Saturday, November 30, 2013

sex isn't a child play

A new born baby buried alive
Just hour the baby was born

What was the mother thinking?
Close the chapter of her life?

Sex isn't a child play
It takes responsibility

If any one can't sack it
It is better to learn the art

When passion decreases
The heavyload comes to play

Getting emotional upset
Feeling depress will not solve the issue

It is to start recognizing it
Sex isn't a free ride

There are ups and downs
Learn it before you take the rides

But most guys think through their dicks
With hormones charging they are blind

So we hear reports of babies dumping
Once I found a dead baby boy in the dumpsite

Only now it has become rampant
Of the boys and girls never learn

is pornography the real issue on rape?

Why pornography always gets the blame?
When rape cases happened on the way
Is pornography the real issue on rape?
Some morons will cite the issue

We are living in sex world
Even animals and insects do
Why blame pornography on rape?
It is the society failure to teach

Leave aside pornography
Let us begin to teach the young
In schools and religious classes
The responsibilities of sex in our lives

Teach the young in school
All crimes must be paid
Tell them of the Penal Codes of Law
Tell them crimes don't pay

Don't try to shift blame
On the course to find a cure
One has to take responsibility
Of our charges turn badly

the child marriages

The child marriages
It shouldn't be allowed
What do they know?
Even dating they aren't sure

The young brides
What have they learned?
Even signatures aren't matured
They just allowed to throw into the ring

The grooms the lust of sex
What else are they thinking?
Looking for the young brides
In their eyes and minds

The learned judges
They should use family knowledge
Of their own of bringing up children
Give the best reasoning on application

The child marriages
The physical abuses in some
The health of the young brides
The protection they lack in their lives

voters don't cry

Voters don't cry
They have the chance
They blew it last May
Now the hiking rates

The country running out of funds
The Amno and Bee Anne splashed it away
The leaders don't see to be prudent
They just want to spend and spend

With it most goods will increase
The cost will be borne by the people
The people are the bosses
But they signed it away

The people have the chance
They blew it last May
Now the selected groups will benefit
The people can complain

The electricity rate crawling in
The domino effect will sit
Before they can take it
GST will start to appear

The voters don't cry
They have the chance
They blew it last May
Now the empty pockets

Friday, November 29, 2013

the cost of living

The cost of living
It never goes down
For Selangor the state members
They must allow to have better perks

They work through out the week
Rest days are hardly a luxury
The state assembly persons
They shouldn't go begging for funds

As it is now
They hardly have enough
Donating to party funds
Donating to the constituency

In the end what is left for them?
They have to eat and live
The increase should be made
Why complaint when it had passed in the assembly?

Let's get to work for Selangor
Next year will reap the Visit Malaysia Year
Work hard for the state and her people
Ultimately the country benefits

don't take your life

Don't take your life
No matter what are the consequences
Death isn't the end of your problems
Somebody has to carry it in your absence

Don't take your life
You must be brave to face it
No doubt you think you are losing
In the time you live

Don't take your life
Look at those who brought you in
See the friends and relatives
The resources to listen to your story
Don't take your life
Think of your loved ones
They will cry for your absence
And you think you can go..

Don't take your life
The time hasn't come to it
The angel hasn't called your name
When you go you will live a miserable life

Don't take your life
The problems in everyday routines
It is a test of faith and your conviction
Pull yourself together and fight it through

Just don't take your life
It isn't worth it when you stop and ponder
The angel hasn't called your name
It is from a pan to the fire it doesn't worth it

too young to get married

She was 12
He was 19
Together they got married
The fairy tales story

In May she said
Married life was good
I could cook his favourite dishes
Everything looked fine”

By end of November
She is 13
He is 20
The divorce came

The fairy tales story
Now punctured with loopholes
The police report of rape
The girl's father alleged

Before they got married
The rape happened
The young man and his friends
They raped the young girl of 12

The boy's parents came
Trying for 5 days to avoid punishment by the law
The girl's father relented and they got married
The police report was withdrawn

The young man denied the rape allegation
He divorced her for her alleged affairs with a man
A young girl fof 13 entangled with affair?
So he said to avoid complications

Now the story
The fairy tales of young married couple
The sweetness turned sour
It is too young to get married

the equal rights on paper

Sabahans and Sarawakians
The time to wake up from their slumber
For decades they lived through the routines
Like ropes poking to their noses and lead away

Every watering hole they think it is great
Something different from their days
For decades they lived with hope of paradise
Most don't get it in their lives

The political awakening now
They see a different picture in their minds
The political indifference in their countries
The journey of obstacles they now realize

Sabah and Sarawak
The equal rights in forming Malaysia
Along the way Sabah and Sarawak lose
Much more than the leaders bargained for

The equal rights on paper
The implementation as equal partners
It never comes that way
Sabah and Sarawak become mistresses

The Amno called them the fixed deposit
For decades the people didn't realize
Until today majority still behave that way
The political consciousness never sinks it in

Now the sparks have lighted up
It has flooded it into the darkness of minds
Some have woken up to see the unfairness
They are slowly asking back their rights

you are your own slave

You have a right to be free
The road you take is your own
Along the way you may change
Afraid to fight the place you are in

When you are weak
The evil forces will take
The freedom you have
It will slowly erode away

Leaving you helpless
As you struggle to live
Cursing yourself for the weaknesses
Caging you in the hopeless nights

If you don't pray
God will not send angels
You will be ignored

You can't blame anyone but yourself

Thursday, November 28, 2013

a ghost on the old klang bridge

The old tales of ghosts
Those were the times
About old Klang bridge
The old said of a woman
Walking along the bridge
Looking for her cheating man
Nobody knew who he was
Only the story of a woman
Who committed suicide
Jumping into the Klang river
As the story was told
The young got scared at night
Cycling back after a show
The night the bridge seemed quiet
Only the homeless and beggars sat
Hoping for some alms
The people who walked home
In the cool of the night
But the woman ghost
Nobody saw on the bridge
It was a story told to frightened the kids

swallowed a live insect

In the cool mall
The busy shops
The fast food outlets
Restaurants and cafes

The crowd of many
Walking leisurely with bags
Children with parents
Lovers stroll window shopping

A woman walks and talking
In one of the outlets she's in
Happy for the day in her browsing
The goods display she feels at ease

While she is talking
The timing of coordination
An insect flies in
She coughs but is too late

She has swallowed a live insect
In Thailand it is deepfried and sell like hot cakes
The crunchy insects on display at the stalls
She buys a bottle of mineral water

Drinking a lot to flush it
There is nothing she could do
She has swallowed an insect
The timing of coordination is perfect

like a bird he wasn't

The young man
An engineer by profession
He walked up to a highrise building
On Penang Island

There he flew
Like a bird he wasn't
He hit the ground with a hard thud
A life gone just like that

He was a young man of 24 years
The future was bright for him
He couldn't handle work related pressure
He chose the wrong turn to get off his life

There was a way out for him
He could change job and settle for an easy job
One he could handle and learn
There was a way but he didn't see

Maybe he felt ashamed
His inadequacy exposed
Now he had to wait and beg
On the world didn't welcome him yet

The gate to the next world
It is close for him for decades
Until the time for him to enter
The young man made a stupid decision

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

the rainy season

The daily rain
It makes the sky free of haze
The clear blue sky the next day
When the morning sun appears

Only the hawkers will complain
When the business of hawking turns bad
Customers will not dine out in the rain
Losing business on the rainy days

The stalls will be few of customers
The hawkers will not smile.....
Knowing the business will be bad
The income will be affected

The daily rain
The coastal areas will have to watch
The floods will come suddenly
Rising fear of misplaced homes

the parasites

The parasite plants
It clings to the host
Feeding its nutrients
Without doing any work

You can see
Along the trees on the road
In the jungle of trees
The parasite plants flourish

Nature decrees
The order of the work
A reminder to the people
Watch how parasite destroy

It becomes bloated
Living on the good host
As long as the host forgets
The parasite will stay

The people in relationship
The parasites must be put away
They make you weak sucking you dry
They enjoy the good life but the hosts?

The hosts have to wake up
Love is a two way flow
Once it becomes one way street
It is time to get the saw ready to roll

the white rock atoll

The white rock atoll
Sitting on the sea
Once claimed by Malaysia and Singapore
The final settlement in International Court of Law
The outcome Malaysia lost her case
With it the water and air space for Singapore
It expands to cover nearer to her neighbour
Why did Malaysia lose the case?
The white rock atoll
So near to Johore so far for Singapore
Yet our team led by AG fell
Bee Anne government didn't cry
The farm out boys didn't protest
Only late Sultan of Johore dsagreed
He lost his land he vowed he wanted it back
So it is a dream unfulfilled

Now former city CID chief filed his SD
Declaring of money changing hands
Deposited in a bank in Hong Kong
31 pages of his allegations
Police says there will be no investigation
It isn't a police report
But Atlantuya's case the SD was used
The defendant walked free AG didn't appeal
A murder case he closed the file

The deep rooted well
Only the change of government will see
The light the people want to watch
Glowing out with the positive values
It will happen in our times
Enough of Bee Anne incompetence
Now former city CID chief should make his police report

And see what will happen on the drumbeats on AG

don't be afraid of the world

For 30 years she hides
She never tries to escape
She is willing to let time go by
Living indoors hiding most of the times
When the world around her has moved on
She still holds on to her belief
She forgets to turn around
The years flashed her by

The bright young Malay woman
She flew to UK with her fiance
Thinking the world she would conquer
With family one day on her return
She never did; she gave it up instead

The intellectual capacity she has
She gives it up for a different cause
Until such time she couldn't know
The facts and fiction in her life
So the time passes for 30 years
Until a charitable group found out

Siti Aishah once she was
An educated woman in those times
She could have been somebody important
But fate turned her life upside down
Influenced by the wrong ideology
She was hooked and she forgot
She forgets to turn around and see
What the world has been
The time has flashed her by

Maybe she can recall
Those missing years and times
With the UK police to pierce together
The years she had let it go
But home she has forgotten
She may take a while to remember

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the traitors come in many forms

The traitors come in many forms
The shade of colours parading on the road
The public may not know the shadows walk
The traitors can smile and be charitable to society

The good deeds in many forms
The way the public see all the times
Behind the mask of faces on the street
There are traitors hiding in branded goods

They will sing praises to the Lord
In public they run with the pack
Behide the backdoors who else know?
The traitors come in many forms

We can only hope they are afraid
The Lord who will question them in after life
The day when they breathe the last

They better tell the truth before they go

the zombies of crimes

The harsh punishments
Death penalty and life imprisonment
The crimes rearing its ugly head
Smelling the aroma of greed and corruption

The numbers don't lie
The crimes rise in our lives
The harsh laws have no effect
The crime cycles keep running around

It lies with our enforcement
The upright officers without fear or curry favours
Carrying out duties as they promise to do
The crimes will go down quickly

As it is we have the distinction
One of the most corrupted nation
How are we going to run away?
Even Hudu law will not keep crimes at bay

We can look at the Middle East countries
Do Hudud laws make any difference?
The crimes are still committed
If we don't show love and compassion...

The crimes will increase
A new breed or group will come to stage
Defying the laws in numbers
If our leaders and judges aren't fair in discharging duties

don't love be blind

Don't love be blind
The feeling comes and goes
The day you realize
Love shouldn't be one way street

You get into it
Believing the circle of lights
Dancing through the nights
In the days you can smile

When you find you do all the things
The earning power comes by your efforts
You make the living possible with your sacrifices
It is time you look the way it has been done

Don't love be blind
It makes a fool out of you in no time
You will be losing one but you don't see it
You think you live in a world of your dream

The two way traffic flow
You don't see it in your eyes
You work and slave whole day and night
You cry silently afraid to admit your mistake

the parasites in our lives

The parasites in our lives
They live as long as they like
When the hosts never do anything about it
Knowing the one way street in their eyes

The hosts just carry on
The daily activities suffering in silence
The bullying tactics of the parasites
Inflicting emotional pain to the hosts

The physical abuses
The emotional blackmail
The bullying tactics
The fear of bodily injuries

The parasites make their way
Stick to the hosts like glue
They know they can have a good time
Why let go the hosts?

The hosts should take drastic measures
They shouldn't live like that everyday
They should vacuum out the parasites
They shouldn't cry when the parasites are gone

Fight it back
You have the advantage points
The parasites have nothing
They wait for your good deeds

Monday, November 25, 2013

don't forget your root

When you make your millions
Don't lose it through drugs and unwanted parties
The social nights gathering drinking and enjoying
As if there is no tomorrow

When the monies are gone
When you are down on the slope
What will you do when friends disappear?
You are left alone to fence for your sorrow

The history of the past
Some never want to learn
The history comes alive
We hear the stories come true

Poor business management
Poor financial understanding
Owing taxes and creditors
Thinking monies growing on tree

It takes just one bad decision
The years of toil for success come crushing down
The physical and emotional strain
It is always best to remember your root

the missing persons

The missing persons
Everyday there will be someone
You will read about it
In news or social networks

It has become an everyday event
With the uncontrolled unaccounted foreigners
They came here with bad intentions
They just wanted to make quick money

They will do anything to get it there
With our corruption ranking one of the highest
It makes them easy to target their preys
With monies they can make the escape

The police will tell something else
The statistics will say of our own kind
Running the networks catching the preys
Maybe it is the fake ID

Decades ago we didn't hear
Down the road the developments came
The hiring of foreigners and the illegals flourished
The authorities didn't put a stop to it

Now we harvest for our inefficiencies
Running through our administration
No doubt the authorities will deny
The truth has been staying in our minds

wake up the rural folks

Will the rural folks realize?
What the country will be like?
Do they see what's happening?
Are they still blind?

The tokens they receive
It isn't from Amno or Bee Anne
It is from the public funding
Every one contributes through taxes

Don't they see the disparity?
They still live as lowly life as before
After decades they don't see their lives progress
It isn't in leaps and bounds

The rural folks are held in ransom
They should break out and see reality
Some tokens don't them anywhere
The ruling elites laugh with power in their hands

It is time the rural folks woke up
Feel the beats of the rising tides
The country is walking into a deep hole
With it they may have nothing left

the country walking into deep hole


The country walking into a deep hole
The way the country finances used and spent
The leakages haven't been plucked out
It goes in like no traffic lights

The spending habits in the government
The way it has for decades
The monies generated aren't put in good use
The ministers go on an uncontrolled spending

Now the prime minister says
The GST is needed to avoid the country in bad shape
He forgets to trim the civil servant population
He creates more committees to employ more

The corruption in the country
One of the highest in the world in a report
Instead of controlling the finances
The government keeps on projects spending

People who don't pay taxes
They do contribute to the economy
By participating in the workforce and spending
It is those who steal and corrupt are the traitors

They don't contribute anything to the country
They just plan and take away the riches of the nation
Through money changers, off shore accounts and mules
By giving speedy citizenship to stay on in power

These are the traitors of the nation
By not paying taxes the country has taxed them
In other forms in the daily affairs on the economy
It is the crooks in sheep clothing who are the traitors

Sometimes it is good to go under
The way the country and people have to learn
Learn once more the hardship of life
Come out and be a better man