Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Learn to walk
Before you want to run
The days ahead besetting with unknown
Don’t go taking into credit
It can create a false hope

Every one wants an easy life
It isn’t come with a silver spoon
One has to get it the hard way
With brain, sweat and tears

It is too written in the stars
The life journey of one’s fate
One can change it
Not by the ulterior motives

Concentrate what one has
Learn the value then proceed
For the unknowns are many
Every turn you will see

Don’t create a false hope
Living beyond one means
Know the rule of life
One of the hall marks to survive

Build a little nest
Into the future
Materialistic goods
Only with a strong foundation

One can change
The station of one’s life
Knowing the rules
Live within the limits
Don’t go beyond it

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