Monday, March 31, 2008

malaysians will walk in one unity

What you have to hide?
The running high has come to end
The handpicked successor sleeping on
What is new telling lie?

Every one is an agent
Of the government; of companies
Else of foreign governments
It is always the old US of A

What is new in politics?
One era is gone; new one to establish
The changes must happen
The autocratic government must be gone
A new era a changing landscape
This is the future of Malaysia
The people want the freedom to express
And control the country’s direction

No more the government decide
The power has shifted back to the people
They will decide the course of history
The land called Malaysia

Anwar Ibrahim is the leader
Much needed now to propel Malaysia forward
With his vast networking of contacts and friends
Malaysia will go onto the world stage

It isn’t about Malays
About the Chinese or Indians
About Kandazans, Ibans and others
It is about us – Malaysians!!!

Don’t UMNO leaders ever learn?
March 8 arrows got the targets
Yet the UMNO leaders arrogantly ignored it
When will they talk as Malaysians?

Time has changed
Malaysians will walk in one unity
Let the world see how we run
Truly the amazing race!

whispering echo in the corridors

courtesy mob's crib

The sky is bright now
The susurrus wind takes its bow
Whispering echo in the corridors
What will it be like?

The wind blowing from the East
The rumbling silently speak
On it a distant thunder
A dash of lightning sparkles in the sky

Oh yeah the watch dogs!
They don’t sleep at all
Every move will be known
Whispering echo in the corridors

The bargains and cross over
The power grid will fall
When satisfying greed isn’t matching it
The sky is bright now
The inept leader sleeps through

child prodigy

Child prodigy
A world lost to them
When the harsh reality sets in
These gifted children are left empty

Parenting makes it easy
When love and warm flow into it
But it is about fame and money
The reality will damage the children

The solid ground hasn’t started
Living up to a plateau weak on the ground
When knocks of emotional parades
They can’t take it
They go floating aimlessly

Now Sufiah needs help
Plenty of love and warm harness
Bring her home to Malaysia
She will know she needed here

Betraying her true potential
Selling her body thinking of living
It is best to fly her home
A plane ticket and religious council help
Malaysia may gain from her learning
Teaching the young kids about it

The glitter and fame
A short spark then it dies away
Any one even child prodigy
In this world it isn’t lasting forever!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

it is the nature of profit and power

The businessmen come
When last ship is going to sink
They sound their intension to abandon ship
It is the nature of profit and power
They can’t live without it

When the riding of power waves
They will do anything to get a pie
The snaky moves the hidden motives
They know the art to survive

Don’t get fooled
These are the people champion of greed and power
Churning out money to get money
They live and breathe into it

Only laws can stop them
When the leader of government falls
These businessmen quickly form alliances
The protection of their self worth
They can’t afford to ruin their labor

The art of forgiveness
They come with remorse bearing goodwill
The sly and snaky businessmen
They are just the dark angels
Finding a place to hide

now the east

Now the East Malaysians rumble
The leaders know they have been short-changed
Now they want to size the cake
A bigger share in the Federal politics

What will happen on April 15?
If BN/UMNO doesn’t change its tune
There will be likely a shift of power soon
Something is brewing up in the East

Right now UMNO leaders
They are sleeping with arrogance
Dreaming they are still in control
Never want to accept defeat in the polls

Now the line is cracked
The hole becomes bigger soon
The East grows in stature
The leaders want a bigger slice of the cake
Nothing less they will accept

Will it happen on April 15?
The second wave to hit the BN shore
The sea looks calm yet the undercurrent flows
Baiting the line fishing trip in the loop

Saturday, March 29, 2008

go read the blogs

The red lights on the streets
The silence walks by the shadows
Listening to the soft breeze
Ah where is the client gone?

Upstairs hammering on the hard table
Chopping off anger and discontentment
Pictures of paradise seemingly gone
March 8 the poker players lost badly

When the leader walks into his castle
Only small lights flickering on his eyes
He tries to control his emotion
The party warlords hide from him

They spin words of encouragement
They don’t tell him the truth
The leader walks alone in his corridor of power
When he looks up the black spider man hangs
Whispering, chanting and laughing into the night
‘The time is near
O leader who doesn’t understand
You will get hit every part of it
You are stubborn not to see yourself’

Surrounded by warriors of no value
Pandering to his wishes
Giving good feeling report
Only to make him falls…..

Go read the blogs
You will know what are on the streets
Go to the ground O leader
Don’t listen to your C4 boys
They haven’t learned their lessons well
If you don’t change now
You will go down into the dark hell

bn hasnt learned

BN hasn’t learned
Like tourist spent millions
Just for one man
The BN government thought we are stupid
So we can’t understand its logic

Nothing to shout about
It is a shame wasting taxpayers’ monies
Funding indirectly through war machines
BN government says it is worth it

In our backyards
Many poor people suffer
Leaking roofs and pockets empty
What BN doing?
The leaders don’t really see it
Only talks when pressured give peanuts
Just to satisfy a written report
Because there is nothing to be made

The BN government
It is a joke to claim as such
Astronaut a cheap publicity
It doesn’t bring the volume to the kids

Give the money to our poor
Let them have something to salvage dignity
The BN government should be blast off to space
Let the leaders talk
Feeling grand in the empty space

hanif basree is free

borrowed from The Star

Hanif Basree is free
The Norietta murder case hangs
Someone is walking
The law hasn’t captured him

The Federal Court freed the defendant
Nothing is linked to the murder
Though he had relationship with her
It didn’t mean murder was tied to him

After long trek from the wilderness
After 5 years watching every day a gift
Now Hanif Basree is truthfully free
Learning his lessons no more forgetting his responsibility
A second chance Allah gives him
He shouldn’t forget his wayward ways

The Police back to square one
Wrong approaches derailed the case
Now the police officers must investigate
On the cold facts in the files

My take is a foreigner
Picking him knowing him then
Like a game of truth and dare
Finally it turned awfully wrong
A life just lost in the heat of passionate glow
Now the police officers have to find out
On the files waiting for new leak to close the case

Somewhere a man walks free
Feeling no remorse feeling no regret
A life lost a life needed to repay
Perhaps it is payback time
A debt owned in the after life…

Friday, March 28, 2008

a new chapter to write

Some hint of April 15
Something brewing in the air
BN MPs hopping the line
A new chapter unfolds
The second wave to hit the shore

Let BN tastes its own medicine
Let BN trembles in its soul
If there is a soul in the party
And live and feel its rules
For 50 years BN lives freely
Until enough is enough by the people

When the end justifies the mean
There is no reason to disagree
Let there be a new chapter to write
Down with the keris bearing regime!

And change the landscape
Dislodge the little napoleons in the process
Let there be transparency and accountability
Integrity and willing to serve the community
Showing no favor showing no fear

Catch those leaders
Put them in Kamunting
Let them taste ISA
And see what they say

Only then kick out ISA
Disbanded the OSA
And other oppressive laws
Perhaps reinstate back the 690 amendments
In the Federal Constitution

Let the Malaysians be free
Writing away in thoughts and spirits
For Malaysia must compete globally
No spoon feed policy

the ghost of hang tuah

UMNO rocking on the sea
The strong waves hitting its sins
Too many decades now the tiny holes
Bringing in the salt water
Dripping down from its deck

The ghost of Hang Tuah
Standing aloof on her deck
“Hey somebody drawing his keris
Is it my honor or somebody’s sin?”

UMNO leaders
Afraid they can’t find land
Struggling and shouting
The waves keep hitting them

So now the internal strife
It has begun to ripple its strikes
Hitting every way
Until the leaders can’t take it
Hang Tuah sits on the deck
Smiling his way knowing it has to be done

No respect to the Sultan and King
These leaders shouldn’t be allowed to stay
It is time for them to go
Tainted and painted faces
Hiding the truth just beware of them

Hang Tuah says his prayer
And disappears into the thin air
He knows the leaders are finished
When UMNO breaks into pieces
The remnants of lies and deceptions
Dishonesty and rudeness to the King
Lying bare naked in the hot sun
The people have decided
Come GE13 the final nail into its soul

Thursday, March 27, 2008

challenge the bloggers

What are the rules in blogs?
It is a personal diary of one wishes
Spinning tales and stories in one's mind
At the end of the day, one relaxes with a drink
The frustrations and emotional strain contained
Yet out there in the system, somebody thinks it is libel
Filing charges going to court to think of one's reputation
Leaving all humans interaction without courtesy in kind
It is reputation one wanted to find to make others pay for it
Swimming into legal battle trying to say one is slandering the other
A fire without smoke it can hardly be the right course
So must be something brewing on the streets where people talk
It is better to seek face to face confrontation to mete out one's wrong
Going to court to address one's grievances is not the way to settle a score
One can win when the other party absents
Thinking it is a waste of time to tell the court
When judgement rules in favor of a default
The motion will begin to claim for damages
In the end the winner has to pay his own legal fees
The loser waits for the bankruptcy order to arrive
It will be another year or so if there is no appeal
To me blog is a personal diary
Listing out one's thinking and desires
Along the way one gets one sanity
Yet there are wolves waiting for the preys
Engage the bloggers
Be a gentleman seek the challenge
write it back to put one's view
Let there be dialogues to solve any issue
Today one wins
Tomorrow one loses
Every time one walks the streets
As Vincent Tan says he got nothing
He has to pay his own legal fees
I say challenge the bloggers
Be a gentleman takes the baton
Going to court to say otherwise
It is a show of cowardice........

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the king rules

When the cloudy sky thickens
The sleeping beauty gets up
He looks out from his PJ windows
A bad omen to his administration

The advisors give him
What he needs to listen
What he wants they just tell
It is his balls he is carrying
So the advisors go hopping along

Across the sky in Terengganu
The storm hits the shores
The rolling waves lashing
The signs and banners up in the state

UMNO argues UMNO discredits
The members carrying protests
Ignoring the rules
Respecting the Sultan
And the principles of Rukunnegara

Telling others what not to do
UMNO leaders do the opposite
Demonstrating against the Sultan wishes
Aren’t they showing rudeness to their Sultan?

Now the sleeping beauty
Hurriedly calling for an audience with Agong
Maybe he thinks the Supreme Ruler is annoyed
He should be cashiered for his ineptness
Running the country

The tell tale signs
Writing on every lips of the people
He has no choice but to go now
This is the end of his flip flopping design

Our Agong will look straight in his eyes
The sleeping beauty knows he has no right
He walks on shaky ground dealing with Royal Highness
The mess in Terengganu
He better explains why

I wait to sleep with no worry
The leaders better make it right
Get the engagement flows
Let the work begins
But in Terengganu
The hot air still blowing

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

anti hopping law

Democracy allows people to disagree
With party views and policies
The party leaders shouldn’t be allowed to usurp
The Federal Constitution of personal freedom and associations

BN wants to introduce Anti-Hopping Law
Is it to rule over its members to hop over?
Elected representatives by the people
Surely they must represent them
And not to bow to the party leaders

The elected representatives must have the liberty
To say what is right and what is wrong
The voters who put them there must not be short-changed
The representatives shouldn’t say they must follow party rules
When dealing with laws affecting the people

The law makers must stand for the voters
When in Parliament House this is what they must do
The voters put them there to fight for them
And the future of the country’s direction
They are not there to curtail personal freedom
The exercise of freedom of one’s needs

So I won’t support Anti-Hopping Law
We are adults we should be allowed to change
Fighting for the constituents a must for the elected representative
It must be always for the country and her people

wealth and the leaders

Families ties, friendship and connections
Reality in the any episode of a journey
One can’t forget; one can’t simply ignore
This is the way where passing baton to run a company

Likewise in politics
Nobody wants to pass the gravy train spot to someone else
It is always back to relationship knowing the rules
The wealth that sprinkle into the eyes

One can agree
It is done for the people
Without monetary rewards
It is service to humanity
Bridging the needs of the poor
Helping to balance the right and wrong

One shouldn’t agree
When it is for personal well being
When one wants to lord over others
When one wants the power to enslave
Then it shouldn’t be allowed to form
As the foundation to represent………

MCA only fights for wealth
On position and power game
Look at their leaders
It is greed of power
And titled names…………..

MCA leaders don’t fight
As Dr Ling said before
MCA worked quietly behind back doors
To me MCA is a toothless tiger
Now the people gave them a few shots
These leaders run into the jungle

It is time they forget about race party
Learn the lessons in the GE12 poll
It has come to a single base entity
A party for all Malaysians

dark age in judiciary

An episode let it be
What’s the point to dish out misery?
Tun Salleh Abbas crossed the bridge
Decades ago he knew his rights

This is UMNO way to divert its problems
Losing 5 states no 2/3 majority
Tackling torny issues of state constitutions
When the Sultans shoving their muscles
UMNO leaders can’t take it

If they want to apologize to Tun Salleh
Just do it and start working on the issues at hand
It is no use talking and forming committees
This administration is famous for it
Until the people’s power hit them
Only then they woke up to find

Tun Salleh may have mellowed now
All those years he may forgiven those who dished him
His life has to move on as surely he wants it to be
Maybe Dr M should say sorry to him and closes it
The bitter episode in the nation’s history

rules laws and conventions

Rules, laws and conventions
The Sultan sees it all
He knows what he is doing
In the state constitution

The sleeping beauty and his ilk
Is he not UMNO member holding the post?
MB for Terengganu he is signed in
Yet UMNO leaders gang it up
Something fishy is going on?

Why insist Idris Jusoh?
Don’t tell me there is none around?
Any one who is a state assembly man has a right
To be appointed at the MB of the state

Is it the ‘goodwill money’ from Petronas?
A billion a year allocation leaders can’t forget
Dishing it to benefit whom……
The UMNO leaders must explain

It is allegedly reported Monsoon Cup cost $250 million
For a sailing game benefiting not even the people
It is much more to the rich and oily connected
Leaving the poor people living on their daily toils
Of their daily miserable lives

So sleeping beauty and his deputy must explain
Why Idris Jusoh even Tuanku disagreed?
Tell the people what is your sole decision?
It is now a damn rudeness to the Sultan and King

money getting to walk

Money talks
Devising front committee
Just a show for ulterior motive
No proper accounting tabled
It is just between the Central Government and its agent
Dispensing funds to cronies what else?

Imagine the value of $1billion a year
Charging into the state of Terengganu
Along the way it should help the needy
Yet it is hijacked for some other purposes

The Auditor General Report
When he makes his assessment
Nothing is done to rectify the flaws
Officers talk turning one eye again
He can’t beat the system

AG got fed up
He can’t prosecute
He has no such authority
So he just makes his report
And let the people
Find their conclusion

When UMNO leaders insist
Challenging the Sultan and King
There must be something else
His Royal Highness should make it public
His stand off with UMNO leaders

Now it is best to call for snap election
Let the people decide once and for all
The candidates for the state government
UMNO leaders are rude to the Sultan
Why the Malay NGOs keep quiet?
And BN partners say nothing at all?

Money getting to walk
The road to paradise
The minted color shines
Oh yes Terengganu cry!

bloggers are great!

Don’t fall for the trap
When BN leaders lose their power base
They want to play catch up with bloggers
I for one won’t agree

Let the BN leaders and Ministers
Bring in their blogs for us to read
There we will see their true intentions
Is it playing true and fair or otherwise?

The bloggers got many names
By the BN leaders before GE12
Now BN leaders make a U-turn
Suddenly they find wealth
Disappearing into thin air

And BN leaders want bloggers to help
Bridging the divide and rule concept
It has gone into history
It is now a different ball game
It is People’s Power
They will decide the journey of this country

Bloggers like snipers
Hitting the targets hidden in the shadows
Playing a role for the People’s Power
Crafting into history
BN leaders get whacked
Now they want to catch the little rats
Hiding in the dark holes…………
Plotting for their fall from grace

Bloggers have roles to play
Molding the journey of the country
Whispering into the cyber-world
Where the action never falls asleep!

Monday, March 24, 2008

he wants to roll in

‘The world is black and white’
There shouldn’t be any hidden corner
Hiding away showing a good face
Fooling the people as if they are fools

He went to the F1 race
Pumping his adrenalin feeling the hot breeze
Hitting the ground thinking he has made it
Dreaming in his mind thinking of his stars

The backroom guys crafting statues
Burning incense grumbling mumbo jumbo
The sleeping beauty doesn’t know
He thinks he is on the roll

When the mobs hit the street
Of his party drinking mobs cocktails
He may be too late to hide away
Something bad is coming his way

oh terengganu!

Oh Terengganu!
You wanted a piece of the action
Stand up to your rights
The UMNO guys won’t let it go

Perlis did it her way
She got what she wanted
The UMNO guys agreed
She knew how to make her way

Perak got her wisdom
She asked the coalition to sign letters
Supporting the choice of the kingdom
Nobody loses only UMNO couldn’t say
It is the Malay NGOs
Talking about marginalized of Malays!
Just 2 weeks into the coalition rule
How so I can’t understand!

Oh Terengganu!
Better call for snap election
Let the people teach them lessons
For being so rude to the Sultan
The present Supreme Ruler of the country

Wrong steps you took
The law stated you were wrong
Your choice wasn’t in the law
The UMNO isn’t letting you go

So the new MB
Declare a state snap election
In 90 days let UMNO sweat awhile
Maybe this is what you intended to do
Oh Terengganu!

The people wait
The way you want to go
You make your stand
Let see what UMNO will do

Sunday, March 23, 2008

let the work begins

History has recorded
Over 2 decades ago
Why now to apologize?
Tun Salleh had gone over it

Maybe he still feels bitter
About his life in the Judiciary
As Lord President then
Got sacked gone down in shame

Water has meandered along the streams
Taking with it the hello and goodbye
Of events shaking down the judges spine
Now the BN government wants to say sorry

Is it to shake its public image?
Badly bruised lately trying to get breathing space
Or else why come out to say
What is there to temper justice now?

The only person is Dr M
If he knows he has made mistakes
In his premiership 22 years ago
Of what was then what is now

My friends
The parties will be swept away
When the next twister comes again

Just wants breathing space
Cooking up something hot
Knowing people will catch it on

Let the work begins
Govern it with fairness to the people
They are the ones who make you there
Don’t twist around say otherwise

leaders must know

Leaders must know
Win or lose is part of political game
When it is over
They have to go to the ground
Helping the people once again
Even they have to work along with the winner

But as you are aware
You don’t find one who thinks beyond party line
These losing leaders will try to make the people suffer
They cry and despise whenever they can
“Who ask you to vote the opposition?”

Time you will proof them wrong
When a person fights for the people
When a small step makes a lot of difference
Like giving alms to a poor guy
You can see his eyes light up
Even though the amount is small
It is the spirit of giving that counts

Racial base parties
It will be history as far as I am concerned
UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP
And other small parties in the coalition
The earlier these leaders realize it
The better for them as leaders of these parties

I wish you a better day ahead
Let the light guide you too
For a small part you do
You help many to understand
courtesy from mob's crib

The Iron Lady hot
Blowing vindictive high and low
High powered battery charges
She let go her steam

The white floating vapor
Burning eyes people stare
The iron lady turning hot
The crafted iron slowly burning out

God has other plans
She isn’t in His
So she crumbles bending over
Turning rusty brownish dark color
Slowly peeling off by the wind

The Iron Lady still standing firm
“I will go for plastic surgery
I will challenge to the highest post
Be the first woman pm”

The rust falling apart
She better moves fast
The time is ticking away
Better hurry doing it

The chambermaids walk hurriedly
Knowing they too may lose their titles
It is their rights to polish her up
Yet the rust keeps appearing

The Iron lady wails
Losing her balance
Falling slowly tilting one side
Like the tower of Telok Intan

he is to start afresh

One is the sleeping beauty
Snoring his way to his dreams
Thinking he has his party support
He says he shouldn’t be afraid

He says he is the pm
For all Malaysians
Yet when he decides
He’s lopsided on his way

Along his years
He meets the “Silence of the Lamb”
Carving the images waiting for his opportunity
When sleeping beauty walks on the wrong alley
The gate will close for him

In the political cauldron
The bubbling balls and ripples flow
The sweet and sour taste inhale
The sleeping beauty knows
He is hooked every part of the way

The only clear signal
He has to start afresh
Sack all of them
Bring in fresh talent
New ideas from the political divide
NGOs and opposition
Make a new flag in his time

But he is sleeping
He never knows what to say
Like a puppet he is hooked
Until he can get away

So he says
“What riff?”
We come a long way
Sad but it’s true

bn loses its grips

BN says one thing
BN does the opposite
Telling Kit Siang disrespected the Sultan
Now BN does the same thing

Terengganu BN representatives
No respect to their Sultan
Defying His Majesty’s choice
They are rude less of manners

They threatened to resign
Supporting the former MB
Disobeying order of the Sultan
They should be kicked out from the state

BN says one thing
BN does the opposite
Do the people need BN any more?
The answer in front of their eyes

Saturday, March 22, 2008

a new light in the sky

The wind is blowing
Soft breeze or tornado
It is hard to say now
The silence swaying
When you wake up
One day in the morning
Maybe you will find
A new light shining in the sky
Is it 23 or 53?
The BN starts to worry
The leaders send representatives to keep watch
Afraid the ship will be sinking
The speeches had no meaning
Is it another round of branding?
When his cabinet says otherwise
It is another ride of lie and deception
Is it 23 or 53?
Maybe we will hear on April 15
A new light in the sky
The day BN crumbling down

Friday, March 21, 2008

the yb on the go

I wish you luck
The day you become the MP
It isnt easy handling people
The high expectations always there
With your experience and background
I know you can handle it well
Failures for now isnt an option YB
The people expect high expectations
Come rain or shine the rays of hope
The people will judge you by
The good Lord will guide you
Along the path of good governance
I know it isnt easy handling complaints from the people
It is a service you booked into

wake up change policies

Race base parties
Wake up change policies
It can’t work this way any more
The trade has turned global

The product needs new packaging
A new marketing tool needs to reach
The market segmentation has changed
The people taste has evolved

No more handouts
They want concrete products
With good warranty period
On services and managing affairs of state

Do you listen to the people?
The survey of last election makes you worry
It is now opening to all markets
Nobody can have a monopoly on it

Gerkan, PPP, small parties
The truth is painful on the wall
No more singing the same old tune
If you want to survive
Merge all together into a single party
And sell the new product to the people

Maybe you can still see profits coming in
Engaging in the business of winning elections
Otherwise I am afraid you all will disappear
When GE 13 rolling in………………

it is about fighting for malaysians

The malaise of the political parties
It is always about race in tandem with wealth
They don’t speak the same breath as Malaysians
And the country called Malaysia

Fight for UMNO survival to protect the Malays
That fa├žade should be long gone by now
It could be relevant in 1950s when asking for independence
Now we are over 50 years old as an independent nation
It isn’t about protecting the Malays any more
It is about protecting Malaysians!

The people have changed
The borderless world has come to homes
Branding a new kind of business
As a nation the people must move as one
Otherwise we will be left really far behind

BN always runs by UMNO
The cake never shares accordingly
The major potion UMNO takes it all
And UMNO says it is a neat coalition

Look at the organization in BN
National Chairman UMNO
Deputy Chairman UMNO
Secretary General UMNO
About the coalition partners
No say at all!

The root cause of downfall
It is thinking on racial platform
Time has already moved on
The people have made their mark
They will not give it away any more

UMNO must open its doors
To all races in the country
It is now not fighting for Malays
It is about fighting for Malaysians

The sooner the leaders realize it
The wind of change has arrived
The susurrus wind seductively blowing
Don’t miss it you will be left behind

Thursday, March 20, 2008

give and take

All political ISA detainees should be freed
Let democracy really flourishes in this country

Let the world know
We are truly democratic multi-racial people
We live and fight together
On the land we cherish

The laws of the land
Any one impedes the freedom of people
It should be rightly repealed
Don’t let misery befall unnecessary

The leaders of government
They must listen to the people
ISA detainees no case release them
Why hide them labeling them?

Use the court of laws
Let it be open about it
Charge them or free them
Let it be known
The government for the people
Elected by them
And not to misuse it

Catching dissents
So these leaders can cling to power
The people shall not buy it
In time the party that rules
It will collapse

the people already know

The second breath for UMNO
It has now gone to the wind
The cry of race base party
It had shredded into pieces on March 8
Something is blowing
Gathering momentum waiting for a chance
Then finally it cracks open
A light a new day
For all Malaysians

The ills of a party
Too long tendering to its own people
Leaving others scavenging for food
Like a king losing his subjects
No soldiers no leader

No party shall remain
On race and stay relevant
Even leader changes
The root cause never disappear

When cancer spreads
Short term measures stop the disease
It is just on to remission
Hibernating until it spreads totally
By then nothing can stop it
The host will wave goodbye

Likewise any race base party
It has to evolve to change with the tide
Get the remission pump in new alternative blood
Into the system to stay alive

The people already know
The losers trying to do
When standing on the other fence
They just can’t believe it
They have fallen from grace
And the gravy train

Open its doors to all
This was the vision of its founder
Decades ago……

the wealth of the nation

The wealth of the nation
It must be shared by all
In equal affirmative schemes
So nobody is losing out in the end

The current practices
Only the rich ones getting better
One race against the many
Leaving marginalized groups hungry and angry

Will the policy shifts?
It is not law or anything
It can be changed for the good of all
Only we must have people oriented leaders
To pacify these marginalized groups
Be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban and others

Let the country’s wealth be shared
Amongst her people equally
Without showing favors to any group
Let the gravy train stops for all
People and businesses

the wind of change has set in motion

UMNO protests
UMNO demonstrates
What does the sleeping beauty say?
He never reprimands his members
The Police never take action
In Perak one says he uses his discretion
How nice way to put it!

The sore losers in UMNO
Trying means and ways to shackle the opposition
Governing the states in the country
Be a gentleman and works on it
The game lost people had spoken
Now get on with our lives
Working and managing it
For the betterment of the nation

The UMNO leaders
Battling within its circles
The warlords and supporters
UMNO ends is near

The second life after 1987
The leaders blew it and they know
The Barisan Rakyat had woken up
There will be changes in the political landscape
UMNO isn’t part of the new game

UMNO protests
UMNO demonstrates
Sore losers better say goodbye
Hard to swallow on the opposite side
A bitter taste; a bitter pill
Learn it though it maybe too late
The wind of change has set in motion
Now is the Barisan Rakyat

kick the ASSets


Declaring ASSets
By ministers and deputy ministers
In public twice within 5 years
It is just a gimmick to show
How transparent the Federal leaders are?

A leader must set his example
He should do it first then ask others to follow
Say one thing yet a leader never sticks it
In the end what we find
“I don’t know!”

Ask ACA to investigate
When these appointed ministers and deputies do
The public will share information
On the ground those who know
Let it be written without fear and favor

Let them declare and signed on it
So there will be no dispute when discrepancies arise
Sack them when hiding their ASSets
Under any devious plans

Will it make any difference?
When the dogs are drugged in sleeping mode?
Eyes seeing; the mind doesn’t register
Only the shadowy figures walking pass

Just don’t go play-play
Tell them is prison term if they fail
Now kick the ball let the game begins
The people are watching
Eggs in baskets ready to rain on it

changes we will make

Rafidah should have left the scene ages ago
She shouldn’t stay and put pressures on herself and UMNO
Now she was dropped from the Cabinet line up
Like a spoilt child couldn’t find where she puts her candy

When AP issues became hot
It was time for her to go
As a leader who can’t let go of power
Now power is taken from her

The wind of change settles in slowly
One by one will get the exit card
In the coming UMNO election
Many leaders will face the chop

So I feel she gets the message
Be a good MP on her last leg of tour

As they say leaders come leaders go
Good ones we remember; bad ones we forget
But our lives still carrying on
Changes we will make in the political scene

money and greed

This is the story
Spinning tales and (mis)adventures
Cooking all types of eggs
Pick a choice taste it

The editors want a living
Posh homes money to spend
Forget about dignity and honesty
In the world of businesses
They can’t sink so low

So the editors thunder
Across the spread in their newspapers
Bashing the poor fellows
Taking pride in their tirades

Giving biased analysis
Asking well connected people for views
Always that subtleness betraying their souls
About money flowing with greed

No chances for the other party
In the blogs the new waves hit back
Denouncing the biased reporting
Hitting it in cyber-space
The magic flow smoothly

In their hearts they know
Don’t follow; no job to show
No food on the table
It is still the bread and butter issues
They say it; they know it
So they pretend writing differently
Sell their souls forget their principles
It is why there is no fairness
When one sells one’s soul away

time to bury race base policies

NEP is dead in late 90’s
It is replaced by NDP
Yong Teck Lee said
He was part of the committee
Drafting the NDP

Maybe many politicians and people forget
Harping on a policy long buried in pile of documents
UMNO Penang demonstrated for its own selfish ends
For a policy long buried in Dr M tenure

NDP is the current policy
Set forth during the Dr M premiership
No noise with UMNO Malays
The gravy train still packs the goods

I was too
Thinking it was NEP
Time had changed
Policy shifted chair
I was caught dreaming
Harping on the obsolete policy

It is now National Development Policy
Pushing forward for UMNO only(?)
For intends and purposes benefit Malaysians
Yet the gravy train never benefits the people
Some cowboys rob it along the railway tracks

It is race my friend
Something rooted for them
No other races can say badly about it
It is their leaders no others can

It is time race base policies
Be buried for the common good
It is already over 50 years by BN
Yet BN still harping on it
Will BN ever grow up?
This is the borderless world!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

failure is success

Dr Jayakumar Devaraj & his wife Rani Rasiah
borrowed from
Success is sweet
After many failures
No one can beat that feeling
Only God can

Now the time to do it
Make it known years to come
The groundwork laid out years ago
Finally it bears fruit
A little plant finally grows
In the heart of Sungai Siput

I haven’t met Dr Jayakumar
What I read he must be a kind soul
Helping the poor and disadvantaged
I only wish other leaders can do
For the people without any returns

I pray he finds his work
Now refreshing and ultimately satisfying
The people of Sungai Siput
You are bless with the like of Dr Jayakumar
Here I have a BN Dato
Who didn’t come to my house when he passed by
When he campaigned for his seat….

Dr Jayakumar
Thank you for retiring Sami d’loo
I hope I don’t have to see him no more
He should join LKY and watch the sunset

cruise along the sunset lky

courtesy mob's crib

LKY had retired
Then only he opened his big mouth
Giving his 2 cents worth of advice
To the sleeping beauty he watched one time

Why afraid of Islamic principles?
It is equality for all in things we do and say
It is only the humans that one would be afraid
They are the ones who make all the causes and effects
Of suffering and twisted ideology

LKY never wants to say
In Cabinet he polished his way
Why said it now when he retired?
He better enjoys his slow cruising
Along the river Nile in Egypt

There he can visualize
The rules of kings and pharaohs
Splashing through his eyes
The light of yesterday songs
He can feel alive again perhaps?

So he sets sail
On the highway to his retirement
In the city he makes his home
His parting shot who remembers?
He is already becoming irrelevant

changes we will make

Rafidah should have left the scene ages ago
She shouldn’t stay and put pressures on herself and UMNO
Now she was dropped from the Cabinet line up
Like a spoilt child couldn’t find where she puts her candy

When AP issues became hot
It was time for her to go
As a leader who can’t let go of power
Now power is taken from her

The wind of change settles in slowly
One by one will get the exit card
In the coming UMNO election
Many leaders will face the chop

So I feel she gets the message
Be a good MP on her last leg of tour

As they say leaders come leaders go
Good ones we remember; bad ones we forget
But our lives still carry on
Changes we will make in the political scene

the old guards will crumble the bn empire

courtesy mob's crib

The roads lay
Crafted in JKR way
So many working on a same job
You wonder the wastage of money
The taxpayers screaming silently

So many ministers in pm’s department
Doing what I don’t even know
Over-lapping of jobs I am sure
The sleeping beauty wants to sleep some more

Enlisted old guards
Thinking some know his style
A touch of base his own reality
He wants support within his surrounding

Now the ministers have to attend Parliament
This is good measure I support it
Now is the time the ministers prove their worth
Handling the portfolios entrusted to them
No more running away in some hideout
Discussing own affairs forgetting about their roles
To tell and answer questions
To the people representatives

I am afraid the old guards
They make the damage already
Carrying baggage of unsolved problems and PR
The sleeping beauty will stare at his defeat
In Parliament…………

The ground has swelled
The rumbling will be turned into in time
When the opportunity comes
The sleeping beauty won’t know what hit him
He will surely cry looking in the mirror
The writing is already on his wall

He never wants to listen
He never wants to learn
Only out through the exit doors
He will understand…..

no gentleman

These are the born losers
Never learn to be humble in defeat
Taking out documents deem personal
This isn’t the way democracy works

As a rule and gentleman
The outgoing person should brief his counter-part
Be a true gentleman in defeat
Clear it out with the in-coming executive councilor
No misunderstanding; no miscommunication

Why simple procedures these defeated leaders never follow?
Telling others while on the stage
When it is their turn, they never could do it
The people should reject these leaders at all costs
Never allow them to return again
It is better to say goodbye

What more will the people find?
In time many will cream the lines
As the opposing coalition governments search and review
The story buries in years past may come to haunt BN
Now the people should understand

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the people will watch

East Malaysia better wake up
You aren’t taken the best share
For the Federal Government
You delivered nearly 38%
Yet you don’t get the cream jobs

It is UMNO got the juicy part
The coalition partners settled the co-starring roles
Some could be just the Dolly in filming
Looking good trailing the pack

And the surprising part of one who couldn’t read English
He comes in through the back door as a Senator
The sleeping beauty didn’t click into Viewty
To see what he had done to his list
It surely spells the end of BN in GE 13

The AP Queen finally goes home
So is JJ racially pricked minister then
Ah the Nazi still hanging there
Will he tone down now since he learns his lesson?

The people will watch
The rap disco beat
The wind of change slow in BN
The attitude lacks compassion
To serve the people in good faith

the barisan rakyat had spoken

The Barisan Rakyat had spoken
Crossed on the ballot boxes
Now let the waves begin
Eroding the shoreline
Of BN and its cronies

The sleeping beauty must know
What he has to do for his party
The country belongs to Malaysians
It isn’t for BN or UMNO to decide
It lies with her people
They had spoken loud and clear
No more racial politics
No more race base party

Let UMNO wields its keris
With its own members that is
Don’t lump to the Malaysians
They have enough for the last 50 years

BN barely lost the battle
Yet the leaders still speak arrogantly
Pushing its agenda to rule completely
Ignoring the popular vote
They still talk about racial agenda
When will these leaders ever learn?

Come down on your palatial homes
Mix with the people humble thyself
If BN leaders want to stay relevant
They have to bite the bullet
Change to the needs of the people
Otherwise BN will be history
Waiting to be recorded in GE13

bloggers are stupid who got the sack?

Bloggers are stupid!
Now who got the sack?

Imagine the world
At our fingertips
With a click of a mouse
The world smiling to us

BN says otherwise
Bloggers have nothing to do
Kay por blasting trails in the cyber-world
They don’t know about managing affairs
We are just goblok
Now who got the sack?

BN has to change
It has to evolve into a multi-racial party
No more UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP
And the rest of the small parties
If BN wants to stay relevant
In pursuit of governing the country

The way the leaders do
I am afraid they don’t learn
Come GE13 BN will be gone
A favorite digit a hell to pay!

bn 28

BN 28
In Perak can’t let go
The power once they had
Now it is no more

Trying its best
Telling the Sultan of Perak
Let BN rules the state
They have 28 seats

Don’t they learn at all?
Majority wins the race
Now when they are in the minority group
They are trying to usurp the majority

Crying over spill milk
Thinking of ways to go marching in
The doors are locked BN 28
You had your chances for over 50 years

Now let others have a craic
Let the people taste a different set
Of magic swarming the state
Give them the chance to work on it

BN 28
Don’t look so sad
Don’t think about the gravy train
This one is for the people by the people
You don’t learn when you are in power
You took us as slaves serving you indeed!
You should serve the people
You forget who put you there

BN 28
Be nice behave on the sidelines
Now you know how to feel
It is too late to cry
The people power has spoken
Loud and clear on March 8

the old warrior wants to ride again

The old warrior should retire
He has his chances he didn’t get it
Now at his twilight years
He wants to champion for the Malays

The mindset hasn’t changed
Talking about Malay Supremacy
It is already buried in centuries past
It is allegedly reported
The Chinese settled down in East Coast states
900 years before the Malays
The experts found the evidence through DNA tests
Now in schools the teachers don’t teach about Hang Tuah
Something not explained in public

The old warrior thought he could make it
Now the tsunami swelled the ground-works
It is his opportunity to try his last stand
Once lost in 1987 this can be it?

The old warrior should have stayed behind
Time has passed him by those years ago
He should stay as an elder statesman
Be a prince as he is born into it

His politics has gone
It is time he takes his retirement
Do the work to make Malaysia a thriving country
Don’t take about Malays supremacy
In history Hang Tuah was a Chinese Muslim

The old warrior had his chances
In his old age he forgets again
Time he sits and admires the sunset
Let the other Malaysians have a take on it

Monday, March 17, 2008

the sore losers

Official documents gone missing
In the land of rice bowl of the country
Somebody doesn’t want to leave trails behind
Protecting the ill wealth gain perhaps

Be a gentleman
Why become a sore loser in the end?
How does a leader look now?
Before telling about virtues
Transparency and accountability
Then suddenly it is just lip service
Only to the people
It isn’t applied to the leaders
How sad when the table is turned!

Now the people at large know
How BN leaders behave when they lost
Shredded files in Selangor
Documents missing in Kedah
UMNO demonstrated in Penang
These are sore losers
We better don’t vote them again

Changing of guard is a normal procedure
Winner takes all; loser has to go
This is a fact of life in leadership control
Nothing to feel ashamed about
Unless corruption is involved
Gathering dust all those years ago
Suddenly it wakes up
The hunters got scared and ran away

Police will find
Drag its investigations
Until the next election comes along
Then stamp it under KIV

Any thing new is there?
This is politics
Federal Government under BN
The process will take a snail pace
Before the truth is known

now is working

When Anwar got the sack
I couldn’t believe the charges leveled against him
Every police officer and judges think he was
During his trials the lopsided arguments came to the shore
And the famous quote ‘it is irrelevant!’

The Malays divided on the issue
They too like me couldn’t believe the charges
Some I argue with
Anwar wasn’t stupid to disgrace himself and his political career
He was inches to be the PM of the country
How could he throw it away?
So I said he wasn’t guilty……..
It took me years to get it right

Even my brother-in-law in the police force
He believed Anwar did it base on the police investigations
Though I thought he could be true
Since he is the deputy OCPD in a district in Johore
Yet I told him Anwar couldn’t disgrace himself and his religion
There were OSA things nobody could find it

Now he is coming to stake his role
In the country of multi-racial people
He has the charisma and talent to take the country
To the 21st century and challenges the world economy

Now the 5 opposition ruling states
These leaders better perform it steadily
It is here the people will judge
Where the shaft of light will be

People will say
Anwar Ibrahim
The day when he comes through

it is ndp not nep any more

NEP is no more!
So we talking on a redundant policy
What a fool we have been!

Yong Teck Lee said
NDP is the one
Mahathir had scrapped NEP
In the late 90s

So UMNO Penang protested
On a redundant NEP
I wonder why we forgot
NDP is the new agenda

The main newspapers never highlighted it
Maybe just a byline in a main article
Don’t want to lose face of its ignorance too
Like the BN and Opposition leaders
Harping on a redundant policy

And the people jump on the wrong wagon
Lapping it up in all the blogosphere
Thinking it is the NEP
Now it is the NDP

Maybe it is a cosmetic surgery
Changing the name the substance is nothing new
So the political leaders and the people
Still thinking it is NEP

Now it is NDP
We better remember it

Sunday, March 16, 2008

let others have a craic

The kings make decision
Perlis and Terengganu
The hiccups on the way
The BN surely knows
It isn’t making its day

UMNO loses its shine
It’s time the party cries
Losing the voices of the people
Its leaders never accept
You know why

It is rumored in Perak
UMNO wants the Sultan to pick its leader
As the largest single party winner
Under the BN trade mark

How low will UMNO go?
Be a man exit gracefully
Why make fusses on the roads
When the voices of the people spoken

UMNO Penang demonstrated
When NEP wants to open for all
Because its leaders feel losing the gravy train
Its leaders ask UMNO president to cancel mega projects
For the state just for revenge
The gravy train never stops at their doors any more

This is the sour loser
The people will know
Come the GE 13
BN shall be no more!

Think about it
Be graceful in defeat
You have your chance for over 50 years
Let others have a craic
Are you afraid they organize better that you?

get the act together

Any change that benefits the people
It should be heartily implemented
It can call whatever name
As long as it uplifts the welfare and opportunities
Of every race in the country
Without fear or favor to anybody

Any party rules contrary to its objectives
The party must compromise for the general good of the people
Living in one sided track isn’t the way forward
It is detrimental to the party itself

The Barisan Rakayt will forever watching
Every move the coalition government makes
The mindset is for change through consensus
And the people well being the foremost goal

My pick the coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS
The leaders should convene a high powered meeting
To hammer what they want to do for the next 5 years
Issuing contradictory statements only clouded the issues
Like yesterday Husa said about Islamic Federal Government
Hello it isn’t for him to say or claim it should be
This is the attitude which will draw away the support
The people shall not want to vote for them!

I hope the opposition government under Anwar Ibrahim
He is one of the reasons people voted differently
No such talk about Islamic government
Let the Federal Constitution remains in its truest form
The basic structure unites the people
Let the golden goose be my friend!

the people freedom spoken

Blaming disease
Not the leadership
Conveniently labeled the weak strategy
Losing the battle

Internal strife
Knives draw out to fight
Who will win in this show of force?
Time will tell

The banners on the streets
The UMNO leaders should take the steps
To do what is necessary to survive
Or else the next few years will spell the end

The BN is on the cross road
The people have spoken
There will be no let up
The momentum will push forward

Any leader with weak vision
Lack of leadership quality will perish
On the march with the people
Do BN listen now?

MCA, Gerakan and MIC
Battle bruised severely dealt blows
The leaders too must change policies
To suit the current needs of the people
No more race base parties
It is time they change vision and policies
To stay relevant in this century

So BN has to change
It is now or never rules again
The people have spoken
They found their true spirit after all

banners on the spot

Banners everywhere in selective zones
Planning its locations secretly carried out
There must be somebody or group of somebody
They got fed up with the leadership

The sleeping beauty must have read it
Woke up in the morning before sipping his coffee
Looking at the report comes late in the morning
He must be really chilled off in his body

And what did Puteri Chief done?
She got to file police report
Wasting the police time in the end
What so wrong with the banners?
Calling the pm to go?

She better go clean her house
Too many dust and unwanted boxes to throw away
It is time she made her charge look pretty
So come next election there will be winners

Going out to catch the culprits
Take the spirit and study inwards of UMNO
Why banners appear in selective locations?
Telling you the messages are true
The feeling of losses the leader must go

This is the single rule party
No dissent all must flow with the leader
Blindly going into battle
Finally they get bruised in their egos
And they can’t take it any more

So you want to be the shining star
Running errands just to make sure
Your leaders don’t care hue and cry
Why must you waste your time?

Let the banners hanging on the spots
Let everybody reads it and knowing why
BN has to learn so it is with UMNO
No more race base party
It is time to listen to Dato Onn
United Malaysians National Organization!

nep the demon claws

Promises must be fulfilled
In the years governing a state or country
Let no leader forgets it
The people will curse it on the ballot boxes
When the time comes to display displeasure

UMNO Penang forgets
Its leaders turn vindictive
Mega projects in the state
The Federal government should proceed
It is for the Malaysians; it isn’t for UMNO

Now UMNO Penang wakes up
The coffer is empty
The leaders getting panic
They want the gravy train
They can’t forget

On the other side of the fence
They don’t know what to say and do
Crowding around to think
Nothing from their brains
Only street demonstrations

They still want the gravy train
UMNO Penang it has to be open system
Don’t use NEP to pollute the minds
It is your needs you wanted
Not the poor Malays……

NEP in its original form
It is meant a service for All Malaysians
It is now hijacked to serve a race
Leaving the crumbs for others to take

It is time UMNO Penang understood
Wake up from your 50 years of slumber
Now go out sweat in the sun
It is good for your health

Saturday, March 15, 2008

wrong signal for umno losses

These are the trouble makers of UMNO
I had stayed in Penang for years
I had mixed with the crowd in my stay
They are easily swayed with money

It is always ‘nak cari makan’
If these leaders give them the cash
They will go and shout some matches
It is a day’s work………….

I know some are influence by the UMNO losers
Telling them about wealth losses
The gravy train has stopped on the tracks
They just can’t believe it

NEP has shackled the Malays
Until they don’t want to brave the new world
Thinking it is easy to get the dough
Why work for it when it is easily made?

I used to tell my former employees
Work like the Chinese and stand on your own
Don’t ask for handout make it by their wills
The satisfaction is much better
And they will move to challenge the rest

Winning and losing is part of the political game
It is better UMNO in Penang take a leaf from Koh Tsu Koon
A gentleman in defeat though his heart bleeds
And the headache he has to think for his party Gerakan

Like you I want to see this coalition government works
It is from the small step for the bigger prospect
And I believe it will flourish…………..
Then BN will be a faded memory
In history book I guess

bn craic over

The little state up North
The drama never stops

The sleeping beauty says
Shahidan the man for the state
The Raja of Perlis picked his choice
When the state assemblymen disagreed
The man the sleeping beauty picked

The supporters gathered at his house
Waiting for Shahidan to say something
When there is no respect to the Raja
What UMNO stands now?

It is perfectly within the Raja of Perlis rights
To pick his choice amongst the group of assemblymen
Under section 39(2) of the state constitution
The Raja of Perlis knows his rights

The BN and UMNO craic
When it was over there is the headache
Of what they did and continue to pull wool over eyes
It’s time the Barisan Rakyat buried them

The drama has gone on too long
Over 50 years benefiting the BNputras
Only the crumbs for the others
Now we see the cracks appear
On the shield of Be End

The writing is on the wall
The message is clear and concise
Clean your act and make it one party system
If BN wants to stay relevant

Friday, March 14, 2008

dont let it go to the dogs

The pm stokes the racial discord
He talks about NEP and Malays
Then conveniently he says he is pm for all Malaysians
Why the contradiction?

He just doesn’t know what he says
Trying to say something defending his race
And forgetting the other races
Warning Guan Eng on NEP
This is unbecoming of a federal leader

NEP benefits the UMNO and its cronies
This has been allegedly written many times
The poor and village folks don’t benefit it
Now UMNO Penang staged demonstration
Who is telling lie now?

PM says demonstration isn’t the way
Now his party members did it
Will he send the UMNO leaders to Kamunting?
I don’t think so!

The people who demonstrated weren’t sure
What the UMNO leaders told them to do
These people out from Penang Island
Don’t know what benefits they get
They just went and walked blindly

To me NEP shackles the Malays
They become the pawn of their leaders
So they become their own slaves
Never want to brave the new world

Let the new state government get to work
Watch and record what the government does
The leaders must tune in on its manifestos
And the promises made during the election

get going

courtesy from mob's crib

Perak is still waiting for her government
Parties in the coalition can’t put off their differences
Give one try to get back two
In the end no ceremony for the swearing-in of MB

Now we see the colors
The trooping smell of different odors
Why can’t they buy the same product?
So there will be no excuse to complain

LKS got the heat glowing
When he was contained but with fiery eyes
Syed Husin came with PKR demands
On the eve of the ceremony
PKR protested on the seats allocation

The Perak Sultan got his wisdom
In picking the right person for the job
Every leader in the coalition had accepted him
But it is the executive councilor seat derailed it

In the end Barisan Rakyat felt cheated
Giving our votes for change……….
And we find these parties
Thinking they are ‘the lords of the ring!’

Don’t play race anymore
We are Malaysians so we will be
Through our lives this country
She will be our home to stay

Thursday, March 13, 2008

it is better to decide quickly

It never goes
Ladder up to take the fruit
The children never come agree
Which tree to pluck

The sun raises colorful rays in the sky
Birds winging it along
Insects flying pollination strikes
The children sitting under the tree
Passionate discussing their whims and tastes
Nobody wants to give way

The cows boo on the field
The rice farmers and their helpers
Plowing along the wet fields
The children haven’t decided what to do

The farmers look at them
Shaking their heads children all the same
When things they have, they never want to share
Greed and power play they learn it there

The fruits hanging on the trees
Nobody wants to give way which tree
Arguing and siding comrades
Until the cows go to shack
The children sit staring at the fruit trees

The farmers walk over
Climb up the trees take all the fruits
The children only stare don’t know what to say
When it is over
The farmers give them some to share

By then the sunset glowing in the sky
The children drag their feet quietly saying goodbye
Less to bring home less to share
They learn their lessons
It is better to decide quickly
Sharing the loads and be happy

never learn do they?

Petty issues
The coalition leaders never learn
Racial politics come again
This isn’t what the People wanted

Don’t the leaders learn at all?
Smell of power suddenly corrupted the thinking
Floating in their eyes water flowing through their tongues
Imagining what will they get?

Baby walks a few steps
Quarreling becomes the form
Sharing of responsibility goes out the windows
Ego has come to play
Greed has reared its ugly head

Man….it is a short liberation!
In Perak the stage looks real hot
BN is waiting to take over
The bickering fools of PAS, DAP and PKR

It is Barisan Rakyat
The coalition better remember that!
We wanted BN out and learn its lessons
Here the coalition grabbing likes small children

Now the MB swearing in ceremony is postponed
The coalition got problem going through
PKR wants to pull out…….
Citing differences of executive councilor’s seats allocation
Again talking about race…….
Never learn do they?
p/s yesterday LKS made the wrong statement. Today PKR wanted to pull out from the coalition. So the ceremoney of appointing the chief minister is cancelled!

the bigger role

LKS apologizes
He has soothed the anger
Amongst the people

DAP must change its policies
This is Malaysia of many races
Race based parties must go
There is no place in this century
For outdated ideals sprouting in the sun

LKS should go gracefully
He has played his role
Now he has achieved his aims
It is time he let go
And let his son runs the show

I am not a DAP member
And I always believe in fair distribution
Amongst the people in Malaysia
Barisan Rakyat sings the songs…

The bigger role
Capturing the Federal Government
Through the Barisan Rakyat
The faster these people wake up
The better for the coalition

barisan rakyat is color blind

borrowed from

Barisan Rakyat made the move
It isn’t DAP or PAS or PKR
So don’t ever get into your head LKS
DAP and its partners won voted by BR

LKS has lost his balls
He thinks he wants to make noise
So that to demonstrate the Chinese
“I don’t agree, I don’t agree
Correct, Correct and Correct”

LKS it isn’t about your party any more
It is about Barisan Rakyat on the move
You better sink into your head
Respect the Sultan decision and his wisdom
He is the king otherwise what you think?

Let the Barisan Rakyat government works
Don’t play into the hands of the BN
The sleeping beauty is waiting……..
When there is an opportunity
He will whack the coalition left and right
So are you still there with the people?
The Barisan Rakyat is the king maker!

Leaders must be humble
You don’t show it with your arrogant statement
Maybe it is time you too retire
This is the politics of the cyber-world
You better wake up
And don’t close one eye…….

Barisan Rakyat is color blind
It is the way it should be
Walk the talk; let it be fruitful
And multiply into peoples’ hearts and souls

LKS, you are an ungrateful person
Barisan Rakyat put the coalition there
Yet now you make a mockery of our votes
Shame on you, Kit!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

mb from pas for perak

Lim Kit Siang jumping on the floor
He couldn’t believe a Pas candidate got the post
Of Chief Minister of Perak

His state chief had already said
The coalition will honor each other who will be the one
To lead the state of Perak
So Lim shouldn’t shoot of his own displeasure
This is a coalition set up government
It isn’t an Islamic state

3 names submitted
Sultan Azlan Shah picked his choice
So every member of the coalition should respect the decision
Don’t go crying like baby………..

No doubt DAP will feel betray
They should know the state constitution doesn’t allow
A Chinese to be the Chief Minister
Unless Sultan of Perak waived the requirement

Now let our votes reign supreme
Let the coalition work its magic
I am confident the Pas candidate will follow guidelines
Amongst his colleagues in the state administration

Don’t shoot out before it is even begun
Calling to boycott the swearing in ceremony is ungentlemanly Kit
You subscribe the position of sharing of governance
Don’t go spoiling it even before it is going to start

Be a man
Let the work begins
Keep your thoughts to yourself
And let the administration rolling
DAP 18 state seats
PKR 7 state seats
PAS 6 state seats

the high stakes and cheats

The high stakes and the cheats
Every structure of human’s aims
There is the element gnawing in the brain
It takes absolute integrity to acknowledge it

When wealth is the majority prize
Nobody wants to let go without a fight
Here I have seen the wealth grabbers
They can’t honestly let go of it

Every dirty trick a person will device it
Digging it up for one benefits
There is no sharing with the others
You want it you find your ways

When power lands
One will grab it with impunity
The mind thinks of many
Until greed corrupts every thing

This is a malaise in the power game
Absolute power plays havoc in your brain
It is best it shares equally
Knowing the evil can’t reach absolutely

a new light in the sky

The ripples had disappeared
Life leads into normalcy
The country has to move on
The objectives achieved

Barisan Rakyat mustn’t be forgotten
It has to be there to watch for the people
The organizers and the bloggers
They are the people who make the difference

The election manifestos
It must bring to life
It is a trust a believe for the people
Now it has to turn to reality

No government and its representatives
Forget the promises to make changes
And introduce new chapters for the country
Everybody is watching………………
A new light in the sky

k-cat should go

The k-cat really shown his paws
Pounding hard on the pavement
Meowing his roar in the village
Waking up every body to his heat

His gangs from the city
The Mat Rempit roared with him
Strutting egos to frighten the villagers
These thugs paid to do their jobs

K-cat should go
He isn’t worth a soul in his body
Hiding behind his father-in-law
Playing behind the scenes
Thinking he is the hero

He wanted to win badly
But he wasn’t gentleman to play even
Resorting to his devious plans and money
He resorted to play evil……
“He got evil in his mind
Don’t let him go away”

The judiciary in the air
Chegubard must be aware
Though he should file his petition
Let k-cat sweat in his pants for awhile

I remembered I did go to Rembau
For my friend’s wedding there
It is a quiet and peaceful village
A nice place to relax…….
It was so many years ago

be a gentleman like koh tsu koon

borrowed from

See what the losers do
In Selangor the state officers shredded documents
Instead of doing a public service
Now the officers are busy shredding papers away

If the previous government was clean
These officers don’t have to do it hurriedly
It is a shameful act or a desperate act to hide
The evidence of malpractices and corruptions

The toyol should feel ashamed
Be a gentleman like Koh Tsu Koon
Don’t do something stupid
It shows how shallow a person is

The Sultan of Selangor
He has to make up his mind soon
Let the new leader runs the state quickly
Before more documents are shredded away

The police should have taken action
Yet the police officers keep a distance
With the photographs abound
Maybe the new government should investigate
And then let the people of Selangor know
The toyol dentist has a bad tooth!

a n ew chapter unfolds

A new CM for Penang
A new day started there
The island I once enjoyed staying
I left too much traffic jams
And the beach becomes dirty
People complained
Yet it is business
The quality of life smoke in your eyes

Likewise I didn’t stay in my home state
Selangor another new era there
I plonked myself into the silver state
Enjoying the free traffic flow……
No sweat driving around

Penang must be lucky
A new direction came to play
Something must be right then
I wish it will be…..

For Selangor is waiting
The Sultan wants to talk his subjects
When he finds he can believe in them
Khalid is the man to lead the state

For Perak who will be?
It isn’t a Muslim State
Non-Muslims shouldn’t be afraid
DAP will be the watch dog
Let the opposition rules in peace

A new day for a new chapter
Turning the pages I get a smile on my face
I breathe the fresh air in the silver state
She is still good to me……

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

goodbye birthday boy!

borrowed from mob's crib

Sami d’loo will remember
Every day of his remaining life
How his birthday will haunt him
Losing his seat arrogantly claimed for him to take

The Barisan Rakayt had spoken
Very loud and very clear in Sungai Siput
The once mighty mouse had finally bitten the dust
He quickly made his exit said a short goodbye

He didn’t know about the writings on his wall
He still thinks he is relevant in the Indian community
Still blowing his horn to lead MIC
A deadwood long time coming

He should bow out gracefully
He isn’t relevant in the Indian community
Time he packs his bag
The plane is waiting for him

The Indians have found a new beginning
A force within themselves they can use
No more kowtowing to any one
In their hands they make their choices

This is the new era
The Malaysians will remember
BN must change and evolve
No more race base parties
It has to change to stay relevant
Otherwise come GE13
BN better saying its long goodbye!

mca leaders still can't get it

MCA leaders still can’t get it
No racial base party to represent
the interests of Malaysians
The party lost heavily in the GE12
It is arrogance and handouts
Every time near to election

As if MCA is the lord
The BN lives in the palatial castle
Over lording the people
The leaders forget instantly
The people who put them there

Now the leaders saying
The Chinese is duped by the opposition
This is another sour losing party
Wake up before you walk the streets again

MCA brags of its trophies
Shelving nicely on its wall
Are you saying you earned it?
MCA leaders should stop and look
Service to the people is what it is
It is not about party and its leaders

I know about the DAP representative
He cycles around town to visit his constituency
He doesn’t arrive in flashy car
He works his ground like ordinary people
He got elected into his 2nd term in office

About MCA…………..
The leaders will show
Never want to kowtow any more
They think for 13 days it is enough
Now they want the people to kowtow
They forget about the voters
They can take away come next election!

it is barisan rakyat

My home state Selangor
A new team a new era

Time the soon to be new state government
Taking the state to greater achievements
PKR Tan Sri Khalid is a man of perfectionist
I had dealt his entourage before……………
I could recall how anxious his officers were
Trying their best to make everything perfect

Maybe it is best Selangor got him
So many dirt to sweep and carpet polish
Before Selangor really attains its developed status
Now I don’t even believe she has

Many Malaysians will be watching
How this combination of Barisan Rakyat works
The voters can change; the wind can blow every way
These elected representatives must work on the ground
This is the stage for bigger role in GE 13

Don’t forget to be humble
No airs of importance
We choose you we can make you pay
Be nice everything will be fine

It isn’t PKR country
It is Barisan Rakyat!
We are the people who make the difference
In any political government

so make it right

photo borrowed from http://

The white elephant in Ipoh
The symbol of decades of abuse
The arrogance and lies on its pavement
Now we heard the crying of a big baby
Echoing in its slumber

The years had gone
The line of deceits a darkened wall
The distance it makes to the people
A palatial home lording at the people

Now the wind of change
His lordship found it hard to let go
Burning rubber smoke in the air
People thought he was crying
Nay I think he is burning away
The secrets he will bring with him

The new government should learn his lesson
It is for the people servicing to their needs
A government for the people by the people
It isn’t other way around

The white elephant can happen
If any leader misunderstood
The needs of the people and nation
The tide will turn come next election

So make it right
All time every time
Don’t forget the people are watching
Every step you walk the streets

Monday, March 10, 2008

just dont let the dreams die out

Now the BA should compromise
Give and take the hall mark of success
Let the Barisan Rakyat votes count
Don’t cheat them for self gain…..

It is reported BN trying to buy
The winners from Pas and PKR in Perak
The BN needs to buy seats to secure a simple majority
The runners are at work to pull the punches

Currently the BA on course
To select a candidate to lead the state
It is best he is from PKR
Under the state constitution a Malay and Muslim

Let the work begins
Don’t waste time to play
Time to trade off shouldn’t arise
Let Anwar decides…….

Listen to the ground
Don’t let personal gratification spoils dreams
The Barisan Rakyat made the bold move
Don’t switch party just because
Millions are offered to change color

This is the small step
The biggest one will take the whole country
Right up to the Federal Government
Just don’t let the dreams die out
It has to survive for changes
For Malaysia and her people

be humble the soul is free

Why do leaders forget their roots?
Are they felt so ashamed that they came from poor family?
When these leaders get into the power game
And get all the wealth to enrich them
They suddenly paint a different scene in their lives

They want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous
They want the grassroots to kowtow to them
They want the obedience from the poor
One wave these poor folks come running

In my school and scouting days
We were taught to be humble always
And always remember your root
Where one was before rich or poor
We are there for reasons to learn

Don’t always forget the life journey
Along the way one may learn and acquire many
Do it with conscious clear, a smile and a heart of gold
A service to humanity; a soul for one’s world

Sami forgets his root
Finally he suffers his fools
The downward spiral will be hard for him
Now he hasn’t learned the humility
He still talks big……….

Tunku advices long ago
‘Be nice to people on your way up
You will meet them on your way down’
In my scouting days
‘Be humble all the times’

let the new light shines

borrowed from zorro-unmasked

The sleeping beauty doesn’t wake up
He hasn’t seen reality at his door
He still thinks he is supported by the people
‘Come in; walk along with me’

When the mosquitoes bite him
He just plays doesn’t know about it
Wipe it off with his hands
And goes down into slumber again

When reporters ask him
‘I have the support of UMNO members
So I am staying on as the prime minister’
See how his mind works…….
He doesn’t say about Malaysians
He only thinks about his race and UMNO
To justify his position to lead the country

The denial episode
The Barisan Rakyat will do it good
In the next 5 years down the road
Bury BN and its cronies
And free Malaysia from the clutches of a few
Let the new light shines
Until reality is done
For Malaysia for unity of one body, mind and soul

Sunday, March 09, 2008

now is the crunching number

The red sky
Before the election
Then the rain came
Something God wanted to say

By the time election was over
The shouts and smiling faces
Every one felt something happening
When the results announced
The jubilations sung by the crowd

When it is over
Don’t forget to do your home work
Now is the crunching number
You shouldn’t fail the people

And the strong wind blew
The humming bird nest fell
It couldn’t believe its eyes
When morning came
The nest is gone

In my garden the stray cat vomited
Maybe the cat couldn’t accept defeat
By the time the election was over
Sleep arrived; the tiring body needed to dream

When the election was over
The shock and unbelievable happened
The Barisan Rakyat had spoken
A new light on the horizon

a new dawn

courtesy mob's crib

I am getting all excited!
My mind start to telling me stories
This is the new dawn for Malaysians
We aren’t thinking of race when we voted

BN still forms the government
It doesn’t have muscles to amend laws
This time BN leaders must walk carefully
They shouldn’t be hiding whispering campaigns
Staring at the pot of shining yellow light

The whole ground swelled
Nothing is seen like it before
The peoples’ power has spoken
It is the way for the people

This is the start
Something good coming our way
By the next round Barisan Rakyat
Send the BN to its ground
Licking the sand and pebbles
Drink the dirty water
Know it is time BN learned
Don’t forget one’s root
When success comes one’s way

The new peoples’ representatives
They mustn’t forget to be humble
It is a prerogative that they remember
When services are for the people and country
Nothing about self worth…………it is a sacrifice
When serving the people