Friday, November 14, 2008


MCA troubles brewing
Grace and compassion
It isn’t in the vocabulary
The axe drops on the losers
Even though they garnered huge votes

MCA deputy president sideline
He isn’t recognized in his post?
Though he is a gentleman
He stands up for his wrong
Publicly takes the rap of his personal affairs
Though he knows he shouldn’t succumb in the first place
As lust yearns for release, he tempts his ordeal

Now the delegates choose him
So, why the president put him aside?
In unity no winner should take all
It is greed why the leader would fall

Delegates are the king makers
Picking their choices to lead
Any president of a party should know
You can’t front your own ideals
Delegates are the ones who play the game

OKC too is left out in the cold
In party he says he is a party man
The grassroots know problems will arise
MCA is going to fall this time…………

Grace in winning
Compassionate in recognizing losers
They are leaders in the party
A president should know
Don’t dump them away
The party will fall eventually

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