Wednesday, March 31, 2021

they hold it afraid to call the cards


Once a decision is made

It has to be executed quickly

Once it has delayed its execution

The other party will gain the advantage

That's the way of the wolves

Howling so hard to get the points ahead

Yet when there is a decision to be made

They hold it afraid to call the cards

Once indecisiveness creeps in

The weaknesses of the leadership will be exposed

This is the reason why the minister's cluster

Quickly go over to discuss with Moo

The dragnet has already in place

The leadership has to fire the words

Everything will come to play

There is no need to complaint any more

As it stands today

Moo doesn't bother with it

Even the crocodiles stay close to Moo

They know where the butter is

The wolves have to make the impact

Carry on the tasks ahead to quit the back door

The longer they stay the bad they will become

Giving Moo the advantage to make them look weak

the taste of multi-racial party will return


Moo and crocodiles

They will stay together

They can't leave each other out

They want to cement it through GE15

They think they can win

It will be their downfall

They don't want to see

Why they can't survive

They think a majority race like them

Most humans will look forward to the future

They will not seek to transform back to time

They had read it they aren't going there again

Moo and crocodiles are living

In a time which had gone for good

They shouldn't think they can live in it again

It isn't a race to dominate the landscape

The wolves will reinvent their wheels

The crocodiles have spoken their desires

The wolves should divorce from the crocodiles

There is no hope with their different tastes

Will they survive in GE15?

They will face each other in the polls

Gardening for the same plants and flowers

Forgetting about the wild imperata arundina hea and shrubs

PH will have the advantage

GE15 can be today or tomorrow

There is the chance to repeat it again

The taste of multi-racial group will return

there is no reason to wait


The wolves leaders talk

Loudly for all to hear

No more with Moo

Until the next GE

Why are they waiting?

Make the clean break

Order the members in the cabinet

Quit now or be sacked

Now it shows the division

The minister's cluster will not resign

Until the leader of the wolves order it

But will the leader step up gear?

There is no reason to wait

The more he delays the more he will lose

The leader of the wolves

You have the mandate but why afraid to do it?

You have cornered your adversary

Yet you dare not go for the final plunge

You are afraid to strike on your own

You will allow your opponent to recharge and gain

spread the wings of light


The suspicious mind

Always looking for shadows

It can't stay in control

It feels afraid in every corner

Using religion for protection

Yet the suspicious mind

Can't look at objects of different faith

It feels it can be converted!

It will cry in loud noises

Like a baby wanting full attention

There shouldn't be other objects

Hanging up for the eyes to see

The suspicious mind

It narrows down the light

The dim glow hides its weaknesses

The faith is needed a refreshing course

It should open up

Spread its wings of light

Let every way glow

That's the way it should be

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

the heyday has gone for good


The mighty has fallen

Down to its knees feeling the blues

Though its leaders still talk big

The heyday has gone for good!

Yet the mighty still hasn't learned

The glorious years of the past have gone

It will not be coming back to stake the claim

The changes have evolved by the people

The mighty shift changes to the wolves

They think they can gather the harvest

Of the glorious years they had before

Now they speak of giving syariah laws more clout

This is by amending the Constitution

It shows the wolves haven't learned yet

Sabahan and Sarawakian and NM parties

They have to make sure Secular Nation stays

The wolves think they can gather on a race vote

They come out thinking to burn the lane

But the rain pushes it away to the drain

They will live to howling in pain

Religion shouldn't be in politics

It will make the politicians blind

Of the lake of fire burning

It is better they changed their ways

there is no glory for the wolves


The wolves never come out

With the glory they seek

It is more like a short history

Glowing of their past deeds

The Rocket isn't the punching bag

A sign of the time of the wolves

They may admire the quality of the Rocket

They have to lick their wounds since the last fall

The wolves should exert their power base

They want to do but they feel the bad

As the dwarfs managed to get hold of them

Now the wolves have to push for their dominance

As long as they delay a chance of advantage

Moo will get on with his gears of hunting mode

The wolves have to pull out now

Else nothing but pain of howling in the night

the wolves have to move quickly


Moo looks at the green field

The rain falls the last few days

It is good to look at the green

The natural way flowing

Then the wolves pull their antics

Moo stares at the field once again

The grass has turned brown in the sun

The wolves aren't calling bluff

The wolves will severe all ties

They aren't going to do with Moo

They want to go on their solo way

They will say goodbye

Now Moo will be worried

He may lose all his power and perks

When the leader of the wolves call to move out

Moo will face defeat

He can't call for snap poll

He knows he will lose it all

The only way for him to stay

Move back to PH slap on the wolves

The wolves have to move quickly

Undecisive thinking will cause them to fail

When they go on their solo venture of seats

They may not win in majority

the police still waiting to call?


The ministers gone over the state boundary

The photographs told in a thousand words

Yet the police say they will call the organizer

It happened in March 14

Is the police still play calling?

The ministers aren't called to confirm

On the pictures they crossed the state boundary

It shows the police trying to delay

Undi 18 protest

The organizers are called in quickly

In a day or two to be questioned

Here the ministers aren't called in yet

The police should act fair and true

They shouldn't play politics

Nobody is above the law

Once he has broken he has to be charged

Then let the court decide

A person walks out free or fine

The police should act without fear or favour

Nobody is above the law

But in the back door

The ministers are given special treatment

The police will drag to call them

They will hope the public will forget

Monday, March 29, 2021

the racist party will not live long


The racist party will not live long

The expiring date has arrived

Its leaders will recognize it

Though they can't change their minds

Because the good old ways

They could have the wealth of power

Going on a single lane road

They thought they were the heroes

Threw some crumbs here and there

They profited the most in style

Living in bungalows or mansions

Driving expensive cars around

Do they care of the people?

The ordinary folks struggling to earn a living?

They only speak in words but lack the will

Today they haven't changed still

One race has to wake up

Don't think it has escaped colonialism

It can come in economic controls

When the nation can't repay debts

China is pursuing this interest

PRC has the wealth to offer assistance

In the form of economic cooperation

But eye of the dragon is economy colonialism

When a nation is divided by race

Instead of one nationality

It will cause hardship to the people

It is where the super-powers can walk in

the man in the minister's cluster


The man in the minister's cluster

He can't go on singing as he likes

Now he is mentioned by his president

He should be man enough to go

He shouldn't claim he criticizes

for the good of his party

He actually becomes the spokesperson

For Bersatu where he gets his benefits

The man has felt the heat

He should hop over to Bersatu

This is where he should be

Instead staying with the wolves

His aide has been suspended for 6 months

He knows his turn will come after AGM

He better plans his move to save his face

Before he faces his similar fate

The president has the mandate

To ask all ministers and GLC appointees to go

Yet he hasn't called for it now

The leader of the wolves should but don't wait

If the leader waits too long

He may lose his advantage

As the parasites will move in

So he has to strike now

The man in the minister's cluster

He has no choice but to move to Bersatu

He will face his axe at any time

But why wait to get humiliated?

parliament shouldn't wait after emergency


Parliament should reconvene

It shouldn't wait after emergency

It has to sit for all the members

They need to discuss and checks

Moo is afraid

Though His Majesty has said it is okay

Yet Moo is dragging his feet to start it

He can't face the truth

Now the wolves have said publicly

The ministers and GLC appointees

They will have to resign as demanded

By the 143 branches of the wolves

What is Moo waiting?

He has one way to go

If he wants to keep his post

Return to PH with humility

The wolves will pull the plug

Though now they are howling like crazy

Moo has to move his allegiance

Back to PH or fallen in a sack of sand

don't talk in hot air


Don't talk in hot air

It will turn into vapour

There will be nothing

But words of nothingness

The wolves are drumming hot

Dreaming up the past once again

Once they were the dominant force

Now look at them today

The minister's cluster

Still hoping they can stay

Still undecided what to do

Waiting for direction to go

They should know the answer

Cut all ties and stay loyal

But power corrupts the minds

The power flow they can't forget

Ku Li asks them to resign immediately

To tell all and sundry the wolves aren't afraid

They can pound the terrain again

Welcome the challenge if they have to win

But will the wolves go to it?

They all crazy of power, wealth and positions

They may just show their white fangs

That's about all they may do

Don't talk in hot air

Make it through the round

Else who will be afraid of the wolves?

Moo will smile quietly after all

Sunday, March 28, 2021

the parasites will cause friction


The parasites in the wolves organization

Their roles and identity have been found

They are told to toe the party lines

Else they will be expelled

This year the Rocket

It can cool it in the back-ground

It isn't the punching bag

Like all the previous wolves gathering

Today the wolves hit back

On their own kind to stay relevant

The cake has become smaller

The 3some sharing the same cake

Though the wolves want to dominate

As a single race to manage the nation

It isn't the way to go for the selection

Because the parasites may cause friction

The nation has many colours

It isn't in tune for a colour to progress

It has to complement each colour to glow

Else the wolves will become irrelevant

going solo will not win


Power will grab the minds

On wealth, power, positions and control

No politicians will want to run away

Power like the taste of kings and presidents

The wolves can hint that way

Want to go alone in GE15

They forget time has changed

The heyday has all gone

No Bersatu, Anwar and DAP

But Amanah is okay?

The wolves only howling loud

They will not get the result

The current crop of leaders

They aren't worth to be elected

They don't help the people and nation

They only work for their own interests

Now the wolves can shout

But action will count in all processes

They are giving Moo a chance to even the score

The wolves will suffer on their own folly

You don't give your enemy a chance

Once he has it he will turn around

The next hit the enemy will win

He has found your weaknesses”

The wolves will never learn

They dream of the past glory

As if today or tomorrow they will win

They better check reality in politics

It's time to join forces to score

Going solo will not get the ball

The game of play has changed

The people will know how to play

the drama hasn't got high


The howling at Putra world trade centre

The echo within the walls

The fangs all showing white like snow

There is nothing to show

The drama hasn't got high

Only the warning to the parasites

Working within the organization

Wanting to stay on relevancy

Actions never get underway

It is still the howling of sound

Moo will smile as he can breathe easy

He may not want to call for snap poll

Why should he?

He knows he will lose it all

Moo can stay on until 2023

As long as the wolves can't think hard

Anwar shouldn't pursue his numbers

Let it be and see what will happen

Let the upright souls come to realize

Anwar should plan for the next election

The wolves can only talk big

The outcome will not be realize

Because the bad marks will take ages to heal

Unless the current crop all are changed

The howling at Putra world trade centre

Its roar has no effect to the nation

The wolves have no clout to change

Because they can't decide

the conflict within the wolves


The wolves must bite

Every second they delay

It will make them go disarray

As the conflict will arise

Within the ranks of seniors

One of them keep carving it

He can't seem to stop and think

He is always wanting to attack

Publicly he seems to be on the cow

So what will the wolves elders do?

They haven't taken the strict measures

They allow the stray wolf to bring conflict

In the ranks of senior wolves

No action shows there are weaknesses

The internal conflict will keep rising

The leader of the pack has to move in quickly

No more howling without action

He needs to take preventive measures

Before the internal storm blows him away

Saturday, March 27, 2021

the double standards in SOP rules


The SOP rules

Every one should follow it

There shouldn't be any exception

This is to avoid double standards

A deputy minister shouldn't be exempted

Though he may fly in from a less virus country

He should be quarantined in a hotel not in his house

The DG of Health shouldn't have supported the move

It doesn't matter a person has a big house

The ample place to self quarantine at home

But who is going to check on him 24/7?

It spells again a different rule

The ordinary folks will be put in the hotel

In the rooms for the duration of the quarantine

If this isn't double standards in SOP

This is why the back door must be gone

The aroma isn't good to us

It brings us to nowhere

We are still struggling

From the economy to our well being

the game of Brutus in the wolves


The wolves have a fair share

Of the inside Brutus trying to disrupt the pack

Causing the image to look bad on the wolves

These leaders have been identified already

The wolves meeting

They have to make their stand

Pull out now or forever hold their tongues

It will be no use harping in the full moon

Currently there are divided into 2 camps

The minister's cluster and court cluster groups

The way each will try to push for own interests

It isn't for the nation or people more on own interests

If the wolves are hungry for GE15

Believing they have the right to win it all

They should pull out from the back door

It will show they have the balls to finally do it

But will they dare to bite?

Because its brand isn't shining any more

It has been splashed with red paint

It will take a while to clear its name

For the short term winning goal

The wolves have to seriously consider joining PH

The cooperation will make the winning formula

Else the wolves will not be able to perform

the inter-state travels


The inter-state travels

It mustn't allow to go

The hard work of the front liners

It will be all wasted

As long as Rocking Rona is in the air

Nobody will feel safe as the virus will wait

Hopping to the wayward people

The easy fall for the hosts

Though vaccines have rolled out

Nobody should take it for granted

Because Rocking Rona isn't going away

We must abide by the SOP

Currently we have around 1,300-1,500 infections daily

It isn't encouraging result while vaccines still rolling out

The inter-state travels should be put on hold

It will serve no purpose but to cause a new cluster




The good souls will realize

They can't run with the bad

They will be tainted as well


The good ones will rise up

Leave the back door

Stay in the front gate

They will realize the truth

Wealth in power, money and positions

They can't bring along with them

When the Lord calls them home


The good souls will arrive

Discard the bad ways to redeem souls

Before it is too late


The light is still burning

The bad will realize the final verdict

In the lake of fire or redeem souls

Friday, March 26, 2021

moo is still afraid


Moo is still afraid

He can't stand the losing streak

He has no idea to jump start the economy

He is busy finding ways to stay on his job

Even “Undi 18” he wants to postpone

It was passed in both Houses

He shouldn't bend it to his liking

Because he was involved with its passing

Now the wolves should act quickly

If they really want to trigger GE15

It may happen or it may not be

Quit the back door Moo will collapse!

What will the wolves do?

Still howling like yesterday story?

This is the score to settle

The many complaints they have

Moo is still afraid

Using emergency law to prop up his seat

It isn't about Covid 19 at all

It is about holding on to the power base

what will the wolves say?


What will the wolves say?

Still playing dribbling in the D circle

They want to show how good they are

But scoring the goals?

The 143 branches gave the signal

Kick the ball to score the winning

The wolves still going to dribble

But Moo knows their tricks well

He was once with them

Running the pack to win

Now he waits for the outcome

The wolves meeting to decide

What will the wolves say?

Knock out Moo and see the result

Stop the dribbling start to score

The 143 branches want it to be done

it doesn't matter


It doesn't matter

How the opposition stay together

As long as it can get rid of the back door

Get the common enemy out

The long delay will cause the nation

The back door has no idea how to manage

It is always politics on race and religion

As if it can help progress the country

It doesn't matter

Come together to chase out

The common enemy

It will save the nation of the bad

The leaders are weak

The ordinary folks suffer for it

Rocking Rona still stays active

Vaccines can help but it isn't a cure

It seems there are 2 sets of SOP

One for the ministers and families

One for the ordinary folks

Come with breaches the ordinary folks suffer

It doesn't matter

As long as the opposition can change

Join forces to carry away the back door

It will save the nation of the shame