Tuesday, November 18, 2008


RPK and the men in blue
He never gets tired of them
Every now and then he is called
For what I can’t understand

Statements many in the file
Poor RPK gets it into his mind
The men in blue trying to put pressures
For RPK isn’t the big politician

Important work the men in blue
They don’t try to do
Catching the innocents
The crime lords they can’t see at all

Even reports on PM and DPM
By UMNO veteran members
On corruption silence in the hall
Nothing seems to wake the men in blue

Even Ronnie Liu can’t escape
After one year the police came
A state cabinet minister blocked by 8 men in blue
On his way to his state cabinet meeting

It smells of double standard
UMNO bigwigs nothing comes out of it
All opposition members and civil rights people
The men in blue come knocking at your doors

RPK goes again
The men in blue has a fate with him
He makes of sturdy stuff
The Bugis warrior never runs away

Men in blue
Play fair by the law
You are paid by the taxpayers
Don’t bite the hands that feed you
It isn’t fair when you go after the innocents
Helpless without command

For once know what you do
Don’t be fooled by the bigwigs
Using you for their own agendas
Blaming the innocents
As they escape in their hideout

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