Monday, March 31, 2014

the favourite toy duck

Once it was a kitten
Playing with the toy duck
The months of growing up
It is the only face the kitten knew

Now I am attached to it
The toy duck is here to stay
You can't take it away
I will not let you do it to me”

The kitten now has grown
The toy duck is here to stay
The cat doesn't want it throw away
It is the favourite toy

The owner pointing figure
The cat doesn't care what she says
This is my friend
You can't take it away”

the white of snow

The white of snow
Falling from the sky
A woman dressed in white
With long hair flowing
She walks to the shade
Under the canopy of white trees
She stands there watching
The sky of white
She smiles
The snowflakes of white
Falling like raindews
It's her favourite day
The snow filled weather
Under the canopy of white trees
But it is just pages of manga drawings
The sleepy eyes skimming it along
Putting the final touches
The sky of white

i have no idea where she is going


There goes my dream
MH370 never returns from flight
She just disappears out of sight
I have no idea where she is going

She leaves no message
She leaves no communication tools
In the dark night she just disappears
Leaving me hoping for a dream

There is no other
MH370 disappears from radar
Nobody knows where she is going
Leaving me with my dream

Many questions floating in my head
MH370 never says goodbye to me
There goes my dream....
I have no idea where she is going

a quiet place to meditate


On the beach of rocks and stones
A man sits and watches the sea
The setting sunset of colourful hues
It is a time to reflect what's life a new?

The caressing wind keep flowing
Battling with the lights in the sky
The man sits quietly by watching
The ripples spreading its rings

The sun colourful sunset
The brilliant lights spreading in the sky
Capturing the eyes of nature glory
Everyday in the moments of life

The man sits alone
Letting the affairs float away
The world that he lives with
He needs a quiet place to meditate

we live in the moments


Every living soul
The world we live and see
The life and death
The white and black angels

In the books of life
This is what has been written
The ashes of our souls
It will be returned

We live on borrowed time
We live to make an impact
Of our lives to get recognition
For a better living or worst

The payback is always there
Every living soul should be aware
Good deeds will be recognized
Bad deeds will be punished

We live in the moments
Of a time gears to a fixed term
Make the full use of it

For tomorrow is hard to predict

let it be the last term

The reactionary measures
When a big tragedy occurs
All they want is money
Eyes glow minds jumping with numbers

It isn't about changing new system
It is about how to manage the country's affairs
With prompt actions and decisive management
If key personnel need to be sacked, so be it

It is not used putting out puzzles
Letting the public to put it together
What they want is the truth
Obey the laws treat everyone equally

MH370 let the world saw
The inadequacy of our leaders
The half past six ministers
So claimed a former prime minister

Let it be the last term
Bee Anne and partners will learn
The next round it should be kicked out
Straight to the barrel of history

Sunday, March 30, 2014

the pieces of objects

The objects floating in the ocean
Big, small and large they saw
The bad weather and wind
It was a choppy find

The closure is still hard to accept
The remembering of their faces and shadows
Lingering or walking in the minds
The tears may have stopped long ago

Still no human bodies found
Along the wide deep ocean
It will be a long haul to find
MH370 a history of our time

There must be a story
The truth to make us free
What really happened in the aircraft?
The pieces need to put back together

treat everyone equally under the law

The many cultures
The many colours
The many races of religions
Only Taliban influenced don't mix
They want to strike
Make it their own
They make seditious statements
Going free never afraid of police
The police never pull them in
Under the Sedition Act
It is only applied to the opposition
The police will go out to take them
The police take side now
The decades the people have known
The police forget roles
Treat everyone equally under the law
It is through change of government
Will we find the passage of nationhood

checkmate azmin

Checkmate Azmin
He has to learn
Fighting out in the open
It makes him look bad

There are channels within the party
Any dissatisfaction he can voice it out
He doesn't need to air in public
It becomes the folders for Bee Anne

Now his dream is derailed
The ambition to get to the top
He has to learn patience
In politics or any type of game

In a hurry it will be a downfall
A spring is just for a while feeling the breeze
A marathon the continuously ringing
Azmin has to change his ways

The chair of power
He can only see for now
Dreaming of it for sometime
Be patience walk the spirit

Saturday, March 29, 2014

what saving in the end?

The elders will advice
Save for the future
No matter how small it is
Don't be like them
They have nothing left
Waiting for crumbs
If there is any left
Don't hope for the children
They have their own worries
But the young adults know
They have their commitments
Bills to pay family to take care
What saving in the end?
The cycle will come
The unlucky ones to suffer in sorrow
Look around at the bus stops
Look around at the malls
What saving for the future?
They live for the day everyday

the green grass

The dry grass sing with joy
The days of dry weather takes its toll
In the open field challenging the sun
The green turns into golden brown

It was a miserable sight
Once it was green and natural
With no water from the rain
The colour changed the sun got it

With rain in the late evening
The water on the field makes the difference
The grass begin to turn green
Leaving the miserable sight behind

The construction workers
Rain or shine make no difference
They climb up the high rise
Carry loads of cement and tiles

On the high they see
The green grass in the open field
The cows will troop in

When the town council officers sleeping

it is better be late than sorry

When lives are at stake
What is a few minutes delay?
When the aircraft is air-borne
It will be too late

This is Bee Anne
The leaders can't face the press
Of foreign newspapers and reporters
They got scared

Checking passports
This must be carried out
There is no excuse
MH370 exposed the weakling

Now the leaders want to give excuses
They don't admit they make mistakes
Atlantuya's immigration record disappeared
She was C4ed in the nation!

It is better be late than sorry
It takes a few seconds to check it
Now MH370 gave us the red mark
Bee Anne leaders still can't admit

we have to take our rights

The draconian laws
It is hanging over our back
It isn't going away as yet
Until we change Bee Anne

The public service institutions
They don't learn the separation of powers
They just follow blindly from the political leaders
Losing all the respect and credibility

The decades of indoctrination
Dishing out the 3Rs
Blaming other races not themselves
The rot has taken its hold

They afraid of their own shadows
Thinking others coming to grab power
The rights and freedom must return to the people
The mandate it shouldn't be misused

Before the country plunges into the darkness fall
It is better we take our destiny by ourselves
We shouldn't allow the arrogant and corrupted leaders
Rule and divide as they think they like

Friday, March 28, 2014

don't always think there is a tomorrow

A quarter of life to learn
Get a degree or none at all
Work to earn and save
Preparing for the downside of life

The working life and expenses
The commitments and saving
The investments and unit trust
The build up of a retirement nest

When the downside of life begins
The saving and investments will come to play
It is time to see the way of life
Going downhill the brakes maybe faulty

When the dilemma becomes an issue
It isn't a blame game to hide the truth
The wrong approaches to life
Suffer in the end when planning fails

Don't always think there is a time
It comes quickly and goes away too soon
Before you come to realize it
The time has eaten it away!

bee anne shouldn't stay

We can't let Bee Anne manage
The way it has done for decades
Don't ask questions do as we tell
We know more than you....

The fools of long ago
They had gone with the wind
Now it is the new generation
Listening to the wrong...

The old who are living
They have regretted it
They are a changing
Bee Anne has to go

Even with MH370 tragedy
Bee Anne leaders giving excuses
Thinking they could fool the world
They were caught with red faces

Malaysia must be free
Of the clutches on her back
Pulling her back instead going forward
Now we have our duty to do it

Let Malaysia be fruitful
With her many colours of race and religions
Let us stay united as one race one nation
With it Bee Anne shouldn't stay

the MH370 didn't say

Malaysia got the blue
The tragedy fell on her
The MH370 disappeared
The nightmare begun

In the early morning night
The spot of light was gone
The radar tried to find
The MH370 vanished from sight

Malaysia got the blue
The sad faces came
The tears from the eyes
Nobody knew where it was

Down in the deep ocean
Of choppy seas and unpredictable wind
The jaw of swallowing death
The MH370 didn't say

the unmarried women

The unmarried women
They get pregnant in love affairs
Thinking the men will marry them
With bulging bellies to show

What are they thinking?
Trapping men to get married?
Most men will hit and run
They don't want to marry

In loving relationships
They should prepare for the worst
Where men aren't gentlemen
They will hit and run

Think of family planning methods
Carrying it with you all the times
When in a relationship

Don't play into traps

Thursday, March 27, 2014

the lights have gone

The lights have gone
The hope for their lives too
In the choppy waves of the ocean
Where ships and planes don't want to go

It's only death that draws
The souls going to the deep blue ocean
Nobody will know the truth
Why it has to happen?

The conspiracy theory
Of secret equipments
Of hijacking of suicide
The unstable minds

The truth will be unknown
No surviving soul to give us a clue
The lights have gone
Only the candles burning in our minds

drive carefully

Deaths on the roads
The statistics keep jumping
The advice keep issuing
The motorists never listen

Speed kills
There is no doubt about it
On the highways and truck roads
It isn't a racing track

While driving concentrate on it
Your eyes and mind fully on the road
Stay awake and beware of stupid fools
Don't try to talk on hand-phone

Don't let the black angel see
This is what he wants you to do
Once you aren't awake on the road
The black smoke and braking too late

But do we learn every death we read?
Apparently we haven't done our homework
Deaths on the roads increasing through the years
We just need to learn our mistakes and drive carefully

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the lost souls 2

The ocean let it go
The aircraft under the sea
In the satellites saw
122 debris floating along

The strong wind blew
The sea of waves
The sights of the debris
It was finally coming home

The prayers for the lost souls
Under the ocean the last battle gone
The hope of many dashed after all
The story had a bad ending

The faces once of laughter and smile
The good deeds, life and regrets
Now they were the lost souls
Let's us pray for them to return home

the lost souls

The lost souls
Deep in the deserted land or ocean
Nobody can say the exact spot
The flight of MH370

The closure can't be found
Until the physical evidence showed up
Otherwise it is just speculation
The jet plane nosedived into the ocean

The official statement
Too fast to draw the final curtains
Leaving the family members angry and distraught
As happened in China protesting against Malaysia

The lost souls
Until there is physical evidence
MH370 really exploded in the ocean
It is in God's hand we pray

the kitten on the rooftop 3

The kitten on the roof-top
Nobody has seen the kitten
It has been 3 days
So it can say it jumps to the ground

There is no sign on the ground
Maybe it has gone looking for the mother cat
The weeks on the roof-top
The kitten finally wanted to join the crowd

The sound of meowing
It never sings in the morning
It never comes out in the evening
It is the total silence on the roof-top

It is hope it is true
The kitten has jumped down
Not dying of dehydration
Up on the roof-top

the animal lovers

The animal lovers
Caring for the 4 legged friends
Some dressing up the animals
On parade or on the park

Some hugging the animals
Carrying them around
In hawkers' stalls in the cars
The lavish loving care

The downside they don't clean up
Taking them to poo on public grounds
Littering the poo on the grass or roads
That the animal lovers don't care

They don't see it
They think it isn't their job
They forget about cleanliness
They forget about responsibility

The animal lovers
They think they provide homes
They don't have to collect poos
They should show the same commitment

the crazy politics

The crazy politics
The creating of publicity
Telling the voters
The intrigue of the game

Am Ci A
The losing game
Playing racial politics
The leaders never learned

They still think of the crumbs
Covering their faces and forgetting principles
Forgetting the roles they wanted to play
It is their own cookies they wanted it

Now the leaders sing of hope
The false one they don't see it
It is better to leave the coalition
If the leaders want to survive...

But the gravy train...
The sound dulls their minds
They don't see
The exodus to the other side

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

they have to move on

The faces of smiles and laughter
Once they were in our eyes and pages
Slowly it ended without goodbyes
The tears flow and minds blank

The newsprint of their faces
The names edged in history
Of a time when there was a tragedy
A second one in our aviation history

The first one in Johore
The year was 1977
It carried 100 passengers and crew
All perished in the crash

The water of the deep blue sea
The quiet ocean and ripples
The jet plane disappeared
So it was so it was said

The memory will stay
History will be written
But lives of the family members
They have to move on

the end in the deep sea


The end in the deep sea
The Southern Indian Ocean
There MH370 laid to rest
With her crew and passengers

The hope of many and the world
The praying for a miracle never happened
There is no goodbye or ringing phones
It is the dead silence in the deep ocean

The tears flow yesterday
When the news broke out of the end
The MH370 finally concluded
The tragedy in aviation history

The truth of what happened
It will take a long time to unravel
The speculations will carry on
The crew and passengers goodbye isn't..

Now the end concluded
The lost souls in God's hands
Go to God's world in peace
We will pray for you

the black cat with green eyes

The black cat with green eyes
Roaming in the day and night
There is no place to call home
He comes to any house he likes
There is no preference
The black cat just needs a place to rest
When the heat season arrives
He meows so loud waking up the neighbourhood
The female cats never come to look
So he walks around the streets and alleys
Looking for his elusive female cats
He doesn't bother about people
It isn't his concerned at all
As the black cat walks
Along the streets and alleys
Sometimes he stops staring back
With his green eyes
Like a witch casting spells
The black cat with green eyes

admit the mistake start living

Wrong choice of a life partner
One shouldn't live in the shadow
One shouldn't carry on in silence
Admit the mistake start living

The life is one
The whole story begins
The posts of liberty?
The spots of pain?

The selection has a choice
It isn't inked in stone
It can be broken and change
Chart a new lease of life

When choices are made
The tomorrow hardly comes to play
When time has proven its right
Admit the mistake start living