Thursday, October 31, 2019

the bicycle racers

The bicycle racers
In the wee hours of the morning
They fly like eagles
Fearless on the roads

While the parents
They may feel proud
Their sons can do the tricks
The dangerous stunts on the streets

Death can be written
When these bicycle racers don't see
Don't they realize it is wrong?
Don't they see it is bad way to learn?

Parents are to blame
When the fire on flame
The children will not be famous
Maybe death catching them

In my area a small Indian girl
Riding her electric motorcycle
She can't touch her legs on the ground
Yet the parents allow her to scoot around

Parents think it is cool
So young they can perform stunts
The proud eyes of parents
Until tragedy strikes whom do they blame?

Is their lives
They have to go early
It isn't our problem
It is God's will they pay

the trade war

The trade war
China and USA
The smaller countries
Don't jump into the wagon

The leaders should stop talking
The superpowers will not listen to them
They may shoot us back with watermelons
We get the red marks all over

They squeeze on trade
We will be weak on our knees
We can't dance to their tunes
We can't see far ahead

The trade war
We should trade with Asean
At least it will help each other to weather the storm
We mustn't try to side any party to the dispute

The superpowers want face
They can't accept a different race
They want their own pace
Let them fight their trade case

The Old Man should keep his tongue
He has angered India now US
Don't talk big if you can't back it up
We don't have the weapons to fight back

Stay quiet isn't showing weakness
It says a person knows his place
Wait for the opportunity to say
Else don't say anything to anger somebody

the days of the floods

The days of the floods
The annual returnee
With the constant raining
There is no complaint of water

The people in low lying areas
The prone flooding road
The vehicles will be caught
Driving through or wait?

The homes and businesses
The owners will brave it again
The rising tide of heavy rain
What's there to worry?

It is the annual returnee
The floods will touch its bases
Remembering those times ago
Where it could flow easily through

The days of the floods
The water demons will splash
The capturing of souls to appease themselves
Those humans who refuse to follow advice

The days of the floods
Switch off the main switch board
It is better to be safe then be sorry
With water dancing through the homes

confidence brings you far ahead

In the work place
Nothing will sound fair
It is how one uses talent
To push for the recognition

The concept of Man is better
It is thought in our brains
Wired it nicely to say
Man is superior

But is it?
Man can't play god
He can't produce
He is weak and will fall

Because of that fear
Man pushes Woman down
Down grade the Woman
Man knows the power of Woman

Man has power of physical
Woman has the power of softness
Now who will be much better?
This is why Man felt the fear

Woman rules the world
She holds it in her hands
Without her softness
Nothing will multiply and grow

In the work place
The women have to push slowly
They have the skills and talents
They should learn confidence to get in

in my life 2

As the years move on
I hear the politicians go at it
Without realizing its consequences
That they never know
They are Malaysians since 1963

Yet the political elites then
They kept harping on its 2R
Believing they are born to it
And the supremacy of the race

Now I see its consequences
The zombie followers can't think straight
They don't read history
They follow as they are told

In my life
I lived from kampong to the city
I stayed up on the hill to escape the rat race
I dwelled on the island the easy living then

In my life
I could say the Malays are helpful lot
My form teacher hauled me back to school
The kampong gangster told me not to join gangs

Don't be like me
I go to lock-up every incident
The police will come for me
Stay away you have your life but I can't”

In my life
I saw the Black Maria came
The gangsters would shout and challenge the police
In the end guns always won the race

In my life
Dreaming is a bliss
But it has its limit
As reality will bite the everyday living

in my life 1

In my life
Living in the kampong
Learning how to share together
With other races
We didn't know our differences
We only knew we grew up
In the kampong

In my life
School was an escape
Learning the skills of 3R
Nothing beyond
A simple life in my mind

In my life
People talked about money
I was dreaming in my head
Floating away in no place
Cocoon in my own paradise
Reality bites when school was over
It was time to earn a living

In my life
I left the kampong
I went out to find work
Been to other states
Living with other races
Listening to their stories
Making my own memories

In my life
In later years
I heard of race and religion
The harping on supremacy of a race
These people have forgotten
There is no such thing
Everyone is equal in God's creation

the stray dogs

The stray dogs are tagged
By the NGO officials
The dogs are left free
Roaming on the street again

Is this the solution?
The dogs are stray
Go out looking for food
Sometimes chase passersby

Rabies has returned
Is it advisable to tag these dogs?
It is still best to put them down
Let them suffer no indignity

Some of these stray dogs
They have fleas and diseases
Why let the dogs live in misery?
Let them go to sleep reborn into better lives

The stray dogs
Roaming freely on the street
They are the Ronin dogs
No master living on charity

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

the shadow games they play

Dr Mahathir and Anwar
The shadow games they play
Outwardly they seem alright
Bantering in the niceties

The Old Man age is a factor
He can't prolong the inevitable
He can't supply his reasons
Every time a question is pose to him

Anwar will say he can wait
He has been for decades
He can wait for a while
He will support Dr M for his role

The country needs Dr M
To clean up the mess inherited from MO1
Leaving trails of corruption and indebtedness
He should have done it within 12 months

As an experience politician and administrator
He should know how to fix the bad elements
He doesn't need a longer time frame to absorb it
He just wants to prolong his control of power

Anwar should read the Old Man strategy
He wants to stay for a longer time indeed
PKR is in a rocking relationship with his deputy
The back door video a repeat of history

Now DAP is assumed linked to LTTE
Catching DAP Indian leaders for the support
Though LTTE is considered defunct and wiped out
It is a reason to the Old Man to stay longer

The Old Man should stop playing his game
It is the old style coming back in his hand
Anwar should read the Old Man's strategy
Don't let him be squeezed out again

pot holes

Pot holes
I can't ignore it
I can scream in my head
When the wheels get over it

Pot holes
The addicts will smoke through
Sharing their lives in needles
Live the high of imaginative paradise

I can see their lives
Wasted on the bad habits
Running down to the pot holes
I can't ignore the scenes

It will play in my mind
Friends I knew got holed up
In the pot of their lives
Leaving a pot hole to fill

They couldn't do
They got hooked badly
Leaving their lives
Wasted away in the pot holes

The pot holes
I can't ignore it
Lives can be lost
Smoking on the pot

telling lies to get away

Telling lies to get away
I listen to many in my life
Some can get very convincing
I will hook in the instant

Nobody will check
The crying stories of desperation
The family needs and children
The times are hard to survive

I learn my lesson
The good and bad of the lies
Living with it make me a lot better
I can't say it has died down

Telling lies to get away
The politicians are crafted in their heads
They can spin their tales with no shame
Look at the master weaves his magic

I listen to many in my life
Some are innocent; some are real pain
Still the lies will not go away
The grapevines will speaking

Telling lies to get away
Nobody can get away from the score
Look at how Casanovas work
Look at how scammers do

Telling lies to get away
I listen to many in my life
Still the lies will not go away
They can spin their tales with no shame

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

let kampong baru stay as it is

Why want to develop Kampong Baru KL?
Let the old charm strive in the city
Let the living history stay to remind us
How modernity arrive taking away the old

In the city of lack of compassion
The concrete buildings and widening roads
The smog blowing up to the sky
Why indeed need to develop Kampong Baru?

The offering price the owners dispute
They dream of the millions coming in
PH shouldn't use the taxes to pay
Let it be a private initiative controlled by government

The cash and shares are still viable
But the owners and representatives don't agree
They want cash upfront with conditions
Money makes the mind go crazy sometimes

Personally let Kampong Baru stay
Let the living history for the generations to walk through
In the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur
Make it as a tourist attraction

sins in our lives

You live by the sword
You will die by it

You live by the gun
You will get shot to death

You live by the lies
You will get sued for defamation

You live by the corrupt means
You will be caught put in jail

You live by conning people
You will get caught and stay in prison

You live by luring others for self gains
You will be chased by the police

You live by pretending to be holy
The way of life will be unforgivable

You live by swearing to be a prophet
You will get cut off your aorta by God

Know that sins in our lives
We will die in easy or hard way

the naked woman in the forest

The naked woman
In the garden of nature
She walks freely
Without a care to the world

A beautiful woman
Shapely curves and smile
She walks in her garden of Eden
Letting the trees and wild leaves hungry

The wind lashing hard on her soft body
Blowing hot kisses on her natural skin
Leaving her high in the air of paradise
In the realm of nature hooks and corners

The birds will sing to her
The insects will pass crude remarks
She doesn't care as she waves her hand
Touching tall grasses and branches of trees

The wild beasts stay away
They don't want to compete with her
They let her weave her way
Climbing up the mountain top

Up with moving clouds
She prays and watches sunset
Never realize she will disappear
Falling deep into the forest

There she stays with her paradise
The dewdrops will clean her body
The roots and leaves will claim her skin
The strong wind will rock her; the rain will wash away

The wild beasts will howl
Through the midnight and dawn
Knowing she is gone for good
Walking nude in nature's paradise

the pot holes on the road

The pot holes on the road
The danger to the motorists
When heavy downpour of rain
No driver can see properly

The pot holes on the road
It can cause injuries to the drivers
It can cause damages to the car wheels
Once the cars hit deep pot holes

The day of Bee Anne
Spilled it over to PH
The pot holes still abound
Maybe by the same F contractors

The contractors fill up the pot holes
When it rains heavily the tar will disappear
What is wrong with the F contractors?
They don't do a proper job

The same story will be repeated
The day of Bee Anne spilled to PH
Blame the F contractors?
The enforcement officers and councillors?

The pot holes on the road
The F contractors will be smiling
Do a sloppy job still get paid
And we complain of never ending story

who want to spook the malays?

Don't spook the Malays*
Who want to do it?
It is their own kind
For the self interests

The other races
They don't have the time
They work hard to earn living
They aren't interested to spook the Malays

The Malays should realize by now
The Malay politicians have different agendas
They aren't in the busines to progress others
They want to progress for themselves

The Malays should break out from the cocoon
They don't need the politicians to fight for them
Over 6 decades what do they get?
They can't think far ahead

Every major agencies
Even in highest office in the nation
Even in universities, banks and GLCs
The Malays run the show

So who want to spook the Malays?
It's their kind of politicians who want to suppress them
They are afraid they will not be supported
Because of the wealth they can get for themselves

Don't spook the Malays
They have to get out from the cocoon
See the world and colours in their eyes
They have own destiny not the Malay politicians

* The Constitution gives its meaning to a Malay