Saturday, November 15, 2008


Racial tones
Plenty in the air
In multi-racial country
We can’t escape the branding

A child doesn’t know
The colors of any skin
Of the environment
Of the people a child sees and meets

A child just follows
What the parents tell
No question no argument
Just give toys and video games
A child is joyously jumping with glee

Does a child know about racist tones?
In the child’s world everything is peaceful
Only occasionally parents whack
For being naughty never listening to orders

Scoring points on race
It defeats its purpose to argue
It is always would be better
Let the best person fill the quota
In any job be it in private and public entities

So it is better
Don’t look into color of one skin
We are humans the best of the list
God created to rule His world

But we never learn
Each race trying to exert its supremacy
Instead of preparing together
To make this world a better place to stay and live
Peacefully, harmoniously interlinked, happily
Into our lives here and beyond……..

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