Wednesday, September 30, 2020

live with nature


There is no reason

Let the forest stay

There is no way

Selangorians will pay

There are flash floods

They are rising tides

The water problems

Yet want to cut down forest?

The Selangor MB and his state Excos

Don't play with nature

She will lash her fury

You have seen her marks

Anwar better calls his people

He better listens to the ground

Degazette forest will cost votes

Anwar should tell his members

Let the forest stay

Developments have to stop

When water supply posing problems

Go back to the basics living with nature

they are not willing to fail


Afraid to change

Afraid to face the truth

Afraid to open the gate

In the end they only complain

They vote the familiar faces

Even though some are bad leaders

Even some may have court cases

Yet they are elected into the Assembly

The voters will remain poor

If they remain scared of the future

They will be used by the bad leaders

Advancing their own benefits and needs

The village folks living in the hinterland

They shouldn't be happy receiving bags of rice

A short term gain; a long term pain

They have to wake up to see the whole picture

People are poor

They are afraid to change

They are willing to accept crumbs

They are not willing to fail; they give up

will Anwar get his flag?


The fight has to go on

The mandate must return

The play book must change

A gentleman never win

If he will wait too long

To make his move

By the time he gets his act

The opportunity has gone

In politics is a cut throat business

You must have the thick skin to play it

Otherwise stay away play your hobbies

You don't have to worry about Brutus

Anwar has a habit of taking it easy

This is why he got into many troubles

Even with Azzmin and his gang of traitors

Anwar didn't strike it with a hammer

He played the nice man game

Until the whole episode blown on his face

A lesson he should have learned years ago

Now he mustn't repeat it again

He got his act to publicly say

I have the numbers Moo has fallen!”

But the King got his medical leave

Anwar was left to wait

It gives Moo a chance to change

Find the Brutus offering them something

Moo doesn't care he just wants his post

After all it isn't his money

Will Anwar get the flag?

This time he may get his due

He has the confidence in his numbers

He can even say Pejuang isn't in it

the economy isn't surging


The economy isn't surging

The picture is bad in our minds

The recession should have set in

Though the agency doesn't want to commit

It wants to put out positive growth

It doesn't run in the world's economy

Every nation is suffering in economic growth

This nation isn't exceptional

Covid 19 has brought nations down

The economy will be badly affected

As it stands today the infection rate has spiked

Until the inter-state borders are closed

The current picture isn't smooth flowing

Though the back door tries to paint it so

It isn't helping the people and nation

Until Covid 19 is really eradicated

The interest rate is one of the indicators

It has slashed down for the passive income earners

Somewhere in the region of 50% of income loses

The completed houses are left standing without buyers

It is better to tell the truth

Painting a picture of little lies

It will not make any differences

On the ground the people have felt it

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

the battle for Putrajaya


The battle now

Is in Putrajaya

The falling of the back door

Will it finally happen?

Moo and his gang of traitors

Will they finally fall for good?

The cracks may have seen

But the duplicitous traitors hold court

The day and day affairs

The political heat waves rolling

The Anwar factor playing in the card

Will he finally has his aces?

The game is being played

The high stake of power control

The battle for Putrajaya

Because of the Old Man

Anwar had called his stake

Moo still keeping low

His fellow traitors on hunting round

Puffing to sniff out the Brutus

Anwar has to wait for his call


The King takes his medical leave

Maybe the politicians giving him headaches

Looking and seeing how these leaders behave

The King may get depressed and disappointed

Anwar has to wait

The outcome of his claim of control

Many will believe he isn't crying wolf

He mustn't form another alliance

This is PH mandate to rule

It was hijacked by the back door leaders

Anwar can't work it on his own numbers

Without DAP and Pejuang on board it will be difficult

DAP will wait and see

Pejuang says it will not support

But the way will change

If Moo gives out positions and wealth

The King on medical leave

Anwar has to wait to get his call

Meanwhile Moo will go for hunting

Find the prey give them a place

the act tough guy


The act tough guy

The comedian brews his tales

Every one has a good laugh

When he can't hold it high

When the rat rattles him

The cat runs to hide

Leaving his post and his antics

For all to see and comments

The act tough guy

When he sees the cane

The long march in the sun

He keeps out of his demands

Now the rat tastes the cheese

Munching away with glee

The cat only hides behind door

Meowing his dissatisfaction

the righteousness must rule


The righteousness must rule

In every way in our lives

But with our political games

Nothing comes out famous

It is greed and corruption

The politicians will hardly change

They may say all the positive words

In their minds are to win votes

Once they sit on the power chairs

They focus will change quickly

They will find ways to benefit instantly

Within 5 years to enjoy an easy life!

The righteousness must come forward

Challenge the bad to get the good way

Not the way of the bad elements

But we don't find them many

When good people stay indoors

They let the crooks run freely

They think they aren't responsible

They better think twice indeed!

Monday, September 28, 2020

the frogs history will not die


The Sabah political game

GRS seems to push out Bee Anne

In this case Amno baru

Down to the slippery steps

Bersatu seems to flex its muscle

Amno baru can't get its act together

In the end Bersatu takes the flag

Leaving Amno baru in burning fire

These parties have the same DNA

It is how the leaders bend their ways

Bersatu scores again

Amno baru feels the blue

The Sabah political game

The cracks have appeared

How long GRS will survive?

Maybe by end of the year

Warisan isn't sitting quiet

Amno baru members may join

PBS may too fall in

The frogs history will not die

Over in Putrajaya

Moo can't feel happy

Anwar gave him a scare

Is the ball on the line?

blame it on Mahathir?


Blame it on Mahathir?

The nation on the bad drives

Causing pain and tears

The losing trend on low public image

Blame it on Mahathir?

Using race and religion rhetoric

Afraid to lose in the economy

Afraid to lose in the race

But should we?

We let it roll

We let the division play

We have to share the blame

The ring on race and religion

We haven't stopped it ourselves

Mahathir can say and push it

He is a politician tuning to his benefits

Blame it on Mahathir?

We are equally fallen for it

We should have stopped him

But we let him ride his way!

Now still want to blame Mahathir?

We should dig up the old tarred road

Fill it up with new tar to change the look

We will make the nation prosper

cheating hands


Cheating hands

It's about money

The greedy mind

Afraid for the hard work

It looks for short cut

Ride on the back of others

Get the free rides

Without the rules in life

Cheating hands

Why prisons full

They forget the law

The blues need jobs

Wealth by crooked means

It will vanish in time

There is no permanency

Behind bars for a long time

Cheating hands

Life will be short changed

Living behind bars

A shame; a decay; a pain

warisan has to crack the pot


One day moment

Will Warisan lure a party?

The righteous one to save Sabah

Now it seems kleptocracy will reign

Warisan needs to push it

Fight the fight until it is ended

When the Governor appoints

A Chief Minister for the State

The rumour in Sabah

PBS may want to join Warisan

This party should think rightly so

Don't let Sabah rule from Putrajaya

The bad leaders never change

They may have paint a new logo

Inside they are still duplicitous traitors

Shouting change but think of the wealth

PBS should think of its cooperation

The party has been reduced to a minority

Its heyday in 80s and 90s in memories

Maybe joining up with Warisan a renewal of hope

Warisan needs to dig in

Lure a party to fight for Sabah

Else the bad leaders will show

The bad habits will return!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

whoever the Governor picks


Whoever the Governor picks

The Sabah political stability is questionable

The Governor should pick who has commanded

The most seats in the concluded snap election

Bung will not become CM

He has his corruption in court

He will be ruled out as a candidate

The Governor may not pick him

If the Governor picks Hajiji

Amno baru gang may revolt

Some may jump over to Warisan

Boosting their wealth and positions

PBS and Star may not stay long

They will want to see what they get

Star has the advantage but why gave away?

It is again a fluid situation

Warisan still stays solid

Though it lost in the election

Warisan secured the most seats

In the snap state election

In this game of politics

The frogs will be hatching their plans

When will Moo decide to call a snap federal election?

It's an entrapment if he falls for it

it will be the days of the frogs


The political stability in Sabah

It is still recurring episode

After the snap election

There are still the frogs in the pond

The battling for the CM post

Star may have the advantage to bargain

Else the president may walk out on his support

In the state and federal government

The rounds of discussion

It hasn't got the agreement

Star will hold it on to its advantage

It can smell the CM post

Warisan will hold it up

The leader will find way to make it

Although he hasn't had the advantage

He needs to lure 6 to stay on course

But Sabah political plots

We will never know the outcome

When parties aren't in solid state

It will be the days of the frogs!

it's alright to fail


It's alright to fail

As long as you give a try

You don't have to feel regret

Losing it but you can live with dignity

It isn't okay to give up

It means you don't show your potential

You will not see how you will stake up

You don't even try to show your skills

Failures have lessons to learn

It isn't that you would lose everything

You learn to fight on your own 2 feet

Though you fall but you still get up

It's alright to fail

Learn to live with the lessons

There is always a tomorrow

You will try again

return to the voters


Return to the voters

They can decide the government

To manage for the nation and her people

The back door leaders should repent

The back door leaders

They make the voters see red

Coupling together for their own

Without the consent of the voters

In politics trust and accountability is low

The politicians will not tell anything right

They will play the puppet show

They will give the people the crumbs

Calling for GE15 now

It will not solve the current issues

Covid 19 is climbing up the chart

The economy is on low drive

Let Anwar play his card

Let him get his brand on top

Let him get his plan on board

Let him get his day for the nation

Return to voters

It has to be last effort

Don't let Covid 19 spook us high

Because we need to face the economy

the battle still simmers


The season of deals begin

The voters let Sabah down

Instead of kicking out the bad

They welcome them home

The good grace

The voters didn't give

Any party a 2/3 majority

So the battle still simmers

Warisan Plus will cut a deal

It has nothing to lose

As long as the party can control the State

Its leaders will be happy to engage

There is the golden share

Of 6 nominated representatives

Warisan Plus will work on high gear

The battle is still in the air

the voters love the frogs


The voters love the frogs

In Sabah election conclusion

GRS managed to score 38 seats

Allowing the party to get the CM post

But will GRS hit the finish line?

The frogs in Star and PBS

Perhaps in Bersatu may change

They may not like the kleptocracy

GRS will meet today

Battling out for the CM post

There are the frogs in the picture

The line may not paint clear

Warisan Plus has 32 seats

Warisan can entice Star and PBS

Offer the CM post for the win

It is better for the State

Though it will be frog culture

Because the voters didn't surprise it

The battle in secret will continue

The road to stability is still unknown

Down the road

The bumpy rides will begin

With a slim majority for GRS

The frogs will croak in heavy rain!

will Anwar get his brand?


The back door

The duplicitous traitors

The worrying faces run

The shape of things to come

Sabah poll had settled

The voters couldn't decide

The way the State should be

No party got 2/3 majority

Anwar had his gamble

On his political career

His list may change

Since the Sabah completed

Moo will see shadows

Holding on to his position

He can't survive in his political life

The Brutus going to derail his plan

Anwar has his stake

He may get it this time

With the support of members

He may swing it his way

The back door

The coup leaders will try

Hold it on to last the distance

They may fall at any time soon

time PH study the result


Time to look at result

Why the bad leaders return?

They dare to do bad things

They dare to challenge it

The people get swayed

They think they are the knights

Giving them protection and aids

But in reality the bad have their ideas

Only the people aren't aware

They blissfully getting the crumbs

Though they will complain

But every election they will forget

Time PH Plus study it

Don't be a gentleman

You will not swing the votes

You will behave like no back bone

Anwar learns fast on it

He dares to claim and sticks his neck

Yet there will be questions

He hasn't shown his list

The Sabah poll

It tells the tales

The bad leaders capture it

We have changed”

Basically the bad leaders never change

It is the words they used to influence the people

The Sabahans fall for the trick of words

Now they will sit down and cry for years

PH Plus study the result

Don't give excuses learn the lessons well

Get prepared for GE15

The people need to change fast

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sabah poll


Sabah poll

The kleptocracy will return

Sabahans can't forget

The authenticity of the bad leaders

Warisan Plus will face defeat

It is a sad case for many

The change we expect to shine

Now darkness will descend

Many have thought Warisan would win

By a handsome majority to control the State

But as it turns in today's poll

Sabahans like the bad leaders

Now what can we say?

Will Moo dare to call for snap poll?

In the Federal government?

He can sing his songs

Now what will Anwar say?

On his move to take the Federal government?

The Sabah election has thrown him a twist

Will the vapour evaporate by the heat?

Sabahans like the bad leaders

They like to live in the poor state

Let kleptocracy return to rule

Don't cry when nothing comes

today Sabahans go to the poll


Today Sabahans go to the poll

The frogs shouldn't smile

They are the causes of it

Sabahans should know which party to vote

Send a clear signal

No frogs in politics

Let these leaders be forgotten

They only bring shame

When the dust has settled

Warisan Plus will hold the winner's flag

Rising high in the mountain

Wave it to celebrate its victory

Send a clear signal

To GRS its time is over

No need to campaigns

No need to stay

the new clusters arrive


The new clusters arrive

Knocking the doors wanting to try

Leaving us with a worrying face

Rona isn't going away

Yet MOH hasn't run it down

Close the state borders to wall it

MOH still takes its own sweet flow

Letting Rona flying high

The daily announcement on it

The necessary actions need to impose

MOH knows the new clusters

It can spread it easily

So the people mustn't ignore advice

Put up face masks, wash hands with soap

Follow strict SOP procedures all the times

This Rona has mutated to spread very fast

don't get the eggs Anwar


Anwar makes his move

Will he get the post?

He keeps yet the numbers

He shouldn't face defeat again

The King is on a week medical leave

He will not see anybody until he is well

So the coup leaders have a window of time

To figure out their next move to survive

Sabah election will decide

The way the nation will progress

Warisan Plus will take hold of Sabah

GRS will be soundly fallen down

Anwar has his plan

He mustn't cook up his trick again

He did it before in 2008

In the end he got eggs on his face

The advantage on him

Now the coup leaders are worried

The marching has stopped for a while

Finding ways to stay afloat

But Anwar mustn't lie

The people's mandate must return

If he has the numbers to get there

He must be sure they stayed united