Tuesday, November 04, 2008


courtesy http://mob1900.blogspot.com

The color black
On the doors and signs
On the walls and window panes
Even the books of law

Judges rule
Dispensing justice we hope
The nature of humans
Cowed by fear consciousness disappear
Here lies the black spot
The history of our nation

Bless with good Feng Shui
Against the natural disasters
Yet the leaders in BN haven’t learned
Brewing lies and twisting facts
All they want ‘My Way’

Commission one after another
Trying to find the truth of it all
When it is done, go to court to fight it out
Delaying the punishment saying by rule of law

You see BN leaders don’t use ISA
On their own kind asking to go to court
Plead their cases and work behind the scenes
‘Be cool. Everything will be handled’

It is people like you and me
We are easy targets to land in Kah Moon Thing
No pleading cases pack our bags
Without trial living in prison for years

When we ask for change
BN leaders brand us different name
Justifying using ISA
We can’t ‘be cool and let it happens’

Our country needs changes
The soonest the better in the end
The way forward isn’t going backwards
I see it will happen in our times
The colors of change

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