Thursday, July 31, 2014

affairs we hear

Affairs we hear
The ordinary persons
The celebrities in our lives
When lust hits the jackpot
Self control will be hard to exercise

Bearing in mind
We aren't angels
We have our sins
We have our desires
So affairs are bound to appear
In the lives of any one

The skin colours
It plays no difference at all
The mingling of the crowd
Westernized groups or conservatives
The lust will pull them in

What faith we have?
It doesn't make a difference
Lust will make its round
Get in or get out the choice is ours
Don't blame anybody
When the expose is known

don't tell lies

Don't tell lies
You don't go to paradise
In your mind you think you will
Poking fun at others misery

Respect the dead
Even they may have done bad
Underground or in ashes
let them stay pure

Let them go in peace
You don't want them to return
The apparitions wrecking your life
So don't tell lies

Some don't believe in tales
Of unnatural beings cropping into view
They do come to tell
We aren't the only ones

the little rats

Putrajaya sleeps
Snoring loudly in the corridor
Ringing bells it can't hear
In dreamland of virgins

The little rats smell
The opportunities to make mischief
Out in the open feeling the freedom
They spread its disease of evil deeds

Tweeting in the background
Causing damages in the minds
Creating a misleading thinking
One race one religion kind of thing

The little rats can't see
The big fat cat roaming around
Eyes open mind million miles away
In dreamland of virgins

So the little rats know
The opportunities to make mischief
The men in blue blind to the scene
Walking but eyes close to the world

Putrajaya sleeps
The little rats know
Out in the open
The men in blue blind to the scene

pakatan in quick sand

Pakatan in quick sand
It seems to the public
Washing dirty linen in the open
Letting the drawbacks flow

The new Amno will laugh
Cracking jokes behind its back
You want to take Putrajaya
See what you have gone into”

The end there will be a new
As events unfold some good will come
It is better to know now
What the other inner thoughts are

The Conservatives and Modern leaders
They have to bridge the divide and principles
Religion can't play in politics it will spell troubles
Now the yellow flag time to build bridges

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

selamat hari raya aidil fitri

The sound of music
In the hill of Malaysia?
You want to fly high
But you are there

The sound of the wind
Strumming the chords of melody
Listening to the call of prayers
Echoing in the sky of white and blue

The city life she lived
Long ago I could remember
Now back to nature maybe for a while
Charging up battery to go again

The trees of orchestra
The horn instruments playing softly
Yeah my friend the sound of music
Blowing sweetly Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

greed of power is short term

When a leader sold his principles
Troubles he will cause to the group
No matter what he says and performs
He will be held at a low esteem

When a leader doesn't listen
The unity will be broken
The group members will smell a rat
An evil mind is at work

When a leader acts on his own
Doing it his way nothing else
He has become a renegade leader
A Trojan horse hiding in the midst

When you have such a leader
You mustn't wait for disintegration
You better take him out quickly
Before more damages are inflicted

All leaders should remember
Greed of power is short term
When the welcome is gone
It is better to go gracefully

the indian beggar

The Indian beggar
Sitting at the corridor
Of shop houses
One leg gone

He looks well-fed
With cleaned clothing
Maybe he is there
Just to earn some pocket money

He doesn't look
The hopeless type
With dirty and unkempt hair
He looks like he has a home

Maybe he wants to solicit sympathy
Look I have lost one leg
Take pity on me and give me some cash”
But we know about syndicate groups

The Indian beggar
He will get some money
With the kind hearted souls
Walking by the corridor of shops

Pas has shown its colour

Pas has shown its colour
Through its members tweets
The Malay supremacy flow
In the nation of many races

The racist thought amongst the members
Believing that is the way to achieve dominance
The party struggles will remain as a dream
When the world views are changing

Though we hear other Pas members
They don't subscribe to that view
They don't believe in Malay supremacy
As God has made everyone equal in his image

Now this pro-Malay supremacy group
Joining new Amno they don't feel ashamed
They will clap hands to taste the cherry
In the end they will fall like dead wood

Pakatan Rakyat grouping will survive
DAP and PKR can battle it on
Inviting the friendly members from Pas
Who subscribe to the spirit of equality

The end is a new beginning
It is better to see Pas behaviour now
The PR charter they forget
The principles they don't preach

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the evil will try

The evil will try
Every means to pull it down
The good ones in our lives
It is hell the evil wants to smile

The hell fire glow
In the minds of the affected souls
There it stays curving out its shapes
The greed and power game

The good will find its losses
Painting it into the darkness flow
They cry with misery in their minds
Thinking salvation is hard to come by

The evil will dwell on it
Spinning tales of bright lights
Trying to fool the good
Until it runs out of ideas

Patience and perseverance
The good stays on course
The evil runs its way
Knowing the time has come

The battle of control
It starts in our minds
We have our choice
What way we want to be?

calling names

Calling names
Of different values
Of different background
Of different affiliations

Take it as a learning curve
Everyday we will learn
Of human nature in our midst
Not everyone will share the same

As long as you look at it
On the positive nature of things
You are still bless in this world
Life is a circle

The will of returning cycle is there
One good turn will deserve another
One bad vibe the action will return
It is the way of life of playing games

the choice

Everyone wants power
The fire in the mind
The sword of cutting edges
A feel to be good or bad

The wrong use of power
The life of misery
The sword of cutting edges
The haunting in the head

The ring of hell
The corrupted of power flows
It never brings good
The body feeling hot

There is no way to say goodnight
The echoes in the minds
The haunting of hell
It is better to do good

The power is just temporary
The fire will be put out
The images will be gone
No one will remember

The power of good deeds
The ring of melody
The whispers of angels
The smile of God

We have a choice
Pick the right one
The wrong turn
The day of hell

the road signs

The road signs say
The drivers don't see
Maybe they pretend
As they drive straight through

The laws of traffic
Enacted to safe guard other road users
Avoiding accidents every day

Do the drivers see?
Obey the laws?
As the accidents keep piling up
They don't think in their heads

On this stretch of local road
The sign says “Stop”
And there is a L line on the road
The drivers just speed along!

How they pass their driving test?
Maybe these drivers should go again
They have forgotten about rules
Like a compulsory hours of attendance

Monday, July 28, 2014

the river of politics

The river of cloudy water
The dark brownish colour on it
Once it was a clear as the mirror
Now it looks as if life has lost

The fishermen stare unbelievable
Pointing fingers across the river
Don't they have something to do?
Fighting for a cause now abandoned?”

How could it happen?
With a year it makes us losing income
Yet we see them arguing
Of greed of power and wealth”

The river puts up a white flag
We can't breathe right now
Will you stop fishing here
We can't help you today”

The river of cloudy water
The fishermen pointing fingers
At the seat of power base
Sealed it off in high brick walls

the brickwall

The brickwall
The MB Selangor wants to build
He will feel secure with it
So he can do it his way

He doesn't see the bigger picture
He is trying to pull down Pakatan
What has he sold to Satan?
Until he can't see the right and wrong

What is there to stay on?
His party president wants to come in
Now he has shown his colours
There is something sold in his soul

The rumour talked about Bank Rakyat
The case pursued for years
Finally it was settled quietly
Without the clues to the public

MB Selangor
No doubt he makes his mark
He shouldn't stay stubborn
Ignoring his party wishes and calls

You see MB Selangor
DAP and PKR may bite the bullet
Table a no confidence vote
Let the Assembly decides the outcome

Snap election or what will it be?
What's there to lose?
You don't see the bigger picture
You just want to pull Pakatan down

knock some senses

A month of fasting
Testing of faith
In the lslamic lives
Learning the way of redemption

Along the way
There are people who don't care
They will spin tales of discord
They live in self gratifications

Pas never learns
The history of multi-races living
The party leaders insist on hudud
Throwing a spanner in Pakatan way

Now with MB debacle
The Pas leaders don't accept consensus
In Pakatan Council they have agreed
Now a spanner in the work

Pakatan Rakyat
Leave out Pas in their dreams
Let them concentrate in Kelantan
The backward scenes eyes can't see

Pas has fallen
The trap of new Amno
The leaders sinking in
It will be hard to get away

For the Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
The goodwill must come to share the plan
The sharing for many years
The common agenda let it never goes to waste

Sunday, July 27, 2014

the sign of breathing spaces

The long weekend holidays
The town at night seems deserted
Most of the cars have gone
There are empty spaces

The hawkers, cafes and restaurants
All the quiet in the premises
The university students majority going home
Leaving the town with breathing gaps

The locals can take it easy
Going out to taste the local foods and drinks
There is no rush to find places or stalls
There are empty tables and chairs

Now the locals and migrants
The roads will be fairly free
Only the business owners will complain

Of poor business takings

the graveyard

I walk on the dead
Look at how peaceful it is
Underground the bodies laid
With tombstones to say

In hot sun and windy breezes
Of shadows of my own
The open burial ground
Of loved ones gone

I read the inscriptions
It tells about positive signs
Nothing bad I will find
The natural order of life

The dead underground
No use to say about bad
The living much to do
Cultivate the good don't forget to pray

the satanic frogs

The satanic frogs
They have the racist view
They can't stand the harmony
The peaceful lives of the races

The central government is weak
The satanic frogs knew about it
Now they have a good run
Spreading its tales of falsehoods

They are the farmout boys
They can do what they are asked to do
Feeling superior against the men in blue
The green light to bash the infidels

The satanic frogs
Go back to read your holy book
Learn the scriptures in depth
You will find the answer

You can't go to heaven
For the wrongs you have done
When are you going to learn?
Living peacefully in a multiracial nation

the rooftop kitten

The rooftop kitten
Finally I saw at the back lane
Playfully enjoying her freedom
With her new found friends

The past few days I didn't hear
The calling for food in the night
I guessed it must have been caught
And brought down to the ground

At the back lane
The rooftop kitten walked
Feeling proud to touch the ground
Now no more good view from the top

Now the mating season
See what will happen again
Will the same cat give birth on the rooftop?
A good place to keep her kittens

in relationship know the rules

When you are in a relationship
You must know the rules in your head
Do not go overboard with it
It will spell the end of a story

In a relationship
It doesn't say you have the rights
You can play house sharing the chores
You can't play the boss

The art of listening
It mustn't be forgotten
Listen with full grasp of attention
Do not play out of tune

The guitar will not sing
You will hear its sad blue
Wiping out its rusty tune
You can't make it out soon

Giving advice unless it is asked
But stay in the loop in case
In relationship do not control
It will make a sad story

It has a two way traffic
Let the green light always shines
You will grab the rewards many times
As you stay around knowing the rules

Saturday, July 26, 2014

the golden years

The golden years
Some will smile
Some will cry
Some will die

The retirement saving
Majority can't survive
Of the costs keep rising
It will hard to divide

The golden years
Some have to work
Until they can't do
The children grow up and fly

Investments for the rich
The daily wage earners can't save
What alternative to live through?
Work until they can't do

The golden years
Some will live easy
Looking after grandchildren
Others will work or regret of life

bring down the losers

Bring down the losers
They shouldn't stay in power
Running without a clear cut module
Living on yesterday's dreams

Yesterday's losers
Advice is the last thing in our minds
Who want to listen?
When they were misplace ages ago

The way forward
Pick the best for the job
Race shouldn't come into play
If we seek progress for the nation

The satanic frogs
They don't believe in progress
They live under the coconut shell
Hearing echoes but refuse to change

the political chair

The political chair
Outsiders want a share
As if they owned it
When majority isn't theirs

MB Selangor
He thinks he owns it
He forgets his party put him there
By right he should take his bow

Good sense should prevail
He has become a liability now
The bad judgements he pursued
On his way never wants to listen

This year the bad judgement calls
Bible issue, kidex controversy
Mais and Jais and water
The decisive actions he ignores

What now for MB Selangor?
He knows what is happening
He shouldn't bring himself disgrace
Of power it is just temporary

the bodies can't be home

The body parts in the black plastics
Bundled together to be identified
It will be a long process
To identify the bodies

It is a hard fact of life
Knowing the loved ones gone forever
The smiling faces words of wisdom
It will be just the memories

The bodies can't be home
For the festive season
The closure has to wait
For a while longer

The warring parties don't care
The hundreds died unnecessarily
Without remorse the warring parties did
The engagement served no purpose in their war