Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I never like Bangkok
I went there years ago
At least I knew……….

For night entertainments
All the women parade in a row
Of the flesh trade so easy to find
Money talk services provide
No question no language barrier
Show the money
Everything can be found

Even filling forms
You can’t understand Thai
No problem pay money
Somebody will come by

Night life in Bangkok
The sleazy bars and nightclubs
Drugs and drunkards
No difference here too
It is money making the rounds

Somebody wants to blame Thaksin
Of the ills the country faces
The people should blame the military
Staging coups in history

All the pent up frustrations
Rallying on the streets
What do the police do?
What do the military do?

Let them have their plays
International broadcasts no face to Thais
They are suppose to be very polite
Now the rules have changed

Bangkok zoo
Caged in and roaring away
Angry voices hungry vices
Money still talks
Why blame Thaksin?
He is away on holidays

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