Friday, October 31, 2014

the night never sleep

The night never sleep
It stays open and free
The lonely hearts will cry
They say it isn't fair

The drumbeats of the heart
The loneliness crops up dark
Once it is lost it would be
The hardest time to pass away

Beer, wine and whisky
The drowning of sorrow
The night never sleep
It stays open and free

The behaviour patterns
Sometimes the bad habits
It comes to spoil the night
It is why the night stays alone

The night never sleep
It stays open and free
The lonely people try to stay sober
The smell of regret beating out in pain

the monkeys want to be free

The peanuts on the plate
The monkeys will take
They can't complain
Better than go hungry

But the gold they miss
The glitter flow in their eyes
The minds will dream of it
The missing bridge to the mine

Once the monkeys
Ruling the jungle of the streets
Hopping from tree to tree
House to house feeling free

Until they are tricked
Into the cage of peanuts on the plate
There the monkeys are caged
Lost its freedom and the joy

Now occasionally the monkey dance
On the fortune tellers game of looking into the future
With cards they pick for the gullible people who seek
The fortunes they wish to lay their hands

But the monkeys want to be free
Until now peanuts on the plate
They can't complain
Better than go hungry

no bad way

The Taliban way
It has come to hook
The conservative leaders
Of faith of many grades

A religion is a private affair
It shouldn't be controlled by religious men
Brewing out religious rules as law
God never appoint them

The prophets came and gone
Leaving behind the legacy to the world
The last prophet blessed his soul
He gave the final book and he was gone

Now we see and watch
The ugly head of Taliban way
Pushing the moderate people to a corner
Telling them to go blindly

History has recorded
The cruel ways of a religion
Forcing people with fear and divide
In the end the empire collapse

Religion is a private affair
Between men and God
God will decide what men have done
When the time comes to return home

the homeless

The homeless in the city
Every day they walk the streets
Begging or looking for alms
In the hot weather and sheeting rain

The homeless by choice
Living on the streets
Giving up of their lives
Livng in the derelict conditions

The homeless by economics
Poor decisions lost everything
Living on the streets
Hungry for a better life seems lost

The homeless by force
A syndicate controlled
Begging and living on alms
The charitable people donate

Life of a homeless
It is the lowest down the chain
The uncertainty to the future
The streets will be their playground

Thursday, October 30, 2014

life is hard

You walk away in the cool night
You take your shadow with you
You don't want to stay behind
You say “ life is hard”

The neon lights on the building
The shining bulbs wish to say
So long friend till we meet again
In the night when I am open for you”

The cool breezes sing
In your ears whispering nothing
You walk on the road
Thinking of the night you leave behind

On the bench you see
An old homeless man sleeps
With street lights casting orange glow
You wonder “ life is hard”

Then you hear the revving machines
The loud noises roaring on the street
The bad boys on motorbikes stop by
Hey man! Where is the road to Paradise?”

You look at the inquirer
You better don't go there
Once you go in you will lose
Life will be hard”

Nay you are sorry
Maybe something happened to you
We are going to Paradise
We smell it in our lives”

So go by all means
Don't say I don't warn you
Don't go to Paradise
It isn't what you smell”

You walk away
Humming a tune to yourself
Fools they are
Life is hard”

don't wait for ebola to start changing

Sodomy 2
The butt for the nation
As if sodomy 1 wasn't enough
A sequel has to be directed

The high profile murder case
The police and AG never pursue
Atlantuya still haunting the nation
C4 in 2006 yet the police officers walked free

Teoh Beng Hock case
The highest court returned the verdict
Back to the police to investigate the case
The dragging feet to find who are the murderers

Then there is the serial killer or killers
17 people died with throats slashed
The murder cases police still can't find who did it
For months now there are still no clues...

The Sedition probes
The pro-government critics walked free
The opponents or critics get the whip
It is on selective persecution

The last to me
The corrupted officials
Macc keep hounding them
But the white sharks enjoying lives at sea

The nation land of plenty
What has gone wrong with our authorities?
It is a sign of falling from grace
Twister in Pendang tornado in Pandarmaran

The nation of many colours
One black trying to fool the mix
It should look in “man in the mirror”
We shouldn't wait for Ebola to start changing!

the school bus operators

The school bus operators
The circle of who will carry the charge
The increase cost of transport charges
The parents are anxiously waiting for it

The SPAD has washed off its hand
It doesn't want to get involved with the pricing charge
The school bus operators have to work it out
The increasing cost hammering in to the business

The players stay mute for a while
What is the price to charge for transport?
This issue lingering for a while
Afraid to get the brickbats from the parents

The school bus operators
Now it is your opportunity to play the field
Every time you complain of rising costs
This is the time to fix it in your book

Yet the bus operators
No backup the feeling of weaknesses
How to charge for transportation?
It is best to work on towns or cities or districts

it isn't the time

The grey and white cat
Roaming around the neighbourhood
Calling the female cats
Nobody cares to look at him

The loud ring
In the day in the night
Sometimes in the midnight run
The poor cat can't find a mate

Maybe the cat is old
The zest of energy has gone
The face may look tired
The female cats ignore the mating call

It isn't the time
You are way out of prime
You better go and cool it off
Go to your kitchen eat your food”

But the grey and white cat
Walking at back lanes or going house to house
The loud ring can be heard
The female cats never returned

the people decide

What will it be?
The basket of pick and choose
Other details or culprit ignored
Only that person to get the hooked

The change has begun
Nurtured it to the fore
It can't be ignored
It has to come; it has to sing

The truth can't be hidden
It has to come out in the open
Hiding under OSA or other draconian laws
Once the government changes

The persecutions of individuals
On pick and choose cases to prosecute
It leaves a bad taste in the mouth
It leaves a hunger for a real change

The Rakyat will not be fools
It is time they take the role
The Rakyat decide the destination
What the nation will go in

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

irresponsible act

The husband and wife
In the house rocking into time
Leaving nothing in their eyes
Indulging in their sexual needs

The house is cluttered
In a mess they don't see
In their minds the physical union
They don't see the cluttered home

Neighbours complained
The police came to investigate
The police found something else
Beside the cluttered home in a mess

The boy in the house
4 years old never feed for days
His parents never realize it
They were too engrossed in sexual needs

Now in court in Brisbane
The couple facing the judge to explain
How could a family forget?
Has sex made them blind?

There is a time for sex
There is a time to be responsible
When there is a family involved
The responsibility becomes bigger

the gutter politics


The gutter politics
The cheap thrills
The wanting to discredit
The politicians credibility

There is no truth
As long as it reaches its target
Planting the images on the internet
The political cowards go to plant it

It is a work for money
Hit the opponents whatever it takes
Let the people read and watch
The truth is secondary

The gutter politics
It just want to destroy
The political standing of individuals
The political cowards care not of remorse

when love is wrong

When love is wrong
You don't have to live it through
When love is gone
It is no use to cry

Maybe you can dream on it
Think of the shared memories
Alone sitting on the rocks by the sea
Let the wind singing melody make you free

When love is wrong
It is no use to cry
Pack your bag take the high road
Leave the memories behind

Love is to be free
Like the wind caressing your body
You should feel the magic of it
If it isn't there is something gone wrong

When love is gone
When love is wrong
Leave the memories behind
It is no use to cry

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

when you don't pay your time

No words can say
When love get away
Right in your eyes
You don't even know

The foreplay of time
It makes you forget your life
You think everything is better
When somebody comes into play

Yor forget to stay alert
You think you have it
As love change colours
You finally wake up to know

It is too late to go
You have lost it
When you don't pay your time
Out into the open air

The silent echoes of time
You walk alone mind so far away
You want to shout of the unfair memory
You have no where to know love has gone

he walks with the crowd

In the morning light
The sun never want to hide
He walks with his crowd
The day of his life

It doesn't have to come this way
As long as he has learned the traps
Living out in his political life
It isn't easy trying to break the wall

The sound of cars and motorcycles
The banners hanging up for all to see
The pick and choose to prosecute
Leaving us with a bad taste..”

In the morning light
The sound of voices
The sun never want to hide
The day of his life

The jail house booking
The sound of cracking doors
The prisoners can't have freedom
The rules have changed

Once inside it is back to school
The time of breaks; the time of relaxation
The prison wardens may act like the discipline teachers
Once there is wrong nothing will escape punishment

Will the light shine for justice?
Many will ask and pray it is done
He walks with his crowd
He makes the change to come

it is better to feel sorry now

She walks away
The man just stares
Knowing what he has done
Breaking up the tearing soul

It never come easy
When memories keep flowing
In the loneliness of time
The good times never die

She walks away
Learning of his lies
What is there to hold on for?
It is better to feel sorry now

Breaking up the tearing soul
The air becomes hot and unfriendly
The eyes of the hatred soul
It is better to feel sorry now

lottie on playing time

On the wide empty space
Of the green field in her eyes
Lottie wags her tail
The play time has begun

The good day to exercise
Running freely with the soft breezes
Nobody will disturb Lottie
The whole field she can run

Lottie will make full of her time
Relishing her playful nature on the field
With her owner watching her quietly
She knows she is in good hands

Pat Lottie she will wait
Wagging her tail for her good natural run
In the open field with the breezy chilly wind
She is feeling good after a hard exercise

Monday, October 27, 2014

d'day anwar ibrahim

Tomorrow D' Day
Anwar Ibrahim will know the truth
The final appeal to Federal Court
On the sodomy 2

The Court of Appeal gave a quickie decision
Overturned the High Court judge's conclusion
A quick justice the balance of truth forgotten
The COA found Anwar guilty

The Federal Court should acquit Anwar
For the reasons Saiful isn't charge for his offence too
The chemist report stated 2 unidentified sperms
One too belonged to Saiful in his dark hole

The chain of events too broken
When the sealed package was open and resealed
By the investigating officer
The chain of events broke the law of Evidence

Anwar Ibrahim in or out of jail
It doesn't matter really in politics
For the change he has brokered
The gate has opened

the dams not full

The Klang Valley folks
The rain doesn't improve
Better don't store your pails
The catchment areas still monitoring

The heavy downpour
If isn't on the catchment areas
There will be nothing to smile
The fear of water rationing is still there

Now the water companies say
It can't treat the water fast for consumers
There maybe water cut some days
It tells what they have been doing

The Klang Valley folks know
The behind scene of political innovations
The hounding of poor publicity
Bee Anne wants to look good really

Bee Anne had their chances
Decades ago ruling the richest state
Now they dream of it
Trying every way to make a scene

It is time Bee Anne pray
For the sins it has committed
The future of the nation
A new chapter must be written

The Klang Valley folks
You have learned of Bee Anne antics
Now you have experience with Pakatan Rakyat
You will know where to put your vote next round

our universities must get cracking

If we have to retrain our university graduates
Something isn't right in our universities
If our graduates can't employed
The universities must get cracking

The world ranking on our universities
We should have made the necessary policies
But it never happens
We still sit on it

The taxpayers foot the bill
For the retraining programmes
The bill runs into tens of millions
Just to get the graduates trained for employment

It has been years
Our universities still in the low step
The ranking dipping down the scale
Our graduates need retraining again

the birthday ringing

The birthday ringing
The echo calls again
The time of the date
The light of the moments

The wishes will pour in
The candles will glow many
The years that had gone
The years that will come

The smile of plenty
The joy to share it
A moment of reflection
A day it is your own

Happy Birthday for all the good reasons
Let it shine in the days of the year
Make your wishes flow with its light
The smile of plenty, wishes, cards and presents

Sunday, October 26, 2014

lift up your faith

If your faith is so shallow
Everything you see will be shadows

You may try to blame others
Kicking up a storm to cover your weak faith

Is this the way to go forward?
Blaming others for your failure?

Every where there is temptation
Even the mind isn't spared with it

Wake up and realize
Putting blame ignore your weak faith

It never come good
You will always fail

Learn it now
Uplift your faith

Every time you pray
Know what you have said

Lift up your faith
The good light will shine

the echo in the dark

The dark lord walks in
Eyes of red glow mind a flow
Walking slowly to his throne
Sitting down he rings the bell

The echo in the dark castle
The grand chamberlain hurries along
Reaching the dark lord's throne
He bows his head....

My lord what can I do for you?”
Have our dark dogs done their work?
I hear a lot of noises but I can't be sure
Now tell me grand chamberlain”

The souls in our hands
They will deliver us the impact
They give speeches inflaming sometimes
Twisting the truth to serve our needs

The old aged law
They bring it up to persecute
The opponents into the cage
Mind you my lord it is effective

The chaos is brewing
The people don't agree
Our duty is to make troubles
Many souls to gather”

The dark lord smiles
Pointing his finger at the grand chamberlain
Speed it up and let chaos begins
I need to gather them souls in my grip”

The grand chamberlain bows his head
As you wish my lord....”
Yes you better do
The greedy and corrupted souls will be mine..”

The grand chamberlain turns and walks away
Murmuring to himself sometimes expletive words
The walls hear his echo..
You have a job to do oh grand chamberlain!”