Wednesday, December 18, 2019

floods in Mersing

Mersing flooded
It isn't nothing new
The roads always get flooded
Mersing Endau road
Jemaluang and Kota Tinggi stretch

Vehicles can't drive through
Unless the drivers are daring to go
If they feel their cars will not get stuck
They can drive along the flooding water
But careful of the exhausts and engines compartments

I did stay in Mersing a few years
I experienced the floods and drought season
Those years ago the government talked of upgrading
But I believe floods and drought still haunt Mersing
Because the natural habitats make way for economy

Floods are the regular feature
The country will not get away with it
Every rainy season the returns of water ghosts
Many souls will be lost in the water
As the calling will lock the minds for a dip

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