Saturday, July 31, 2010

the dark valley 18

placesetting.jpg Cross Roads Supper image by abidon2

Cross Roads

Life good and bad choices
When growing up the hills to climb
You never know what's beyond the edge
You can only imagine sometimes dream

The predators of many shadows
In the journey bound to meet them
The faces and conduct, characters and the eyes
Don't get fooled believing tales of a good life

The roads never meander straight
Even if you find one there are side paths to diversify
Of choices you will make as you hit the road
Think about it the dark valley wait

People choices; people fooled
Many times in the course of history
Older women older men
Life saving promising good run

The life fools many are
We hear them pulling hairs
Sorrowful tales anguish tears
Yet the predators all gone

Life good and bad choices
You are never blind to know the way
You only make it blind to feel the passion
It's only fool's gold nothing in the horizon

the dark valley 17

The black driver
School children under his care
The fresh eager faces
The world waiting for them

The children innocent eyes
Looking out to the world so big and cry
Wishing they can grow up quickly
Run the world conquer the fear

Alas it never be!
The black driver eye of lust
Peeping through the rear mirror
Thinking of fresh faces for his needs

The parents giving the trust
On the bus the young faces triumph
Only for a while when the monster arrives
Without notice without compassion

The yellow bus one in particular
A lonely young girl sitting watching
Everyday she sees the same scenes
Now she feels something amiss

The bus turns away to different scene
She can't see her familiar points of home
She begins to get misty red eyes.....
The bus stop in a quiet spot

The black driver turns eyes of lust
Burning into his brain as he walks to her
The young face knows what will happen
The world she lives will not be the same

The pleading and crying nobody hears
The monster driver engages in his lust
Of a young innocent girl back of the bus
The world seems large she feels so small

When the deed is done
The taste to satisfy his hunger of lust
The black driver takes her home a little late
The young girl steps out tears flowing

romance on the beach 15

UmbrellaHug.jpg Umbrella Hug image by poeticinfluence
The songs and the music
The solemn faces eagerly waiting

The presiding priest saying
The rings exchange the ceremony over

Now share your lives
Let no other make you fall

Life into the bright light
Share the good and the bad

The merry making
The smiling faces all round

The life of a married couple
The journey to the unknown

Together they should shoulder on
Take the journey of thousand cuts

It's never easy living together
The tastes and outlook will change

It is the gel that will stick together
On the journey of thousand shadows

When it is all made and done
Let the silver years put up burning light

The final push to the bless union
Of the glorious years to enrich the souls

Walk the shadows full of hope
The final journey of thousand sparkles

Friday, July 30, 2010

romance on the beach 14

Romance at the Beach

The morning waves
On the sea dancing away

The empty beach
The shadows sleep

The right word
The right moment

The waves of white
Rolling in glee

The day will come
The final jump to hitch a ride

It will be the journey
Of thousand shadows

the dark knight 19

The dark trees
Lining on the dim lit field
As the dark clouds closing
The light barely passing through

The dark knight gallops his horse
Eyes peeling into the dark scenes
Every branch seems to wave
As the night breezes sing its song

He tries to hide his fear
On the dark field he sees nothing
In the open of the dark shadows
“How can he be here?”

The echoes of the night creepers
Thrashing along the leaves.....
The soft beating on the trees trunks
The dark knight holds on his horse

“Who's there?
Come out and meet me”
He hears only silence
Laughing at his stupidity

The cracking branches
The leaves blowing away
The sound of thunder hitting the sky
The black knight gallops away

the dark knight 18

Round Table Knights

The knights of the round table
Goblets of wine and water
Listening to the speeches
Projects and direct contracts

Papers present acknowledgement flow
Every member supporting each other
Like one stroke pen every one gets a share
In the collective decision listening to the parrot

The zones of wealth creation
The warlords of the knights reign
Every conquest the loot will be shared
Then there will be fall guys and not guilty pleas

Unto law the knights rule
Only others out of the influence
Can they be removed in conquest
Like the peasants revolt and boundary dispute

One knight netted though left the round table
Of others still walking free in their domains
Spewing wisdom and lots of experience
Hiding the ill-gotten wealth in shadow

Thursday, July 29, 2010

the dark knight 17

Dark Knight089

Outside the people wait
For the dawn of a new light
The confidence registered on faces
The new era the light of change

The polls say otherwise
The black knight feels it inside
The popularity survey out of fear
Or the people just want to say goodbye

The black knight gallops his horse
Thundering hooves into the open field
Behind the high walls nobody can see
He feels free with the night breezes

Yet he knows he plays it wrong
The people want unity tackling needs
They don't like to hear the same story
“You help me I help you” tag line

The echo rising slowly through the years
The freedom of association and right to express
The way he tries to protect himself and his goons
He knows the time will ditch them good

The black knight gallops hard
On the night field feeling the heady wind
Of his dreams and visions entangle into his own greed
Of power forgetting the peoples' rights

the dark valley 16

By Michael_Chick

The wisdom of a ruler
Unless he preaches what he says
Else he is just fishing
On the sea

Every body can say
The truth of many things
Yet when it falls on the leaders
They will do the no entry way

Surely history has taught us
We read about the past leaders
What they had done and contributed
In the world once they lived

It is sad the ruler forgot
What he did in his State
The people he forgets....
Do the right things he allegedly never did!

I am from Klang Valley
I voted in the State for the elections
I still feel sore even till today

Call the election now
We will tell them how
The people wants must be respected
No government or ruler should ever forget

Through the ballot boxes
The people decide
Win or lose is their decision
For the government of the day

the dark valley 15

Dark Valley

The green surrounding
The lake calm and inviting
The still wind silence
Nothing going to happen

Is it true?
When every part is falling away
The debris crumble into minute pieces
People losing direction

The fall out in law
The pursuit of personal wealth
Leaving the others to fend
On the chaos of life

The reflection on the calm lake
The silence greeting the emptiness
Even the fishes and insects hide
What's wrong with the administration?

It will be along healing process
Picking up the pieces making it whole
Changing of the guards different roles
Maybe there is still hope in this world

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the dark valley 14


The falling empire
Crumbles to ruins
Leaving its stage
Of history saying

On the ruins
A new sect emerges
Chanting the glory
Of the dark lord

Believing he could bring
The past glory back to life
On the empire ruins
Finding it hard to lose it all

The corrupted officials
Followers will try to maintain
Hiding behind dark shadows
Of the ruins hoping to find a way in

The white clothes men
Heads to toes covering up
Walking chanting allegiance
“Oh the dark lord! Give us one last chance!”

The ruins still stay
Though they pass by
Eyes lock on the broken empire
Only memories in the minds

the spices of life 50

PotofGold450x450.jpg POT of Gold (word 1-24-09) image by fluffy651

POT of Gold

Money make the world
World of economic senses
Senses glow in the eyes and minds
Minds forever dreaming on it

It comes working
Working isn't easy though every one tries
Tries to beat the queue to the pot of gold
Gold hiding waiting to be found

Every method finding the shortest route
Route to the riches can't wait too long
Long to taste the success yet it seems slow
Slow in the pot of gold......

Yet every one keeps trying
Trying may take years to realize a dream
Dream of wealth gate of paradise
Paradise enriches the hunger never dies

the spices of life 49


The men have all the colours
Black white or blue...........
In the world they make their living
Sail of hearts, broken many strings

Yet women falling
Pin balls bowling to the cage
Twisted polished knocked down
They forget when they get up

Words of sweetness
The tongue brews the sugar coated taste
It never fails to break a heart
Of women wanting to be had

The stories of roving eyes
Pretty women the guys craze
When old age falling
They still think they can play

The spices of life
It never dies
Surprises, headaches and heartaches
Black white or blue......

the spices of life 48

Visit my blog:

Teens caught on sex offences

Whom did they blame?
Watching porn they said
Through the internet and magazines

They opted for easy way out
When it is lust and greed they forgot
They told the investigators what everybody said
“Blame the porn” so they parroted

We have the minds to dream and visualize
Even without pornography people tend to dream
About the forbidden fruit hanging up in the sky
“Go pluck it why worry?”

The social data will always blame porn
It doesn't point to the fact of lust in the minds
Young and old what they think on creation....
God says “Go and multiply”

Porn like corruption
Illegal yet the power to glow
Even like fruits and vegetables
The nourishments to dreams

So can we control dreams?
The erotic fantasy floating in the minds
Teens will find ways to put blame
Give to adults what they want....

Teach them young
In the schools and religious congregations
Tell them sex isn't a shame or dirty dream
It is all the way home for God's creation

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the darkness run 48

Darkness & Light

The darkness and light
Forever it will be our cry
Day in night out it stays
Into our world it plays

The desires of paradise
The needs to stay alive
Waking up sleeping night
The dreams of grateful light

The plays on stage
Of our lives acting in reality
Every movement tells a story
Of the darkness and light victory

The pushers and the victims
The darkness and light it seems
Engraving into our minds to dream
The posts engaging yet aren't free

The stage of actors
The bridge of good and bad
It is there to decide
Pick your choice say it right

the darkness run 47


Through the windows
The dim light glowing
Drawing out dreams
You think you need

The dark backdrop
Of the faint light glow
It captures your eyes
Slowly you climb

Out of the window
Feeling the cool fresh air
As you think you need it
Running on the soft grass

You look up the sky
White patches brightness like
You try to feel it
It seems real in your touch

When you look down
You feel you are traipsing soft ground
Every step you take along
The distance becomes watery flow

Yet you struggle on
For decades you see it often
Promising of products and services
When it is said and won, nothing happens

It is till the old stories
Hitching up for rides
The villagers of old and young
Staring out through the windows

The ground of sea waving sins
How long will these people wake?
Changes are coming like it or not
The darkness run; it's time for the light

the darkness run 46

z97653428.png success, money, fame, fortune, desire, wealth, envy, power, sex, undulgence, stardom, drugs, greed, jealousy, glitz, addiction, glamour image by dshumar42
Greed and power
A person can't let go
With the taste of it
Running into its vein

The pursuit of materialistic wealth
A person will define ways to get it
Nothing is impossible to dig it up
When there is a will, there is away

Outside the fence
Holding banners decrying it
The pure shall be pure
Until the mind is corrupted

Inside the perimeter
Getting a taste of it
A person shall change
The glory in the mind

The foundation weaknesses
The cracks will appear in life
The pursuit of wants and needs
A temporary sojourn wanting paradise

The fall from grace
Of greed and power games
History has full of it
Yet we never learn....

romance on the beach 13

The Beach Proposal

In the light of dawn
When the sea is calm

The proposal under the sky
Beautiful words ring to shine

The waiting the heart beating
The light slowly emerges in the clouds

Eyes glow expecting the magic
Words flow singing wild on the beach

The romance on the beach
Nature teaches the waves playing catching

The journey will take
Sharing the magic cake

romance on the beach 12

713041_beach_romance.jpg beach romance image by caitnik

beach romance

The world is one
The sunset glowing

Sitting on the beach
With shadows sing

Listening to the waves
Of how romance stays

The echo of the soft breezes
Caressing along peeping on

When it is a romance
Nothing will run away

Monday, July 26, 2010

romance on the beach 11

BeachRomance.jpg Beach Romance image by ladygadvr

Beach Romance

On the romantic night
Crescent moon beautiful light

The sea waves rolling hungrily
On the sandy beach touching romance

The shadows mix and play
Paying no heed to the calling waves

The white sea water touching
Flowing gleefully away

Yet the romance on the shadows
Playing fully into the moonlit night

the darkness run 45

building-implosion-10.gif Implosion image by Gma11_photos


Wine ages well
The aroma hitting the smell
It makes the customer willing to pay
A prize for its vintage

Good food people pay
The taste the blend
Paying high price
To feel the taste

A party growing old
Stuck with the old glory
Forgetting the root
The ugly head of evil

The power corrupts the leaders
Fool the members and the people
Slowly siphoned off wealth
In time the public outcry

Aging well hard to realize
A party will perish in time
The basic foundation breaks free
Forgetting the people and country

the darkness run 44

P1010015.jpg coloured horses, ink, colored pencil on paper image by paintedbluedragonfly

coloured horses

The 4 horses meet
On the well near a village
Galloping slowly people look
Who are the owners?

Black, brown, white and mix
The colours denoting a group
Of the party chief hiding faces
On paper stands equal.....

On the marching
Taking control of a race
It is the brown matching skills
Black, brown and mix follow rules

On the well the brown gallops ahead
Tasting the water feeling great
The 3 horses keep a distance
Waiting for their thirst to satisfy

the darkness run 43

blessed.jpg Blessed in the darkness image by horneyflyer

Human slavery
The target of the mob
The gangsters ready wealth
The echoes of misery

The social networking
The predators on the prowl
Listening and chatting
Looking for loopholes

The lonely people
On the move on the networking
Writing about themselves
They get a push finally meet

The face to face
The agony comes quickly
Friends of friends join in
Before you know it

You are bundled into car
Driving to hotel never know why
Within time the slavery episodes
Giving it all crying alone

Know the rules
There are predators out to catch you
Promising all kinds of gifts
Winning you finally fall

Sunday, July 25, 2010

the spices of life 47

SunRays.jpg SunRays image by delojoda


Sun rays
God's gifts of life

Spreading it wide
Giving us warm and light

Though some feeling hot
Others welcome the sight

The glorious beams
Ray of hope for many

As the journey takes
The light to guide our place

the spices of life 46

Psalm6913.jpg Psalm 69:13 image by kgcorbin
the sun set wings
The sun set wings
Glowing in shadows of the light

As the sun going down
Taking a break after a hard day's work

On the sky the brilliant colours
Capturing hearts and souls alike

Imagine the flight
Reaching the world of paradise

If only we can
Regaining our destiny

As it is written
A long way from home

the spices of life 45

fishing.jpg finding love image by kukiii_x

finding love

The lonely alone
On the rocks sitting staring
Out into the open sea
Of love finding so hard to share

Working hard save money
The years gone by love put aside
When the time is ready
Alone you find......

Fishing in your mind
Hook and worm nothing bite
Sitting on the rocks
Finding love oh hard to come by

The traffic lights
You wait a long time
The green takes ages
Rescue you of your plight

The short cut
The match making agencies
Take away your loneliness
Fishing in the sea

They just want your money
Find your love of your life
Sending you menu of many faces
Pick your choice no fishing line

Like the old days
Let love blossom
When you find her
Stepping into a new world

spices of life 44

truelove.jpg FINDING TRUE LOVE image by gomezlisa09
Money saved work secured
The men start to think about love
Work pile up money to be made

No time to date
Work is the game
So they register in match making

Within days the women menu
Beautifully crafted simple make news
Pay the money choose the bride

No hassle no date
Straight to the wedding
Like the olden days

Find love on the bed
Will the relationship last?
The two has to make it

the spices of life 43

Finding The Love Again

Work hard for the money
Plant the future easy life
Listening to breezy roar

9 to 5 traffic jams
Morning then at night
Of people eager to get away

Leaving the work place
Taking all the time
Social life sinking hole rides

Love dates no time to roll
The simple truth money takes its toll
Men and women no time to hello

Internet many predators
The real and unreal wolves
Taking money trick of tales

Men and women fall
Love is blind they sing the chorus
Match making the business boom

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the spices of life 42

logo_man_united_cool.jpg Manchester Logo image by wilywonka18

Manchester Logo

Football T-shirt
The Muslim can't wear
It is considered a sin
Of the crosses and devils!

The country's mullahs
Leave the game alone
You talk your religion
Let the games be free

The sinners we all are
We aren't angels so are the mullahs
Why create a screen just to hide?
Then ban football watching!

The last prophet already gone
Don't create any rules in his absence
Even Jesus too had gone
Yet we see changes without his consent

Jesus warned “be wary of wolves in sheepskins”
They come with their own branding and rulings
Confusing the people distracting their faiths
We should keep the original sayings

Help your neighbours
Be fruitful and multiply
Let the planet be singing praises
Of God and kingdom comes

the spices of life 41

WInd.jpg God\'s Given Grace image by knightjuliet

God's Given Grace

When we are alive
We want to live forever

We want to enjoy
The life pleasantness

We want to feel
The glory of sun and moon

We want to share
The 4 seasons every year

We want to live free
The journey of paradise

Yet when we are sick
Of terminal illnesses reign

We never think to live
We think to let go pain

We wish God take His dues
Let us go free walking in God presence

We live through life
The pain of birth; the goodbye of death

We are born for a reason
To walk in the kingdom of God

All else are unnecessary
Only to learn to be a better person

the spices of life 40

God's Grace

It isn't easy to go through
Life on the down hill
Cancer the dead goal
The goal keeper can't save it all

Some survive for decades
Believing cancer is bitten
Yet it makes a come back
The fear and agony; a living hell

Living with one
Saw the look of despair
Fighting for a belief
It is hard to know the truth

The pain and sorrow
The journey of thousand pieces
Floating away as life seems bottomless
The eyes of hope only God grace

When my mother in law
Came to hug me and said thank you
I choked in tears as I knew
A white small butterfly came

When I returned to work
I got a call she was gone
Leaving her fight leaving in peace
It was 8 years ago.....

Yet I believe
The journey hasn't ended
There are roads we need to travel
On the other side of the world!

the darkness run 42

greed.jpg greed image by meangeneva


Spoon feed easy to grow
Grow into the main stream
Stream of greed and corruption
Corruption of the mind

Mind dreams of glamour
Glamour without tear and sweat
Sweat for the honour
Honour forget greed take the passage

Passage of dark shadows whispering
Whispering to ignite the flow
Flow of wealth easy to pick
Pick on the needs of power

Power corrupts the mind
Mind ventures into realm of dreams
Dreams of the good life
Life is to learn the good things

Friday, July 23, 2010

the spices of life 39

saltpepper069.jpg Salt & Pepper image by quilldancer

Salt and pepper on the hair
The colourful sight walking on parade
Shining bright with the sun silver rays
The look of experience the knowledge sage

Hair stylists pestering to change
Salt and pepper to black, orange or brown
In the mood to keep the changing times
The cool thing young at heart and its beating

Salt and pepper on the hair
Shining bright in the morning sun
When the night falling into its depth
Who will see except the owner?

Age on the hair
It takes its toll
As long as one is healthy
What's silver hair got to do?

Salt and pepper on the hair
Walking model giving free parade
On the streets or shopping malls
People will look maybe whispering too

the darkness run 41

darkness.jpg Darkness falls image by misterjunior73

Darkness falls

Murders, pimps and sins
On the darkness fall lurking shadows
They wait for the moment
When eyes can't see

On the dim light glow
Walking on the dark road
The sight seems beautiful
A distraction to divert attention

When you see white apparitions
Walking on the dark shadows
You will know the reasons
The roaming spirits need to find way home

The unceremoniously dead
Tricks of life; falling on sweet words
Treats of beautiful gold and diamond
Finally lay to rest six feet under

The roving spirits cry
Waking up entangle in a web
The murderers, pimps and sinners
They enjoy life watching sunset

On a river cruise
Darkness falls they smile and laugh
Toasting champagne good food and women
The preys for the dark hollow

The glow in the sky
The dark dim light
The shadows take flight
Waving waiting for the cry

the darkness run 40

hawks.jpg beasthawkpair image by Dialexis


The early morning rise
The golden rays shine
The shadows spread it wide
The way of a life

The humming birds noisily tweeting
The morning calls for the early rituals
The noises never stop though it is fed
It will keep on chirping echoing through the day

When cats move to show
The stripes and colours glow
The humming birds never stop tweeting
Loudly for all to hear

The pigeons support
In group take flight to the sky
The show of defiance
The birds of feathers flock together

The hawks too flying in formation
By nature protecting the small birds
Openly declaring the humming birds rights
Tweeting noisily through the day

The dark kingdom glows
The rights of the cats dismiss
The birds of feathers flock together
The cats move just you wait!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the darkness run 39

darkness.jpg Don't let the darkness of the past cover the brightness of the future. image by jljarubas
The streets light up
Every part to keep it glows
Of the nights where demons hide
Let them come the people fight

We elect governments
To defend our rights
To defend the country's wealth
To defend her honour

We don't elect governments
To chase us bad; to treat us cruel
To kill jailbirds then allegedly say commit suicides
We don't elect them to make us miserable

The darkness runs
The decades we sold our votes
Stupidly believing the sweet words
And yet we are clobbered

Now enough in holding our anger
For we have been fools and stupid
Letting our votes gone for whipping
It's time to change the scenes

romance on the beach 10

th30355792.jpg romance on the beach image by tiggermakay

romance on the beach

On another island
On another beach

The yacht anchors
Feeling the waves at sea

The sunset glow
The romance on the beach

The shadows under the rays
The world moves into its own

The calm waves crawling
Hitting the shore reluctantly

The lighted rays bloom
The eyes of romance glow

On the beach
The island of summer dream

the spices of life 38

the homeless

Homeless on the streets
What will life be for these vagabonds?
Begging for living days and nights
As people look sympathies and regrets

Homeless people what will you be?
Staring into the future so bleak and scary
Will you find your way home at all?
Homeless people victims or bad decisions

In the cities around the world
The common social graveyard
The homeless people crying for help
Our faith in God we forget ourselves

We have seen; we have known
What help we have done.......
We still see the homeless people
Ignore by the society

We offer or pledge
For natural disasters on other countries
Right in our doorsteps we forget
The homeless people crying for help

Our faith in God we forget ourselves
The testing of our faith we fail every day
The homeless people at our doorsteps
We seem to ignore and forget

the spices of life 37

asian homeless woman on street

Homeless people
People make the wrong choices
Choices of lives in the materialistic world
World around us the basic social challenging

Challenging the way of lives
Lives of the marching circle
Circle of pride or low esteem
Esteem of self proud to take the low journey

Journey of sorrows
Sorrows of many mistakes
Mistakes dare not ask for forgiveness
Forgiveness seems hard to come

Come into the journey
Journey of darkness falling
Falling into traps of one's stupidity
Stupidity living on the streets

Streets of 5 foot ways
Ways of vagabonds shunning society
Society of good and bad people
People who will help or despise

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

romance on the beach 9

By byknbobby

The yacht lift anchors
Setting sail for the night cruise

The glowing lights in the sky
The twinkling stars shooting bright

The romantic sailing
Sharing with others of same fate

The soft breezes flow
Whirring on the calm sea

The waves licking the yacht
Cutting with the salty taste

On the deck the summer calls
Of the soft wind whispering into ears

The yacht sails
Calmly claiming on the sea

romance on the beach 8

hawaii beach volleyball

The glow of the sunset
Blinded the eyes under the shady trees

The glow of the colours
Creating many objects in the sky

The eyes seem to tell
“UFO” in the air

The round shape glow
Hovering high in the sky

The people gathered to look
Standing in the dim light shadows

Looking up to the light object
Hovering high in the colourful sky

When the romantic shadows open eyes
They see group of people playing volleyball

The sun is going down
Giving its final glow in the dim sky

romance on the beach 7

hawaiibeaches.jpg Hawaii beaches image by yoyoholck

Hawaii beaches

The dim light glow
On the beach the shadows sit

Watching the dancing waves
Multiplying in ripples white of flow

Reaching eagerly to the shore
Sea water running it along

The backdrop of the setting sun
Many colours glowing in the eyes

The shadows embrace
Legs hitting on the sandy beach

Listening to the nature calls
The drumbeats of the waves

romance on the beach 6

beaches_020-1.jpg hawaii image by islagirl18


The coconut trees swaying
The night breezes blowing along

The romantic whirring
By the beach facing the sea

The shadows glow
Under the bright stars in the sky

The jealousy waves rolling
Never want to lose the opportunity

The glow on the sandy beach
The orange colour mixing with the waves

The summer romance
The foot prints on the sand

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the spices of life 36

The disposal income decreases
As cost of goods and services hike
The working people will find hard to live
Suffering in silence they have to do something

When the government doesn't take care of its people
The elected leaders elected through democracy
It's time the people should reassess their roles
They shouldn't be led blindly all the times

The mega projects for the cronies
Selected peacocks close to the seat of power
Gunning all the projects through direct tenders
The leakages the people will have to pay

Taxing the people
The government goes on spending spree
On projects involving billions......
And they spend for each ministry like no tomorrow

When the falling from grace
The women will go selling bodies
The men will go parading in the night
Searching for money to survive

Will the government ministers listen?
They want their prizes for their tomorrows
People know the truth behind the double speak
It's time to change for tomorrow

the spices of life 35

Night Market full of yummy food

Prices hike
The people will pay
Though the officials will say
“We are cheaper than Singapore!”

These officials will not say
Singaporeans earning X times more
They quietly forget to tell you
Sitting in their cool offices

The daily suffering
The people have to go through
Prices hike causing misery

Now the publicity hunt
Hawkers' Associations say no price hike
Diffusing the situation for a while
Until slowly increasing price

The people will bear the costs
Living through their lives
Yet they government never cut expenses
Billions on mega projects

So now we know
The government sweet talking
The leaders don't do what they preach
The people change the way

the spices of life 34

kanye-west-good-life.jpg good life image by erick138st

good life

The lure of a good life
Many people fall for the trap
They think it's the passport to freedom
They forget the entrapment

They can't live with the hardship
Day in day out the daily sorrow
They find the emptiness in the rice bowls
What will come tomorrow?

They get the inducements
The city where sleep never takes hold
Promises of good income better than now
They poor souls jump onto the wagons

The demon runners smiling
One bag full of lost souls
They run from one fire to another
Worst they may not get it out quickly

The spices of life
Know the mixture in the bowl
Don't be a fool listening to sweet talkers
You may get it burned

the romance on the beach 5

3582393714.jpg morning beach walk 2 image by Will_Montague

morning beach walk

The clear early morning
The sun bathes the sea

The shadows sneaking smile
Feeling the summer breeze

Sitting on the beach
Under the swaying coconut trees

Dreaming of the future
A life of unity facing reality

Yet it is the summer romance
Like the season it will be gone

Too soon before it really starts
The closure will come pack it up

Monday, July 19, 2010

romance on the beach 4

beach.jpg romance on the beach image by babygirlgddess

romance on the beach

Words write on the sand
Believing it is the truth

The mind will it
Now it is written

The passage of time
The words will stay in the mind

So it is hoping it will
As the jealousy waves rolling in

Within minutes the words are gone
With sea water back to the sea

The disappearance words
On the sandy beach

Yet in the summer romance
The words stay pure in the minds

romance on the beach 3

beaches41.gif Lovely Sunset Beach image by redwine-n-strawberries

Lovely Sunset Beach

On the calm sea
The lovers walk and see

Now alone in the open beach
A strip of golden light glow

Touching the cool sand
Feet making marks of history

Along the way the whispering
Behind coconut trees singing

The whirring breezes ring
The embrace and stealing kisses

All the while the ripples flow
Rolling out to tell the news

The lovers on the summer night breezes
Holding hands walking in romantic dreams

romance on the beach 2

74480_446758593_image_1005.jpg Walking in the beach.. image by DaphP18

Walking on the beach

The dim lit sky
The ripples on the sea

Rolling eagerly to the shore
Feeling the romantic dreams

Splashing waves rolling in
The white foam caressing along

The strangers meet on the sandy beach
Barefooted eyes click romance bloom

The time has no bearing
Hugging along walking free

Of people looking
They haven't got a clue

In their minds this is it
The marking of an everlasting dream

romance on the beach 1

candlelit_dinner.jpg candlelist-dinner-beach image by enigmastery


The romance on the beach
On the sunset glow in the sky

The colourful magic enticing
Holding hands walking free

The soft breezes sing
The erotic waves slapping shores

Around the corner
On the sandy beach romantic dinner

On the dim lights
Table setting for 2

The sparkles in the quiet night
On the sandy beach drawing shadows

Of the romancing eyes
Waiting for the right moment

the spices of life 33

The falling of an empire
The last rule spend and spend
The head can't think straight
Everything seems wrong

Every decision people can't accept
Only the same feathers will say yes
Taxing the people while they plunder
The assets of the nation.........

People on the streets
Feeling the short-changed
As they face the hardship every day
Less intake of sugar healthy lives

The opposite is true
They want the sugar of money
Burying deep in their hidden pockets
Let the people feel the pinch

Oil and gas less pollution
Increase money spend on worthless pursuits
For one building too many universities
Graduates can't be employable

Spend millions to retrain
The universities know about contents
Yet it is allowed to carry it on
The money loaded

The falling of an empire
The demons cling hard to survive
By now the roots taken shape
It's time can't hide

People already prepare
For a change of direction
The empire knows where it stands
The truth finally opens the doors