Friday, May 31, 2013

the dark lord

The dark lord
On his horse looking to the valley
He didn't feel sad or anything
He managed to scrape through

The villagers had revolted
He managed to escape by nick of time
His dark knights slayed by the entrapment
There was no mercy from the villagers

For decades the villagers endured
The high taxes and costs of living high
Whatever produced gone to his stockpile
The villagers had enough of his lordship

When bandits came nobody could escape
The villagers were at their mercy
They demanded payments for protection
When they appealed to the dark lord...

He ignored them totally
So the villagers had enough
They united and put up defences
So when the dark lord came..

The villagers attacked
The dark lord was shock
He couldn't believe his eyes
He saddled up and rode away quickly

Now high on his castle ground
His eyes felt the worst to come
He didn't bother about the villagers
That was his mistake..

the dog on the chain 2

The dog on the chain
Running along the roads
Dragging the chain
The owner never bothers

Sometimes the black dogs
Chasing the dog on the chain
The animal's territory
No outsiders should cross

The loud barking
Sometimes engagement of dog fight
The loser will run away
The dog on the chain

Taking a break outside the fight
The dog on the chain staring at his defeat
The chain ties around its neck
The eyes searching for a sanctuary

the proud peacock

The proud peacock
On the borrowed time
The moment will come
The knife will fly

The clouds sunny and fine
The sea calm and quiet
Look deeper into the blue
The rushing undercurrent prevails

No doubt the facades
The nice smile and colourful lies
Prompting the citizens to go high
Only the structures are termites infested

It will collapse
In the process of the elements
Now the peacock spreads its wings
Look at me I am on high!”

the heavy loads

The heavy loads
On the roads
The big lorries
The long trailers

They rock the roads
The menacing faces
The hot wheels running
'Don't you dare challenge me!”

On the trunk roads
They cause potholes
When they come
Better move aside

The traffic rules
They will try to avoid
The sand lorries
Spilling pebbles

Now the reactionary moves
No entry on peak hours in the cities
Will the enforcement officers work?
In the hot sun, smog and noises?

It has to change
The top to the bottom
The heavy loads
We will pay for the wrong choice

Thursday, May 30, 2013


What is money?
The craze of the mind
Believing it can bring
The joyous good time

The exchanges of a traffic
The goods and services arrive
The easy life the dream of many
But what is money?

The mind never let go
It is the craze for many
The crying in the sleep
Dreaming of the good life

Don't get carried away
Money can't make everything beautiful
It is only good when life is breathing
It is still better to do good deeds

The small ways
The good which comes its day
Everyday words and encouragement
It makes the journey easy

bamboo river

Bamboo River
The crowd gather to light
The solidarity for a common cause
Without fear of the darkness

The whisper of the night
The gathering of candles light
The crowd never seems afraid
Of the blues with the net

The dark rules
The night of stars and moon
The common goal to defend
The offensive rules of intimidation

Bamboo River
The swift flow of its sound
The night shadows with candles light

The support for a common sight

the indelible remarks easy to blow away

We can still sleep
The world goes on living
The dreams of a fair deal
The dreams of rights

Through history the people suffered
In the hands of crooked governments and tyrannies
For decades the masses suffered in sorrow and pain
Praying in unity for divine intervention

When all seemed lost in their eyes
Along came the light and salvation
The decades of suffering forgotten
The joy and freedom to be free

In this Nation a setback in the general election
The majority in popular votes didn't form the government
It is through gerrymandering the minority rules
Yet there is still hope breathing for change

The court cases coming in
We will hear what EC has to say
The indelible remarks easy to blow away
The credibility has all gone

the blues be fair

The intimidation
The police hard to hear
The voices of the people
Let's us be civil and fair

The blues wake up
You aren't paid by the warlords
You are paid by the people
Do us a fair job without fear or favour

Why take so long to bring
The cronies belonging to the ruling elites?
Many police reports had filed
The blues never drive to investigate

The public has known
The double standard the blues go
The opponents will be dragged and charged
Under Sedition Act so quickly

The other side of the coin
The blues never want to go
Afraid to step on the political master?
The public has known long ago

The blues be fair
Do us a favour
Listen to the people
Bring back the honour

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

go holiday

Go holiday
Bonding with children
Visit friends and relatives
Enjoy the tourist spots

If you can't go
Of reasons of health or money
Holiday at home
Surf the net to keep abreast

Maybe read story books
Read books of science and developments
Exercise your mind to make it active
Day dreaming if you think you like

Go holiday
It can be anywhere anytime
As long as you don't get tired
As long as you can refresh your body needs

the day of black

The day of black
It will never go away
As long as there is a reason
The crooked ways

The blues can muscle in
Waxing its muscles flexing its arrogance
When crimes are many unsolved
They don't want to know

It's the political blues
The record player for the ruling elites
Playing back the same old songs
They forget the people know it by repetition

The day of black
The memory will stay back
The day will come for change
The people will never forget

the elements of time

The hard wooden pole
It stands the heat of the sun and time
The years of rain and sunlight
It never cries but holds it steady

The contraction begins
The hairline cracks appear
Though it looks artistic
The broken lines on its body

The timber paint frayed
With the onslaught of heat and rain
It stands challenging of the hardened weather
Of time it takes its toll

Now roll a new coat of paint
It takes the shine for another good day
The heat and rain will come in no time
The wooden pole stands steady once more

it is better to be late

Why go in a hurry?
Why don't wait for a time?
As long as you don't cheat
Telling no lies

Impatience brings tragedy
For a few seconds make a difference
Hold the horses smile at the greedy
The dark angels wanting souls in ready

The tragedy on the river
It shouldn't have happened
If the operator knows what will happen
If the authority keeps a close watch

Impatience and greed
In a hurry to get to destination
The people don't stop and think
The death current makes the killing

Why forget safety?
It is always better be late then be sorry
We don't have many lives to live
Once we forget is the end of the road

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sabah illegals

Sabah illegals
The authorities dare not go
On the island of squatters
They stay as they wish

Taking jobs to live
They go freely
The police and immigration
Nobody wants to lift a finger

I saw the living conditions
Right in the centre of town
The illegals live freely
Enjoying the benefits

It is said it was the work of Bee Anne
And the partners those decades ago
Allowing them to stay put
Allowing them to vote

Now the past haunting Bee Anne
The illegals currying favours for themselves
The silence of treason wanting to forget
The population of illegals can't escape

The Sabah RCI digs up the dirty work
The witnesses told what they did
The culprits must be charged for treason
They are still living on this land

the election petitions

The election petitions
The filing will be done
In June Pakatan Rakyat
The challenging of the rules

Though the courts
We know what it will be
The brave souls are wanting
In the game of political wills

Taking oath of office
Will the judges come to our rescue?
The long dark road to intimidation
Will the defenders show their worth?

The rules of the game
The Constitution shouldn't fail
The laws serving the political warlords

The judges should do the right way

paa act

A new skin with old rules
Born it out in midnight oil
Passing in a hurry

It goes against the Constitution
The peaceful assembly enshrined for the people
Any grievances or dissatisfactions to assemble peacefully
Now it takes away our rights

We have to give notice 10 days
Before any such event is staged or organized
It defeats the purpose of on the spot assembly
The rights of the people taken away

The judges who hear the cases
The police charge the opposition
Though there is a rule just to notify the police
The rights of peaceful assembly must be fulfilled

The judges must be honest
They swear and to uphold the Constitution
To do the right thing to safe guard our rights
Throw out the cases for undermining the Constitution

note -peaceful assembly act

the dog on the chain

The dog on the chain
Dragging it along the streets
Feeling free to go anywhere
The sound of freedom

Sniffing along the houses
Wagging its tail eyes looking
As if telling “Look I am free!”
Then the dog runs away

To the open field
Thinking dog friends he will meet
The unfriendly black dogs charging
This is our turf and go away!”

The dog on the chain
The first setback of running free
The horizon of unfriendly dogs
What's freedom after all?

Monday, May 27, 2013

let the light burning

The good and bad cop routine
It has come to play in Bee Anne
The letting loose of the hot tongues
The words split some hairs on the ground

The people are the bosses
Picking them to run the Nation
The people pay them through their taxes
They turn around harassing the people

The police pick and choose
Possibly to please the political master
Picking up the opposition members
Fighting crimes they don't chase

With the political opponents
The police want to score
Yet the crimes going up
Every day on the ground

The change has not come
The majority lost in democracy
The fight will go to court
Until then let the light burning

the top down arrogance

The tough measures
Intimidating the people
Work for the job
Don't talk down to us

Don't forget
You aren't there by your choice
So know your duty
It's the people and Nation

Somehow Amno leaders forget
The other partners too......
They think they have the mandate
With a minority popular votes

Democracy is listening
Allowing dissents to share the stage
You aren't there by yourself

It's the people who decide

don't hang a picture on the wall

The abusing husbands
The abusing wives
There is no way to start
Building homes on relationships

The sorrow and pain
The tears keep falling
In silence feeling the blues
The physical scars the shame to go

The changing the way
It will never happen
As the abusing wagon will return
The bumpy rides the shouting matches

It is a sickness of the mind
The craze of power over the weak
Instilling fear through abusing methods
Building homes will collapse

Love is a two way process
Helping and caring for each other growth
Building up a strong foundation of a home
Enjoying the fruits of labour when it is done

the 4 horses

There will be rich
There will be poor
There will be homeless
There will be helpers

There will be laugher
There will be joy
There will be crying
There will be sadness

Look around us
The dark angels stalking
The light angels walking
Watching each other's boundary

There will be pawn
In all religious matters
Look around us
Some just go overboard

We pray for our salvation
In the open; in private homes
Do we change for the better?
Look around us there's the answer

We listen we read
Our lives on this Earth
Look around us
The four horses riding along

Sunday, May 26, 2013

once it was sweet

Once it was sweet
The lovers shared all they could
There was no boundary in relationships
Everything was cozy and beautiful

The intimate romance
The streaming videos and photographs
It was erotic and romantic
The lovers wanted to last a life time

When the cracks appeared
The lovers got all worked out
Cheating and lies in the relationships
Slowly the little worms ate the trust

In no time the lovers gone
They went on different routes
The past would get caught with them
Then blackmail came the misery

The women wanted to save dignity
Now married or into another relationship
The blackmailers didn't care the consequences
They wanted the juicy money to come along

There are many out there
Living in fear of the past
What they did falling in love
When love gone wrong the misery came

you don't want to be a statistic

Be very afraid walking on the streets
There are rapists, robbers and thieves
They stay around watching the scenes
Listening to the sound of humans talking

The gossips ring in the air
The echo passing to their ears
They are the crooks watching for easy preys
Walking on the streets stay alert with senses active modes

Walk on the crowded streets
Walk facing the traffic
You want to see what's going on
You don't want to be a statistic

Drving alone on the roads
Highways or through alleys
Watch out for the fake mechanics
They may want to kidnap for ransom

Maybe for ulterior motives
The women will score higher price
In the underworld of gangsters
The fast money to exchange hands

Don't walk with heads bending down
Clicking your fingers on tablets and handphones
Be aware of your surrounding crossing the streets

You don't want to be a statistic

the statutory rape

The statutory rape
The guys shouldn't get free
Going through the loopholes
Marrying the victims
The cases will be forgotten
When it is a crime
The law has to take its course
No matter what bargaining chips
The rapists shouldn't go free
Even in Islamic law
The rapists shouldn't be legalized
By marrying the victims
The laws shouldn't let rapists go free
There must be punishment to suit the crimes

The men have to wake up crimes don't pay

the black in our minds

the blacks in klang valley
copy from

The black in our minds
The day the majority loses
No matter how much we want to win
The reality is the gerrymandering

The public protests
The waving of the black tees
Bee Anne smiling behind backdoors
Knowing they get the cherry

This is the last call
The people aren't satisfied
The institutions have failed
The people want them replaced

In the next few months
The rumour of more arrest
The minds are in black
The majority will stage protest