Wednesday, December 25, 2019

the nation is trying to recover

The nation is trying to recover
On the economic front in economy
We aren't alone facing the economic slowdown
The world of nations facing it too

Instead of finding ways to improve our economy
We face challenges in a race and religion
It can't bring the nation forward
It will make the nation walk back to time

The previous government honoured the Hatyai Agreement
There is no reason to make noise to celebrate now
Though it was signed and sealed in 1989
The Communist Party laid down their arms and struggles

The nation has diplomatic ties with Communist China
What have the retired police officers harping about?
Communism will not be revived; it has laid dead for decades
Even Communist China has moved into a Capitalist regime

They should instead offer economic ideas
Bring out the nation to be the Asian Tiger
We haven't been there for a long time
Even Vietnam and Myanmar have gone high

Here we still harping on a race and religion
When will these group of people wake up?
Think of the economy and harmony of people
Together we should shoulder and carry our loads

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