Saturday, October 31, 2020

Bersatu legs are wobbly


Bersatu will fall

The legs are wobbly

It can't carry the weight

Too many loads

The strain on its face

The constant flow every day

How long will it carry the load?

The push and pull carry on

Bersatu will kneel

The weight becomes too heavy

The 7 sins bearing on it

How will it stay upright?

The only way

Bersatu should return

The place it came before

It may get back its breathing space

Bersatu has to swallow its pride

Bear the cause of humility

Return to its original coalition

It may survive to nurse its wounds

we for our stupidity


Life has its knocks

We have to live with it

There is always no smooth sailing

It is for us to learn and experience

We may have locked horns

With many types of life's knocks

We could manage to come out better

Though some may have lost fighting it

Now we face one of the worst

A virus causing quick infection and death

Squeezing out lives on a slow fire

Letting us feel and stare the death trap

Covid 19 is still active here and the World

It runs high because we don't heed advice

We play a game of dare but who get the bad?

Covid 19 enjoys catching hosts hang them to dry

Still we don't seem to learn

Covid 19 will stay around

Who are to blame?

We for our stupidity!

the drum beats on the downfall


The back door leaders

Once they feel they are at the losing end

They will tell the other politicians stop politicking

As if the others will listen and play the game?

These duplicitous leaders should go

They have brought shame to the voters

The promises they broke it and frogged away

Leaving the voters to lick their wounds

On the poor choice of candidates

These leaders turned around and bite

One even said bad about the voters

One of the worst to stand on the stage

The back door leaders

They are feeling afraid of their fall

They hear the drum beats roll

Tearing up their minds and souls

They have a choice

Pack their bags go home

Stay out of the season

So the nation can recover

Friday, October 30, 2020

the nation needs fresh air to circulate


The back door is rattling

The hinges going to release

Once it is finally done

There is nothing to save but leave

Don't waste time to negotiate PH

The back door leaders aren't interested

They will try to bulldoze it through

Allow Amno baru to have its demands

PH leaders should know the score

Moo will not entertain at all

He may feel shameful of his back door

Abandoning partners for his greed of power

The budget 2021

Let the roll begin to score

Let the back door leaders be gone

The nation needs fresh air to circulate

the politicians


The politicians

They can't stop playing politics

In good times; bad times; or ugly times

It is in their minds

Because of chasing power and wealth

They can't sleep easy without getting into it

They will always try to better each other up

See who will climb up Mount Everest

On the climb some will fall

Way down to the ground

Nursing injuries of the minds

Feeling cheated or backstabbed

Yet on recovery they will go

Playing politics all over again

Believing they have a second chance

Climbing Mount Everest forgot the fall last time

The politicians

They forget who put them there

Once in positions they forget to stay humble

They forget who are the king makers!

the unity government


The unity government

The Old Man can't cut it

He makes too many mistakes

He has too many political enemies

The Old Man should lend his support

Anwar can be the man to forge ahead

The man has learned his lessons

He knows what he will do on the chair

The Old Man shouldn't think of it

He got his chances but he didn't change

He was his old self all over again

Forgetting his promises on the manifesto

Anwar can be the man to do

Bring the individual members in

Set up and govern the nation well

DAP can support but stay out of government

The sacrifices must be heard

The nation and people are in the low

Moo and gang should bow out now

They can't solve it but they are to be blame

The Old Man should be kinder to himself

Change his thinking for the best of nation and people

Leave it to Anwar to forget it ahead

Let Anwar play his game in real times

vote out the traitors


No need to discuss

On the budget 2021

We want the back door to go

So vote out the traitors

Anwar should plan ahead

Moo is on a shaky ground

No need to entertain

Hit the plan get it done

Now the Old Man too

He plans to form his way

The unity government

With the Malay members of Parliament

Moo can't see the cracks

He still acts as if nothing is wrong

He has lost all his credibility

He should have resigned

Amno baru may change its support

Its president can't be in the Cabinet

What will he think on the snub?

Because he is on trial in court?

There is a precedent in Sabah

Bung is appointed as Deputy Chief Minister

Though he has his case in court

So there is a double standard?

The Old Man may not have the numbers

He made many mistakes on his second stint

So much so he was blame for PH downfall

It seemed he was involved with it

Anwar seems back to drawing board

He may have his numbers to show

Come November the result will be known

Kick out the duplicitous traitors

Thursday, October 29, 2020

there will be a time to pay


When the rats are cornered

In between the walls of no escape

There shouldn't be any leniency

The rats need to net in the cage

The cheese gone missing many times

The headaches trying to find or trap the culprits

Now the culprits have been found

There shouldn't be any exceptions

Living in the bad and crooked ways

It doesn't augur well for anybody

In time the past misdeeds will catch up

By then it will be too late to say sorry

The rats now stare at defeat

The cats aren't giving way an inch

The rats can surrender to their fate

Let the cats play with their lives

In all the schemes of bad

The initial gains will shout of joy

In times it will be a heavy burden

The heavy the crown on the head

don't give the bad a chance to breathe


Don't give the bad

A chance to breathe

They will not remember

A kindness receive

The bad knows

They will take it all

They will not care

Though they may say

We do no wrong

It is our rights to do”

The double standards

The laws make exceptions

When the bad leaders are down

It is time to throw them out

Let them stand out in the rain

Let them feel the soaking wet

Don't give the bad

Any leeway to claw back

When they are down

It is time to throw them out

the righteous members state your stand


The back door government

Blinded by greed and power

They discarded the people's mandate

They only care what they can get

Through the back door

The duplicitous traitors smile

Even when they lost the emergency plan

They still hatched up to stay

The no confidence vote

The unelected speaker says differently

He has compromised his own video reasoning

The art of words have turned bad on canvas

The righteous members of Parliament

They should vote out the budget 2021

Send a clear message to Moo and gang

They have to go off the stage

The mandate of the people

It must return to the rightful elected party

This should be the way to establish normalcy

Else Rocking Rona will have its fun times

don't let the opportunity go


The Renaissance Man

He has his trade mark

Hit the target then wait and see

He will walk slowly

Now his target walks

The emergency law stays mute

The Renaissance Man

He hasn't pushed for his advantage

He has the jaw's grip

Yet the target struggles free

There is another hurdle to face

The Renaissance Man mustn't fail

The budget 2021

The tweaked and revised plan

The duplicitous traitors work

They mustn't allow to walk free

The jaw's grip

It must bite into it

Do not let it go

The coup leaders must pay

The Renaissance Man

The crisis and opportunity

He has to find it quickly

Don't let the target go easily

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

if we never try


If we never try

We will always regret it

When we find we have the chance

We let it go so easily

Because the opportunity

Has to wait for the stars

To find the alignment and fulfillment

If we never try

The tears will not wash away

The opportunity comes our way

We are reluctant to take the lead

We will forfeit our rights

When history sits down with us

We can recall the miss opportunity

We can have our regrets at that moment

We forget to take the chance to make it

the fall is heavy


The fall is heavy

Broken promises

Broken desires

Still living

Though in ER

The plotting will go on

The back door leaders

They want it all

Anwar shouldn't wait

Don't let the bad regroup

It will be no good to him

It's the time to strike

The no confidence vote

It has to be debated and passed

It shouldn't be pushed down the line

It isn't how democracy work

Next the budget vote

It has to send a clear and solid signal

The back door leaders must go

There is no point for them to stay

Will it happen in November 2?

The forces of good members

They have to march for the righteousness

Since the back door leaders are in ER

The fall is heavy

The back door leaders in pain

Don't give them face to regroup

They will cause us hardship



Power is heavy

Not every one can hold it

It is for the confident person

Willing to hack and sacrifice

Power is corruption

It isn't about being a gentleman

It is about being confident

Hack the hell out of everything

Power is a false hope

It will not last long in life

When you find you are a liability

You will lose it all in seconds

Power is an addiction

It will make you cling to it

Even if you know you can't hold

You will betray your own soul

Don't be a slave to power

Many have fallen many have died

They don't understand its way

The rule of give and take

Learn to live with power

With compassion and forgiveness

Cause you will understand

Power can be gone at any moment

bye bye moo and gang


Bye bye Moo and gang

They don't have to explain

They don't have to say

Just pack your bag
Leave the stage

Why the wait?

They don't have the credibility

They got booed out of their faces

They shouldn't linger on

The road has too many pot holes

Bye bye Moo and gang

Take your bad with you

They don't have to plot

They don't have to shout

They have to leave right now!

They don't have to say

They don't have to explain

They want to stay on without hindrance

The plan was seen through

So they got nothing in return

Bye bye Moo and gang

They don't have to explain

They don't have to say

Just pack your bag

Leave the stage

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

don't let the bad regroup


They lost the battle

They were badly bruised

They wanted their bad way

Until it fell hard on them

Now it is the time

Pressed on the advantage

Do not let the bad regroup

They will try again

The budget must be defeated

It has to send a strong signal

The rightful group should manage the nation

It shouldn't be the coup leaders

This is the way it has to be

In politics there is no sentiment

The coup leaders should have resigned

Yet they linger on to plot their next move!

The internal implosion is brewing

Its coalition partners may have sound a fair warning

The leaders of the coup should have left long ago

Apparently they want to bite the second cherry

the bad drive for Bersatu


Bersatu in low drive

Its coalition in a jam

Though Amno baru stays supportive

The hidden agendas still stand

The bad drive on emergency law

It falls flat on Moo and gang faces

They shouldn't stay on now

They have no credibility

The trust is finally gone

What's there for Moo and gang to stay?

Pack up their bags and walk away

Save whatever dignity they may have

They gamble on the emergency law

They want to stay on the power roll

Using Rocking Rona as a ruse

It doesn't work out as they plan it

Amno baru will breathe down Moo's head

With the agendas Moo has to fulfilled

The only way out for Moo in crisis

Return to PH once he was part of it

Maybe he can salvage his pride

Anwar will not turn him away

He can make his arrangement

As for now he has lost his plot

it isn't good to stay on


Moo shouldn't wait

He gets a tight slap on his face

Though he may think it is an advice

He should be a gentleman and resign

He gambles on it

Dreaming of the absolute power

Only he doesn't get the prize

His ruse is finally found out

It isn't good to stay on

He has zero credibility now

He shouldn't say to avoid it

He has to leave his stage

He has to use the cane on himself

For causing the tension on the people

He can't solve the problems we are facing

Because he spends too much time mooing

Now he should feel the shame

He shouldn't stay but leave the stage

Salvage what is left and leave quietly

He will not be missed

the loss of face


He plays high stake poker

Use up all his points to get high

Once he loads all on the table

He thinks he will win

He smiles when he opens his cards

He thinks he can win easily with his 3 Aces

The opponents have no better cards

Maybe the straight cards to win

When he leans over

Thinking he has won his game

The cool guy stops him straight

You better see my cards”

He turns to look

No way!”

Why not friend?

You think it will not happen?”

The guy Moo feels ashamed

He has lost his cards game

He gambles on his winning

He realizes he hasn't thought it through

So he has to leave the table

Feeling blue with his own failure

In the dim night under the street lights

He moos so sad knowing he has lost

Nobody will feel so sad for him

He plays a high stake poker

It finally crumbles down on him

He doesn't know the art of it

Monday, October 26, 2020

rocking rona sings right up the chart


Rocking Rona sings right up the chart

The back door leaders can't catch up

They played on the emergency law

It fell through on the wrong approach

It was meant to prop up its weaknesses

To stay on the power and ride it high

But its plan was seen through its faults

The back door leaders cuddled for support

The total lock down should be imposed

Instead it is the CMCO phrase

In Sabah, Selangor, KL and Putrajaya

By it Covid 19 still can find hosts

Instead the back door leaders can't see

They are up plotting on their next move

Leaving the gap for Rocking Rona to sing

Come out and play with me!”

Every one must play the role

It is for our survival in the long term

Yet we see politicians forget SOP

They have gathering and meeting

The total lock down should be imposed

It will help the people and nation

Stopping Rocking Rona is a collective effort

No double standards in imposing punishment!

time to go moo


Moo shouldn't moo

The time has come to go

Coming through the back door

It doesn't wake up the good moves

Moo shouldn't wait

You aren't the leader

Of the band in the country

You can't play rhythm and blues

Even rapping it you struggle

So it is best you walk out on the stage

Live in your world at home

Watch movies and live without headaches

You can't hack it

You know the consequences

Doing the wrong way

You will have to pay

Time to let go Moo

You don't have the numbers

You tasted the power

It has become too heavy for you

back to total MCO no?


Rocking Rona

Flying like the wind

Catching hosts so breezy

As there are no lock downs

The first phrase

It was easily controlled

The total lock down

Settled with Rocking Rona

The second phrase


Though it controls well

Yet many people refuse to stick to SOP

As the police rounded the people

For violating the SOP on Rocking Rona

Fines were collected and some gone to jail

Yet in second phrase people played truant

Now the 3rd wave

Rocking Rona causing spike high

The deaths increased

The front liners are tired

The total MCO must be launched again

It is caused by the incompetence of leaders

They don't see the hosts easily infected

Until the scene has become bad now

Rocking Rona flies in the open

Flying like the wind

The easy way to find hosts

They forget they will pay

the plotters


The midnight oil burning

The plotters will plan and argue

Way to get their plan falls in

Now the control of emergency is gone

The bad intentions brewing

The air smell of stale food

The plotters aren't bothered

They want the cake and eat it too

The leader can't think straight

The cortisol is rising causing him worrying

The plan doesn't work the beans spill in the air-waves

The angels blow their horns the good ones find the plot

Now the bad plan has been known

The plotters try to evade the issue

They will say it is good for every one

Behind the door the plotters think of ways

Now the sitting is worrying

The plotters need to find it quick

The cane has unleashed

The plotters don't want to fall victims

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The King doesn't agree


There is a calm

When the King doesn't agree

On the declaration of emergency

It isn't the way forward for the nation

Moo should tender his resignation

He has failed the nation by his action

He shouldn't stay on his job

He knows he can't handle it

Though the King has wanted stability

Moo must take his bow and say sorry

But a man who craves of power

He will not want to go away

The plotting will work extra hours

The threat to the back door has began

Moo will not sleep well at night

He has to face his own demon

The easy way out for Moo

Go discuss with Anwar

There is a hope yet

Return back to the fold

Else he will see

The bad legacy he will leave behind

Moo should wake up now

Go discuss with Anwar