Friday, November 21, 2008


Pump petrol price
It should be between $1.10-1.50 per liter
Not what the government agreed at $2.00
The BN government is leeching the people

The crude oil per barrel is hovering around US$53-55
For the past 10 days yet there is no revision
To bring the pump petrol price to $1.50 per liter
The DPM is not honest in his statement

At one time quickly jumped to $0.78 per liter
When the oil price drops BN took its own sweet time
Dropping the prices progressively to protect cronies
Yet the prices of consumers’ goods remain static

Honestly the BN government leeches
The people who voted these leaders into power
It isn’t the peoples’ welfare they thought about
Telling you the government cares…….dropping petrol price
On a staggering basis 4 times only $0.60
When BN government jumped it up immediately to $0.78 in June

Now the crude oil has lowered
BN government takes its time to reduce pump petrol price
It makes one wonders why so slow in cutting down price
Again it is for the cronies companies to create wealth

The people have to grind their teeth
Knowing the prices of consumers’ goods aren’t falling quickly
Go check out the hawkers’ stalls………..
You get the feeling something isn’t flowing

BN government leeching the people
Never want to tell the real reasons
Only to themselves to go for it
Leaving the people finding answers
When their pockets are full of holes already

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