Sunday, November 30, 2008


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There is no sunshine
They had gone in hail of bullets
Innocents to the end
In the hands of evil

Cries and many commotions
Running wildly hiding for safety
The hands of evil
Innocents pay

The illusive peace
Only dream in paradise
Living it thinking it is worth the price
Of sacrificing at what cause

There is no sunshine
The hundreds died
It isn’t their battle of political differences
They paid their lives
At the wrong place
They never returned

Let God be kind
Merciful and full of Grace
Of those who died that day
There is no sunshine


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Paved paradise
Eyes can see it is alright
The concrete ground nature gone
As people walking by

Vehicles drive in
Drivers smile
Paved paradise
They come to spoil

Nature scream
Loudly in the wind
Only concerned citizens
Crying out for the environment

Paved paradise
Eyes can see it is alright
Money to be made
The state government forgets
About pledges keep the environment

Paved paradise
The concrete on the ground
Drivers smile
Nature cry


Now the questions will be asked
How the Mumbai tragedy could happen?
Everything has been said and done
The terrorists will strike at any time

Likewise of 9/11 of US
Knowing that wrongful use of ‘jihad’
The followers think they are going to heavens
Attacking the innocents branding the type of warfare

Yet the followers don’t ask
Why the leaders never go to attack?
Asking the followers do the dirty work
Losing lives promising heavens

The chess game of the God
He moves the set pieces
Many die when He closes his moves
Telling the many we are the pawns
In His game of good and evil

No matter what propaganda
Through our human history
The religion(s) will be used as an excuse
To dominate the masses to do the pleading of a few

As long as God plays His chess game
Nothing will be free
Everything has a price to pay
In exchange of something of value or worst

Saturday, November 29, 2008


The tragedy in Mumbai ends today
Hundreds died in the hands of the Islamic terrorists
The Indian soldiers shot dead the last few attackers
So lay to rest the unwanted history of human’s tragedies

Politics mix with religion
A potent force to disrupt decent living
The two shouldn’t go hand in hand
The line of tolerance will not be there

The tragedy in Mumbai
The faults lie with the Indian security forces and police
The agents never submit latest security reports
Of events or suspicious events happening around Mumbai

Knowing fully the fragile line of religions
Of the people frayed by long linked history
Forgive and move forward seem hard to do
It is a drawback to seek peaceful coexistence

It will never end
More similar tragedies come our way
When the warring factions never want to seek peace
And live equally happy in this planet


The small small grey puppy
Running alone on the road
Somebody may have put it there
Looking bewildered no place to go

It runs to a neighbor house
Feeling so secured but for awhile
When the owner comes home
The small grey puppy has to go

She puts the small puppy outside her gate
The poor puppy wants to go in
Poking her small head between the steel bars
It gets stuck barking loudly……..

The owner comes to rescue the poor puppy
She brings it out and put it on the field
It is hope the small grey puppy going elsewhere
Maybe a child may just bring the small puppy home

The stray dogs and puppies plenty
The owners can’t be bothered about them
Throwing away the small puppies
Roaming aimlessly dying on the streets
Of hunger of no place to stay


I don’t want to talk about it
I don’t want to think
I don’t want to know
The world I am living in

I don’t want to know
I don’t want to think
I don’t want to talk about it
I am living in this crazy world

Every turn I take
Nobody cares to know
The environment we are living
Going all badly in shape

I don’t want to think
I don’t want to know
I don’t want to talk about it
The world is drowning me

When I think about it
Many religions fighting for a price
It is the human soul it wants to occupy
Telling you better make choice quickly
Time is running out for our race

So I sit down
Watch the sunset glow
On my own thinking of nothing else
The world I am living in
It takes my dreams away


Religions challenge
Tracking the truth

Brewing mantras
Different people various interpretations
Linking it all back
The Lord of chess games

The Holy Quran says
“Islam is my religion”
So the rest shouldn’t be around?
When these religions flourished
Before the onslaught of Islam

Finally God says his religion
Will it be too late for the rest?
Traditions and thousand years passed
Will His people adopt the change?

For every epoch of human history
God destroys He makes new one again
And the whole chess games begin
Now the current epoch approaching its term
Will the people learn quickly understand His ways?

The ancient records about the end of time
In 2012 else it will fall on 2030
Yet here we are at our cross-roads
Challenging each other; killing to rule
Giving peace and tolerance hardly getting any where

Will we all disappear like the epochs of human history?
We never listen to the words; we never attempt to change
And those who try we make them suffer pain
In the name of Allah we have forgotten

Friday, November 28, 2008


In crimes nothing is too long in prison
Dare to inflict pain and death
The accused must dare to face the consequences
There is no middle ground to argue about it

Every life and object
It has a life of its own
Don’t do it recklessly
Thinking it isn’t one’s own skin

The law of master and slave long time gone
If people can’t value domestic help
These people shouldn’t hire them
Don’t treat another human like slavery

It is always a tragedy
When employers lose humanity skills
Engaging domestic helpers then mistreated them
I heard so many stories about the poor helpers
Willing to sacrifice family life to earn some money
So that families back home can enjoy life

The court of law
Mete out the maximum jail sentence
We can’t afford to hear stories
About employers running amok
On the helpless domestic workers

If these people can’t honor human lives
It is better they do it themselves
People come from afar
To earn a living for their families

Though I know of stories
About domestic helpers killing employers
Of too much rules and rigidity
Of lovers and affairs……….


The Muslim tomboyish women
Where will you hide now?
The fatwa edict banning guys’ dressing
Shaming you taking away your freedom

You can’t wear pant
You must dress like women
Parading for guys to say
You have no choice

Where will you hide now?
The personal choices come under attack
You must know how it is going to come down
Women can’t be like men

It is hard to understand
When feeling wants to be a man
Likewise with guys who want to be women
You have no choice
Your religion takes it all away
The choices you want to make

Maybe you should try
Be like woman see how it goes
Change it around feel the surrounding
You may want it I may not know


Firefighters try to douse flames at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. A trickle of bodies and hostages emerged from the luxury hotel Thursday as Indian commandoes tried to free people trapped by suspected Muslim militants who attacked at least 10 targets in India's financial capital of Mumbai, killing people.

The fire burning
Mumbai cries in distress
Over 100 massacred
The innocents suffering

The Islamic militants
Why have they brought shame to Islam?
Gunning people to push their brand
Of Islamic militancy bringing bad name to Islam!

Plumes of smoke billowing
On the high Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel
Running battles with the military
What a waste of human lives!

What have these Islamic militants thought?
Going to heavens fighting for Allah?
It isn’t the way He commands
You better ‘jihad’ yourself
Before you go telling others what to do

The fire burning
Plumes of smoke billowing
The wind breezing through
Carrying the messages
You bring shame to Islam!


Immunity for the rulers
It shouldn’t be there again
Dr M had his foresight
So let all people equal in the law

Nobody should be advantaged
When answering in the eye of the law
Every one including the rulers
Be penalized for breaking any law

Now the rulers and regents
They may want back immunity
In this progressive nation
It is time the law runs supreme

In Islamic principles
Every one is equal before Allah
Nothing about status; nothing about royalty
All pray equally bowing to the Lord

There are other safe guards for the Rulers
Under the Federal Constitution
As for now the amendment should stay
For the good of the people and nation

Thursday, November 27, 2008


The BN government sings
Beautifully the leaders think
Out of tune in most people ears
Painting strong economic fundamentals
They are just fooling with our tax money

Our economy isn’t standing alone
It has to challenge into world markets too
Exporting it to the countries………..
When fair trade packages exist

When major developed countries are in troubles
We can’t call the ghost-busters to clean up the mess
There is no way to find ghosts stomping the ground
It is the corruption and greed that dwell the wealth

Big companies fall asking for financial assistance
Spending and expanding beyond its capabilities
Finally the shaky ground breaks the foundations
And we have our leaders singing out of tune
Of economic reality in our shores

And what we hear
Talking ways to control sins
When it doesn’t happen over 50 years ago
Don’t the leaders learn anything at all?

The economic downturn will arrive
The government leaders shouldn’t lie
Don’t issue social statements any more
It is now back to bread and butter issues
Money, money, and more money………


Pray for peace
It is now even as you speak
The fanatics trying to make it worst
For the economy and the world

Peace in our minds
Everyday throughout our lives
Else we will be the pawn
For others to make

The danger of fanaticism
It rules the mind set free the anger
All because we live in shells
We refuse to acknowledge
It is just one race

Our neighbors fiery in their eyes
Frustrations in their minds
Venting anger thinking they will make it right
Friends in anger nothing can be solved
It makes the situation turning bad

Pray for peace
In this time of turbulence
Of raging storm
We must stand to fight
For living harmoniously
Else we are goner of our doing


The global turmoil
The bailouts and fall outs
The world seems to stand still
Watching the acidic drilling in our minds

The economic packages
Big companies calling for assistance
Yet they are leaders ignoring them
To find your own ways

The Thais demonstrate
The army pulls in with the crowd
Asking the government to hold fresh election
Why it happen in Thailand capital city?
Disillusion and lost confidence

Mumbai rocks by blasts
Islamic militants hit the ground
Here the Fatwa Council edicts
Tomboyish dressing for women
Yoga and what else?

When bread and butter issues
Conveniently ignoring the people
And the government leaders still think
Malaysia is economically stable
Whom are the government leaders kidding?
5 years old kids running in the parks?

Along the rumbles
PR waits
No more rhetoric deadline
This time Anwar works quietly

Najib may not sit on his throne
Though it seems likely as this moment
It never ends until the final whistle
Don’t we forget in any game of play?

The ball is rolling
The dice is spinning
The spin doctors work magic
And we wait crossing fingers
Others go pray for deliverance
Of justice and freedom


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The small things
The authority spends so much time on it
When decades of exercising feeling the flow
Now someone wants to impede

The serious business
The authority sleeps on it
Crimes, corruptions, injustices
Laws passed; unfairly treated

Only small things
The authority makes so much noise
Dishing it out without realizing it
The menu is the ingredients blending perfectly

One can’t live in a shell
Telling others to back off
When engagements will bring fruitful knowledge
Think out of the box
The way The Lord wants His children to do
Yet somehow corrupted minds spin

So you think you go to paradise?
Sit and think about it
Hell is where all will be gone
If we don’t wake up soon

Our world may just collapse
The ancient has spoken and recorded
On history why so many waves of human species?
One race destroyed another takes over

And we are fighting
This is my rights; this is your rights
We never even cross the bridge to heavens
We live in our own shells…

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The bedroom scenes
The private rendezvous
And in the parks; broken cars rock
Of the agility lovers
Initiating moves of over 5,000 years ago
In India the spiritual gurus and martial artists
Leading the world the trademarks until today

Don’t spend money asking sex experts
It is written in kama sutra the many ways of sex
The erotic, the sensual, the sexual, the unnatural but sex
The herbs required if you can understand it
And the methods to prop up one condiments

Learn the many ways of sexual positions
The sleeping, doggy, spooning, missionary
Back to back, wheelbarrow to market….
So many ways to enjoy a good exercise
Yet in this world we have problems….

And it never ends………..
The newspapers full of it
The guidebook of the ancient
Every one should take time to study
It worth the effort for one’s good
In relationships and beyond………


I never like Bangkok
I went there years ago
At least I knew……….

For night entertainments
All the women parade in a row
Of the flesh trade so easy to find
Money talk services provide
No question no language barrier
Show the money
Everything can be found

Even filling forms
You can’t understand Thai
No problem pay money
Somebody will come by

Night life in Bangkok
The sleazy bars and nightclubs
Drugs and drunkards
No difference here too
It is money making the rounds

Somebody wants to blame Thaksin
Of the ills the country faces
The people should blame the military
Staging coups in history

All the pent up frustrations
Rallying on the streets
What do the police do?
What do the military do?

Let them have their plays
International broadcasts no face to Thais
They are suppose to be very polite
Now the rules have changed

Bangkok zoo
Caged in and roaring away
Angry voices hungry vices
Money still talks
Why blame Thaksin?
He is away on holidays


Peaceful vigils
Police close the doors
Even applying for permits
All silly rules on the dot

We are civilized people
What have gone wrong?
Peaceful gathering in the parks
It can’t be done any more

Police will come
Trucks and personnel
Angry faces as if we make them
Away from their loved ones or favorite shows
Hitting batons on shields like children getting angry
When parents take away their favorite toys

BN says don’t ape the Colonial
With this piece of law BN pockets it
Using it for its own purposes
Even its goons say it so………..

When they march in public demonstration
No police came nor arrest made
On the door steps of the police station
Allowing them to make report
Carrying banners saying about their race
Hello this is Malaysia
We are Malaysians
BN never learns after March 8
Still arrogant and aren’t finding ways to change

So here we are again
Every weekend lighting candles praying
Wishing new light will shine tomorrow
Let the MPs switch allegiance
Not for their party but for Malaysia

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ring the bell
Few walk in to tell
A story dished out in the press
About a Mongolian woman dead and gone

Why she died?
What crime she done?
Got affairs couldn’t let go?
Knowing the players in high demand
Else she knew too much
She could derail one’s ambition plan

Ring the bell
Statutory declarations
One got into court
One got to go holiday

Who gave the order?
The poor woman must die
There is a link
Only the players run around
No one dares to sing

The drum beat
People can’t believe
One got free
Now he sings

One still fighting
In court of law
He believes what is right
Now he has to tell
With documentary evidence
Else he is going for the fall

Ring the bell
The people perception rule
Why never call the principle players?
Why silences hang over them?

Will the truth be found?
Ring the bell
The toll rate will tell
Business and power my dear Watson
This is why…..


Oh Chief!
Why so afraid?
Of the men in blue
Running your state

You are the commanding in chief
The lord of the state
Elected by the people
For the people
Now where is your royalty?
Blowing off with the wind?

Oh Chief!
We have faith in you
The corporate world once knew you
Now you are running a state
Where is the managing gone?

Don’t let the men in blue
Holding you showing no respect of your office
Tell them what you want for your state
If the men in blue refuse to respect
Let them out of your domain
You don’t have to play their games

Oh Chief!
You don’t listen do you?
Tell the men in blue
If they don’t listen to you
Ask them to go elsewhere
Destroying the peace of candles light vigils
When they have better things to do

Crimes dancing rock and roll
For the men in blue busy catching the innocents
Surrounding them treated them like criminals
View the video recordings is just 5 minutes will do
You were once known for the minute details
Now where has it all gone?

O Chief!
Walk the title you hold
Be the chief the corporate world once knew
Let the men in blue know their roles
Follow your instructions for the state you manage
Else pack the CPO out of the state
You don’t need him to tarnish your image


You do exercise for health
Don’t do the extreme routines
It isn’t beneficial for the adults
You will get worst in later years

Do the motion that help
The simple routines every one can do
The simple stretching exercises
It is good for the body and blood circulation

You only need 5 minutes a day
To get it warm up and feel so great
To do all these exercises in yoga
One has to practice it while still young

When age has caught up with you
You should know which ones suit your style
Our bones are stiff enjoying its good life
It doesn’t want any more unnecessary routines
Of the extreme kind to offset its rhythm

Do a little bit of exercise
It is good for your health
Only 5 minutes a day
You don’t have to worry
About your head and limps falling apart
It will gel you perfectly in years to come


By StickWare on Flickr

Women always the poorer
In everything you do in this world
You want to act and dress like guys
You are disallowed by religious edicts

Even learning skillful exercises for health
You are again banned for exposing too much
You invite unwarranted erotic desires of men
You are only suppose to do behind closed doors

Men the predators always on the move
Searching for preys looking for innovative ways
To catch the unwary women alone waiting
On the streets; in the homes; in the cars

Women everything you want to do
Men decide for you
You have no say though you protests
In every possible way you can

Now you better be aware
Men try to prey on you
They look gentlemen, kindly faces
Passing you business cards
As everyone uses to do

You better decline
You don’t know what these guys will do
It is reported about these business cards
It contains a drug called “Burundanga”
It makes you losing your mind for awhile
You don’t know what is happening

It is 4 times dangerous than the date rape drug
So women you are always on the men’s minds
The guys always look for ways to entrap you
So watch out when you are alone
Women be wary of the business cards
It is cheap to print; it isn’t cheap when you got hooked
You lose many so don’t ignore….

Monday, November 24, 2008

there is hope yet

The sleeping beauty’s lucky number 13
Irene Fernandez got acquitted today
Joy to all remember those still behind bars
Relinquishing for years waiting for justice done

Maybe the long petition
It got him to do right it
Lucky 13 finally came to rescue
A judge so impartial let her go

A small light in the darkness
People like Irene not many come our way
Fighting for her passionate believe
Every human has a right to freedom

Colors and creed have no difference
Irene goes out to give a helping hand
In pursuit of her caring life
She is persecuted unfairly

Instead of studying in truth
The government wants it to hide
Now there is a glimmer of hope
The Judiciary may turn around

Allah, the Merciful and Kind
He listens now He grants His grace
Not much though but a hope of light
We should try; never give up the fight
For truth prevails in pursuit of freedom

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY..............

All work and no play
What do you get?

Don’t tell me
Tell yourself

Emotional drain
High tension on the vein

You expect it to go away
It will not unless you release it

So what do people do?
Play games, play sex
Drinking till late hours
Tomorrow they hope
Something new to fight

All work and no play
The tension builds up

Don’t tell me
Tell yourself

For it is the end
I am free of all
Sitting in my garden
Listening to hummingbirds


Good names silly ones
The parents’ name their children
The emotional drawback children face
Butt of jokes in school and in adult life

Some say it is for the good
To avoid the evil spirits to claim children lives
Name them the silly names
Fooling the evil ones and let the children grow
It isn’t easy to let go………………
The world of the unknown

The consulting mediums
The godly advices dispatching to worry parents
And so the tradition of avoiding death at young
The evil spirits let them live

For the Asians
Life is important than names
As long as the children can live
They should face life positively
Though the jokes will be spoken

For the English
I am not in their league
So I can’t figure out why
When the children’s names too
Sound silly and butt of jokes
Honey, darling, clay, bitch

Good names silly names
Parents think their choices
Ink permanently in a child life
A chance to grow for the unfortunate ones
So no evil will come early in their lives


Don’t think you are healthy
You shall not get sick…….
Exercise regularly and eat properly
Masticate fruits in plenty……….
Life is rosy

You forget one thing
It is God’s will
If He wants you to fall sick
You can’t escape
You can’t say no

See it happens to me
Today I haven’t recovered fully
I fell ill on Saturday
Vomiting and perching
Later I got headache

For one and half days
I never consume solid food
I took biscuits, powdered milk
And 100 plus drink to control the vomiting
And one or two grapes
And a lot of resting

Today I am not fully recovered
I still feel the headache roaming in me
So I guess I should take another day rest
The rule of thumb it will be 3 days

So don’t think you are healthy
There will not be a sickness
It isn’t what you think…..
It is God’s will
You can’t escape

Sunday, November 23, 2008


God is great
In His wisdom he tells us
Don’t judge onto others
When you don’t want others to judge you

Jakim bans tomboyish women
Jakim rules yoga shouldn’t be practiced by Muslims
About homosexuals there are worst than committing murders
Do the religious officials forget we are the children of God?

Don’t they sit down and think?
Why God makes these people?
It is asking us to show compassion
The way they are not to condemn them

There are many colored people
Black, white, brown and albino
Likewise there are many born in different concepts
Allowing the ordinary people to show compassion

When we condemned others
We don’t go to heavens
We should help these people
Maybe if we save one; we save the world

I am not going to argue
The religious authority
Of any faith to pursue its edits

God is testing us
And we fail on the wayside
The religious scholars
They are no better
Then the common thieves and conmen

Love your neighbors
Jihad on oneself
Know what God is testing us
We have failed to grasp His ways
And so we have problems
Ancient, current and tomorrow

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Money in hand
The leaders have to justify
On the funding

Where they find?
The virgin Botanical Gardens
Quiet air fresh loitering in nature
The leaders just can’t let it be

They look for ways
To make use of it’s funding
Out come the money grabbers
Let’s us build concrete structures

The rape of nature
All because of money
Developments of concrete
They should use natural woods

Will Botanical Gardens retain its fa├žade?
Cool fresh air easy walking around
Smell the aroma of fresh breeze
It has been ages I haven’t been there

The ‘fetish’ minds
On Botanical Gardens rows
No denying the raping
Of the natural flow


Declare assets?
Afraid to disclose I suppose
Delaying it giving excuses
Why so difficult to go CAT?

Walk the talk
Don’t wait for uniform
Does it now; let the people screen
The truth of one’s wealth

Assets declaration forms
Any company will have a list
Go and get one improvise on it
Why a turtle crawl?
Run like the rabbit
Later take a nap…..

In the snooze think about it
Delaying tactics ruin the CAT
Speaking of it doesn’t implement
It holds bad karma in politics

Pakatan Rakyat government
Don’t play games of BN
You are elected for change
So make it worth our votes
Putting you to get it done

Declare assets
Don’t delay any more
And catch the mouse


When time has come
When the game is done
When the power is clipped
When people want you to go
You have to say goodbye

You have tasted power
Ruling it for years
Now age has got into you
Let a new person takes the lead

It is no use telling
What you think in the ring
The party is sinking
Into the depths of power crazy

Of deceiving own
Let ‘jihad’ be on yourself
Clean up the act go gracefully
You have your day
Now let someone drives away

When the time has come
You go with a smile
Wave goodbye
Don’t ever look back


The carriers sing
Telling the people
You have a good leader
The country is in good hands

Do you hear?
The carriers strike the chord
Singing tune out of touch
About leadership qualities

Painting a good portrait
About a leader tainted in every perception
Every statement has a hidden agenda
Who can forget about keris dip in racial blood?

Though it was political play
He forgets about multi-racial society
It isn’t about one race
It is about Malaysia

Now the carriers sing
He is the man for the country
Tainted though he could be
The dark knight waits
For the day he will strike
The game isn’t over
For the people hold the cards

Friday, November 21, 2008


Pump petrol price
It should be between $1.10-1.50 per liter
Not what the government agreed at $2.00
The BN government is leeching the people

The crude oil per barrel is hovering around US$53-55
For the past 10 days yet there is no revision
To bring the pump petrol price to $1.50 per liter
The DPM is not honest in his statement

At one time quickly jumped to $0.78 per liter
When the oil price drops BN took its own sweet time
Dropping the prices progressively to protect cronies
Yet the prices of consumers’ goods remain static

Honestly the BN government leeches
The people who voted these leaders into power
It isn’t the peoples’ welfare they thought about
Telling you the government cares…….dropping petrol price
On a staggering basis 4 times only $0.60
When BN government jumped it up immediately to $0.78 in June

Now the crude oil has lowered
BN government takes its time to reduce pump petrol price
It makes one wonders why so slow in cutting down price
Again it is for the cronies companies to create wealth

The people have to grind their teeth
Knowing the prices of consumers’ goods aren’t falling quickly
Go check out the hawkers’ stalls………..
You get the feeling something isn’t flowing

BN government leeching the people
Never want to tell the real reasons
Only to themselves to go for it
Leaving the people finding answers
When their pockets are full of holes already


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The thousand winks
On the stage the sleeping beauty parades
When sleep comes a calling
It is hard to fight in its way

CM of Sarawak
He bites his lips feeling out of place
Staring ahead trying not to see
The sleeping beauty snoozes again!

The sleeping beauty
What is your plan?
By December you make your exit?
As what your warlords want you away

These warlords can’t wait till March 2009
They don’t want to be embarrassed
Knowing you sleep through opening ceremonies
They can’t wait to pack you off to Land of Oz

You will be known as the sleeping beauty
This is the legacy you would leave behind
For the historians to make their presentations
Of a leader who can’t stay awake………..



Women wing
Now they want to contest
After months of saying flip flopping
Now the all out going for broke

The AP Queen for her last hurrah
The term she wants to hold before she goes
The Chihuahua barking out loud and clear
She has finally found her strength to contest

The contest line is set
The winner will stand in ovation
Amongst the women delegates
Cheering for the new leader
To lead the wing

The AP Queen has fought many battles
Nearing her end of her controversial reign
About AP and cronies
Now she knows her term is finally at end
Yet she wants to fight for another round
Before she finally bows out

The Chihuahua knows she has to go in
Too long playing second fiddle without much success
Maybe she gets bully yet she can’t do anything
Now she has found her voice
Time to spread her wings
Else walk into sunset forgetting about her dreams

The AP Queen and Chihuahua
Locked horns to fight their game
In the Women Wing to lead
Over the fence the calling can be heard
They know they have no choice
It is a game they couldn’t back out now


Days and nights
The drumbeats never stop
It keeps drumming
Keeping the people on the toes

Time after time
We hear some good cheers
About petrol and cheap fares
Yet our cost of living
It never changes

Businessmen and hawkers
No change in prices
Giving all kinds of excuses
They only want profits
Nothing else matters

And the government says
Price control it can’t do it all
So the people are at the mercy
Of these businessmen and hawkers

We hear the distance drumming beats
Telling us nothing is good as it seems
Candles night vigils amongst concerned people
Spreading news about the country’s affairs

And the government ministers say
Everything is under control
They don’t say anything else
When we read and know about global financial woes

Days and nights
We worry about our economy
And its fallout on the peoples’ welfare
The government better come clean
Don’t hide behind the bushes
Telling us there are flowers
To give us smile……………..


Where is Bala?
He doesn’t want to show
He gets his money?
Now he disappears

2 SD on file
Bala isn’t around
Hiding somewhere
Counting his blessing

Every day he looks out
He doesn’t want people to know
He has sold his soul
To the Agong

Now he has to come out
Razak Baginda is freed
He has his duty to tell
Why change his story?

His business was poor
He hasn’t enough money to run
Now he and his family disappear
For months……………

People feel he got it made
Interested parties paid to silence him
The two SD will be just in file
Where is Bala?
Police seem not to know

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Razak Baginda about his innocence
Blasting the critics saying he wasn’t
Now that he is free to walk
The prosecutor doesn’t want to appeal

Why no appeal for a murder case?
No reasoning is given for not filing
Perplexing indeed in a murder trial
Now it sounds alright needling the sack

Put in writing in SD
In this way he shows he isn’t afraid
Of the charges against him
Swear on it let the law takes its course

Holding press conference
Telling his story to correct the wrong perception
Razak Baginda should make a SD
So the truth can be finally known

Bala had his two statutory declarations
With Razak Baginda version a basis can be formed
Will Razak go to make his SD?
I doubt it now he walks free

Atlantuya will not rest in peace
Blown into pieces scattered on the remote ground
Lying in pitiful pieces soul will not let go
Collecting the pieces to make it whole

Atlantuya is waiting
For her due from people who destroyed her
In the twilight darkness she roams
Until the culprits pay for her life lost
Into pieces scattered everywhere


60,000 undergraduates unemployed
Loafing around wasting talents
Back at home loitering in complexes
Passing time waiting for jobs to come by

Does BN government understand why?
Unemployed graduates every time
Languages skill they don’t have
English language the world uses
Companies need them to speak and write
Dealing with contacts locally and overseas

Yet the BN government doggedly pursues
Bahasa Malaysia for all citizens……………….
It never really wants to encourage learning languages
It is the future of these students to master it
On English language to get a head start into employment

No the BN government can’t think outside the box
Doggedly pursuing the malay agendas
Now what the country gets for her troubles
Wasting talents loitering around
In villages and complexes

The human resources
The harnessing let to waste
Yet the BN government doesn’t want to wake up
Learn the lesson; change the concept

60,000 unemployed graduates
Wasting talents and resources
Pitying the parents and taxpayers monies
All gone to waste for BN policies

Learn languages
Nothing to lose for anybody
It can be an asset in one career moves
In business locally and globally
Will the BN government change?
Else we change BN boot it into bin


What do you want?
Heritage or developments
You can’t decide
Catch 22 on the line

Tourism products
Heritage status brings wealth
Tourists will come in plane loads
Visiting the heritage sites

Yet developments must
For the local players to boost economy
Employing thousands on projects
All the year round………

You can’t be greedy
Decide the course of action now
Products approved previously
Before the listing status

Products commence
You can’t take away
Products on the drawing board
It can be negotiated

Heritage or developments
You have to decide
You can’t have both
One has to go


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ISA on the bend
We wish it so
Every night concerned people
Light candles praying hard
To see fairness in our journey
Of peace, rule of law and stability

The way of the devil
Every one must be made aware
Promising gold and diamond
Power and the biased rule of law
The people now realize
They have to make a stand

ISA the ground digging
You won’t stay long in one place
Time you move on
Leave us alone; let us enjoy our freedom

On the black hill
The rumbling is heard
The messages have arrived
“Change else you will be changed”


Where is the hope?
The country badly needs
So much talk so less achievements
Pakatan Rakyat where is the news?

Many promises
Telling it no lies
On the time arrives
Only a whisper in the wind

The bruises in the mind
The hope vanishes with the date
It doesn’t happen on 916
It is all about perception

BN/UMNO staggers
Knowing the glory belongs to it
Nothing has changed
UMNO makes the Malays
Fear of the unknown
Not about Malaysia

Now where is the hope?
Let Malaysia smile
One nation one race
It seems hard to come by

But plan isn’t failed yet
Many failures need one success
Before the end of the year
Glory in the mind
Of the Pakatan Rakyat

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


CJ on the chair
Telling his story
Reporters gathered
Listening to his tales
When he started
As a lawyer

The hard way to get
Bribery to get it done
Telling of his experiences
Reporters eagerly wrote it down

When it was published
CJ couldn’t believe his eyes
He has tainted on his chair
His honesty and integrity in doubt
Peoples’ perception will be different
What now he wants to say?

Like all politicians
Misquoted by reporters
When they had tape recorders
Capturing the words and sounds

Misquoted a disease of the mind
When the truth prevails, CJ wants to hide
Now KS makes police report
Asking CJ to resign

The truth is hard to tell
Saying sorry too falls flat
Twisting stories to hide agendas
Ask for “The 4 Way Test”
It will make living so much so easy


My eyes can’t sleep
Erotic women rising out in my vision
Beautifully crafted tempting fate
Even angels will fall from grace

What’s more with mortal beings?
They can’t escape into sins
The wages of salvation
Giving up souls
Just to be free

The fat mama
A long time to be
Who want to look at her?
Only the mirror
Telling her of her selfish needs

Even Bond girls
Nothing to shout about
The erotic women

God’s work of art
Men ogle in private dreams

The fat belly guys
Smoking pipes powerful lines
The magnetic pull
The attraction bedded
In silky woven caresses
Of the erotic women
Whole day and night
No shopping; no meeting
Speaking peace in silky waves


By taqu on Flickr

Baby learns to walk
Tumbling down on the stairs
Bruises on hands and knees
The learning isn’t over yet

Adults shout in the air
“Don’t walk down the stairs
Hold on the railing
Go slowly look your steps”

When there is mishap
Pointing fingers begin
Parents cross fire
Blaming each other
Grandmother joins the rank
Baby learns to walk

The knocks and bruises
Every one has gone into it
Learning the rope
Many falls before baby makes it right

When you are new
The learning will take some time
A few years to perfect the game
Before you claim you have arrived


Learn to walk
Before you want to run
The days ahead besetting with unknown
Don’t go taking into credit
It can create a false hope

Every one wants an easy life
It isn’t come with a silver spoon
One has to get it the hard way
With brain, sweat and tears

It is too written in the stars
The life journey of one’s fate
One can change it
Not by the ulterior motives

Concentrate what one has
Learn the value then proceed
For the unknowns are many
Every turn you will see

Don’t create a false hope
Living beyond one means
Know the rule of life
One of the hall marks to survive

Build a little nest
Into the future
Materialistic goods
Only with a strong foundation

One can change
The station of one’s life
Knowing the rules
Live within the limits
Don’t go beyond it

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


RPK and the men in blue
He never gets tired of them
Every now and then he is called
For what I can’t understand

Statements many in the file
Poor RPK gets it into his mind
The men in blue trying to put pressures
For RPK isn’t the big politician

Important work the men in blue
They don’t try to do
Catching the innocents
The crime lords they can’t see at all

Even reports on PM and DPM
By UMNO veteran members
On corruption silence in the hall
Nothing seems to wake the men in blue

Even Ronnie Liu can’t escape
After one year the police came
A state cabinet minister blocked by 8 men in blue
On his way to his state cabinet meeting

It smells of double standard
UMNO bigwigs nothing comes out of it
All opposition members and civil rights people
The men in blue come knocking at your doors

RPK goes again
The men in blue has a fate with him
He makes of sturdy stuff
The Bugis warrior never runs away

Men in blue
Play fair by the law
You are paid by the taxpayers
Don’t bite the hands that feed you
It isn’t fair when you go after the innocents
Helpless without command

For once know what you do
Don’t be fooled by the bigwigs
Using you for their own agendas
Blaming the innocents
As they escape in their hideout


Laws and fear
The power that be will use
Let the people know
Don’t staging at my doors
About protests of misusing power

The men in blue
Charging at you
Intimidation on the streets
With full gears to instill fear
On the people
Willing to protests

When the laws one sided affairs
Civic conscious people will defend rights
Of choices and freedom
Defending it without fear and prejudices

Only the tyrants
Going after it
Protecting the crown
They don’t want it disappear

Laws and fear
The men in blue instill
On the orders of the government leaders
Let the people taste it
Put them in behind bars

Laws and fear
The way to check the protestors
Label them as nuisance
Tell them they shouldn’t break the peace
Amongst the people and the rule of law


The men in blue
Neutrality never arrives
They go after the innocents
With batons and water cannons

All because BN leaders say
‘Don’t let the people get away
Don’t let the people have their say’
The men in blue
Forget they are paid
By the taxes of the people
They want to arrest

The men in blue
Crime rates shoot up
They close one eye
Letting it escalates
They don’t use batons and water cannons
They are helpless sitting around

The neutrality they stand
No order from the BN leaders
So they can’t charge
Look at Mat Rempit
A menace in our society

The men in blue
Wake up do your job
Play fair in carrying out your duties
No lopsided investigations
They are famous for it

The men in blue
Tattered images hard to skip
They don’t realize
Pushing the people in a tight corner
They will retaliate
Forming new government

Don’t show blind allegiance
Do your job fairly without fear and favor
Catch the culprits and put them behind bars
Don’t let them tempt you with careers advancement
And monetary rewards for job well done



We need angels
On the candles vigils
No to ISA
The people have awoken

The camouflage of darkness
The dim light brightens
We need angels
To show us the way

Maybe police officers
They just hang around
Looking at the peaceful gathering
No need to show their badges

We need angels
To reach our destiny
No to ISA
It will come true
In our time


Don’t change road names
It is history of the time
Let the people remember
Why it was name then?

Popular figures
Look for elsewhere to name
A new housing estate
A new road to put up

Don’t change road names
About history before our time
Let it be known of that era
We should put up new ones
When the needs arise

New schools, new streets
New monuments, new housing estates
There are ways to honor those people
It shouldn’t replace street names
It is meant for that time
When we talk about history

So don’t change road names
Find new ways to put it up
It defeats a purpose
About history then


Step by step
The BN government walks
On the petrol price reduction
So favorite with $0.15 cents

It takes the government
A long walk to come to term
About the price reduction on barrel of crude oil
It is always on the companies

When the cost of crude oil jumps
Immediately it will impose a hefty increase
Citing so many faraway examples
Forgetting the country is oil producing

Now we read
Step by step
The BN government walks
Don’t the leaders know about projection?
For a month or quarterly basis

No Sir!
It is still on the oil companies
Giving them to deal fairly with its dealers
The people can wait
Holding on to their tightening pockets

Monday, November 17, 2008


Candles vigils at DR Seenivasagam Park Ipoh

Candles vigils in the night
Common folks come near and far
On the open space for the common goal
Let ISA goes to sleep

Singing songs to ease the pain
Of those who never get to trial
What is law when it is unfairly treated?
On the people who lived through it

Candles vigils in the night
Freedom fighters blaze the trails
Common folks come together
Sharing a common night vigil

And the police snarling voices
Ringing far into the night
Common folks pay no heed
Time to sing songs of peace

And the government jumping mad
Elected by the people the leaders forget
Taking laws into their hands
They want to punish those who go against

Candles vigils in the night
Common faces someone in jail
Open spaces for the common goal
Let ISA goes to sleep


The laws enacted to be fair
The law makers think it is so
In the hands of the power crazy
The laws used for personal glory

What law is in you?
It is so hard to say sorry
Ganging up to protect
The wrongs they want to hide

Anybody who tries
Open up the can of worms
The laws will come
Running by the barking dogs
Giving you no leeway to defend

By the laws decreed
It is hard to get away
The Judiciary can’t practice its freedom
Follow the rules let them rot in jail

So you see
The lawmakers never think
Enactment done they forget
The laws have become
The freedom of choices runs
Only the powerful with our votes smile
On top of the hill waving at our distress

As the wind blowing through
They think they are gods on the hill
Only a temporary shelter
When the time comes
We will make them history
On this day………………..

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Obama says
Give me your vote
I will make change
With you with me

The elites say
Give me your vote
I plunder your wealth
I help my cronies
I leave you the crumbs

Obama says
I make change
In your life
With me
As we stand together

The elites say
We make change
Of ourselves
With you as our lap dogs
Barking aimlessly day and night

And we say
We have enough
We want our own
The way we dream and cherish
A peaceful nation
One race in unity
We make our change


the weeping angel

Razak Baginda no appeal
The prosecution declined to file it
Leaving him legally free
Why change of tactic?

Atlantuya will not go peacefully
She will seek her revenge on her pieces flying
In the air into dreams
The price must pay
For a lost life

So many loopholes
On her case arises
Important people aren’t call
To reflect on the case
These people could be directly involved
In execution its chain of crime

Now we watch
And read what the prosecution will do
Maybe preparing lack of prima facie evidence
So the other 2 will be set free

Who ordered the execution?
Who ordered the release of C4?
Who ordered the destroying of immigration records?
Who ordered the covering up of the case?
Who ordered to play along in the court?

Many questions and loopholes
The prosecution isn’t filing an appeal
Leaving him legally free
Only Atlantuya weeps
Until she seeks her justice


Racial tones
Plenty in the air
In multi-racial country
We can’t escape the branding

A child doesn’t know
The colors of any skin
Of the environment
Of the people a child sees and meets

A child just follows
What the parents tell
No question no argument
Just give toys and video games
A child is joyously jumping with glee

Does a child know about racist tones?
In the child’s world everything is peaceful
Only occasionally parents whack
For being naughty never listening to orders

Scoring points on race
It defeats its purpose to argue
It is always would be better
Let the best person fill the quota
In any job be it in private and public entities

So it is better
Don’t look into color of one skin
We are humans the best of the list
God created to rule His world

But we never learn
Each race trying to exert its supremacy
Instead of preparing together
To make this world a better place to stay and live
Peacefully, harmoniously interlinked, happily
Into our lives here and beyond……..


Semi-value wants to go on
He doesn’t want to let go
He still thinks he has his unfinished business
In 30 years he seems he can’t finish it

So he will try
‘Give me this last chance
I want to finish it
My agendas for my kind’

Will the followers heed his call?
They should retire him for good
He brings severe handicap to his people
Many on the lower rank can’t take it any more

When Hindraf sweeps along
The people welcome it for a change
Fighting to put the social cake in order
Only big brother in the coalition doesn’t agree

So in the lowest social ladder
The people slog it out
Praying and crying for something
Be fair with their labor
And their sacrifices to the nation

But do the leaders heed the call?
Semi-value should go, period
He has no business to helm it
As a leader he has failed
Hindraf says it
So was March 8
It’s time you go Semi-value
You have stayed your welcome

Friday, November 14, 2008


Camera, rolling and action!
In reality one has to know
It runs both ways
Respect of space

Politicians know
Publicity good and bad
On what they do
On how they behave

When it is politely asked
One shouldn’t take offense
Responsibility comes to play
Ignoring it action can be taken

Camera, rolling and action!
Grounded rules fair roles
We all act on it everyday
Yet there are hindrances

The authority barricades
In laws and actions fencing
You are free only the eyes can see
Within the space provides


Honesty isn’t in the police vocabulary
Peaceful gathering isn’t an illegal group
Though the law says permit must be obtained
To protect the public interests………………

So those who practice Tai Chi in public parks
In the early morning and evening must apply for permits?
And those who gather with others for jogs and walking
They must apply permits too?

The law says above 4 persons…………..
A police permit is required
It is time to review this piece of law
I remembered once back in Klang
I was detained in my parent house
There were 5 of us loitering around on the compound
The off duty police officer said it was illegal
I challenged him and he pulled me out to police station
I was saved by the village headman who intervened

Now we heard Chor said again
Simply shot off his mouth
He should view the video recording
Before he said it off in the press

Why say sorry it so difficult?
Spinning lies to justify action?
It will look bad on the police
Its image has already tarnished
Yet the police don’t want to improve
It has drawn itself into the dark world

As long as it is an open space
Holding candles walking in it
Is it wrong to gather with like minded people?
Airing our grievances together in a quiet and peaceful manner
And the police say it is against public order………
When UMNO leaders do it, it is another story


Beautiful face free promotions
For Penang Island so MPPP waives
PR government willing to tag along
Free publicity returns aplenty

Now the laughing stock
People pointing figures
CAT credo what gone wrong?
Allowing it to go on
Without deposit and guarantee
On a heritage site

Esplanade cannons can’t fire
It has no cannon so it stays quiet
So quiet until the tennis bang
It falls on a whimper
Hardly raise a sweat

Simple basic rules
In business one forgets
Promises isn’t on paper
Now who will task to bear?

LGE has to explain
Learn lessons well I say
CAT must be practiced
Every time every day every breathe
Even on stage delivering speeches

Learn the Rotary’s Way
The 4 Way Test………
Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendship?
And finally will it be Beneficial to all concerned?


Races, races everywhere
Name the country will you?
Race has no place for unity
As it is one in a country

Only racist will say
Race is important to forge ahead
Get the benefits and ample opportunities
When racist policies give a leg up on it

Races, races everywhere
Where is unity may I ask?
The country is one
Why forget the badge in your soul?

Give the best person for the job
Let no racial issues drop on the track
The best for the country
As one, progresses will be found

Races, races everywhere
Don’t forget the country you belong
In unity progress will be swift

Don’t forget the badge in your soul
In it is where you are recognize
The soul of you, the soul of the country too
The opportunities equally shared
For the best will share with the rest


MCA troubles brewing
Grace and compassion
It isn’t in the vocabulary
The axe drops on the losers
Even though they garnered huge votes

MCA deputy president sideline
He isn’t recognized in his post?
Though he is a gentleman
He stands up for his wrong
Publicly takes the rap of his personal affairs
Though he knows he shouldn’t succumb in the first place
As lust yearns for release, he tempts his ordeal

Now the delegates choose him
So, why the president put him aside?
In unity no winner should take all
It is greed why the leader would fall

Delegates are the king makers
Picking their choices to lead
Any president of a party should know
You can’t front your own ideals
Delegates are the ones who play the game

OKC too is left out in the cold
In party he says he is a party man
The grassroots know problems will arise
MCA is going to fall this time…………

Grace in winning
Compassionate in recognizing losers
They are leaders in the party
A president should know
Don’t dump them away
The party will fall eventually

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Time to let go
The old man can’t
He still wants to say his way
He had his chances
He seems he forgets

Now no party
UMNO too he let go
What is he trying to say?
Malay supremacy

Malaysia for Malaysians
Race shouldn’t be the bargain chip
It has to put to rest
Into the history of our time

The world can’t wait
Time too is clicking away
Here we still harping on racial issues
Fighting for survival
The politicians want their way

The world economy is hitting hard
The politicians keep talking nothing will come
The old man thinks he has his solutions
He wants to play his way

No party yet he keeps talking
About race and supremacy
Doesn’t he know he has his chance?
Now he has to let go

The old man should talk about Malaysia
And her people called Malaysians
For once he should step out of his box
Talk like a true Malaysian
Not about race not about race politics

We want to stand tall
Challenging the world
So we mustn’t talk about race
It has to be Malaysian
Marching forward


Big blow Penang: A tennis enthusiast watches from the newly-erected stands as locals walk on a court built specially for the Kings of Tennis tournament. The historic Esplanade field was dug up and tarred over for the big event scheduled for Friday. However, with the tournament called off, organisers are now looking at a huge loss of RM17.5mil. And they have to get the field back into its original condition. — RONNIE CHIN/ The Star

The Big Bang of tennis
It was gone just like that
Hustling about money
The Esplanade is left crying

No airing to the world
Of the true historical ground
Wooing tourists to come
Now only the emptiness
And losses to count

Why it gone wrong?
In the last hurdle to boot
A sad disgrace in our lives
When event of this statue
It turned humpty dumpty
Falling out on his chair

The headaches now become
The organizers too
Now the Esplanade
Abandoned misused

The crying of the sea
The waves lashing on the shore
Staring at the empty ground
The Esplanade is left crying


Bali bombers 3
In the end they died by firing squad
For crimes committed against innocents
Claiming under the misconception of jihad

Islam doesn’t allow violence
It wants peace and living harmoniously with others
Telling others this is how Muslims doing it
Now fundamentalists going in
Like the other religions
It has diverted its true calling

Bali bombers 3
Relatives and friends couldn’t accept it
When 220 lost their lives
What they were thinking?
Celebrating for taking lives?

Go back to the core issues
Islam isn’t for personal glory
Islam isn’t for taking lives
Saying it is working for Allah
Spreading its wings to the world

Don’t they learn slow and steady win the race?
Sacrifices to tell and teach others about Islam
Show patience and willingness to go the mile
It isn’t about taking lives
These militants of corrupted minds
They give a bad name
And I am ashamed
Of the burden many like me
We have to carry in our lives


Pit of fire
You like them
You hate them

Every time you read
There something isn’t right
Benefitting one race
Others spreading out thinly

When you ask
Politicians say it is a game
Playing to the gallery
Balancing their act

Racial party politicians
When party election arrives
Sprouting words defending their race and rights
Leaving others wondering why…………

One voice one nation
They can’t tell it
They have to play acting
Life of politicians
It is always the 3Ps
You and I always on the sideline
Carrying our placards or candles
Crying where is our rights?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


He doesn’t want to apologize
Standing on his ground
Gazing fiercely thinking he was right
Of his men in blue
Charging the peaceful vigils

Singing national anthem
People of the nation
Yet the men in blue
Ignore it came charging
Like Bursa Malaysia
The melting down…….

BN ministers
Double track lines
How to tell them to say sorry?
Unless we change them!

Showing him the video recording
He denied it though he knew
Telling lies easy to escape punishment
So he thought he could

The whispering of change
The wind carries through the messages
It will happen in our times
Soon the Humpty Dumpty will fall

Now do what is right
Peacefully no provocation
Let the lights shine
The change will arrive


Go to fullsize image
By wooac on Flickr

When we speak as One Nation
When we tell others as One people
Then we can enrich ourselves and the world

Right now race it is
Every line every bit on the gravy train
It is so good to dip fingers into it
Feel the power of money
It makes it easy

So race becomes a setback
For the country marching to progress
The divide and rule tactics
Learning from the British

Even talking about equity shares
Forever it will not hit the target
Every time cronies get the stakes
They sell it in the open market
So it slides back to square one

It never ends
Unless the people change the government
You see for the present leaders to pass similar law
They pretend they never hear it at all

One Nation One people
The whirring whisper will make it
By events and lies, cronies and corruption
The people will change the government
It is now rolling only Humpty Dumpty still swinging
Never know he is going to fall…….very soon


What they want to say?
Police CPO and Minister
Telling like it is
Telling lies no crime

The double standard in policing
It isn’t the first day we were born into
It has been 51 years listening to these
‘Maintain law and order for public sake’

When peaceful gathering walking in the park
With candles singing national anthem
Patriotism should be encouraged
But the men in blue wagging tails
Tongue lashing out heat in their eyes

There will be no peaceful gathering
The men in blue shouted and threatening
Creating chaos then blame the peacemakers
The old tactics woven to the men in blue

The men in blue
Crimes so many where are they?
No hunting for these criminals
The crimes blossom men in blue sing

Men in blue
Get the crimes down
Work independently
Why take on the innocents?
Big guns try to close one eye

Nobody is above the law
Even the big guns
So do your work independently
Without fear or favor
Men in blue
You owe it to your consciousness

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


YB LKS last speaker of the night

enthusiastic crowd well behaved too

zorro welcoming speech at DR Seenivasagam park Ipoh