Thursday, May 31, 2007

lina joy 2

Lina Joy case has the rights of an individual denied on choice of a religion. As I wrote yesterday, one must have the freedom to choose one's religion on maturity and freedom to worship without hindrance. As God's children, He never wants his children to go astray...He wants His children to go forward in their convictions. Christianity and Islam are related; only the people who divide that issue. It is just an injustice to call each other the right of choice. Jesus told his people the coming of Muhammad (pbuh)to lead after He (pbuh) is gone. It can be found in the Scriptures of the Bible and likewise the Holy Quran says Jesus will come to administer His domain. Personally I read the Holy Books (Quran and Bible) and about the hadith ( the ways of the prophet Muhammad) which I think one should walk with care because it is his nature of what he did. During his times then he lived in the influence of Christianity (which I again believe it isnt what Jesus preached to His followers. I hold the view that Christianity came through Emperor Constantine and St Paul (one time Christian executioner, lawyer and soldier turned Christian crusader where he died in prison or executed by the Romans) Abraham built the where do the faithfuls go wrong? What I have seen or read is like those ancient times of Roman era....We are blind; this is what Lucifer wanted to happen. The conflict in our midst is so simple to handle when we "love our neighbours as ourselves" Share our happiness help each other in times of crisis but it never happens in human dealings...They want power, wealth and mean to each other....So I think Lina Joy has no choice but has to apply to the Syariah Court for a certificate to denounce her religion which in the first place she didnt ask for it to be Muslim. Maybe she has struggled for years and finally took the plunge when she was 36 years old. But again it isnt so easy as to apply for a certificate.....I hold the view that Federal Constitution is Supreme to all other laws in the country...if the judges are not afraid to answer to their political master which every one in the country knows our judges can't decide independently so the political master wins until the voters decide come next GE..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

lina joy lost her appeal

Lina Joy can't celebrate her joy. Her appeal was denied by the Federal Court today with a majority decision of 2:1. So her religion is still Islam.......I feel the judges should have read the Federal Constitution properly" freedom of religion and freedom to worship" A child should be allowed to change his/her religion when he/she has grown up to matter understand the concept of one's religion. As it stands for all religions here, a child is born into the parents' religious faith whether the child agrees or disagrees, it isnt important at that time. The parents make their choice and the child has to stick with it until he/she decides to change....which for the other religious faiths has no apostasty attached to it. But for a spells the long and winding road of condemnation. The truth is "Who make the choice for the child?" Islam is a religion of peace and compassion; which I think it is the same with the other religious faiths. The Jews and Christians too follow the same branch as Islam coming from the same prophets. The stories are inter-related in every page of the religious texts yet the people think and behave differently....trying to win in the battle of the minds and souls..Buddha was exploring his own enlightenment nothing about Buddhism yet the tenets flourishes because people want something different...and Hindus religion is the oldest amongst the religions where the stories about the ancient could be found here too Then there is Sai Baba flourishing with his ways to bring peace and harmony to mankind....Lina Joy should be allowed to practise what she wants though she is born into a Muslim what is the different when non-muslim married a muslim then file for divorce? The non-muslim converted to marry a muslim will marry any one any religious faith...perhaps the converted muslim by marriage will not find the religious authority breezing down he/her neck so to speak. The laws are the guide lines and the Federal Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land...........yet I dont find judges balls enough to make decision in the arms of the Federal Constitution. This decision I believe falls on the political will of the BN government...It takes them too long to give their judgement. Lina Joy is prepared to lose her Malay rights in the Constitution....yet the decision will make her to think how unfair the system has done to her and to those who face the similar hindrance in their religious faith I really wonder what happen to those converted to marry muslims and divorced and then married again in the civil registry? Bearing in mind their IC cards are not changed. In fact all the official documents remain under the original name....Let the souls speak to the Lord what religion one's professes it is the willed of the Lord...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a whopping fine!

A food stall/restaurant owner fined a whopping $22,500/- for increasing his price for a glass milo to $1.80! This should send a strong signal to the stall owners or restaurant owners not to simply increase prices as they wish. The authority shouldnt just stop from there then old habits die off. It should be a continous affair throughout the country. In this way inflation will be kept in check currently around 2.3-3.0% as reported by BNM. There are already rumours of prices increase in milk or milk related products. The officers too should conduct checks in towns too. Here I found these stall owners too hike up prices as they wish. So with this heavy fine I hope these hawkers understand that it serves no purpose to be greedy...Of course the officers continue to monitor and act on complaints.....

dont take drugs

Lindsay Lohan got arrested again. This time for drink and drive above the permissable level and also cocaine though the police in US said it wasnt found on her. This 20 years old woman is trying to destroy her life. A threat to herself if she doesnt grip her life together. Partying late at know the hours of sleep havent enough, the eyes tend to sway between lines or objects. I had this experience when I drove after 12 midnight from Alor Star to Kampar..after nearly 2 hours of driving I was on the wrong side of the road though my vision said I was on my side of the road. Lucky for me I recovered in time though at that time there werent cars on the other side...So I said it is my guardian angel watching me (She always looking after me...of course in between I got robbed and knifed in cinema which required 7 stitches but I was alright. Even before I reached home to my kampong people were talking about a guy got robbed and knifed in a cinema...News travelled so fast those years ago. And I am lucky to be alive....still kicking but the episode always keep me in check) Family unity is so important to sustain the stability in one's family. Lindsay Lohan has no family support because she broke away. Trying to be herself and her friends. But what are they? Party goers never stop and think what their actions will cost them....I hope the police sends her prison like Paris Hilton; in this way they may learn a well earned lessons for life. It reminds me of Jamal Abdillah who couldnt take fame and responsibility until today. He was sent to drug centre to recover but he admitted that he has still a long way to go. Married 3 times twice divorce and his 3rd marriage is heading for divorce too. Lately he was discharged from a magistrate court in Telok Intan when the police dropped the charges but his nephew served a 8 months jail sentence. It also bring me back to those years Fraser's Hill....where my friends then too were on drugs. Though discreet, my friends and I tried to help our friends. In the hill they seemed to recover and grow healthy and enjoying themselves. One was a resident in Fraser's Hill but stayed away in Klang Valley, partying too much and mixing with wrong people landed him using drugs. His father brought him back to the hill to recover. He managed to do that. Then he went down to KL again...old habits returned. His sister told us so..He did stay on the good behaviour but things werent working out for him. He did hold GM post in a numbe of companies but he didnt last in his working career. At one time in Penang he called me to meet up but he didnt show up to see me, he passed a not to me that he had to rush back to KL. We did talk some few years ago while he was attached in Malacca. A few years later I tried to call him there, the staff there told me he had left. Then I saw his name mentioned that he was working in another company in KL...Later he married a Malay woman and so I thought he could be fine. But I got an email message from his sister in Australia (she has migrated and married an Australian and settled there) that he had passed away.....I knew the reason...his drug habits he couldnt control it..The othe guy was a drug addict in KL. My colleague's father brought him to the hill to mix with us and worked ...Many years he stayed in the hill. When I left the Fraser's Hill he was still there. Subsequent years he went back home because his father passed away. The last time I heard about him he had gone back to his old habits....they said I won't recognize him at all...Till today I dont know if he is alive or dead...............Personally I dont drink or smoke......I never indulge in these habits though I was surrounded by friends who did...I guess they couldnt convert me...

Monday, May 28, 2007

the bloggers fight on

They think they are rich
They can do and scramble the poor guys
Leaving nothing or crumbs to take
Ah…the power of money
It builds the insane people
Until it is too late
When the devil waits at the gate

Every road trees or bushes
It makes poetic scenery
It makes knowledge looks great
Yet there are those who try
To make the learned people look stupid

Exchanges of ideas
Reporting what is known
The party should reply
Not hiding in litigations
To cobweb the poor guys
Ah…the power of money
It makes a decent man cries

Challenges and debates
Excites the minds to creative
Stifling growth isn’t the way
Only the miser wants his ways

What is not true?
It says who tells it so
Go for the challenges
Have balls to make the differences

Sunday, May 27, 2007

You want to retire?

Only 5% of Malaysians are prepared for retirement. Based on EPF’s 2005 annual report, about 90% of EPF contributors have less than RM100,000 in their accounts – not enough to see them through 20 years past retirement.Can you retire?

Only 5% of Malaysians are prepared for retirement. Based on EPF’s 2005 annual report, about 90% of EPF contributors have less than RM100,000 in their accounts – not enough to see them through 20 years past retirement

courtesy The Star 27/5/07

The article in the Star newspaper about retirement makes an interesting and soul searching read. The majority of the people live on their EPF savings when they retire. The fund as EPF had surveyed lasted only for 3 years when those retirees withdraw on reaching 55 years. In this age one has the knowledge and experience to contribute until 65 years. Look for example at our prime minister and ministers. They should formulate or change the current laws to allow people to retire at aged 65 years. Like the judges. But will they? I think they dont really think hard about it. Most retirees wont survive over the next 5 years. For one the children will ask their retiring parents for help or buying cars or investing in houses...because now they have the money. Tomorrow will sink back into the backseat...until such time when the funding has dried up..I think most of us when young couldnt find time to save though it is encouraged to do so. At that age we wanted to enjoy our fruits of labour. Saving I think never cross the mind. Even today we still can find those young graduates will think the same like the mind of those people decades ago. Enjoy now save later. We arent young at these age and when we lose it we shall not find it again or why think of tomorrow when today we wont know what will happen............The cycle will repeat and repeat until the person takes responsibility on it People say plan today for better tomorrow but if you ask the homeless people or the poor people how to plan for better tomorrow nak makan pun tak cukup, nak cari rezeki pun susah bahkan nak cari rumah takpayahlah cerita So my observation is there will be those who make it and those who will not and those who will forever remain poor(because all the factors are staked against them) And then I read "the kingdom of the Lord is for those who are willing to give up everything....." Now go and figure it out

the hummers

Now I begin to observe the humming birds. I dont have to go very far though. It is in my garden I watch. Now these hummers build a nest on one of the potted plants. This is the second bird's nest on the same bamboo plant. The first one I cut and threw it away after the small birdies had grown and flew away. There are the rituals of making noises and mating; flying here and there and then fly across to the trees. Last few days I observed the female hummer had laid her eggs. At first it was an egg, then two days later I saw there were 2 eggs and finally there were 3 eggs. My first impression of the eggs were small like the lizard's eggs but I was wrong. On the subsequent days I found the eggs grew bigger now. It double up its original size. When I read the article on the humming birds they lay 2 eggs and it takes a month for the birdies to fly away. There are 1,800 different types of humming birds in the world. I think these hummers here are the commonest type..The female hummer only comes back somewhere around 7.15-7.30pm to warm her eggs. Yesterday I was sitting in the patio watching it. It didnt come right to her nest. It flew from one pot to another then flew away again when it observed movements around her eyes. It flew from the west then east and pretending to come and go. Obviously trying to distract her enemy away from her nest of eggs. I was keeping a keen eye of its antics. I think it tells of how one tries to outwit another either in work or in promotion or takes over a leadership. One has to distract one's adversary. When I had enough of watching the hummer, I walked away from my sitting rattan chair(s) and switched off the water flowing fountain, the female hummer immediately flew into her nest. Less than a minute I observed her movement. When the coast is clear time to catch whatever one needs to do...Think about it.....humans too behave like the hummers. Observe, hide, distract, lie, then go for the reward when the coast is clear...

PKR election

Wan Azizah remains unopposed at the PKR president. Anwar Ibrahim withdrew because he couldnt contest as ROC didnt allow him. If he did, PKR could be deregistered. The other challenger Abdul Rahman too withdrew at the last hour. Looking at the scenario, Anwar had to put his personal glory aside for the sake of the party. Without a party to fight the BN in the next GE, it will become a liability to the opposition. So party above self interests......Wan Azizah will only stay on until Anwar Ibrahim serves his mandatory sentence on his corruption charges until April 2008 then he is likely to take over the presidency through a special EGM. In a way the PKR has showed its maturity to fight the BN now

Friday, May 25, 2007

there are leaders....

There are leaders and there are followers...there is no in between. So every one must learn the rope and be patient to wait to groom up. When a person has no patience, he isnt cut out to be a leader. He hasnt learned even though growing in years. It is said a leader knows best until events stall his leadership. In politics and in any organization one has to wait and play the game then build up one's skills and reputatiion then go for the learning how to shoot a gun...or chopping wood. I was good at it(chopping wood) during my life in the kampong. Now good life has made me soft but the memory still holds dear to me of what I was then..I always say it is good to remember one roots and so it is brings result in the end.

Nalla finally quits today. I dont think PKR will remember him and I dont think the Indians will feel loss without him. The battle must go on................a new leader will take over when there is a vacuum

Thursday, May 24, 2007

nalla quits

Nalla going to quit PKR. He joined the party last August 2006 and now he wants to quit citing interference from Anwar Ibrahim. He was promised to contest in Ijok but had to give way to Tan Sri Khalid and now he had to give way on his VP bid though he secured the most nominations. Followers must know what the leader's vision. He joins PKR to help the party and the country and not for personal glory or whatever reasons that he may have. I should think a man of his calibre should know what the leadership wants. Politics is a dirty must be able to stomach it otherwise dont join the wagon. The rides are bumpy and hot; it isnt a free flow neither it is a cool ride. So I hope he should consider his view on the larger picture of a party. Give way doesnt one loses may get it back in another way because everything will go into a month or one year or five years or decades even to get it but it will be sweet anyway. Look at the ants. No matter how much I pour water on it, the ants will come back to make its nest. Today I pour water in the morning by evening I see the ants making home in that spot again. When I do it, the ants will just give way to me. I feel happy now the ants have gone but after a few hours later they are back. It is the attitude of a person's perception. Leaders and followers should know the bigger picture; it is a team that benefit not a personal glory or needs...Leaders know 90% followers grab the 10%..

services must improve...will it?

Services must improve.Productivity must increase. Delivery system must meet the people's needs or expectations. For a while I will see some improvements.When cost of living is going up, the increment will be talked of the past. The whole nine yard will not be accomplished. The cycle will set in. Everything boils down to square one....It is the attitude of a person to deliver his/her job. It is not really about pay increase( it will correspond the increase of products and services and taxes. Because somewhere the money has to come to offset the extra costs involved) Sin Chew Daily reported it will cost the government of BN something like $8 billion a year for the increase of civil servants pay. Mind you the government must find ways to increase its income to offset this huge expenditure. We are not talking about the 1.1 or 1.2 million civil servants, we are talking about the 550,00 retired officers on pension too. Of course I read reports that these pensioners can't survive with the pension that they receive....Hello what about other poorer segment of the people. CAN THEY SURVIVE? The government doesnt really assist these hardcore poor....perhaps the officers help a few just to put on record like the sake of planning something to show in their reports but it isnt planned properly...It is only for themselves to participate. When I was in Langkawi, it was a joke really about the planned tourism products. Mega sales nobody felt the atmosphere. Festival of Art I can't imagine what is all about then. These planners involved didnt put up notices long before the events were put up. It was only 3 days I could see the banners announcing these events would be held.....You think people will know and plan for it? Now the Perak State Secretary wants people to report direct to him about the poor services of the civil servants...because now they will get their pay increase. Why now? This is the attitude again. Get something then wants to do something. The State Secretary should walk the talk. He should go visiting government buildings. He can do it once a week pick a day and walk in. In a month he can visit 4 departments....I can imagine the impact he will make on his rounds. Here I can only dream about....because it wont really happen. After a while the services on the delivery system to the people will be talking again

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

we are so stupid


We are told we live in a democratic country

Going to the polls every 4 0r 5 years

Casting votes to elect MPs

Like fools they then call us

In the giddy world of politics

In it you see the shadows play

Trapping people with planned wealth

Dishing out projects to friends and cronies

Then they tell us we are stupid

We have no brains to tell right or wrong

So we elect them to sit in Parliament

And they say crude jokes

Belittling the women folks

And what did the BN government do?

Let the minister handle it

Write a sincere apology

So everything is fine

But does it really?

The BN party whip spoke in support

The buffoon MPs in his rank

So we are really stupid

We don’t know what is right and wrong

Now we have a minister

One time journalist turned politician

Expressing his fears about bloggers

He wants to put them out of space business

Then he says it is only 20,000

Out of our working population of 11 million

So it isn’t that important

Yet the fear glorifying him

He forgets his roots as a journalist

He has no root to withstand the wind

So he blows his trumpet loud and clear

Nobody cares what he says

He is a dinosaur he should retire long ago

It is our fault we elected these MPs

They make stupid decisions for us

Like a paid piper blowing his flute

We stand there looking like fools

So the next general election

We better do our homework

Make the right choices

Or else we are so stupid

In this democratic process

pay hike 2

Pay hikes government servants feeling happy now. Cuepecs had done a good job but now they have to deliver their services to the tax payers. Last time I wrote a letter to the town council about a road with 2 names where the letter was personally delivered to the town council. It has been two years now I never got a reply but the road wth 2 names remain the same. Sometimes the government shouldnt give the pay hike to the state directors. DGs, town council presidents or secretaries...when they dont respond effectively to the taxpayers who indirectly pay their salaries through tax deductions. Now Najib says there wont be oil prices hike for now....I think the government will increase the petrol price and as usual will cite it as the cheapest in the regions.....toll will increase soon. And before one forgets our civil servants have increased in numbers now....instead of reducing it through e-government. It is the opposite for the country. The BN government is not doing its job to trim the civil service ....I guess it is the indirect way to hold on to power. These civil servants will feel indebted to the political masters in BN. The shopkeepers will wait for sometime before they hike their prices on goods. The minister concerned should walk the talk and visitsthe hawkers'stalls and look at their pricing....some had gone over 40% per bowl...because they know no government official to penalise them or fine them...Further the government should consider seriously trim down its fat civil servants. The numbers arent welcoming in the IT era.....the government is sleeping on its job in this area

courtesy malaysiakini

leaks again

More sexiest remarks from our elected reps. The "bocor' issue has not settled the dust yet....More guys say about the women dressing (again!) to influence for causing troubles to themselves from the guys....So I find these elected reps have a poor controlling urge up in their minds. So what excuse they want to say? That men rape because it is the women's fault......It is the guys own thinking which they have to control with it. Nobody can curtail how one wants to one time in days of Adam and Eve both were totally naked; only when they committed sins amongst themselves that they realised they had to be Allah?God ordered them to cover themselves. In the beginning man and woman are naked...there are still tribes here and in Africa where women are half naked from the waist up....and you think the guys will run amok.......I dont think so. Here we have our educated reps (men) who want to throw how holy they are....they forget women are the souls to them...So it is bocor lagi. Samyvelu joined the rank so are the two reps in Penang

Nasibnya Malaysia tak bocor!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

pay hike for civil servants

The PM announced a whopping 7.5-35% increment for the civil servants and the police and army get an additional 20% and cola jumps to 100%.(The Star) I can understand for the lower rank staff but for the higher scale professionals they should prove their worth which to me they dont. You can look at their delivery system which never bring joy to the public dealing with them Last time I heard about the passport issue whereby those citizens under operation by law no need to show their citizenship papers. Now I heard in the press report that those who were born before Merdeka must show their citizenship papers. How many have the citizenship papers? I thought those who were born before Merdeka by operation of law have no requirement to produce the citizenship papers....Long ago it was stated not necessary now it has.........................35% boost eh? Will the potholes on the roads be filled or we have to wait for a by-election or general election? I read it as an election ploy to help the ruling BN to sustain its power then cost of goods will be hiked is an economic equation. There must be tax collection to foot the bill of these increments for the poor delivery system...You think the civil servants will change their mindset...............I can dream about it...because they will spend or acquire goods or go for holidays then they say mana cukup lagi. So I expect goods will be increased or petrol hike on the will be a boomerang effect. The taxpayers will pay more again...This is PM and my target is the general BN and you will get plenty of it...

So congratulations to Cuepecs............welcome taxes on goods. Inilah Malaysia Bolih tentu bolihnya..

Monday, May 21, 2007

the taxpayers' woes

$22 million
For services and checks
For Putrajaya buildings
On the poor workmanship

It is the norm
In the Works Ministry
“Give me the money
I get it fix in quick time”

The tax payers cry
Money for crony’s flight
Like the Superman
Listening to ratepayers’ woes
Of the MPs we vote

Now it is Parliament House
Leaking roof old wires
Last renovation was $90 million
In 2005 and now look
It comes one more time
The money train arrives

Samy says we are the doctors
We come to check when get sick
He forgets about prevention
JKR engineers and architects
What they do I know not?
Everything seems to privatize

So there will be a hefty bill
I guess something like $180 million
For poking the wires
Knocking out walls

Oh ministers!
They take voters for the rides
Feeling giddy going up and down
Finally mark crosses here
You are done
They walk back to their offices
Smiling for jobs accomplished

Sunday, May 20, 2007

botanic again

Go shopping for lights in Ipoh. Gone to many light shops but couldnt find those I need. Prices quite comparable with the shops. The last one I went was two days ago along Jalan Gopeng which isnt so far away from the express bus station. I managed to find something I need in this shop. I spent about one hour admiring and checking out the goods. It is run by a Malay business man. I didnt place my order yet because the new house needs attending to by the developer. The last visit to the new house the connecting water pipe leaks from the water meter point to the house. Tomorrow will ring the service centre to tell him about the pipe leaks. Of course Botanic hasnt fully developed as yet. Besides there are a few housing projects coming up and one project is abandoned over 10 years ago...This area I think will be heavily populated by then say about 3 years from now when the surrounding housing projects are completed.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

government building leaks

Government building many leaks. So Samyvelu must be accountable yet he gives excuses that nobody sees the leaks coming. Every house owner will know how to prevent water seepage in his/her house. Mostly it happens on the gutter areas. With all the years running the Works Ministry Samyvelu should know about it. In fact he is a qualified architect; somehow nobody seems to know about it. With Parliament house and other highrise government buildings they should have noticed it. Because these leaders never walk the talk. They should walk and see what happens. In fact the department heads should be ordered to do it often to plug any leaking problems..Nay...they want to spend unproductive teabreaks lepak bercerita pasal perkara2 tak berkaitan dengan kerja2 sehari. Samyvelu should resign from his position. He shouldnt be allowed to stay on for so long...other countries ministers will take full responsibility and resign....But in Malaysia...mana bolih like menghantar bil sebanyak $22 juta ringgit About meetings I gather they want to quickly attend it and disappear; and dont criticize other ministries like you do and watch your work I do and watch my work; and dont try to come over my territory if you know what I mean.....I conducted meetings thousand times over in my career so I know how it works....everybody wants to be nice and proper....Do PM penalize JJ on his racist remark? Do any minister (MCA/MIC/PPP/Gerkan) say anything on that racist remark? These leaders just let it go. And they think rakyat will forget it in time. I dont think so. So play the good game........I want to go to sleep

Malaysia bolih kan?

Friday, May 18, 2007

the buffoons in parliament

The two buffoons in Parliament should be punished to serve as a reminder to all MPs to watch what they say in Parliament. The August House is meant for a constructive debate and pass laws for the country. What we have read is just a plain circus asking the monkeys to jump or hop here and there. Mind you these people are elected to carry out their duties to the rakyat and country. But we have MPs who have no compassion at all. They think in Parliament they can say anything they want and get away. The party whip too falls into this category for defending his own party MPs crude remarks on women. Sad for the voters. So the next election better vote wisely and dont get fooled by BN promising goods or projects which are nicely packaged corruption to influence voters to vote for the party. The party leaders are good at it. Using taxpayers' money to hold on to power. The voters must change their mindset and send a strong signal that changes must be done. We can't live for another 50 years when these leaders will plunder the country's wealth to zero...So now Sharizat says the issue is closed. easy to let these two buffoons go when they just apologised without penalty or punishment. I dont totally agree. Apology must be petered with some sort of punishment. Because these MPs never learn. Next time they will say again. Then Nazri will say in the heat of argument anything will come out. Then the MPs must go for anger management courses. What is he doing? Najib as the party whip should have said it plainly that any one who speaks bad about women or men should be severely punished. But then he is also in the same boat as the two buffoons and Nazri...Or like Badruddin who held a May 13 book and told the Non-Malays to behave.....I know this guy way back in Alor Star when he started off as a businessman. He was a humble person then. Now look at him. Wealth and power have corrupted him. Any action taken on him? I didnt read about in the press. Like the last UMNO General Assembly those Turks were not punished even though they spoke on subjects deemed seditious and many reports were lodged. What did the police do till today? I guess nothing much involving the BN leaders.
Is it a surprise when Sharizat said the case closed? The voters will decide and I sincerely hope they dont fall for the packaged traps offer by BN leaders..Malaysia bolih....we get the crumbs they get the honey

plan budgets and programmes

The US embassy has budget for the many programmes the embassy wants to do. One for language class one for maintenance one for capital expenditure one for aids...............etc In this way the embassy knows what to do and when to do it. It records it down and a plan routine is implemented. From there the embassy gets its funding from the US government. By the end of the year, funds not utilized will have returned to the US government with proper explanation as to why the funds are not utilized. You can realize how important it is for funds allocated to be used otherwise what is the use of asking for funding and never spent it? So for next year the embassy knows it can't requested so much for certain projects when it is not fully utilized. I dont know what our state directors do...whether they submit budgets and plans of what they want to do......

Here is work less wanted more pay................more break times doing less work.......more meetings escape from work.....

What does the above photo tell you about the Malaysian way of doing "work"? Courtesy from Patrick Teoh

maintenance culture in government sulks

Replace that roof ordered samyvelu. He had requested a bill of $22 million to check those buildings in Putrajaya. Can you believe for checking buildings? I dont know how he arrived at the amount and no tender exercise? After that what then? It will go a slow death in the maintenance culture. Just take a stroll around any government building in the country you will see the poor maintenance culture crops up in their ranks. So every time somebody wants to meet these officials, you will most likely hear "Pegawai bermesyuarat" The culture is the ladder leadership style. One will do one job no mult-tasking involves. Like the garbage collector......the driver will sit in his truck sometimes smoking away the other garbage collectors will do the job and the engine is not switched off. He lets it runs. You can imagine how much money wasted and smoke of pollution too. Or you will see the women officials doing own personal errants or talking away with long breaks without offering any positive cutomer services....even though one can stand or sit for hours....because there is no multi-tasking cultures in the government depts. Oh yes the DGs will come out with flowery charters in words but lack the power of doing it. Because the downliners won't carry out the tasks .....but they will want that increment for half past 6 work. And the half past 6 government will give them that raise with quantum undecided....that is the reason now where you found prices of goods are increasing so that the government will have something to say. Your favourite stall(s) will say he/she has to increase his/her prices too per is ridiculous, isnt it? Say increase by 15cts per kg your favourite hawker will increase 30cts per bowl! Just like my favourite cendol stall from $0.70 per bowl to $1.00 per bowl something like 42% jump per bowl! Of course now I dont buy so often or the laksa stall from $2.50 to $3.00 now. Before CNY he increased it to $2.80 after CNY he made it $3.00. But the joke here is he wanted to recoup his many trips to laksa is expensive here. He's still the best laksa in the country (on my taste and my stay in other states then) So you find so many projects to service the government has no choice but to impose small taxes to get the money for this and that The government will say it is for the good of the country. The government wont say it fails to check on the lazy attitude of the civil servants and too many meetings habits in the each ministry. It can be changed with what they have now. And the government doesnt need to pay $22 million for checking of buildings...ask each state JKR director to formulate strategic maintenance plans to check on these buildings. JKR is the dept entrusted to maintain and service the government buildings. Use the staff in JKR to walk the talk in all the buildings throughout the country. And also the directors of other ministries should do the same and submit report on the conditions of the building occupy by these ministries every quarter. They can hold meeting by walking around the buildings as part of the programmes to know their own buildings. Take pictures and log in the loose leaf paper. In this way the government doesnt have to fork out $22 the culture never changes I doubt it will happen. The tax payers have to fork out the money by way of the long run as recorded in history of government past, the government of BN will be changed by the people through the ballot boxes because they see their values have dropped.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

macam macam lah 4

Dr M is fine in IJN. Now he needs his rest to recover. He should take things easy but I think he won't follow doctor's advice. Like Samy "Act of God" velu, he is running out of time. Samyvelu wants to stay on in his position for a long time unless he resigns himself. But I dont think so. Dr M should engage in something worthwhile to make him move on graciously. As we had with him for 22 years, I doubt he would. The present administration is giving him headaches. There is no decisive action by the PM. Discussed in the cabinet but no action is taken. Like the recent case of MPs degrading women's "bocor setiap bulan" issue. The Cabinet passed the buck to Sharizat to handle. Nadzri as usual no need to apologise. He never thinks about his own mother or sister or aunty or any of his relatives. Now DPM joins their ranks. It is pitiful story for him. As party whip he should have censored the two MPs but he didnt. He supported them. Pity his mother....Look like the May 13 book will be banned by the internal security. One should correct the wrong perception in history. Here the government is too scared to let the people read the "truth" against the official version of May 13 incident. The books will be bought in Singapore. It was reported in the internet that 500 copies will be shifted to Singapore. The author, Dr Kua ,says he will publish in the internet if the authority bans the book. The government should come clean and be transparent on history too. Now we have Taib, CM of Sarawak, suing Malaysiakini, Utusan Melayu, PKR officials for damages in regards to the $32 million kickbacks linked to him. This will be another interesting event in Malaysian politics. I will read about how he and his family accumulate wealth and how they get billions of money which I think it will be interesting and colorful event to live here. Maybe he has no choice but to sue to cover his dilemma. And Samyvelu claimed he was cleared by ACA on his many corrupted reports lodged on him. Do we read any of the reports by ACA? Nay.....He was responding on the remarks made by Dr M why he couldn't sack him or something to that.....interviewed by Malaysiakini...This afternoon I saw a movie in Astro on "Descending Angel".....reading reports could be made up by the authorities to clear a person or persons. In the movie the FBI cleared a holocast murderer to become a citizen...but eyewitness or investigating reporters thought otherwise. What I am saying is ACA hands tied to clear person or persons on corruption? The truth lies somewhere...............out there (X-file)

let the wounds be healed

May 13 book is going to be banned? Are the government so afraid of history? The Alliance government gave its "official version" why May 13 happened 38 years ago. During those times important documents and pictures were kept by the then government. Even those times Tunku was sidelined by Razak and his co-horts with a purposeful plan to topple Tunku. When I heard in my growing up years was not conforming to the "official version" of the events. Lucky for me I was staying and living in a kampong style atmosphere. When the incident happened in KL, nothing was happened in this multi-racial integrated kampung village. We went about our normal businesses -the Malays,Chinese, Indians and other races. There wasnt any single clashes within the community. Ministry seizes controversial May 13 book-by Dr Kua Kia Soong. We need leaders who are open minded and let history presented in its positive perspective. The BN government is trying to suppress the knowledge about the incidents so that the people would accept its official version. The BN should come clean on it and let the people decide the course the country will lead. I think we are living in a lie of May 13. As I recalled I was there in my old kampong "protecting my uncle's house" against any undesirable groups coming into the kampung then together with my eldest brother. We took turn to patrol the area with our own made spears made of steel. We were young and angry about the incidents. First report we heard was the Malay mobs killed 2 Chinese in Kampong Baru. Second report we heard was the Army helping its own people. Third report was Harun Idris was the man behind the incident when Selangor lost its 2/3 majority in the State Assembly. It was a conflicting game in our minds. At night I heard gunshots in Klang town. Lucky for me the night went off without any incident. Maybe God is around for us...I think back I believe He is there all the times. Even when I am growing up and until now, He is there for me. When I ask for help He always there for me. It is a fact to me. I havent bought the book yet. My wish let the book be read by all concerned rakyat and let the wounds be healed once and for all.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

headless souls darkness tell

A 17 years old boy walked into the Tokyo police station with the head of his mother. He told the police that he cut off his mother's head while the deceased was sleeping. The dead woman was 47 years old. Some weeks ago the police found a headless body in some parts of Tokyo. Tokyo in recent years had reports of female students committed suicides. Now the police has to deal with the crimes of cutting off heads! Likewise in Southern Thailand we heard reports of similar incidents committed by the muslim insurgents to fight for a cause by killing the innocents. These people tarnished the name of Islam. It is the work of the devil camouflaged to tell them that they can go to paradise which is 6 feet underground. Do these people learn? And the guru or teacher what story they spin to serve his own agenda? These are murders no matter what one wants to say. It shouldnt happen in a civil society. This is the work of the devil or people who are influence by the deep rooted sick selfish person. We have many in the world of over 6.2 billion people... I better watch Spiderman 3 again (though it isnt a good story acting just so so) Why there is no outlet for people to reach out freely without any condition? Because 20% wants to control 80%. This is the truth in this world

women subject of jokes?

The learned male MPs have half past 6 mind. Women are the ones who make this world interesting and they arent are subject to crude jokes. Any guy makes silly jokes on women, he is doing a disservice to his mother and his sisters. Our male MPs should know. But in our society of male superiority, they think women have no brains and can be used and then thrown away. God has made her move ( I hold the view God is a female; where everything is made according to precise settings. Look in the house most women will take pride and stay happy in a happy environment) Now there is the growing population of females in the universities and workforce majority are women. In time women will rule the administration. And yet men forget to look at the back.....Here are the crude jokes or statements made by our learned male MPs in Parliament from Malaysiankini


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

half past six

So finally I have to agree with Dr M on our ministers of half past six under AAB administration. Singapore is going to choke our government poor leadership style. Singapore knows when to strike and gets what she wants....and we are brides courting in a romantic cruise in Langkawi listening to the waves of Mahsuri. UMNO leaders want to sue bloggers for saying PM nearly fainted while officiating a function in Lumut. The Star newspaper reported AAB nearly fell but was held tight by Tajol Rosli. His personal physician attended to him. And in Parliament we read 2 UMNO MPs said women leak every month in reference to leaking ceiling in Parliament House (the government spent $100 million on its renovation and it leaks) Parliament House is the place to discuss and pass laws benefitting the people. It shouldnt be used as degrading another gender or person.( We shouldnt elect these MPs is really too much) Better still change the government.....we got nothing to lose. I will not vote for BN again though I belong to one of the BN parties. Enough is enough

Monday, May 14, 2007

macam macamlah 3

Dr M is admitted to Langkawi Hospital at 3.50pm on 14/5/07. He complained of breathing difficulties. Currently he is under observation. Yesterday we heard of AAB nearly fainted in Lumut while officiating a function. Mahsuri will let Dr M lives. There are many episodes to be heard in June. Anwar sued him for $100 million for calling him a homosexual. This has been said could be either one of them waterloo...retire in the sunset and licks the wounds or maybe it is AAB. In June is the other hot case of the Razak Baginda involving the murdered Mongolian beauty (and side dish could be Najib since Razak is his top aide) Interesting developments in the political scenes in the country I drink my ice milo and read the developments in the country Cheers!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13 is 38 years old today

May 13 tragedy is 38 years today. I heard of clashes between the Chinese and Malay; gangsters of different races; Army sided the Malays. Houses burned people killed for no reason at all. In this tragedy Chinese suffered the most tragedy. The official version was the work of communist elements infiltrated into the opposition parties. In reality at that time most people agreed it was a plan attack to undermine the government by its own party. It was the leaders who couldnt wait to take over the reign of was them who plotted the incident to bring down Tunku Abdul Rahman as PM of the country. At that time too Dato Harun Idris was the most powerful MB in Selangor only Tun Razak could reign him in. Although the ruling Alliance held a slim majority in some of the states then, the leaders found an excuse to expedite the process of Tunku's downfall. Now the documents have been declassified in UK, there one will find some truths, real hard truths of what had happened in May 13. Dr Kua will publish his views in his book and will be launched today in KL.

live like the wind

We live in our own images. Though lines appear hair turning white gold or red, we live in the power of our self worth. No other comes to impede one's self valuation. This is the power in our eyes. We see what we want to see. We feel happy with it. Fashion, make up and grooming all these other accessories package it to make one believes aging is nothing new. One will look according to the age one believes in. In the beginning; in the middle; and in the last. Once you understand it life I think will be a breeze. Free flowing like the wind every part every corner every shadow. Look at it - the power in your own mind. Feel the freedom. Live it to the fullest
no but or whatever will stop it. This is life dont put a brake on it.....let the songs sing every time

Saturday, May 12, 2007

discriminatory policies or rules

Maybank and Ambank issued discriminatory policies on hiring lawyers to the bank list of panel lawyers. Banak Negara never stops it. When concerned groups, individuals, Bar Council and political parties requested strongly for Maybank to withdraw it, only then the Cabinet ordered Maybank(A GLC of the government) to withdraw its policies. What is the role of Bank Negara? Caught sleeping in the internal mechanisms of each bank? Bank Negara should give an order that any policy issue must get the vetting from BNM before it is sent out to those concerned party. However, Malay lawyers and business groups want it to be introduced. This is the mentality we dont need in this multi-racial multi-religious country. To me these lawyers and groups have the 3rd class mentality. Hello....we are going to compete globally...wake up and do your homework. Dont profit from rules or policies. One has to fight for it and learn the ropes in business. It shouldnt go through the back will fail. Nasi kandar in Perth opened by AAB when there was massive flood in Johore in January 07 had closed shop. It opened barely 5 months now tutup kedai. Malu saja. This nasi kandar shop was owned and operated by Ibrahim (AAB's brother) and a Penang tycoon Lim. Every one irrrespective of skin colour should work for the country, work hard and learn the ropes then compete globally. The kampung mentality should be stopped long ago.

religious faiths

Religion to each to find its own faith and believe. Laws shouldnt be used to curtail religious freedom of a person. Every road links to God/Allah. It is just that some go straight to Him while others go the big circle yet still reach Him. Man's interpretations of religion is always tinged with biase benefitting one party's view as the correct one. Do we stop and think why there is so many religious faiths muchrooming in the world today? It is God way. Why He wants to make it this way? Confusing the people and let them fight amongst themselves. "Love thy neighbour" in the Holy Bible is so hard to find inroads in each person's mind. Likewise in the Holy Quran one of its tenets is "this is my religion everyone should follow it" Before that he sent down Torah, Bible and now Quran. Besides the earlier ones are the Hindus religious text over 5,000 years ago. About Buddha to me it isnt a religion. It is about a prince searching for his enlightenment. But since everyone is on the chess board, each is trying to outdo each other. Like "I am the best" And God looks and smile " is working my children" And so He moves His chess pieces and see how the wheel turns. Like children we all fall trying to outwit each other performance for the prize of "heavenly paradise" Look we have been practising all over our lives pass examinations get a prize; fill up petrol tank worth $30 and above a chance to win a car, spot the missing ball stand a chance to win say $19,999 and the lastest I saw in advertisement spot the shape of a building roof size to fix on the lay out given in a box.....worth $5,000 or bomb yourself for God you will enter paradise( I hold the view that Islam is a peaceful loving religion; it is the fanatics that have made it looked bad to the world of God's other children. He still looks on His chess board....something isnt right We have people of other faiths trying to establish religious dialogue to bridge the gap. To bury the hatchet and get the roads open to reach heavenly paradise. Yet it finds it so difficult to happen. The authority banned it which is against the spirit of the Federal Constitution. Now who ordered it? The chairman of the interfaith couldnt find his answer..The person is a coward....he should say who order it. The goal post of the past has come to haunt the people again. "Are you with me or against me?" The game is not even played yet....then we have the subtle move to win it before the ball is kicked. Ah He sips His tea " He moves his set pieces and his children fall for it" I shouldnt let them come easy. They have to earn it. Let them fight see what they do or plan to do. Then He goes to take a nap and the set pieces collect its rounds..

You do it good you get a prize. I make you rich you do what I ask. Do it in the name of Allah or do it in the name of the prophets, you get your kingdom to rule. Paradise is for those who do my the human time bomb ticks its way....there is no heaven; it is the darkness

Friday, May 11, 2007

robbers and thieves

When the economy satisfies most people we dont find robbers and thieves every where. It is when the economy only satisfies certain group of people then we have a serious flaw in our social standing amongst our own in the country. Announcing mega projects then keep quiet for months. This isnt going to help the economy. What have we on the 9th Malaysia Plans? I dont hear any updates on its implementation. Or it is handled on the quiet involving billions given to the favoured cronies and companies?There was this story about a kampung guy who talked about millions when he said something but he didnt get anything. People came to listen and laughed at him. Because he got no projects he got no millions. His name is Dollah kampung. Now we have another Dollah who talked about billions. About mega projects benefitting the people. When this Dollah announced it, everybody sat up to listen. Because there are money to be made in billions...Now this Dollah only talks and the economy seems sleeping away and occasionally wakes up to perform its work..Hello what happen now? Terms and conditions change. Investors study and ask "How now?"
Do we hear about cleaning the rivers in the country? About tenders open in the market? Suddenly it was announced that YTL got the contract worth billions again. I still dont know....this is the rotten government so said Dr M the former PM of the country. The DNA test by our police showed the child of the death Mongolian beauty is belonging to her ex-husband. Her father disputed it because the police never takes sample on the child. He asked how could the police come to this conclusion. Something fishy going on here. Rotten government( It is now understood that Baginda Razak is a close buddy to Najib)

I am still happy browsing my net.....feeling free and contented with my life Malaysia is still good to me

houses on public auction

Yesterday I saw a flyer about public auction of houses here. The developer can't go bust because he still has his on-going projects elsewhere. The developer tries to sell his remaining few corner units which I guessed he keeps it to sell at a higher value but he finds he has no takers for the units. In fact last year he put up with huge banner to sell the units with attractive discounts but no buyers. These unsold units are located near to the railway track. When I look at the prices offered as reserved price I find there is no reduction in price. I think he is doing this way to dispose off his unsold units. I had passed the unsold units a few months ago with banners hanging on the fence of each house. Elsewhere the PM says dont expect too much of salary increases. Why he has to make a statement when he is not even ready to give it? A political ploy to diffuse the tension amongst the 1.2 million servants? I thought during Dr M era he wanted to reduce the baggage in the public services personnel. Now in his term he has increased the staff strength. Mostly likely it will jump up to at least 1.6 million when his term ends for the general election. He wants numbers to boost his administration but not much productivity involved. Look at the leaking projects. Now the taxpayers must pay $22 million for the checking and certifying the government buildings are safe. JKR should check on it. Why engage outsiders to check? It is the gravy line again. JKR has the experts in its employment. Now what are the civil servants doing? Moreover the contractors should pay and we hear the same old story from the works minister that the contractors will be blacklisted..I hear the same record plays so many times. Time that he must go the works minister. Let a new blood looks at things and improves the maintainance cultures in the ministry..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

felda scheme

Felda scheme is initiated to help the poor Malaysians irrespective of race and religion. It is a normal way to let the poor enrich themselves through their hardwork on the land. But the administrators forget about it and only help the Malays in the scheme. The leaders of the component parties didnt complain at all. Until it is over 2 decades the whole concept seems to be for one race. It isnt too late to right the wrong on the Felda scheme. I read there are many non-malay farmers in the country squating on state land for decades without titles to the land. The BN government should group these people and give them land to cultivate. I am sure these farmers will make the country grow. Perhaps it is time to change government. Nobody will lose sleep over it except the leaders in BN. Britain change leader and change party to rule the country. US too follow the same strategy. Indonesia too. In Malaysia BN leaders never dare to change. They want wealth and stability for themselves. Only when they feel they are going to lose then they pump in money to buy votes (eg Ijok and Macap) Dont get me wrong. I belong to one of the component parties of BN. I haven't resigned in the party yet. I am getting very fed up with the ways BN is doing things. BNM never really doing the job. Only when CAP wrote articles on it then BNM acted on it. Even then only a minimum change. If banks want to improve services,it should be their own expenses. Yet the customers have to pay for it. This is nonsense. Our Finance Minister too doesnt know what is going on in the country. Sometimes I wonder does he know about accountancy and economics....Now I water the garden and plants; now I see a bird nest in my garden. The next few days there will be eggs and then it will hatch and then the birdies will sing..Nature order of renewal....only humans make it so complicated...

life is crazy in relationship

There are many reasons people dont get hitched. Some say work; some say no money to get married; some say can't find love because they dont go out to socialize; some say parental objections on the ones they love; some say it is difficult to find one, when you find one, religion comes to spoil it; some say they want their freedom, they can't live sharing their values with others; some say they want sex with many without the hangover; some say they dont want to get hitched. And some is a crazy bullshit

Manusia berbohong
Bulan seri hati terbayang
Renonggan kisah lama
Cerita saja difikirkan
And some say it is long distance relationships, it makes it more difficult to develop their partnerships. In time it dies off across oceans or in the land of breeze and waves. Nothing to develop only the sound triggers in the mind of needs can't be found. So it is a story published in the mind. A story of truth, half truth and lies. In the end; it is the beginning again. It is pulled by events of one journeys into the art of loving somebody else..
Malam indah
Bulan berseri
Kekasih kekasih menari
Akhirnya pulang
Satu atau dua masing masing

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

where have the people gone?

A retiree proposes to a woman for marriage. The man aged 97 years old wanted to marry the woman from Perak who find life a struggle since her husband died. He is lonely and he wanted companionship. So far Datuk Michael Chong can't contact the woman. Maybe the guy has good intentions though he hardly can listen. But I dont know about the woman....dont jump from a pan to a fire Nowadays there are many singles (man and woman) running around in the city or towns. Jobs and careers and having no time to find a suitable mate. Like Raja Nazrin Shah finally settles by aged 50 years old. Personally I dont have the knowledge about these career people. I spend my time in the net and I dont get out to socialize....I leave it far behind. I guess I have enough of it. Now I can do what I want with the time I have. MCA is doing a good job on promoting the Cupid Club for singles. Lately I dont hear the club organizing activities for singles.....maybe very successful already......

Malaysia few jobs many time for relationships

Raja Muda of Perak hitched

Zara Salim Davidson from The Star

Raja Nazrin Shah got hitched to Zara Salim Davidson. His bride is a grandniece to the country's first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman aged 34 years. I thought Raja Nazrin Shah will stay on his bachelorhood (Like Sir Cliff Richard's song "I am a bachelor boy until the day I die................." The Raja Muda of Perak will finally make his parents really happy. I believe the Sultan of Perak must have sighed a sense of relief that finally his son is getting married though late in his life at aged 50 years old. Well it is better late than never. (I dont know how long Sultan of Selangor will remain single......maybe he wants to follow his father marry a young woman...I remember his 1st wife Raja Zarinah blended well with the people. Most people felt sad that he had to divorce her and married an American whom he divorced her too. Now His Royal Highness should get married soon....) So our best wishes for a new life to both of them. May Allah grant them a safe and prosperous life..........

p/s For me I tumpang Negeri orang..........

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

quality time the devil wins

Young children into drugs. In Miri the authority found two brothers aged 9 and 7 sniffing glue and they slept on the side road covered with boxes. What happen to their parents? It is sad really that the drugs menace has cornered the young children. This is the breakdown of family unit. Too many commitments in personal lives leaving no time to understand the children. Now dont go telling people "I spend quality time with my children" This is hiding a problem parents can't seem to understand. Work. Money. Commitment. To bond with children parents need to spend hours with them not 10 minutes or 30 minutes....what is parenting? In minutes? The devil laughs at you for bringing the children to him.........And parents say "We spend quality time with our kids yet they shame us" Bonding is along process. It isnt measured by minutes. It is the fun activities the parents participate with them.

macam macam lah 2

PM agreed to the civil servant salary increment. Productivity must be the hallmark to measure one's increment. Civil servants should earn it by providing better services and delivery system. As for now I dont think they should be entitled to the increment through tax payers' contributions. This is for winning vote of bad services. The general consensus is the general election will be held next year. In this way BN will get the votes to pursue its agenda of building wealth. There is a report in the e-media about "70 dahlil of AAB" which portrays his administration in the country. A few I read mentioned he fell asleep in meetings and he doesnt like to read reports. And his office is used by his son in law and Azman (head honcho of Khazanah Bhd) or popularly known as the 4th floor boys...Everything discuss in the Cabinet Meetings a report will be forwarded to his son in law. In this way the son in law will know what is happening and what needs to be done or advice his father in law what measures to take. In other words son in law is running the country as the prime minister. AAB said he is the prime minister but is he doing the job of a prime minister? As Dr M said it is a rotten government. In Kelantan Dr M told the congregation to replace leaders who are weak in UMNO in reference to the current UMNO leaders leadin the pack for the country. In Penang it is said UMNO has Datuk Azeez Rempit who used the Mat Rempit for disrupting or threatening voters which the opposition parties recorded in video cam on these people activities. Police report had been lodged but I think it will remain as such a report........In Khazanah the director of investment is a Singaporean....and UMNO is telling the Malays to be the Towering Malays in the country and the world.(Reported in the internet news) We must hold the world in the economy and inventions not by tracking the North and South Pole or jumping in the North Pole or whatever gimmicks used which is a waste of money....Damn I better water my garden and see the green and sometimes squash the crawling insects crawling around the patio area and porch area. Yes now there is another bird far no new birdie yet....

Sunday, May 06, 2007

macam macam lah

Paris Hilton sends to serve time for 45 days. No one should be above the law whether rich or poor. The laws do not make the difference. This signal to the people that one has to respect laws in the country. Now ACA is investigating reports against CM of Sarawak. I read somewhere the Japanese NGOs ask AAB to investigate it. How he and his family acquire wealth? Here the rich and powerful always take legal recourse to silent their critics. Like what we have seen in Singapore. Hammer the opposition until there is none to make noise then one can play one wishes in the corridor of power. In power one can't find honest people. There always something up somewhere. In politics is all about money, money and money. Only exceptional people work to help the poor and misplaced people without anything in return. I can only think of a politician(now ex MP) by the name of Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye(Ex DAP deputy sec-general) People always say if he returns to contest in Bukit Bintang area he will win the election without any campaigning but he had retired with politics. Now we have Samy asking Anwar to challenge him in Sungai Siput...this is a cheap shot. On the other hand Samy should go challenge Anwar in Bukit Mertajam..Anwar said he is ashamed of Samy of not helping the Indians. Reports in Ijok suggested that Indians will be 'slaves' to their political masters and the Indian will be staying behind in the wealth of the country. This is one of the reasons why Malaysian Indians go overseas to make Ananda Krishnan and Morais (buying hotels in USA) And we have civil servants asking for 10-40% if they are doing a fantastic job. I think they should deliver first. Change their work attitude go for the extra mile to help the rakyat. Dont just say but hardly accomplish it. Like what we hear of so big but hardly get it through. Now IRB asks for extra time to clear the backlog for refunds. I have heard so much but it hardly improves as much as I desire. There will be excuses all the times. Now Maybank wants lawyers' firms representing Maybank to have a 50% Malays in the firm. This is arm twisting by the BN government..the agenda of promoting Malay....the old saying dont push people to the wall, the next will be fighting back pandai cakap tapi tak tahu nak bikin punya. Malaysia is for Malaysian. Race shouldnt rear its ugly head. Will the BN government learn it? I dont think so for next 50 years. The last 50 years never learn but smart to blame the British for it. But what they do they dont say. Finally we have our minister Dr Jarjis belittling the Malaysian Indians overseas.....we are talking of our rich cultures and religious tolerance but a minister talking otherwise. He should be sacked from his post for bringing shame to the country. Finally thinking about it we have the religious authority curtailing the movements of the Muslims. The Federal Constitution is the hallmark of our independence. It runs supreme of any other laws. The FC says any citizen has a right to practise and choose his/her religion without restrictions but in reality the religious authority is imposing its own the Taliban until God/Allah disposes them I read there are many cases pending in Courts and the judges should be brave to rule according to FC....the wording is just that simple yet many interpret otherwise. Heck I want my freedom to do what I please...within the laws and constitution

Saturday, May 05, 2007

something wrong in our economy?

The New UMNO still fears its former deputy president Anwar Ibrahim. Every statement by the current leaders trying to play down the effect on Anwar. "Door is closed for Anwar return to UMNO" Currently Anwar has no desire to join this band wagon. He has enough of these leaders antics. Everything is ok.....these leaders never check underneath the carpet. And the business communities have other ideas. The current buzz is Ananda taking private Maxis from the main board. Robert Kuok transferred his domicile of his businesses to Singapore under his nephew. The market talk is something isnt right in the country's economy. The 1st and 2nd richest men in the country did it this sound something the ordinary folks arent aware of. Of course those who bought shares in Maxis is already counting the windfall at the cost of the country's economy in long term. The government under BN always say it is the country strong fundamentals which will hold the balance of influence in the country. But the businesses are closing down citing lack of business opportunities. Secondhand car dealers are the worst hit now. Many have closed. In my area one had closed shop after opening for a few months. Nissan show room all cars disappeared..but the new show room was done last year. I havent confirmed whether it has relocated again. The shadow of Anwar will be relevant in Malaysian politics for this coming general election.

VIPs ganglord in Sarawak

VIPs ganglord in Sarawak. The police should work harder to find out how these VIPs are involved in the criminal activities. Imagine titled people involved to get rich through crimes. I always say that rich people are involved in "Ah Longs activities" The runners will always ask their bosses when they hit a client....I had a friend who really needed money to pay back for his lost direction. He stole money over 2 years. He was good at hiding it from me. The auditors couldnt find out but I found it. So I gave him time to pay up before I filed my police report. So he arranged to get his money over $60,000/- from the loan sharks. But he failed when these people gave him excuses. In a way the loan sharks too investigate the borrower's background too. I talked to him and finally his sister paid up for him. I closed the case but we are still friends though I haven't seen him or contact him for over 5 years now. The last I heard one of my business friends called me asking about his background I told him the truth qualified by saying he is a good hardworking worker but dont let him handle money. Rich people will do other ways to get tax free money. I think it is a fact in the business to create wealth. Every mean is explored to get money. Wealth creation is a real time to most people. I am one of those sitting in front of my note book browsing my time away and feel great with it. Becauses I write my poems here thousands of it and feeling myself worth better than where I was before growing up in the village. So the police should investigate other states too. VIPs involve in crimes are nothing new. It is recorded in history not only in this country but in other nations as well. Wealth every mean to get it multiply by the good and bad people.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

life is free

Life is free so dont put obstacles on it. You will be your own loser. Make it lively live within the walls of Eden

dirty here and there and what else?

The Arabs complained about dirty beaches, overcharging taxis, ovePr charging shopowners....mind you Malaysia is promoting VMY 2007. As they say "Customer is king" which I personally dont subscribe to it (Like the voters are king but you think the BN government takes you seriously? Think about it. BN wants your vote then BN forgets you. You complain until you have no voice, BN still forgets you. Until the next election or by election. Likewise too with agencies/government departments or public companies or contractors or your own neighbours, they too dont care what you complain. This is the culture here and it takes much effort to move the hill...) I can understand the tourists dilemma visiting the beaches and hill resorts. Those in the industry should be pr0active to look after their own areas or turf. Penang beach is dirty.....I can vouch for it. It has been going for years yet it is never fully kept clean. Penang has lost her shine years ago. When I was staying there for years, I already knew people complained about the dirty beaches. Yet nothing was really done to clean up the beach. The maintenace was on adhoc basis...Cameron Highlands is smelly and dirty too. I thought at one time I wanted to buy a property there. I went up to look see but I found Cameron Highlands has changed. It isnt the hill resort I once knew. I haven't closed my eyes on Cameron Highlands yet. Maybe in the next couple of years...The Arabs are the arrogant people. They think the country producing oil and rich they can throw their weight around. In Langkawi the Malay taxi drivers dumped them. They refused to ferry them too. The Arabs too take the locals as if their slaves. Can you stomach it when you see Arabs directing the locals to carry a mineral bottle from the taxi? They could just carry it with them. No. The Arabs demanded it. I think the Minister should interview the locals to find out. Customer just can't be king and make life miserable for those in the industry. Our tourist spots are not maintaining in tip top conditions which I can't deny it. The town councils and JKR should have checked it. If these people can use their tea-breaks to walk around, I believe much can be achieved. Dirty toilets, Dirty beaches. Unhygienic hawker stalls or restaurants. Overcharging taxis (even with locals using it; enforcing it for a while then forgets it. Like in Penang talk and talk still the taxi drivers rudely won't follow rules or KLIA) Ah this is Malaysia - passed so many laws and rules which become like too many cooks spoil the food..And I always dream Malaysia should throw away all the laws and draft new ones; maybe take some insights from the religious texts...We are still in the 3rd world mentality anyway..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

a long way to climb to the top

Now we know how the state governments work. During normal times, any development will be canned or withheld for the towns/cities/districts. What the people ask will not be entertained. Even sending letters or memorandum, the MBs will just ignore it. Because there is nothing to served its cause. So when there is a buy election, suddenly you see the magic works overdrive. Ijok, Macap and other by elections proved the point. Things never been entertained for decades finally see the light of day. Is this the way we elected these people to fight for the people and country? I remind me of the 80:20 rule in management. Likewise the ruling BN (20%) rule the 80% of the people....Are we that stupid huh? So Dr M says about thte rotten government...ring true isnt it? Look at Putrajaya. Landslides. Collapse roofs. Burst pipes. Bungalow units for top civil servants on fire. Like in Ijok 142 votes missing. But the prime minister never comments on it. And the thumbing chest Khairy.....climbing up the roof top I guess....I look at my current town. There are many potholes resurface so many times but it rains the holes reappear. The contractor never did a good job. JKR never really checks on it. In the end it is the delivery system is hopeless. It comes back to the top brass. When the head is rotten the tail too is bad. Period. Will they learn? Like in Putrajaya, it will be forgotten.
We can't have these developments kept repeating year in year out. Words delivered but no action. Walk the talk is a long way to climb up to the top.