Wednesday, July 31, 2013

no cats on the field

The last few days
I looked for the cat I released
The feline friends around the field
She had recovered so she was set free

I couldn't see her presence
I didn't see the other cats around
The cats seemed to have disappeared
Even in the evening I couldn't find

Maybe the cats have a cycle
They move around to other areas
After a certain months the cats return
To disturb the owners of the houses

In fact those cats I see every day
They too aren't around the neighbourhood
The cats seem to have disappeared
The cat I released nowhere to be found

the fear in the city

The fear in the city
It isn't about a madman
It is about the gun runners
Earning a living by contracts

The police are trying
They haven't found the killers
They haven't found the agents
The dark fall spreading it wide

The fear in the city
Of gunmen running lose
Who will be the next victim?
To fly by the bullets?

The police are efficient
Catching the opposition
Working for Amno
They become the servant

Police have to start learning
Don't use detention law to pursue
Work on your investigative skills
Slowly you will shine in the dark

the guns on hire

The assassins on hire
How the contract is made?
There must be a front man
Taking calls and initiate the plan

The police have no clues
The years some were shot dead
It can be anybody
The ordinary Joe or Mary

The gang fights
The guns of superiority
The bullets let fly
The dead on the down

Who are the assassins?
Who rent out firearms?
The police should have clues

For the years the guns on the move

the amanjaya bus terminal

The integrated bus terminal
Built out of the Ipoh city centre
The Amanjaya bus terminal
Once it was empty...

Initially bus operators refused to move
Citing the distance and lack of business
The public can't accept to pay extra
It makes not good business decision

The consumers have to fork out more
Traveling to the bus terminal by taxi
The feeder buses aren't on time
The time it takes to go there

Some express buses stop on the way
Picking up passengers who have bought bus tickets
It is short lived for the bus operators
SPAD put a stop to it

Now the public has to pay extra
Just to make the bus terminal look useful
Out of the city centre causing inconveniences
The public can't accept for the costs and time

The Bee Anne should consider
The feeling of the consumers
Build a simple one in the city
It doesn't have to cost hundred over millions

the knee jerk reaction

The tough law
The knee jerk reaction
For the serious crimes in the nation
The police work leaving the mark

The police employed more officers
Even the retired cops rehired
Yet the mould of the force
It hasn't changed

Fight crimes must have investigative skills
The police officers must relearn the tools
Years of experience make no difference
For crimes keep evolving through the years

The tough law
The police become lazy
They just put suspects in jail
Without trial out off the streets

But will the police officers learn?
They should stop playing politics
They should work without fear and favours
Give the shine back to the nation and people

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

life has no melody

Life has no melody
When you are alone in the city
The day working it up
The night the sleepless night

Life has no melody
When you have no money
The money come and go
When you wake up you feel the blue

On the Monday morning
The morning sun rays branding gold
You can imagine the glitter
When life has no melody

You check your wallet
You have a few dollars in it
The pay day any time now
Life has no melody struggling to live

no use crying

No use crying
The deed has been done
The excuses come lately
Deflecting the issues

The double standards
The deals keep repeating
The cable lines keep open
The politics of race

The rules of the game
No digging of dirty dishes
Keep quiet and everything fine
The chef will not cry

No use crying
The next few years
We should watch and see
File data it will come easy

the urban wild west

The urban wild west
The guns on hire
The bullets fly
Somebody goes down

The death or injured
They have no guns to defend
They are the sitting ducks
Of the urban wild west

The guns on hire
Money pays the evil deed
The urban wild west
The police takes a while

Living in statistics
The real ones getting away
The proactive investigations
Losing in the hall of maze

The urban wild west
It must be kicked out
The special branch and detectives
Now don't play politics

let us live as a family

Free our souls
On the one sided track
Let us see without colours
Of our skins in harmony

We should live in our diversity
We mustn't think we are the only ones
Living in this nation of many colours
We should free our souls

Let us go blind
The way we have gone
We should live as a family
Helping us to breathe

So free our souls
Let us go colour blind
Living in this nation of many colours
We should live as a family let us breathe

Monday, July 29, 2013

don't try to live alone

Don't try to live alone
Close all doors and hide
The dark forces will come
No matter where you hide

It is to stand out there
Live with the others
Turn the bad situation
Into the light

The day will change
The unity of forces
Will change the colours
The glow of diversity

Don't try to live alone
Close all doors and hide
You will lose out in diversity
Of the colourful people and sights

the band of bad hats

We better call dirty Harry
The band of bad crooks on spree
With guns they start to shoot
The bullets flying to the targets

The people are worried
The nation leaders better don't tell lies
The statistics the polished apple
It tells a different story

The crimes never hide
It becomes bolder in the day
The contract killers moving around
The police are involved in politics

Chasing after the opposition
A clear cut of double standards
Leaving the bad hats a free reign
The wheel of terror chasing the country

People have said crimes never go down
The bad hats are coming out to hit targets
The police become soft and lack investigative skills
Years of hiding behind EO...

Now the police it isn't too late
Go back to the basic and drawing board
Don't show favours to any party
Be the force upright and sincere in work

day light murder

Day light murder
The crimes do not go down
The police should play its roles
Don't play politics

When will the Bee Anne leaders wake up?
Don't try to tabulate statistics about crimes
It never goes away in our lives
Now the guns are available for the bad hats

The contract killers
They are here earning a living
Somebody wants somebody to die
Don't try to silence the people

The crimes never go away
Yesterday a crime watch activist was shot
He survived now in KL awaiting operation
Today the founder of Ambank shot dead

In broad day light the killer came
No warning no hello
The bullets just fly to hit the target
The onlookers ran and hid away

The police time to play your roles
Playing politics isn't your duty
You should go hunt the bad hats
No granting favours to anybody

Can you do it?
The decades in politics
Now it is time to break rank
Do it for the nation and her people

sex addiction?

Sex addiction?
It isn't a disease
It's in the mind
Of the body exchanges

You are on heat
Most of the time
And you are worried
What it will be?

The smell of sex
It drives you nut
You try to make it
Once isn't enough

And you are worried
You think you are sex addicted
There is only in your mind
Once you know it you are free

God create sex
So why must you worry?
Enjoying is the best form of exercise

The sports people train every day

Sunday, July 28, 2013

the old doctor

The old doctor
Years in retirement
He hasn't found it
He still tries to mix
Life of politics
He still paints
The lopsided story
Of his bogey man
The Chinese
He never wants to admit
The Malays hold the economic cake
He tries to paint a dark scene
For once the old doctor should say
We are Malaysians
Every race has a right in her umbrella
Flourishing in the economy of her gifts

the late of the night

In the late of the night
The children and adults gathered in the house
The single bulb light hovering over the crowd
Eyes and ears concentrating on the story teller

He was trishaw man
A distance relative those years ago
Trading his skills ferrying passengers
When bus services never plied on the rural roads

I never returned to the old village
It may have changed in all aspects through developments
What I could recall was the story
About a white clothed woman in the night

When he had sent his last passenger home
He pedalled back to the house
To the village the side of narrow lane
Shadowed by trees on both sides

At night the cracking of insects
The soft wind blowing brushing the branches and leaves
He pedalled on with his trishaw lights
Along the narrow road of the night

Over the big drain there were more shadowy trees
He said he saw a white clothed woman smiling at him
She waved when he stopped to look
What he saw his hairs stood still and tall

Her face turned into eyes bold and red
The fingers became long and hair waving to him
He didn't wait any longer
He pedalled with his life fled away quickly

The young children open mouth
The breathing was heavy fearing gripping their minds
The trishaw man went on with his tale
He saw the white clothed woman flew in the night

By the time he reached the house
He was trembling with fear
Of the unnatural thing he saw
Once he thought it was just fairy tales

Some said it was a woman committed suicide
Along the bushes and shadowy trees....
Those years when development never came
Life in the small village was peaceful and free

The unlucky few of the adults
They saw light floating around the trees
Maybe it could be fireflies
There were plenty of them then

So the trishaw man
He didn't dare to look back
He bolted the doors
His washed face and legs

In his room he dared not sleep
Thinking of the face he saw
The white clothed woman
In the midnight of breezy wind

The next day he had a fever
Bought some fever tablets and chinese herbs
He rested for a few days
Then he recovered his ordeal

He never worked at night anymore
The last I saw him years ago
Age has taken him
He has a different vocation

The years have passed
I don't see him for years
I never know what happen to him
I am living out from my home town

the white sharks free

The small fishes can't swim away
Macc seems good at the small projects
The officers scored success with it
It looks good on its statistics

So it is highlighted
In the main pages of newspapers
Macc successful catching the culprits”
On the street people aren't amused

Where are the sharks?
Macc seems hiding in the dark ocean
With traps and spears waiting
Until the oxygen tanks give up

On the shore
We are trying
We are studying
The temperatures of the ocean”

The white sharks getting away
In the deep ocean they swim
The echo pick up by the fishermen
Macc sitting in the cool office

the sun never disappears

The sun wants to smile
The rays flowing in the sky
Out there on the ground
The illegal burning forest fires

The snog rising to the sky
The hazy white blanket covering it
The sun can't smile
The rays choke in its shadows

For days the sun
Wishing it can see
On this nation of blessing souls
The rays spreading without race or creed

Everyone will have everything
The warm light shining in the sky
The smog blanket it into haziness
The sun never disappears

Saturday, July 27, 2013

the satan's angels

The Satan's angels
In our midst all the times
Decaying souls the deep rooted fire
We see them in camouflaged clothing

They look normal
Exactly like you and me
It is only in the mind
We are different

They talk about holy books
They can narrate stories
They are well trained story tellers
We mustn't be influence by it

Read the pages
Make your own decision
The Satan's angels
The promises of gold

Once we sink in
The gold will disappear
We will only see the heat
Burning fire in our never ending souls

be compassionate

A small victory
It has a lot to go
The authority will not keep quiet
The appeal will be lodged

Our Constitution is supreme
Let nobody try to make it second best
No religion should be above our Constitution
It is the sacred document for the nation

The religion is a private matter
It shouldn't be enforced to anybody
It has to flow with the willingness to serve
It has no compulsion in it

God need no protectors
The humans shouldn't play the rules
It has been written in the holy books
Let humans decide which way they want to go

don't cry

Don't cry
When you are treated unfairly
With the laws and party
Crossing the line

The debts will not go down
The nation will suffer
The rural folks should wake up
The peanuts will be gone

On one buy election
The promises of $337 million in projects
For a rural area just to win votes
The rural folks fall for it

The day of cash reimbursement
On the buy election for the outstation voters
It is going against the Election Offences Act 1954
EC never wants to take action on sect 20(1)

Don't cry
There will be more in the years ahead
Election roll refuses to change
The minority popular government hit at the majority

Don't cry
We have to wait in GE14
Hammer the final nail
The rest will be in history

Friday, July 26, 2013

behind the doors

The laws crafted
Behind the doors
The concerned parties
They are left alone

The partners in Bee Anne
It is time they leave the coalition
How long must they stay quiet?
Enough has been going on

Don't these leaders have faces?
The time has come for them to decide
The glittering gold blinds the eyes
The minds can think so why wait?

Many events had happened
The partners in Bee Anne
What do you say now?
Amno just carries on

You don't have values
Don't you see it out right?
Amno never thinks of you
You only make noises

don't get fooled by the gold

We haven't changed Amno
The party causing the problems
Race, Religion and nation
Diving the people into classes

The ocean is blue
Sometimes it turns green
Sometimes it runs brown
All depend in our perception

Amno should take a step backward
Look at its handiworks and complaints
They are many they should have rectified
For race, religion and nation

The rhetoric speeches
It never really works
Behind the scenes the supremacy rules
The classes of distinction prevail

The party never learns
The string of arrogance roaming free
It seems the law runs away
Leaving them the free rolling

The people must realize
This party is beyond redemption
The old had died decades ago
The new one must be taught to kneel

The people in rural areas
Don't get fooled by the gold
It will not last you a life time
You will lose your dignity and soul

the decay has finally set

The balls squeezed
Between his legs it seems
The hunger of power
The greed in his eyes

A little power of sharing
Sometimes the perception sings
The balls squeezed
The soft cry to the wind

The warlords appear
The tin of votes inside
Don't you want it?
It makes all the difference”

The selection processes
The criticisms and falling in
The balls squeezed
The bargains strike to iron out differences

The months ahead
The facade of beautiful patterns
The behind the doors colours

The decay has finally set 

the neighbours

The neighbours
The night they sleep
They know about crimes
Rising high

The night of black
They don't see the crimes
The charactors of the unknown
Moving and watching

The porch lights
They don't switch it on
Saving a few money
When losses can run

They are waiting
For crimes to enter the houses
Only then they will understand

Good neighbours control crimes

Thursday, July 25, 2013

the canteen in the shower room

Canteen in the shower room
The headmaster and school teachers
The action causes inconveniences
Of the health of the students

The science teachers should know
The bacteria in close doors
The air ventilation can be bad
The airborne bacteria can cause irritants

The parent teachers association
Where is the health conscious parents?
The canteen in the rest room
What were they thinking?

The ministry of education
The saga has to close the chapter
The truth must be answered
It isn't putting under the carpet

The ministry must explain
The cause for the canteen in the shower room
Why did it happen?
There are open spaces in the school

the day light corruption

borrowed malaysiakini

The day light corruption
Calling it any name we want
Amno doesn't care
The party seems above the law 

EC will not act
They will say no proof
The candidate is giving out money
It is somebody's else doing it

In the Election Offences Act 1954
Section 20(1) it is clear cut corruption
The bribery to win at all costs
MACC will not move its butt

The pictures display
The way it has been
Once I knew in Langkawi
The same operation came

The rural folks
Why sell your souls cheap in this way?
Don't you know there are billions out there
Why go for the peanuts only?

EC and Macc
In the cool offices
Collecting data and file
Action will be a tortoise crawl