Friday, February 29, 2008

opposition make it our day

The opposition parties must click together
No more arguing over minor and irrelevant issues
The time has come to hit the roads
Deny BN the clean sweep in the polls

The BN always poke fire
Into the opposition live-in together
Trying to hit the nail close the doors for good
The opposition must be alert on the campaign trails

BN has its own cyber-troopers
Hitting and playing into peoples’ emotion
Rallying it to its peak
Fighting and twisting its road maps to fool the people

Promises aplenty
In BN manifesto
Ridiculing the opposition
Of no idea lack of experience

And BN says it has 50 years
Running the country knowing the thick and thin of it
True BN has it with the people voting
But BN never tells what dirty tricks and lies
Deception, corruption and cronyism triumph
About accountability and transparency
BN hides it away from the preying eyes
In laws like ISA and OSA
BN makes a mockery of the democracy system

Democracy is not voting every 4 or 5 years
It goes beyond the mere voting system
It is from head to tail for the people
It isn’t for the elected representatives
Forming the government then plowing the nation’s empty

The people should realize now
In your hands you have to decide
When BN wins your vote, you better don’t cry
Petrol will increase so is toll charges
Electricity and water bill

kick bn out

courtesy mob's crib

Kick BN out
The soonest the easiest for the country
Don’t let BN plunder our wealth
To serve on BN interests

Phantom voters on the current list
EC plays the cat and mouse game
Serving not the fair distribution
BN is in his mind all day

BN promises
Wooing the Kelantanese
Telling them give BN 4 years
For what when BN had its chance last time?

BN wants to make Kelantan
Tell the people sell off their lands
The Eastern Corridor needs to flourish
The wealth the cronies smile

The landowners will lose
Self sufficient will be hallmark of the past
These people will work in factories
Hotels, restaurants, IT offices
Nothing to breed the self owned business people
It will always be recorded in history

The 5 corridors
The plundering will begin
So kick BN out
Before it is too late

I hear the humming bird
Chirping for its mate all morning
It can’t be seen……
Maybe back in Kamunting

Kick BN out
The country will breathe much easier
Dig out the dirt; see what they have done
Then we will move forward
Gaining our dignity and living as a nation

the sleeping beauty

The award goes to…..
Tearing the envelope
Every eye staring at the stage
A quick smile and the voice
‘It’s the sleeping beauty
He enjoys has frolicking in the Land of Kangaroo’

This is the man of 5 corridors
In a maze he doesn’t know which way to exit
He stands looking worried as he tries to navigate
The 5 corridors will suck him to the ground

When he opens his mouth to say
He blames others for BN hiccups
Opposition spreading lies on divide and rule
This is the man who lived and ordered it
BN divides and rules the people
Dishing one sided statistics to fool the people
Telling them how BN had helped
Yet BN doesn’t tell the whole truth
It is coined in lies and deception
The sleeping beauty feeling so proud
Saying it out loud

In his hands the innocents go
Into darkness grouping alone
On the paper he signs
Without knowing the truth
Without showing his leadership values
Without knowing it is the people
They are the ones put him up there
For a term
Yet he arrogantly dismissed them
Calling them terrorists
When they only walked peacefully for a cause
Like what UMNO did during the British regime
Now BN says it is not the culture in the country
What lies BN spins to keep the power
And the wealth that comes with it

Know the truth
BN only says the half measure
Telling what they had done
BN never tells you about
The phantom voters in the current list
BN ignores it…….

The sleeping beauty wants your vote
When he gets it, he forgets about his promises
He will go back to his snoring in Never Land
So make it right once in your life

the blue plane takes off to the sky

Now the magic changes
In the blue sky an identical plane flies
Poising northwards to the blues
On the ground it leaves behind

The bread and butter issues
Hear it for so long the blue doesn’t want to know
Arrogantly keeping elegant silence
Until the rapture of yellow fever on the streets

Now you understand
Why the blue plane takes off to the sky?
On the ground it has become too hot
Much dirt sweeping under the magical carpet

You see the self modeling advertisements
The coalition partners spending money to tell
It is all about themselves…………
Do you hear anything to your cry?

The blue plane takes off to the sky
Forgetting about the ground
The bread and butter issues hard to try
It is off to the land of the moon
The BN just fooling you one more time

Thursday, February 28, 2008

sink the blue pirate ship

The pirates sat sail
High on the seas flags raising high
The strong wind blowing
Flapping it proudly in the open sea

This time they come
They want goods and booties
They are hungry; they want money
To fund their life styles
Living in luxury

The blue color
A common sight in the local eyes
The leaders talk proudly
About traditions and submissions
There is no two way about it

The ship sails
The rough sea the captain doesn’t know
Suddenly it raises alarm in his eyes
The big waves and rough sea collide
The ship jostles crashes with the strong waves
Losing direction swaying out of nowhere
The captain shouts and curses
And the sailors look worried
As another wave rocks the ship

Let the pirate ship sinks
It shouldn’t be allowed to plunder in the sea
It is time the people understood
Vote BN you lose your wealth
And your freedom to decide
BN robs you day and night

So decide
Don’t cry after that
You have been told
Many times before

deny bn the backbone

Bloggers hide behind computers
And living in a virtual world
This is BN candidate assessment
Of the savvy net people

Has he forgotten BN wanted every home a computer?
I say he should check his fact before he branded bloggers
He is living under his coconut shell
This is what I feel BN wanted the people to behave
So that BN can rule the people so easily

Wake up Malaysians
Enough of lies and deceit
Many corruptions unfair policies
One sided wealth distribution
Drained the country’s wealth

Don’t let BN takes it all
Deny BN the power base to dig for wealth
Deny BN the mouth piece to tell lies
And more lies to hide the truth
Let the opposition balances it
For us for the country

Deny BN the backbone
Let them hang thinly balancing on a tight rope
Let the people votes sound a victory
We are the bosses you work for us!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the sky is hazy

The sky is hazy
The Indonesia sending her messages
Across Straits of Malacca
Telling us she will sing

The hazy sky
It never changes many MOU signed
Meeting and tea breaks
Handshakes and smiles
It never changes
Every year it comes
Sinking our health for a song

Vote for BN
The story will never end
More money spend
And cronies pocket the adventures

The sky is hazy
And BN says
It is subsidized
The cronies dance
All the way to the banks

The sky is hazy
There is no end in sight
Vote for BN
We will sink low quickly in no time

bn sings the old hits

courtesy mob's crib
BN sings the old hits
The old generation listens
The nostalgia of bygone era
It comes haunting in their minds

The sentimental glow
The street demonstrations
The British relented and let go
A nation was born

BN sings the old hits
Until today it is still hitting the roads
Telling the people
Don’t change; don’t look for it

The new kid on the block
Strumming his way to a new goal
The old is just history now
It is him to make the changes

Yet BN sings the old hits
Listening to the bygone era
The globalize economy doesn’t wait
For the old goon to hit the trail
This is the work for the new kid
Rising up to challenge for change

BN sings the old hits
Forgetting this is the 21st century
Something new must be happening
Into the forefront the nation must go

This is the job for the new kid
Spread his wings float it high in the sky
Make it on top of the world
Let it be known
The new kid has arrived

the deep sleep once more

courtesy mob's crib

BN comes with S.A.M
Buying votes fishing for a line
Printed in 24 pages
Telling the people
How good BN is all about…..

Look at Nurin
Long gone the murder escapes
Cry with Nini
Till today she isn’t no where to be found

Look at the Police
Lopsided towards UMNO
Hardly playing fair to the ordinary other Malaysians
When you are dark skinned, you better watch out
You are under the Police profile…..

S.A.M in BN manifesto
Fooling the people
Forgetting about environment
It is the 5 corridors
Endangering the eco-system

Study the NEP
It is only for the Malays
Other Malaysians hard luck in your prospects
It isn’t in its manifesto

Don’t believe BN says
S.A.M won’t work when BN takes control
Just remember the 2004
This time you walk with the Pied Piper
Into the mountain forever out of touch

If you allow BN to win
So kiss goodbye
You are on the long march on the hot sandy desert
Cursing the sun, the wind, the echo

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

suddenly you find

Suddenly you find
The BN leaders get things going
The last 4 years inactively pursuing
The long sleeping finally awakes

Suddenly you find
The BN leaders see potholes aplenty
Directing the government officers
‘Get it done before I lose my head’

Where were they the last 4 years?
Sitting atop the hill sneezing at us
Now when they find they have to rub hands
They reluctantly walk down the stairs

Suddenly you find
The BN leaders opening eyes
Telling you they will get things done
So fast you want to believe them
But you know it is long time telling lies
When BN gets your vote
‘Hello who are you to me now?’

Suddenly you find
You aren’t important anymore
BN takes your vote
You are left with nothing
Only the grouses singing in your head

Suddenly you realize
How long you want to be used?
In your name you better stand up
Make history for once in your life

voters learn the truth

4 years ago sleeping beauty slept through
Now 24 pages to make him sleep more
Doesn’t he learn it at all?
It is action no more sweet words

It is just retro
Back in 4 years ago
He hardly moves at all
The convictions he doesn’t do
Only sleeping and snoozing
In the Land of Kangaroo

BN says the government subsidized $43.3 billion
This is why the prices of goods are low
BN leaders never tell us
Who pockets the money after all?

The sleeping head can’t understand economics
So why thrash it out as if he knows it?
The ledger must have two sides
One debit; one credit…………..
So who are the beneficiaries BN?

The lying must stop at his doors
It mustn’t be allowed to fool the people anymore
Jumping Jack has to go
There is no place for him and his goons

BN manifesto
It will be just a show
Written in glorifying words and nicely packaged it
When BN controls the country again
It will gather dust atop BNM vault

So voters learn the truth
Use your vote make a difference
Crucify the devils; let the freedom sings
In our hearts and in our souls
May Allah bless us all……

Monday, February 25, 2008

in your hand you will decide

Malaysians now it is the time
Think about what you will decide
In it the country’s future
And the next generation dwells

In your hand the deciding factor
The same devil you see over 50 years
Plundering and cheating the nation
On the people voted into power
In the end did they care about you and the country?

In your hand you will write history
For a new chapter for the country
In your hand you will forge ahead
In your hand you have to decide

Will it be?
The country needs your thinking
You have to make a decisive angle
To let the devil roams freely
Put a stop let the game starts at the centre
Locking horns looking at which direction the ball goes

In your hand you will decide
The lives of many generations
In your hand you are the boss
Picking a route for a better future
Ah in your hand you craft history
Don’t you want to be part of it?

the dark horses

The dark horses
Galloping dust in the wind
The moment of truth has arrived
The post is not that far away

The wind says
The soft blows in the air
The dark horses gallop
Rushing out to be free

There is life after dark
Now the dark horses smell it
There won’t be any cowboys around
This is it
The freedom in the wind

The smoke of dust
Gathering high in the sky
The ground thundering loud
The dark horses have arrived
Freedom at last
In the wild of nature’s paradise

Will we be the dark horses?
Kicking the BN butts for a change
In the smoke of dust
The ringing bells of freedom
Echoing in the early morning flight

I say
Do it for a change
This is the time
Lose it kiss it goodbye!

barisan rakyat or People's Front

courtesy from Malaysia today

The People’s Front
Rising out of a need
The Malaysians hope for it
Will it shine in the days ahead?

Cutting race barriers
Waving flags one unity
In the land of many races
It has to be in politics
To get the momentum going

It is said a small step leading the way
Eventually the ripples will be seen in the seas
Spreading far and wide helping by the wind
The changes come alive in peoples’ minds

The People’s Front
It can’t stay behind the line
It has to fight on the political battlefields
Cutting the bad guys
It makes the nation proud again

they need campaign funds


chegubard and friends

Candidates need campaign funds to fight the BN machinery. Here we have two candidates supported by the Barisan Rakyat. If you can spare some cash to help these candidates, you are always welcome to fight for a cause for the future generations in the country.

1) Badrul Hisham Shanarin aka chegubard
contesting in Rembau Parliament seat
Account number 19951001018 Hong Leong Bank
Campaign manager 6012-3696-474

2) Ooi Chuan Aun aka jeffooi of screenshots
contesting in Jelutong Parliament seat
Account number 512222409165 Maybank Subang

Sunday, February 24, 2008

indians go for your dignity

The Indians nobody wants
They stand by the roads waving flags
The BN leaders saw them
MIC said they had done

Yet MIC and BN
Ignore them in GE
They want to warm their seats
The Indians better start to fight back

Gerakan said there are no capable Indian leaders
Amongst its members in its party…………..
How low will the Indians go?
Until there are none to represent them

It is time the Indians decide
Don’t fall for the trap again
For over 50 years Indians support BN
MIC and Gerakan……….
And now what have they got in the end?

The Indians stand by the streets
Forlorn faces hungry in their eyes
Yet the sleeping beauty brands them as terrorists
What a blow for them to cry!

Wake up my friends
Vote for change; vote for self respect
Don’t be fooled by BN
And its partners driving you away
Giving you crumbs and don’t care

Just do your little favor
Cross out BN and its partners
Otherwise you are still getting the crumbs
For another 50 years perhaps…

general election 12

It’s now: Election Commission workers preparing the nomination centres for today, when candidates throughout the country will line up to file their papers.Battle begins as candidates head for nomination centres

The gloves come off today - and the scramble for the 10.9 million Malaysian votes begins in earnest. A total of 222 nomination centres will be opened this morning for candidates to file their papers for 222 parliamentary and 505 state seats. Courtesy The Star

GE 12
The decisive factor Malaysians decide
Let BN rules take away your wealth
Change the government
There is something new to clap

The saying doesn’t know to do
Dig the wealth spread it behind close doors
Hide it under OSA
Telling more lies digging more holes
The Malaysians don’t know

GE 12
Break the horse legs
Let see what lies ahead
Dig up the past to judge the wrongs
Canned OSA and ISA
Other repressive laws change

So what will it be Malaysians?
Let BN rules forget about changes
Say your piece let the decisive factor rules
Change the government
You have been living under false pretences
The thin line of tolerance
The stretching growing frays each passing day

Look at the illegals
Nothing really to stomp back
Look at the corruption and lopsided policies
Study the discrepancies and the lies in statements
Will you vote for BN and get screwed once more?

Give the opposition a chance
Don’t hear the lies BN leaders tell
It is enough after 50 years rule
Let’s change our destiny
To fight competively in the global markets
And amongst ourselves to better the country

Vote for change
Vote for self respect
Vote for our children
Vote for freedom

GE 12
Let’s dance for something new
In the horizon of the 21st century
So vote intelligently…..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

the votes count

Now the battle set
The battle ground draws the lines
The people watch and study
The candidates and parties

Will there be a wind of change?
I hear the humming birds keep calling
The nest settles nicely amongst the leaves
Who will be the lucky one to warm the nest?

The votes count
The people shouldn’t let it go to waste
Make the effort to see Malaysia progress
Let’s vote for change
For the future generations

The battle field is drawn
Now the people must decide
In the coconut shell; in the global stage
The votes decide
May Allah help us all

bloggers are coward and nuisance really?!

Bloggers are coward and nuisance
Azalina makes her observation
Is she trying to tell Malaysians to live under the coconut shell?
And the likes of her and her goons live in splendor?
I beg to differ

Every opportunity must be given and used
In the global village we are living
You can’t shut out the people
For finding out the truth and saying their writing

The likes of her and the government leaders
The road must be fair to all citizens
Wealth and power must be used wisely
It shouldn’t be lopsided…..
Yet Azalina never addresses these issues
Calling bloggers coward and nuisance
It shows her lack of leadership qualities
Where this government has………..

What have the main government controlled media say?
The mouth piece glorifying the government leaders
Leaving nothing bad to say about in the country
You don’t say about it do you?

Now who is hiding?
Tell us honestly what the bloggers write about you
Be open and engage with these people
When too many say about it
There must be truth in it, isn’t it?

You can only come out
Bloggers are coward and nuisance
Tell us the truth
Don’t hide behind all those years
Under BN rules……….

call it br instead of barak

Why choose Barak?
You guys followers of Barrack Obama?
He keeps his winnings in US of A
Here the people just starting
To play a role importantly in this election

I should say it
Let it be BR
It is short and sweet
Like BN and BA
And now Bangsa Rakyat
BR going as the bosses of bosses
In the general election

For some it may sound Berak
It won’t smell good
In the minds of the people
So it should be better made over
Before its name smelling bad

Name must be sweet
Aroma rekindles romance
More so when it is a new name
Let it clicks immediately
In the peoples’ minds

Or else call it Barisan Rakyat
Move it for the future generation
Laying the foundation stone
For the fruit of one’s labor

make it big drama for the small parties

Little state big drama
In the UMNO led state of Perlis
700 over Putri resigned
When there was hiccup in choosing whom to contest

Where is Najib?
He was quick to insult DAP
When cili padi announced her intention not to contest then
How he play his words painting the poor show on DAP
Now he didn’t say something

This is the hypocrisy
BN leaders move in magic
The witches and magicians
Throng the road to PJ

Voters get up from the slumber
You aren’t going to be spoon fed anymore
It is time to vote out BN
Otherwise you pay for your own stupidity

You hear it right
Corruption, inefficiency, non-accountability
Digging the country’s wealth
Hiding facts and figures
There is no transparency
Cronyism rules in BN administrations
Vote BN you vote for all the bad things
Happening in the country

Now go for the big drama
Let BN stays in the opposition
This GE 12 will teach a lesson
Otherwise we are screwed
Malaysia no more truly Asia!
It will become a one race power
The rest are lapdogs barking in the fence
Vote wisely
Make it a high drama
In the annals of our history

the cili padi is back!

courtesy mob's crib
The cili padi is back!
In Elephant Stone she winks
Many people will sleep easy
Now Fong Po Kuan changes her mind
Folks you better bring her the best

The battle field ignites
The lights and slogans ring high
The spirits of the opposition
This time it must happen

Don’t give BN the mandate
Don’t let BN take you for rides
Enough for the last 50 years
It is time a new party helms the nation

Let cili padi sweeps the ground
Let the votes go for the future
Don’t believe what BN say
It is time sending them to Timbuktu

Elephant Stone will shine
When cili padi walks in town
The folks will be damn happy
When changes really thrive!

it can happen here

courtesy from mob's crib
Ah the legit contest!
The k-cat wants to sit on it
And Chegubard won’t let him
He wants to chase him away

We will know on nomination day
Where the k-cat will contest
Then the heat will light up
Questions will flow
Answers won’t be found

How did k-cat get $9 million?
He said it was from his friend
He didn’t disclose who he is
About his shares………
He turned into instant millionaire

When he didn’t pay his traffic summons
The Police never go and catch him
The Police go after the ordinary folks
Even in the early morning handcuffed the poor guys
This k-cat can sleep soundly
The Police never come to knock at his door

It is said there are 2 set of laws
One for us; one for them
We don’t get the special favors
These ruling elite, friends and cronies do
The Police come for us
The Police don’t go after them

There are many ills in this country
Spread it far and wide by BN
So many years in power
The leaders forget all about
The services to the people and nation

It is time turning BN into an opposition
Let see what game BN will play
Let ISA rolls on them
And hear what they say about it

And hear too about BN promises
When in opposition see how BN fares
It is time to turn dream into reality
It can happen here……..
If the people aren’t so blind at all!

Friday, February 22, 2008

the cili padi is back!

The cili padi is back!
In Elephant Stone she winks
Many people will sleep easy
Now Fong Po Kuan changes her mind
Folks you better bring her the best

The battle field ignites
The lights and slogans ring high
The spirits of the opposition
This time it must happen

Don’t give BN the mandate
Don’t let BN take you for rides
Enough for the last 50 years
It is time a new party helms the nation

Let cili padi sweeps the ground
Let the votes go for the future
Don’t believe what BN say
It is time sending them to Timbuktu

Elephant Stone will shine
When cili padi walks in town
The folks will be damn happy
When changes really thrive!

let the giant goes to sleep

The GE 12
The deciding factor
The Malays must help
Change the landscape
The future ahead

The Indians through Hindraf
They have made their choices
MIC will get its power base erode
And bury it deeper into the darkness

Though many will say
Even the stubborn Sami refuses to go
He can’t care less what others think
He wants to his cake and eats it too
The Sungai Siput voters do your thing
Let him go to pasture
You save the Indians

It is time the leaders change
Only near election times
The leaders really wake up
Telling about Chinese schools
Allocations come in swift doves
Buying honey trying to make good

Walking in the new villages
Telling farmers how good the government is
When suddenly grants can be approved
Some waiting for decades now they get the titles
And MCA says they work hard for them

UMNO will still harp on NEP
The leaders want to shackle the Malays
Spoon feeding them into drug induced state
The Malays just follow don’t know what hit them
They think they get a deal from UMNO
They don’t know the country’s wealth milking away
What will they tell the young generation?
When nothing is left behind for them?

GE 12 the deciding factor
The people must make a choice
Don’t get excited about the corridors
It’s a fool game like a spark hardly convincing
And BN will tell you
It is a long term thing

Just remember about the sleepy administration
It runs on auto-pilot he hardly knows where
Now he makes so many statements
He hardly knows what he meant……

One thing I know
The BN will increase costs
Be it petrol, cooking gas or electricity
Tolls and other essential goods display
When the BN is in power
Don’t cry over spill milk my friends
We let the giant walks one more time

And don’t forget about disappearing wealth
The ways they do robbing you in daylight
Don’t believe me just watch the scenes
Corporations and dubious transactions

GE 12
It isn’t clean sheet in the bag
So make your choice come March 8
Let the sleeping giant goes to sleep
For good this time in our history

why linger on the corridor?

Go Sami go!
Lie on your wealth
Let the world forgets you
As your tiring bones cry
You can’t push on

The writing on the wall
Go Sami go!
You aren’t wanted now
You have stayed your welcome

Look at the Indians
Do they progress at all?
You have failed in your mission
So go Sami go!

Don’t make it hard
God will decide for you
Sit on your wealth and pray
Let God makes you free

Go Sami go!
You are old
It’s time for you
The writing on the wall
The voters will make you cry
On your birthday arrives

Thursday, February 21, 2008

vote bn out and let them behave

Yesterday I heard all
In my head I thought I did
Listening to the rants of BN leaders
And the arguments by the oppositions

Seats allocation which party to fight
BN leaders driving in to Putrajaya
List in envelopes pow-wow with the sleeping beauty
And his court jesters behaving like kings

In the backyard the opposition parties
Hammering unnecessarily to decide
Look at the seats so many to fight
This is your best chance
Don’t blow it up before it starts

BN has its lists ready
The representatives read it out happily
In time there will be sour grapes
Groping hard to swallow the bad stabbing
Anything new in politics is there?

The opposition still shuffling feet
Thinking what to do with the seats
Fong Po Kuan of DAP
She declined to contest citing internal bickering
In Penang DAP tries to make a united front
Why can’t DAP think of a bigger picture?

Pas and PKR got it through
Into the Malays heartlands they try to do
Swing the Malay votes before it is too late
The country’s wealth will go to the drain
Deny BN and UMNO rule
Let change the table and see
The country needs a change
50 years under BN is surely too long
Don’t let this opportunity running to waste

And the voters complaints
EC says it is too late
Some stay in town A
Ask to vote in town B
Different locations for same family members
Don’t you see the vote rigging have done?

Malaysians wake up before it is too late
To decide the fate of your country and your children’s future
Sitting on the fence won’t make the change
It is time you come out to make the difference

BN has its chance for over 50 years
You know the drills the wealth gone
Not to the people and country
It is always to their people
Benefiting it all in all the corridors

What do you get in the end?
The crumbs on the ground
The BN leaders laugh at you
Telling you these are for your support
A few red notes you think it is so great

Malaysians open your eyes
The sky is blue the coast is clear
Don’t you see what BN makes for you?
The polluted environment in your minds
Giving you some crumbs you think you are in heaven
Pity your generations when they curse you in their hearts
For crumbs you sell your soul
Destroying the future of the coming generations

Now it is the chance to change
Vote BN out and let them behave
For once in the opposition
And listen what they have to say

I pray it happens
Like Australians do to the Labor Party
Like the Pakistanis do to their country
Don’t we do the same to BN?
Let them taste the bitterness of defeat
And wise up and don’t treat the voters stupid!

the road signs

will the BN government approve it?
The BN government talks about learning languages
Everybody should learn it to progress and yet
We find ourselves reading at signs of one language
Telling others but the BN leaders can’t start with themselves

How are we to progress in the global economy?
The Chinese government knows the truth
The Communist regime tells the Chinese
Master English to globalize the world
And here in Malaysia
It is back to the frog under the coconut shell!

The little napoleons holding courts
Pay by the taxpayers creating divisions
Populating a language thinking it is good
Look at us becoming a laughing stock
Amongst the developing nations

And spend hundred of millions
Campaigning for foreign tourists
When it matter most, it is lacking
The road signs in a language
Sad it is true of wasting money

The road signs belittling our intellect
We tell the world we are a progressive country
And the road signs give us away
Spending millions thinking it is worth it
Back home our backyards stink!

deny sami a seat

The arrogant old horse
Gallops into Sungai Siput
He thinks he will be elected
And get his wish for a double celebration

The voters there
Beware of a man
He is used to bleed you
By words and peanut projects

The arrogant old horse
He should declare his assets
The beginning of his race
Until the last dissolution of Parliament

Transparency not in words my friend
It should come forth with a signed statement
Let the voters know what is your worth?
Maybe you aren’t dare to tell

This is BN trick
The leaders don’t tell you what they have
Selling peanut fooling the monkeys
Running happily back into the forest

As Nik Aziz says
Orang utans come to play
In politics never want to tell the truth
Hiding facts dishing out blues
Islam Hadhari a joke for a Muslim
So what is Holy Quran buried in the desert?

Voters in Sungai Siput
Let Sami enjoys his double barrel
Losing his election on his birthday
This is what he would have
Fighting for himself, friends and cronies
Forgetting about his own marginalized Indians

So let him be
Deny him the opportunity to bleed you
Let this election saying goodbye
I don’t miss his style of politics
Gangsters and threats….
Do you my friend?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

nini sad you can't be found yet

Polls before Nini
Poor girl lost for over a month
Yet nothing has been found
House to house searches
No news yet after all these hunting

Now the Police want to concentrate on polls
Leaving the gap wide open for the criminals
Don’t they have something else to go on?
I thought the Police set up a special unit
To monitor and catch children’s kidnapping

The faint hope gone
In the wild in the concrete jungle
A child might be alive I don’t know
I only hope she is well taken care
Amongst the villagers somewhere in the remote areas
The Police say she is still in Selangor………

The Police slowly withdraw
The priority now is general election
Controlling and protecting national security
I thought the sleeping beauty has extended retired cops contract
To boost the running of the Police……………….

So IGP should use these cops expertise
To go to the ground search for Nini
Let the heat smoke out the kidnapper(s)
Making mistake there is always a chance
Put on the pressure to look for her
Withdrawing now is lost of time and energy
The criminals will have a way out………….
The Police not looking for them

you decide

The pleasure island
The tourists flock to stay
The locals talk about good food
About night-clubs and women
And men searching for wealth
And high prize stakes

Don’t forget about murders
The snatch thieves along tourist areas
And the traffic jams causing long queues
In the morning and evening

And at night the pimps and night women
Trading in the cool night
Hand-phones and secret rendezvous
For a price to make it happens
No difference with other cities
And other tourist spots

Now there is another talking
About the pressure island
About politics and the prize
The power base; the beginning and end for some
Thrashing out amongst politicians
The island under the sun
The jewel of pearl shines
Acidic yet she never loses her pride
The island dreams for some; heartaches for others
On the streets pumping hard to satisfy

The pressure island
The politicians go banana
The durians, rambutans and mangosteens
Which one the people choose?
The traffic jams become worst every day

The wind of change; the wind of wealth
The people have to decide don’t get short sighted
The future lies in these peoples’ hands
Put an X and the game is over

The pressure island; the pleasure game
Think about it before it is too late
Protect the turf for generations to come
Or forget about it let it be gone!
You decide

a hunter who doesnt see no more

Sami must go
There is no place for him
In today’s politics
He has his chances
Yet he never fulfills his plan
So what’s more he wanted?
He better says goodbye

Nearly 3 decades
He only done for himself
Amongst his friends and cronies
Leaving the poor Indians
Fighting for themselves

Hindraf had made a point
The marginalized Indians got tricked
Through the years by MIC
So now what he has to say?

There is no place for him
He knows it yet he doesn’t want to go
Sami it is time you retire
Like a hunter who doesn’t see no more
In the wild of politics

Go now
You don’t have to wait at the doors
The writing has written on the walls
Pack your bags
Save the blushes of your own
Leave it before the voters send you home
In disgrace

Well I don’t miss your style of politics
On stage you had been booed and jeered
You knew it so why wait?
Pack your bags and go your way

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

fong po kuan go and fight

Politics stuff of hardened shelf
When you knock it, you hear the echo
Silently ringing into the far distance
You never know where it hides

If you know
There shouldn’t be election
Electing representatives to monitor and manage the country
And the ways of life in the economy

Politics isn’t for self glory
One must get the priority right
It is to serve the people and nation
This is the honest truth

Yet human traits
When greed and power in their hands
The eyes and minds seem to collide
Like the rolling waves hitting the hard sandy beach
It splashes and wets the whole coastline……

The good hard working ones
They don’t last in a mile
They are knocked off one by one
By the planted gangs camouflaged as team officials
They are gone before they could protest

Unless they hard working politicians
Stand up and fight their belief
It isn’t about party loyalty
It is about the people they represent
Work hard for the people
They make sure the hard working ones return
Every election so the party benefits
Do the party leaders understand it?

Fong Po Kuan should return
Cry with thousand tears
Now she should change her mind
Fight the good mile once again

Fong Po Kuan shouldn’t run away
Internal squabbles are nothing new
Even in MCA, MIC, Gerakan and UMNO
There are people who couldn’t wait
It is just a headache in one’s pursuit
Of servicing the people and country

The silent slashing cuts
The “House of flying daggers” makes the marks
By people who want to get their hands
On the power on a sliver platter

Nothing to hide
Fong you done a good job in Elephant Stone
You should return once more
Why let party squabbles make you run?

Don’t stay at home be a good housewife
You should fight it out for the people
Your talent and hard working ethics count
In serving the constituency and country

Yeah I know you cried
Fong go out and try
Elephant Stone needs you
The country wants you in Parliament
To kick some asses in the males

Won’t you change your mind?
Let the voters decide for you
I am sure they will send you in
The biggest majority votes
In your life!

the fishing expeditions

The Chinese always the punching bag
Najib used to go at them when he was UMNO youth chief
Hisham too following his cousin’s ways
And the UMNO bigwigs clapping along
Maybe close one eye to it all……………

Now the sleeping beauty
Saying how good the Chinese are
So was Dr M after the election
Helping the economy paying taxes
When his goons hit them in UMNO assemblies
He didn’t stop his members
He allowed them to rant about the Chinese
This was Hisham turn to raise the keris
Belittling the Chinese!

Is race politics still relevant in 21st century?
Reading what have transpired I think so
Every race harbors its own cultures and virtues
Not about Malaysia but about race

It is fishing expeditions
Scouting the roving waves
Hooks, lines and rods
‘Hook for me
You get the daily ration all day’

Now we see
The money rolling out
Wooing the Chinese
In the villages and towns
Telling them how good BN is
But they don’t tell
It is tax payers’ money

The painted faces
Glowing in the darkness
Don’t fall for the tricks
It is your soul you surrender

Monday, February 18, 2008

epf a sleeping giant

EPF declared 5.8%
With its massive funds totaling something $280 billion
We should imagine the returns high
Yet it was a poor payout

It is sad really
When our fund never runs properly
It is used to help cronies
Running into troubles

RHB bought for over $1.5 billion
All pending cases against Rashid Hussein dropped
So what now about the lost money?
Write it off as bad debts………..

And about the losses in MBSB
Pumping hundred millions
Yet it didn’t show a quickly returns
I read somewhere it has recovered
Mildly in its assets employed

EPF pays rental a $1 million a month
For the last couple of years
It was reported in the Star
The building owned by the ruling elite members
Imagine this is how the money wasted
Helping the other party to grow rich
And the workers’ fund gets lowly returns

There are many faults in EPF
Yet the officials try to hide
Transparency can’t be found
How the officials use the fund’s money
At the calls of the ruling government

I can only say my displeasure
Maybe my own ignorance too
It is just a simple economic
The basket of many goods
The good returns on investments
Unless something isn’t right
Derailed the workers’ fund
So every year get peanut returns
While others double its glory

vote wisely or none at all

Fong Po KuanDAP's Batu Gajah MP
forced to step out

Fong Po Kuan, dubbed cili padi because of her fiery style, has dropped a bombshell that has rocked the DAP – announcing that she is not going to contest in the general election. Borrowed from The Star

DAP Fong declined to contest
In Elephant Stone she served 2 terms
Citing internal squabbles as she resigned
Letting the voters feel the waves of blues

Politics hard to play
Only thick skinned people dare to go
Stabbing and biting words
Invincible daggers throwing at you

The power every leader wants
In personal glory in party politics
The voters are the pawns
So it is better to choose leaders
Fight for the people through and through

In Taiping Gerakan woes
Kayveas says he is recontesting there
Gerakan leaders of Taiping
Got fed up disbanded the operations room
Saying Gerakan leaders fail
How to fight for the people when a seat its leaders can’t do?

This is the malice
In politics politicians hold their ways
It is hard to let go of power
The authority where people addressed you “YB”
And the perks going along with it

Sunday, February 17, 2008

what do you expect?

The sleeping beauty sleeps
He can’t say when he is awaken
Figuring out what to do
The Hindraf protests
In the city streets

He never says something to ease the flow
At least says he will meet them to say he is pm for all Malaysians
Nay it is only word to him yet he finds it hard to say
Action is somewhere in his overseas home
Though he will deny it
Like Semi Sami do
“I am the one for the Indians
But get boos and jeers”

About k-cat he is evaded the issue
Until last minute he will say
K-cat will go after the rats
Now he says he doesn’t know
Until nomination day on February 24

The flip-flopping administration
He will do it again
The people better wise up
Now BN will say the glorious days
Goodies and threatening
The money isn’t belonging to them
The BN leaders telling you
It is their money straight into your eyes
And they say they don’t lie!

Let BN rest
Time a new party brings the country
Into the arena of the world
As Malaysians for Malaysia

semi sami should go now

Samy Vellu
s. samyvellu aged 72 years old
MIC president

Semi Sami
He doesn’t get the hint
Time for him to go
He has served his time

Indians have problems
He lied through his teeth
For weeks he puts up straight face
Finally he says there are

He listed out 7 reasons
Why Indians need assistance
What a liar he has become!
When he tried for months to ignore
Until Hindraf woke up the Indians
He still shouts he is the one to lead
Though he has seen his days are numbered

The prime minister should let him go
I will agree with this score
At least he recognizes the grounds beating
About Indians marching

There is no reason
Semi Sami should be returned
The young Indians have spoken
Boos and jeers yet he doesn’t get the hint
He still thinks he is needed
Amongst the Indians

Sami time for you to go
Leave the stage graciously
You are not wanted anymore
Since Hindraf punches holes into your armor
You only served yourself
Forgetting your kind
All those years ago…
Time to say goodbye

Saturday, February 16, 2008

jeffooi fighting for a seat in penang

Jeff 4 Malaysia Campaign Fund
As at 10.00hr...
Donations received via Maybank2U now stands at RM2,400.00, while donations received via PayPal now stands at US$350.00 excluding handling fee.As at 10.25hr...
Donations received via Maybank2U now stand at RM3,900.00, while donations received via PayPal now stand at US$360.00 excluding handling fee.
The Star said I will be standing for the Jelutung parliament seat while the vernacular press in Penang say Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon will also stand in the same constituency.
If both reports are true, I will, again, be the David versus the Goliath.
There are 7 Parliament seats allocated to DAP and four are incumbents, three yet-to-win seats are Jelutung, Bukit Bendera and Batu Kawan -- all retained by Gerakan during GE2004 -- and I have been
proposed to run in one of them.
The fact is, there is practically no safe seat for the Opposition in Penang. What more, Bukit Bendera is the 1-Parliament-4-state seat and a star-studded BN stronghold now represented by the deputy Minister of Information, the Penang Chief Minister, the senior State Exco and the deputy Speaker of the State Assembly, plus a one-term state assemblyman.
But the call of national duty is definitely prompting me. I need to do what I wanted to do in JEFF 4 MALAYSIA campaign, and I have made
some details here, to explain the mission. The state Election Manifesto, which I helped draft, will be release at the right time. I am certain that talk is cheap and beyond being a blogger, I need a legislator role to speak up for Malaysians!
After weeks of rigorous groundwork, I also find myself very vulnerable facing this General Election. The BN machinery, with $$$ to throw, is immensely formidable.
If you could help me raise some campaign funds, and do it superfast, please email me at jeff001 @
Let me have your mobile number, I will call back and give you the details through my exclusive data line: 6012-2944907.
A Screenshots reader has also helped create a widget for PayPal donations, using my existing PayPal account.
Election Commission allows a maximum expenditure of RM200,000, for Parliament seat. I am targetting at raising half of the amount from donors at large and the other half from internal resources. A little few hundreds from here and there will do the job.
The money will go into running the operations centre and polling machinery, printing and disseminating of election collaterals (including candidates' flyers and pamphlets running by tens of thousands) and feeding the army little troop of volunteers who will take leave, drop all tools, to help me.
To all who donate -- no amount is too small -- I will reciprocate your support each with an autographed copy of
my book: i-Witness.
It's a compilation of my articles from 2002 to 2007 about Knowledge-based Economy, and about how to transform Penang's economic model in the context of K-economy. It will be released on Nomination Day, February 24.Please forward this blog entry to your friends and pass the word around. Thanks.

i dont know what you say

I am not addicted to money
I am not addicted to wealth
I work for the people
I make them rich with me

I go for holidays
In the Land of Oz
I plan my agendas
I get it off nicely
I sleep through
The night until morning

I don’t have to think
I have my C4 boys running
My k-cat roams and catches mice
Along my corridors I plan

Yeah I am not addicted to money
I am not addicted to wealth
I work hard for the people
I don’t get a cent out of my corridors

I don’t know about economy
I let it rides out of my focus
When the people start crying
Saying pockets full of holes
I say I work hard for the people
I don’t know what you say

I am not addicted to money
I am not addicted to wealth
I let the C4 boys running
I let my k-cat roaming freely

Yeah I work hard for the people
I don’t know why you cry
I don’t know about economy
I have my time in the Land of Oz
I sleep through
Snoring all the way to the moon

go for the clean slate

Many current ministers will be dropped
Sami What Lu never gets the hint
He still thinks he is rock solid
When Indians booed and jeered him

Good leaders are hard to find
When they are found, they are silent
In party of the court jesters
And off they go to elsewhere
Bringing their talents and skills
For the benefits of the people over there
Sad….it is true in Malaysia

By this 12th election
The voters should vote all ministers out to pasture
Too many cooks in this sleepy administration
The soup will not taste good!
Yet the ministers say
They are the best in their jobs
I know steaming up tasteless soups

Go for the clean slate
Let all those incumbents go
Let a new group of leaders emerge
From the people to the people

Don’t vote these leaders no more
Time to change for the good of the nation
Let all the ministers go
Including the PM and his deputy
If you know what I mean

Fight clean, vote clean
Vote for new leaders
for the people and country
So vote with knowing
No more blinded with carrot cakes

dont get fooled again

MCA should direct its rhetoric
About tenancy of a president
Amongst its coalition partners
Then trying to score point
With DAP; its arch-enemy

MCA should ask its coalition partners
Don’t belittle the oppositions
Trying to hook the people
Voting them is better…..

First limit the president post
Like MCA then it can claim
Amongst its coalition partners
Now just don’t say about DAP
Or other opposition parties
When amongst its coalition partners
Nothing has changed

There is no reason BN can’t do
It is the power each wanted to rule
MCA amended its president term
The party had nearly cracked up years ago

Now don’t say the opposition can’t help the people
Given the chance by the people it will
Vote for BN vote for wealth gone
So many dusts under the magic carpet
BN doesn’t want to say hiding it all the way

MCA should check its neighbors
Before calling the opposition something else
Do the right honorable thing
Be honest and tell the truth…

Vote for BN
We vote to lose our self respect
Our country’s wealth
And our land

Friday, February 15, 2008

a far cry into the distance

courtesy from mob's crib
The sleeping beauty wakes
Looking right into the night sky
Brilliant stars colorful lights
He yawns calling his dwarfs

“Sound the gong
We need to play football
In the night
I can’t stand the heat
I don’t have to explain”

The Yes men arrive
The C4 brings his ball
Numbering 13 it says
He smiles feeling hawkish great
Nobody wants 13
‘Give it all to me’

In his gentleman’s attire
He tries to kick ball
Stretching his leg let go his flying kick
He misses the ball
He lands right on his butt
The C4 boys explode
The laughter rings in the night

He thinks the number charming him
All those years and to night
The devil comes in bright stars
One of them has to say goodbye

The sleeping beauty sees the horror
“NO! NO! NO!” he screams
The C4 boys and dwarfs hide
Peeping through the rat hole
Behind the palatial home

‘The time for you to go
There is no two way about it
You love number 13 so much
Now I give it to you
You belong to me
You have to come home’

The sleeping beauty falls asleep
On the playground in his PJ hill
He only hears the mumbling voices
A far cry into the distance…………

anwar isnt history yet

UMNO says Anwar is history
How so when its leaders keep harping on it

There must something
UMNO can’t feel confident to face Anwar
This guy can pull in the crowds
And he can deliver his public speeches well
What about UMNO leaders?

So Anwar shadows ride
Amongst the thoughts of BN leaders
They can say publicly about him
In fact in quiet moment they feel the shivers
Afraid they all loose their seats

Now the BN denies him the right to contest
It will inspire the voters to vote otherwise
It is a wrong strategy to shut out a person
Because there are ways for him to get it back

This 12 General Election will decide for many
The BN leaders and the country marching
The wrong move spells disaster
The voters shouldn’t cry when it happens
You make your choice so live with it
For the next 5 years or perhaps 4 years
Seeing what the people get their rewards

This 12 GE Anwar plays a role
No seat to contest makes any difference
He has to campaign bringing in his goods
So there will be fear of his shadow
Swarming out in the open sky

Thursday, February 14, 2008

the bad ceo

Bread and butter issues
Have we ever progressed at all?

Over 50 years of BN rule
So many lies; so many heartaches
So many corruption; so many bailouts
Our tax money all go to waste

We are suppose to be the ‘King’
We haven’t got it straight since
BN rules the nation
We are just puppet on the strings

Damn we have been fooled!
So now it is payback time
Let this election be the right tonic
Change the landscape
Let something new for a change

Money matters in everything we do
We agree for the right choices
Yet we have seen the BN government did
Spending money like water flowing forever
All those failed and cronies projects

RHB no case for Rashid Hussein
PKFZ bailed out by the government
Indah Bi-water too
Even TNB rate increase to show a better profit
Yes projects then aborted agreement
Pay compensation running to millions

And the bad CEO
We are asked to pay
Billions out to his cronies
Do we need BN anymore?

Over 50 years under BN
It is again bread and butter
Rising costs pockets full of holes
A sad day if people don’t change

enough liars and cheats

I can’t eat my durians
For the last 2 years
The favorite ones all disappear
I can’t find on the roadside stalls
Even my favorite guy under the tree
He wasn’t there

But I can see
Stalls and stalls of no good durians
Along the Kuala Dipang Road
Even these stalls shrink
Bad omen for the ruling government

Mangosteen bloom along with durians
Rambutans too joining the race
Has nature got it wrong?
The BN government irked the Mighty Lord?

Even Bernas talked about fragrance rice
What it is even can’t beat the Thai?
There is no aroma; it is plain ordinary
How can the consumers pay for substandard product?

The willows blowing
The changes in the wind
The signs are there hanging it
It is now in the hands of the people
Be brave say “No to BN!”

Let history be written
The year 2008 a bumper harvest
By the people for the people
Let bury BN
Let them fade away in our eyes
We have enough of their lies

sink the titanic

borrowed from The Star

Sink the Titanic
Let the big hole swallow it
For over 50 years BN talking big
Let us change the landscape
Like the Land of Oz did

The land of division
Penetrated by BN leaders
Even in villages
It happens

Think of NEP
Focusing on a race
Forgetting about Malaysians
The land called Malaysia

BN leaders say policies are fair
Study the rules and the laws
Be it known it isn’t
It is always for a race

Look at the running dogs
Puffing hard for the dog bones
Purely skeletons no meat at all
They think it is a good deal

Sink the Titanic
Into the big hole let it be
It is enough of lies and deceptions
Time the voters bury it

The land of our birth
Don’t let BN leaders pawn it
Into the corridors
It won’t be returned

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the rat will attack

The big family congregate
In the PJ hill they troop in
Eyes full of hope
Ears full of collection
Hearts full of desires
Of the meaty streets ahead

The head wearing his crown
Telling lies and deception
The big family smile
Nodding heads agreeing what he said

You are my collectors
Not of souls but of gold
Wealth creation I made lately
The corridors full of it

The head turns slowly
Eyes of faking fire
Mouth spinning tales
The amazing stories

‘You must fight for me
I give you the doors of wealth
Now take the hoes go out dig for it’
He smiles knowingly
Thinking about his Land of Oz
The cozy hideout he makes

The court jesters clapping hands
Hand mobiles instant calls
In a moment the machines roll
The battle begins

He acknowledges the moment
Knowing he must win
Then the cost of goods going high
Bleed the people
He wants his share

He makes the wrong move
The Chinese will call it ‘damn’
On Chinese New Year he did
Showing no respect to cultural heritage

The rat will attack
In the sewers right up to his palatial home
There he will see
His tattered cloths blowing by the wind
p/s picture courtesy Mob's crib

it is time we tried something new

The gong has sounded
The battle of the people votes begin

Across the country
Every preparation will be made
The sleeping beauty still dreams
On his 2/3 majority

The leaders of BN
We will know in a week
Who are the people?
To lead the nation

Now the votes in our hands
Make the move
Don’t let sentiments rule
The land we live and stay
Don’t let it be gone
Captured by foreign investors
Run by the moron government

Don’t let BN sweep it all
This time let it be known
We want change for the better
Just pick your choice
Let this coalition makes waves
It is the time we tried something new
In the land of our dreams and hopes

kick out the liar

PM dissolved Parliament today 13/2/08

The liar
Today he dissolved Parliament
The Supreme Ruler never exercises his role
A sad day in the institution of the king

Now the battle will begin
The voters should vote out the corrupted ministers
The court jesters and liars in sheep clothing
Don’t allow them to walk in power again

Now the time to decide
Turn the table light up the night
I am going for the change
The BN won’t get my vote this time

The deception, the cheats and liars
The corrupted officials the bad administration
Telling lies to save their skins
Into the ballot boxes
Let the votes make the difference

I smell the sleeping beauty
Falling on the traps of the feng shui master
Flip flopping decision bad for the country
It is the people to let him sleep
In the Land of Oz for good

The liar
Don’t allow him to administer the country
We will loose our land and our image
We want our respect back on firm ground
The voters vote wisely!

the spins have begun

The spins have gone
The main newspapers report
About the bull nutmeg
Swallowing up the good fortunes

Suddenly you hear
About allocations for this and that
Why you want to ask?
It is corruption bending over as projects

You smell the goods
Fishing for votes
The bull nutmeg leaders claim
‘For us we give you all
Vote for others
You have nothing’

How the bull leaders spin
As if it is their money to give
Hiding facts showing up tricks
The people should be aware
Don’t fall for their traps

The Supreme Ruler must play his role
Choose your own people to run the nation
When you decide to dissolve Parliament
Don’t reappoint the bull nutmeg leaders
You have to let them go
So they don’t have to milk the country
Boosting their values disadvantages to the people

The spins have begun
Only the good images
Nothing about the bad
Time the people realize
Don’t get fooled one more time!

go home jack 2

‘Honey……not today!
I got a headache
I didn’t know why
Wait until Chap Goh Mei
I want to net some mandarin oranges’

The bridge of satisfaction
Walking there smell the aroma
Of ladies perfume beautiful starry night
Then the sleeping beauty wakes up
“Maybe it is time
To set the date
For the marching
Of the golden light”

Now he has the cheek
Saying his performance is done
He says he has big ears
He doesn’t listen to the peoples’ cry

The corridors
Like a maze he wishes it
There he will be buried
Deeply into his reign

Go home Jack
You tell too many deceptions
Covering your tracks
Hiding your cronies
Relatives and friends

go home jack

After 50 years of BN rule
We are still back to the basic
Of Butter and Bread issues
Have we progressed at all?

Vision 2020
Vision 2057
The country will go nowhere
If the current leaders troop the nation

You may see developments
Every corridor it is said
At what price to the nation?
Lives sold to the devil

No! No! It is always No!
I hear the BN leaders cry out loud
This is the working of bankrupt politicians
Running out of steam and ideas

You think BN has brought progress?
In the young nation point of view
Wealth gone to the sleeping hollow
How many have to go before we understand?

The ticking on the souls
How many will be gone before we woke up?
By then it can be a nightmare
Freddy Kruger walks into your sleep
You won’t know the night and day

We are back to butter and bread
The BN rules division of wealth
And job opportunities and careers
One eye Jack; one legged John Silver

Go home Jack
You aren’t welcome anymore
In the country stuck with the old crony rules
It is time a new tune whispering in the air

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the lovers watching the night waves

The lovers hold hands
By the beach watching the night waves
Cool breeze unspoken words
The heart beating the desires glow

The Valentine's Day brings
The lovers of new horizon
Into the dark sparkling sky
The glittering light the needs arise

The soft spoken breeze
The silky flow of the faintly wind
The susurrus of the night whisper
Be mine! Be mine! Forever be mine!

The eyes flow into the dark golden lights
Sparkling glow desire touches the souls
The lovers walk shuffling feet on the dark beach
Beautiful shadows deeply falling into its spell

The needs of floating desire
Hints of lusts eyes full of temptation
Valentine's Day playing havoc in the souls
As the lovers walk holding hands and disappear
Be mine! Be mine! Forever be mine!

corridors open

Corridors declared open
The flow of wealth ushering in
The smell of crispy money
The projects! The projects! Ah the projects!

This is the election crying
See how good BN is
Don’t you know the sweet flow of honey?
It tastes sweet juicy you remember
The smell of new mint wealth

Simon says ‘swing to the left; swing to the right’
The middle ground cracks open
The glow of heated light
The smell of melting gold………….
The cold turkey buzzards call

The era of new wealth
The dying of the treasured land
Do you think it is worth it?
Allowing BN to do
Stamp the land we live in

The concrete jungle
The polluted land
Here lies the truth
The greed of Man

Corridors declared open
The evil souls roam
Hanging out signs
“Come to my world”

Monday, February 11, 2008

now wake up and change

Child pornography
Circulation secretly
A MAS pilot was fined A$5,000/-
He got off lightly

MAS should start its internal investigation
A Domestic Inquiry should be convened
To find the root of the problem
It may involve others in its payroll

The Police too must take appropriate action
Catch the man interrogate how he got it
Find out who are involved……..
It is scary young children disappearing

Will the half past 6 government do anything?
Closing one eye let there be no publication?
It is an ashamed on MAS
And the BN government
A black dot in the annals of this sleepy administration

Time to change
The rot has set in
The handouts have begun
The corrupted officials dig in

O people of the nation!
Wake up before it is too late
The country may not be ours
When changes don’t come

The sleeping government
Wasting funds like water
Diseases spread in the heads
The output hardly productive

Now wake up and change
We can’t afford to see children disappear
Into the DVD of child pornography