Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008 on its final run
The partygoers gearing up to wave goodbye
People in the homes, shopping malls, open fields
Night clubs, dancing halls, cheering it on
When the clock strikes at midnight
The roaring cry colorful lights in the sky

The history of 2008
I say it was the political maturity
Of the people willing to start a new
Clipped the ruling elites
Let the opposition has a chance to rule
Before the big one in 4 years time

The end of 2008
The financial turmoil in most countries
Feeling the heat and need of bailout
The government acted quickly to stall the collapse

Tomorrow it is 2009
A bad start with economic hiccups
People worry about jobs and security
The New Year will not bring much cheer

When the party is over
The reality will sink
The drunkards try to forget
About the diminishing returns


The 6 boxes
Pushing around
Of corrupted ministers
Of corrupted officials

Nobody dares to disclose
The hard facts to the people
Knowing the law of OSA
It will be hard to find the truth

The politicians both side of the line
They argue they push yet they know
Under OSA nobody must disclose
So the 6 boxes will be mentioned
When election comes around

The 6 boxes
Wait till the voters’ decide
Change the government; change the law
The truth will then be free


The party goers
Gearing up to bang the night
The last day of the year
On midnight

In malls and open spaces
They come to party the night
Worrying of tomorrow
It is the least on their minds

Others organize discreet party
By invitations by money
The intimacy of the night
Let tomorrow delaying tonight

The party goers
Tipsy and drunk
Drugs and booze
Loud music and cries
Of the crazy people
Jumping high
They want to be actors
Heading into the web

The police issue warning
Behave or face arrest
The party goers
You think they listen
When the party ignites the night


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By WHERE.IS.THE.... on Flickr

The ghosts on the railway tracks
Many died by accidents or tragedies
Some by suicides the sadness of life
The souls roam on the railway lines

They call you
Whispering with the breeze
Enticing the good life
Over the wall

You feel the wind
Caressing with its cold air
You shiver imaging the time
Of lost souls crying to be free

The time for the light
It isn’t time as yet
The tragedy of life
Waiting to flow
Yet it will be a long time

When you imagine hard
You will hear the whispering cry
Of their lives living in parts
On the railway lines


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By blythemaniaco on Flickr

No life in the dark
The musky smell the silence echo
The house empty
Windows broken shard of glasses everywhere

The drug addicts use it
Fix it and disappear
The filth of leaving
No life in the dark

Owners never return
Forget about homes
Leaving it empty
Crying in the late night

Of ghosts living
Of lights floating around
Eyes playing tricks
So say the non-believers

Dust and empty crib
Displaying in the house
Nothing to tell
Only nights the soft whispering
Some say it is a child crying
Others say don’t walk in
It is a different world


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By slough59 on Flickr

When you have nobody to talk
Invalid and blind
Lying on the bed whole day long
It is hard really to survive

Craving of human voices
Even friends and neighbors
It brings an echo of living
Lying down don’t know
Light and dark of time

Maid helps
Chores of the house
Living alone feeling the betrayal
Life is hard so is living

In the room waiting
Dreams have all gone
Days and nights
Screaming silently
As it slowly ticking away

Counting of good Samaritans
Sharing voices reading books
Living as normal as one could
Knowing it isn’t the truth

Blind and invalid
Dreams all gone
In the darkness all the time
Waiting for the call
It is a long way off


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By David Sleep on Flickr

When you are down
Of money of health
Friends just disappear
Relatives may not arrive

The doors bell doesn’t ring
Children reluctantly arrive
You see they have own families
There isn’t time to share

Count your spouse
The maid will arrive
Family rich problem done
The teary eyes
When ill health comes a calling

When you are poor
Death seems the logical way
Going to hospital cost money
What choices you have?

Good Samaritans
You don’t find them many
Take care when you have the strength
Eat healthy food life will be a breeze

Medications win-lose situation
It is still about profit milking the people dry
Good and bad cells will destroy
It takes a long time to heal

So know what you are doing
Don’t blame others when it happens
It is still boil down to food intake
Lack of exercise lazy in life


dark/light by Nubiana.

The light and dark
The time expresses itself
On the horizon on the sky
Let you see where paradise is

The dark clusters together
Hiding the sorrows and tears
Let nobody sees the eventuality
Of sins and brutalities

Forgive and forget
Let life moving in peace
If humans can’t live harmoniously
It is the end of our kind
On Mother Earth

The greed and power
The corruption and cronyism
Forgetting God is the end of us
Nothing can save our kind
It is Our Lord He decides

Listen to the viruses
Whispering and infecting lines
We will fall when we don’t heed advice
Written in religious texts
For mankind to understand

Yet there is still hope
The light in the darkness
Don’t forget to remember
Why you are born

It is to inherit paradise
Learning the rope make it right
Else suffer in agony
There is no help in the end
God gives God decides


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By adracaza on Flickr

The Rat wants to sue
When he retires from his roost
Filing names of politicians
He thinks he wants to amend

Let hear it in court
The perception we hear about
Let the arguments and documentations
Flowing like water to see the wrongs

Every person has a right
Every party too in this light
It may take years to argue
The voters want to know too

Let the marbles ring on the floor
The rolling spin for people to see
What lies in it for the people?
I hope there will bd answers to it all

Let the can of worms
Giggling out to see the performance
The play of dark and light
See what the court can decide

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


a scene in malim nawar perak

The cement plant
Again in Perak
This time it will be
Malim Nawar
Under Kampar district

This $600 million plant project
The residents in Malim Nawar protest
Signing petitions against it
The Pakatan Rakyat government must take heed

The dust pollution we hear plenty
In Tasek Cement in Ipoh
The officials giving reasons
It isn’t helping the the Ipoh residents

The plant in Malim Nawar
The company official said it is the lastest technology
Emitting less dust and pollution
Yet the people there aren’t buying it

The areas can be affected
Elephant Stone, Gopeng, Jeram and Kampar
This isn’t good for the peoples’ health
Perak has enough cement plants
The government better think twice
The voters put you there not to get sick
They want the politicians govern properly
Don’t follow BN way of doing things

Don’t give the reason of employment
The health and well being of the people is a must
Site the project elsewhere
Where population density is negligible


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By ~~Mandana~~ on Flickr

As the year comes to end
Sit and think what you have done
A meaningful life
A satisfied life
Just hopeless living by
365 days spending it
Sometimes we let go
We never know why

The 12 months moved swiftly
Some doing the mundane things
Every day every time
Feeling no sense of urgency
As if life will continue

Others wishing
“Give me more time”
Working days and nights
Losing contacts don’t know why

It seems money and power
It could be the time
One may not say it
It is the action speaking loud and clear
This is what life could be about

Yet it isn’t
The 12 months of the year
What balance sheet you have done?
When you think about it
You will find the answer already

It isn’t all works satisfied
The 12 months to learn and experience
As you move along with it
Know the road well

Earn credits
It will help you
When the day arrives
You will not be left alone
You have learned it well


The last day of the year
A group of people will organize
No panties party in Johore
You pay $250 get into the gear

Now it is said
They need guys to complete
The last day of the year
No panties party so they say

Police and religious officials
They aren’t amused by it all
Now they will go to catch them
On the last day of the year

No panties party in Johore
The young adults will go
Forgetting about advice
You can do it on the quiet side

Many women participating
They organizers trying to capture
The guys to come on board
Before 2008 ends

The police and religious officials
Scouting where to find
The no panties party in Johore
Just don’t go there
There are other ways to celebrate
The end of the season


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By mofo on Flickr

The ungrateful lot
Turning around to tell
Problems of a race
Marginalized in decades

Yet these ungrateful race
They thought they could demand
Pushing its own agendas
Wanting to taste the cake

For over 51 years
They can’t get
Now giving them a chance
They want to climb high

Patience breeds tolerance
Gifts of the nature and administration
It isn’t happening within a year
It takes planning to execute

Patience brings hope
Along the way grievances can be solved
Without telling others about demands
In coalition it isn’t one partner
It involves many others

The ungrateful lot
They don’t understand
They will be in the wilderness
For they don’t understand patience
They will stand no where
In the land of plenty


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The city lights
It never fails to attract
The people for a good time
Pockets must be full
Else you aren’t arrived

Nothing is cheap
Every thing has a price
Listen to the revving cars
Beauty and beast roaring away
The city lights

The nights never die
It sucks you dry
Emptying what you earned
On the drinking hole

The tipsy people
Lean walking talking nonsense
The city lights
Somewhere you find
The sins of the mind
It never leaves
It evolves into your life

The city lights
The nights never die
Bright neon lights
The insects flocking
The burning hole
There you find
The drunkards
Forgetting about time

Monday, December 29, 2008


War and peace
The world leaders just talk
Giving way to establish goodwill
It can’t be had
Simply of power; simply of greed

The fire engulfs souls
Burning hot screaming out loud
Outside the perimeter the leaders talk
Nothing concrete delaying tactics

War and peace
The leaders can’ agree
The way of preaching
Simply of power; simply of greed

The body paint
Dark red broken dreams
Scattered ripples the ground swims
Of crying shame
Simply of power; simply of greed

The peacemakers protest
No war just peace
Yet the leaders push aside
Simply of power; simply of greed


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Affairs of the hearts
The poetic way to describe
It is of the mind telling why
The music and the broken lies

When broken affairs begin
The virus attacks the brain
Leaving the dreams
Denying reality of the game

The flow of streams
The water clogged debris sink
Choking the affairs knowing it is gone
Only the ripples dancing in the eyes

The mind sings of dreams
Whispering soft verses trying to win
When affairs have gone with the wind
Don’t waste time trying to catch it

Love must be free
Flowing the breezy way
Let it finds its destiny
The way it is meant to be


penang botanical garden

The pensioners walk
Sometimes driving
Into the park for breeze
The solitude being alone for free

No distractions no objections
The pensioners walk
Breathing the free spirits
Enjoying peaceful surrounding
Listening to the chirping of birds

The evening sun
Slowly dim its golden beam
The cool breeze blowing
Rustling leaves some falling away

The pensioners walk
Thinking of times gone away
Regrets no use crying
It can’t bring back the time
It has passed them by

The dreams some disappear
Others wasted on getting rich schemes
Allowing greed to corrupt the mind
Eventually lost saving and the warm nest

The pensioners walk
Breathing in the fresh cool air
Amongst the crowd of young and old
The sea of faces living it through

Don’t let events take you away
Don’t wait for it to happen
Plan your warm nest as aging goes by
Else it is a crying shame
Letting the time goes
Without setting targets to live in


Falling in love
It is the easy flowing
Everything seems floating
The world seems to evolve
Just the two of you

Every gesture a golden light
Sparkling bright eager to fly
Falling in love
It seems it is alright

Listening to the whispers
It soothes the ears
The smile the bright eyes
Falling in love
The world is you

People say you don’t listen
You have no time to think
The world circles around you
Falling in love
You feel you can reach the stars and moon


In the market hawkers’ stalls
Weekend business brings joy
The sound of money
Doing brisk business

The big crowds gathering
Ordering own likes
Singles, couples and families
Standing around patiently waiting

The stray dogs and cats
Dirty floor tiles cleanliness a let down
Yet people come to fill their stomachs
For the food and drinks

The lizards too hanging on the walls
Looking out for insects to lick as food
Plenty to find on the walls
With lights insects flying in
The lizards dance with it

One over-active lizard falls
12 feet down on a warm bowl of drink
Hit the sack jumping out quickly
It seems injury free

Nobody notices
Eyes on the food and drinks
The stray dogs and cats sniffing food
On the dirty tiles scooping it up
Life for them is just to survive
With crumbs as least they fill in

So you see
The good food and drinks
Cheaply sold easy on the pockets
Turn blind eyes on the dirty tiles
Forget about the strays
It is part of the living
The scenes of life


This is the Loft at ZOUK KL.

Too much beer wine and brandy
It intoxicates the mind and body
When it hits you in your system
You can’t drive; you are totally knocked down

You don’t know what you say
The speech pattern rearranges
You can’t see straight
You can’t walk in harmony

When the effects hit home
The tipsy mood turning into vomiting spree
The body systems quickly reject the intruders
Letting them know this isn’t their business

Too much beer wine and brandy
The chemical induces the body systems break
In time it will brand its way
The bad soldiers come to stay

In hospital many tubes
Living it through the dreams shattered
The life seems to walk away
Regret now it maybe too late

The broken systems can repair
It will not be the same any more
Change the habits now
At least you can feel the beat of life


The high rise buildings
Clustered homes parking noises
Whispering voices uplifting lifts
Carrying the dwellers
Boxing them in

When the lights go out
The shouting and screams
They forget about darkness
They have to live through with it

For a few seconds
They seem eternity
Warm air flowing
Darkness adjusts dimly
Yet the trapped dwellers
Impatience to get free

Easy life going up
The consequences they forget
When you are trapped in the box car
Press the alarm bell and wait

Panic is a tool of defeat
The whole body system breaks down
Cold sweat appearing as if life going away
It only takes a slow breathing process
To get the right anecdote into life

The teaching of life
Only when one is trapped
Else nothing seems right
Rushing in running out
Eyes looking down
Avoiding contact quickly disappear

Stay a moment
Look at them in the eyes
Tired, body crying for rest, mind eager to get away
The lift car stops
They quickly exit
Open doors into comfort of the homes
It is true in the end?


The Christmas tree
Standing tall in the eye
Colorful lights presents underneath
The thoughts of family members
Clustered under the twinkling lights

It isn’t the value
It isn’t the presents
It is the thought
Going out to search for it
This is what Christmas doing
Walking the extra mile
Just somebody feel recognize

The Christmas tree
The symbol of charity
Of giving and receiving
The symbol of caring
Of one’s pursuits

Watch the colorful lights
Mesmerizing the eyes
Letting you dream for a while
Imagining the gifts
The thought comes with it

The Christmas tree
Bringing cheers and joy
Presents in the bags
Of the thought coming with it


Imagine the rain
Why it falls on certain days?
It tells something isn’t it?
The way humans behave

The 3Ps in our minds
Power projects and prosperity
We live and breathe into it
We don’t care to think of the consequences
Of what Earth will be in the end?

It is now
The game of 3Ps engulf
The mind and soul into one
Where is paradise my friend?

The rain of angels tears
They have failed their tasks
They give us leeway
Yet we haven’t come around

When death stalks at the doors
We think it isn’t fair at all
Angels living forever
They don’t taste death
Humans do to get the experience

The rain of angels tears
Flowing from the sky of heavenly paradise
Cleansing our sins telling us beware
Repent to see paradise
It is in our minds and hands

Imagine the rain
The angels cry
For our stupidity
Never once listening
The rainfall sending us messages
“Live the right approach
It is around us to see”

Sunday, December 28, 2008


The land of bliss
God make it for His people
The paradise on Earth
The living testimony of His plans

Yet the people forget
They go out destroying Earth paradise
The power in our hands
We turn it all into deaths

We destroy our environment
We pollute our lives
We make it miserable for others
When we act as God like

The land of bliss
She is dying slowly
The ancient has foretold
Millions years ago

The stages of our lives
The moulds God change it every time
He hasn’t found His true image
So we will fall in our greed

Look we could be perfect creation
The stages God has gone through
Every design He is pleased
Yet in our freedom we forget
The land of bliss
In our times


The power and death
The innocent suffer in silence
Gone are the days
Of peace and tranquility
When you are born into the hot spots
Of religious rivalry

The wolves’ control
The state of power
Unleashing it
The death on the ground

Where is peace?
Where is the tolerance?
What happen to hands of friendship?
It dies in the eye of power
On the ground death takes
Is this the way to go?

Brewing hot smoke
The wings of death fly
Into the homes and ground
The power and death

They don’t give peace
They don’t know its meaning
For them it is power and death
The innocent die


The long dark shadow
As the light casting its beam
Softly reaching out to the darkness
It isn’t easy as it spreads its wings

The shaft of golden light
Parading for all to see
Clear images even in dark corners
Yet people still turning blind
They don’t see dark shadows
Peeping and waiting for the opportunity
The carelessness of people

The night screams
The running feet
The crying in the dark shadows
The life of broken dreams

People only look
Pretending nothing happens
Even good Samaritans shy away
The victims can sue them
Of bodily injuries or traumas

In the dark alleys
People walk in groups
Afraid of what may happen
You are all alone

The long dark shadow
Stretching far ahead
Looking in you realize
It isn’t your cup of tea
Walking alone
In the dim dark alley


The poor in our backyard
Najib doesn’t want to help
Going all his way to establish
Helping others than Malaysians

The simple rule in life
Charity begins at home
He has forgotten
He thinks he is good in international relations

The poor back home
Living under the bridges
Roofing holes one meal a day
Lonely and group of poor families
Irrespective of race
Many in the country

And Najib wants to help others
He doesn’t want to help Malaysians
Maybe he feels Malaysia is rich
The people will be well fed and happy

This type of leader
We don’t need to run the country
Charity must begin at home
We must help our own people
Before we think of other countries

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Pakatan Rakyat bumpy rides
Each partner trying to say something else
Party leaders diverging views and statements
Guys better you get your act together

March 8 the voters cast
They gave you the mandate to trial
Show us the values you bring
For our votes you will desperately need

Party principles better strike a balance
Marching into the next level isn’t easy at all
Only 9 months into your partnership
The leaders have sung a different tune

Party members want to sue
The intimidating statements it seems to say
Giving ultimatum for a retraction
I guess BN will clap hands

Pakatan Rakyat leaders
On the wagon of March 8
Why the leaders can’t learn?
The case study of BN

Personal interests and glory
Wanting face issuing ultimatums
Ah our votes seem to be wasted
Guess what? You think you will be around
Next GE when we cast our votes


The melody of life
Passing through every time
Wake up in the morning
Going down at night

You listen to the whisper
Telling tales of many nights
The morning chirping of black and white
It never fails to wake you up

The sound of every day life
Live it through without regrets
Take it as it comes with open arms
As the day progresses
Tomorrow you don’t know what it will be like

The melody of life
Listen to the crying light
Sparkling bright or darkness dwells
Going down at night


Around the alleys
The poor souls begging and prostituting
Asking for money
Life is hard faces telling it so

In Bangkok and Vietnam
In India and Laos
Girls and women parade
Finding hard to live every day

In KL city
The discreet dilemma
The way they hide
Living up the needs of life
Every country there are tales to tell

Around the alleys
The dark spins its tales
The easy money or the hardship
Choices in life sometimes it never has


Many heads and dreams
In the meeting room it seems
Pulling it all together
It isn’t easy to do

Arguments and dislikes
Self interests and protected informants
Back stabbing willing to sacrifice
Of personal pursuits of glory

The partnership runs in deep water
Party interests into second gear
Glory of self wanting to be in front
Glorious clapping personal members want

Race base interests let it rest
It shouldn’t be used as a yardstick to progress
It is the collective party interests to the fore
Yet they are leaders centered on race pursuits

So it is matter these leaders go
They shouldn’t be in the multi-racial group
It will be quite a while before one understands
Living in shadow now knowing the light

Many heads and dreams
Gel together for a common interest
Don’t forget we are in multi-racial country
Racial interests shouldn’t come into play


A new day will begin
It will not be a cherry day
The journey will be bumpy
As one gets it on the road

The economic situation begs
The government to head it straight
Don’t paint a rosy picture
Every one knows it will be bad

Jobs are closing
People are worried in their sleep
Of unemployed of basic needs
The future will stare back

Yet the government is taxing
On the petrol price charging to the people
The excess fund the government never tells
What it wants to do with it?

The mega sales reaping profits
People go out to spend
The emotional trap trying to release
Maybe they want to forget

The harsh truth will knock on our doors
We can’t hide we must take the challenges
For sorrow there will be surprises
It is the way of economy

Friday, December 26, 2008


You can lie
You can have your way
You get your cake
The losers cry somewhere

The speed of a lie
It makes you believe
Once you are in
You get it hooked
Promises of a good life
It is just a ploy
It leaves you with a sour taste

You can lie
Many times in your life
When you finally run out of option
You are miserably alone

You ask for help
You ask God too
The sound is dead
Nobody knows you

So what is the point?
Doing it now you suffer in pain
The agony of life tormenting your mind
Your body weak your eyes see
The mind remember what you did
Ages ago without repent

You can lie
The road to hell
You know it
When you are in misery

Go carry the light
It makes the focus clearer in life
Do what you can with it
Else when the dark angel arrives
You have no credit to give
You will live a miserable time


When you lie through your life
Every time you want to get your way
Believing it is your right
Telling lies and cheating games

The world seems moving along
You get your songs dancing on the floor
You feel great; you feel you get your dues
It makes you the artificial gains you cherish

As years carrying on
As the light changes to darkness
Suddenly you find you are cornered
It is a one way street to nowhere

You want to amend the years
You find you are hooked to no return
Every step is walking to doom
Now you realize you make your own enemy

The doors close behind you
Locked you in forever you can’t get away
Tears falling years of fooling around
Now it is payback time
God isn’t giving you the key
You walk into the depth of darkness
It is time you owned up to your sins

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The season of giving
It will hard for most people
When the economic setbacks reeling in
About 5,000 people will lose jobs
When New Year rings its presence

The world economy is in bad shape
Bailouts become the fashion
The governments pumping in money
To keep the giants afloat with liquidity

Malaysia sailing aimlessly
Still believing the country economic is strong
The politic of race keeps rearing its head
Hudud law appears in pages of newspapers
When the people aren’t ready to welcome it
PAS should talk less of its plan
When in a partnership, it must talk as one voice
Don’t get overboard when you see the virtual chair
It isn’t there yet

Now MCA and UMNO will go for the hunting
Telling all and sundry on the buy election
PAS has made a wrong choice of statement
Forgetting it is in partnership with DAP and PKR

The people aren’t ready
For the hudud law to implement
Explain it in detail to the masses
Go get the consensus

The season of giving
It will be hard to come by
The hardship is facing us
Soon the New Year spells
Yet the politicians talk
About big capacity cars and hudud laws
And harvesting the wealth of the country
Through corporate entities


IJN the spins begin
Begging the corporate entity
Forgetting social responsibility
Talking about allocation
The government can budget it
After all it is for the people
The taxes pay can cover the services

Why need to sell?
Sime Darby wants the cake
The corporate knows what it can get
So promises begin to entice
It is best leave IJN alone
It is for the people
It isn’t built for corporate entity to take over

The spin of hunters
The sweet talking never ends
Privatization isn’t the best policy
It takes the people for rides

IJN stays for the people
It is the services provided for all
You are rich you are poor
IJN stands for them

Sime Darby so interested
Go and build your own hospital
Gearing it up to corporate objectives
Just leave IJN alone for the people


The writings of RPK
Facts or fiction he spins his tales
Read it with open mind
For stories dare to haunt the elites

He writes on his easy way
Letting others think about it
He has his legions of fans
Believing what he writes

He dares to challenge
This is something most of us afraid to do
He stands up when others may fall
He makes his way believing it is his rights

He goes to jail
He goes under ISA
Whatever the authorities say
He comes out fighting his battles again

For he is the man
Malaysia needs to challenge the administration
Though sometimes he may carry overboard
A little fantasy to spice up his tales

Yet here is a man
RPK stands his ground
No matter what the government intends to do
He sticks his neck out and fights with it

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When love turns sour
When it becomes a hate
When it becomes a murdering intent
So why fall in love?

Love makes you glow
You make many promises
So you can have your way
When you find someone who shares
The way you want it; the way she wants it
So love will flow like the breeze

When distrust rears its ugly overtures
Love becomes a darkness of hell
Craving for it waiting for the kill
Love has become a fall out of grace

So did the story of this Indian man
His girlfriend of 45 years poured petrol on him
He was caught unaware in the bathroom
Light the fire he was engulfed in flames

He screamed of burning pain
He saw his life gone into flames
The naked skin broke into pieces
The Indian man died a horrible death
He was only 32 years old

The Indian woman disappeared
Police said it is a murder case
When love turned sour
Death stalks the mind
So why fall in love?

When you can’t handle a relationship
Don’t go in just to meet the crowd
It is better to stay as a single person
Carefree with occasional loneliness
It is then to commit murder


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By FlickrGrl42 on Flickr
Don’t shade tears of sorrow
In this world we live and die
You have to enjoy the moment
You are born to do it anyway

Don’t try to run away
The life will not abandon you
You carry there with it
The good and bad of your life

Don’t shade tears of sorrow
When it is time to go
Pack it in and wave goodbye
For the journey is just begun

Heavens every one dreaming
Focus on the journey does the right thing
Be kind to every soul you meet
Say ‘hello’ and a smile
The world become so simple

So don’t shade tears of sorrow
You have learned mistakes gained experiences
On the next journey you will bring along
It helps to know you have history


Time of be kind
The jingle bells ring
Across continents
Signaling the end of the year

I hear Santa Claus
Giving out gifts to the needy
Every one too chips in
For a cause to help the poor
The orphans and homeless

The smile of the receivers
It brings so much hope in time of needs
For these people too are parts of tomorrow
They can become someone to carry the torch
Into the darkness of lives

The wind blowing
The cold air breezing through
Life is still full of hope
Though I see many hardships
Knocking at our doors


The sound of laughter
I hear it on the radio
The DJs spins tales
Talking sometimes can’t pinpoint
The events coming our way

PAS brings up hudud laws
It is the old spinning record
People aren’t ready for it
The Muslims and Non-Muslims

Every time there is a by-election
PAS will issue its public statement
Politicians always trying to fish votes
When the party ruled Terengganu once
PAS never implemented……………..

There is nothing wrong
The hudud law in the country
It is only needed to explain
Covering all the segments

DAP and PKR partners with PAS
In the last manifesto nothing about hudud law
PAS is again trying to say its principle
Its original plan embedded in its party

UMNO will use it
Telling the voters
What PAS is doing
It is just a political ploy

Monday, December 22, 2008


Politicians, children, police and Sultan
Democracy art of expression
Of winners and losers
In any situation

You play your game
When the whistle blows
Running here and there
The opponents attack
The field marshal stares
Recording fouls and illegal tackles

When the rules change
When referee turns blind eyes
The game becomes ugly
The beautiful game becomes a fighting dream

Going out by tricks
Rough handling petty risks
Yet the referee staying blind
The game runs players get bruises

Every one has a right to say
Every one has a legitimate right to argue
Why the referee turning blind?
It is a game kicking ball
Somebody doesn’t like it
So the bad tackles and bruises

Politicians arrange organize
NGOs and interested parties lending support
Children want to experience adventures
Visiting states they never go before
For a cause they believe it is their rights too

Police ordered roadblocks and arrests
Giving silly excuses protecting children
And Sultan said children shouldn’t get involved
Why he didn’t say in the beginning only he is on holiday?

Let it be fair
They don’t rob causing nuisance
Yet the police can’t stand it
The beautiful game becomes ugly
The adventures become a history of unfairness
The children will learn quickly
There are laws yet it isn’t equal
When the enforcement is done


Missing children
Missing adults
It is going on in Malaysia

Parents tell your children
Don’t go out with strangers
Be there when you let them play
Focus on the children as they run
Don’t blink and look away
Talking to friends and neighbors

It takes just a minute
The children will be gone
By the time you realize
The tears flow blaming your-self

Adults too
Walking with eyes open
Know your environment
So you recognize shifting posts

Even stopping by car
On the roads and highways
You must stay alert
Lock all doors

The modern slavery
It has come to stay
The lucrative businesses
The syndicates doing

The collision of agencies
Look around in the country
Illegal people so easy to come in
Passport flowing in the breeze

The lack of enforcements
Where crimes will increase
It doesn’t need a PHD
You read it on the streets

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Don’t live excessively
The rule of thumb nourishes in the young
Live within the means yet don’t over doing it
Life has rules and its implications

Imagine a family
Living in a bungalow of 20 rooms
Telling all and sundry
To me it is showing wealth
They earned it seems logical reply
When tragedy strikes by nature
Who come to help?

The hundreds and few thousands a month people
Battling with nature scouting for lives trapped in the debris
Hands dirty sometimes own lives at stake
Lifting stones and mud inch by inch
Searching for survivals living on the posh hill

The displaced people living in the town halls or long houses
It isn’t for them; they think 5 star hotels suit them
Don’t they know they are part of the nature tragedy?
Asking for compensation they should answer themselves

Life is simple
We shouldn’t make it worst at all
Nature helping us to glow
Clean air and water; natural shade and playground
We better don’t destroy it
It is then our own stupidity


The sad faces
The long distress
Moving amongst the dwellers
Of the hillside properties

The end year distress
It isn’t God made to happen
It is man made disaster
And the greedy people flocking into it

The lords on the hills
Anything nearby will tempt positions
It is nature which shows no mercy
No class no position no color
Living with nature has rules

No short cut to bliss
No easy way out to live
On the hills down its valley
Once you forget its rules
Nature will take its toll

The sad faces
The long conversation
Amongst the folks and nearby residents
Only don’t forget nature
Hills and mountains life sustaining haven
Of shades and filtrations flow
Humans shouldn’t test their fate
For lives can just disappear


1,000 homes declared unsafe
The tragedy of the hill
Bearing good view and misty clouds
Now the unsmiling faces

What does it say?
Play with nature
This is what you got
Don’t cry of the tragedy
It is our own doing

Sadness flow
This is much one could go
Unless we learn our lesson
In the future else history will keep repeating

Don’t spend your money
On hillside projects
If anything happens
Don’t feel sorrow and sad


Don’t live below the hills
You never know what will happen
What nature will do?
As you sleep through

When greedy developers arrive
Marketing new lease of life
People fooled by the superiority view
Parted money parted lives

The digging of lost souls
Into it where lives will be gone
The developers never engineered it well
Stabilization is hard to tell

When soil erosion erupts
Under water meanders through
In years nature hiccup
Too many noises polluted water flow

The angry sound
The mud slides; the rocks tumble; the trees fall
You hear the humans’ cries
Does it worth the trouble knowing the pitfall?
In the beginning it is hard to tell
Good view staying above others
It must bring prosperity

The retaining walls
How strong it is to withstand nature call?
When the natural detours are cut off
We make our troubles
When profit and greed gel together
It isn’t a good sign forgetting nature
The hills for our protection and rehabilitation

Saturday, December 20, 2008


History is a story
Of events of battles fought
Of people lived of people lost
Only the winners told
What part they played

It is always the winner’s tale
Of how the battles and events fought
Painted sorrows and tears of the suffering
Until redemption came to spread good cheers

Battles were fought
On different opinion and ideology
Of power to protect its own
Of the oppressed unwilling to let go
Of the rights each believes is legal
Until blood spilled pounding on the ground

On that moment
History is told
Of the good and bad decision
Protecting rights fought amongst themselves
Brewing each own ideology
Never wanted to compromise
Of deception and unwilling to accept
That winner took all

History for what it is worth
Learn it don’t repeat again
For the sorrows and tears
When life is lost


The blanks in your mind
You see nothing; you don’t feel a thing
As a baby you don’t know what to do
You let your cries do the talking

As the clouds changing
As the sun beams golden light
The mind develops into an institution
You know what lie ahead
What you need to do

Read and write
A mind of its own
You strum your strings
You let out your own melodies
This is your own
You finally have arrived

The world opening up to you
As you walk, fly by aero-plane, on train
On motorized vehicles, on seas
You want to make a name
On the planet once you thought you were small

As the mind unlock the secrets
You never want to sit alone
You want the action and the glory
You forget the reason you were born

The inheritor of road to paradise
On Earth you learn the lessons
Acquire the knowledge and experience
Know the sins and wages what death is

So when you are small
You can give excuses
When you have grown
You don’t have the liberty
You must seek the truth
Everyday every moment
Until death is………….


Now the elites want in-depth study
On the Sime Darby wooing IJN
The famous flip-flopping decision
It never runs away

Earlier the BN government agrees
Sime can buy IJN without proper study
The PM and DPM agreed to its proposals
Sweet coating statements until people protests
Finally the BN government quickly turned around
‘We have to study
The proposal of Sime is put on hold
Until further notice’

There is nothing new
In BN government tactics
The by election in Terengganu
It will spell the doom for UMNO
And its coalition partners
For forgetting its obligations
To the people

The BN partners forget
The people wishes and mandate
March 8 GE never learned as yet
It is the road to failure
Now or in the next GE


chee seng garden, tanjung bunga/batu ferrighi, penang

The hillside tragedies
The rolling stones and mud slides
Tumbling trees and bushes
Pulling houses, barricades and souls

When nature hit the road
Human greed takes the fall
There is no second chance to retrieve
Only memories hanging on the wall

The running furiously
The yelling of lost souls
Amongst the debris of mud and water
Stones and rubbles tag along

The darkness of the hour
The escapees stand and ponder
It is worth the money for hillside properties?
When you don’t know what will fall

The hillside tragedies
The government red tape
Report can’t be seen
Why the hiding minister?

Afraid to get the blame
Afraid to answer to the families
Afraid to answer to the owners
Afraid of the unknown

The hillside tragedies
It isn’t over in the country
It is waiting to happen again
People who stay up there
You have been warned
So take your life seriously

Friday, December 19, 2008


Where are the frogs?
They seem no where to be found
The pond is empty
The color dark and murky

Where are the frogs?
Where the desserts?
The frogs just disappear
When million stars sparkle
Over the new pond

Where are the promises?
It isn’t coming to light
The pond turns dark
The pollution sinks into it

Where are the frogs?
Lake Cini is dying
The lake can’t filter it any more
Don’t you know what to do?

Where are the frogs?
They have gone; they have gone
Into the realm of right and wrong
And I wait here
Looking the polluted pond


The cheap treatment no more
When corporations want a share
Profits motive not social responsibility
It isn’t in its vocabulary

No matter what the companies say
The charter write up doesn’t mean a thing
It is human motive to enrich in whatever means possible
In a business there is no such thing as charity

The cheap treatment no more
Unless it is inked in contracts
By the corporate entity to satisfy its promises
Otherwise it is just talking to satisfy
The political mileage to bewitch the minds

How many times the public takes the hikes?
Contracts under OSA everything to ride
The cheap treatment before the corporate entity takes it
Let it rolling for awhile

Then the changes will kick in
Giving excuses as the public will know in time
It is business; it isn’t charity
It is time the people change the system
It is no use listening to all that craps

The cheap treatment will be history
By then don’t cry with protests
You voted for the present dilemma
So learn the lesson well


The masked man
He walked with purpose
I don’t know him
And I never will

Yet his crusade
Clowning to make it free
ISA vigils
Let the law goes away

The vigils may lose him
The trademark will not disappear
Like Zorro fighting for the oppressed
A new one will appear

The masked man
He played his part
Fighting injustices
Let freedom flow

Now I pray
Let his soul rest in peace
May Allah welcome him home
And we continue to light our candles
Let freedom flow

We salute you Muhamad Syukree Hussain
For bringing a difference in the vigils
Though I never meet you then
It is good to know we are part of the scenes


The courtship and promises
The starry nights and champagne
The sweet melodies the warm caresses
Under the moonlit starry nights

Lovers glow eyes full of hope
Today tomorrow ringing true
Promises bewitching the mind
Only the cake to taste

When it is conquered
Under the pretenses of promises
When the cake is eaten feeling satisfied
The world of lovers turning dark
As the clock ticking away

Sime wooing IJN
Under many promises to the people
No increase of rates
The government sings the familiar tune

When the inking contract
When the cake is finally cut and digested
The crying baby will throw tantrums
Of the needs to satisfying profit

Privatization projects
We have seen the drawbacks
Costs keeping piling up
Nagging the peoples’ minds

Sime will follow
Where profit motives the game
The government I am afraid
Never learn the past mistakes

Like lovers on the glow
When lies rear its head
Quarrels and tantrums
Finally the tearful goodbye

The people will take a ride
Into their pockets for voting in the wrong government
Every time there is an election
Now they better be wiser of promises
In the next 3 years we will hear
‘We need to survive to increase costs’
Then we know the lovers quarrel


The government still sleeping
Every statement issued tell a different story
The recession has hit our shores
The government shouldn’t spin lies

The numbers will jump
People will face the sorrow
When the music stops spinning
The silence on the tables

The government telling the people
10,000 jobs available in Johore
Then the jobless over the causeway
It is expected 300,000 to lose jobs

In my area I heard
Over 100 people returned from Singapore
Now they are desperately looking for jobs
It will be hard to find

In management view
There is always money to be made
Jobs can be found in certain sectors
Just like in a war jobs in different category

The $7 billion stimulus package
It doesn’t help the situation in 2009
It is more I see helping own cronies
Then actually assisting the people
And the country’s economy

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sime wants IJN
Knowing the economic of wealth
Eyes opening wide
Listening ears knowing tills
The flow of wealth in the mountain

MoF thinking on its line
Helping the unfortunate a social obligation
Of the BN government using taxpayers’ money
Now there is a corporate entity
Willing to buy to propel it high

The BN should know by now
Privatization doesn’t work
It costs a bomb to the people
Look at IWk,TNB, Telekom
And certain agencies testing and operations
It is milking the people
On one hand saying to reduce costs
Then it spends heavily on others

Sime wants the pie
The company knows what lies beneath
The potential wealth in the making
Not only locals but tourism related health services
Bringing the profit into its coffer

The government should resist
Any attempt to privatize
The people already know the unpublished contracts
By the highway contractors lopsided against the people
This is one contract every one wants too
They get millions any way one looks at it

Learn the mistakes
Don’t fall for the trap again
The previous administration had its blunders
Current leaders forget to learn
Still following the footsteps
Close one eye

Change must arrive
Bite the bullet initiates it
In the future people benefit
Do it now before one regrets


lake cini, pahang

The dirty brown color
On the lake the boys row
The long boat cruising along
Never understand the pollution
Slowly killing the lake

The children eyes
Innocent in the blue sky
Sparkling cheer beautiful smile
On the lake the muddy water cries

Fishes by now gone
Dead with poison rippling the lake
Even the animals dare not take
The breathless view once a talk of town

Now the effects of greed
The corruption lies beneath
The lake aimlessly flows
No direction lifeless dwells

Yet the young children
They don’t know what they see
Rowing the long boat
Feeling good with the breeze


There are many kind souls out there
Even in time of economic crisis
They are people willing to donate
For a charitable causes helping someone in need

This is the gesture of human values
They don’t forget the destitute and the poor
Helping others in time of need
These people will be bless many times over

So when the dark clouds hovering along
It isn’t the end of the road
Out there people will light candles
To sing a good cheer of salvation
Of those who need it
For those who will reach out
In their pursuit of living peacefully

Not many are bless with richness
In today’s world to live happily
Others have to suffer in silence
Only the good Samaritans come to help
Telling others of the common cause
Charity never goes out of tune

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The kingdom has clowns
And jokers to play the games
Throughout the history of human civilizations
We haven’t learned in our changing landscapes

Once the police said to protect the reporter
Putting her under ISA for her own good
Telling to the media and the listening ears
How protective the police have her welfare

Now with Jerit
The police don’t want the teenagers to be exploited
For the adults for cycling around the country
Promoting what is wrong in our administrations
And the draconian laws passed by our MPs

The coach and hand on teachings
It shouldn’t be offended the laws
Only the myopic leaders feeling the heat
Giving order to arrest and intimidate Jerit

Now we read Selangor CPO silly excuses
So no children should cycle to schools
With badges and uniforms advertising
It is an offence under the law

Hiding facts under the carpet
Giving half truths will not help the nation
With the financial economic fallout rippling in
It is best to tell the truth

Our men in blue
They have lost the plot
In the honor of their badges and uniforms
Oh yeah they should be put in jail shouldn’t they?


Lake Cini
Crying out in distress
Orange and dark color flow
She doesn’t shine any more

The inept supervision
Sitting in air-conditioned offices
Taking long tea breaks
Shopping in complexes
Saying it is working

Lake Cini cries
In the beginning the authorities ignore
Approving projects around her vicinity
Raping her until she loses consciousness
Yet the government says business as usual

Now the dying breath
Strumming her silent appeal
The authorities finally wake up
Clamoring for funds to rehabilitate
Lake Cini

The government doesn’t prosecute
The loggers and miners destroying Lake Cini
Why is that so when they rape her repeatedly?
Asking taxpayers’ money of $4 million
And let go the logging and mining companies

Laki Cini
Strumming her distress signals
In years she helps to popularize the state
Now she needs help
Hopefully it isn’t too late


Many don’t believe
God is everywhere
In the beginning; in the end
It is faith stringing all in

It is a question
One shouldn’t twist around
Just believe every creation
Somebody makes and controls it
It isn’t just happened

The non-believers
Putting up obstacles to ridicule
Every strength and breath
It is cosmic energy the Big Bang Theory

God is everywhere
Letting His creations speak
Open our minds and eyes
Travel beyond into dreams
See the light
Beautifully crafted sparkling bright
It isn’t just happened
It is the willed of God

Through the Epoch of humans generations
Crafted and changed through million years
One race destroyed others come to take over
Study the skulls of the millions years
So much difference to our present generation

If it isn’t God
Then who makes the changes?
God makes His way
The way He wants it done

Tuesday, December 16, 2008



It has been narrated that the Prophet said: charity is not about giving away what you don’t need but what you treasure. And I leave it to you to decide if you want to give away what you don’t need or what you treasure in the spirit of the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

NO HOLDS BARREDRaja Petra Kamarudin

Last night, I had dinner with some friends at the Italian restaurant in Centerpoint. When it came time to pay the bill the three of us fought for the honour. We almost became un-friends because of the ‘argument’ as to who should be allowed to pay for dinner. But when we summoned the headwaiter over, he shook his head and informed us that the bill had already been settled. And he pointed to a smiling family sitting inside the restaurant.It is ever so often that I never get to pay for my meals. And I am not even taking into consideration the free meals the Malaysian government serves me in the Sungai Buloh Prison and the Kamunting Detention Centre. Total strangers just pick up my bills and after splurging myself silly I walk out of the place with my money still intact in my pocket. And many a time my hosts end up being guests of these strangers as well.I have to admit that it is most touching and sometimes I find it difficult to smile. It is hard to appear cheerful when one is holding back the emotion of happiness to the point of tears. I suspect many a well-meaning stranger probably went away with the impression that I am not really that friendly after all, seeing that I appeared unhappy at their kind gesture. I certainly cannot cry in public. This will destroy the macho image that I am trying to portray. But even men cry when touched in the heart and I have so many times been touched in the heart by people who I have never met and who hug me and want to belanja me a meal.I thank you, all you Malaysians who walked up to me to shake my hands, asked for my autograph, requested my permission to take a photograph with me, and much more. I know it is not me per se that you idolise -- because I certainly do not want to be idolised (it is un-Islamic to say the least) -- but that you feel you are contributing to the cause of making this a better Malaysia. And that is all that I am seeking, not to be put on a pedestal and hero-worshipped.But, today, I am going to ask you to support me on a personal mission, which I am adopting as my latest cause.There are many out there who have contributed to the cause of making this a better Malaysia. Many are faceless and nameless Malaysians who work quietly and aggressively behind the scenes in the effort to bring changes to Malaysia. One such family is, today, in need of help themselves.This particular family is now going through their own crisis. Nevertheless, in spite of their predicament, they are still very much in the thick and thin of the struggle. But health problems, and financial problems brought on by their medical predicament, have brought hard times upon them. And it is time that fellow Malaysians rally to their side and assist in any small way that we can to help this family out of their predicament.The mother of this family has been diagnosed with third-level cancer of the colon and rectum while, simultaneously, the father of the family has suffered a severe heart attack. But they do not have the financial means to seek proper medical treatment and we all know how much this can cost in this country. The total medical cost will be in excess of RM100,000 and, even then, the doctors do not guarantee anything because their cases are quite advanced and the doctors can only hope for the best and leave the rest to prayer.The family borrowed heavily from friends and relatives for the mother’s operation in September 2008 (around the time I was detained under the Internal Security Act) and now she is surviving with a colostomy bag. But she is not out of the woods yet. She still has cancer. And over the next six months until April 2009 she will have to undergo 12 sessions of chemotherapy followed by five sessions of radiotherapy. The total cost will come to RM86,000.00.The father of the house, who suffered the heart attack, has undergone an angiogram because, at that point of time, his heart was still very weak and the doctors felt he would not be strong enough to survive surgery. Furthermore, he needed about RM30,000.00 for the Angioplasty, Stent, bye-pass, etc., and he did not have the money for it.In total, the family will need RM116,000.00 for their medical costs and there is no way they can manage this on their own. I appeal, therefore, to all Malaysians to come forward and help this activist family who did so much and worked very hard these last couple of years to contribute to a better Malaysia. They have done their bit for this country. It is now time we did our bit for them.I am not asking you to break the bank or to go into debt. Do what you can within your means. The amount you give is not the issue. It is the thought that counts. Just give what you can afford and no need to do more than that. Let it be the cost of a glass of beer or a packet of cigarettes or whatever. So drink one glass less this week or smoke one packet less -- it may be good for you anyway -- and send the money to the family instead.To Muslims, I have this to say. It has been narrated that the Prophet said: charity is not about giving away what you don’t need but what you treasure. And I leave it to you to decide if you want to give away what you don’t need or what you treasure in the spirit of the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Maybe the ‘no pain, no gain’ slogan most aptly describes what the Prophet meant. So, can we, as Muslims, ‘give till it hurts’?Muslims have just celebrated the Festival of the Sacrifice (Hari Raya Korban) while the Christians will soon be celebrating Christmas. When better than now to live the spirit of Korban and Christmas in the real sense of the word? Let us demonstrate what stuff Malaysians are made of by raising this money in the soonest possible time. I shall later publish copies of the bank statement to show the amount of money that has come in plus copies of the hospital bills to show how the money was spent. It shall all be transparent and above board.To those who desire to contribute to this cause of mine, the bank account of their son, KEVIN A/L MICHAL JOSEPH, is 1124-4704-3083 (Maybank).

Dear YM Raja Petra,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you and all the readers of MT are giving to me and my family. This has really given us some hope that we may actually be able to meet the bills at hand and give our parents the medical treatment they need. I trully cannot tell you how happy and relieved we all feel.
From reading the comments I realised that some of the readers have problems sending money from overseas. The following are the details they will need:
Account No: 1124-4704-3083 (Maybank)
Swift code: MBBEMYKL
SELANGORTel No: +603-83189744