Wednesday, August 31, 2022

the devil blues


The devil blues

Every way he wants to rule

The faithful can't see

The right and wrong

The wolves must go

The partners too must follow

Do not let them return

They have said it clear

They want their own kind

In every spot of influence

So they can play their snakes and ladders game

We the voters will have to put a stop to it

The devil blues

Hitting the road to their kind

It mustn't be allowed to return

Let them sink in the dark hole



Someday will come

We will see the real changes

The political will emerge

Letting the light shine

Someday will sing

The truth will come to stay

Every one has a reason to cheer

No more divide and rule

We will see no classes

Of benefits to each race

It will be on labour and efforts

The rewards for just cooperation

Someday will come

The wagon train will be fair

Every one has a stake to progress

No more divide and rule

why all the excuses Mama Rosie?


Mama Rosie

Don't try all kind of excuses

Face the judge and the law

Brave to take brave to be judged

Mama Rosie

Karma has come full circle

She is waiting at the corner

You don't have to delay

Every time you try

You will be found at the wrong stick

Giving you too long a rope

You will get entangle in the end

Mama Rosie

Do you hear the bell ringing?

Don't waste time to recuse a judge

Brave to take brave to be judged

Your man did the same thing

You see where he has gone today?

Brave to take brave to be judged

Face the judge and be done with it

set Malaysia free


Set Malaysia free

Of the shame and corruption

Let the wolves and their kind

Back to the dark pit and stay

She has lost her edge

Losing out to her neighbours

Even Vietnam has caught up with us

Google it we feel the shame

Our oil money

It should have saved her

The future she needs to stay afloat

But of the wrong leaders

One has gone to prison

We should emulate Norway

She keeps her oil money in billions

The future generations are assured

The country will stay prosperous

Set Malaysia free

Let the crooks, frogs and bad guys

In the political circles be in prison

She needs to get back her dignity

Today is her Independence Day

One bad wolf has gone to prison

Something to cheer up her face

Let the light shine on her to smile

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

don't let the cyber-bullies get away



Don't let the bullies get away

They have to be punished severely

Because their words can cause mental torture

The back door must wake up now

See the problem arising in cyber-space

People using internet to pen their own views

They aren't interested nasty comments

There must be a law for protection

The cyber-bullying seems rising now

The police should treat it as ordinary crime

Catch the culprits put them in lock-up for a few days

The police can do it

It is within the rights of the police

The cyber-harassment needs to be stopped now

We don't need too many suicides to take action

the wolves keep shouting for GE15


The wolves

The long darkness will arrive

They don't see it yet

The shadow of Atlantuya will smile

One gone to prison

She isn't going to let go

The silent of the group

She has to get her desserts

The way they behave

Covering each other secrets

But the lavish way of their living

It shows the perception in public eyes

They demand GE15

They can't stand the heat in the air

They want to get the power and benefits

Afraid the darkness getting them instead

The seditious speeches

The police must arrest those involved

Don't play double standards booked and charged them

Let them recognize the laws will not bend

The wolves in gathering

The colour of red the moon disappears

They keep shouting for GE15

Afraid the darkness getting them instead

playing the game


The turtle man

Is he buying time?

Is he afraid to get the boot?

In the party of the wolf

It is hard to believe what they say

The leaders will keep changing their songs

Every time when they need something

The drum beats aren't

It is the familiar tempo

My way or nothing else”

Learn it from the Old Man

They want it back badly

The rots down in their thinking

The turtle man

Maybe is playing along

Even signed agreement he can put aside

Ask Moo for his first hand knowledge

The signed promises aren't fulfilled

After a year since the turtle man got the post

Because power can bring a different beat in a man

Likely month in November

The days of thunder and rain and floods

It will affect all parties in the election

As it is the turtle man will delay

desperation bring no cheers


A desperate man

He will not think ahead

He only thinks what he needs

Fear will grip his mind

He wants to get free

If he finds he can't do it

He will bring others down with him

This is the scene unfolded in his mind

Even in speeches

He has committed sedition

Yet he thinks he is untouchable

Because he thinks he is special

The komedi in the wolf

Many police report lodged

The police may have to investigate

The charges will be up to AG

A desperate man

Finding ways to get away

The chains are tied to his mind

He is afraid to go to jail

The judge shouldn't allow bail

Let the man sweat it out in jail

Let him file his appeal while in prison

He will understand the rule of law

But will it happen?

Let the judiciary strike gold

It is time to bring back the glory

Where judges shouldn't be intimidated

Monday, August 29, 2022

PH marching forward


PH finally sees

Going alone will win

It doesn't need others

To join in the camp

Once bitten twice shy

When different ideology cracks

Back stabbing will be the way

Causing the split and bad omen

Let there be 3 party fights

Let the voters make the choice

Let the voters decide

The country fame in their hands

PH will see

The light in the shadows

Leave the others far behind

The wolves and the moo will cry

Malaysian women fight for your rights


The Malaysian mothers

Know where you stand today

You aren't given any leeway

As far as your children born to foreign husbands

You have to fight tooth and nail

Getting all wet but still no avail

You keep fighting for equality

In Malaysia women fall in second best

The back door can't drag its feet

It needs support so its leaders will pretend

They don't hear the cry of the mothers

Staring at the unfairness of their treatment

The COA dismissed the High Court decision

The back door won the case leaving a sour taste

The Malaysian mothers need to fight the last battle

In Apex Court to find a favourable rule

The Malaysian mothers and women

Now you recognize where you all stand today

Don't turn a blind eye and forget

When GE15 knocks the door be ready to fight your rights

the wolves will face the truth of the law


The moral decrepitude of the wolves

They don't listen to their minds and souls

They only listen to their power and benefits

There lie the pit of darkness as they will fall

Aging old has the wisdom of gold

Everyone will know it has the privileges

On the walk of life on the last run of glory

But the wolves are sick mentally

They keep howling for GE15

Telling themselves they aren't wrong

They have done what is right

But corruption has no face or colour!

The current chief wolf wants to escape

Pushing for GE is his last hope to be free

He thinks the wolves will get into glory

He forgets he has 47 charges in his name

Likely the wolves in court cluster

They will face the jail in Bamboo River

The judiciary will show no fear or favour

They will have to face the truth of the law

the wolves running for a royal pardon


The petition for a royal pardon

The wolves gearing it up to get it done

The former leader hasn't warmed his stay in prison

And he hasn't returned the loot he stole

The arrogant wolves must be punished

In the next poll let them bite the dust

These wolves must have forgotten

Their former leader is a convict

His income tax blue

His case hasn't started in full

He still needs to pay for his fine

Running to $1.6 billion in errors!

His outstanding court cases

The 1MDB on going trial

The audit report tampering case

No Sirs no royal pardon should be recommended

Then there is the LCS scandal

It was during his heyday in charge

The billions gone but no naval ships

What is there to seek royal pardon?

Now he has to serve his jail sentence

The wolves shouldn't in a hurry to ask for royal pardon

But they think they are above the law

They think they are the special breed

Sunday, August 28, 2022

the ring of power


The orgy of party

When the lid is lifted

The rush of the birds

Clamouring of power

The low or high

Or in between the fight

Only one party will stay winner

The rest can pack up and suck in the corner

The cascading wind will sing

The good melody listening to its whirring

The losers may not like it hammering in their heads

It tells them they aren't the best but falling

The ring of power

The rising light to the brave

Stand for a good cause

Believing equality to all

The orgy of party

Every scheme counts

It is winning the game

The ring of power or fall in shame

the dark shadows


The dark shadows

It will not disappear

If the same old leaders stay

They can't forget

They have collected

Many in their times of stay

Giving some pocket more

Blinded eyes blinded minds

The bus loads of addicts

The brown envelopes and the smell

Don't they know it will not last?

Not even in a day?

The cash to buy royalty

The fools we have in our society

Have eyes to see but they are blinded

Jumping into dark pit dreaming of shining gold

The dark shadows

The dark images of souls

Bending low secretly wanting to control

The power needed to satisfy the ego

attack on the judiciary


Attack on the judiciary

The police keep a low profile

They don't sweep the ground

They aren't in a hurry

The police may wait for report?

The officers can make their own

If they want to pursue the case

As it happened before

Now it is the wolves running

The police may not want to pursue

The long decade living in shadows

Of the wolves; finding hard to let go

Attack on the judiciary

It is to serve somebody's needs

Ringing bell in Bamboo River

Who will be the next to register?

let the back door go


Let the back door go

It doesn't bring glory but bad odour

The nation doesn't need it

It only brings shame and bad vibrations

GE15 another chance for change

This time the voters must go for it

Let PH get all the votes to break free

Give PH the mandate to sail far for us

Let the back door go

We don't need this type to hang around

Let the back door dump in the garbage

Let the termites eat it away

Back door is reluctant to call

GE15 to settle the score

The leaders are afraid to lose

The power and benefits gone

Because the court cluster is demanding

Clamouring for GE15 to avoid going to jail

They think they can do it with ease

The voters mustn't be stupid to get fooled again

Saturday, August 27, 2022

the wolves never change


The wolves

All out they go

The bad apples we know

They haven't changed at all

Even in defeat in GE14

The members left as frogs

The wolf party still never learn

They are back to the old

Currently there are camps in the wolf party

It is really down to the power and benefits

This is the magnet to draw them in

They can't live properly without it

The turtle man may play his game

Moo says he will table the budget

Without debate and dissolve Parliament

Then what is the point to table it?

The turtle man doesn't want to bow down

He enjoys his status and his power in his hand

He doesn't want to be the shortest pm on the land

He needs to stay until next year to decide

The wolves are howling badly

Afraid more leaders will go to jail

The bad apples will know their fate

GE15 will bring them down to the pit

hope is our need


Hope is our need

Steering the nation to the light

She needs it to fight stay afloat

In the history of bad moments

One bad wolf has gone to prison

No doubt she can feel an easy smile

The road to recovery isn't in quick success

Hope is her needs to stay to fight

The light of dawn slowly emerges

The day of her life still needs to fulfill

There are still many bad wolves running free

They are afraid of the people anger on the rise

But they are still many addicts of the wolves

They have buried their heads in the sand of time

They can't understand the wrong painted in their eyes

What they see are the brown envelopes of spending free

Hope is our need

The nation needs it to light

GE15 will be another fight

The light has to win to be free

PH leaders get your list of names ready


Pakatan Harapan leaders

No need sweat over no consultation

Get yourself prepared for the big race

It may happen if the scarecrow breaks his leg

Get your list of names ready now

Everything should be properly drawn up

30 days to get it moving along the nation

Let the voters hear something about it

Don't waste time on the back door

It is your own road you have to prepare

Every party can't get the full load

It is with coalition partners to lead

PH leaders better on the roll

Less talk but more action now

GE15 will spring up in surprise

Because the scarecrow can't take the heat

It will up to His Majesty

Considering the situation in the country

It may not be good to hold GE this year

Too much bad vibrations!

the crooks afraid of Bamboo River


The crooks can't stand the heat

Gearing up for GE is the way

They think they can have a chance

No need to register in Bamboo River

They think they can gamble to win

One bad guy gone to prison to stay

His heydays may have gone now

The others refuse to bow down

The chief wolf can't sleep well

In his mind his wrong is well found

He needs GE15 to make his escape

He keeps harping hard on his requests

The back door can't call GE15

They aren't in shape to take the heat

The budget will be held in 7 October

Speculating of GE15 on the card

The back door isn't prepared

The leaders want to stay longer

Calling for GE15 isn't conducive now

They will know they will lose badly

But the chief wolf has no patience

He keeps on insisting GE15 should be held

He is afraid he will check in to Bamboo River

A place he doesn't want to live and stay

the question of royal pardon shouldn't arise


Too much addiction

Thinking straight a problem

Finding ways to get free

No need the hard work

The birds of the same feathers

Plotting plan to get own kind free

Though he stays 2 nights now in prison

The plot has started on the roll

A memo was handed to the palace officials

Requesting a royal pardon for the convict

His Majesty has to think twice before he acts

In fact it is too early to consider it

But the birds of the same feathers

They aren't thinking straight in their heads

They are worried they would fail in the next election

As it is they would know the answer now

He still has his on going court cases

The question of royal pardon shouldn't arise

He has to serve his time for his crime

Let him learn his lessons well

Friday, August 26, 2022

the fear in ultimatum


The fear in ultimatum

The way of greedy of power

Down to the road of darkness

Who will want such leader at all?

The big bad wolf snarling wide

In his own castle he can do

Yet he has the fear in his eyes

Afraid he will go to the prison

He keeps finding ways

Calling his shots for GE15

He seems to run out of his patience

He can't sit waiting for it to happen

He has no patience

Because his case will throw him off

In the dungeon of where he will belong

So the fear in ultimatum

the chief wolf living in fear


The chief wolf

Dream of his cell

He wakes up in cold fear

That will be his days?

He keeps howling for GE15

He doesn't want to lose his power

He keeps pressuring his Vice President

To dissolve Parliament for him to gain strength

But the turtle man isn't in a hurry

He knows he will not smell his power again

Likely he will hold it as long as he can

He isn't the one facing a jail sentence

Now he has less one to worry

He is looking to contest for the top post

He thinks he has a chance in the party

But he is weak he can't think ahead

The chief wolf

He has to bite to get his way

Words are cheap to say it loud

It is action on the ground count

the hunters are running slow


The sharks in the oceans

Got the temptation got the wealth

Still swimming freely feeling no remorse

Because the hunters are running slow

The pebbles of red lines

Showing the illegal ways of living

Set up bogus companies siphoned off wealth

In the off-shore accounts with ringing bliss

The forensic report highlighted $892 million missing

Even stocks aren't for the needs of the assets built

How could it happen without the knowledge of the top?

It is the green light to pay without asking questions

The Comet Man is digging deeply into it

He named the people involved or linked to the scandal

He isn't afraid to be sued by those concerned

He has his facts and documents

The LCS scandal of $9 billion

Under the watch of the wolf leaders

These top guns haven't said much yet

One tries to deny but documents show otherwise

The wolves and the back door

Let them don't play on stage anymore

The country's wealth on the edge

We can't be feeling the Sri Lanka way

Thursday, August 25, 2022

the heads bury in the sand


The heads bury in the sand

They don't see the right

They don't see the wrong

What they can see are the brown envelopes

That's the difference

They will feel today

Even the boss goes to prison

They still say he is innocent!

Money is the root of evil

Once we don't use it properly

Our minds will be corrupted

Until we are zombies to be enslaved

But do the wolves realize?

A new breed will take shape

They will not see the wrong

Because their heads bury in the sand

one bad light finally draws a close


A better day

The country can see

Ahead for the independence

One bad light finally draws a close

It isn't the end of the road

The other sharks still swimming free

Hiding in the creeks in the dark water

Macc still waiting for orders to release the net

The sharks named in Komidi case

Many issued denial of the issues

But nobody dares to take up legal suit

Because it may sound true today

Even in LCS scandal

A fall guy to feed the news

It is the big sharks needed to catch

It will not stay too long to escape

The agencies should have their backbones

Go after the sharks don't wait for report or order

It has been said in public domain and internet

So why wait and no pro-action to pursue it?

A better day

The nation will experience

Though the political bad sins will not end

It is a chance to regain our dignity