Tuesday, December 31, 2019

the baskets are empty

The baskets are empty
Waiting for the economy to rise
Up to the sky and multiply
Giving us the hope we need

But the ground is covered with dust
Of race and religion layered over every part
Trying to assimilate with its web to grow
The baskets are empty we can't crow

The U-turns seem the way
It makes the demons smiling happy
The minds are full of easy picking
The bankrupt of ideas to fill the baskets

Arguing on the unnecessary things
The Constitution is the supreme law
No such thing as the social contract
Stop dreaming wake up start the economy

PH leaders the street fighters gone soft
The taste of power befuddle their minds
Don't remember the decades on the streets
Go back listen to “Hotel California”

Go to the ground
Listen with open eyes and minds
Don't let the Old Man fool you
He wants it all for his own race

Wake up turn the pages
The manifesto must ring in your ears
Tomorrow is the time to start cracking
You have 3 years to make it work

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