Friday, November 14, 2008


Honesty isn’t in the police vocabulary
Peaceful gathering isn’t an illegal group
Though the law says permit must be obtained
To protect the public interests………………

So those who practice Tai Chi in public parks
In the early morning and evening must apply for permits?
And those who gather with others for jogs and walking
They must apply permits too?

The law says above 4 persons…………..
A police permit is required
It is time to review this piece of law
I remembered once back in Klang
I was detained in my parent house
There were 5 of us loitering around on the compound
The off duty police officer said it was illegal
I challenged him and he pulled me out to police station
I was saved by the village headman who intervened

Now we heard Chor said again
Simply shot off his mouth
He should view the video recording
Before he said it off in the press

Why say sorry it so difficult?
Spinning lies to justify action?
It will look bad on the police
Its image has already tarnished
Yet the police don’t want to improve
It has drawn itself into the dark world

As long as it is an open space
Holding candles walking in it
Is it wrong to gather with like minded people?
Airing our grievances together in a quiet and peaceful manner
And the police say it is against public order………
When UMNO leaders do it, it is another story

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