Wednesday, November 30, 2011

we can't be living in fear

GE13 the Waterloo
Either the giant falls
Or the people lose the game
The politics of lies and deception

The ruling elites have no fear
They have all the agencies in blind support
These runners think they are gods
With funds flowing cascading fall

Too much sweeping under the carpet
The leakages and wastages of funds
The ruling elites just push it aside
They just give lip services........

They write manuals
The rules and regulations
They dare not take actions
They have no intentions

In this election
It's time we take back our rights
We can't be living in fear
We have seen we could do it

don't let fear rule your life

the cave you fear

Don't let fear rule your life
You will not get far with shackle living within
You will always dare not take the challenges
It's fear ruining your worth in your eyes

You have to break free
Let no fear sits in your mind
You must know your potential
You must know what is your worth

You can't live by others standards
You have to carve a road for yourself
You must know what you want to do
Don't let fear hold you back your life

History of brave people
Be it women or men
They fight their fear
They scale the heights

They make the change
They take the challenges
So you have to unlock your light
Banish fear sail forward your convictions

the pyramid scheme

PYramid scheme

Lies and deception
It never seems to fade away
On the stage the con-men speak
Power dressed leaders glittering shine

Of debates they decline
Of funding they try to hide
When they speak all just make believe
Only its members hope they fade away

The next generation wants a share
They study how these leaders work
They too want to get into the wagon
For the old leaders have to go

Lies and deception
The gullible people must wise up
For the con-men of pyramid scheme
They want the riches all for themselves

the challenges of life

The challenges of life
it doesn't come easy
It has to be tackled
Even how unpleasant it is!

Break up into smaller units
Divide it into controllable flow
The future doesn't come in one go
It has to be planted nurtured and grow

It's only the hurrying annoyance
The get rich plan the downward spiral
When the objects aren't showing results
The challenges of life becomes a test

Even life fails
It doesn't say it is gone
It only says try again
For the future has to come

the toyols

The toyols in the nights
They have it so good before
Now the curtains are falling
They gathered in weary souls

In the posh hillside retreat
The toyols try to put smile on their faces
They know they have gone too far
They have grown fat and sluggish in movements

The little night voyages
The small takes over the years
It becomes richer and richer
Until they can't hide any more

In the hillside retreat
Women, cigars and songs
The nights of voyages
They are afraid to go

They listen to the speeches
They know these guys don't mean a word
It's just that they are greedy
With toyols they run the errands

let the giant falls

Ameeno lives
In the world of its own
For decades it rules
What it says it never does

Even it tries to convince
The dangling carrot to the fore
Only the greedy and ambitious fall
Into its pit of make believe world

Now the large blown up picture
Of the beginning of the time
It is trying to convince the people
“I am remembering my past”

The shell life has gone
It lives on borrowed time
It's only the cronies and supporters
They still want the wealth train

The lustre of its magic
It dies a long time ago
The debts keep piling up
It's time we take back our rights

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

time to seek change


The raining season
The field wet with water
The haven for mosquitoes
They can multiply in numbers

The dark of the night
The potholes covered by the rain water
The motorists blinded by the light
The wheels pumped into it

The motor-bikers at risks
They may get thrown off on the road
The potholes can't be seen
Lives can get lost or seriously injured

Don't expect the town councils
The officers will not know a thing
They say they don't receive reports
They don't know that exist

It is too long for a political party
Until the civil servants cling to it
Work needs to be done
The blind eye keeps returning

It is time to change
It is through government
Let a new party come to play
Change the mindset of doing things

the whirring change

The stage is set
On the field in the stadium
The lights all set up
The balloons of many colors

The placards around the building
The words of nation the wisdom it brings
All around the fence
It says it all

“The Nation for all
The rights belong to the people
It is through them Nation progresses
They are the ones”

All shapes and sizes
The people flock to the stadium
Before the streets light bloom
The stadium roaring with whisper

Outside the stadium
The small traders set up stalls
They know the people needs
So they are welcome

The books of new life
The Nation celebrates
People gather to flip it pages
The light shall give them free

Across the bridge
An island of man made
The losing candidates
Sweeping the beach

They have lost
So is the power they craze
The wealth of the Nation
They dream under the canopy

The sound of motorcade
The sirens and the roaring engines
The opposition stand up to watch
They feel the hungry beats

“You make so many promises
Along the way you flip flop
You change your decision
Like water flowing from a tap”

The losing candidates
They only watch with envy
Time when they were the kings
They could do whatever they want

Now they talk in whisper
Watching the objects on the lake
“We didn't expect the Malaysia Spring
We had them in our thumbs!”

The motorcade moves into the stadium
The roar of approval ring loud and clear
The sirens blast along with the cheers
Then total silence as the new leader stands still

The National Anthem rings with the crowd
They sing along as the school bands marching
The faces of freedom on each of them
Finally they know they are free!

The white pigeons release to the sky
A symbolic gesture to herald the era of peace
For the people of this Nation
It is ruled by the people for the people

Then the crowd erupts into applause
The new leader takes the stage
“We are home people
Now we are free!”

talk is cheap

They say talk is cheap
It rings true when promises sway
The people who listen don't fall prey
The capsule of suffering will rule the day

The black knight gallops away
He knows he can't keep his promises
He has made too many to be forgiven
And his round t able knights move in different directions

They say talk is cheap
It's only words to influence
The promises and reforms
It's a new wine in old bottle

You hear it right
The black knight has no intention
The power he thinks belong to him
He forgets the people rule

The unity for the country
It isn't through rule and divide
It is through fair and equal rights
Every one has a share in the country's wealth

The people already know
The intentions of the knights
The lordship and the power
It's the change they are worried about

know where you want to go

They work to get a living
Some will get rich trying it
They dare to comb the dark waters
Put their skills reap the rewards

For the majority will be living
Wake up in the morning
Before the sun hits the sky
They are in the office

The routines and over times
Until the sun goes down in the sky
In the moon or stars night
They get home to get recharged

The singles hang out in night spots
Let the time wasted on entertainment
The gossips and dreams sharing out loud
Beers, wines, songs and women and guys

Time just flies away
In time there will be those left behind
The hardship of living and miss opportunities
The whispers in dark corridors

don't let the predators at our door

The country's debt
It will go to the hill
You can imagine that
How will the country get free?

The Bee Anne knows
How to give away goods
The leaders want to get the support
The power they craze

The public funds
The Bee Anne uses it
Never know about tomorrow
Today is the craze

We have a choice
We have to use it
Else the predators will be at the door
We will have no escape route to get free

Monday, November 28, 2011

make a choice

The chess board of religions
It lays out in row and row
The angels watching over it
They sing in unity

The Books of narration
The scriptures tell stories
Of past events repeating
On the chess board

There is only the test of faith
The game of mind and wit
The people are the pawns
They do the errands.....

The Books of spices
The eyes see and watch
The mind trying to understand
So many cooks giving different tastes

The chess board of religions
Let each find the way
The intersection of decision
Make a choice let the story begin

the deception

The deception
The words it is used
It makes the loudest noise
It's only the empty tank

The way it is said
The delivery sounds believable
When on records of the past
The deception

The aged old techniques
Promising money and goods
Giving a lot of publicity
It never is for free!

The power grid
The coveted tracks
It all boils down to greed
The absolute power to do

The way the greed allows
The free flow to get it done
The swallow of the wealth
The deception to fool

enjoy the moments

Enjoy the moments
In the morning and in the night
When it is gone
You can't taste or feel it

Maybe you can dream
Visualize it in your mind
Of things you should have
You let it go away

The smile of light
Radiating in the morning sun
The whirring breezes
Enjoy the moments

Never live in regrets
You have the opportunities
You don't grab it
The moments gone

So enjoy the moments
The small gestures in life
Take what you can
Don't live in regrets

Sunday, November 27, 2011

the robberies on the road

The highway robberies
In the broad daylight the robbers came
They work in group of 3
One on motorbike the rest sitting in the car

The motorbike will try
To create an accident hitting the car
When you stop that's the cue
He and his friends will come

If the motorists try to flee
The gang members in the car
He will come waving his short blade
Running after the motorist

The robbers will strike
On the traffic jams
On the lonely roads
They don't worry about reports

The highway robbers
In the broad day light
They aren't worried about identification
They want the money quickly split the scene

the angels sing

Angels Tears Falls

Angels Tears Falls
mashred @photobucket

The rain cries
Somewhere something submerge
It buries in water
Let's not make a mistake

The tears of angels
Some say 1000
Praying hard we don't falter
The way to the promise land

The angels sing
The rolling thunder
The splashes of lightning
We mustn't forget

The rain cries
It never going to stop
Let's not make a mistake
The angels sing

the white and gray kittens

The white and gray kittens
Letting free around the house
The owners go to work........
The time of its life

In the morning light
The kittens walk along the side road
Smelling the air; smelling the grass
The morning business in its minds

When the house has nobody
The kittens walk through the main gate
The nature of its kind passing its marks
On the porch or on the grass

The white and gray kittens
When its business done
They walk away”it isn't our doing”
Running back to its house

malaysia spring

Bersih Rally 3

Malaysia Spring
Nature will make the cry
The polluting land and rivers
There lies the greed of our lives

The Constitution waylaid
By the ruling elites with immunity
They think they have the power
To do as they like with it

The laws crafted
Passed it through by its majority
The elected representatives are toothless
The people's hope they sell it out

Malaysia Spring
The marching will come
The stomping of our feet
The rights we want it back

Saturday, November 26, 2011

the eagle flies

The eagle flies high
Soaring into the clouds
Eyes of glow searching for prey
Like an angel with claws

The silent wings
It doesn't say a word
It flies around
In the sky of blue

The back door animals
The timid and foolish run
Into the open air with the sun
The rays of light shining bright

The eagle connects the light
One sharp dive scooping up a prey
The air of struggling of might
The eagle claws tear the flesh

The silent in the blue sky
The eyes searching for prey
The eagle flies
The foolish preys running in the open

we shouldn't miss the chance

Catch Them Waves

There is no other chance
It is now to make the wave
The opportunity coming to us
We shouldn't miss the change

We have seen enough
We have heard what gone wrong
We have seen the goal posts left empty
The free goals right into the net

The tide of change
The spring of unity arrives
There is no other chance
It is now we must take charge

The country cries for us
Nature sends her trade marks
We are called many names...
Now we must take it back

There is no other chance
The future of ourselves we must change
We have to take the affirmative steps
It is in our hands to make it works for us

the deception

Rushing reforms
The black knight gallops
He can't wait
He has challenges to pick

He wants the power
What else he dreams about?
The reforms just a minor one
He can draft new ones...

When power in his hand
He can do many with his mandate
The people shouldn't be fooled
The black knight knows his skills

The deception he crafted
Years watching his mentors
Now he knows what he has to do
Let the fishes go then catch them back again!

if only they read history

running dog
running dog

The running dogs
In the circle of a track
They bark and run
The sound can be heard

With numbers on their backs
They chase after the power
They chase for the master
With a whip sitting on his chair

The cronies get into the act
They go publishing all kinds of narration
For the money going into the business
They keep on singing praises

They forget the “wages of sins.....”
Every time they pray then they forget
The cronies think they are favored ones
Nothing will fall on them

If only they read history
If only they understood it well
The tyranny will fall badly
When people rise to get their rights back!

The running dogs
Barking chasing the empty rabbit
With encouragement from the whip
They run for the master

the cows on the roads

The cows on the roads
The kings the animals will be
Stopping traffic on the slow walk
The cowherd no where to be seen

The herd of cows
In a single file
The animals are trained
In the political school

The cows never understand law
It's the searching for food to survive
In the walk the smell of green grass of home
The cows stroll on the time hold

Cars horn at the cows
The cows only stare
Then walk on again
In a single file

the talk of a snake

The talk of a snake
The poison in words
The eyes glow with its evil intentions
Only the fools will fall

The passages of narrow roads
The open gates with guards on errands
Only the fools will be kept waiting
The long hours or the long years

The talk of a snake
The people who are bewitched
They don't see the wrongs
They don't smell the trap doors

They fall into the dark pit
They cry loudly for help
They hear the hissing sound
They know they are the meat

For the greed they exchange
Sacrificing their souls
Only when they are in chained
They cry loudly for help

The talk of a snake
Beware of the poisonous words
It will grab you into submission
If you allow yourself to be exchanged

Friday, November 25, 2011

it's just mending road

The leaders tell
They want to reform
The ancient laws
They go for the transformation

All those decades ago
What were they doing?
The world wars laws
In the days of the British administration

They are afraid
The power going away
Yet they put up a brave face
They think they can

There are still ancient laws
Running in the country
The Colonial government had gone
The laws are outdated...

Yet these laws still flourishing
The government ministers keep quiet
The members of Parliament
They aren't working for the people!

We put them there
What are they doing?
Following the party rules
Leaving the people angry

Thursday, November 24, 2011

the cow of wives

The Cow of wives
On the way to make men satisfaction
They have the noble way
They forget it is two way traffic

The Cow of wives
They want to hold on
The men in their lives
When sex alone isn't enough

The Cow of wives
They want to be slaves
Just the men will not go astray
They forget it is two way traffic

The Cow of wives
Modern women in primitive ways
When they look at traffic lights
Do they see two flow way?

The Cow of wives
Liberation you walk backwards
Don't you see the way?
They forget it is two way traffic

the rain

The rain come
The weather turns dark
The warning for a while
The Bangkok experience

The Nature calling cards
Many issued on the land
All clogged up in the rivers
All washed up in the drains

The people just never understand
The way Nature has been ignored
The political elites care about wealth
Finding ways to siphon it through legal means

The rain come
A few deaths in flood prone areas
It's just the beginning
The years we forgot

The floods creeping in
While we are asleep
Don't we know?
Nature comes a calling

we have to do the right thing

We aren't fools any more
We have learned our lessons well
We know what happen now
You can't fool us any time

You may try
As we know you will
In the life you lead
You can't see the alternative

You say what you want to hear
You can't accept changes
You want that power
You sleep on it

The day has arrived
You know the truth
You know the end of the line
A new game for a new party

The country cries
The waste and pilferage
The people keep in the dark
Say and report nothing done

We aren't fools any more
The country cries for our help
We have to do the right thing
A new game for a new party

the changing chair

Spring's birth

The new law
The silence for the aggrieved crowd
No street protests
You know something?

Afraid of waves
The “Arab Spring” brings
On the shore on the land
The dawn of bright light

What else to curb the people?
Go read history plenty to think about
The people can't be caged like animals
“Sit, stop, run, eat and sleep”

Outdated laws
Keep it to rule
World wars legislation
It has passed its expiry date

For a better tomorrow
You don't have to look back
It's changing the government
Don't you think it is the right time?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

time for change is at the corner

They don't learn
The leaders in government
They want the cake
Everything they take

They are looking at defeat
The arrogant and half baked leaders
They only think for themselves
And the cronies lining up for them

They still think
The people are fools
For over 5 decades they fooled
So they will not change

Passing laws
As if we don't have the Constitution
If only the judges have the backbone
The country will not be in this mess

Now the leaders in government
They are afraid of the “Arab Spring”
They shouldn't forget “People's Power”
Time for change is at the corner

the page of history

GE13 the new dawn
The nation mustn't miss it
The people mustn't forget
This is your chance to make a difference

The nation cries for us
The people who take her shelter
She can't take the abuses
She wants change

This is the page
The new story will be told
The return of the King
The changes in his rule

Unless people
You want pain and sorrow
No freedom to practice
No choice to make your stand

dont tell lies

Why don't the ministers speak the truth?
Why they want to speak with hidden agenda?
Don't they know the people aren't stupid
Homosexuality is unconstitutional

It never written in our Constitution
Where the ministers arrived at that conclusion?
Islam is the religion of the Federation
The administration of the country isn't

People tastes and perception
They are different in this World
You live to your tastes and likes
Let others have the freedom to decide

What choices they make
They don't disturb your peace do they?
They are better things to do for the country

These people are humans
They are the children of God
They have their rights and privileges
Are the ministers forgotten about it?

the true colors

The true colors
Now we know
We don't have to cry
We don't have to hit our heads

We make the wrong choice
For decades we were fooled
The new wine in old bottle
It's the changing of paper print

The ruling elites can't let go
Like glue they don't want to exit
They stay on abusing privileges
They speak only for themselves

Now we have the opportunity
To right our wrong
This is the time to say
GE13 net the bees into the bin

the power in your hands

The leaders try
The cycle of goodies
They give you that smile
You know what's like

Don't you fall for it
it never helps you
The goodies can't last long
Behind it the long march of illusions

They tell so many
Behind back doors they don't care
They want that power in your hands
You don't have to give away

It's your right
Believe it in your mind
Don't let them take away
The power in your hands

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

if you don't commit crimes

If you don't commit crimes
You don't have to worry about life
You can enjoy the best in this world
It's only when you make crimes

The law will come
The enforcement will knock on doors
You will live in waiting
You know what you have done

The blue collar and white collar crimes
The sealing of one life in shady deals
You can't escape though you think you may
Changing face hiding in different country

Now they drum the beat
Of civil and hudud laws
Of what difference does it make?
If you don't commit crimes...

the frogs croak

The frogs croak
In the rainy season
The ground turns into potholes
The money spins

The work never done
It is just touching up
A nice look for a week
Then the potholes again

The frogs croak
The hidden pond
The rewards will arrive
On the former mining pool

The devilish troopers
Raising out from the pond
Croaking of false messages
The falling hope the wrong turning road

The frogs croak
In the dirty pond
The work never done
It's only the touching up

the devil's game

In politics
The dreams and realities
It has to change with the wind
Or else how to survive?

The chameleon arises
All politicians dig in
It is only the power craze
It brings the worst in politicians

They play the game
“It's the dirty work
No stomach don't go in”
The righteous souls stay away

The game of leaders for the people
The adulation and power cables
Who doesn't want to be in?
The wealth in merry making

It's the devil game
The lies and cheats
The back doors and straight faces
Ah the game of politics!

Monday, November 21, 2011

the false adulation

Leaders of people
The accolades and praises
The worshipping of legends
The peacock wings flow

The barriers on the way
The appointments of layers
The false adulation
The leaders want it

The sculpture of statues
Honoring the leaders
The idols of a time
The losing key to paradise

When the Lord God disapproves
The walk to paradise will be blind
In circles the lost direction
The sorrow and pain in hot whirring breezes


They will try
In every possible way
They don't want to work for it

The syndicates
The dangling carrots
The greedy to get rich
They fall for it

The millions
In illegal drugs trade
Be drug mules
The death warrant they signed

The good and the bad
Work without principles
Lose the key to the gate

the new hope the new page

The crumbling noises
The party leaders looking up
It never strikes a chord
They ignore it

When the paint flaking
It can be seen on the walls
The party leaders walk
They ignore it

The leaking under the roof
The water dripping to the walls
The party leaders stop for a while
Then they ignore it

When the former leader pointed out
The party leaders don't believe
They claim they are in cohesive unit
They don't accept the fact

The change is coming
It's a just a better of time
The return of the King
The new hope the new page

Sunday, November 20, 2011

you can't take the next ride home

What now Gerakan?
One leader declines to contest
It doesn't mean the party will stay alive
It will spiral down into the depth

You have played a game
Winning by unfair referee
Getting the ball though off-side
The referee never whistles stop the play

Now injuries come in plenty
The key players can't take the heat
Some want to throw in towels
They can't stomach the humiliation

It's only the wealth rolling
The golden train to stop the rot
Inwardly and outwardly the people change
They know what you did behind close doors

The principles forgotten
The train of wealth makes the call
The taking on the soccer field
You can't take the next ride home

the cycle of the wheel

Trojan horses
Galloping in the shadows
Light of the darkness
They don't want to disappear

Frogs out of the pond
Croaking lies to help its own
They run where sweetness roll
Plenty of insects in the vault

Trojan horses
Frogs out of the pond
They play a similar game
They play it for themselves

They live of lies
They spin for their own
They want to look relevant
Only there is a small audience

The witch fire
The boiling cauldron
They dare not go near
They know their fate

The will of the people
They will hide in shiver
The cycle of the wheel
They can't escape

isn't it time to go for change?

The deficit budget
It's the easy way out
The leaders don't have to plan
They just borrow funds to spend

This is Bee Anne
The way it is now and forever
The country will plunge deeper
Into the red hot cauldron

The cost cutting measures
The reduction on civil servants
The stopping of wastage funds
It never comes into play

The public funding
All gone to the wrong ways
Leaving little to develop programs
Leaving the people dissatisfied

The leakages of funding
Unaccounted for bury in heaps of bills
The overcharging of items bought
Nobody is charged for negligence

Do we need this state of affairs?
People you work so hard to go to waste
Isn't the time to go for change?
You have it to make it comes true

the landslides

The landslides notices
It arrives on the raining season
The danger to the motorists
The living burial think about it

The billions spend
The living grave it has become
Though it has cut traveling time
For the future we pay

The steep slopes
The Nature doors snapped
There lies our predicament
Of raining spell the red light

Do we learn?
We just never do
The positive trends
It hardly crawls up to raise flag

it takes a moment to learn

Babies in bushes
Babies in the parks
Babies dump in the garbage tongs
What are the women thinking?

Women know this
There is no free in sexual experimentation
One wrong move in heat of passion
You may lose your dignity

The gift of God
Lie in your body
Unless you practice family planning
It saves you all the heartaches and headaches

It just take you a moment
To acquire knowledge of family planning
It isn't hard to know
It doesn't need to be this way

Learn about life
Love and sex walk on a thin line
Try to differentiate of love and lust
It will make a lot of differences

Saturday, November 19, 2011

the old and the new

The ancient question
The young and the old
Forever there is that doubt
Forever there is no answer

When the day you were born
The meter of life starts running
You can't reset it back
You only wish you could

Many try to delay
The aging light comes to play
Using creams going under the knives
They think they can

The inner clock keeps ticking
There is no way to stop the aging
It is the path to learn and experience
Live with it; flow with the gift of life

The better life is beyond our shores
The gate of heavens waiting for the returning souls
After decades of living and experiencing on Earth
Now it is time to go home to live freely......

the tricks and treats

The tricks and treats
The ruling elites campaigns
The declining popularity
The shivers in their bodies

They foresee their future
The descent to the deep cauldron
The burning bubbles dancing in their eyes
They try to delay the inevitable

The games they play
The tricks of monies
The harvest of half truths
Running with the wealth wagons

The distributing channels
The tricks of good work
They think the people are fools
Public funding belong to the people

Behind closed doors
The rumbling of fear
The line of death wish
it has been written decades ago

Now the King has returned
The new chapter will begin
A new broom standing at the door
A new party coming to control