Thursday, December 19, 2019

the tales of an alleged liar

The tales of an alleged liar
It will never stop happening
He is cooked in the deep heat
Yet he still keeps saying
It isn't me
I swear I didn't”

The tales of an alleged liar
The light is dimmed
He will not see where he is going
He will walk to his Bamboo River
Where his name is printed on the wall
Welcome to our world
Everything is free
It isn't a lie”

Who will believe him?
Too many tales have been spoken
Now he wants to swear in a mosque
To say he is innocent?
The guilty will go the extra mile
Cook up a story to escape the law
It is so easy to tell the truth

The tales of an alleged liar
He will use every way
To paint his innocence
Even admit his own signature
He will say it is forged
But he spent the millions freely
He didn't say it was wrong

The Bamboo River is calling
Ringing loudly to welcome him
Everything is free
Food and accommodation
But with limited freedom
It isn't paradise but he can write his memoirs
In the walls of his own

So far he can still live free
He can still go out and enjoy life
The laws are still waking up to chase
Of course the light is slowly dimmed

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