Tuesday, May 31, 2011

facing the sea

By opel17
Gurney Drive overlooking sea

The ripples on the sea
Spreading its circles hitting the muddy soil
The lashes touching the wall
The glimpse of the night

Listening to its call
The whispering echo
“Ah you are back!
For many years out of the scene”

The eyes look into the dim light sea
Nature hasn't changed her colors
The twists and turns of her ripples
Calmly returning to her senses

Absently the stroking fingers
On the wall of concrete lingers
The beauty of nature capture the mind
There lies the footprints in memory

Facing the sea
Walking slowly living the moments
When will be the time of return?
It's hard to say leaving the scene

care free night at gurney drive

night view@ gurney drive

The muddy soil
The concrete stones
Of wall of concrete
The dirty water flowing

Out into the sea
The eyes glimpse only to forget
The dark cracks for the cockroaches
Other night insects to explore

The muddy soil
The concrete slab thrown into it
An eye sore walking on the pavement
Who really cares being there for so long?

The possessive lovers
Dangling legs leaving the slippers
They know nobody will steal it
As they stare into the dark sea

The artist sits on his canvas stool
With battery operated lights
He is driving his business
Self portraits within 20 minutes

The graceful strokes of his pencil
The outline takes shape so quickly
A crowd gathered to watch his artistic skill
The shape of portraits emerge on art paper

The street of cars and motorbikes
Lining up to parade on the road
The parking attendants busy issuing tickets
A good business at night

The young bicycle Rempits
Weaving in and out of traffic jams
They don't feel fear in their strikes
They seem to rule the road on their bicycles

The day passes at Gurney Drive
The echoes of the past lingering in the mind
Years ago walking freely on the pavement
Every stop hawker stalls greeted the eyes

the island the beats of life

By capney
Sunset over Penang Island

The Island of Penang
The Queen Bee pearly smile
The beach, the complexes and entertainment
Food and drinks many to salivate in the mind

The mainland the foot soldiers
The back lane of the Queen Bee
When the Queen Bee whispers
They run to get her honey

It's the class divide
The value of attachment
On the island the beats of life
On the mainland the night of solitude

The island of jamming vehicles
Even for hours during festive seasons
The human nature need sadistic tendency
Hoping to smell the air of Queen Bee hiccup

The locals on both side
The perception of superiority
The perception of the crown and steps
Here lies the class divide

queensbay mall

Queensbay Mall
Missed the turn
Drove right through
Went to the roundabout

There wasn't a traffic jam
Thinking that it could
This time took the right turn
Parking spaces a question

Parked at Eastin Hotel
Walked under the hot sun
A short distance to Queensbay Mall
Looked at the sea

Apartments blocks
And expensive homes
In Penang Island this is it
The scarcity of land

Inside the Mall
The cool air flowing
For a change
At least didn't have to sweat

At this time
There weren't many crowd
On a Saturday afternoon
Walking into it

the gloves and the rings

BW - Boxing Ring

The political punching bags
On the swing each try to outwit each other
The gloves and the rings
They play the game

They want the membership list
How many members they can recruit?
When the day to day affairs needing fine tuning
No wonder the little napoleons have a good time

The many tea breaks away from stations
All kinds of meeting for the officers
The welfare of the people and country
Too many directions to serve the common people

Public funding wastage
The leakages run into billions
The political leaders have no time
They just want to prop themselves upwards

You think they go down to the fields
They wait for reports from advisers
The long winding road to get it done
In the end the people suffer

You think they learn?
They will forget after a while
They will try to increase members
They look good when they talk

Monday, May 30, 2011

the tariff rate jumped

Now the people know
Are they still swallowing the honey coated promises?
Voting for Bee Anne
The people have to suffer

Sarawakians what say you now?
You gave the mandate to get whacked
You don't learn your lessons
We hope the mainland will learn it well

The tariff rate jumped by 7%
Most households and companies will pay
The cost of goods will increase
And the take home pay will decrease

The different terms for different grants
It is the creative massaging accounts
It hooks the public without regret
Come next General Election will we learn at all?

The public pay
Proton and Perodua getting grants
IPP allegedly enjoying the billions
Do we still want Bee Anne?

We have to change
The way we look into our future
We can't let this happen to us
We must be bold to effect our rights

they frog don't they?



The political greedy members
Frogging from pool to pool
They want to get the bite
Else they frog again

It's all about wealth
They go where the smell is
Once they feel they can't get it on
They leave the party join another

There they sing
The party can give them something
Once they were there they got nothing
Now they rejoined hope to get into the wagons

The political greedy members
They aren't there for the future and country
It is self gratification for themselves
Else they frog all over again!

like a tourist

Gurney Plaza

Plaza Gurney
Walked in to see
From the leisurely walking
Now the cool air-conditioned ambience

It was a reprieve from the hot sun
Window shopping at the many outlets
There weren't many shoppers around
Maybe it was on a weekday......

Spent hours windows browsing
Looking for inspiration on decorations
Ideas to keep in view for later renovations
Then popped in to the food court stalls

The economic rice stall
The price didn't eat into your pocket
Vegetables weren't overcooked
Serving was quick not on a weekend

As it is with all complexes
You see one you seem to see it all
You want to look for something different
It has to be somewhere else...

Popped in to Winter Tea Summer
Ordered drinks, latte and sandwiches
Admired the flowery cups and saucers
Captured some in camera..

Drove down to Penang Road
Popped to Chowrasta stalls
Walked under the shade of corridor
Walked in to the Pots

The Penang Road cendol stalls
Nothing has changed through the years
Ordered 2 bowls though the price increased
The last was $1.20 now $2.20 a bowl

The traffic jam
Got worst now then before
When I was living here
It was quite manageable

Now the island
For visits explore some
The different type of food and drinks
The old Penang she has gone

why the error in MyKad?

Mykad jumping queue
In the wallets or handbags
Feeling safe without using it
Once it is used the broken record

Is it anything new?
We heard of collapsed buildings
We heard of complaints on national cars
Yet have the ruling elites changed the rules?

A main newspapers reported
Over 1 million Mykad holders
They reported of faulty chips
Cards rejected when in used

Banks, Immigration, Road transport
EPF, Plus and among others.......
MyKad have failed its test
Not to mentioned the useless plastic..

Will it cost the public to pay?
When they go and renew it all over again?
We know we will have to foot the bill
For the faults of linked to political patronage

dont run without plan

The public relations work
The pro-newspapers flow
There lies the spin
Sometimes to feel good

The opposition members
Some rejoined to the former parties
Citing as usual poor leadership
Never taking care of members

Once they were
Under the ruling Bee Anne
What had they got instead?
They left now they returned

The leaders would say
The good feel factors
They forget what will happen
The trust has all gone

The country is moving
Beyond race base parties
These get rich get what they want
They will roll where there is gold

Though they should know
What glitters aren't gold
It is deception painting flow
The gold ashes just paint of snow

Sunday, May 29, 2011

gurney food stalls

gurney night stalls

The Gurney Drive food stalls
It is still on the familiar spot
Though the arrangement had changed
Now it is organized

The stalls are divided..........
If you want to eat Malay food
Walk a short distance away
Carrying it on self service

The cost of food and drinks
It is at the same level
Where you eat out in KL city
So you don't expect any differences

The only drawback when it rains
The stalls will lose business for the day
The night will be warm and humid
When there is no breezy wind

Smell the aroma
Of the years back to the scene
There are more stalls around
My favorite stall had gone

The Gurney food stalls
Feel the night of food and drinks
Feel the memories of long ago...
One of the old places still hanging there

night at gurney drive

Gurney Drive at night

The night at Gurney Drive
The low tide from the sea
The long queue of cars
Bumper to bumper rides

Every car parking space
By night fall there isn't any
Only park at hotels or side lanes
Else drive on out of Gurney Drive

The car parking attendants
Every hardworking to issue tickets
The collection of earning income
Maybe they get commission

On the pavement
The local tourists walk
The display of cheap toys and handicrafts
An artist drawing self portraits

The young lovers easily spotted
Sitting on the dim light concrete bench
With hand-phones between them
Where is the direct communication?

The age of modern lovers
It's the gadgets doing the talking
The world can move on
The lovers just let it flow

It isn't about lovers
It's more on food and drinks
And walking aimlessly
Let the time sing its melody

And the soft whisper of the waves
Touching the concrete walls
Now it is much cleaner
“You think we don't change?”

gurney drive

Walking along Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive
Along the pavement
Watching the crawling cars
Cruising stopping cruising along

The warm wind blowing
The ripples on the sea water
Low tide in the day
As the sun biting the road

Many cars parking
Early in the day
The rows of stalls and restaurants
The food and drinks aren't cheap

This is a tourist belt
The business people want to milk it high
In the morning the crowd in parts of the outlets
Starbucks and Coffee beans too

Gurney Plaza
The food court selling many types of food
Prices are quite reasonable
I am surprise to find out

It has been years
I am out of the scene
The years I lived there
I was quite out of place

Gurney Drive
High rise apartments and hotels
The landscape has totally changed
On the street

whose small dog?

Whose small dog?
The expensive one running away
Sniffing its way to the garbage tong
Barking as it runs along

The cars moving slowly
I see the little puppy runs
Ears raising high happily on the road
Whose small dog?

It runs along the car
The day of its freedom
The tail hanging high
The eyes of glory

Whose small dog?
On the loose on the road
Running along to the garbage tong
With freedom in its eyes

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the shadows will be around

Hole to The Darkness

The evening light
Glowing timidly in shadows
Within a short interval
The darkness spread its wings

The long and short shadows
The images of many forms
What hide in there?
It's hard to really know

The shadows move
Along the dim light too
Bigger becomes smaller
Until it all just barely visible

The hungry breezes touches
The swaying leaves some broken waving along
It holds the moment of falling grace
It's time to go; don't spin tales of sorrow

When mistakes have been done
Don't cry and try to think all over
Learn that in life make the next one better
The shadows will be around you can't hide

they are just the lazy dogs barking all day

Barking Dog

Barking Dog

The irritants in our lives
They want us to suffer without causes
They want us to feel the inferior complex
Be like them forever complaining

The irritants want us to believe
How life is hard on them
They have to work hard they say
They are just the lazy dogs barking all day

Working hard for their money
They will not go that far
They just want to take all of it
The hypocrites they surely are

The irritants in our lives
They come in any shapes and sizes
They just want to take it all
Nothing for the hardworking ones

We have seen so many
In politics and in every day life
Don't expect these parasites to learn
They will cry pushing them to work

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

scholarship and PSD

Scholarships and PSD
The trials of each applicant
At the mercy of the officers
Giving them scholarships

By merit on examination results
The string of distinctions held no attention
The officers will ignore directives
They give according to their own assessment

The political outcry
The little napoleons couldn't care less
They still dished out ignoring directives
The taxpayers monies wrongly funded

PSD never published the names
Of those successful applicants
Silence here isn't golden
There is no transparency

These little napoleons
They must be disciplined or sacked
Even the DG too must be held accountable
The DG shouldn't plead with excuses

There are many stories
Of the brainest applicants unsuccessful applications
Resulting in bad feeling and double standards
For years it had been dragging on...

Now it's time to come hard on these officers
They can't play the game as they used to do
Enough of tolerance now for change
Else ship them out clean the PSD

forget about dowry


Dowry for a marriage
The old custom still rampant in India
The social modern 'slavery' for a price
A man to get married to a woman

The price must be sweet
For the man's family demanded it
The daughter in law's family must pay
Dowry for a marriage

The sad story never ends
In the remote parts of India
Women commit suicides
Force to or not lives lost

As a consequence the social stigma
Of married lives of the women
The dowry makes them weary
Living in the shadow of darkness

Forget about dowry
Let the lovers enjoy their lives together
If you think you can afford it
There is no compulsion

Now the court in India
Meted out punishment for the man's families
They have to serve jail terms and pay compensation
For the misery and pain

the political clown

The political clown
The political court jester
In the black knight's court
Everything can happen

When dark moon rising
The wind will hold still
Breathing will be a curse
For the dark night

The branding on the trees
The ownership taken by force
Every farmer has no legal rights
So the political clown boasts

The root of evil
It rears in the little mind
Brewing and creating illusions
The grandeur in its schemes

The political clown
The political court jester
Every knight in the black round table
They can't do a thing

So the story goes
The political clown has his way
The political master claps his hands
So he shall be!

the colors of unity

By ahmusic01 @ photobucket

The colors in the sky
You may think it is only white and blue
Sometimes cloudy intermittent white
Nature telling us to watch and learn

You can have different values
The perception always run the opposite
The allowance for knocking it off....
It is that choice in circle of the whole

Each of us diverting views
Amongst the circle we float in
On the whole the moving circle
We share the common destiny

The colors of unity
The way Nature showing us the way
If only we open our eyes and minds
It's there to clinch our destiny

they create colors in our minds

They want us to be stupid
They give us the big words
Rationalization to ease the burden
The costs born by the people

Maybe we were stupid
Voting Bee Anne to run us down
Democracy for the people
It's only the elites strangling us

When they got our votes
They don't think about us
They create colors in our minds
We are busy trying to come out clever

It is our own folly
We always forget our history
For over 5 decades living
We forget the misery and pain

Now we shouldn't be gullible
We must vote for change
It's enough in the long nights
We shouldn't be pawns

the gullible people

White Tissue Paper

The gullible people
They don't ever learn
They will feed us stories
The world we live

They will be the folders
Turning the pages of their lives
It isn't about uneducated people
It's the mind games we live

The gullible people
They will fall head over toes
They will never know
They will think of the grandeur

The first to reach the gate
While others seem to wait and see
Oh yeah the gullible people
They will see the emptiness over

The gullible people
The young and old will fall
It isn't about uneducated people
It's the mind games we live

the moments only God will know

black and white sun set

God decide the time and day
For when God will change planet Earth
It had taken God 1 week to make
You think God will just throw it away?

Go read the scriptures
God had said what to do with Earth
And the people living in her bounty
Even Jesus didn't know the time and day

Here we hear of self appointed preachers
Proclaiming the Doomsday to collect money
People shouldn't fall for the con jobs
The wolves in sheep clothing remember?

The last prophet, Muhammad, came and gone
He left behind the Holy Book
Preaching the people to read and follow
Know and understand it...

The messages wrote in the Holy Books
Just read the scriptures feel the moments
You don't have to listen to other self styled preachers
They just want your money to live in luxuries

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the political rats

The political rats
They whisper; they run; they hide
Away from the public cats
Ever watchful eyes searching for the cheats

In the dark shadow of pillars
The corridors give them shelter to plunder
The boxes of cheese in the locked storage rooms
They whisper, they run; they hide

The stage of opera shows
The actors and actresses flow
The drama unfolding of stories
Of Bukit Merah once with toxic waste

Now in Gebeng it crosses
The childish political prince rat thundered
He never reads history of the toxic waste
It will make the State in darkness

The political rats
They whisper; they run; they hide
Dig up the gold of golden cheese
Run to jet plane flying away

Leaving the marks
Of toxic waste for people living behind
They will suffer the agony of pain
Their lives will be forever changed!

one track road

one track mind

The politicians
They live in better homes
Those who made the list
In decades pursuing political lives

The cat and mouse games
Bringing up issues tweet to a race
The hollowness of the tunnel
It's only darkness

You think they care?
They want the gravy cauldron
Cool fresh vibrant beats
The glow the villagers only dream

The urban poor
The struggling villagers
They listen and hope
The politicians exploit

The good old politicians
They have all gone today
The gentlemen of that era
They only made history

Now we hear
The one track road
Where is Malaysia?
She is left far behind!

the cats game

The grey cat and the white kitten
Crawling slowly hiding under the car's chassis
Quietly without making any noise
The hot sun ray hitting the roof of the car

It is their tricks of their lives
Sneaking into the garden uprooting pearl grass
When the occupants aren't in the house
The cats will have a snoozing time

The gate doors open
The cats see it quickly run away
Across the street to another unoccupied house
Waiting for another opportunity

The cats know it isn't their home
They just want to make a mess out of it
Poo and urine and uprooting ground grass
The trade marks that they have sneaked in

you make your own success

When you fail
It doesn't mean the end

Even string of distinctions
It doesn't guarantee success

Life in the economic world
Every one has to make on its own

It's here the hard knocks
The bullies and lambs

You must transform into a lion
To earn the stripe of your journey

You have to fight harder
When you don't have a complete education

It doesn't mean you are a failure
It only means you have fight like a lion

You can dream all day long
Yet you must remember to roar

Let it be known you are around
Silence will bring you down to the darkest depth

So when you fail
By YUNGUS @photobucket

You mustn't run away!

age of not knowing

little kitten

little kitten

The little kitten
On the center of the walk
Huddled alone closing its eyes
Born barely 2 weeks ago

It could be thrown there
In somebody's home or back lane
Maybe somebody sent it to the food stalls
Believing it could get some food to survive

It still needs feeding milk
The poor kitten will die within days
It can't feed by itself
Its life will be unkind and harsh

Maybe it was born
Amongst the boxes of the hawkers' stalls
Hiding underneath drains
Now sitting alone waiting

Life is hard
For animals and humans too
If you can't be responsible
Don't ever make one!

believe me give chance a start

Cost of living

Cost of living

Cost of living
We better be prepared
The bar will be raised
All the indications weaving through

The major cost cutting measures
The government forget to do
It is through the men on the street
They will face the brunt of rising costs

Now the disposal income
It erodes in your eyes
You will feel the pinch living everyday
You can curse and rant all day long

Do you sit down and think why?
You forget to act on change
The opportunity was there
You didn't take the plunge

You still have a second chance
Now you must prepare to take it down
You can't be wearing the same old brand
You have to change for a better living!

check the surrounding

Buried alive!
It isn't the way to die
Walk into a building
Check the surrounding

Take the efforts
A short walk feel the presence
It is always made a difference
The little concerned around you

Even in public buildings
Even checking into hotels
Check the premises
Walk the steps

No doubt you think
“What a waste of time!”
When there is a fire
Your mind will know where to run

You must remember
The panic triggers the mind shutdown
It is only the consciousness of knowing
You were there walking the steps!

So check the surrounding
Walk the extra steps to feel the new
The buildings, the hill slopes and valleys
You will make the difference for yourself

Monday, May 23, 2011

16 candles burning

16 candles burning
Lives got lost in a tragedy
The young lives before they could fly
They were snuffed out in landslides

Buried in mud of death
The day light turned into darkness
The air that we breathe for granted
They were slowly extinguished in their lives

16 candles burning
The lost souls buried in landslides
The sadness and tears never forgot
Of parents, relatives, friends and rescuers

Before the bodies are prayed
The authority said something else
The authority never wanted to take responsibility
Of lack of enforcement to ring in the culprits

16 candles burning
Too many incidents on landslides
Will the authority wake up?
Or it's just tomorrow they forget?

16 candles burning
Lives got lost in a tragedy
The sadness and tears never forgot
Tomorrow it is history

Sunday, May 22, 2011

bite the bullet

The old gentlemen politics
It has gone; it has gone
We can only recall their sacrifices
The rule of law; separation of powers

The divide and rule came
The race and religion came to play
The sacrifices of the golden ages
They came to naught today

The history of our times
We have lost touched of the olden years
We forgot to recognize harmony
On religion and living in diversity

The majority shouldn't forget
The others who make up the nation
It doesn't mean you have the absolute rights
History will tell you the story

The stage of our nation
She cries of our greed of power
It corrupts absolutely on the elites
They can't see beyond the golden colors

We can't go for transformation
We must go for the change
It has to be this way to steer our nation
Bite the bullet let change begin

the old rags must change

The tragedies of landslides
So many had died in man made disasters
Cutting corners forget the lines of Nature
Cutting down with bulldozers

Clearing lands exposing it to the harsh weather
The hot wind keep blowing along the barren land
The desire of profits forget to plant trees to sustain
The tragedies of landslides and sinkholes man made equation

Yesterday another landslide and human lives lost
Building near to hill slopes knowing the danger poses
The owners live and believe they are secured........
The danger they face they ignore

Now again we hear
We will see the building plans
The same old merry go round tactics
In a month back to old squares

We have to change the government
Too fat and lazy to walk around....
Giving instructions no follow ups
The little napoleons having a good time

One day in a week
Drive to sloppy hills to check
The engineers and other qualified personnel
Log on it take quick solutions...

But the old rags
Unwilling to sweat in the humid sun
They rather sit in office long tea breaks
Sometimes long meetings

We can't use the dirty rags
It has run its functions long ago
Now it's time to change
For the future of our nation

you make your own happiness

You make your own happiness
In this world; in the world of your own
You decide where you want to go
The light and dark in your mind you take

You plot it in your dreams
You desire the journey
You make the arrangements
You learn through with life

When life fail you
You don't put a blame
You should pick it up
Walk tall try again

When you make your own happiness
You can follow somebody's successes
You should beware of pitfalls behind shadows
When life fail you, you don't put a blame

Saturday, May 21, 2011

every one has dreams

Every one has dreams
When they were young
When they grew up
The way they hope it will arrive

Along the way
The factors come into play
The young are free
The old facing every drilling

The family hardships
The family reluctant to help
The family wishes you try your own
Live through the mill so they say

Along the way love hit the road
You get clobbered in sweet coated words
When it is hot, you forget what you want
You dig in hoping it will never end

When setbacks hit the sack
You are drawn back feeling sad
Every dream you forget......
You cry for cupid the angels never smile

When job market squeezes in
You find hard to even dream about tomorrow
You have to be practical to salvage what you got
Knock out the skeletons start a new page

Every one has dreams
You shouldn't give up
Just let the candles burning
It is just a test of your faith

the stage in the mind

The stage in the mind
The collision of greed and wants
The shadow players of the war lord
They craft skills to manipulate

The letters machines
Back in the backroom
Punching keys of words
Carrying the evil play

A clown to get it going
The short legged bull dog
Barking for all to hear
“You think you can get away?”

The people pass by
Ignoring the incessantly barking
Some throw stones at the bull dog
“Like that you want to bark?”

The evil flowing into lives
The crafted spins meandering harmless
Until it gets hold of the inner circle
The red light shines on the dark hill

The stage in the mind
The little rats running and hiding
The cat watches with eyes weary
For they are just robotic animals

you still have a choice

The sun, the moon
The stars and whispering wind
You hear it often; you see it too
In your mind you try to know

Beginning of life
There is Nature
The abundance of glow
Life in the Garden

Everything bloom
The eyes see it all
The mind rejoices
Until the temptation

One bite all it takes
The Garden suddenly disappears
On the ground the light and dark
You have a choice pick one

The wrong choices
The flow of a life
God send prophets
The words in the Holy Books

Again there is a choice
The temptation of history
It comes to play
Ever since that mistake!

As long as you do good
Earning credits to cross the line
Believe in what you think is right
You still have a choice pick one