Monday, January 31, 2022

the forest is cleared the Tiger can be seen


The fire crackers

Crack up the night sky

The peace and quiet isn't

The cats fight at the back lane

The final curtain for the Moo

A year of heavy losses in pandemic

The grass turns brown and dry

History of floods hit it high

The high of the back door

The incompetence for all to see

The death tolls of Rocking Rona

A sad episode in our history

The economy takes a beating

The unemployment rate is high

The fight with Corona virus hasn't done

Omicron slowly makes its presence felt

The court cluster still lingering on

The year hasn't seen the cases disposed

Many excuses were entertained

VIP treatment looks the way

We are still with the back door

Though a new head comes into being

Still the same incompetence display

Our corruption index causing shame

The closing of the Moo

He takes his bow tears in his eyes

By midnight the roaring Tiger arrives

The forest is cleared the Tiger can be seen

The roaring in the night sky

The moon will show the reflection

The Tiger runs to take his place

Roaring to get us back in shape

fei fei swims in the blue water


In the blue water

Brightly lit by the sun

The waves swim aimlessly

Showing the sign of invitation

Fei Fei with swimming neck gear

Eyes glow ears standing straight

Puffing with tongue out

Ever ready to jump in the blue water

The humming in his ears

The sound of 1 and 2 and 3

The free fall splashing with waves

Fei Fei swims like a professional

A natural in the water

Fei Fei swims with joy

A time to play

Climbing back and dives in again

The pool of blue water

Fei Fei swims like a fish

Drawing lines in the water

A time of his life

the bad leaders


The bad leaders riding high

Gathering storm to hit their rights

Belittling the ordinary people

They don't care as much

Most of us are hard hit

The employment rate is high

The economy hasn't taken off

The suffering still in the flow

Yet the bad leaders talk of GST

The ordinary folks have suffered

Badly during the 2 years of the pandemic

Most of us haven't gotten back our footing

We voted against it in last GE14

Now they want to start it back again?

The talk has been highlighted

The bad leaders better think twice

They are there by the people

They shouldn't belittle them

They should work for the voters

It isn't the other way

The bad leaders riding high

The voters mustn't be cowed

The agencies have become the political tools

The voters have the right to change it

tornado in ipoh


Tornado in Ipoh

That was scary yesterday

As the huge wind swept through

Uprooting trees, roof of houses and debris flying

Though it lasted about 20 minutes

The firemen reported no casualties

Maybe the angels guided it away

Seeing the nation has so much problems

The social and political issues

The conversion drama in courts

It tells the deep root of setbacks

Even destroying the natural forests

Tornado in Ipoh

A warning sign for us

Don't elect the bad politicians

We need political will to change overall

know the limitation


Know the limitation

In everything we do

Every one has it

Recognize its role

There will be no headache

When we recognize the boundary

The limit we can endure

In weight, in dreams, in motivation, in needs

Because we aren't born equal

We have to be honest with ourselves

Why we have educated fools

Why lawyers can be conned

We have our expiry dates

This is the limitation we have

We have about 40 years to make it

But many dreams die on the quest

Sunday, January 30, 2022

the lies we hear


The lies we hear

When a race rings the wrong

The make up tales will ring

Loudly in the news

The truth can't be heard

The load of bread in basket

The bread knife can't cut

Too lazy coming in from the back door

The story of hiding

Keep the lies in the air

When a race rings the wrong

The blues will keep quiet

When opposition demands action

The blues take opposition to task

Important cases the blues ignore

Even court orders the blues disobey

The lies we hear

We can't let it go

The culprits must answer

The truth needs to sail through

it can't be winning all the times


The court cluster

Finding ways to get free

In political back door

Looking for a slip

The corruption cases will hold

Though a few got free

When AG discontinued the cases

Without giving his reasons

As such it was a political reason

Let the corrupt persons go

The opposition can hit the drum beats

The AG stayed with his elegant silence

Now the engineered snap election

In Malacca now in Johore

The court cluster get going

Wanting to bite it all

There will be a setback

The court cluster will find

When the dust is settled

The deck of cards will fall

married life is like learning and playing guitar


It isn't easy

Finding ways to get down on your knees

Planning and wishing and believing

The woman will say ok!

Now the deed is done

The sparks of light and tiny thousand smiles

The stars shine it bright on that day

Congratulations and the road will not be lonely

Married life is like learning and playing guitar

The techniques; the key chords; the many strummings

Every day something new will pop up to learn

The old will be useful but the new ones will pump up playing

Now there is 2 way traffic

Bearing in mind of the traffic jams

Trust and honesty and giving way

All obstacles can be handled by fine tuning it

don't wait for MOH


Covid 19

Many are kept away

From friends and families

For months in the rules

Though now it relaxes

Yet it isn't over for us

Omicron comes into the picture

Not as deadly as Delta reigns

Though infection runs like a flash

Every one still has to stick to the rules

Vaccines aren't helping just walls to hide

Once C19 breaches infection will spread

On our own to battle the virus

Eat a lot of much-rooms

It will boost our immune systems

It can fight off viruses, flu, cancer and others

On top of it

Keep C19 first aid kit at home

Buy Povidone iodine

Buy vitamins zinc sulfate 220mg, D3 5,000-8,000IU

Vitamin C 3,000mg, and Quercetin 500mg

In the beginning

The battle has to be fought

Do not let it spreads quickly

It is our own good to stay pro-active

Saturday, January 29, 2022

the moos slowly cracking


The Moos slowly cracking

As it has no power to show

The frogs will jump over

As happens in Johore

Now the members will watch

How the frogs will jump again

The Moos will feel the headache

As its representatives will go down

Live by frog standard

There is always no future

It is for a short gain

Then it will be gone

Even the wolves recognize it

So they engineer the state elections

They want to get back their seat of power

The people shouldn't allow it to happen

GE15 will knock the door

Pandemic or not the wolves will dissolve it

They want the lion share like old

The voters mustn't be fooled once again

when the opposition has the opportunity


he Moos and Crocodiles

Struggling to stay alive

The structures of their castles

Slowly falling apart

The wolves will run free

They smell the blood

They think they can win

So in Johore another digging

But the Blue Eye going solo

Instead of sticking to PH logo

Giving excuses aren't a good way

Rocket and Hibiscus should ask Blue Eye to go

It is ironic isn't it?

When the opposition has the opportunity

Anwar decides to go solo with his party

He shouldn't stay as chairman of PH

PKR always has trust issue

The biggest headache is the frog

When will Anwar select the right candidates?

The opportunity to score is lost

the truth seems so hard to say


The police

The right way to behave

They don't go for it

They give protection instead

When the people demand the truth

The Macc head can't give his honest reply

Now there are 2 statements to show

Who is telling the right answer?

When the youth marched in protest

The police gave the protection

The top brass sent in over 1,000 police officers

Stopping or diverting the march

The police should recognize by now

Who is telling the truth?

The Macc head or SC investigators?

Both gave answers in conference

The police should act on it

They should show their credibility

As it is the public perception is low

The police top brass should wake up now

omicron slowly awakes


Omicron slowly awakes

Catching the people who refuse to obey

Follow the rules and SOP

Because vaccines can't block it

Once we recognize the truth

We have to find alternative solutions

Nature always gives us abundance

If only we aren't arrogant and greedy

The infection numbers rise

There isn't a surprise

As the borders are open

Checks have slowed down

Omicron is a bad flu

It can spread quickly

We have to find our ways

We can't depend on MOH

Note: eat much rooms to boost the immune system

It will help us against viruses, flu, cancer

Friday, January 28, 2022

MO1 wants to play his excuses


He wants to play his excuses

Every way he can think to delay his trial

The final race to its conclusion

He feels the shiver down his spine

The final hurdle he can't sleep

He thinks the day he will be in jail

He can't enjoy his “apa malu bos”

He has to stand in line for his meals

His hot shot lawyer thinks of QC

It shows he has conceded defeat

He can't find his way out for his client

It will be the dead end road

It's a corruption case

It doesn't require a QC

Our judges should throw it out

It is the delaying ruse to escape

Enough leeway given

There shouldn't be anymore excuses

Even ordinary folks don't get this treatment

Let him walk to Bamboo River

there is no reason to stay, Macc head


Macc head

Live with integrity

When there is a wrong

The clean sheet must prevail

There is no reason to stay

Let an independent body to investigate

Two statements don't make a right

The truth has to come out

Our corruption index jumps the scale

It doesn't reflect the good image of the nation

As your credibility is in doubt now

It is best you take the gracious way out

Let an independent team investigate

Find the truth of the matter

They may clean up the image

The country will not feel ashamed

why PKR goes solo?


Why PKR goes solo?

The shadows of the frogs

Lurking around the corner

The tales of its time

Why PKR goes solo?

Using its own flag

Anwar can't see ahead

The losses of the last 3 elections

He still wants his party logo

Maybe he doesn't want to taint the partners

Because of the shadows of the frogs

The tales of traitors in its rank

Why PKR goes solo?

One more time to test its relevancy

Anwar shouldn't allow it to happen

It shows by perception the disunity in PH

Why PKR goes solo?

Its leaders don't have confidence to win

They don't want to pull down PH

Playing it safe later group together

the turn-coats


The turn-coats

They can have a new home

They can wear new uniforms

Trust and disciple forever lost

They can invent words or strategies

Running down their former party

The voters will not be fools

They will have to pay

The turn-coats

In publicity with new uniforms

The heavy loads they can't stomach

Rain or shine they can't match

In the new home

The smell of paint and glamour

In the fight for honour and integrity

They will have nothing to say

The turn-coats

They will not smell success

They will learn the hard way

Honesty still stands in good stead

Thursday, January 27, 2022

the frogs


The frog party

The frog people

On rainy days

They will start to croak

In the day or night

The sound can be heard

Telling the people

We are still around”

The frog people

No principles to show

It is only for their own benefits

They will hop when they can't get it

Now it is the season

The frogs will croak far and wide

Hearing the roar of the rain and thunder

The croaking will fade for a while

There is trust issue

The frog people can't say

Let these people stay as it is

Let them croak during the rainy season

don't get involved with crazy men or women


Time keeps moving

We better grab what we can get

Because there will be no looking back

Once we miss it we mustn't regret

Don't get involved with crazy women or men

The relationship will not last even though sex is good

Because we will never know the outcome of the game

Maybe we may not see tomorrow?

Chasing girls or women or men

There should be certain rules to observe

On the playing field there should be no commitment

It will be an open relationship don't talk about religion

Today we can hunt and enjoy

Tomorrow is still a game to play

Just don't land in the dark pit

About crazy people on the hunt

the crocodiles should act in a comedy


The crocodiles

Opening their mouth

Nothing will come out good

It has become a comedy

Clearing forests

The tigers can roam easily

The tigers can be seen

What will happen to the tigers?

The crocodiles don't say

Because their heads can't spin it

Too many scriptures capturing attention

What they say become a comedy act

When the tigers lose their natural habitat

The animals will roam and hunt for food

Maybe the tigers should hunt the crocodiles

It will be a nice trophy displaying in the open

The crocodiles should return

To the swampy land where they belong

Floating aimlessly sometimes in silence

Let it be a show nothing else

MUDA has to contest alone


MUDA has to debut

In Johore state election

It has to show its credibility

Since it has received much publicity

MUDA has to contest most seats

By itself to gauge its relevancy of youth

Though inexperience may hinder its march

Still the youths have to match it

Pick Johore candidates in the poll

This to avoid the parachute candidates

Many locals may not agree on it

MUDA must do the right way through

Some critics may say about its president

This is a normal in politics in election processes

This show the older candidates are afraid

Facing the youths challenging their dominance

MUDA has to stand alone

Fight the causes of the people and nation

Be services oriented towards a common goal

The progress of the nation and her people

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

the greedy wolves


The wolves are hungry

Thinking they have the rights

Back to their old ways again

People's interests put aside

The same old method use

They were in control with partnerships

They didn't like to play that game

They went for snap election

They want the meat for themselves

They don't like to share it

Like the old ways they had

In Malacca they got it!

In Johore the wolves will face

A battle they don't want to race

They have a 50:50 chance

PH and others will stand better

The wolves are greedy

It will be their own down fall

The pandemic may play for them

But the changes must come

a seat in bamboo river


MO1 knows

The hard facts on SRC case

He will try to find excuses

Delaying his final judgement

He knows he is cooked

Well done in prison

His hot shot lawyer finally admitted

He isn't clever as he wanted to believe

Applying for a QC

It is trying to delay his final appeal

There is no exceptional reason to employ

It is a trick to delay the inevitable

Mo1 better admits his guilt

He shouldn't appeal on his case

He lost the 2 rounds in court

He better gets his gears to Bamboo River

the big C


The big C

Nobody wants to get in

It will cause damages to the body

The immune soldiers will fight

Pouring all the efforts to kill it

But leaving the door wide open

For other viruses to go free in

Big pharma milks in billions

It's the business model to rake it in

It has no intention to find cure

The drugs it sells will not really fight

The early stages can have hope

The final stages nothing in drugs will help

What most oncologists will suggest

Go home enjoy the last few months of life

Eat whatever a person crazes about

Wait for the time to finally done

Because they have no answer

As Big pharma drugs have failed

The doctors should clean up the toxins

The parasites brewing in the body

It causes irritation inside the system

It raises up the inflammation

As a result infection will occur

The big C can be cured

Taking baking soda with raw honey

Drinking turmeric water will push it out

Cancer cells hiding in the hidden spaces

Look for the natural methods

Giving the body the boost of energy

PH should stand alone


PH should stand alone

Fight the way for the Johore state

Capture it back like 2018

Fell because of traitors and liars

You don't have to join forces

You have your partners to get the votes

You must believe you can win

The wolves want to spread disease of the bad

Let Pejuang, Bersatu and MUDA fight it out too

Let them join the fray to contest the seats

The wolves will think to win

Over confidence will be their downfall

PH leaders in PKR, DAP and Amanah

Gear it up to fight for the honour

Once stolen from your house

Now it's the time to avenge it

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

MO1 tactics of delay


MO1 tactics of delay

The final truth he will hear

He is still a convict

Until he can clear in Federal Court

Now he wants to apply for QC

He wants to delay his case from mentioning

He is desperate to avoid his jail sentence

But he knows the score in his head

He can't escape the inevitable

He used the millions he knew the score

He wants to play innocent but he fails

Now he plays his last card for a QC

His case is not exceptional

With it he doesn't need a QC

He has his hot shot lawyer

Now he can't fire his bullets?

The FC should reject his call

QC is for exceptional cases

MO1 case is corruption

Nothing exceptional but to delay his jail

MO1 should pack his bag

Go and live in Bamboo River

He can sing his songs for all to hear

There are many wanting to learn a thing or two

we don't need bad politicians


The dark forces

The light brigades

And the frogs croaking

Wanting to have a share

All interested in power and benefits

This is a game they wanted to cash in

Whichever party wins the party of wealth

Flowing through all the ranks

This is the year of elections

Every politician wants to stay

In a game of power and benefits

Not about services to the people

Only a handful who are serious

Going out to help the voters

The mindsets of services to the people

We need to have more in the house

Will the voters wake up?

Are they still waiting in hand outs?

It is time to really change our landscape

We don't need the bad politicians