Tuesday, December 31, 2019

the baskets are empty

The baskets are empty
Waiting for the economy to rise
Up to the sky and multiply
Giving us the hope we need

But the ground is covered with dust
Of race and religion layered over every part
Trying to assimilate with its web to grow
The baskets are empty we can't crow

The U-turns seem the way
It makes the demons smiling happy
The minds are full of easy picking
The bankrupt of ideas to fill the baskets

Arguing on the unnecessary things
The Constitution is the supreme law
No such thing as the social contract
Stop dreaming wake up start the economy

PH leaders the street fighters gone soft
The taste of power befuddle their minds
Don't remember the decades on the streets
Go back listen to “Hotel California”

Go to the ground
Listen with open eyes and minds
Don't let the Old Man fool you
He wants it all for his own race

Wake up turn the pages
The manifesto must ring in your ears
Tomorrow is the time to start cracking
You have 3 years to make it work

don't let poor make sleepless night

Don't let poor
Make a life miserable
Don't put blame
In the family

There is always a reason
Why some born rich and some poor
Some from rich to some to destitute
It is to learn and earn the experiences well

Know too that everyone isn't born equal
Some need to work on it to attain status in life
Others may born into a silver spoon families
Later years they suffer in destitute in living

As the pursue of wants continue
The daily challenges will not stop flowing
There will be ups and downs in life
Along the way don't forget God

Everything He makes and distributes
He isn't going to close his eyes mind
He will reward those who work on it
The fools will get nothing but beggars will gains

So don't let poor
Bring the dreams down
Work on it and believe it
There is always a light shining

the young and the old

The old will say
The different things
They have their times
They have their days

The young will say
They will look at different ways
In fact they will want to change
The way they see the best

One decade to another
There will be changes
Nothing will stay forever
A new generation will break grounds

Along the way
Respect must be shown
The young and the old
They have their times

bring unity not chaos

Perlis mufti
Stop playing politics
If you want to play the game
You better quit and join Pas

You shouldn't say something differently
Don't blame anybody but yourself
As a mufti you should bring unity
But you don't practice in your praying

Racial tension isn't cause by vernacular schools
It is the leaders of bankrupt of ideas who can't live in harmony
They want to inject bad medicine into their arguments
Remember the lake of fire for those who have sinned

Politics isn't your game to play
It is better you stick your skill on your religion
It teaches you to live in harmony and spread goodwill
Not what you are doing now

Monday, December 30, 2019

the underground sewave

The rats in the sewage
So are the cockroaches
They will hide feeding well
Living on the handouts

They can run
Throughout the networks
Nobody will care to look
Until plague hits the news

The food outlets are favourites
The wash out food particles
The unclean drains running along
The Health officers hardly come to look

Even local council officers too
They may walk by on their rounds
But they don't smell the bad odour?
Floating out from the covered drains?

So the rats and cockroaches
They roam through the networks
In the nights they will roam free
Unless the cats keep their watchful vigilante

all time promotions

All time promotions
The traders and malls have to entice
The customers to buy
In the times of economic slow down

The traders and malls
They have to compete with internet e-commerce
They have to price their goods low
As the e-commerce traders have low fixed costs

This is the time
The traders and malls have to realize
They can't mark-up high on their margins
They have to sell by quantities to survive

Else the trading of commerce
The world of e-commerce will win
It makes the e-commerce giants the power houses
Raking in the sales and huge profits

All time promotions
The traders and malls should wake up
Cut down on their high profit margins
indulge in quantities to rake in profits

the street fighters

The street fighters
The silence in vocal codes
They aren't saying as much
They forget how to shout!

Muted in hungry of power
They walk in the corridor
Breathing in their new found fame
The vocal voices keep low!

Now the extremists hit the road
Using religion and race again
The street fighters know it well
During their heydays they fought it

With words and law
With Constitution to deny it
Yet the extremists merely smile
They know the blues will not act

The street fighters must realize
Behind the scenes are the former members
Galloping in the ray of light
Yet they too stay quiet on race and religion

The street fighters in the coalition
Don't let fame burrow into your principles
The people aren't going to stay quiet
They don't want the extremists to play their cards

Look at the green moon
Its leaders claimed its race are the first
They don't learn history at all
It was the Hindus Empires ruled then

Before the Hindus were the original people
They settled here way before the other races
Even the Malacca Empire originally were Hindus
Until its leaders converted to Islam

The street fighters
Don't change your code of arms
You are the voices to defend the nation
So stay on course though in power now

the faith of a religion

The faith of a religion
Let no person flow blindly
The written words to imagine
What it will be like

A religion is a private affair
It isn't to be used as a political weapon
Creating fear and chaos in the mind
Of the followers who forget to use their minds

In the wrong hands
In the wrong political minds
The faith of a religion
A bad name will be painted

The bloodshed and disharmony
Some countries have gone into it
These leaders should sit and ponder
Why it is happening?

Because religion is a private affair
It shouldn't be used as a political weapon
God is loving, kind and compassionate
The bad religious leaders turn it worst

We have it through the centuries
What happened to these leaders?
They were punished; lived in the lake of fire
Crying out loud to be free!

Of course we don't hear
We live in ignorance
We mustn't be blind
It will be our sin to pay

Sunday, December 29, 2019

yesterday has gone

Yesterday has gone
It will not make a return
The time too can't re-bounce
It has spent its day and time

I can only recall or dream of it
There is nothing much I could do
Yesterday came and gone in my mind
I can't cry or feel sad

Yesterday has gone
Leaving the footprints behind
The pages of tales or none at all
I can't remember what I can recall

Yesterday a passing parade
In my mind it has gone
It's only the memories
Of history in the pages

Yesterday has gone
Like the wind of whispers
The sound of footprints
Up in the air with the clouds

smoking ban

Will work?
The officers round
In the beginning walk

Puff away
They addicted really
Legally right to smoke

Still polluted
Distance 10 feet
Smokers will ignore it

Say losses
The hypocrites many
Filling pockets not health

Stop worrying
Nothing to smoke
Taxes can't pay costs

Smokers attitude
Operators are worried
Not health but money

fear is the fall for manyconf

Fear is the fall for many
This is how the scammers work
This is how the extremists will indulge in
Create a fear in the mind the rest is easy

Fear of prison
The guards will treat you unkindly
The inmates may eat you badly
Leaving you trembling in sweat

Even sleep will be affected
When fear keeps smiling all the way
Like a Joker making you laugh or cry
Once you step into prison

When the weakness is established
You will try to pay or hope to get it leniently
The mind forgets to reevaluate the situation
It jumps so fast to conclusion

Fear will play tricks in the mind
The weaker person will be easy target
When you listen stay in full alert
Don't fall for the tricks or intimidation

the change at a slow rate

The singing of sad songs
It hasn't changed to a new
The nation still hears the old record
Playing the kind of songs we dislike

PH must reinvent itself
The leaders must change their outlook
Going to the old system of playing
It will not work at all

This was the reason why
We kicked out Bee Anne
Let the parties bite the dust
We mustn't allow them to come back

But PH leaders have forgotten
The hard battles fought in the past
Once in the shoes of power
They seem to float around

Partly they can hint at the Old Man
The Old work horse hasn't changed
The rate he is going with his way
He may try to run down PH

The old songs must change
It brings no much changes on the ground
We see the double standards rearing its head
This isn't the way to administering our nation

By 2020 we hope the gearing up changes
The last 18 months of PH leave much bad publicity
All because of the Old Man's way of doing things
PH leaders get the act together and run the manifesto

Saturday, December 28, 2019

March, PH

What's wrong?
You can't sing
On the wrong flow

Upright now
No time cry
Change for a better

Causing problems
Going Islamic way
He forgets nation root

Wake up
Listen on ground
Feel the unfairness now

Where to?
Face or ego?
PH leaders wake up

the obstacles in life

The obstacles in life
It is to help the others to fight
Pursuing the aims for higher causes
Don't settle it for less

Along the way
Learn to accept defeat
Live to fight another day
Losing is a game in life

But don't lose your life
It makes no sense living underground
You can't achieve anything but waiting
For a day to reborn start to live?

Learn to accept weaknesses
Learn to accept not everyone is equal
Learn to live with sincerity
Learn to live with a purpose

The obstacles in life
It is a break or traffic jam
It lets you think and reflect
What will be the next road to take

Don't settle for status quo
If every thing doesn't change
There is no progress but setback
That's a dream nobody wants to live through!

the broken dreams fall for many

The broken dreams fall for many
The pieces fall in their brains
They try to get back into shapes
The spirit of fires running low in batteries

The eyes see the dreams floating way
The broken dreams reaching out in pieces
Many have fallen down the hollow pits
Forgotten; names will not be mentioned

The ringing in their minds
Telling them the broken pieces can be mended
It takes courage to see the weaknesses
Learn to accept failures; live to learn to get back

The broken dreams in the broken hopes
The many who give it up live in sorrow
Driving themselves into addiction and pain
Believing there is no hope but a slow death

This isn't the way to live
Dreams are supposed to be unfulfilled
It asks to break-down to look at it
Be realistic and pursue it once again

Friday, December 27, 2019

rule of law

The Old Man
Off his road
He can't dance the cha cha
He has forgotten his notes

He pokes his nose
Other countries interests
He shouldn't have to do
He has no business interests

It is because of Islam
He thinks he has his right to speak up
But the people living there
They are that country problems to contain

Back home he has Zakir Naik
India wants back her man
He refuses to give in
Yet he says he believes in rule of law!

J Low happily runs free
The other country adopts his style
Though he grumbles about it
He forgets he shields Zakir Naik

Anwar shouldn't wait anymore
The Old Man has lost foresight
Age has finally caught up with him
He can't see the bigger picture

In his age he will talk in his religion
He will want to earn his credits before he leaves
This is what old people will try to do
Living in the kampong then the old folks would say to me

bliss in mind

Drive into
Bliss in mind
The tunnel of songs

Rising upwards
The heartbeats flow
The sound of sweetness

Watch movements
The shadows of light
The unity in juices

Dreaming unity
The connection flow
The lust in shadows

Of bodies
Capturing the needs
Spreading out in unity

a small step

A small step
To make it big
Learn it nearby
Aceh came to mind

The syariah laws
Non-Muslims will not be subjected to
Aceh warlords say it clear
In reality Non-Muslims are punished

A small step
Learning khat
Good to learn
But dishonesty hides

The Constitution never says
Learn Jawi is the rule of the nation
It is mastering the Malay language
In its Romanized Malay for all

Learning khat
Let the parents and boards decide
The MOE can't do as it likes
Look at the bigger picture in progression

The nation is Secular
So let her stay that way
Why create all the hues and cries?
Work on the economy for crying out loud!

the veil face

I stare at her eyes
The colour blue
She comes again
The hot woman
Hiding in the cottage
Now she walks out in the open
She's looking for a smoke
Down the slope of the root
There she will stay
But she is hot
She can't live with a man
She has her needs high
She will give it all
The holes on the walk
She isn't a fool
She hides to pretend
She's a hot woman
Once she gives in
She isn't going away
She will want to stay


The news
PM in waiting
The obstacles haunting him

Finding ways
To obstruct route
Finish him off politically

Magnetic pull
A crowd puller
Beware of his Brutus

Of colours
One to choose
Isn't a blind course

Suffer enough
Opportunities are there
Play the cards right

the city of lonely souls

The city of lonely souls
The day of work; the night of free
Yet the lonely souls aren't living
They live let the time ticking by

They say the city life
A hot bed of lusts and desires
Besides opportunities of many kinds
When darkness falls the lonely souls cry

Many will jam in hot spots
Hoping to get laid hoping to get a date
But the chemistry sometimes isn't there
A time goes away a night of nothing

The mama girls; the paid hostesses
They need to get sacked and the cock screws
But the work they do aren't love but lusts
For the money but souls are empty

The city of lonely souls
It is still the same tale
Work opportunities but lonely nights
I left the scenes long long time ago

But a friend says it has changed
There are many hot spots and malls
The landscapes have reformed
But I know it is still the lonely nights

be like Casanova

Hot girls
The men will sweat
Many will stare
With lusts in their minds

Approaching these girls
The men don't have the know
The old tricks can't work
They will sweat when the women say “No!”

Hot girls
Want to be approached
But not with the same old ways
They will not feel wanted

Buy drinks or presents
Saying all the nicest things
It is old school of ways
Learn like the Casanovas

Confident, adventurous, playful
Let these women laugh the path is cleared
Don't think of the hot girls pretty
Think of them like any other women

The men should stay natural
No built in cabinet type of moves
Say what comes naturally
The hot women will like it

The men should be like Casanovas
Never take rejection as a failure
Build it on for the better game
Learn the ways come to play again

Thursday, December 26, 2019

it is best to share

Champion for a race
It leads us nowhere
It only brings us disunited
When the Mother-ship wants
To stay on course for a better day

Champion for a race
These people should learn history
There are many case studies to be learned
How it cause misery, chaos and sadness
The study case of Germany in WW2

it is best to read the scriptures
Study it in total sincerity of its contents
Learn to differentiate the good prophets and the bad
Learn how God will punish the fake prophets
As it has been recorded for our times

Champion for a race
It is the selfishness to feel superior
By the numbers in statistics
As if this is how the control work
Look in China she has her problems too

It is best to share
The wealth of the nation
The cultures, values, friendship and unity
Respect each other faiths; show tolerance in diversity
No need to shout we are the majority!

don't play the double standards

The double standards
The Old Man backs to his self
He is suppose to change
But he gets in his world

He should change his ways
At his age he may not be
Putting him up as interim PM
He forgets to infuse the changes

He attended the Malay Dignity Congress
He let his statement fly as it is
The rest of the attendees went off course
Hitting the Non-Malays

He didn't reprimand them
He allowed it to happen
He forgot we are Malaysians
Everyone has a role to play

Now when the Non-Malay try
To organize their own congress
He sounded he isn't happy with it
It may create chaos” he says

This country is Malaysia
It isn't belonging to a race
It chains all the beautiful colours together
Together we should make her progress and smiling

Don't play the double standards game
It will not benefit the nation
The attitude of a race must change
We are the nation of Malaysia