Monday, December 31, 2018

we can't allow bad leaders to stay

By hook or by crook
Bersatu better think twice over
Going back to the old way of Amno baru
It will spell the downward spiral

Only its youth wing smashed it down
The young leaders on the rise know the truth
Greed and corruption will make into falling pit
It is not a good way to live and stay

The Old Man didn’t reprimand his VP
The president too never said his piece
Bersatu must guard against greed and corruption
For it will spell the end of any party

As a partner in PH
Bersatu must be clean in every way
There shouldn’t be any tainted work
It makes the whole looks bad

Bersatu can collect the breakaway members
Nobody is going to block its membership drives
Only when it demands by hook or crook on contracts
Then PH leaders mustn’t stay quiet

The people will keep watch
So, will be Bersih on the hunt
We can’t allow bad leaders in PH parties
We want a clean government to progress

get into her mind

The best sex technique a man can learn
It isn’t what it is known to the men
It is the one everyone knows about it
Sometimes men act they are clever

Women are different
They think the opposite
They enjoy the chase
Giving men the maze

So, what is it?
Dig deep into her mind
It is where the erotic keys stay
Poke into her domain

She will give you the tours
You can kick your ball into it
She is lazy never want to block
You can have the time to play your games

While you are at it
Talk dirty she will get the lightning rods
Sparkling up in her mind
She will want to stay to feel it

Without digging into her mind
The whole opening game will be blocked
This is how Casanova played his roles
He knows his art of poking his words

Get into her mind
Speak dirty with subtle words
When the wall opens up
The game will run its course

the roti canai roads

The roti canai roads
It makes us feel sad indeed
The nation spent billions
The roads got ripped off

It reminds me of Lat cartoons
Those he depicted in his work
Tarred the road next day dug it up
Then tarred back again

So, the costs will increase
Doing the same job on the same road
The taxpayers are left fuming
The little napoleons play games

Some of the tarred roads
It will not last a long time
Some get potholes within a month
And the patch up works begin

Where have the funds gone?
PH leaders should dig it up
Expose who are the culprits
Let the law convict them

the mistakes men make in bed

Every man wants
The best he can be in bed
With a hot woman in the sheet
Still comes out smiling
After the thunder rolling
The lightning strikes in full swing
He still feels good
Even when the rain falls deep

But many men fail in bed
Otherwise they will not seek out
The sex teachers to tell them what to do
Be the master of the game
And the sex books keep rolling out

One thing to remember
Be confident in yourself
Say it in your head
Repeat it many times
It starts from the top
Meandering down to the bottom

Men shouldn’t be takers
They must learn the techniques
How to please women
Learn the art of pleasing
Women will fall in

Men should listen and communicate
It is an important tool to remember
Whispering words of desire will raise the bar
Saying naughty words too will engage it
Just don’t stay mute and deaf
Think of Casanova ways
The women will fall into the plot

Women don’t think male organs only
They will desire more foreplay instead
Men should know how to use their assets
Mouth tongue and fingers to the full
The women will sing high praises
When the after glow is gone until the next call

Sexual routines may sound good
Every time the act flows on the familiar pattern
In time it has to change to keep the rhythm going
The changes must slowly crawl into the game
It will help to sustain the sexual acts
It will help to unite the relationship
Once you find ways to change the act
The sexual routines will not become boring
Once I was growing up the older guys would say
“Every one is the same
Only you will make the difference”

As Master and Johnson put it
A woman takes about 20 -30 minutes to get juicy
So, the guys must have stamina to carry on the task
The men must exercise to keep in shape
Without sufficient blood flow the pipes will feel empty
There is no way the bridge can be completed

You want to be the better lover?
You have to change your routine
You have to learn new tricks to satisfy your women
You can’t stay on the same old ways
You have to spice it up to get hot and wild
Speak dirty and stay on with confidence
The women will warm up to you

One more thing
Don’t be afraid of ED
It is always in the head
You have to keep a positive flow
You have your other organs to play
Use it to the fullest
You can even practice Tantric sex
Work it in the mind
Explore the sexual craving
You will be a better lover

we mustn't give up hope

We have to be brave
Facing the events of tomorrow
Our horoscope can’t see that far
We have to accept to make sacrifices

Nothing will stay forever
It has to change to make for the new
We must open our minds to accept it
The tough decisions will come our way

The events in this year
It may seem moving slowly
We expected many changes
But our street fighters taking a break

In the seat of power
It seems to cow the street fighters
It will take them to adjust a new role
Admittedly they take a while to change

Yet we mustn’t give up hope
The street fighters will swing into full gears
For they are the hardened street fighters
They will align for the nation’s future

Sunday, December 30, 2018

the waiting for change

The waiting for change
Everyone hopes it will walk in
The way it is done today
There is still the long way

The baby learns to crawl now
By next year the baby will walk
Maybe there will be some changes
The running steps will make the noises

Though the opponents in pieces
They haven’t learned to become like one
They still think they are the ruling elites
The power chair and the wealth to bank

They too are the babies
They will make a lot of noises too
They may not group together perfectly
But they will seek to form alliance

The waiting for change
The people mustn’t expect miracles
It will come as the knowledge increase
Of how to steer the nation forward

the parasites

The parasites will not strike
Waiting is a game of patience
The parasites can adapt it cleverly
Finding ways to crawl into the chair

In the beginning the parasites will be condemned
The bad adjectives will be used to describe the group
They will keep low and showing how helpful they can be
They are always there to offer advice and deeds

The objective is to get the chair
Once the objective is obtained
The power will come in handy
The parasites can shine

The parasites want power and game
They have the patience and art to do it
Only the short-sighted leaders will fall
If they don’t see the hit on their backs

the malays must wake up

The Malays must stand up
They shouldn’t cry when they are hurt
Working hard with sweat and tears
They will be a force in the economic world

They have to throw away addiction
It has brought them struggling through
They should blame the previous government
Catering them of their needs

The Malays must bite the bullets
It may taste bitter and angry
But it is for their own progress
Living on addiction makes them weak

The Malays have the skills
They aren’t lacked of creativity
But they want to be Mat Jenins
Every time they feel hurt, they fail

The Malays must wake up
They can be the power-house
When they march to the economic world
Learn the rope they will make the difference

don't ignore red lights

Don’t drive on the wrong lane
You know the traffic rules
You study to pass it
Now you have your licence

Sure, you can fly
Leaving others behind
You can feel the pump up rising
You are on the high

But the red lights blinking
It tells you to stop
Study the situation before you drive
You are at the junction of traffic flows

Don’t ignore traffic rules
It will keep order on the drive
Once you forget about the rules
You will receive summons in your name

Now you have a new car
You shouldn’t ignore the old cars
They make the days interesting
You never know what’s in the hoods

Saturday, December 29, 2018

say no to the bad

Say no to the bad
It brings you nowhere
Though you may try to hide
You will be exposed

You can talk well
Spinning your tales
Let your audience feel it
It will only be a delusion

Once the sins are exposed
The shame will fall on your face
You can’t walk tall or smile
You will bathe in the lake of fire

Say no to the bad
It doesn’t worth your time
Why suffer in eternity?
Crying out loud for help?

Stay away from spinning lies
You will not get away as you like
The records will have your deeds
You will face the truth when you die

just one look

Just one look
I see you
I am hooked
In my head

Just one look
You get me in
In my head
I will see you

Now you are here
I have my times
Looking at you
In my eyes

Just one look
You get me in
I am hooked
In my head

The days of waiting
It is over on the day
Just one look
You get me in

let schools be fun to study

It is better not to have examinations
Free the students the pressures of study
Let them come to classes to listen and discuss
Sharing their thoughts and ideas

Let them have the quarterly assignments
Let them pick and read and learn in the process
Working with groups to finish projects
It will cultivate the team spirit

Every day in the class
Teach them the necessary skills to success
Engage with them in topics of study
Sometimes moot into debates

Leave the textbooks at home
Maybe bring the languages text books
Let the students read and listen
Engage in discussions or in public speaking

Free the students of stress
Too many examinations will cause it
There are records of students commit suicide
Let the students find schools a happy place to study

the losers win in PKR

The losers win
In the recent PKR election

The winners in the battle
They will feel slighted of it

Now the losers gain
In the decision-making process

Though the winners don’t expect
The losers will gain in the upper hand

What the public had said before
The president sided Rafizi Ramli

It can be seen in the state chief
Many are aligned to Rafizi Ramli

The president may have made a wrong decision
He will cause the split internally in the party

He can give posts to the losers
But he must tilt it more to the winners

In politics it is the winners
Now in PKR it seems the losers win

Now what will Azmin Ali say?
His winning way going nowhere?

PKR shouting of reformation
The losers can’t have more than the winners

Bersatu stay on your values

Bersatu mustn’t revolve into Amno baru
Its leaders recognize the faults of the opponent
They mustn’t fall prey to greed and corruption
It will be the end of the road

The leaders must remember the 7 sins
There are always the opportunities to commit it
They must instil themselves the discipline
Turning bad is so easy

Once the disease of the bad takes shape
It will spread like cancer slowly attack the core
By the time it is realize of its danger
The stage of no return will fall

Learn to live and share
Play the game of consultations
With the Pakatan Harapan leaders
It will augur well to the future

Friday, December 28, 2018

in the wrong rest room

I was embarrassed
Walking in the mall
When nature called
I walked to the rest room

On the way there
I saw an elderly woman
Shouting at her grand child
I thought it was the ladies’ room

I ignored it
I went to the next
I didn’t realize it was for women
I walked in so confident

The woman in the mirror
She didn’t say a thing
I went in to the cubicle
Then it hit me!

I was in the wrong rest room
I quickly walked out from the cubicle
I looked at the signage
I was in the wrong

I felt embarrassed
I was there about 30 seconds
Before I bolted out quickly
Realizing my mistake in a hurry

once you are out of political news

When you are out of the news
Leaving it all behind and take a back seat
You think you will be remembered
When you decide to swing back in action?

Out of the news
Nobody will care to remember
The people will see the current leaders
Galloping all over the news

The leaders who decide to play in shadows
They will face a tough job to get back in
The events may change those leaders will be irrelevant
Though good deeds people may talk in coffee shops

No politicians want to take a back seat
It is hard to get back into the stage
No news for politicians is bad news
The people will tend to forget

It will show their lack of courage
Facing the tough road of harsh criticisms
Once you opt out of the political main stream
It will hang you dry if you attempt to return

the changing

The changing
It will come
We must have the patience
It can’t be done in a day or months

There are laws to amend
There are laws to study
The changes will come
Don’t expect it to come tomorrow

The coalition of Hope leaders
They have to consult and share ideas
Though the leaders may not agree on certain issues
For the good of the nation they have to string together

The changing
Nothing will stop it from happening
We must have the patience
To watch the developments taking shape

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Malaysia isn't an Islamic state

Malaysia isn’t an Islamic state
The extremist Malay NGOs leaders
Read the Constitution understand its forms
She is a Secular nation

The authority must tackle this issue
It seems the extremist groups are trying to fool the people
Branding its call that the country is Islamic
When it isn’t in the written agreement

The extremist Malay NGOs
They are galloping on the Talibanic way
The majority of the people will not allow it
Our country is unique in her ways

Even Sabah and Sarawak will shoot it down
These countries are partners in the Federation
The Secular nation everyone agreed then
Don’t let the extremist Malay NGOs get away with it

The Home Affairs Minister must monitor the groups
The police must keep a tight watch on these leaders
They have nothing good for the nation
If possible, by law take them off for counseling