Saturday, October 31, 2009

make our votes count!

Bee Anne leaders
Pakatan can't manage
Telling the people
Pakatan has no experience

People stop a while
Think what Bee Anne leaders did
Our public funding gone in smoke
Auditor General's report told it so
Years in years out Bee Anne leaders
Let the cronies and linked companies made
Allegedly siphoned our public funding
Runs into billions
On overpayments and inflated prices
And Bee Anne leaders have the cheek to say
“They have the experiece
Milking our public funding dry!”

Enough of their antics
You will get headache reading their statements
By the turncoats and leaders in Bee Anne
“Another project by........”
You will know the drill
Way down the money train

Why wait?
The country's coffer drain
We have to change
For the nation and her people
Kick out these self serving leaders
When the next GE comes our way

change we must

The turncoats
Running to the 3Ps
Saliva flowing eyes glow
Minds dreaming all the way

Where else ordinary people ask?
To the banks on allocations
Our public funding going to the frogs
Declaring themselves as Bee Anne friendly

These frogs advice
To declare as such to fool the people
They don't hook up with any party
Only friendly to Bee Anne
Then the fund flowing
Bee Anne provides

Bee Anne tell us the truth
On the inside trading coup
The leaders keep telling alleged lies
Thinking the people are fools

And the KPI minister
Writing long hand of good deeds
What he is doing he doesn't know?
Going by the backdoor
He wags his tail for gratefulness

One hiding under the fat lady's skirt
How he smells now he dishes out his story
Advicing others not for himself
This turncoat will be punished in the end
He made so many police reports
When he was on the other side
Now all those reports are conveniently forgotten
Since he jumped to the dark side

Change we must
Unless we close our eyes and minds
Knowing what we see and read
We have to for progress
Nation and her people

Friday, October 30, 2009

the circus in perak

The circus in Perak
The clowns and circles
The backdoor and pirates
The jewel got stolen

The 3 independent frogs
Running to Bee Anne
Licking up on the golden fleece
Feeling the glow

Corruption and greed
On court case yet showing no remorse
The circle in Perak state assembly
The Bee Anne media spins
“We are good aren't we?
Giving you goodies
Taxing you empty!”

Go to Perakians
Decide the legitimacy
Bee Anne runs away
Barking behind the fence
“You think we are stupid
Knowing we will lose heavily”

So the circle will continue
The backdoor the bad smell
The 3Ps stick into pirates' minds
They know they will lose
So they suck up as many as they can find

the camera story

Nigel gets it
Maybe summoning his courage
Hugging it for the photo-shoot
On the family dinner

He has conquered his fear
It is best he finally found
Yet he still holds his shyness
Giving time he will turn around

Jo sweetly smile
The world will not leave her alone
Trying to give Nigel a better claim
“I am not afraid any more!”

And 1Malaysia never runs away
On the family dinner it comes to play
But for Nigel he doesn't bother
Caley just stares ahead.....

Finally the camera
Captures the still pictures
Of days gone yet in the mind
It will become a story telling time

the friendship

The teacher and his students
The years taught in ACS
The memories flow
Now the friendship

It isn't something
One could find these days
The teachers now
They think of money
How quick to get it

It is the golden years
Where teachers played many roles
Cultivating friendship even out of classrooms
This was where the friendship bloom

The teacher and his students
Aged hasn't made the difference
Kam Boon Netto Peter
The smile of friendship
They gather all these years

Thursday, October 29, 2009

people rule

The spirit of People's Supremacy
It must be in the soul and mind
It is not just talking winning votes
You can fool once; you can't fool twice

Pakatan Rakyat leaders
In the coalition of PKR, Pas and DAP
Get your act together to serve the people
Divergent views eroding confidence

“Pas for all” it never really happens
Slogans must be sincere on the ground
Talking and speeches must be in spirit and mind
Else the losing ground will break by the people

The coalition partners must understand
All extremist views and statements
The ordinary people will reject
No matter which party leaders saying it
You must work for the country and her people
No self interests and party domination

Umno is doing it
Learn from history cultivate good values
This is why Umno will self destruct
Umno is on the way out; the leaders know it
Implosion will trigger the downward spiral

Pakatan Rakyat will get into the leadership?
You can't agree for the basic routines.....
You can learn history yet you turn a blind eye
Just remember ordinary people decide
The fate of any political party leader

national automotive policy(nap)

The ordinary people
They don't get a good deal
Old cars on the way out
Only vintage cars peacock glow
It is again for the rich fellows

National Automotive Policy
Crafted to benefit cronies
Now cars above 15 years mandatory check
Before issuing of road tax discs

People interests
Way out of the windows
Poor ordinary people
The cycle stopping them

Creating wealth
The linked companies benefits
About tax on cars nothing
The ordinary people suffer
What else is new?

Know what you must do
Ordinary people on election day
Change government for better deals
Even cars should be affordable
Not now taxing too heavily

the ordinary people

People make the choices
The political leaders must be aware
It is us the ordinary people on the streets
We make and change our political dreams

Anwar Ibrahim and others
Wake up before it is too late
A taste of power suddenly you forget
The choices the people need
You put it all aside.................

Drumming your own cliques
Sitting on the chairs
Ignoring the ground
It is the ordinary people
You mustn't forget

Bee Anne knows it is time
The end game is finally arrived
This time Bee Anne leaders can't escape
They know it trying hard to survive
But greed and power blinding them
So Pakatan Rakyat works the scenes
Get the people to support your cause

The ordinary people
They are the ones
Ignore them you can't touch the finishing line
Sad isn't it so near yet so far?

Watch the Perak debacle
Bee Anne trying hard to hold it
The pirates through back door
The stormy sea still ravaging

So learn through history
The ordinary people pick
The choices they want
Don't try to ignore them
You will lose the game!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

you mustn't lose your name

You mustn't lose your name
When you get married..........
In the good times you float along
You don't care what others say

“I am Mrs Tan
I am Puan Abdul Rahman
I am Mrs Samy
I am Mrs Netto”

Married women
They advertise their husbands
To all and sundry
These women forget own identities

The good times flow
They don't care what others say
They proudly put on the tags
“I am Mrs Somebody”

The working women
Now they are a bit smarter
They address themselves
“I am Mrs Lim-Tan
I am Puan Rohani - Abdul Rahman”

When times are bad
When affairs get out of control
What the married women have to say?
Where is your identity all these years?
When divorce papers signed......
Alone again with your original name
Who remember you?

Then you realize
What a fool to advertise
So married women
Don't forget your name
It is recorded in your ID
Carry it proudly!

the yellow birds again

The yellow birds
The 2 will fly together
Early in the morning
The wake up call

Every day the yellow birds
On the time never fail.....
Admiring images on the window panes
Calling it singing its melody

As the sun rises in the sky
The yellow birds fly
Into other spots it finds
Vanishing totally silence

Evening time
The yellow birds cry
Like clockwork it seems
The journey home on its way

sabah pkr

Sabah PKR
The turmoil running in
Jeffrey and Christina quit
All for personal needs
Listen it is for the nation and her people
Every personal needs can't be fully satisfied

The game of politics
The warlords still think they are big
The voters now are smarter
They are watching
Every move you make

Anwar may have made his wrong move
In Sabah PKR to create waves...........
Unless he wants to root out the greedy lords
He makes it such a way the warlords resign

Right now the Sabah PKR
The new state chief better stamps his mark
Go in quickly to diffuse the hot heads
The game politicians play

PKR better adjusts your pillars
Skeletons ruining the eyes
What more with unwarranted publicity
Learn to walk with humility
On People's Supremacy

kampar river tragedy

Kampar river tragedy
The suspended overhead bridge collapsed
Barely a month when it was open
22 school children from around Kampar district
Fell into the Kampar river

The heavy downpour
The strong current flow
Dragging them away
Yesterday one dead two missing
Rescued 19 school children

Mock-u-din says
It was a contribution
From a contractor
As a public service

This is the tragedy
Of 1Malaysia leadership
Contribution smelling a rat
The Auditor General's report telling why
Over billing and payments.....

Bee Anne never change
Years in and out the Auditor General saying
The same tune on his record
No proper control weak accounting practices
Over payments and evaporation of public funds

Kampar river tragedy
A knockout punch in next GE
Umno leaders think people turning over
Harping on Bagan Pinang

We are waiting
For the next GE
We will make our decision
Kampar river will make its contribution

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pkr what musical chair playing?

PKR musical chairs
Why create unnecessary tension?
There is no reason whatsoever
Yet it is happening

Sabah Chief
Pick the leader of divisions choice
Why ignore it?
Just to satisfy personal power?
Now see what happens?
Sabah PKR in disunity

Secretary General throwing his towel
Is he getting fed up what the in-goings in PKR?
Zaid too took a 6 month leave............
It says something is wrong

Ketuanan Rakyat must be in spirit
In body and soul to walk the talk
Don't just say it to get popularity
In substance it is wanting

PKR must add meat into its frame
You can't be walking as skeleton
Yet trying to play musical chairs
Soothing others ignoring the popular votes
Of some leaders needed to brush up the party

Has the flame suddenly died?
Light it up again and be quick about it
No personality in politics
It is the country and her people
Let no race or religion come into play
Pick the best who can unite the party
And lead the battles to Putrajaya

the years been kind

The old and the new
The long journey done
The experiences in memories
Amongst relatives and friends

The years been kind
Smiling flow minds of its own
Gathering here on family dinner
Welcoming a new member
The land below the wind

The teacher and his former students
He still looks young for his age.....
Cracking jokes and laughter
Students and teacher
Now friendship till aging flow

To Sir with love
You could see the older students smile
The memories of school life
When they gathered this is the common ground

The years been kind
Gathering on family dinner
Smile and goodwill wishes
The young generation takes it on
For it is their time to shine
The road of many potholes
Learn the trade; learn the skills
Acquire the memories wiser in the years

have a positive attitude

Practise always makes perfect
Of events running into life
Learning processes and skills
The tools to make a difference

Stop for a while
Look what it entails
Practise on the old methods
Nobody progresses

Our minds must be alert
On the changing evolution
Practise on the new
This is where you found your footing
On the old the guide post

Practise and use of mind
The acquiring knowledge will bounce
Into the stage to share
In so doing gaining more out of it

Don't be afraid to try
New gadgets coming along
Learning is never ending processes
Have positive attitude
Many things can be learned

some women

Some women
They don't fight back
Lay on the mat
Let the men step on it

Abuses and mental tortures
Some women they endure
Believing that to keep the men
Some abuses they should bear

Men get into affairs
Children with mistresses
Lying through their teeth
Yet the wives stay silence
Crying alone thinking faults lie with them

Some women
They want to be punished
Literally let the men do
They think nothing else

Oh wake up!
Fight for your rights
You are humans too
You can't let injustices ride

Marrying only
The eyes of law and religion
You don't sell your soul and name
You shouldn't be Mrs Something
The day you do
The day you lose your identity

Some women
They don't see the light
They suffer mental pain
Let the men do as they please
What a waste living with such beasts!
Camouflage in sheep skin

we have to change

We have to change
The government that we have
Too long on the list
Even bankers shift areas

The leaders become arrogant
They always say they have the experiences
Milking our public funds
As the Auditor General's report says

Billions vanished
No tracking and accountability
Is this the government we wanted?
Is this the experience they talked about?

Even budget year in year out
There is no post mortem on its failures
What gains and losses, why certain projects delayed?
The Bee Anne government thinks we are fooled
Harping on the old records of yesteryears

We have to change
It is in our hands
We mustn't forget
Enough of blatant abuses
We must have our rights back
For the country and her people

Monday, October 26, 2009

dr porntip tells us quickly

Bones and hairs
A story can be told
By the expert in the field
For the lay ordinary people
The truth must be told

TBH let the agony be over
Do the 2nd autopsy to say once and for all
A young man death from Macc building
The coverings up seem to get in

A man in his prime
Getting married and be a father
He couldn't possibly jump to his death
There wasn't a good reason..........
He was getting married the day he died

Politics a dirty game
Running dogs and cats
Suppressed the alleged truth
Saying “don't know”
Everything will go away

Dr Porn made it known
80:20 rule she said
Homicide is her game
So let her conduct the autopsy
To back up her reasoning

There are alleged elements
Of ignoring facts on the case
Macc has a lot to answer......
And the black knight
the shadow lingers......

the man in a hurry 3

Materiatistic wants
In his eyes he needs it all
Craving for it as he tags along
He wants to be known
Speaking by people
As he flexes his wealth

The man in a hurry
He has no time for trifle things
Pursuits equate with wealth
This is his game

He knows what poor means
Nobody cares you live or die
Tomorrow seems hard to come by
Going hungry no option
In a poor home surviving counts

The days and years
The man in a hurry
Growing up with a tag
Learning how to survive

In years he manages
Surviving and growth he makes
Building up his portfolios
He believes it is the way

The man in a hurry
He forgets about his roots
He thinks he paints a better landscape
With wealth gated into his life

the man in a hurry 2

The man in a hurry
Living it thinking to get more
Hitting the score sheet
He isn't satisfied

The man in a hurry
He wants it big nothing small
Stand it out amongst the crowd
Let them see he is in the fore front

The whispering with the wind
The breezy rustling singing tunes
Materialistic wants only temporary
You can't take it with you............
When the day comes to go home

Yet the man in a hurry
He has no time on small things
Time he hits the score sheet
He feels he gets it makes
Quickly chasing after his time

the day of life

The day of life
The sun and the moon
The stars twinkling bright
Counting the years
It comes to pass so soon

The babies grow
In years they mature and fly
Away from the nests
The comforts for a change of new

The matured sigh
At one time they think they have the time
Postponing things or acquiring skills
Assets and wealth trying hard to find

Yet the time clicking away
Waiting for nobody but its own
The day of life
Singing it let regrets stay behind

Sunday, October 25, 2009

in the lens of immortality

Added by Amanda Goh at tangung sepat

God creations never fail
Brilliant sunset wooing the eyes
Far away beyond any limit
The camera lens clicking it away

The moon going down
As if you see it through your lens
Sparkling brightness waving away
Tell you “Tomorrow we meet again”

On the hardened sand
Listening to the soft breeze
The waves and high tide
Lashing on the coastline

You still watching
The colours in the sky
As the moon sparkles
Reflections on the water

You give a smile
Capturing the sunset flight
In the lens of immortality
God creations never fail

people change

People you have a choice
Do it right when GE call
You can't be dilly dally all along
Bee Anne will take it all

Privatization isn't working
Bee Anne will colour you blind
Employing PR world to beef up image
It is a long way down our deep pockets

Tell me has privatization works?
It never has been during Dr M watched
Cronies smiling all the way to the banks
We bailed them out when economic crisis came

Now 1Malaysia Najib will go the way
Under economic crisis he wants his second wave
Benefitting his cronies what else is new....
People time to put your act and vote them out
Else you have nothing left...............
Only misery for your next generation

In Perak the crooks sing
About laws and regulations
What irony! What a disgrace!
Through backdoor and manipulations!
With the assistance of police and judges
People you better wake up
Before you spit in the loo

People enough for the lies and corruption
Change the government we dont have to worry
Even Britain and USA keep changing
Taiwan and Japan too...............
We can't let a government stay too long
The leaders will hide their treasures
Pulling wools over our eyes

So change
Let our votes count
In the next GE
Let a new team take over

nigel tee

Once he was scared of me
Hiding away trying to play his games
With his parents and grandmother
Smiling faces yet he stopped it there

Years I observed
He didn't change
Parents asked him
He said nothing....

One day on the aeroplane
From KLIA to Kota Kinabalu
There he was the Little Rooney
In front of me smiling glow

We played our little games
He hid behind seats...slowly he begun
Warming up to his shyness........
Now he has let go of his tag

So he has grown a little
Behaviour patterns change
A little bit braver knowing he has to
No more standing at a distance
He is riding on his freedom..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

wait for the next GE

VK Lingam case closed
AG says there is no case to probe
Under the Royal Commission of Inquiry
Nobody can run free!

The recommendations in the report
What is AG doing?
It is shifting lamp post again
The higher up decides already

Too many beans to spill
In Umno closet for all to see
Now Lingam must be laughing
The power broker the judges bow

Bee Anne close the case
The ordinary people and Pakatan will not
When the government is changed
VK Lingam shall not be forgotten

There are evidences compiled in the report
Why AG refuses to probe and charge Lingam?
He is an incompetent AG why we lost White Stone Island
Never mind for now....wait for the next GE
Patience will win the race........just wait and see!

you can't have it all

When you are working
Holidays seem so great vacation
You want it so much to laze around
Doing nothing for a change of pace

When you are working
You hate the routines
Working 9 to 5
Sometimes until midnight run

On top of it
You get stressed out
Every energy spending
Leaving you nothing left
Only want to fall onto sleep
Forget about it all

Even in schools
The homework never ends
The worksheets come in plenty
The school boys and girls
Some do some just throw away
When school holidays ring
The smile on their faces say it all

Now retirees
Long vacation hating it
No money earned no value to stay
Some like it; others complaining

Nothing changes
Work play and sleep
The world is one place
Only life seems different

You can't have it all
You have to let go
Feel the wind, the sun, the moon
The stars and the shadows.........

majority colours world population

What are the majority colours of the world population?
The 7 seas divide that you don't see it
The lashing waves and ripples whispering of the oceans
Hitting the shores lazily the people dull into........

The sun bays out its golden structures
Arrowing its ray of golden beams........
Shadowing the eyes blinding for a while
The ordinary people carrying out as usual

The population growth reaching its peak
Billions now walking on the streets
Every inch the soil seems to disappear
As billions feet walking running on it

The moon and stars
The night brightens shadowy smile
The colours of ordinary people
Intermixing rising to populate
The Mother Earth holding them lovingly
Though she cries of the people indifferent attitudes

What are the majority colours in the world?
Into the crystal ball what you see at all?
The colours of black and brown
Yet the might loses to the white....

And we say majority rules
God say otherwise..........
The subtle message
We always forget
1God nothing else matters!

Friday, October 23, 2009

religion a sign post

You can't live on religion alone
You will suffer hunger
and no roof to call your own
Though you may try to smile
Give up everything
Just you inherit a life

Be just that alert
Don't get fooled by sweet words
One must live to learn
The good and bad of one's journey

Religion a sign post
Guiding along the way
It isnt the final page
You have to learn to understand
the experiences shining stars
The light you wish to find

Teach a person how to fish
The surviving statistics will be high
Walking in the garden of Eden
You know you have finally arrived

learn history of the past

Man always wants to destroy
Greed and power; sex and songs
Wine and telling lies
No patience always in a hurry
It is his nature
The conqueror on the march

Watch the scenes
The environment and diseases
Spreading with the wind
The man doesn't know
He just goes out to take
Never remembering the consequences

It is so God makes a woman
To stabilize his crazy needs
In a way the man stops.......
Yet his genes return
Affairs and cheating
Taking all he needs

God watch as man plunders
Sitting quietly sewing net to rope him in
Patience is God knowing the time
Man as usual believing his might

The playground is burning
Man will crawl tears will fall
It is woman who would make it right
Nature is her forte; it is her nature to multiply

into unity they will be

Lay the carpet for the king
Tomorrow he will bring his queen
On the Fairlady he has chosen
Fairy tales in the mind

Friends come to shoulder the time
Lay the carpet for the king
Make the entrance look elegant
The way the king should like

Hours of effort
Friendship has no bound
Lay the carpet for the king
Let it be perfect as they work

Tomorrow the king
He will bring his queen
Walking on the carpet
The crowning of life worth
Into unity they will be

what life will bring?

Empty chairs
She can think
After the hard work
She takes a peep

What life will bring?
Tomorrow is the big day
The journey of 1001 stories
It has to begin...........

Now breathing easily
It has come this far
It has a beginning
What life will be?

Life pages
She knows she has to write
In her mind; in her eyes
As the day brings to night
The bursting light the sparkles of life

Let the game begin
For the chorus will sing
The angels will serenade
The beauty of life
So let it roll be on your way

go for dental appointment

The bone loss
The genes the culprit
As aging travels through time
The gum loses its supporters
The fall in age of life

The teeth falls
Like the idiot domino
One by one hitting for nothing
As nature loses its exchanging gifts

The yawning jaw
The line of tug of war
Pulling on with high tension
As the lines tighten the pain rain

The base loses
The bone loss deepens
As age flows into life
Go for dental appointment
At least you can prolong
Before it is all gone!

the cease fire for now

Bury the hatchet
MCA crocodiles agree
For their self interests
Politics of 3Ps

What lies ahead?
MCA leaders you decide
The ordinary people have enough
Of your polishing apples for so long

You can't move
Without big brother says so
Why be a rat for so long?
Wake up change for the people
Leave the coalition
If your party wants to survive

You dare not go
3Ps will finish automatically
It is better now than later
For the cracks will not heal

Come GE 13
The ordinary people will pick
The party to fight for them and country
It isn't for self interests and cronies

Thursday, October 22, 2009

dr death came to the city

Dr Death came to the city
From Thailand where she is
Engaged by the Pakatan Selangor government
How she made her qualified observations

Teoh Beng Hock didn't kill himself
Somebody did him from a high rise fall
Macc has a lot to answer..........
Don't push for a fall guy
Like the police
Only one police officer
On Kugan's death!

This inquiry should be halted
Call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry
Once and for all answer the question
How many involved in this murder?

Teoh Beng Hock died a horrible death
On the day he was to get married
There wasn't any reason he committed suicide
The agency and related parties trying to paint it so
Covering as usual on the alleged plot
Pushing for the fall of Pakatan Selangor!

People time we change
We can't be living as if nothing happens
When too many cooks will spoil the soup
Look around us...........
The imbalance in all agencies and GLCs
Our public funding going to waste plenty!

if you ask the wrong one

God is in your eyes
Every time you see
In the mirror; on the field; on the shadow
Every corner; every air you breathe
She is there only dont shut out your mind

In Genesis it is said
“He” made His children in His image
Sometimes you have to ask
Is God a man or woman?

Logically a man can't produce
Only a woman can make the distinction
As you open your soul to reach God
Learn to the old ancient records....
The Great Indians of America....
God is she for creation she could make

If you ask the wrong one
You know you can't find your balance
No matter how hard you try
For God is everywhere
Breathing life.....and a journey of paradise

the abstract art

The abstract art
Make it any way you wish
It is your work
Damn the critics!

As long as you feel it
Parade in your mind
Let the good feeling flow
Why waste it?

You write your pages
As you take it in your journey
The gate posts of history
Live it let the stories be told

In pictures in words
This is your own legacy
The resume of your life
So don't be shy
Let the light shine!

change for a better road

How many covers up before we know?
How many deaths must go before the truth is known?
C4 C4 C4 to pieces falling on the ground
How are the authorities so blind can't see it at all?

Many died in police lock-up
The authorities say it is suicide
So conveniently labelled on the deceased
A poor soul no money to fight back

Jack the Ripper in uniform
Ripping apart the jailbirds
When cases haven't been proven
Death in prison authorities blaming suicides

Death fall from Macc building
The authority says it is suicide
The events never enter correctly
For a person who would getting married
the day he died

Atlantuya never explained
Who ordered her death by bullets and C4?
Only the fall guys got the boot...........
The alleged murderers are out somewhere

People you have read
The inconsistencies of reports and covers up
Come next election do use your head
Don't be fooled by power, projects and prosperity!

The country needing you
To make the right choice of leaders
We have enough of Bee Anne
Time to change for a better road

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the hungry for wealth

A man in a hurry
He wants to make it
On the materialistic wealth
On the age he looks best

He runs along
Catching on his dreams
A life of richness
Once he was poor

The hungry of wealth
There is always a drawback
He loses sight of the roots
He forgets to build
The spiritual flame of his life

No doubt he thinks he makes it
The world he believes is his game
Stomp the foundation feel that it is safe
Else the whole thing will crumble
For a man in a hurry

he has the money

He has the money
Wrapped it up in red hurry
Dropping out for all to see
“Now you know why I smile”

Kneeling down
He laughs it out
“Man I am in a hurry
With a bride I have no worry”

The troopers marching
He collects back his money
Giving each of them
A good luck and prosperity

As the sun begins to change colours
The final tea ceremony drawing to a close
As Nigel and Caley get their share
The memories will linger into our minds
At Marina's apartments facing the weaving sea

and she......we will wait

What about me?
“I don't get any
Give me some tips
On the paper I hold
Look don't run away”

The pleading
The smile of the wedded bliss
On the tea ceremony
She reads out the list

For Eddy and Melinda
On the painted sun rays
Glowing on the beautiful day
“Now don't forget me
My anypow you silly!”

The troopers arrive
One by one she ticks them off
On the tea ceremony
The years will tell its own story
And she...........we will wait
For the day we will read her list

the fairlady

The Fairlady
The final parade
The final fling
She knows it

Coolly she waits
The driver stands
The last time she will see him
As he takes her for her final lap

The Fairlady winks
“Come on get on with it!
Why delay the agony?
Take me for a spin!”

The honking comrades
All line up ready to paint the streets red
The Fairlady and her driver
The final lap before goodbye

The Fairlady glowing
One final turn then it is over
The driver has a new bride
She salutes him well

life pages they write

The God's grace
The couple smile
Life pages they will write
In each chapter
The story will be told

As the years watch their feet
Stepping on it climbing on steps
The journey each will take
Measuring it stocking it
In their minds as they share

Now the wedded bliss
All vows seal with a kiss
In God's grace
They will work hard on it

The years maybe hard
The years maybe bountiful
Whatever reasons flowing through
Remember this occasion
The happiest couple
Lighted up life

only the small ones

The small fry
Buzzing easily to get caught
How stupid to fall!
When the big fry
Getting away so easily

We read
Macc catches rats
The field mouse
Escapes all the time

The heavy weights
Macc doesn't know where to begin
They act like rats
When they smell the cats

So many police reports
On the big fishes......
Yet there is nothing charged
How they get the wealth?

Macc only the small ones
You seem to score well
Come on catch the big fellas
Show us your teeth
Without fear and favours

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

let chin peng come home

Chin Peng aka Ong Beng Hwa
He fought for a cause he believed
Once against the Japanese
To free Malaya against the tyranny
Then he fought against the Colonial master
For cheating him of his victory

Chin Peng then fought against his home country
He forgot what the country meant to him
He killed many and reigned of terror
Amongst the Chinese and soldiers and police officers

He met Tunku to talk peace
He couldn't get it done the way he thought it could be
So he disappeared into the jungle
To carry on his vendetta...............

Many died so were his soldiers
Fighting for a cause Chin Peng grieved
Yet he couldn't admit he wanted his face
And so the misery and battles

When the peace treaty signed
The whole nation rejoiced
The man in later years
Chin Peng can't return....

If we talk about history
Chin Peng fought for the country independence
Against the Japanese and British Empire
Yet he isn't honoured; he is blamed
Rightly so for the way he butchered the innocents

Now an old man pleading to die on his soil
The land of his birth where the present government ignored
The peace treaty accord signed and sealed.....
Where is the honour when he gave it up for peace?

Let Chin Peng come home
He lived with his horrors and sins
He made his decisions he would live with it
Give him the honour to die in his home country
We shouldn't play double standards as it were!

you aren't far behind

Eric Wong
The pingpong continues
One up for Eddy
You aren't far behind
Losing one game
Out of 3.............

You will even the score
On New Year's Day
Don't forget your anypow
You still have to give
For Eddy will wait
Happily he will say

The smile on camera
The freshness of a picture
Immortalized in frame
For Eddy and Melinda you will say

The ping pong
The ball jumping over the net
Who will get the ball?
When the sunset painted the wall

nothing is new

Umno for all?
Don't spin the con
It is for your own kind
Lock stock and barrel!

This is the final race
The ground works have been laid
The traps are set the party falls into it
Atlantuya sinks her teeth
The million pieces C4 she won't forget

A reinventing tool
Nothing is new
In Perak it smells of shit hole

Dare to coin it
Call for snap election
Decide your fate
You know the verdict
The disintegration....
Atlantuya will wish
You get what you deserve

pas wake up man!

Pas holy verses keep within
Amongst your kind let them share
Let other religious faiths enjoy
God creations and entertainments

Politically Pas youth
You drag the Pakatan down your deep hole
You think the non-Muslims will vote for you
When the next GE comes around?

Brewing Islamic rhetorics
Telling others this can that can't
It is time you understand other faiths
God gifts must be enjoyed

You worry about morality
Look into your backyard
Tell what you see........
Don't be a saint

God know His creations
Even the people He created
He knows too our weaknesses
You have nothing else to say

the wedding bells

The God bless
In this church He smile
Gathering His flocks
They will come

For today
The wedding bells
Of Eddy and Melinda
Gracing the walk
Of red carpet rose petals
Lining along the way

The chairs in rows
Silence praying waiting for the call
When the time arrives
The families and friends

The God bless
The wedding on the day
Of His children
He prays.............

Of Eddy and Melinda
The journey just begins
Signing the book
Taking vows just the journey

the perfect 10

The perfect 10
The gang who make it happens
On the day that matters
For Eddy Wong........

Gathered around
The posing the final round
Hiding the Fairlady.....
The once mistress
For a final fling on the streets

The perfect 10
The true friends came
Make it day to remember
For Eddy and his bride

Sorry Fairlady
You are left behind
The master has a new bride
She makes him wings
Now he can fly

sail the ship

Now he gets an earful
Of the sage whisperings
Concentrating hard to understand
As he embarks on his journey

Life is full
Of light and shadows
Learn the ropes
How it makes it works

The journey
There is the uncharted sea
You will the ripples
As the cool breeze sing

It gives you patterns
The way you may not see
Sail on your course
You will not miss your journey

As Eddy listens
The distance drumbeats call
It is now your turn.......
It is your luck you got it made
Sail your ship navigate your world!

open the pages of the holy books

The last bachelor party
The final tips seem to tell
Gathered them around
Tell the groom what is in store...
It is so small

The world out there
In your eyes you have to see
Opportunities to learn
Don't forget to listen

The wise guys talk
Sharing a tip or two
The groom listens
Trying to take it all

When you are in doubt
Open the pages of your Bible
You will see the guide posts
Giving you sound advice

It is your experiences
When you embark on your journey
It is where you will plant your guides
It is here you will take refuge
Seeking sound advice

shoes market pride

Where are the grooms?
Where are the brides?
On the door steps
Shoes market pride

They don't worry
About shoe snatchers run
Leaving them behind
They have better errands to smile

So where are the grooms?
So where are the brides?
Do you hear them calling?
The cars have arrived

Behind the doors
Saying a prayer or two
On the journey blissful surrounding
They don't worry about the shoes
Who wants them?
Maybe the drug addicts....
Dreaming of such a time

table talk mca

Table talk
What now with MCA?
EGM had voted
Resign gracefully

Let a new team
Bridge the gap
It is better this way
What's there to talk?

The crocodile tears
Going for the kill
On the weary soldiers
Battle frays hoping for rescue

The back stabbing
Brutus of many disguises
Vultures wing waiting for the meal

For the country and community
Somehow you forget to remember the deal
Stepping on too many powerful toes
Now the hurting trying to get it back

seal with a kiss

Seal with a kiss
So the journey begins
Bless in the house of God
The candle lights burning

The scents of wedded bliss
It carries through the pages of life
Writing out your daily chores
It will be as mosaic of colours

As they take their steps
Together in painted aroma
Of sharing lives learning to live harmoniously
Knowing there is no one way street

Seal with a kiss
The unity and understanding flow
Into the future where it will demand more
As an individual and sharing chores
Learn to forgive and forget
For life has many pages to write

Monday, October 19, 2009

once they were young

Once they were young
The loving couple holding hands
Walking by the coasts
Seeing the life ahead of them

Looking at the sunset
Many times since they wed
The good and bad times
Through thick and thin they survived

If you ask them
They will tell
Give way as both will be right
Any one who makes it
The other partner will benefit

Even when they see
The two sons growing up
In time they will start their own families
The parents will be happy
They have set a fine lead in their lives

the little rooney

The little Rooney
He forgets to play for England
He has a better field to play
On the tea ceremony

He forgets about football
He wants to take part in the game
Of offering tea.............
He even forgets his toy cars
This one day he doesn't want to forget

So he walks getting his share
The acceptance of a cup of tea
From his uncle and aunty
Nigel will dream happily....

The little Rooney MIA
So he gets his red packet
If you ask him out of the field
He says it is worth his effort
Offering tea to his uncle and aunty

another bag

Another bag
Eddy wants to wrap
Adeline's present
Josephine gives away

Now don't stand on ceremony
The MC announcing the other party
The sun light shines brightly
As the tea ceremony going on smoothly

The moment of their lives
It is here the way it should be made
Smile and laughter ringing through
Of the story it will be told

It is the moment like this
The cherish memory will stay
After all are done and gone
The grace of light
Waving blessing the day

what's happening?

What's happening?
Eddy turns his face
He can't bear to see
The red line going away

The small cup takes flight
In the hands of Marcus Lee
Dripping hot droplets.....
“Ah yeah you wet my pants!”
So this is why Eddy turning
Trying to avoid wetting his face

Melinda laughing away
This is life; it is just the ceremony
The story will be told
As years take down the line

Of life into the future
Remembering the day
Ah Weng wishes......
make it fruitful and bountiful

caley can't wait

Caley can't wait
She wants her share
The red packets
When she sees
Every one gives

“Come on uncle
Give me one please”
As her aunty smiling
She insists she must have

Opening her small bag
Now gives me your red packet
“Come on just drop into it
I will go away”

“Sorry Caley
It isn't your time
Now hurry back
Wait for your turn”

Caley walks
No red packet in her small bag
So she waits for her time
When she will get one red packet

when the day you need

The paper bag of good
A personal contribution
Penned and made it worth
The 1001 stories.............

The afternoon sun
Glaring casting lighting shadows
From the sea sending good wishes
For the newlyweds it should sing

The pathways make easy
Every spirit has gone into it
Giving them an easy way to live
For they need it
When life changes begin

When the day you need
Refreshing thoughts and energy
Read the poem remembering its day
You will never forget

suddenly you see

Suddenly you see
The still pictures
How the years have gone
Leaving you speechless
When time hasn't stood still

The years be kind
The years be cruel
It is in your hands
You will make the difference

The sun rays
Drawing beautiful beams
Shadowing the life
As it blossoms briefly

The moonlight shines
Casting golden beams
On life where it gives hope
When suddenly you see
The years have gone by

The smiling faces
The knowing stare and laughter
Suddenly you see
The still pictures
How the years have gone

go back to perakians

Perak Bee Anne
The government isn't as you made
Forcibly entered through the back door
Enticing oppositing representatives

Now Bee Anne says
The state government belongs
Yet the people aren't satisfied
The alleged plotters brewing false hope

The people wait
For the day when it will arrive
The decision will be made
It is enough of silly manipulation

Now Bee Anne
Walking with police protection
Pakatan Rakyat will wait
The blowing of the wind
The changes will arrive

the morning call

The two yellow birds
Early morning calling
Standing at the window edge
Admiring its images

Flapping its wings
The images doing the similar tactics
So the yellow birds respond
“My friends and lovers
Behind the the window panes”

The early morning call
Sunrise the yellow birds
Flying to wish everybody
“Wake up wake up!
The sun is rising”

Flying amongst trees
Buildings calling mates
When the sun burst into hot light
The day arrives.......

the little angel dancing

The little angel stomps her feet
Jumping up and down on the shining tiles
As the music playing into her ears
She's dancing it away

Like the little Indian
She's stomping round and round
Eyes bright hair flowing wild
She seems she is on her own
She doesn't care what others say

The flow of a small swan
The small feet barely lifting up and away
Yet she is in her element
Stomping her feet
Like the Little Indian

Sometimes she sings
The tune she hears....
Bringing smile and cheers
As Izzy makes her way
Stomping her feet
Dancing round and round
Like the little Indian

the flight to kota kinabalu 14

Homeward bound
The day arrived
One last time
Watching the sunset
Tomorrow we would be gone

The soft breeze brushing along
Nothing to stop it nothing to keep
Only the feeling leaving Kota Kinabalu
Homeward bound
Finally we would go

The boats anchored on the sea
Swaying softly with the windy breeze
The night the brilliant ray of lights
The cruising cars waving us goodbye

Eddy and Melinda
Life of new; life of shared pursuits
We wish you all the best wishes
As we packed our bags
Homeward bound
The day arrived
We waved goodbye

the little angel

The little angel
Singing her baby tunes
Walking freely as she goes
Making life easy
For family she knows

Playing doctor
With her new toy
Woofing her way
She feels so happy

Singing her songs
The way she gets to know
Smiling her baby way
The family clapping away

The little angel
Floating her easy life
Planting her baby smile
Everybody clapping away

“I am Izzy
I sing you smile for me
My little baby tunes
You know it too I guess”

the world you stage

The world you stage
At your palm you smile
The years been kind
As you take it all in your strides

The memories stay
Every way you go your way
Every resume you make
It will shine in every mind

The whispers of now and then
It glows as you take your time
The years been kind
The world you see
You will keep in your strides

As you blow your lighted candles
The memories smile the passage smooth
As you wish it as you take it along
Into resume you will make some more

Sunday, October 18, 2009

dont get swindled!

Racism and apartheid
There is only technical different
In essence it is similar
The popularity of one race
Over the others.............

Apartheid bluntly sowing the power of one race
Dividing its preferences controlled by its laws
Dishing out goodies for its own leaving the rest fighting for it
Any dissents severely dealth with

Racism sows the popularity of a race
Bluntly hitting the other races allegiance
Questioning them bluntly telling them
“You are immigrants
You aren't welcome here”

Wealth and power centre in one race
Camouflage with other racial parties
Yet the dominant race holds the power
As usual the other races bow in allegiance

The black knight speeches
Spinning out of control.....
The city folks will know the truth
The party doesn't preach what he says
Listen to his party leaders action and words
It says the leopard can't change its spots!

Don't fall for the tricks
The writing is on the walls
The dominant party will fail
It is time to change

the flight to kota kinabalu 13

Walking on the water esplanade
Near to the coastline sea breezes flow
Rustling wind softly whispering along
When the sunset dims across the sea

Along the coastline at night
Don't walk alone when you aren't local
You don't want to get into a trap
Surrounded by dim light surrounding

A child cries............
Running out to escape
The father charging at his child
Pouring tea on the fleeing boy

The atmosphere of alertness
Walking on this stretch of coastline
Lining up seafood restaurants and cafes
You may try but you will move by

the flight to kota kinabalu 12

The ferry terminal
In the night
The dim light shines
Glowing romantically
For lovers and romance

The wide passage
Line rows of eating cafes and restaurants
Let you choose your choices
As you think you like

Sitting down listening to the wind
Brushing along the rippled sea
As the motorboats and fishermen's trawlers lay
Quietly swaying in the dimly lit night

Though it is for dining atmosphere
Yet it is for lovers and romance
A good ambience listening to the waves signaling
As you dine and whispering nothing

You watch the heron flying
In the night catching its prey
In the ripples water the fishes pay
As you smile watching the game play

The ferry terminal
In the night the dimly lit glow
For lovers and romance
Think about it
The ripples sea crying softly
Exchanging it with your mind

the political con

The political con
On the power it can be done
Brewing words of wisdom
The party members clap

It is still a con job
Camouflage with words
Playing to the gallery
To say how good the party is

Sharing goods
As if the party so charitable
History of the nation
It is built on the multi-racial

Yet the black knight breeds
The political con the people sink
Believing that it can be true
Just remember the leopard hardly changes spot
Listen but with mind of your own

The political con
The supporters and cronies go
For their own satisfaction
What else is new?
The rural still remains
The folks still get hooked
On the political magic

pakatan frays

Pakatan frays
Of its members own ways
Issuing statements not on Pakatan interests
Sometimes they seem going for own things

Reading on the press conferences
These leaders trying to help Umno
Giving Umno the ammunition
Hitting at the Pakatan doors

Bagan Pinang
Pakatan couldn't do a Houdini
It was a uphill task
The voters need wealth and business

Yet Pakatan doesn't learn
Riding on the past victories
It couldn't ride it to victory
Learn it now for the big one

Prepare for the next GE
This is the way to go
Nothing should be forgotten
The road to Putrajaya
It isn't easy as you think

flight to kota kinabalu 11

The ripples sea
On the balcony could see
The Marina's Apartments
See it now before it is shadowed

The colours of the sea
Green, blue and light chocolate
Swimming along the ripples
On the coastline waiting for tips

In the evening
The sunset bursting colours
Arresting eyes mind glow
Of the sea dancing from the wind

The cool windy breeze
It blows out from the sea
As the sunset begins to glow
In Kota Kinabalu coastal range

Friday, October 16, 2009

1malaysia 1toilet

1Malaysia 1toilet
Bee Anne leaders crazy about 1
In their speeches and behaviours
Only they don't practise it

Trengganu 1toilet
In schools teachers and students
The state government thinks
There will be dialogue....

Think for a while
About the students freedom
In the toilets they can let go of their frustrations
Of school works and pressures

Now the airing of discontents
It will not be there in the toilets
They teach about tolerance
1toilet the students will think something else

1Malaysia 1toilet
Even signs and advertisements
It isn't the picture and word
It is the heart going to work
On 1Malaysia 1Race 1Nationality!

mca time to change image

No confidence vote
The president refuses to go
Promises made before the EGM
Now he sings a different tune

Be a gentleman
Act like one
MCA leaders
The credibility gone

The majority of the delegates spoken
Through the ballot boxes in the EGM
Where is the leadership quality?
Be a sport resigned contest again

MCA the troubles aren't over
Appointed a new deputy president
Amongst the CC members
Where are the wishes of the delegates?

Go for fresh election
This is the way to go
Else the party troubles aren't over
MCA time to change image

the marriage vows

The marriage vows
It isn't regidity rule
It is a guide post
Of life through marriage

Two individuals join
In matrimony to share the lots
Of a journey they wish to embark
Of life they want to share

Nothing is cast in stone
It is a wish life could be enterprising
Sharing the ways of each other company
Knowing the tricks of the trade
Where minds always don't think alike

The passages of time
Tastes may change arguments may light
When the foundation is strong
Even earth quake will not shake it away

The marriage vows
Don't always think it this way
Make it as boyfriend and girlfriend
Everyday the romance flow
Don't think of it as husband and wife
You spoil the fun of life enjoyments

the flight to kota kinabalu 10

The final countdown
When the evening sun set
Impatient to disappear
The clouds white and blue sky

The cocktail at 6 evening
The dinner proper would begin at 6.30
As the light begun to tick away
Assembled at ground floor
Driving to Sutera Harbour Hotel

The new proton saga 1.3
Cruising easily out to the streets
Turning left and left
Going straight ahead
After traffic light right turn
Straight road ahead
Another traffic light then right turn
Right to the Sutera Harbour Hotel

Got into the wrong turn
Missing the main reception
Two wrong turns finally got it right
Parked the car
Walked through the lobby
Going downward steps to the dining hall

Sitting there
Manning the reception counter
The appointed officials
Ticking names and showing numbers
The learning rope when will be their turn?

The dim light
Surrounding the garden
As if running a mysterious movie
Playing dimly coloured atmosphere
Maybe creating an illusion of romantic flow?
I couldn't tell what was the theme of the night

A simple d├ęcor
On the stage
Tier faked cake
Flanked by heart-shaped ice carving
Dripping its moisture away
The centre table
Crowded 3 bouquet flowers
It choked the main sitting

As with all banquet settings
Nothing much to write about
I had seen it so often
It didn't strike me
Only services count every time

East Malaysians never came on time
Like us appointed time got no value
We came when we were ready......
So the main dinner came late

The parish church band
Played two songs in the night
The MC did a good job
Confidence rung in the hall

The eager photographers
Snapping pictures with bride and groom
For it was for memories in later years
Sitting down sharing jokes and telling tales

When it was over
The hosts gone home
Waving her goodbye
To everyone she saw

Izzy shouted goodbye!
Following the host cue she did
Mrs Wong turning back
Smiling at her waving too

So the night ended
The marriaged birds could sing
Chirping their lives every day

Know the rules
Of give and take
Don't lose your identity
The day you do
It's the day you are nobody!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the flight to kota kinabalu 9

The evening light fall
On the dirty hard sand coast line
Of Tanjung Aru

The brilliant sunset
Blossoming colourful lights
Bursting into the evening sky
Mesmerizing the eyes

The hawkers' stalls
Stuffy; smell of stale dirty aroma
As the drains clogged up with black polluted water
Yet the hawkers just continue to drum up sales
They don't care they want business

There adults and children swim
On the dirty sea water coasting the shore
Waving ripples rushing to the coastline
As they go playing in the water
Forgetting about the pollutants flowing
Out from the dirty clogged drainage

Looking to the South China Sea
The waving sunset bursting out its flames
Catering to the people....families, lovers and loners
Of God's creations telling us there is always hope
When the darkness falls, light will shine again

the flight to kota kinabalu 8

Back in Marina Court
The gang of relatives came
A quick touch up
Waiting for the tea ceremony

In apartment B402
In-laws and relatives arrived
Two chairs facing the entrance
Backdrop the sea rippled away

Parents and in-laws
Sister and in-laws
Uncles and aunties
Cousins and nephew and nieces
All got a chance to do
The traditional offering
Of tea ceremony

It was here
You would find the ranking family member
Wishing the newly wed
Giving red packets for goodluck
As they travel into their lives
The hectic day done
The final lap at night
The sitting wedding course dinner
At Sutera Harbour Hotel...............

money still rules

Bagan Pinang
You want money
You want progress
Yet you dont see it
52 years Umno done

Tainted politician
You don't care
As long as you get
Your money and progress

As 'menang kerbau'
The padi fields you roam
Thrashing it knee deep
Dreaming of the city

You can't ride
You have lost the game
Voting for tainted politician
You won your 'menang kerbau' again

otk keeps your promise

Ong Tee Keat
He shouldn't stay
As no confidence vote passed
He should stand again
In MCA election

This time let the grassroots
Decide the leaders they want
Let's change the voting system
The members should decide

Now he seems
To hold on to his job
Forgetting his promise
This time he sounds like the rest
Empty promises to please
When it is his turn
He turns a blind eye

Be a gentleman
Contest again in the election
Let the grassroots decide
In this way less politicking
Of buying votes............

Now don't appoint your deputy
MCA will plunge deeper into crisis
Changes in MCA long overdue
No more race party..............
Let it be multi-racial

the flight to kota kinabalu 7

Modern equipments
Piano and guitars and drum set
Screens and video shots
Running for the relatives to enjoy

The pictures of Eddy and Melinda
Taken in Klang Valley shooting stars
United in pursuing a life of dreams
Watching them we wish them the best

The MC a guy from Ipoh
Found him in Kota Kinabalu
Learning his craft singing his songs
With his band dishing out religious hymns
Blessing the day of the newly wed
May God bestow them their wishes
Of dreams into their life journey

The pastor Wong came
Narrating his thoughts and his guidance
Though it was too long......................
He should have compressed it

Narrating Bible as a manual
The newly wed should learn
It is the experience that will count
With relationship between people

When marriage vows taken
Eddy and Melinda spoken
On the stage the pastor witnessed
At last the religious ceremony done
The union of two people
The world now for them to conquer

Melisa read short scriptures
Let God shine on them forever
On their journey to seek their dreams
We wish them our best wishes

Family photographs
Amongst relatives and friends
Adjourned to high tea
The day in Kota Kinabalu
The weather hot and sunny

the flight to kota kinabalu 6

It was Saturday
The morning sun shaft of rays
Shining brightly resting on the apartments
As we got prepared for the big day
Of Eddy and Melinda
Walking to their tide of wedded bliss......

We came to the ground floor
Early morning before the groom arrived
The gang of relatives
Lending support for Melinda's big day

The distance honing cars
Ringing through on the streets
Reaching at the Marina's Court Apartments
The first on line....
Eddy Wong driving the ladybird
Patiently waiting to capture his bride

And his entourage
Driving cars to give moral support
As the gang of relatives
Busying taking photographs

The memories will stay
On Melinda's big day
Capturing pictures will tell
The stories of years down the road

Everybody packed
In the cars provided by the groom
Driving out from Marina Court
Cutting traffic reaching the destination
The Basel Christian Church
Rebuilt in 1987.................
Kampar church
a crying shame in comparison

the flight to kota kinabalu 5

Walked on the streets
Passing through buildings
The narrow roads
Wide dividers for walkers

Hot cool breeze
Walking on the streets
Sometimes it was hot
You could feel..........

Walked into Centre Point
Going for a quick lunch
Displaying of food
Majority spicy hot stuff

Listen to the lingo
It is Indonesian dialect
Food wasn't cheap
It doubled up the price in Klang Valley

When you were on holidays
You know the drilling........
The food stall owners want to make it quick
You may not come again

After lunch some went shopping
Others gone to windows sight seeing
Later all gone back to Marina
A long relaxation................

Holidays no relaxation
Sleep deprived wanting to go extra mile
It won't happen immediately
Only when it was done

pakatan dreams

Pakatan dreams
Along the way
Hiccups will be found
It bounds you on the ground

Pas leaders
Some of them forget
This is Malaysia
A nation of many races
Calling ourselves as 1 nation

Brewing Islamic views
Pas leaders never learn
In this way the party dives
Into chaos with Pakatan

It is high time
A new team spirit must avail
No more thinking on party line
It is about Pakatan

Bagan Pinang told you stories
With a tainted politician won the election
What you got to say Pas?
Learn it don't dig your own grave

Stick with Pakatan ideology
Don't go spinning your own tales
See what you had done
Bagan Pinang won by a tainted politician

Pakatan dreams
Learn your lessons well
The rural areas still need money
This is why the people don't care
Religion in the soul
Physical needs wealth to survive

izzy dizzy

“I am Izzy
Don't you forget
As I grow in years ahead”

But then I hear
A nickname flow
“I am Izzy dizzy
I don't see where I walk
When I am engrossed!”

Lucky for me
I don't get blue black
I am still spotless free

“I am Izzy
Sometimes I hear
Izzy dizzy
Don't get knocked on your way”

the small girl has grown

See the small girl
She has grown
The last I saw
She was that small
Now she walks
The little angel talks

Carrying her lanterns
She dances into her mood
Shaking her head dancing in joy
She just wants to enjoy

The lighted lanterns
Playing her favourite songs
Holding it walking to her grandma
She is small for now

She can get what she wants
Yet she is put on her place
When her mother says
She will all children do
“Pity me let me get a chance
Eyes of bright tears to take you away”

So the small girl learns
Not everything she will get
Lose some gain some she now realizes
As she slowly takes in her strides

In case you forget my name
'I am called Izzy
I will make you crazy
With my sweet smile
Eyes of shining
I will make you mine”

the flight to kota kinabalu 4

Stretched our legs standing around
Looking at the highrise apartments
And the sea.....of green blue orang colours
On the coast of mud and hardened sand

The City Waterfront project
In time the whole view at Marina's apartments
It will be shadowed by this highrise buildings
Stretching along to the Waterfront Esplanade

Fully occupied
Apartment keys some got it
My group had to wait
For hours before we moved in

Later made some noises
At the reception away from the block
Promising it would be done
Like all hospitality trade
It hoped to soothe the fray minds

When it was done
In the apartment
Maintenance needed
Wall paint peeling off
Wood rotten training required
Services were slow

Smile of stale air
In the kitchen area
And the gas tong
A dangerous way to keep away
Under the kitchen stove

A good view to the sea
This was the saving grace
Admiring the view
Where the sunset would blossom the scene

the flight to kota kinabalu 3

The Boeing landed
The sunlight beam
Casting shadows on the tarmac
As it taxi to a stop

The passengers eager to get out
Standing up lining the way......
Hand bags, plastic bags and hands carry bags
Onto to the owners waiting to disembark

Some sat on the seats
“We aren't eager to rush
We want to sit for a while
Let you guys go walking down”

A village town
Wanting to develop quickly
Now the scenes unfold
Highrise buildings narrow roads

As the formality completed
The tourist bus came all got in
The hosts smiling so happy
The whole bunch came........
Except Adeline brushing her study
Back in the Klang Valley

The bus cruising along
The less traffic roads
Passing along the coastal scenery
Of darkest polluted water going to the sea

The weather windy and hot
On an island sea breeze strong
Finally turning to Marina Court Apartments
Overlooking out to the sea..............

all mca members vote

MCA toils
On the leadership crisis
The crocodile tears
Shading in the open

Now the vice presidents
They want to hold the position
The power and greed in the pipeline
The honey aroma dulls the mind........

The central committee members
Time they too quit their posts
The president got no confidence vote
Be a gentleman relinquish your role

The way out
MCA holds a fresh election
For all MCA members
No more through delegates voting

Time the grassroots have a say
In the direction the party is going
MCA crisis the winners want to take it all
This is where the hole will suck them dry

when will they learn?

They don't talk
About Malaysians
It is all about race
So how will 1Malaysia sail on course?

The Umno leaders
About Malays again
Telling all to listen
We want our Malayness

This is the problem
Too much power arrogant feeling
Talk about Malaysians
It is far cry from its agenda

And the leaders telling
We have changed....
From Malay supremacy to Malayness?
The drum roll into the desert..........

It is about Malaysians
For once talk about it
Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsula
Talk of one race one nation
This they can't do....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the flight to kota kinabalu 2

Up in the air
The clouds of white snow and blue
Capturing the eyes
Dreaming of UFO

The flight smoothly
Flying to its destination
Looking down spotted clouds
Floating away with tinged of black

The flight closing
The land below the wind
Listening to the talking
Stewardesses pushing trolleys
Selling food and drinks
Souvenir items too

For two and half hours
The descent to Kota Kinabalu
Circling around the TAR marine park
A cluster of 5 islands dotting on the sea

“Ladies and Gentlemen
We are touching down to Kota Kinabalu
Have a pleasant journey
We see you back again”

we must be willing to change

Isa Samad won
The by election in Bagan Pinang
Nothing surprising
It is Umno fort

Tainted politician
Yet the people voted
Maybe the voters wanted money
Quick wealth from Umno

Promising many
The Umno says
Corruption still rings true
What more in the pipe?

Until the country coffers gone
Only then the people will realize
They haven't waken up yet
Eyes still counting the ringgit sign

We will wait for GE 13
Let Umno feel the beat
We must be willing to change
Afraid and fear isn't the way

flight to kota kinabalu

Woke up early morning
The dark colour quiet day
As we took our time
Ready onto the flight

Bags on the go
The owners too
Vans and car arrived
Time to take flight

When the morning sun
On a Friday sun light
Cheerful faces eager to fly
On the day
To Kota Kinabalu

Queueing up a breeze
The flight attendants solemn faces
Checking boarding and tagging luggages
Immigration officers waiting............

Entering the arch
The immigration officers frisking
Afraid of terrorists on domestic flights
It is just a precaution

On the waiting lounge
We didnt wait long
After morning breakfast
Got time to walk......

The final call for boarding
Empty restrooms
Ready to take flight
Air Asia fly to Kota Kinabalu
Taxing it off into the sky

Leaving KLIA
Into the blue and white clouds
Steady flight into Kota Kinabalu
The land below the wind

delegates voted

MCA crisis
Nothing new to cry
It had happened before
And the leaders promised
It wouldn't happened again

Decades later
The ugly truth came
No confidence vote
Ong Tee Keat
What you got to say?

Be a gentleman
Resign let go of it
Though you may have stepped many toes
You didn't stop to think about

Sacking your deputy president
For when he was a gentleman
He didn't beat around the bush
He owned up; a sign of a true leader
His private affairs his alone to take care

Many think of clean leaders
Honestly how many are really?
Now the delegates had voted
It is time you make your move

All good leaders have faults
Learn from history many to count
You did it on your deputy
A sign you couldn't take it

Now the circle returns
Be a gentleman take the fall
Nothing else to tell
The delegates voted
You shouldn't hold on to the post

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

she makes it day

The princess runs
When the day arrives
Committee members
Trying hard to get it done
On the reception
The members sit
On the long table
Trying to help
At the Sutera Harbour Hotel
Table numbers
Who to sit where
The princess goes
The day she should relax
Look for her for day
The brilliant light shadowy her
Every step she goes
She can't stay still
She wants to make her night special
Though she has the good intention
She forgets she is the princess of the day
She toils to make it a day
Lucky for her she makes it
It runs smoothly
When the sunset disappears

Thursday, October 08, 2009

why worry about open tender policy?

Don't live on silver spoons
It makes you worst than before
When the tide changes you sure leave behind
Even you cry nobody will hear........

The economy cake distributes
The best candidates secure the jobs
This should be the principle
Nothing on the silver platter

Open tender policy
No hanky panky involves
The panel members accountable
On the projects awarded

The Ali Baba Malay businessmen
They shouldn't be allowed to breed
They don't learn how to pass on knowledge?
It is through hard work sweat and tears......
Where God will award His children

The class F contractors
Before they start they are failures
It reminds me of a TV show
The F troops the discarded soldiers
Nobody wanted to keep them

Anything man makes
Rules and laws, knowledge and experience
All can be changed
Only God laws
It is impossible to change!

the high chaparral in history

The High Chaparral
The final goodbye
Now lying barren
Waiting for new home to rise

The cows all gone now
The residents too with it
The silence rules once the greens
Now awaits its fate
Of the new highrise apartments

The protests and crying
Living in its memories
The people then will remember
The story will be told many times

Don't find faults
It is your own folly
Living in complacency
Forgetting about titles to the land

When it was hijacked by Bee Anne
Where the people voted for years
Now what you got to show in the end?
Only tears and memories

Kampung Buah Pala
The residents will remember
A bitter lesson to learn
In life nothing stays permanent!

no second chance 2

The rice bowl tolls
Somebody doesn't like it
Crawling to him wanting back his post
Positively he has the experience
Milking all his way

This is the dilemma
The Umno division isn't in one unity
It is the power game and wealth
If the tainted guy loses
The other party will sing his moon

The cronies dishing out goodies
Under payback schemes............
Now to show him his favours
Hoping to get it treble when he wins

Now the painted face
The tainted guy wants to shine
Corruption is inducement to do something
He had his fingers caught............

Now he wants to sing
Give me a second chance
Voters should run away from him
You will lose plenty I tell you

postal votes

Postal votes
The curry for Bee Anne
It is the aroma spreading far
It makes one feeling hungry

There is no way
One could determine
The postal votes coming in
It is the bone of contention
Way back when election was held

Bagan Pinang voters
Go vote for a clean candidate
It is your duty to change
Don't be part of a system
Corrupting the minds and eyes
Listen to Pakatan Speakers
They will tell you plenty

Postal votes
The army and police
Be neutral don't side any party
This is the way to go
Forget about the curry

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

change for better governance

Change the way
For the generation to come
What we have seen
The corrupted and greedy never learn
They still want it all
“Money is king” they keep telling you

How to get it?
Political affiliations and fixing cables
Get the projects get the wealth
When it is failing
Let the government holds the baby

Change the way
We can't be complacent
Living in drunkard stupor
It is time we make the change

The generation after us
They must have something to remember
The good governance and corruption free
We mustn't fail in our endeavours
To right the wrong we have seen........

Change the way
We shouldn't let a party holds to power too long
It must be changed for better governance
For the people and nation

change the way

Isa Samad
Found guilty in money politics
Suspended for 3 years in party
Yet he wants to contest

Now it is rumoured
He has affair with a woman
Finding way to settle
Only money the main block

Isa Samad
Better comes clean
On this latest episode
Giving you a second chance
It will be a headache

Bagan Pinang voters
You should make history
No doubt money and goods allegedly pouring in
Hear the talk of 3 Chinese towkays

Change the way
Let Pakatan Rakyat take
Let a clean candidate rule
You will sleep peacefully

the shared journey

The destiny
The land below the wind
The waves rolling seductively
Reaching to the coasts

In a few days
The hearts will be beating as one
The unity of life stitches flow
Understanding and harmony
The shared journey

The stirring in the minds
Stitching together on a common ground
Into life where it will be done
Where destiny begins
The journey will unfold

East and West
The waves of sunshine pouring
The land below the wind
Where ripples of life
The shared journey

where's the money?

Where's the money?
Tiong says he gives
OKT says he doesn't
So who's telling the truth?

Macc says no records
Nothing to find at all
Now the ball goes back
Tiong the ball at your feet

PKFZ the fallout will be many
Sue and counter sue the dragging for years
The milking of the public funds
The Bee Anne leaders find no way to hide

Though it may look legal
It is still the milking of the cow
The way it is done and false claims
The PKFZ scandal the biggest yet in the nation

The book of PKFZ is out on 15 October 09
By the reporters who made the first flash
Now it is compiled into a book
4 years of their investigative work

Look like the authorities
Responding negatively on the trail of funds
OKT and Tiong fall out
Many in Bee Anne will fall

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

the army and police be neutral

The army and police
They should be neutral
In the political landscape of the nation
They shouldn't be cowed by the government

The army and police
The custodians of the peace of the country
They shouldn't be allowed to play
Which party they want to support

Let them stay neutral
So they will not choose
Let them patrol the peace territory
No need to worry about political affiliations

The army and police retirees
They can vote as ordinary citizens
Exercising rights under the Constitution
Not when they are active in services
They should be seen and played neutral game

umno women

Umno women
You have seen the wrongs
You shouldn't stay quiet
You have forgotten your roles

Umno women
You know the truth
About Umno guys doing
Playing dirty games

Umno women
Can you put up smiling face?
The wrongs you have seen
You can't move a thing?

Umno women
Make your standing worth it
Don't be used then ignored
You have the power
Why aren't you used?

Umno women
It is sad you allegedly going blind
Listen to your Umno guys saying
Good guilt; bad guilt
Money politics a technicality
In law there is no such thing!

Umno women
Fight for the country
It isnt for the party
Unless you are blind
You become the softie
Then I feel sad for you

no second chance

No second chance
Tell it to Kugan
What the police did
Only one charged
Could we believe it?

No second chance
Tell it to Teoh Beng Hock
He fell from Macc building
Nobody is charged yet

No second chance
Tell it to Atlantuya
Shot with bullets
C4 her to pieces
2 police officers found guilty
When they didn't know her
Could we believe it?

Now Umno wants to spin
Give Isa Samad a second chance
When he was charged in money politics
ACA conveniently closing one eye
When in its law, it is a serious offence

So voters in Bagan Pinang
Don't be fooled give him no second chance
There are many reasons too
You will hear it from Pakatan Rakyat

opportunities in life

The world isn't waiting for you
It spins every second every time
You can't wait too long...........
It spins you by so quickly

Opportunities in life
Know your focus go grab it
You can't hesitate
Then it will move away

Don't worry when you miss
The opportunity running into you
Sometimes you aren't prepared
The next one you better be there

Life a circle
Between you see opportunities
Don't wait too long to grab it
It spins you by so quickly

Monday, October 05, 2009

only the change find the truth

We can point finger
We can write essays
We can make police reports
We can make statutory declarations
The laws of the country
It is just muted on the black knight

The quietness in the corridor of power
The agencies taking long tea-breaks
The wastepaper baskets beside the desks
All reports throwing into that opening holes

The black knight casting dark shadow
Stretching deeper into the agency souls
Branding with career prospects
Wealth creations on the side........

Atlantuya pieces of soul
The puzzles will become whole
Give him enough rope
He will trip that's the end of him

The laws will not touch the black knight
They are his calling cards.....................
He has their souls on promises made
Only the change will find the truth