders
They think lives are so cheap

The attitude of giving way
They don't learn while on the wheels
They think they are the owners
The roads give way to their interests

The devilish angels smile
The souls they can collect
The drivers on the wheels
Don't you never think at all?

The journey piling up
Of crashed cars and dead bodies
Why in a hurry to go home?
They forget “slow and steady wins the race”

some stay single

Some stay single
For reasons they know
In this world
Of men and women

Some think of economic reasons
The way life leading trying to meet obligations
The way to achieve a certain level of happiness
Before they can think of sharing lives

Some are afraid of the unknown
The dark echo whirring in their ears
They are afraid to cement the commitments
On their own parents broken dreams

Some try to avoid into relationships
They stay alone stay out of social obligations
They watch TV and movies and reading books
They leave out building lives for their own

They are singles
Living life as they enjoy
Without worrying on commitments
In this world they walk the roads

hard facts of life

Why stay so late in the early morning?
A woman got stranded she needed a ride
On the street she hitched with a stranger
A good ride turned ugly in the night

She thought she could go home
Nothing would happen to her
She learned a bitter lesson in life
She brought to the stranger's house

There she was robbed and raped
With his group of friends........
The woman suffered for her late outing
At that late hour to go home alone

She made police report
The guys were caught
Now in police custody
The woman lost her self worth

The lesson learned
Hard facts of life
Never walk alone
In the darkness of the night

Never ask for help
From strangers plying the roads
You will never know where you will be
When you are in the devil's grip

the cat finds a quiet place to hide

The white stray cat jumps over the concrete fence
There is nobody to chase the cat away
Maybe the cat feels the too much noises
The fire crackers igniting at irregular hour

The cat walks with leisure
It never looks left or right
It seems the place the cat knows
Laying to rest amongst the potted plants

Eyes looking around
The palm trees and the grass
The swaying of the leaves
The soft breezes the cat in dreamland

Today the festive celebration
Many motor vehicles on the roads
So it is best the cat knows
Get out of the way as quickly as possible

when government changes

When government changes
Haul up the present and past ministers
Put them under ISA let them feel the heat
Some put them under EO regulations
Let them debate and argue till the doors close

In this way these people will know
Walk the talk don't just talk with air of arrogance
When they are living in Hotel Kah Moon Thing
They will learn the basic of human dignity
It is best that way for them to remember

When government changes
The judges too must face the music
Pick the right and capable ones to lead
No such thing as a parachute head
There is so much low public image
The people have on the judiciary

When government changes
The leaders shouldn't forget the people
The people are the bosses of the nation
They are the king makers exercising their rights
So any minister mustn't forget when carrying duties

When government changes
Freedom and transparency prevail
Accountability for any action taken
There shouldn't be passing the buck
All leaders must be held responsible
For the way they conduct their affairs

When government changes
Put in the best leaders for the jobs
It is the nation and her people
There shouldn't be any back doors

you can play the game

You can play the game
You know there is a loser and winner
There must be ways to let go
When you lose in the play

You shouldn't cry in sorrow
You shouldn't do anything silly
You should know life pitfalls
It never comes in rosy flow

You should learn
Every time you lose
You shouldn't be afraid
Of the unknown coming to you

You can play the game
You know there is a loser and winner
Every time you lose
You shouldn't be afraid

Monday, August 29, 2011

love shouldn't be blind

Bright Moon

Love shouldn't be blind
You have your eyes; you have your mind
How do you forget about the faults?
It will make your life in sorry state

You can forget about it
Yet every day you face the familiar tune
Love shouldn't be blind
It is a two way street

You can't ignore the faults
It will keep coming every day
You can't hide it under the carpet
It stays there but it never goes away

You have to put a stop
Before the faults take you away
Burying you in a pool of rubbish
Then you realize you wasted your life

Love shouldn't be blind
You have your eyes; you have your mind
You can't ignore the faults every day
It will make your life a sorry state

the adjustments of life

The domestic maids
The families need
The working parents
The prestige for some

The children behavior
They never learn well
Follow the maids.....
The independent spirits disappear

Under the rules of the game
The parents have no time
Don't talk about quality interlude
It never seems to work

It is sharing and bonding
The children need from their parents
They don't get it
They keep the resentment

Some may say
The children behavior look alright
Look into the future
See what they have on their parents

The parents of old
How they worked the schedule
Of many children in the family
They still could do

The modern families
They can't take it on
They say they have no time
They say they are tired

Remember the words
It will come back to them
The children will use it back
“We have no time for you”

the echoes on the hill

The echoes on the hill
Decades ago changes do
The lives of the people
Once I knew

Maybe some still hanging there
Living with the cool peaceful scenes
Of living on the hill
Jungle trekking vampire of leeches

The damped treks
Though the sun was bright
The way life could have been
The easy living in a dream

The misty fall
The cold in the early morning rise
Remembering the times
The youth lost in peaceful scenes

The echoes on the hill
The journey made life changed
The lives of the people
Once I knew

the beggars on the streets

The beggars on the streets
They aren't shy or timid
They know they want to live
On the sympathy of others

They come during busy days
When patrons throng the hawkers' stalls
So many people alone, with friends or families
The beggars put on their miserable faces

They beg for a dollar sometimes two
Telling the favorite line to all
“We haven't eaten give us the money”
They just look with eyes of hope

When we chance upon them
They buy cheap drinks to get high
On the 5 foot ways lying down
Of dreams of reality of fools....

The beggars on the streets
Sometimes it is a test of faith
We never know when our lives are tested
As we walk on our lives

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the day 15

money bag

The milking of billions
The country's wealth gone
Into the alleged hands of leaders
Set up companies cronies take

The day of our lives
The hard earned tax monies
The people pay for their needs
The people pay for the country's progress

Along the way
The hijack thieves change the bags
Before any one knows about it
The billions gone nobody knows

The leaders enjoy setting up committees
A farce to play for time then forget it
They will go back to their old ways
Like addicts they need to poke fingers

In the bag of solid wealth
The milking of billions
Nobody knows where it has gone
We have to stop it before we are sold!

hey drivers!

Deaths on the highways
Don't the drivers learn at all?
Every year every season
Lives sacrifice for nothing

Hey drivers!
You don't have to hurry
You need to follow the rules
Why waste it when you have so much potential?

Deaths on the highways
The rushing homes for the holiday seasons
The devils wait on the roads
They wave you in so hungry to reach destination

Stay alert on the roads
When you are tired take a break
Enjoy the scenery breath the surrounding
It makes a lot of difference

Hey drivers!
You don't have to hurry
Drive slowly reach home in one piece
Don't get send back in body bags!

the political game

Anwar and sodomy
The way life has been
The political game
His former party members play

Is it his bad luck?
Is it a purpose in his life?
The game is playing
The ruling elites feel so afraid

The night of fear
The whirring echo of the darkness
In it they thought they have captured
On the shadow it is hard to rope in

The drum beating for a change
The people have read and heard
Anwar can go to jail
Yet the change will come

There is no hiding the truth
The game has played on the field
The ruling elites scored own goal
This is how it is understood

Saturday, August 27, 2011

the costs of living

The costs of living
There is no way to run
Every day there is the talk
How to meet the daily expenses?

The economic of costs
It never stays for long
It keeps rising one way or another
The cost of salary barely move along

The government only takes action
When it is near to its term.......
It will use the easing budget to fish
The votes from the electorates

The people mustn't fall for the gimmicks
For a while the government says it will help
The burden of the people causing by the ruling elites
Hiking costs then they say they will ease the problems

It is time to ask
Why costs never come down?
It is time make the vote counts
In your hands lie the future

change the players

Change government
Change its ways
We have been living
Under the divide and rule game

We pay our taxes
We don't get the fair returns
We still label the immigrants
Though we live here for generations

This country population
The citizens' forebears were immigrants
They came from many countries
Settled down here and put their claim

The majority race forget
They think they are the special race
They forget every race shoulder the country's progress
In unity we will face our challenges

It's the current practice
Of divide and rule policy
So we must change government
For the good of the nation

workers levy going up

Here we go again
It's about foreign workers
We shouldn't ply this trade
Give the locals the impetus

Indonesian government wants
The workers levy to go up
This is a political reasoning
The economic of its existence

Many arrive in the past
Legals and illegals to our shore
They got married settled down
Quickly got citizens become Bumiputras

All for a reason
The staying power of political party
We still haven't learned
The Trojan horse in our midst

The employer's federation disagree
On the workers levy raising bar
It will cost a burden of $85 million
The costs of business will rise

The government should bite the bullet
Increase the minimum wage for the locals
It is about money to earn and survive
The locals will take up if the price is right

Friday, August 26, 2011

the dictators fall

The dictators fall
In their ways of lives
When greed and corruption rule
The disease embarks its courses

The history of past dictators
The fallen ones never learn
For a while people may get the fear
Within decades the uprising flow

When the people want their rights
The freedom to enjoy and taste fruits of labor
No government or dictator should deny their dues
Let the people enjoy the freedom of choices

Some hide under the umbrella of democracy
Telling the people how to vote and choose
Behind back doors of conniving runners
The democratic dictators breed

When the truth is finally blown
No PR work can weave its magic
The people will remember.....
Don't take people for fools

let it be fair play

Why wait for the long queue?
The sodomy 2 trial has shown the “frame up”
The incompetence of the persons to do
They had foiled up the mess so far

The judge doesn't have to sit
He doesn't have to take orders
He has enough on his plate
He should know why the weak prosecution

He should by all honesty
Stop the trial declare the incompetence
Let the defense win the case
He will do the judiciary the big favor

The script and behind the scene players
They are the same actors in sodomy 1
Only the main actor has changed.....
Even he followed the same pattern

What's more for the judge?
He may have been biased on the case
It is an honor to rectify it
Now and stop the trial

Justice the judge should know
It has no color no eye to differentiate
It gives a complete fair playing field
It's the way to dispense justice!

the joy of freedom

Live and die
It's the simple truth
As far as your mind tell

In the middle of it
It's the journey one has to take
Believe me it takes a lot of efforts
Along the way many obstacles

There are many negative forces
It unleashes its reach to pull
The magnetic flow tearing it away
It's in the mind conquering it

The joy of freedom
The light of sparkling bright
The right way the right harmony
Nobody wants to go back

GE13 make the change

GE13 on its way
Are you prepared to make the change?
You don't have to think so hard
So many wrongs in Bee Anne

You go make the change
Let it happen for the good of the country
We must see that a new party takes over
Let the new leaders bring the country whole

We have lived for decades
Under the divide and rule system
We have to vote a new party
For the good of ourselves and nation

You don't have to listen
Bee Anne leaders have the experience
You just have to look at the poor records
The country's wealth gone to where?

GE13 the day of change
If we don't make it happen
We see our country going to bankruptcy
The report was out there in newspapers

Let GE13 the way to new horizon
Let the day we make a significant change
Let the new leaders come to the stage
Catch the crooks who bleed the nation!

let the light flow

Let the light flow
Into your life
You don't have to worry
Every day you do something right

A little kindness
A little joy you share
A smile here a word there
Let the light flow

It isn't hard to do
Though at times you feel the blue
Even a little leeway you forget
You are just human live it that way

Let the light flow
You can see the shadows
The small and large ones
It is you who will let it go

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the loving cats

The loving cats
They stopped by at the main gate
Watching the house thinking to come in
Then they walked off changed of plan

The loving cats
They seemed to stay together
Walking on the side lanes
They looked for ways to come in

At the back lane they strolled
With air of confidence in their pursuits
Who are the owners of these cats?
They seemed to go to every home

The loving cats
They don't chase rats
They don't chase the pigeons
They just seek food at the back lane

Where the hawker cooks
The food they wish to sell
On the night market.....
Leaving the crumbs every where

The loving cats
It's the home for them
Where are they?
Every where when the cats stop by

the dark clouds

The dark clouds turn black and grey
I wonder what God will say..........
I don't hear the whisper in the air
I see the bloom of light spreading out wide

On the ground the people in hurry
They don't seem to care what's in the air
They search for money working in the minds
They dig into the wells hoping the get wealth

The dark clouds turn black and grey
I wonder what God will say..........
Maybe sending us messages every day
Yet we seem to forget in our pursuit of our needs

We think Mother Earth will rotate
We will populate it all the times
Don't we stop and think for a while?
Maybe the time we must realize

The dark clouds turn black and grey
I wonder what God will say..........
As we tend to forget our mission in life
Walking into heavens with the keys in our hands

the season of a life

I sat on the quiet slope
Decades ago up on the hill
There I saw the whole space
It looked so small to me

I heard the whirring wind
It didn't tell me a thing
I saw the blades of grass swaying
As if it knew something

I felt as I watched
The echoes of yesterday years
You make your own life
The way you believe it should”

The world is still out there
It needs to fix in the puzzles
I knew every one has a part to play
The season of a life

i don't want to tell

I don't want to tell
The world we live as old as every day
I know it is hard in life
It is even harder if you forget

Th world is created
It's a reason we are here
It is to make the good value
Each has to bear in the end

I don't want to tell
What ills our minds
The negative influences
It comes every time

I open a page
There it is written
The religious scriptures
It tells of events

Do people read?
Do people understand?
I don't want to tell
The world we live as old as every day

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

stop Lynas

Gebeng folks
Protest for your lives
Don't let Lynas destroy
Everything you hold dear

Don't let history repeat again
Bukit Merah the sorrow still hurts today
The radioactive waste still unaccounted for
Though at that time the government agreed

The poison to the residents
Decades later the stories never die
It is part of our history
Don't let it be your turn

Don't listen to the political talk
Promises of golden opportunities
It is your life and your children
Don't grab the short term wealth

The costs of medical care
The sorrow of deaths and uncured diseases
You will not dry your tears
You pray to God for deliverance

Gebeng folks
Stop the Lynas project
For your own sake
Don't allow the devil to stay

God is still waiting

There are so many religions
For the human race to choose
Each one tries to influence
The way of God

Amongst the major ones
There are the subplots to influence
Telling the way to gel into the humans
The way each tries to believe

The prophets of the old
They came they explained they gone
Why still people don't get the wisdom?
The way of God; the way to influence

God has no intention
The day Man chooses the wrong
He has been that way since
Man has not changed

God let Man free
The religion ties him
To let him know
God is still there waiting

dont swear in the house of God

Is this the way to Nirvada?
Telling lies and swearing in house of God?
Put up a solemn face raising your hand
You tell the truth nothing to hide?

Nobody should use House of God
To challenge your own creditability
If you take the road to do
You are already guilty

The House of God
The purity of the souls
People go there to pray
To do good for humanity

Yet there are others
They forget the House of God
They use it for own benefits
Raising their hands they think God will bless

nothing will come if nobody plans

You have made the journey
You have seen the ways
Of other people behave
Out in the open they don't agree

You have tried to explain
Nobody cares to listen
Of the future without plan
Life will not be there

You don't give it away
You try as much as you can
You have seen the bad situations
Of people decaying themselves

Out in the open
They have their choices
You only want them to realize
Nothing will come if nobody plans

the bad leaders must go

The bad leaders must go
They have no place in our society
They aren't worth that much as they claimed
it is best they go away

The evil of the mind
It is there in ancient time
It is nothing new today
It is born in our creation

The bad leaders we see
They come with lofty ideas
They make you promises
The know they can't keep

What these bad leaders want?
The hole of wealth they can dig
They will cart it away to foreign lands
In companies, shares and deals and politics

The bad leaders we know
They think we are fools
We still have time to make change
It is our right to implement

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

eat right

Eat Right

Eat right
“You are what you eat”
When you fall sick
You don't blame any one

You blame your life style
The way you take your food and drinks
It has a bearing on your life
You want to live healthy

You have to eat right
Take everyday exercise
You shouldn't give excuses
Stay healthy save money

“You are what you eat”
When you fall sick
You don't blame any one
You blame your life style

the tyranny


The tyranny
The evil of bad leaders
They make the choices
The people answered for it

In the ruling
The people will suffer
The hardship and intimidation
The tyranny doesn't bother

They take what they want
For themselves, cronies and friends
They leave the masses in defeat
And they label them stupid

For decades they held power
Now the people fight back
For enough getting whacked
Without reasons to justify

The latest to fall
Libya will change
The people fight back
For freedom and choice

humans trafficking

Humans trafficking
It becomes a way of life
If you scout the newspapers
If you read in the blogs
You will know people missing
Teenagers and adults

Some run away
Arguments with parents or siblings
Some get kidnapped from strangers
Others get drugged or thumb a ride

They just never go home
They have no contact with parents, siblings or friends
They just disappear into the unknown
Nobody knows not even the police

The human trafficking
The organized crime well oiled to spread
They are evil beings out there
They do anything for money

So don't trust strangers
Don't go out alone in lonely places
Don't go out alone to night spots
You will never you can be the next statistic

Monday, August 22, 2011

the birdie had gone

The birdie had gone
It flew against the window panel
Knocked itself out then it died
It never could see its full potential

Now buried in the garden
Rain or shine under the shade of potted plants
For days the birdie had one
I still hear the mother bird keep calling

Rain or shine it hangs around
The sound of chirping a different tone call
There is no birdie coming to meet
It just does its duty

It is sad to listen
The lonely mother bird
Hanging around the branches
Searching for its birdie

change for the country

The sugar coated plans
Bee Anne leaders try to bind
Telling the people
They understand their plight

These leaders coated honey tongues
They don't tell they are the causes
They never tell the honest truth
The country's economy running loose

They hatched up plans
The get the wealth for cronies and friends
In a way to fund its party elections
They need funds to get it going

The wealth run
The truth Bee Anne never says
Like the current immigration exercise
Biometric system the billions spend?

It is best to deport them
Why they come here without trace?
Some one or a group of dishonest officers
They make it easy for illegals

Now the plight of the people
Bee Anne wants to play the white knight
They seem people will not know
They are the ones causing the economic woes

The sugar coated plans
The people know the plot
They know what is going on
They just want the change

GE13 the key of change
The people wait for the day
Change for the country
We can't be living in bankruptcy!

we don't need this cloud

Dark clouds

The clouds dark and floating
In the sky as the patterns forms
What will it be in the fall?
Rain or sunshine after the knock?

Nobody can say for sure
The weather is unpredictable
It can form many patterns
Which one will fall in the end?

Likewise in Bee Anne
The leaders say so many
Forming committees to study
In the end what will it be?

The latest is the Parliament Select Committee
The black knight issued his degree...........
Before it can light up the fire
It is slowly becoming cold news

He seemed to backtrack it
Afraid to say the light of the day
Other of his kind and cronies
It is just tweeting only

We don't need this cloud
It can form whatever patterns it needs
We have to change the whole
Boot these half past six leaders out

the clowns at play



These clowns can play
The cowboys and aliens in their plan
The people have seen enough
It isn't a box office hit

The desire for change
It is there waiting for the opportunity
The Mohawkdin can fly and claw
Within his own this is what he has done

The people on the ground
They want transparency and honest leaders
Leading the charge for this nation
We have seen how much damages done

Don't forget about the poor public relations job
The whole world is laughing at our back
Yet the ministers still behaving like the little kings
As if we owe them for everything

We are the king makers
Yet we have been kicked like a football
For over 54 years we took the shot
Enough has written in our minds

Let them dream
We allow them that courtesy
The empire is falling
The leaders will make all the silly moves

They thought they have the umbrellas
It can shield them from the falling rain
They forget the umbrellas full of holes
They get wet standing in the public square

They are soaking wet
They even say they aren't
Some even dare to swear
For power has finally corrupted their souls

Come GE13
The opportunity to make history
Either we change the government
Or we become bankrupt as a nation!

the wall cracks 1

In history of the nation
Every one came together
They shared the burden
The heavy loads on their shoulders

They put time and efforts
There was no color of skin
They knew what must be done
The combined work on the wall

The joint cooperation
Each section had a role to play
Building the nation of many races
The diversity of cultures and religions

They sang the familiar tune
They walked the familiar road
They loved the rising of the nation
They loved the success in unity and strength

The years of nation growth
It was her people who made it
They shared together their common belief
The nation came first....

Of course God of their faith
They didn't abandon God
They prayed for guidance and help
For the young nation she needed all the help

So it was the beginning
The nation with her multitude people
Sharing the common goal of life
They wanted to make the nation great

The pioneers of the nation
They could tell their children
The belief of common bonding
As Malaysians they would progress

They learned the languages
They knew it was for their own benefits
It was the practical approach for the young nation
For she needed all the help she could get

When stability came
Every one was happy
Sharing the joy and benefits
For the young nation

Then the breeding of jealousy
The next generation became suspicious
Of benefits to her people
They begun to question rights and privileges

So the dominant race begun
The branding of their own kind
Exerting race as its important role
They didn't work hard they just wanted to take over

The foundation of solidarity
They didn't see it that way
They saw it as their birthright
They thought the country belonged to them!

So they spread their brand of politics
Throughout the shores of the land
They called others the immigrants
They forgot they were too

Instead of sharing
Living in harmony
Carrying out in joint efforts
They turned around and bit them

So it was
The crisis of the nation
When truth turned to lies
Lies became the absolute truth

The seed of discontent
It didn't go away
It hides in the minds
Of the races living in the country

Policies made
Laws enacted
It was a lopsided affair
It just waits for the time
When it will be changed

Sunday, August 21, 2011

wake up and be free

Wake up and be free
You don't have to live
Under the lap dogs any more
You pay them for protection
Instead the lap dogs bite
They don't recognize the boss
They think you are the instigator
The hamburger of disasters
They bark their own law
Branding you as traitor
All the while they are the one
Running the illegal shows
Nobody can say or point finger
They are the thugs you are the pawn
They push you back to your home
Chained you with fear and intimidation
You don't have to be cowed by them
You just wake up and be free