Saturday, August 31, 2019

the drug addicts

The drug addicts
Life down the drain
Everything will be hard to get
Beg, steal, lies and kill

Finding jobs nobody will
Life up to a waste-land
Everything seems like fire balls
Rolling high in the mind

They forget how to live
Everyday they look for quick fixes
Life down the drain
The drug addicts will never care

Some live under the bridges
Some live on the 5 foot-way
They don’t care how they look
Life down the drain

The drug addicts
Some managed to save
Others are hooked in devil’s lair
The drug addiction makes the mind faint

don't waste time, PH leaders

PH leaders
You have forgotten internet
Once you did use it fully
Now what has happened?

You are silent on it
Don’t let power corrupt your ideals
It will bring you down quickly
Don’t be a single chart winner

You must go down to the grass-root
Explain it in plain words and actions
You want to stay relevant
Don’t tag on race and religion or royalty

You don’t have to spend time
Defending your actions or making U-turns
You have your guide book with you
These are changes we voted for you

If the Old Man can’t change
He should be asked to step down
There is no sentiment in politics
It is for the people and nation

Why give red carpet treatment to Zakir Naik?
He isn’t a citizen of this nation
Yet he is accorded VIP status
Our own we forget!

Don’t spend much time on race and religion
Run your projects to generate economy
Tackle the ills of the society
Bring all the races together in harmony and unity

PH leaders we are watching
Get your act together now
You still have your credits with us
Do not use all up too quickly

happy Merdeka Malaysia!

We are back to the basics
The integration of our races
It has been downhill for years
Playing by the bad politicians

Even in our education systems
The racial integration is waning
Even in sports we have seen the signs
No wonder we have to go back to basics

For 62 years we should be the real tiger
Conquering the economy; united as a nation
Sadly, by the bad politicians spinning tales of race and religion
Even wanting to have an Islamic country

We marched backwards
The progress to be a developed nation
We have thrown away our chances
Instead we are losing even to Singapore!

We are back to basics
Learning how to trust each other
Alone we can’t progress
Stop playing race and religion

May our different colours
Light up the day of independence
Share our destiny marching together
Happy Merdeka Malaysia!

don't lose hope yet

Don’t lose hope
It is what we have right now
The hiccups and the old ways
The Old Man forgets

The Cabinet must stand firm
Nobody is irreplaceable
Time to pull up the socks
Start moving the economy

Don’t forget your manifesto
There are things to do without money
Get the ball rolling into play
No need to please a race and religion

Because it will benefit everyone
Nobody should get a leg up
Too much addiction isn’t good
For any race to shoulder the nation forward

We don’t lose hope yet
PH will deliver its promises
The crooks will be in jail with convictions
Now get the economy rolling for the nation

Friday, August 30, 2019

the ball of fire


The ball of fire
Don’t let it roll out in the mind
Let it stay in the cold storage
It shouldn’t roll out in big flame

It will be unfair to let it roll
It has no business to play
It brings no value in our lives
It will be an economic disaster

The ball of fire
See what Indonesia has
The raging fire causing haze
It spreads far and wide

The bad health issues
We may not see it now
In later years we will
Trace our health issues to haze

The ball of fire
It rages in the Amazon forest
Who will benefit out of it?
Nature will strike

The ball of fire
PH better get it contained
The opponents will fan it
Rule of law but don’t be nice

RoS why still wait?

RoS why still wait?
Amno baru has done wrong
It even didn’t follow its constitution
On its election

Now there is a case of Amla
File by Macc on its forfeiture of monies
This is a good case to send show cause letter
But why wait for so long?

Maybe Home Minister still have a soft spot
He should realize he was sacked by Amno baru
This is the time to seek his truth on it
RoS should have met the minister now

Let Amno baru bite the dust
It is there for all to see
The law is clear on it
Why RoS still stay in office?

write it in a will

The assets owners
While you are living
You shouldn’t transfer it all
To your children or close relatives

You can will it
Without telling them a reason
You can stay quiet
Let your lawyers do the talking

There are cases of poor judgement
Once they transferred the assets
The former owners become homeless
The former owners become poor

A case in Thailand
The father bought a land built a house
All under in his young son’s name
When the son grew up, he wanted his property
It resulted in a legal dispute in court

The father lost his case
It is registered under his son’s name
The court awarded his son the sole right
The son kicked out his own father!

The father paid for the land and house
He showed his documentary receipts
Yet the judge didn’t accept his arguments
His son is the sole rightful owner of the land

Similarly, it can happen here
So, the assets owners think hard on it
Once you transfer it all to your children
You have no sole right at all

Write it in a will
You don’t have to tell anybody
Let your lawyer handle it
When the time you leave the stage

our independence our nation

Be water says Bruce Lee
The iconic martial artist and actor
We can be anything shapes and sizes
Yet we still maintain our individuality
Related image 

We still have our own minds
We can agree and disagree on issues
Yet we must maintain our core values
We are Malaysian with many cultures and religions

Be water to flow into every corner and nook
Blend into it, shape and craft it and remain our heritage
No race should claim this nation belongs to a race
Be water in Malaysia yet maintain our cultures and religions

Be water to stay in tune
Shape it up in Malaysia
It is the truth for all of us
Our independence of our nation

note :  31 August 1957

the giant can't see the light

The fallen giant
Flat on the ground
Battle lost in votes
He can’t see the light

He still thinks he rules
The decades under his belt
He couldn’t believe he fall
On his own greed and corruption

Now with injuries all over
The aching heart feeling heavy
The mind full of misery
No more gravy no more power

Yet the giant still groans
He can’t forget his misery
He stills on the same game
On race and religion

Nothing changes
It’s the only one he knows
He can’t think out of the box
He gets hooked on his ways

Time changes
Every battle will be different
It will be a different scene
But the giant still on his old songs

Thursday, August 29, 2019

don't let the trust go to waste


Don’t talk of GE15
PH still has over 3 years to go
Hiccups are expected
In the new government

If the election is held now
Bersatu will lose
They are the ones
Betrayed the trust of the people

The party allowed rejects to join
Boosting its seats to stay relevant
But it forgets the people’s wishes
There is still hope for a second term

PH leaders have to implement the promises
They mustn’t run with the race and religion
Get it out of the system and concentrate on economy
Let the opposition sing its race and religion

The opposition will still lose
Majority aren’t interested in Islamic state
It will go against the Constitution
And Malaysia isn’t for a race

the people need to know the truth

The judge allows the case to proceed
The many delays to argue on a trivial matter
By the defence lawyer afraid to lose the case
There is no supporting merit to delay the trial

Get on with the 1MDB case
Why need to argue on Gopal Sri Ram prosecution?
The defence lawyer is trying to delay this case
He knows he will not get the winner horse

Now the case has proceeded
AG has the right to appoint or discharge a case
Under the Constitution his power is unquestionable
As long as he follows the legal laws

The opposition is afraid
The many unaccounted wealth will emerge
For over 6 decades the enjoyment of free flow
No agency dares to point the fingers

Now the people have seen
It is the corruption running through
The leaders in politics who speak in different tune
In different stage in different time

Let the 1MDB trial proceed
The nation needs to find her closure
The people need to know the truth
Let no crooked leaders run the nation again

there is no donation but the stand of scarecrows

The charade to steal
The elaborate plot to hide
The running in the bushes
The game of scarecrows

The layers of mannequins
The fake rows of fallen angels
The smiling faces on parade
They don’t show any emotion

The main players collaborate
In the elaborate scheme to pillage
The running in the bushes
The fake signals for the eyes

Slowly, the smell is detected
The hound dogs will give chase
The fake angels will fall
The main players start to hide

Once the power is gone
The main player will be unmasked
The signs are emerging in the flow chart
There is no donation but the stand of scarecrows

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

some politicians have nothing else to do

Some politicians have nothing else to do
Every single minor thing or word
They will feel offended in their heads
They will start to make police report

Even word like pariah
Uttered by the Old Man
Something to do with Lynas
PKR members make police report

They know of freedom of speech
They know of freedom of expression
Yet they can’t understand or they pretend
Anwar Ibrahim, what’s wrong with your members?

Let the Old Man complete his 2 years tenure
He doesn’t need the unnecessary hiccups on his administration
The members should find ways how to improve the economy
Tell it to their deputy president

But politicians want the 2 cents worth of publicity
Without caring how the nation will fare
The party members forget they are running the nation
They better pinch themselves to realize it

get out from race and religion

We have to get out of this phrase
Away from the race and religion
It will not serve the nation well
The bad leaders will ring up the hatred

The extremists in our midst
They are a few who will try
To paint on race and religion
Encouraging a race of fear

The extremists are for their own
They have their own evil ways
They aren’t in the loop with religion
It is the carnal sin holding them

So, we have to get out of this phrase
Away from race and religion
We can’t afford to have a few running wild
Talking bad for their own evil ways

The nation is going to celebrate
The independence of the nation
We don’t need charlatans in our lives
They have to stop on their tracks

malaysians overstay overseas

Malaysians finding ways
To stay abroad to find better opportunities
They claim back home they can’t
Even they are willing to over stay

Ten of thousands try
Applying to Australia
Believing Australia is generous
When she applies rules on refugees’ status

These Malaysians
They should apply through proper channels
They shouldn’t bring a bad name to Malaysia
As if Malaysia doesn’t take care of them

They have the perceive persecution
They believe there is no freedom to engage
In economy in education in religions
They forget everywhere is the same

It is better to fight for change
We did it for a new government under PH
It will take a while to see the light
It is still a long walk in the darkness

But changes will surely come
PH leaders can’t afford to fail in their roles
They have over 3 years to make the sweeping changes
PH leaders can’t afford to play lazy

Am CEE A, stop talking

Am Cee A
Stop talking
Every time you say
It brings you down

Work on your credibility
It will take years to complete
Now you aren’t in the scope
You are thrown in the dustbin

Every time you make noises
You make yourself look bad
Once in the government before
You didn’t dare to say

Now you want to show your wings
It has long passed your credibility
You will take a long walk
Before people can remember you

we can't escape karma

Once the daddy was cool
The children had millions
They didn’t have to declare taxes
They could go on free spending

Once their mother said
She saved it when she was young
It was the villagers who could believe her
The millions flowed into her hands

Once the daddy said
It was the donation from a king
It was the money plundered
Travelled around the bushes

Now the taxman came
Charged them with late taxes
They will scream persecution
Once the daddy couldn’t care

We believe in karma
We know we can’t escape her dragnet
Once we do wrong in our ways
Our sins we will have to pay

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

if men can't get up the morning wood

If men can’t get up the morning wood
They may have eaten the wrong food

Every man will be afraid of it
It means the man can’t be a man!

It is the food the men consume
Too much fried items and cigarettes

Lack of sleep
Too much work and depression

It is too much beers and wines
It makes the mind dull and void of senses

No wonder the morning wood sleeps
There will be no performance jumping over the fence

The remedy can be easily addressed
Eat bananas and cucumbers

Celery, cauliflower, carrot
Ginger, garlic and extra virgin olive oil

Take a walk for 20 -30 minutes
It boosts up the Testosterone levels

Take a good sleep
The body needs to heal and repair

For men, they have to work on it
Getting lazy will not cut in