Wednesday, March 31, 2010

it must be a new badge

The old body rots
Living in the dark room
Camouflaged with honey
Under OSA no peeping tom

For years it lives
Giving up a chance to free
The make believe world
The elites stake their hold

Nobody can question
They just stare at you
Branding ancient keris
The sour grapes flow

Now the old body
The elites give it a new coat of paint
Shining of gold beaming bright
It smells of body rots

Yet the elites sing
The partners giving thumbs up
Telling the people now is the time
We hear it too often to listen

It must be a new badge
The way forward for the nation
The old has cracked thieving takes it all
We can't let history repeat all over again

where is the light?

Where is the right?
It has been gone.....
By the laws breaking our backs

Where is the rule?
It isn't made to follow
The people get crying shame

Where is the freedom?
All clogged in laws
On the bench smoking cigars

Where is the light?
In our minds searching the truth
Some day it will make us free

Where is friendship?
It is through wealth
Otherwise it is waste of time

What have gone wrong?
We vote the wrong people
Now we suffer for our stupidity

the young voters

The young voters
You will decide the destiny of the country
Go register and play your game
For GE13 the call of change

So many leakages
Absolved into OSA
Nobody can get a peep
The billions lost somewhere

NEP then DEB
Now NEM.....telling the same story
For a race 52 years can't progress?
Bee Anne leaders dare not tell the truth

The coalition partners knew
Yet they kept quiet only saying in closed doors
They alleged got the golden crumbs
For them this is want they wanted

What happened to the $52billion?
LGE brought up the issue
Ameeno keeps quiet.......
People will remember

The country bleeds
All on our stupidity
Now we woke up
What a fool we had been!

Young voters
You will make the difference
For the country's wealth depends on you
The way you should push for your generations

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the shadows in the light

The shadows in the light
Caressing through souls
The whirring heartbeats
You will never know

When it happens
There is no trial for you
Shut you in prison
For 60 days or more

The Drugs Act and ISA
The draconian laws to bully
We elected our representatives
See what they have done to us

The Ameeno and its partners
The wealth of the nation glow
Putting the people in fear........
Obediently they just walk away

Now the younger generations
Time for you to play your part
The older people may have made mistakes
Only realized it partly in March 8,2008

Let freedom be the truth
In our lives as we go along
Break the walls of race
Break the walls of fear

the silver dragon fires

The Perak State Assembly
The Perakians moan of its dying state
Swallowing up in pity...........
The people's representatives denying right to rule

The pretender government
Through the Sultan forgetting his law
Through the court judges bending the Constitution
For the back door government legitimacy

How low Perak shine?
The State Assembly police officers hide
It becomes a hollow God doesn't agree
The pretender needs police security

The silver dragon fires
A glow in peoples' eyes
The time will come
They face the history make

The crown is heavy
When people don't agree
The sleepless nights red eyes glow
The voters will make them pay

it never stays in one place

The holes gone bigger
All the debris and rubbish in
Leaving an unhealthy scent

Yet the messages
Writing out to prick our senses
“Don't throw here”

Look at the politicians
The government leaders behave
The holes gone bigger they ignore

The gullible people
They don't wake up still
Sleeping in their minds

The rural folks
They think they get crumbs are good
They don't know the billions gone!

The holes gone bigger
The smell the whirring breeze
It never stays in one place

the shade of fall

The shade of fall
Darkness seems to call
Into it nobody cares
Of what it will be hatched

The womanizer strolls
Along the corridor of darkness
Smiling with his ego
Nobody knows what he did

He evades all issues
He even swears on it
The people as the audience
They should pick the truth and lies

The stage lightings
The drumbeats echo
The characters indulge into plays
Of live needs and desires

The shade of fall
Behind curtains the shadows glow
Of the lies spreading as the truth
Desperately wanting to get free

faith a map of tomorrow

Faith a map of tomorrow
You can't see it neither feel it
You keep wishing in your mind
In a state of play gunning your life

You have to do what is today
Accumulate your knowledge and experience
Don't sit and dream about faith
You can't have it without learning the rope

Faith a stone undisturbed
An imaginary journey in the mind
It doesn't take an educated guess
It is the play of a reason

The Crusaders and Jihadists
Of ancient and of today
It is faith they thought go to heaven
Fighting for a cause on God

In reality buried underground
Burning into pieces split into unfathomable rides
As heavens will be beyond reach for them
Playing into the hands of blind faith

Faith go to the graveyards
Listen to the whirring breeze
Maybe you will hear voices
“Don't be a fool do the right way”

Leave vengence to God
It isn't our fight to redeem the honour
We are born to learn the rope
Of how to reach paradise

single or married?

You want to be single
You want to get married
You want to cohabitate
You make your decision

Live with it
Let no regret come to intervene
Live the life as you have chosen
A decision you make

Whatever you plan to do
Have interests to make the time
Plan to be your own
Single or married shouldn't cup it

You are still an individual
A life you were born to live
Fate is just a subjective corruption
You decide what you want

Let the glow in your eyes
Take you where you want to go
You want to be single
You want to get married

Monday, March 29, 2010

the love child

The love child
You are alive
Once you get the right place

The love child
Once in a bad relationships
You are dead

The society frowns
The unwed women's sin
On poor judgement and indiscretion

The love child
Born to die quickly
The sins of lovers

The love child
The childless couples pray
Yet the red tape

The echo in the hall
The love child
Abandoned into parentless world

the unwed mothers

Unwed mothers
Abandoned babies
Society feel at ease
Reading about it

There are many childless couples
They wish to adopt babies
Yet the authorities take own sweet time
Processing the applications

The racket on babies for sale
It is a lucrative business
As the demands exceeding
Childless couples pray

The unwed mothers
Religious officials labelling them
Loose morals a scorn of society
They forget unwed mothers have feelings

Sins in our minds
We have no moral ground to say
Only extend our hands of friendship
Let them know help always be there

The authorities should be understanding
As these unwed mothers feeling the heat
Of passion and romantic illusions
Let them know help a phone call away

a reflection

The 'tomahawk' bird
Flying in standing on the window ledge
Admiring its image calling for recognition

It hops along eyes staring at its image
A reflection of its own staring it back
The eyes looking around trying to understand

Why it never comes?
The 'tomahawk' bird calls
There is no response

In a little while
The 'tomahawk' bird flies away
Flapping its wings

Right to the trees
Across the street
In the morning, sun bearing heat

the unfolding onion

The pieces of onion
Peeling it slowly as the seconds go
The undressing falling tears joyously cry
By the window the cool fresh air

As the peeling knife edges in
The juices drip the hunger flow
Somewhere the cooking will flourish
By the hands cooking the dishes

The slides peeling away
Never afraid to get into the hot wok
Bubbling with enthusiasm for a cause
For healthy living live to tell stories

The bubbling oil all eager to embrace
The chopped onions juicy strikes
The aroma travelling out of the window
The wing insects stopping by to smell

The aroma lingers
Of scent and peeling flow
By the window the cool breeze blow
The tears fall the taste of living

Sunday, March 28, 2010

clouds advertising its colours

The dark clouds in the sky
Moving slowly advertising its colour
As the wind stays away
The rain just can't fall

The sun comes out strong
Shining golden beams burning hot
And without warning rain come along
For a few minutes that is today

It is a treat or a trick?
As the dark clouds come again
The rain just waving away
As the sun brings its glory

Then the night fall
The full moon shining
The dark clouds bloom
It isn't going to rain

change mca

MCA on trial
Today the potential candidates try
Will they get their wishes?
When the delegates cast votes?

For over 60 years
Branding race enrichment on the way
When you talk about MCA
It is always going down to make wealth

MCA has become
A party of wealth machine
The leaders will live an easy life
Getting titles and prestige

Helping the poor Chinese?
It's only a subplot in its journey
MCA better evolves........
Be a multi-racial party

Race base parties on the way out
Only those who have hidden agendas will try
Putting up blocks to hide its real intentions
Brewing race forgetting 1Malaysia

The only choice now
The delegates pick the one
Pick Chua Soi Lek....
See how he puts up his fight

A second chance man
He will want to clean up his slate
He did stand up on his weaknesses
He doesn't hide it away

MCA evolves with 1Malaysia
No more race only Malaysian
Pick it up and shame the devil
Walk the talk else hold your horses

patience win the game

Patience win the game
Like Jacob in the Holy Bible
How he suffers yet he holds on his belief
Finally he gets his wishes

Hindraf leader must learn
Yet he forgets of friends who helped him
While he was detained in Kamunting
Candle vigils and petitions

Running down his friends
In Pakatan without showing graciousness
The Hindraf leader wants to go overboard
Thinking he has his people to play ball

Pakatan should forget him
He had said bad things on friends
Fill a candidate who is clean and good
Without going after wealth temptation

Zaid can be such person
A former minister dares to speak his mind
He can look after the people's interests
He has his own wealth.............

Hindraf leader has lost his game
Impatience will dislodge one's aim in life
Burning out too soon too early
Wanting it forgetting about grace

Saturday, March 27, 2010

love without money 3

The bad apples attract
The group who go against the norms
They rebel for their own needs
Women find them attractive

Maybe it could be the movies
Women always fall for the bad guys
The character faults yet looking attractive
Women fall so much easily

The guts to fight
On the law and belief
They dare to challenge
Even go to jail........

Women will clamour for them
Offering all kind of services
Only parents worrying whole day
What are they up to?

Love without money
The guys feel good with it
Women supporting them
The gravy train hard to resist

the natural disasters

The sun hot
Burning heat feeling it
The natural vegetation
Let it not disappear

The life of the Planet Earth
It depends on how we cherish
The place we call home
With a roof over our heads

The sun beam
Heating up its golden rays
You can feel the anger
How stupid we can make ourselves

The ice melting
In the cold countries
Rising fear of flooding
We never learn don't we?

The sun hot
The ice melting
The natural disasters
We seem bend on doing it

love without money 2

This restaurant captain
Taking orders with a smile
Sometimes he runs
Quickly writing orders

A few months he works
For a catering business
Falling in love is great
Don't you think it is?

Only now he begins to slack
In his mind he thinks of his love
He wants to stay close forgetting his work
He calls his employer giving silly excuses

One thing leads to many
Finally he is out of a job
Love without money
When bills need to pay

When I visited the restaurant
It was how it was related to me
Falling in love without responsibility
It is a bad choice in reality

Yet many women fall in love
With guys who have silly rhythm
Capturing them for short term escapades
Love without money tear will fall

love without money

Love without money
You think you can survive?
In the living world
Where harsh reality bites

Romance makes the illusion
There is a way to funding love
As the erotic eyes bloom
Nothing matters as the lovers glow

Nothing matters
As the lovers go
What's money when they have each other?
Outside world a distance flow

Love without money
You think you can survive?
The eyes of romantic illusion
They say everything can

In the living world
Where harsh reality bites
Love without money
The tears will fall

Friday, March 26, 2010

why spend $11 billion for defence?

$11 billion for new toys
So says the Bee Anne boys
By next month South of the border
Shopping for defence weapons

Whose pockets will it fall?
As AG report always conclude
Vapourisation in money spent
Nobody can trace how it gone

This $11billion should be spent at home
For the country's poor and housing
Roads and hospitals and medicines
Why spend on defence equipments?

We want to show our might?
We can't even learn how to fight
It is just for shock interests....
Maybe lining up pockets

People we better change
Our government before it is too late
Submarine can't sink..........
Communists all have gone home

God works

Nobody can be rich
Nobody can live longer
Nobody can graduate

It's the game
Build it up in our minds
Do we have the stomach for it?
The sweat, fear and doom?

Nobody wants to be poor
Nobody wants to get caught
Nobody wants to get handicap

It's the game
Build it up in our minds
Telling us we shouldn't be haughty
Though living in a grand style

It's God plan
Teaching us
It's better to give

The surplus you have
In stock in humanity in wealth
You can't take with you
When time to go....

life of gadgets

Life of gadgets
Moving into our world
Living with it
Feeling the goodness

On a switch
Everything moves
You just walk in
Smell the life

Then when gadgets on strike
Life becomes hard to handle
Scratching head screaming inside
Why me? Oh why me?!

It's good to stay
On manual throttle once a while
Be prepared for any eventuality
You can't be caught unprepared

Life of gadgets
Strumming our lives
Singing its songs
We are drown in total bliss

Do we?
Be prepared for any thing
On our lives as we move on
It's good to feel the natural flow

it's hard to let go

When they got the taste
Wealth and properties
By the handouts at taxpayers expense
It is so hard to let it go

They want to protect
They want it badly
It's like a drug
It flows into the system

They keep saying
The target hasn't been met
Those years ago of Ali Baba schemes
Giving them the cake they sold it handsomely

And they put up statistics
Judging it is just an alleged lie
Those made the money and gone
It starts all over again

When they got the taste
It is hard to really let go
It's a drug drowning them
They will be weak to fight

Thursday, March 25, 2010

telling tall tales

One by one
The latest independent mps
Spinning tales with immunity
In the August House

Telling a tall tale
Ameeno gang lodged many police report
What was said in Parliament
Let the members debate

Tale of fixing prominent politician
The zeezee man cried
Telling a tall tale
Comdemning his former party members

Do we believe these guys?
Cheat the voters for their own benefits
The voters can sue them for misrepresentation
Of their true colours after the election

Ah Lan Too Yah
The real murderer hasn't been caught
Walking free in the society
The agency never dares to pursue

Now the turncoats
Running with wild accusations
In Parliament of immunity
On special privileges.....

These mps don't raise
The outdated laws in the country
What ways to jump start the economy
It's only spinning tall tales

local council elections

Local council elections
The Federal Government runs away
Citing the Local Government Act as an excuse
In the back lane polishing 1Malaysia slogan

The Bee Anne coalition partners
Crying of power lost and incentives
These leaders dare not flow with 1Malaysia
So the black knight can shout all he wants

PR must explore ways
Implement it at state level
Divide into zones and call for votes
Then appoint the successful candidates

When the enthusiasm is high
The PR government shouldn't let go
Give the voters what they want
The people elect, PR formalise it

The boy who cries wolf
The Bee Anne hopes to intimidate
About false alarm and wasting time
Now the cracking walls...........

Now they say about laws
In Perak the laws never apply
Even the judges missed the point
On the State constitution

Local elections
Invite the NGOs to conduct
With the associations and clubs
They represent a cross section

Of their memberships
Coming from various backgrounds
Of working experiences and knowledge
Here a ready pool of local councillors

the bully

The big bird bullying the small
Chasing in the air flying docking in the trees
Until the speed difference makes the kill

The prey flaping wings
Crying for help captured by its claws
The big bird proudly clamps it down

On the cross section of a tree trunk
Pinning the prey laying flat on it
The claws and beak claw in the soft flesh

The predator swings into killing mode
There is no mercy there is compassion
It's the power and hungry for the food

The weakling prey breathes its last
The body tearing into pieces............
The silence on the tree

light the candles

Light the candles
On the compound glows
The dim light shining
The romantic illusion

The passage way
The shrubs and tea leaves
The soft night breeze
Casting shadows of many

People come
Friends and relatives
The food and drinks
The way party begins

Music flowing
The garden full of it
Noises of conversation
Do you hear a word they say?

It's only the human animations
As the party begins to flow
Niceties and hello
Nice to meet you

The caterers busy
Walking in and out
Bringing trays of food
Fruits and drinks

The waiting staff
Alert on their charge
Smell the aroma
Of cakes and sweets

The shadows of many
Clustered amongst known people
The smile and laughter ringing
On a dim light party singing

The gate crashers
Amongst the neighbours
Smiling faces etiquette flow
Let the good time glow

The more the merrier
On the occasion of celebration
Like an open house
Every one is free to walk in

The cultures of many
Manifested into traditions
Time hasn't changed
Yet the people mindsets do

The candles glow
Casting twilight dark faces
Amongst the trees and leaves
Reflection of the human animations

The waiting staff busy
Catering the wishes of many
Of life enjoyments
They see hoping they can one day

The music serenade
The songs of romance
Bringing people together
On a party shyness disappear

Light the candles
Let see the breezy wind dancing
The light gyrating wildly
Of party friends and romance

Do you listen?
The whirring sound from a far
The owl hooting in the darkness
The light dance the shadows glow

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the 101 dalmations

The 101 Dalmations
Spotted running and barking
“Give me! Give me! Oh give me!”

The stage is set
The field decorated with banners
Dinners and running down characters

The 101 Dalmations
Barking at the 31 posts
Now all eyes set for the race

The top places
The fallen musketeers
Branding swords different directions

Is it for the party?
Is it for a race?
The agenda each own interests

The lone ranger
The painted face
The softie in the maze

And the race
The 101 Dalmations
Tearing on the runway

The top chart
The radio deejay spins
Is it party? Is it personal gain?

the cheating men

The cheating men
The way society tolerated
On relationships forgetting responsibility
Leaving the families in emotional turmoil

And they say
It is their nature
Wanting to plant seeds
Branding their sticks

They don't tell
They have brains to think
To control to reason to judge
What are the consequences?

They run free
Leaving trails of fallen angels
Tears with the wind
Anguish of being so stupid

The cheating men
Women tag on them
Feel the grandeur of the hunt
Somebody has to cry in pain

scams many fall

Scams many fall
Money gone promises unfulfilled
Tears will flow anguished on stupidity

The promises of good returns
The promises of rock bottom prices
On instant millions cheap expensive cars

Scams many fall
Believing as many supporters
The herd mentality losing saving

Yet people still fall victims
Of their own greed and convictions
Now sitting on the rocking chairs

Telling stories of greed
Don't fall victim to it
Who will listen?

perlis shocker

Perlis shocker
Titi Tinggi assemblyman resigns
He sends shock waves
Amongst the MCA leaders

This week the crucial MCA election
Who will lead the party elected by the delegates?
Perlis shocker blaming game begins
On the rotation basis serving state cabinet

It's the power and greed
Suddenly it falls apart for some
When gravy plucks into a halt
Saving face let it go

Now the back pedalling
MCA leaders internal quarrels remain
At this juncture throwing accusations
Admit it is the 3Ps

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the crowded top

MCA crowded at the top
Contesting to serve themselves
For the Chinese people far away horizon
Feeding the delegates

One is a Lone Ranger
Galloping up the hill
Doing his own thing
He doesn't learn about compromise

One the camouflaged actor
A gentleman admitted his faults
Of his weaknesses between the legs
He wants to teach them lessons

One a softie
A tough stand he fails
Bullying by ameeno
A disgrace to his integrity

Now they come
Hitting the campaigns
Different roads of recovery
For themselves

For the Chinese interests
It has been faltered decades ago
These MCA leaders only for vested interests
They don't walk the talk any more

the concrete jungle

The concrete jungle
Tall buildings rich and poor
Back alleys the side businesses
Even hawker stalls

The crowded people
Day in night out
The people's parade
Drug addicts, pimps, robbers

Thieves, pickpockets, con people
The flow of greed and rich quick schemes
Hit the preys inventing make believe stories
Money swindled crying tears of stupidity

Complexes mushrooming
Window shopping spying preys
Walking in the airconditioned ways
CCTV cameras false hope of security

The concrete jungle
The predators hide and camouflage
The smooth operators influencing victims
It's always greed befallen preys

The concrete jungle
The black tigers roam
Searching for preys
As security lapses

we have been allegedly cheated

Democracy isnt winner takes all
It isn't how it is working
The minority must have a share
Representating others in the market

The sampling must involve
All sectors glue into democracy
It can't be decided by a handful
Where integrity and honesty can be bought

If Malaysia really wants to practise democracy
The prime minister must be elected by all people
He shouldn't be elected from his own party members
Leaving the rest of the parties out of it

Here democracy winner takes all
The minority is given into the black hole
Living in the darkness subject to the pleasures of the winner
Any criticism will be quickly silent

In Malaysia the prime minister's post
Decided by the ameeno divisional leaders
All 191 of them decide for the people
Is this called democracy?

Wake up people
We are sleeping long enough
Over 52 years it's time
To come out and play

the jungle

The jungle
Green thick of it
It isn't for the timid
Trekking through

The walk of silence
The hearing of wild voices
The broken twigs falling branches
Leaves stretching out for help

The noises of birds and insects
Sometimes distance water fall
The jungle the green of spider's web
Intrigues and wayward treks

The jungle
It isn't for the timid
Nature can make it blinds
Into its circle; it's a maze

Monday, March 22, 2010

when love is right

When love is right
Everything sparkling bright
There is no traffic jam
It is always green light

When love is right
Silly mistakes take with a smile
Bad habits sweep under the carpet
All the feeling right on the line

When love is right
Playfulness gears into life
The blissful charms and smile
The journey runs in perfect harmony

When love is right
Nothing say or do is wrong
The minds willing to close one eye
Let it flow with laughter

When love is right
Bless the Lord making nights
The twinkling stars shining bright
And the soft breeze whirring erotically by

the spinning tales

The frogs croak
In Parliament pulling magic
Spinning long tales
Of losing personal integrity

Of lies and spins
Greed and power game
Money allegedly offered
Spinning tales of make believe

The ruling elites jump the gun
Making police reports many came
In Parliament it is free speech
What these idiots falling for?

The power and greed
They don't think in perspective
Quickly generating into frogs
Jumping wild when water spray

Say it outside Parliament
The frogs disappear quickly
Into the make believe pond
Cooling temperature hiding away

back door wild

Back door wild
Money and power descend
Into territorities of blurry lines

You hear the whispers
They come to tell
About the sins of the minds

There is no boundary
Money and power descend
It captures the hungry souls

It's the weaknes
Of beauty and needs
Power and greed

You can't get it all
You can't get the satisfaction
Yet you will carry on

Back door wild
The sand clock the fast lanes
The whispers the forbidden game

fear make many fall

God and sex
The way it is sanctioned
Be good and multiply
Cultivating love the honey road

All is good
When nothing happens
The lives moving on
Locking into road of bliss

Only when evildoers arrive
Planning the fear of God
Using for their own devices
Telling the innocents to glorify them

The greed and sexual favours
Running into every corner
The fear of God they take advantage
The fairer sex suffer in pain

The black magicians and alterior motives
Women reluctantly falling into traps
Offering bodies for purification
It is purely greed and sex..........

The way the journey
Many will fall again
Instilling God fearing wisdom
Many surrender believing it's the only way

it's the easy prey

Johore the State of boom
Social ills and wayward guys
Leaving families behind
As they plunge into the holes

Of wealth creations and women
Nothing wrong when responsibility adheres
It is the lack of it causing friction
In the family finding hard to meet living

The women easy preys
For companies looking for quick gains
So in The Star news reported
Insurance companies female agents

Get the business sleep with the clients
The potential agents from single mothers
Divorcees and women helping boyfriends
Arranged to meet would be clients...

In karaoke lounges and night clubs
The easy flow the enjoyment of company
Starry nights temporary illusions
Yet it is the living bringing food on the table

If the female agents fail to hit
They have to pay fine of $1,000 to $3,000
This is all wrong in every aspect.....
Yet the women bear naked for a price

The living souls
Hard to find money
Families and bills to pay
It's the easy prey

Sunday, March 21, 2010

wild guys wild women

Wild guys wild women
You find them in the city in the village
Classy act simplicity routine

They don't need advice
Wild guys wild women
On the move as life travels

In the city the money buy
Posh hotels classy lounges
You know them beauty parades

Wild guys wild women
Forget about responsibility
They pretend in living

In the village playgrounds
Dark lit compounds
They don't need advice

Wild guys wild women
The sins of their lives
They pretend in living

now a deja vu

Come walk with me
We share the glory
We share the country's fortunes
The economic of ups and downs

Once we did
The sleeping beauty gone
Spending nearly $300 billion
We thought we found a right

It was a vamp
Sucking the blood dry
Now gone into pasture
Silence walks in the cave

Now a deja vu
The familiar call again
Come walk with me
Through backdoors it seems

The old box must change
Enough of the stains and travels
Let a new broom sweep.........
A better way to achieve our gains

the stray cats

Once there were many stray cats
Roaming at will amongst the houses
God's creatures trepassing compounds
Staring at the owners “you think you own it?”

The compounds littering with its calling cards
The cat urines scattered to control its territory
Leaving behind its waste and literally destroying the grass
The stray cats rule house owners headaches

Slowly the stray cats disappear
The familiar ones all gone.........
Weeks later nothing is heard
Maybe the stray cats finally poisoned

A few new cats appear
For a while they too gone
Somewhere greed takes over
Overhelming the owners cats taste its folly

The stray cats
The grasses gone littering calling cards
God's creatures by nature soiled the ground
Staring at the owners 'you think you own it?'

Saturday, March 20, 2010

the ferris wheel

On the gallery
The black knight riding
The horse of black
Charging the spin

Paying glorious homage
The main newspapers play
Spinning tales doctored photographs
Let the people read and see

The charging black horse
Galloping high telling all the lies
On the hidden causes
The people should be told

The Alternative Media
The blogs and cyber newspapers
Unspin the tales telling us the truth
At least there is no blanket lie

Walk with you
Like a deja vu
Of sleeping beauty once
Enough of the antics

Enjoy your black horse
The end is coming...........
The empire will fall
On GE 13 a new dawn!

tell the truth

PSM press conference in KL
borrowed from

Tell the truth
The politicians must do
Spinning lies will get nowhere
In the end the walls crumbling down

Bee Anne leaders
They will not disclose the truth
Assets holding within themselves and families
Hiding it the best way they could

Pakatan coalition leaders
They too must be honest to disclose
Are these leaders waiting for a miracle?
Before they start jumping the queue

PSM leaders
They did the right way
Teaching others what truth is
Be humble life will be rewarded

Slowly the public will demand
Disclosing of assets in any form
For the political leaders and representatives
For a clean, honest, trustworthy government

it's the family

The family the tapestry
The journey glue into it
The high and low
The family tree

The glory and back stabbing
Of wealth and prestige
Of rich or poor parents
Living hard enjoying free

The family tree
Spreading far and wide
Remote areas, smog filled cities
In villages tending fields and gardens

True every one has a share
In things and words giving out freely
Amongst families spreading out
Into the world of 7 seas

the pattern cakes on the field

In the morning
The glory of the sun
The flow of golden rays
Splashing wild every where

It's a good day
The journey of living
Hanging out walking and vehicles
Basking the glory of the sun

The busy bees and butterflies
Dragonflies and moths........
Flurry of activities amongst plants
The lives in the sun

The rivers, streams and wells
The living patterns crying for help
The rain doesn't listen hiding in the clouds
The sun hitting hard on the ground

The cakes of hardened soil
Agricultural farmers praying hard for rain
The sun asks the rain to hide away
Let them feel the raw anger of nature

In the morning
The blazing rays
The rain must sing
Pattern cakes on the field

Friday, March 19, 2010

supper time

Supper time
I watch the people arrive
Dinner early in the evening
Night the final tuck-in

The English the tea and biscuits
The Chinese is food and drinks
The supper in the late of night
Chow time before hitting the sack

When I sit down and watch
The throng of people gathering around
The well known food stalls
The hit of the high note

Supper time
The food for the dreams
Into the night
Where energy hits

the evening sky

The evening sky
Cloudy romance waving by
The written text nature digging in
“Catch me if you can”

The sun rays shining
Penetrating into the dense leaves
Exposing the magical colours
Glaring as it writes on the treks

The way of natural flow
The images signal the time
Of high and low; winners and losers
In a society of rising stars

The waving lights
Amongst the leaves and bushes
As withered leaves falling
The messages passing by

The cool sometimes hot breeze
Circulating amongst the target spots
Of witches and make believe
It takes the mind to flow with it

Nature reaching out
Into the flow of the mind
The dancing golden rays
It tells it never stops shining

we better start believing

We are the sinners
We are the wayward people
Living on this Earth
We forget our roots
We take our pots
Everywhere we go
And we never try to understand
What has gone wrong
We are the sinners
We are the wayward people
Living on this Earth
The only one we can survive
Sun down to sun up
We think we can survive
The things we do
Disruptions of families and ties
Oh yeah we think we are good
Behaving like “Brutus” in every opportunity
We are the sinners
We are the wayward people
We aren't perfect in every way
We have to start believing
There is a purpose we are here
It is to enter paradise

no rain

No rain
The agricultural lands
Dry with earthly cakes
The farmers stare with sadly faces

The tiny cracks
Thousands can be seen
No rain
The constipation of land

The rivers and streams
Drying fast in the hot sun
Where developments came
Nature took a back seat

Once I had
6 months of buying water
When local small dam dried up
Bottled drinks selling like hot cakes

No rain
Life isn't easy
Yet living we must
On nature we forget

Thursday, March 18, 2010

dont blame El Nino

The water
Without it life suffer
Rivers, streams and dams
The dry spots life in knot

Blame on El Nino
The hot stalker in the air
Blowing away the natural rain formation
Let it disappears

The States in the Federation
East Malaysia and Northern States
The dry dams and rivers
The people are worried

Blame it on El Nino
The excuses seem so logical
Blame on the government
On the people wasting it

The natural flow
All break into pieces
For profits and satisfaction
The Bee Anne government helps along

Don't blame El Nino
We should study our habits
Take care of nature
It will take care of us

the night stalls

In the night stalls
Near to the main market
The people come
The taste of dinner and supper

The easy going flow
The customers of various sizes
Throng the stalls pick choices
The night hawkers' stalls

The hawkers years in business
The toils and tolls get into them
The hardwork and long hours
The years seem unkind to them

Some age quickly
Breathing in smoke
Today I see two
Suddenly aging

I haven't been there a while
So I guess something got into them
Sickness or the toil of labour
Earning to survive

Yet the hawkers ploughing through
Feeding the customers of all sizes
The businesses of food and drinks
Money can be made with hard work

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the mountain of serenity

On the cool mountain
Where traffic is your own
Living it up as you climb
The view the breathlessly smile

The colours of beautiful clouds
The eyes see sharing inwardly
Breathing hard as the trek goes high
Leaving traffic far behind though for moments

The wind cool and breezy
Caressing soul brushing through
Feeling the flow of nature
The sound of pure beating

The mountain of serenity
The treks of divine popularity
Sitting on the natural bench
Thinking the way to heaven

live the simplicity

Life be your own
In the world of many colours
Live it the way you want
Be on your own

Fashions to spend money
Parade for all to see
Walking on the streets
Living it up feeling free

You want to be known
The creations of something new
People will spread the news
Newspapers and magazines

Living in high society
Rubbing shoulders with them
Feeling the shadow of peacock
Spreading wings flying high

In later years
It can be all craps
You can laugh and smile
“I did all these and yet I wasn't me”

Living the simplicity
Feel the warm and genuine friendship
Amongst the people you meet and share
In this world of over crowded population

feel the moments

Live today
Tomorrow just a dream
Enjoy the moments
As it passes through life

From the sun up till sun down
Count your blessings feel the glory
Flowing into the moments
As you take your bow

Tomorrow is hard to tell
The dreams may disappear
As the sleeping journey flow
Into reality and wishing glow

When the glory of tomorrow
Blossom into the early morning sky
Maybe you feel you have a chance
To do what you haven't done

Yesterday is gone
Today is just the beginning
Tomorrow is dreaming
The moments will come

what's the difference?

MCA on the way out
Old guards new guards
What's the difference?
You fight for your own

The Chinese community
The welfare and nitty gritty things
It's just a bag to advertise
MCA stands for you

Do you really help the community?
Through the years begging for it
It isn't given as a job well done
The Umno leaders forget about

So people say
Lap dogs have no principle
Take the crumbs lick your wounds
Is this the way to go?

The 2nd largests member in Bee Anne
Yet Umno doesn't recognise your badge
Nobody holds either one of the 3 important posts
In the formation of Bee Anne

Go fight for your own
Leave your battles within
We have enough of the crumbs
Time to teach Bee Anne

In GE13 a new light
To run this nation to greatest height
For Bee Anne has its chances
Time a new kid takes control

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

dont go without preparation

On the pool deck
The young girl looks
The images swaying
Ripples of light

She laughs at herself
The images just imitate
As long as she's doing something
She stands there mesmerizing

The images signalling
Calling her to come to the pool
Alone she looks around
“Wah she talks to me!”

Into the pool she walks in
She never knows the depth of it
As the water reaches up to her head
She struggles to get free

Splashing waves crying for help
The poor girl gets her fright of life
The pool attendant quickly dives in
Pulling her out in quick of time

The parents come running
Fear and tears falling in their eyes
Only a few minutes they are away
The shadow talks so the girl dips in

“She's alive!”
The parents hug the girl
“Don't ever do that again”
She smiles she calls me

So don't go doing
Without enough preparation
You will get burn for incompetence
A set back hard to believe again

into the woods

Musang gets trapped
On his hunting trips
Back into the woods

Leading a pack
He knows nothing
The minds work mysteriously

Now alone
As he studies the falling light
Where are his dogs?

They aren't to be found
Bundled in gifts of glamour
Brushing shoulders with high society

The holes piling up
The glitter of golden glow
It mesmerizes the eyes

Musang sits alone
On the flowing stream
The world crushing down

He roars his frustrations
“I am not going down alone
You can count on it”

Old newspapers
The 5 ton lorry trundles along
The streets of houses

The headline says
Musang gets trapped
In the woods

the old newspapers

The old newspapers
Discarded on the door steps
Kept in the cold dark storage

On the fields
For others to step on
Use it throwing away

Only the ameeno trucks
Collecting it for commission
Selling it to corporations

The old newspapers
Once minted now lying
Still thinking good

It has been discarded
Forgetting the rules
Tell the truth so be free

So the Musang
On Ides of March
A la “Brutus”

The ameeno truck trundles on
Collecting rubbish selling it as gold
Arm twisting piling commission

The old newspapers
The stories finally true
Somewhere in its pages

the flip-flops

The spins
The way undecided
The policy routes

The flip-flops
The Ameeno runs
Now asking people

GST and petrol
The Bee Anne never do
The diggers fail to see

The people's anger
Now into their pockets
Reducing income

It's the signs
The cracking empire
The days will come

History has written
The end is near
Ameeno fool us no more

left behind

The white and grey cat
Lying on the wooden bridge
Dozing in the afternoon heat

Underneath the water singing
Lazily touching the mud and stones
As rolling ripples running along

The tourists walking by
Some stare at it
Others taking pictures

The white and grey cat
It lies there for hours
No movement as the breeze caresses

Underneath the wooden bridge
The waves hitting the shoreline
Splashing water the cat never runs

As night fall beacons
The owner walks to the wooden bridge
The white and grey cat turning cold

He squats by offering his prayer
As the cat dreams into its world
Old age finally takes it away

Monday, March 15, 2010

there it lies

Cascading falls
When the focus blurs
As the years gone
Leaving a breathless spot

The years moving on
The footprints linger in the mind
The mine of many stockades
The inventories long time forget

In the warehouse of stocks
The memories flow images written
Somewhere in the storage
The time forgotten laughter

With ages falling eye sight
The mind works hard to remember
The footprints on the roads travel
Capturing in old forgotten pictures

There it lies
When time has gone
This will be the story
The old; the new and tomorrow

the morning at 3

At 3 in the morning
No sound only the lights shine
In the garden

Peeping through the window
No souls on the roads
Life seems so still

On the walls
The lizards conquer
They hook the sentiments

The bright lights
The garden shines
Only life can blossom

The twisted backache
It deprives sleep
As the hours slowly ticking away

Climbing up stairs
The picture stares
The lighted shadow

When the eyes finally fall
Sleep seeps through the wake
On the morning light roars

sex education now!

Now the teachers
All agree to teach sex education
The sudden changes............
Ask the married educators to teach

Modules what to include
In the primary schools
Let the children learn
How life is made........

In secondary schools
Advance modules to teach
Sex and family planning
About diseases and AIDS

Teach too
Religion and sex
Let them know the boundary
What the consequences will be

the child bride 3

An 11 years old child bride
She got married under false pretenses
When lust was satisfied she was dumped aside
Crying alone in a world of unknowns

Alone and confused in the city
Far away from her village
The 'husband' never takes responsibility
Leaving her fighting off her fear

Good samaritans came to rescue
The authority swings into action
The mother came spoken of black magic
We never know the truth can we?

It's better we changed the rules
All girls are allowed to get married above 18 years
By now they have decent education
They will not face hardships when they are dumped

The lives of these child brides
The scars lining shadows in their lives
They will live though with nightmares
Of men bullying them to submissions

the walking ashtrays

The walking ashtrays
It's a time bomb inside
There is no warning
When it will happen

Puffing in smoke
Nicotine slowly swallows
Every part of the body
Rearragning its alignment

Think about it smokers
You think you can escape
You believe you don't endanger any one
Don't you think of family and friends?

You are the walking ashtray
Dumping ground of your ill wealth
By the time you get into its grip
Who will suffer more in your self greed?

You say you can't kick the habit
What's important in your life?
Your family and loved ones
So get up fight for it

The walking astrays
Many will fall
Of lives losing potential
The tears of misfortunes

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the fools we have been

The fools we have been
The changing of name
The contents flow into the hidden agenda
Of years of decades feeding a need

Funding for only a race
A tool to whet for political dominance
Subjecting a race into alleged rote obedience
Follow the scents the wealth will be there

The fools we have been
With exposures and brains
Yet in our own shadows we fall
Miserably into a trap crafted in devilish disguises

The scents of millionaires
Wine women and kickbacks
Crafted into a lazy mind
Fast cars public spot lights

The fools we have been
Blended in spinning wheel
Telling us what a height
We get trapped in between

We never know
We never feel the pain and sorrow
Up in the air feeling so good
Laziness creeps in souls get lost

The evil doers win
The onslaught of wealth creation
The fools we have been
Building castles in the air

nep is a drug

NEP time to bury
Let this policy unchains
The misery befallen on the Malays
Let them feel the pride

Work hard
Fight on your own
Stomach the ills
It makes the race

The drugs of NEP
Dull the minds of so many
Until they can't think properly
Ask the Malay graduates

NEP camouflaged to help many races
It's only gearing to a race
Pushing them drugs until they drown
Knowing not the sun and the moon

The Malays should shake free
On NEP and stand on their feet
Be proud though with humblest
In a few years they will get it right!

Ameeno the pusher of NEP
The Malays should realize it
It's a drug of 3Ps burying a race
Until they are drowning.....

The Malays kick the habit
The sooner you do the better you will be
Get rid of the drug induced popularity
It's time you make it on your own

NEP the drug to drown in it
Time it should be buried for good
Let every one helps each other to succeed
In true spirit of our nation

sweet Lord

Sweet Lord
You make it happens
The years fly
I hardly recognise

The years of smiles
The good vibrations
In the body and soul
The laughter echoes

Sweet Lord
The trials and hardships
It's part of the game
Of life journey

The blessings
Oh how sweet it is!
The cascading falls
Ask you will receive!

The way it is
Learn it into soul
For once you lose it
The darkness takes control

Sweet Lord
It's part of the game
Of life journey
You make it happens

love is 1001 stories

Love the flowers bloom
The aroma the scents
Feel it in the senses
The way it should be

The journey it takes
The 1,001 nights stories
The drumbeats keep beating
Listen the story spins

Love the driveways to paradise
The streets in the mind swiftly glowing
The glorious strokes creativity glimpses
Let the candles rays light up the darkness

Love let it glows
In years in pursuit of needs and desires
Work on it on the assorted toils and spins
It all starts when it is stitched perfectly

Never think once married
Love can take a backseat
It still needs to feed in the mind
Of poetic words and nourishment

Let the romance glow
Never forget the chases and trappings
Feed the sweet honey stirring thoughts
Love will blossom burst into beautiful lights

the old man marbles

An old man walks
In the back alley
With his walking stick
His eyes failing seeing images blurry

His hearing barely receiving
A young woman walks hurriedly to him
“Excuse me uncle your stick is crooked”
“What? My haven't seen”

The woman blushes
“No uncle your holding stick”
“You must be crazy
You want to hold my penis
I am just an old man
I wish I was young then”

“No uncle you are walking into the drain
You are going the wrong direction........”
“You want to make me come
I am an old man I can't enjoy it anymore!”

The woman blushes again
Finally she takes the initiative
“Come uncle I guide you along”
“Young woman I can't
I haven't been doing in ages”

“Aiyah uncle what are you talking about?
I am walking with you to your place”
“I thank you for your intention
I can't get up even with all my efforts”

“I am walking you home!”
“So you can blow out the light for me
Thank you my dear
You make an old man feeling young again”

the old familiar record

The old broken record
Spinning the familiar tales
“I have my unfinished work
I need more time to make it”

Once it was semi-value
He did it so many times
And his party members falling
See what happened then?

Last October he got
The no confidence vote
Now he wants to go for it
A sad case indeed!

Delegates had spoken
They didn't want a broken record
Spinning the so familiar tune
“I have my unfinished work”

The familiar excuses
A leader shouldn't delay
You have your work
Go get it done without fear or favour

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the child bride 2

The child bride
In this society it shouldn't be held
What will a young girl know?
Even school hasn't finished for her

Now married her away
The parents have no love and compassion
Into a household she hardly knows
What she will do?

The lust of men
Using religion to satisfy
It shouldn't be allowed
Even for noble intention

Now the child bride
She is semi unconscious
Will the authority take remedial action?
Will her parents see their stupidity?

The child bride
A sad affair in this nation
We still have guys game for it
And parents willing to consent

the love train

Love triangles
The hot beds and “Brutus”
The eyes of glow
The minds of darkness

The green eyes
The evil breeds in the mind
The plots and subplots
Life throwing back to the back alley

Love triangles
Nobody wins in the entangle
The heartbreaks and emotional drains
Pleading temporary insanity

“I hear voices
They ask me to do it”
When life is lost
In the car boot; shallow grave

In truth tells no lie
It is much easier to live
Put it in the open
Let the parties know

Love triangles
In secret rendezvous
Cheating, lies, no principles
In the end the hollow hello

the new leaders must arise in mca

For the Chinese you say
Isn't it racist as the country changed?

The leaders canvassing
For the new seats of power
Alignment and followers

What will it be?
The same leaders
Pulling down MCA

It's better
Return to the roots
Heal the wounds

Think of the bigger picture
A race base party or multi-racial
The country has moved on

Delegates and members
Pick a new set of leaders
The country has changed

MCA time has arrived
The baggages too heavy to pull
Let it go make a new life

Go back to the root
Equality to all people
Race should be left behind

Friday, March 12, 2010

the voters will change the game

The political assassination
Anwar Ibrahim is the name
The ball started rolling in 1998
He spent years in prison....

The sodomy 1 so many holes
The rakyat saw it through
Only the courts were blinded
Of the 3Ps..........

Sodomy 2 came somewhere in 2008
Anwar Ibrahim seemed lost in transit
The political assassination came
Ameeno wants the rakyat to believe

Now ruling on documents
The courts go fishing not reading the law
Denying the defence the materials
As law provides him for the gateway

The government uses many allegedly unprofessinal tactics
The uniformed agencies, courts and AG chambers
The separation of power only in book value
In reality Anwar Ibrahim fighting a losing game

The rakyat see it through
They only wait for GE13
They will decide the fate
This country must go in this century

women it's your freedom

Women stand on your own
Single or plainly married
It's your freedom your choice
Don't get it hooked by any man

You have exposed
You have learned
You have worked hard
You earned your steady income

You have your name
It's you all the years
Yet when you get married
Why give up your identity?

Married life of bliss
Children come along
Life is full of happy story
Everybody seems with joy

It's a long investment
The risks may change
The bubble may burst
What have you with no income?

Get your man to invest in you
The shares within the life folds
The loving man will do........
Without a blink of his eyes

Get your options
Know the rules involved
Men always roam
They tell you

So maintain your identity
Keep your stream of income flowing
Years ahead you can't see
As least you have your own stream

the hammer man

The children cry
The blood on the floor and desks
As the hammer keeps knocking
The defenceless children trapped

A few minutes the man hammering
The cries and yelling he runs away
3 children admitted to hospital
They will live to remember the incident

The search widens
As the man can't be found
Within weeks memories fade
The man may just go free

Tragedies can happen
Any time of the day
Lapse of concentration
Lapse of safety measures

note muar kindergarten incident

the dark light

Cheating husbands
Cheating wives
When the beds turning cold
Outside snow they think best

The short cut to romance
The problems arising they forget
Outside the marriage vows
The greed of sex prevails

Cheating husbands
Cheating wives
The stories never end
When love falters

Affairs the game
Cheating husbands
Cheating wives
It isn't bed of roses

Heartaches and emotional drains
Leaving a sad taste along the way
When the game is scored and gone
The road isn't rosy any more

Cheating husbands
Cheating wives
The stories never end
Outside snow they think best

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a child bride

What is the religion coming into?
11 years old girl married to an adult male
Her father consented to her marriage
Under religious doctrine he's right

Imagine an 11 years old girl
Barely learning to know the world
Now she is married to an adult male
41 years old he says

A child bride into a man's world
Something isn't right in our eyes
11 years old girl got married
Into a journey she hardly knows about

I feel it is just sexual lust
Satisfying a virgin bride
What does a young girl know?
In the ways of sexual eroticism

11 years old girl got married
Into a man's world of his bride
She just can't know her journey
Into a world she barely knows about

the buds of change

There is no way to hide
The corruptions gathering in our lives
It can be spoken in discreet ways
The eyes will always stay

The greasing palms in the lower ranks
The big fishes in undisclosed bank accounts
Somewhere hiding in other names
The “Sherlock Holmes” can't sniff it out

The ruling government on projects
Mega ones to ignite the people's hunger
How many will benefit the people?
Only the cronies seem to get it all

Come to local council elections
The ruling government fails to do
Citing waste of public funds and politicking
Hell what they are doing long ago?

Afraid to lose the ground
Afraid no ready hand outs
Only by changing government
There will be road of renewal

The young voters
You are the buds of change
Through the souls of the nation
Blooming glory in country's history

the young changers

The young coming of age
You will be the changer
The country desperately needs
Else we are sinking to our black hole

Racial politics damaging images
Leaving the multi-racial population weary
Living in this beautiful country
Listening to the racists clamouring of wealth

The rots in the government
We elected them getting fooled years ago
Only realised it in March 8, 2008
Finally we saw what's happening!

All the government agencies
Allegedly worked to our disadvantages
Bullying us into a corner.........
Calling us names and what's not

Many of sympathic dominant race
They too get brushed off for supporting the minority
Calling them ungrateful forgetting the hands feeding them
They only say “We are Malaysians!”

The young adults of age
You are the live line to help the country
Before we all drown in our pitiful sorrow
Of our stupidity and mistakes

dancing fishes

Dancing fishes on the sea
Cuddling serenity under the calm water
Lives must be romantically alluring
Until humans come crashing

The calm water turning choppy
The splashes of fear and unhappiness
“Who's there disturbing our peace?”
The roar of engines cutting waves

The white waves splashing
The stampede in flourishing fear
The eyes of humans glow
The spectacle a natural show

“Who's there knocking our doors?
Don't they respect peace and privacy?”
As the engines roar into playful sympathy
The waves of colourful fishes splashing away

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

when greed rules

Married men into affairs
Of sweet beautiful women
Shagging them a joy to have
In secret rendezvous

Married women into affairs
Of the young muscled guys
The toy boys flourish in the market
The lazy bones dreaming of getting rich

The professional gigolos
Calling cards or discreet introductions
Flourishing in the city
The greed of money score of broken hearts

The professional ladies of the night
Providing services partners can't decide
Paying them money the services provide
In hotels and apartments hide

Only when they are found out
They hurriedly expressing remorse
Of the affairs and lying in between
In time they hope people forget

The nearest family members remembered
Of the lies and twisting tongues
Shattering family and children
Affairs of the hearts nothing is easy

fire good and evil song

The fire engulf
The house to ashes
In a few minutes
Lives and properties gone

The tragedy of fire
It will never die
Of people carelessness
Of deaths in our hands

The fire raging on
The good and evil song
The heat of hell
The burning flesh ashes fall

The screaming in the fire
Of the wailing help isn't coming
Rain never fall the hot sun rays
The raging heat melting away

The fire raging on
The good and evil song
As it sleeps through the night
Awaken by the burning light

the road robbers

The road robbers
Camouflaged as mechanics
Cruising on the streets

Eyes wide
Netting for unsuspecting motorists
Horning at the target preys

On motorbikes they ride
Telling you in sign language
Something wrong with the tyres

The unsuspecting motorists
Afraid of losing lives..........
Of faulty tyres on the streets

They will stop their cars
The good samaritans smile
Process of dismantling tyres

Valuables in the boot
The robbing mechanics will take
Leaving the motorists in distress

Cars without tyres
On the traffic flow streets
As the road robbers speeding away
note The Star letters to editors today

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

forget about bees and butterflies

Time to forget
About bees and butterflies
Teaching pollination in biology class
Now for the real education

On sex and its implications
Of ways to handle and learn it
Nothing on trial and error
Nothing to feel ashame

Social ills
Not of lack of religious faith
It is lack of sex education
Leaving the young adults in limbo

Tell them the truth
Tell them the need to protection
The family planning methods
The ways to avoid sexual transmitted diseases

We can't hide away
The sex education for young adults
Tell them the truth
Of failure to plan

Sex education
The enrichment of young adults
Let them feel responsible
Of the charging hormones

in the gardens

Flowers blossom
In the heat of the sun
Morning sunshine
Though hot it is

In the gardens
The many homes
Aroma of flowers bloom
The busy bees and butterflies

Pollination begins
The seeds; wind and busy bees
Butterflies parade
Nature still holds it

The way it is
Nature still makes her presence
Though ozone in the sky
Miracles do happen in time

the hot sun

The hot sun from the sky
The heat bares down hard

The people hide in shadows
In homes in complexes

The heat unbearable
Walking without aids

The sun rays heating
Hitting it hard no mercy

The grasses wither
The hot wind saying sorry

Even in the morning
The temperature rising

As the world wakes up
The changing has begun

Monday, March 08, 2010

life a circle

Life a circle
Born live and disappear
Leaving the footprints
And the memories

You will get to taste
The honey and the sorrow
Somewhere you sit alone
Thinking about life a circle

Look around us
Born live and disappear
Into the stories of hearts of gold
The footprints showing the way

Love come and go
Chase and hunt into a story
The web of intrigues
The ripples of life

Life a circle
You move at times go
Leaving footprints behind
Memories in words and deeds

the entertainers

Know the rules and living
The popularity is a fleeting moment
When age arrives changes begin

No doubt in the heydays
Money easy to make
Tomorrow seems a far distance
Nobody wants to get worried

Know it entertainers
The surge of popularity
Learn how to keep it
The enrichment in the industry

The commanding fee
Surge with the popularity
Earn it well keep it hard too
It is a fleeting moment

It's a cycle
Then the market of popular votes decide
In time the income will dry up
Where will you go when it is done?

Be wise be prudent
Invest and keep your income
Prepare for the rainy days
Nobody can predict the future

despair let it go

Despair the darkness dwells
Crawling it up slowly to its core
Eating up the soul bit by bit
Until the mind ceases to exit

When the eyes see
The world of reality seems gone
The darkness in every direction
The death and living seem to play

The touches of reality
The mind dwells into oblivion
Stroking the unseen floating away
Far out into the darkness falls

Despair find a way
Let it go free your soul
Pray for the God ease the pain
Earnestly in pursuit life will be freed

the rats living

The rats living
Underground in drains
Dark corners and empty spaces

Easy food mating so free
The officials and people
Sleeping away with it

Multiplying easy feed
Amongst the darkness drains
Of the cats they don't care

The rats run
House to house
Drains to drains

On the streets
Hawkers' stall owners
Doing a roaring trade

The rats run
In the night in the drains
Scavenging food easy feed

When rat disease strikes
Fear will jolt the people
When death spells the way

Immediate response
Officials and people
Start cleaning the drains

Now the sleeping cats
The rats have the game
Running house to house; drain to drain

you need to work on it

God lays the foundation
The structures and the way it will go

The people should work on it
Champion their wills to make it happen

Praying is just one of the ways
Yet you have to work on it

You can pray and do nothing
God hates lazy people

How many profess it?
Spinning wheels of fortunes

The handiworks must prevail
Working hard to clothe the foundation

It is here where miracles happen
Working with it knowing the results

It comes from hard work
With a small help from God

God wants you to work on it
The way you know you have to do

No lazy no doing nothing
God will throw you into dungeon
Where hell is waiting
A long solitary confinement

When you ask God for help
You need to work on it

You can't leave it as it is
You will cry in despair

Sunday, March 07, 2010

the rats population

The rats population
The disease bringer of death
Once it happened in history
Now we seem to forget

The hawkers' stalls
Growing in abundance
The way it is handled
Hygiene goes the wrong way

The enforcement officials
Sitting cool in the office
They don't conduct regular checks
They just want to get easy pay

Even in housing estates
The drains the nests of the rats
Slowly the population multiply
The clogged rains and kitchen food left over

The agency officials must wake up
Slumbering isn't the way to solve a problem
Now to act and maintain a high standard
Get the whip start lashing for action!

MCA the wagging tail

MCA always on its wagging tail
The way it was years ago
March 8 made the difference
Yet its leaders never wake up

MCA still believes
The party is relevant to a race
Doesn't its leaders see the signs?
MCA has become irrelevant

MCA has no backbone
Fighting for a cause
It sells up its soul
Only the leaders know

MCA leaves Bee Anne
In this way the party may survive
As it is going now, it becomes irrelevant
The race card has long gone

MCA has no bite
It runs when ask to do so
It's image blackened
Its lives neutered

Will this election make a point?
Has MCA the clout in the coalition?
Unless it exerts its mandate
MCA will go downhill!

dont take the easy way out

When the drumbeats slowly going
Don't just let it disappear...........
Go get it beating again
Love isn't a one way street

It's sad to see
When love gone wrong
Parties do the opposite
Burning bridges live separately

Don't take the easy way out
Reinvent recycle to take the glow
Love isn't a one way street
It has to nurture make it flow

It may not be easy
It may not be forgotten
The party of mistakes
Whirring in the lonely space

Light up for the truth
Let the glow rekindles again
When the drumbeats slowly going
Love isn't a one way street

flowing in colours

Love embrace
The many coloured koi fishes
Splashing in playfully swimming
In the pond no cares to the world

Flowing in colours
The koi fishes share
In the pond amongst the crowd
Of many liked minded specis

When feeding time arrives
The koi fishes eagerly swimming by
Popping heads to get the fish food
The splashes of water the many coloured ones

The way of its life
In harmony living in contact
It's love embrace
The koi fishes teaching us

We have forgotten
Running to work
Dreaming of easy life
Working hard forgetting hugs

The many colours of life
We seem to forget along the way
Stop for a while and breathe
The natural flow we see in our eyes

Saturday, March 06, 2010

now you are on roll

Go get it
It is your turf
You enjoy the grind

Earning money
It isn't easy
It's not about working hard

It's about how you do it
On the skills you have
The fields out there

Now you are on roll
Lighting up the tracks
Go get it running

the local councils elections

Local councils in Penang
Finally Pakatan wakes up
Knowing the reasons to live by

Though 2 years ago
In winning the state election
Some manifestos were forgotten

Now Pakatan wakes up in Penang
On the frogs movement citing lack of confidence
This makes the Pakatan Penang to think hard ahead

The ball kicks to the Election Commission
By law this agency has to respond
The Penangites wait for the reply

How long will the response be?
Either way Pakatan plays the ball
The Election Commission can't escape

What ruling it will issue............
The court case will be waiting
For local councils elections

the story about frogs

You can't take
What's never belonging to you
You know what will happen
You will always looking behind

The story about frogs
It is sad they forgot
They sold their souls
For silver dollars

You can't take
What's never belonging to you
The frogs know it
They want for personal gains

It isn't for the people and country
They gave so many silly excuses
They have sold their souls
For silver dollars

The story of Judas
He hung himself on his greed
On the tree full of remorse
Betraying his friends

You can't take
What's never belonging to you
You will always looking behind
What God will do..........

earth cries for help

Battleground Earth
The small part makes the difference
The garbage in the house
Stack it where to send

The Earth carries
The life and death for us
Don't waste the opportunity
Play your part help Mother Earth

She sends many signals
Floods, earthquakes, volcanoes eruptions
Storms, dry weather, hot spells
Time for realignment of our focus

Battleground Earth
The place we call home
The place sheltering us
We can't ignore....

Now time to wake up
The small part makes the difference
Each one of us playing our roles
Battleground Earth can save us all

where's the cowboy?

Where's the cowboy?
In the hot sun as cows moving on
On the streets in the housing estates
Cow dung on the streets

The many mooing along
The generations of a few
The herd of cows moving
Where's the cowboy?

He can't be found
He knows nobody will care
What the herd of cows will do
Cow dung on the streets

The municipal officers
They aren't around to see
The police officers no time for it
Busy catching the opposition

Once a week
Any public holiday
The herd of cows on the streets
The cow boy isn't around to see

Friday, March 05, 2010

praying for the season

Praying for the season
You know you need it
When you see the disasters came
One after another ringing in your ears

The long road to rehabitation
The long nights believing it will happen
You sit alone watching it on television
You need praying for the season

Tears will fall there is no doubt about it
As you listen and read about the news
The disasters will come....teaching us a lesson
When we forget our basic roots of love and compassion

Praying for the season
You know you need it
As you try to see beyond
The way you hope to see

when you feel life is lousy

When you feel life is lousy
You haven't seen the worst yet
Take a trip to the graveyard
Sit under a tree and imagine

The people buried underground
For years all alone in one place
They couldn't move an inch
They couldn't get up to see

They were there
In a belief they will rise up
When God call their names
Of which many decades have gone

Under the darkness
Of sun and rain
Until flesh eaten away
Leaving bones for all to see

When you think of ancient people
Millions of years still waiting
God calling their names
Now when you will understand

It is just lucky to stay alive
The moments and the years
Feel the magic of paradise
Living in the present life

Thursday, March 04, 2010

the woman walked

The woman walked
In the hot sun
Car sent for repair

Once she stopped
Sitting in the children's playground
With her umbrella on the wooden bench

The cool breeze got to her
At least the heat was bearable
Yet she had to go home

The traffic on the roads
Slow with driving activity
On she walked with her umbrella

Walking on the roads
Reaching the concrete tarred bridge
Under the shade of shop houses

The face of red
Much effort on the walk
Carrying her umbrella

The cool shade of home
The place she would rather be
Let the car in the workshop

the hot sun

The hot weather
You can feel the burning
Piercing on the skin

As you step out into the open
Without shade or umbrella
The sun ray penetrating

You will think of the past
The cool weather it was then
You didn't think of staying indoors

Playing on the field
A game of friendly gathering
The laughter and shouting

It seems it is only echo
Now the weather is too hot
Outdoor games on selected days

the dry tears

The dry tears
The sky hot and humid
The rainfall doesn't
The water level diminishes

People still pretend
The good life should be had
Living as if nothing will happen
The changes coming our way

Religious intolerances
Amongst the fanatic few
Spreading ill will and its lies
The dry tears....the evil cries

The leeches and parasites
Sitting on the golden thrones
Basking in glory for their crimes
They feel good no law can touch them

Brewing half truths
Gathering in secret
Hope to the hidden wealth
Branding souls burning in fire

The dry tears
We will feel the heat now
The dry up wells
We shouldn't close our eyes

pakatan rakyat will survive

Pakatan Rakyat will survive
In politics this is just small hiccup
Of the former members can't stomach changes
For country and her people

It is best the turncoats go
It is for personal gains.....
The way they said it
Nothing for country and her people

The dim light on these turncoats
They know they will be gone
Bargain for something personal
Let go the principles............

Pakatan Rakyat will survive
As the changes will keep coming along
Learn the lessons well PKR
Glue the coalition together

Marching to PJ
The roads aren't plain driving
The leeches and parasites putting roadblocks
It takes dragon fire to blow them away

It's the people
They should march for change
They know they can do it
When the GE13 knocking the doors

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

laws must be alive

Laws must be fair
Equal in length and size
It is civil or religious law
For God make it equal

Laws must be alive
It should move with the times
God know about it
God want us to change

Yet we get stuck
On the traffic jam
Blinking on the lights
Red, Green and Yellow

By the people
Who learn the craft
Quoting scriptures
Years of studying

Yet they forget the roots
Love and compassion
Where has it gone?
When religious law come to play?

I am afraid
God will show up
On this land of paradise
Putting it right

face the problems

Face the problems
Share it with others
The best with loved ones

Don't try to solve
By yourself all the times
You can't find the way

Your mind working it up
You traffic-jam it.........
It's always at yellow

You don't see the green
Flickering for you to go
You are stucked in yellow

One of the methods
Write it down on paper
Study it what can be done

In the long run
Talk talk talk
To people you are close

Life many problems
It is how one shared with it
Bottling it up is a loser


The fear of life
To some maybe

The years of experiences
The knowledge in store

The light in darkness
Religion beckons

The way it was
Dreaming of years past
The roads travelled

The sound of forgetfulness
Ringing in the mind far away
Every step thinking the best

Time for change
No cream no pill no immortality

The dream of youth
The years gone plenty
Now only look beyond

The whirring echo
Of time gone away
Aging no escape any way