Friday, July 31, 2009

the tussle in mca

Chua Soi Lek
The ghost of his video
It doesn't want to disappear
Now MCA board wants to investigate
When it happened many many months ago

Police had done its investigation
Closed the case no further action
What more MCA wants to find?
On its deputy president.......

The tussle in MCA
All for 3Ps
Its president got death threats
For his standing on PKFZ
Get the culprits in this fiasco
Let them rot in jail

Dr Chua personal affairs
He had done like a gentleman he did
Now he is back in MCA
There are shadows wanted him out
Saying he brings a bad name
To the party and the coalition

Dr Chua no use staying in
MCA doesn't want you
You are a liablity so you must go
You had suffered by no fault of your doing
Private affairs your own duty to disengage

ah longs on the run

Ah Longs on the run
It is the perception police made
Taking down posters, banners and buntings
When the culprits roaming free

A task force should be set up
The main purpose to pursue crack it down
What the police doing now
It is just to clean up the rubbish
Unsightly display around

Who are the taikos?
The leaders giving out funds
Milking the poor and out of luck gamblers
Businessmen in hard times
And the small time traders
Making a living to survive

It isn't happening
The runners go underground
They receive orders disappear for a while
It reminds me of the illegal DVD traders
Hide and go underground
Until the heat is off then reappear
The business as usual as if nothing disrupt business

Are the police serious?
The way I see it is just mopping up
Of flyers, banners,buntings and posters
Ah Longs just go underground

pas adun passed away

Buy election again!
Pas Adun passed away
In Penang to enhance political talk
And to get the people interested in folklores

High Chaparral may light up
By then it is history...........
But the promises and illegality reign
Politicians better explain

Issues of Teoh Beng Hock
His name will not just disappear in vain
Of police and Macc as the lap dogs
Patronizing the people they swear to protect and serve
Paying by the tax payers yet giving us lousy services
Taking orders from the political masters

The down spiral of the judiciary
It will be given a lot of flaks
The FC these judges tend to turn blind eye
Lucky for the layman we have NH Chan to explain

The issues of corruptions and greed
Of the Bee Anne partners in ruling
Political prosecutions and make up cases
In the works of the police and Macc

Sodomy 2 will sing
Amongst the politicians to discredit
Bee Anne will exploit it
Since it is them who made the cake

Perak issues will not go away
Unless the state dissolves the assembly
Perakians want their rights to decide
Not for the Ruler to sit and tell otherwise

So this by election
It will promise some interesting stories
As the people in the constituency prepares
The economy handouts and projects
Promises by politicians are just that
We are the ones who decide after all

the sand flies

The sand flies
The irritants in the house
Biting the unwary occupants
As they go gardening or sitting

The silence glows
The irritants fly
The life of many pests
So many millions
We don't even know it

The sand flies
Amongst the millions of them
The company for the humans
Telling them don't be too nasty
God plans are many

The sand flies
Buzzing around as it pleases
Amongst the plants and humans
The irritants amongst the many

Thursday, July 30, 2009

there is hope yet

There is hope yet
On the lease title
So High Chaparral
The state government
Better peruse the documents

A lawyer claimed
The title is the final clause
No development or transfer
Unless the previous government
Altered it to benefit cronies

The state offers hope
Houses and hall to the residents
Will they take the offer?
Will they play their games again?

Explore the legality of the issues
Find a solution quickly
Though Federal Court had ruled
The dateline is 3 August 09

don't get swallowed in

The mind a maze
Only you make it
Nobody can stop you
Unless you make it so

The journey you travel
There is always up and down
Don't go believing
Life is a straight line
It never happens

As the years fly
Many changes will come
In your own indulgences
In your own perception

Don't think of failures
Act on your dreams
Try it nothing to lose
If it is wrong
Learn the lessons

Learn the rules
Crying of failures
don't get swallowed in
Quickly get into gear
There are many to race yet

clean your house

Gerakan Youth
Clean your house
Why poke your nose?
On somebody's affairs

In Penang once your stronghold
So many things to report and do
Yet you dont go cleaning up
Leaving the bad smell
Along the Gurney drive....

Even your president
Hiding out in the city
Going through the back door
Once he said he won't do

What creditability Gerakan?
Amongst your coalition partners
Many greases fly......
Yet you dont make police report
Afraid to go the extra mile

greasing hands and minds foreplay

When money can be made
The checks and balances will disappear
Greasing hands and minds foreplay
It is money lots of it

The professionals running
The billions flowing in
Contracts to favours
Cronies sing to the banks

The legality knows
In reality money walks
The wealth creation commissions pay
In the name of progress

The cat sleeps
Let the rats running wild
The cheese on the table
The cat doesn't see any more

In reality seeing all money
Flowing in and out eyes blink
Greasing hands and minds foreplay
When money can be made

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the 41 sits

The 41 sits
MACC death in its hand
Yet nothing from these 41
What are they doing?

Too many cooks
They don't agree on the soup
The ingredients and amount of water
Down below a death had occurred

The 41 lingers
They wait for orders to do
Now they are cozily in cages
41 the exact number

The soup hasn't boiled
They don't see what is happening
The 41 for the people and country
They fail to do what matter most
The people rights and freedom

Now death in MACC
What are they waiting for?
Too many cooks
Down below a death had occurred

it is God plans and ways

Male or female
Is it relevant now?

Sex operation
To get the inside out to feel
The world it needs to fulfill
As long as ambition satisfied
What is there to say?

People born
Some unlucky
Trapped into 2 bodies
In one reality

Male or female
Is it relevant now?

The social stigma
The society shouldn't say
They are humans with feeling too
Let them live life fullest dreams

It is a test of faith
Of God plans and ways
We have failed many times
Judging by the authorities
Running these people down
Don't they have other issues to do?

the dirty suit case

The dirty suit case
Left there long time ago
Everybody thinks nobody takes
Let it be as people walk away

So many events had passed
So many things said and done
All in the wrong ways
For the wrongs never catch

As darkness crawls
The moonlight shines
Carving out shadows
Lurking with black eyes
Ninja turtles camouflage
Do you know?

The dirty suit case
Nobody cares to take
The death in the opening
Black magic maybe

the cows

Every Sunday and public holidays
The cows will take a leisurely strolling
On the streets in the town
Along the way cowdungs present

The cowherds can't be found
He knows it is illegal to let his cows
Roaming in the public roads
Traffic jams a certainty

The town council officers
They know all about it
They enjoy sitting in the air-conditioned office
Serving notices catching cows
Let the cows walk freely

When council officers do
The cowherds cry loud and pitiful faces
Claiming harrassment and no grazing ground
On Sunday and public holidays
The cows are kings on the road

the lonely cow

The lonely cow
Walking chewing along
On the road he conquers
The people just ignore

Then he does his thing
Shit on the road
While walking his errands
Nobody sees it

The lonely cow
The road he conquers
The houseowners stay indoors
Watching TV knowing nothing

When evening falls
Lump of cow dung
On the road and driveway
The cowherd never to be found

The lonely cow
Walking alone conquers the road
Knocking off dustbins
Finding ways to go home

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

forget about traffic rules

They got driving licences
On the road forget about traffic rules
The young drivers revving it up
On the streets and housing estates

The minds full of speed
On the wheels they feel they are kings
Cruising in hellish ways
Nothing about accidents
It is adrenalin pumping driving

Even old drivers
Habits of younger days died hard
They don't follow traffic rules
T-junction never want to stop
Straight ahead they drive through

Accidents happen
Pedestrians got injured
Limping legs for what it was worth
They got driving licences
On the road forget about traffic rules

years down the road

School children
Villages towns and cities
Smiling friendship bloom
Walking to class rooms
The world is their own

Years down the road
Each separate ways
Maybe reunions
To see how each behave

Migration seeking fortune
Work related marriages
Leaving the stage
Erecting new ones in place

Years down the road
Children, divorces and separated
Friends of long ago
Faces disappear names can't recall

As the clock ticking away
Memories fade the windy wind take away
Leaving only the straws
Withered weak ready to fall

Maybe reunions
To see how each behave
As the ticking closes in
Fading memories
All one could get
As the dust settles

Leaving the footprints
Love lost love gain love in virtuality
Things and dreams said and done
Amongst other things echo of times gone

perak trial

Perak trial
It never comes to end
The political parties
Locking horns again

Speaker verses Speaker
The latest isn't legally elected
For the simple reason
The assembly wasn't legally convened

The Albino doesn't care
The cat is in the bag
Caged it in in lock and key
Let the rats roaming free

On the sea
The Pangkor pirate smile
Knowing he gets his treasures
With his cronies in the State secretariat

They will do his bidding
Stop any legal blocks
As the opposition tries to convene
Perak trial
It never comes to end

Perakians will watch
The little napoleons reign
When the time will come
They will make the change

Monday, July 27, 2009

the stirrer and the stirring pot

The stirrer whips his cream
Blowing it out floating into space
He stirs the imaginative plots
Twisting it to make someone takes a fall

Rumours lies and report
All to make it looks substantially true
The stirrer knows what he intends to do
Seeking publicity alone he will go

Party interests take a back seat
Coalition partners wink at it
The stirrer whips up his cream
It has stirred the public outrage

Police report lodged
Nothing will come out of it
It is alleged plot within the black knight
Stirring up the emotional charges
Let the opposition take the rap

The susurrus wind
Blending the plot quicken the pace
The falling ducks from the sky
As the hunters aim ready to shoot
The innocents as they stir
The moments of their lives

it is God grace

Life is a roulette
It turns and spins
Who will be this time?
To meet The Lord
As the angels wait
By the doors?

We always think
Good people die early
Bad people too
Horrible deaths
By bullets locked up prisons

These people only take
Giving nothing in return
So we don't remember
They too tested our faith
Of human values and its drawbacks

Sure we must wish
Loved ones friends and colleagues
Even the unknown persons
Once a while we encounter them
“Good day and a pleasant journey”

Life is full of surprises
Even in death there is a reason
For God grace move mysteriously
Telling us we are just leasehold
On this Earth to learn

old folks dumped

The old folks dumped
In the hospitals of the nation
The children walked away
Leaving their aged parents behind

The filial duty
The modern day children forget
It is easy to dump parents
Leaving them suffering in shame
When old age knocked them away

There are reasons
Finance and revenge
Possibly sickness
The children have no money to pay

As the aged parents money run out
They have no clout to get a bargain
Children take and spend it all
Now the children can't stand them
No money and a burden
So dump them in hospitals
Leaving no trace to location

Life a cycle
Don't do it to others
It may come back to you
By the time it will be too late

teoh beng hock 3

Now I am gone
To the world far beyond
I don't feel the broken bones
I don't feel a thing at all

Sitting under the shady trees
Sipping my favourite drink
Thinking of the dark events
Where somebody took my life
I had no reason to die
I was getting married........

Theories and rumours
The people I know will say
The government agencies playing dumb
As usual when death knocks on its doors

The rule of the game
Don't say statement to discredit
Say something else to look plausible
The death flying out of a window pane

I was dead even before I hit the ground
Look at me laying with a small of blood
Dried up even before the janitor found me
Torn back trouser how could it be?
When I always dressed properly

I will be the beacon of hope
Somewhere a change is brewing
Now I can only watch
Under the shady trees

The light will shine
I am sure it will
As the years will come to pass
The nation will see the changes
Then my death will not be in vain

life is gracious

Happy or sad
The life one leads
There is only one life
So make the best of it

The satisfaction achieved
Depression will sit in
One small thing done
Then a new thing desire

The needs keep piling
Changing and thirsting for it
Wake up in the day
Find out neighbour gets plenty

Unhappiness in goals
Work so hard get peanuts
When others achieved plenty
You find you have nothing much to say

Life is gracious
Live simple enjoy the pursuits of life
Work on the perimeter
Let the day make you smile

Sunday, July 26, 2009

we can't be sitting on the fence

The darkness fall
On the people lives
You think you move freely
The demons watching every detail

The praying to the occults
Many hide their true colours
For greed and corruptions
It bounds in every boundary

Nobody wants to wait
For decades to get a roof
And enjoy the benefits of labour
Running an honest living....

The short-cut melody
It seems to work for positions
Currying favours and needs
And the darkness fall indeed

So now we can't be sitting on the fence
Pretending it will not happen to you or me
The demons watching every detail
Strike the balance for honesty
Transparency and accountability
And we will get rid of these pests
Giving the nation a bad name

the thunder in the sky

The thunder in the sky
Dark clouds drizzling rain
On a Sunday morning
No walking in the park
For many to take a break

The market as in the past
The breakfast crowd thundering loud
Talking about politics
Talking about Teoh Beng Hock
Talking about make up cases in blogs
This time DAP takes the headline

MCA wakes up from its slumber
Now its leaders want to air independent view
Within the framework of the coalition
The party should do it decades ago
It is too late to salvage its pride

The other partners
Fighting hard for its race base ideals
When the country moves towards national identity
Race shouldn't be the draw card to progress
The nation and her people

AM NO wants to retrain leaders
Yet on race to blend into the multi-racialism
The writing on the walls
Enough of double speak
Enough of back door tricks

The market place
The thundering voices
As meals served drinks consumed
The topics never end
Tomorrow it will start again
Until GE13 and see the result then

the taking of selangor

The taking of Selangor
The hound dogs run
Barking now in the shadows
Even in cyber world

The mouse clicks
Into blogs to appease
The black knight rendezvous
Of his cake he doesn't get

The taking of Selangor
The black knight wants it
Now the spreading of lies
Rattling the PR Selangor

One is in the bag
Two he dreams about
Three he may find it hard
Four he may have a chance

Now the taking of Selangor
The hound dogs run
PR set your traps
Let the game begins

Saturday, July 25, 2009

no sitting on the fence

No sitting on the fence
The nation needs you to stand up
Pick your choice make a stand
Tell every one

GE13 will be the cross road
The nation progress for all
The way we want it
Then we must not sit on the fence

Don't say you aren't interested
Don't say you aren't involved
Take a few minutes to study
What is happening in the country

It will get you
The decision you will make
No sitting on the fence
You will regret it
When you dont vote for change
In GE13 make it happens!

save malaysia no sitting on the fence!


to find the truth

To find the truth
Nothing but the reasons
Of why it happened
Yet the inquiry set up
With conditions and terms of reference

To find the truth
With red light hinted at every level
The truth will be partially known
It may not be known what happened

The public can't accept it
There is no urgency to stage it
It is just a cosmetic make over
It is better the government changed
The sooner the better for the nation

The unconfirmed partners
Doing the business for the elites
The heads of these agencies
They run the errands
With immunity at the backdoor

When all have been done
The solution will be revamped
Only the cosmetic make over
The culprits involved will be let go

It is the old record playing
Singing the familiar tune
Mumbo cha cha mumbo cha cha
The truth will fall
In the pages of OSA

pr watch the hound dogs

The stage set up months ago
As the situations gearing up for the glory
The institutions task to get it going
Selangor PR didnt take it seriously

First with the car and cow disease
Plotting to catch the MB
Macc announced it so confidently
Then it was kept quiet
The damage he felt did it

When this doesn't help
The black knight got angry
The knights on the round table
Got his raw measures

Then they decided to do
The silver state method
Charged PR leaders in corruption
In any flimsy excuses....
As long as it makes headlines
Damages must be seen to be done

Only death of Teoh Beng Hock
It derails the plan
Now in cyberspace
A pro-Bee Anne set up blog
For the sole purpose to discredit
PR in Selangor
It doesn't even touch on alleged corruptions
Of the Bee Anne leaders

Now the diversion
The black knight wants it happens
Set up half baked investigations
Spinning it to his opinion

PR Selangor
Smell the hound dogs now
Before it is too late to silence the dogs
The tricks have been staged
The prize the fall of Selangor!

Friday, July 24, 2009

selangor pr wake up man!

Selangor PR
Time to wake up
Internal bickering must stop
The evils at your door

The one eye investigations
Purposely to dislodge you from power
Running the state Selangor
Plan dubious alleged corruptions
On your own state representatives

It is for simple purpose
Does it one more time
Repeat it like Perak
How the weakling frog
So the black knight thinks
He can do it one more time

The birthday gone
No price for his day
The waiting game begins
As death derails his plan

Now you have a breathing space
Wake up and find ways to fight
Bickering amongst each other
It is the way out in the end
Then you have failed the people
The hope of many

the days numbered

High Chaparral the days numbered
As the light begins to dim
The villagers fear for the worst
The decades old village
It will be gone like others before

You can't fight
When you don't listen
When state wants to discuss
You want outsiders to meddle

The court has ruled
There will be ground to evict
Time is running out now
You don't have much time
To play the way you want

PR government
Find ways to stop the act
Use the power vested in the state
To find a quick solution to the problem

So much is at stake
The future of the PR government
And the leaders running the state
Blaming others should stop now
People want solutions
No more finger pointing

High Chaparral
The villagers forget to move
Decades living knowing it is TOL
They don't get it done
Now the ghosts come to haunt

the dripping tap head

The dripping tap
It makes an irritating sound
Clip clip and clip away
On the water sink

I try to unscrew the tap head
It is hard to turn it around
It stucks though I try
I get no way to unscrew

It laughs at me
“You think I am easy
Years on it you don't pay a visit
Now you try I have time for you?”

Blame it yesterday
Water stopped rushing in
A major repair done on the pipes
Now the tap dripping

So I spray WD 40
The oily temptation to break free
I guess I have no such luck
Long time no see
The tap head laughs at me

teoh beng hock 2

The sun goes down on me
As I take a flight out of the window
On the 14th floor I was allegedly thrown
With the wind brushing all over

I can see my life gone
Of the uniformed officials respond
Threatening me with all kinds of fear
On life they say they play god

I dont have intention to go
I have my marriage plan tomorrow
I know life will be sweet and homely
Out in the window I lose my life

The wind trying to support me
I see the world out of my reach
As I race frantically to block the fall
It never happens I get sucked into the void
There is no returning I am gone to the world

As I raise from my body
I know I have done no wrong
The uniformed officials may have gone overboard
I will be the beacon of protection
For those who face similar situations

The officials run away
Sworn to secrecy hiding the facts
For a few hours I was gone
Until a janitor found me
Face down on the ground
My trouser torn as they allegedly tried to grab it
But it was to no avail I was down on flight

Now they talk about me
In circles trying to find answers to my case
I have no reason to take my life
I have my marriage plan set out nicely
Now I was gone
God will right the wrong

fail for a life loss

Plaza Maasalam
Got it known for the unwanted incident
On the 14th floor a soul was lost
For the macc allegedly gone overboard

What with these guys?
Extraction of information
They dont do their homework
Harassing innocent victims
So their jobs do better?

Humanity breeds compassion
For we are sharing the same world
Don't show power in uniform
You are paid by taxpayers
To make the transparency and accountability secured
Yet you go round carrying balls
Forgetting the noble duties to uphold
There are so many crooks in Albino
You dont go harrassing them
You close one eye letting them go
Even no file is open

When will you learn?
It isnt for the party rules
You are paid to by the people
For managing the affairs properly
Showing no fear and favour
You fail for a life loss

Thursday, July 23, 2009

beware of the black magic

Perak fell
By the dirty tricks of black knight
Set up alleged corruption charges
On the opposition guards

Offering bribes and easy passage of law
Two jumped ship to escape punishment
Though the case is pending in court
Now the cracks may have appeared
The promises aren't fulfilled

When camry witch
Angry she couldn't get one
Finally she jumped ship
Allegedly sold her soul for millions

She brewed her lies and concoctions
Telling all and sundry she isnt into it
Yet till today she dares not go
Walking in public in her duty

The similar operations
Now going big guns in Selangor
The dirty tricks of black knight
It has come to roost in the state

Only a death of a witness
Unplanned unwarranted derail his plan
Now saying something else to diffuse it
Perception on the ground it is true
He can't sleep well without Selangor

Penang is the High Chaparral
Dogging the state government
There is no way out for now
The court has ruled the residents must go

The way we vote
Wise up next round comes
Else don't cry of losses
It is our doing

the sun is hot

The sun is hot
It never goes away
It comes every day
Burning light temperature rising

The grasses turning yellow
The leaves will wither
Then the strong wind blowing
The falling leaves waving goodbye

The inconsiderate smokers
They throw cigarette butts
The yellow grasses catch fire
Smoke in our eyes

The small fire spreading
The people ignore it completely
When sun is hot
The evil fire spring to life

The sun is hot
The burning high in the sky
Houses catch fire
Fire brigades arrive

Cries of despair
Losses run into millions
Years of protecting
Now it comes to naught

Don't ignore
Small things in our lives
When it becomes big
We just don't know what to do

teoh beng hock

The tears fall
The life gone
The past will be just
A memory in a living world

Teoh Beng Hock
Laid in peace
Finally at his resting place
Forgetting the world
Where tragedy took him away

When he woke up
The days he knew
He will be another world
All white colour
Wine songs and praying

Leaving all behind
The girlfriend he nearly got married
Now leaving her to make her own
Without him to support through the years

The uniformed agencies
They must go for humanity courses
They must pass it before they can be employed
The people don't trust them
Too many deaths in their custody

The susurrus of change
It will come when the opportunity arrives
Enough has been said and done
Now walk the talk
Light the day of a new dawn!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

high chaparral

High Chaparral
The enclave will be gone
In time when the final curtain calls
The Indian village like others before
Make way for high rise projects

Historical value
It is hard to find
Maybe the well of clean water
Even in dry season as it is told

Penang is developing rapidly
Turning the island into challenging city
She wants to emulate Singapore
The vibrant city without souls

It is wealth creation
It isn't about sentimental value
It is here fighting for a race
When all those decades ago
There people never make the move

It is highly explosive in political moves
Of votes in support of which party
It is now maybe too late
High Chaparral should move on
Set up a new one in mainland

The city in demand
In times it will be highly crowded
It is best to move on
To a better place you dont worry
By now learn the lessons well

play and hide and seek

Play and hide and seek
The politicians get on with it
Get the goods forget about promises
It isn't coming they have gone away

Give them the votes
Then they forget
Even you wish to see them
You aren't allowed
When election is over

Play and hide and seek
The black shadows and forgotten promises
People try to say
They are shut up by the agencies
Playing the roles of ball carriers

No doubt it is a good platform
To forge one career upwards
It is on the people who play a role
In politics honesty is far way gone

Know this
It is a game of play and hide and seek
Saying honey coated projects and ventures
Only certain groups benefit

Even in the opposition
Clamouring of favours and projects
The needs of the people are left behind
Play and hide and seek
The politicians get on with it

in the name of national security

The evil of man
The devious devices
Torturing mental and physical abuses
All in the name of national security

The dark enclosures
The dark rooms and solitary
The evil in his mind
The whipping boys cry

In the hall of intimidation
The fear and death threats
The evil mind works
Branding its way
It is national security

The decorum of humanity
It is far forgotten in the darkened walls
Of the evil mind of man
Though he prays he forgets

Serving the gods
Of greed and corruption
The evil eyes shine
The sickening cry of the innocents
Betrayed and abused incessantly
In the name of national security

an innocent die

An innocent die
No other reason at all
Sucked it to political alleged mystery
For planning moves to get all

The cowardice of black
The uniformed guards run
Trying to lick balls and triumph
But an innocent die

The wolves in sheep clothing
In modern age and technologies
Brewing lies after lies
Sin will take them alive

The spinning wheel
Splashing clues and lies
Nothing the people dont know
The evil works
An innocent die

Nothing is new
It must change the whole systems
It smells of shit
Where evil loves to sit

One fusion of light
It is all it takes to make it right
The shaft of golden rays
The new beginning
My it will come!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sex is heaven

Sex is heaven
If you know what I mean
Nothing is degrading
It is only the mind's perception

It ravels the mind
It tells the journey
Down in the valley
Of silver white shards
Revealing the making of the world
Of a man and a woman

Sex is heaven
The creation blooms
The magic of humans
You can't get it wrong
Unless you want to forget

Sex is heaven
Yet we find people's fear
Engagements in unity
Spill the beans

Then we still find
The degrading concept grilling in the mind
Don't they know it is the gateway to heaven?
Is it the gateway to healthy life?

Sex is heaven
Close eyes imagine the creation
The beautiful scenes the calling of faith
This is it the gateway to life

a new slogan emptiness in soul

Haze becomes a back seat
Shadow by the recent political event
The demise of Teoh Beng Hock
The newspapers and TVs got the news

Open burning in the villages
The kampong folks mentality
Wise up to see reality
We are choking slowly

The trees keep chopping off
How the town council guys do the job?
They don't know about pruning
They know to just cut it away

The haze will keep returning
People will complain
Others may not care a hoot
They add it on further refueling it
The atmosphere of smog and haze

And Teoh Beng Hock will not be forgotten
He is now one of a symbol of change
When GE13 opens its gate
1Malaysia is just a dead horse race
A new slogan emptiness in soul


The pieces shard of glass
On the hand held tight
For the fall from 14th floor
A life was lost prematurely
Without just cause and reason

Questions abound
Amongst all near and far
Why a young man career died?
When he wasnt a suspect at all

The botched up investigations
The rules allegedly never followed
Using the tactics of tortures
Of mind and body
Depraving sleep and good humanness

The people in uniform
How could they face families and God?
Doing it to another human
And they think they can sleep peacefully

The justice must be done
For all those who died in custody
The men in uniform
You can't hide; you can't do as you like

For those who had gone
In mysterious circumstances in custody
Let God bless your souls
Let you live in peaceful light

the hazy days

The hazy days
It never really goes away
It stays as it likes
You can't blame the sky

The wind getting choked
Blowing it away
Across oceans let it rains
The hazy days
It never really goes away

On the ground
The fumes of motor vehicles
Open burning in the villages
As the haze hits the nation

The hazy excuses
The hazy politicians
The games all played
On the hazy days

Monday, July 20, 2009

a muslim model will be whipped

A muslim model will be whipped
Drinking beer in public

A muslim should know better
The Islamic syariah law doesn't allow it
Now that you are caught
Compassion and guidance should be the day

It is hard to explain
When in the company of many friends
One thing leads to another
Expression of congratulations, goodbyes and farewells

The Islamic faithfuls
Stick to the rules
Temptations are many
It is part of life

when the time there are no tv

When the time there are no TVs
Villages and towns living in communication
Playing games of childlike pursuits
Cement relationships the old and young

When the time there are no TVs
Reading books common activity
Sharing of ideas telling stories
Criticing newspapers reporting
Sharing bonds amongst all races

When the time there are no TVs
Religious studies seem the order of the day
The young and old gather to share
The common road in God's name

When the time there are no TVs
Listening to radio popularity reigns
Friends come sharing the bonding
Of times spend relationship rise

When the time there are no TVs
Couples running high on the free
Children are born plenty
Population growth the nation needs

When the time there are no TVs
We don't know what really happening
Edited news hiding facts only pleasing essays
We think the world is a damned good place

we have a journey

We have a journey
The black or white
Learn the experiences
We don't have to cry
When the time is up
Take our bow

We learn
The exposure we gain
The stories we hear
The exploits we narrate

The black or white
We have a journey
Plant our footprints
The memories we make

Use the time
Good or bad the issues raise
We have a journey
We don't have to cry

amazing grace

Teo Beng Hock
Farewell and be on your way
Though you suffered in pain
You will not disappear in vain

You will be another nail
Bury it deep in Bee Anne coffin
The wastage of funds and corruption
The unfairly treatment to services
For the ruling elites

The decision some already made
For the GE13 the hammer will knock in
So many suffered in custody
Many died under suspicious category

We pay the uniformed people
And civil servants to help us and nation
Alas we aren't got the services!
We are treated badly innocents too

Teo Beng Hock
Let God take His way
Slowly the penetrators will be punished
Amazing Grace is for you
Though you suffered in pain
You will not disappear in vain

Sunday, July 19, 2009

publicity for a cause

Chua Jui Meng
Politically in MCA in cold storage
For a man of his stature and experience
It is really hard to chew

He tried to bring changes
MCA stuck in the mould
Of the race, business and politics
As most view it as 'ma chai'
Of the big brother

He ran against the tide
When the waves gone
He couldn't flow with it
He was left alone
On the desert island

When PKR offers him a hope
To fight for a cause for a just Malaysia
Jui Meng took it with hope of change
One can change if the fight is right
For Malaysians not for race

PKR needs publicity
For a few months on the streets
When reporters write
Politicians talk about it
Changes will begin

We can't be falling behind
At the rate we have lost ground
In the borderless world
Even China will be beating us

stop for a while

The scum of society
Rot in jail nobody says
Pick them up on the streets
Nuisance and bad habits

This is what we are told
In schools colleges and universities
The scum of society
They shouldn't be allowed to roam freely

Stop for a while
Think about them
They are here for a reason
The gate of heavens

They are humans
They need care and help
This is where the rich
The charitable organizations come
And the people who volunteer

We don't ask
The test of faith
Of what we see
Along the streets

Understand why they are here
Know their plight and the reasons
God move in many ways
We never know what He wants
Test our faith
And the gate to heavens

the chain letters

The chain letters
Those years ago
When secondary students sent
“No bad luck to me”

Some say it brings
Food of thought and fortunes
Sucking into the humans mentality
Living life to the fullest

Everybody lives in fear
Of the unknown of things we dont know
The chain letters a by product of witch craft
Penetrating into the humans fear
“No bad luck to me”

Now the postmen
One job less to do
In the web it has taken
The chain letters appear

Telling you something believable
We all like to hear stories of rags to riches
In our miserable living existence
We hope to smell some roses

So the chain letters
Using it to whet our fear
Send to friends and colleagues
“No bad luck to me”

shame shame shame

Speedy inquiry
On the same boat routines
The front door and back door
Swing through our lives

It doesn't going to help
The Gestapo techniques
The long time torturing techniques
Of physical abuses and mental tortures
Let the penetrators face the law

We are humans
With fear of the unknown
With fear of what others may do
In uniform they forget
Mobsters in our midst

Speedy inquiry
1Malaysia has no place
The debris hit hard on the ground
What else is new?

We pay them to help us and nation
We come out in body bags shameful uniform
What else is new?
1Malaysia barbeque

The honest officers
Wake up clean up the mess
The nation doesn't need it
The shame, the shame and the shame!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the world will move me by

The world will move me by
As I watch the changing colours
Up in the sky
When night falls the stars teasing me light

Dancing with total freedom
Sparkling bright in the night sky
As I watch the dancing light
The world will move me by

The smell of sea breeze
Encroaching to the land
Whispering all magical words
As I watch the world will move me by

The shadows circle around me
They know how to make
As the light begin to dim
They will rear their ugly heads

As the candles light bloom
Touching souls remembering the sweet notes
The footprints may have gone
The impressions will stay
As the world will move me by

sudden death

Sudden death
It's so easy to say
Write out in report
Nothing to probe

The police officers
How clean are your souls?
Every time we hear
Indians died suddenly
In lock up

The police image
It's severely dented
The wrong publicity
It makes the nation cry

Where are your consciousness?
When you pray do you understand what you say?
Compassion for another human being
Though he may commit crimes of first degree

Do the right thing
Search your soul know what you do
Bashing the defenceless inmates
You call it justice

No Sir
You should find reasons
Physical abuses and tortures
To get a confession is a crime

Don't you know?
The headaches for all of us
Tarnishing our images our values
And the country crying in shame!

the so-po bloggers

We live through with it
Like or not they are there
The good with the evil
The part of the life games

Nobody should ignore
These politicians will make laws
Though we may disagree
The laws will be passed
We will suffer the game
The supporters smiling to the banks

They can even take our rights
We can cry loud wailing like fools
These politicians with their cronies
Smiling devilishly saying we are stupid

The country will be managed by politicians
Forming parties to administer the nation
On the road shows they spin..........
Many things painting the dreams
When they sit on the chair of power
They forget promises; forget their roots

When we go to the market place
The prices going up for food and drinks
These hawkers say they can't change
Tell the government we follow

The so-po bloggers
They feed in the empty spaces
Teasing the minds imagining details
We live through with it

Friday, July 17, 2009

the spins and pr work

The spins and PR work
The government will act on it
As it is now MACC throwing blame
As usual the mentality raises questions

Like the haze
The government says cause by the wind
This minister and others in consort
Malaysia is on the wrong hands

We blame ourselves
Putting these morons in the drivers' seats
Crashing and breaking traffic rules
We can only watch dismay in our eyes

Deaths in government agencies
Hiding the truth telling half truth
Spinning the way it intended
Then conveniently forget about it

The honest officers in the agencies
They should stand up be counted to fight back
Enough of bad publicity for the nation
It is time a new light shining our way

death at macc building


Death at MACC building
A young man life was full
There was no reason he wanted to die
And he was getting married

MACC officers a lot to answer
The agency picks and selects prosecution
On the opposition party members
When others in the ruling government
They conveniently turning one eye

Interviewing or interrogation?
Lasting until 3.40 in the morning
There was no reason to drag on
Trying hard to bring down a state government?

Teo Beng Hock aged 30
Political secretary to state exco of Selangor
Found dead at MACC building
There wasn't a reason he should die this way
He was getting married

Pakatan Rakyat angry
People are annoyed
So many pick and choose prosecutions
There isn't fairness in government

Death in police lockup
Now death in MACC custody
Answers must be found
Don't give excuses enough of it

Teo Beng Hock
RIP seek your light
In the next life
May the Lord guides you always

the arrogance in defeat

The arrogant of Albino
Though the party lost
Yet talking big with gusto
The leaders never learn

The cronies and supporters
They will say praises for the loss
Behind the darkness hour
They wish they get a better grip
Of the losing campaigns

The winner can't take it lightly
Much work have to be done
The ground support may have swayed
Leaving religion for materialistic wants

The unity talk should be shelved
Don't lose the focus of the grand plan
Gunning for short term gain
It is a wrong decision to make

The wounded tiger
Running and hiding to recuperate
The losses too many to acknowledge
The people's power must move forward
Stay close to your enemy
Arms length with comrades
Now watch the back doors
Complacency will pull it down
On whatever gains fighting for it
Learn patience the victory will come

Thursday, July 16, 2009

high chaparral

High Chaparral 040 by radiantjustice
High Chaparral by radiantjustice

Bee Anne hooked you up for years
Over 5 decades of fooling around
Take your land take your soul
Yet you go blindly marching in

When you get a chance to do justice
You forget to put in nicely
Playing the same old games
Bully and fear tactics

In any election
The voters have a choice
Pick your candidate
Let the years be damned!

Politicians sweet coated bees
Telling you all kinds of honey
Truly there are many
Don't go blaming when road divides
It is in your hands

Pakatan rakyat barely 2 years
Learning the rope hitting frog like
It will take these state ministers sometimes
Before they go charging bulls
Fighting for you and me

High Chaparral on TOL
The residents know many decades ago
What have they done then?
Voting for Bee Anne

When nothing is done
When the future looks bleak
Then they switched
It was already too late
Bee Anne had taken it all
Leaving the crumbs
Don't go blaming
Get the act together
The land now legally lost
Take the compensation
Build another New High Chaparral
This time learn the lesson well

the flimsy excuses

Sea of Diamonds ... by juntos (ON/OFF)
Sea of Diamonds ... by juntos (ON/OFF)

Selangor government raided
Some Exco members files taken
By MACC with the flimsy excuses
The work of Albino
The 1Malaysia 1 person

Several DAP Aduns too
About funding to the constituencies
There must be some fishy businesses
Allegedly ordered by Albino

The man who triggered the back doors
Now he wants to roll into Selangor
The richest state the buzz of the nation
He can't sleep thinking of his lost grip

Selangor Pakatan wake up before it is too late
The moronic soldiers are marshalling in
Telling you what will be far ahead
Selangor the black knight needs

stop your bickering

The Black Knight by FrodoBabbs
The Black Knight by FrodoBabbs

The black knight rides in the dark
Now his plan is running into the ground
Capturing opponents for the sake of it
Using MACC to do the tricks

Selangor Pakatan government
Stop your bickering
Each leader should confine it
Within the walls of the its coalition

The black knight is trying to force by elections
Into the state of Selangor.........
He is going through the back doors
By police or MACC to do his orders

The Albino ministers and leaders
MACC always turning a blind eye
So many police and MACC reports
Nothing is investigated nothing is known

Pakatan Selangor Government
Watch your back check your back doors
The evil demons are on the loose
Satisfying power greed of wealth
The black knight whips his plans

He knows he will not last long
So he tries his best to intimidate
With police and macc under his thumbs
Pakatan wake up stop your bickerings
The evil is now knocking at your door

the rusty lane

Along the Rusty Lane by JenniferGan
Along the Rusty Lane by JenniferGan

Ages ago the flourishing spot
People gathered roaring businesses
Lining up on the street
Traffic was heavy crowd was busy

The laughter and shouting
Of hawkers and customers
Smoking high roaring enterprises
Many make their money
They then disappeared
Into the posh society

One by one disappears
Children too venturing into the cities
Leaving the unsuccessful ones
Still dreaming of the big times
Ages down the street
The many dawns and sun rise glow
Finally the older generations with coated eyes
Living in the past dreaming of its past glory

The Rusty lane crows
Nobody listens now
It is abandoned and forgotten
The shouting and laughter
Footprints in the minds
Of people who once lived there

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

once complacency sets in

going rustic by biroe
going rustic by biroe

Home world
A click on the mouse
Wading through the masses
Yet guys you make it looks so easy

Manek Urai
Pictures and words flow
No doubt the atmosphere at home
Clicking and seeing through the web
You tell us something
Sitting in the home world

Pas won with a slim majority
The black knight will sing
He knows he loses
His PR team will spin

Pas must study the ground
Unity talk taking it down
The bickering amongst parties
Pakatan must stay united
To thrash out the black knight
And Bee Anne into the dustbin of history

Manek Urai
The stock taking must run
Nothing can stay permanent
Once complacency sets in
The rots will begin

you hear stories you hear tragedies

Highrise Hotspot by ..karen..
Highrise Hotspot by ..karen..

High rise building
In the cities
You hear stories
You hear tragedies

The compact dwelling
Higher up better feng shui
You hear stories
You hear tragedies

On the ground looking up
As if one reaching to heavens
Bewitching the eyes
You forget a moment
You hear stories
You hear tragedies

Into the lift going up
It reminds you the film “The Shining”
Where evil takes control of the building
You hear stories
You hear tragedies

Yet people will live
On high rise building
On feng shui terminology
Of feeling heavenly gods
Looking down on the streets
You hear stories
You hear tragedies

pas won

Manek Urai: Bridge 2 by Syed Azidi AlBukhary
Manek Urai: Bridge 2 by Syed Azidi AlBukhary

Manek Urai
The villagers spoken
Pas get to control
The constituency again
With a slim majority of 65

What gone wrong?
Have the villagers inked the note?
Promising projects and wealth
The villagers surrender to worldly goods?

Pas makes the wrong move
Talking about unity with UMNO
Have the party members shown its displeasures?
Twisting the religious dogmas for a cake of wealth?

Pas needs to assess the ground
UMNO will say it has gained
The black knight will spin
Belittling the voters again

Pas won
UMNO will cry in pain
The projects will die prematurely
As in all losing alleged cases of UMNO

life isnt a straight line

Penang sky by sierra2u
Penang sky by sierra2u

Emotional deficiency
Of all things you want to do
Maybe it slips you by
You think you cover it well

Crying alone nothing to ashame
Life ways to compensate
The tears flow awakening the spirit
Something isn't moving in cohesive way

The emotional traps
It happens to every one
Life isn't a straight line
Then if it were
You think you will learn?

When the tears dry up
A new image flows in the mind
This is life where it never ends
A new light something to try

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

never ending haze

Got Haze? by spoonfork
Got Haze? by spoonfork

The haze it never ends
This year it comes so early
The dusty smell and health hazards
It visits the country every year

Now Bee Anne blames
The wind for causing the haze
Blowing here from Indonesia
What else are new brewing from the back doors?

Indonesia will sip coffee or tea
Promising many nothing comes out of it
The companies and plantation owners
Thinking of profits who cares about environment?

After Indonesia general election
Maybe there will be a serious discussion
New players old rules static
Pour coffee or tea shake hands and forget

The wasted times and illogical statements
It has been going on for over a decade
Yet nothing has come out of it
Only meetings and promises to correct
In the end it is status quo
“You do your thing I do my way”

the lovers' quarrel

at the end... by juntos (ON/OFF)
at the end... by juntos (ON/OFF)
The lovers' quarrel
On the streets
In the house
Opponents stare
Picking up gossips
Then attack it

There is no restrictions
The lovers go for each other throats
Believing democracy must triumph
Even amongst lovers

Reporters take pictures
Recording words and actions
Yet the lovers don't care
Let them write
This is how it is

In the newpapers and TV stations
News flying hot and wire in tubes
In the house the lovers salute
Sipping coffee or tea enjoying
The good run and publicity

the mirror on the wall

mirror mirror on the wall by bzeisman23
mirror mirror on the wall by bzeisman23

The mirror on the wall
Put it high on the balcony
Two yellow birds fall in love
Wowing themselves
Looking into the mirror

The yellow birds stand
Admiring in the mirror
Giving signals of romance
The reflection and replying

The mirror on the wall
The back house of the neighbour
The yellow birds on puppy love
Calling partner as if they respond

The long way to go
The mirror enticing the love birds
Calling non-stop to play
Flapping wings enduring long hours
The mirror on the wall
The yellow birds fall

So with 1Malaysia
Be very careful of the calls
It may be mirror reflecting
Of images enticing your eyes
Look deeply before you let go
It can be your fall

the naked exhibitionist

songpu heilongjiang china
borrowed gutteruncensored

Capitalist Communist Country
Opening its doors to communist democracy
Letting her people taste the joy of capitalism
The freedom of private lives and making money

Imbue with the western cultures
The people frolicking freely
Now they want to live and enjoy
The pleasures of life of many delicacies

So this Chinese woman isn't the exception
Riding on the cable gondola she has urged to do
Exhibit her nakedness high up the ground
Who want to make complain?

Maybe she is afraid to lose her boyfriend
Up on the cable gondola she strips naked
Pleasing her man as she innocently disropes
She doesn't care what others stared
The wind whirring in her ears
She smile to the camera
The nakedness on the bench
She hardly hides her shyness

As the cable gondola cranks along
She parades her nakedness
As the boyfriend takes her pictures
Giving promises sweet coated words
Now it is history.............
She could become famous

manek urai the waterloo?

Manek Urai: Durian by Syed Azidi AlBukhary
Manek Urai: Durian by Syed Azidi AlBukhary
Manek Urai
Pick your choice
Let your believe
Running the course of the nation

Don't go for open bribes
The gestures are misplace
It shouldn't be offered
It makes you a baby doll

Do the right way
No more taking the crumbs
Go for the meaty roles
The way the country should run

Now you have a choice
Once again use your intelligence
To make your voices heard
Manek Urai
You may send the falling signal
The Waterloo of a giant fall

pick and choose

MACC pick and choose
The candidates the agency wants to prosecute
By order from the political alleged leaders
Targeting opposition candidates

Now it is true
7 Aduns and state excos
Called up by MACC
For donation from state fund
To the communities

MACC play a fair game
You are paid by the taxpayers' money
To do an honest work without fear or favour
Why don't you investigate UMNO candidates?
And ministers running the country?

Some reports lodged years ago
Citing corruption and misused of funds
Yet nothing is done to investigate
We know you are afraid to go

PKFZ and K Toyol
Elections open bribery
No file is open
No investigation is done

The black knight wants Selangor
This is his way of bringing down the state government
Pakatan must know the antics of his game
Now the card is used to rattle Pakatan

1Malaysia is a flop
The backdoor games continue
The slogan wants to make the people forget
The goodies lay out but know the pitfalls

There is a payback clause
So don't fall silly with greed
Open eyes ears to listen
The whispering floating in the air
There is a payback time

Monday, July 13, 2009

the village life

Manek Urai
The folks there live simple life
They dont feel pressured
They just want to get on

The simple ways
They live the way they like
Few luxuries enjoying the basic amenities
Believing in their religion
The way they feel is right
The hustle and bustle of city life

Nay they will not want to enjoy
Heads above water breathing the simple pleasures
Of the village life with some luxuries

Manek Urai
Make your point clear and concise
Let it be known the village life
Care free living with some basic needs
You don't have to compete stupidly
For the luxuries only tempting faith

Preserve the village life
It is here where tiring souls find solace
Many gone into concrete high walls
Living the footprints etched in memories

the low key

A Postcard From Manek Urai. by M.A.M08( in Urumqi,Xinjiang , China )
A Postcard From Manek Urai. by M.A.M08( in...

The low key
The by election in the East Coast
Oil royalty and projects
Depending who say it

The rural folks
Lives move on
Political parties promising
It isn't part of God

The unity agenda
Of Pas and Umno
Rearing tricks once more
The East Coast by election
The rural folks want to move on

And Pakatan partners
Pulling hairs on each other
Stay focus on the objectives
Learn to live and share
Else why stay on belittling dream?

The low key
The Manek Urai by election
Choose for people centre leader
This is what all about
The rest will fall in easily

it is heaven not worldly goods

Manek Urai: Railway Station by Syed Azidi AlBukhary
Manek Urai: Railway Station by Syed Azidi AlBukhary

The old tricks never die
The Albino still keeping the tricks
Projects or the opponents
Taxpayers' money Albino doesn't care
Use it to fully exploit greed
If only Albino understands

The rural folks
Enshrined in their religious belief
They don't care much of projects
Enough to eat sleep and survive
The richness lies in heavens
Doesn't Albino learn at all?

Asking them to choose
The arrogant of Albino
It will backfire on the issue
Understanding the rural folks
Albino seems to lose it

The old tricks never die
Albino will go down to its doom
For the crafting ultimatum
It is heaven not worldly goods

oh degree!

Manek Urai: Railroad by Syed Azidi AlBukhary
Manek Urai: Railroad by Syed Azidi AlBukhary

Oh degree!
What can you do?
You may debate with skills
In reality can you stomach the ground?

Dirty hands, soiled dressing, running errands
This is a glorified office assistant for the people
They expect fast delivery and quick action
No hiding behind skirts or banners

Be visible listening to woes
From both sides encouraging in unity
To tackle similar and everyday things
Work on it to make it a better place

Politics has no degree
It is the work ethics to serve
It shouldn't be fly by night operator
Win it forget all about the place

Oh degree!
You think you will win?
In politics it isn't the yardstick
It is the work and services
For the people nothing else

dont go believing

Don't go believing
The 11th hour 11 goodies
It is just fishing
On the stormy seas

It is coming
The wind gathering storm
On the shores waves ripple
The dancing will begin
When we fall asleep

The susurrus wind
Breathing down from the sky
Care free stormy images
Don't go believing
It is just a bag of crumbs

The hour on the 11th
The spices of aroma
Burning nostrils tears flow
Don't go believing
It is just fishing

Sunday, July 12, 2009

in the watering hole

La Bodega bar in Bangsar, KL by martinarcher
La Bodega bar in Bangsar, KL by martinarcher

Drink up your juices
in the watering hole
Smell the aroma of smoke
Blowing out every turn

Drunkards eyes red
Shining red lights
You think you are Zombie land
Giving up life living out of time

Clicking glasses with guys
Women parade big boobs scantilly dresses
You turn to see
All dots nothing else

Drink up your juices
The background heavy rock scenes
Jamming up your life
In the watering hole
Blowing out every turn

100 days treats

100 days
The little hope we see
On the political rides
1Malaysia sings

Does the rhetoric rhyme?
Does it bring cheer to all?
Does it make you feel better?
You know it is deviating news

100 days
Perak crisis he makes
He can't hide
He can't do a thing
The black knight sighs
Too much is at stake
Power, wealth and cronies
It is so hard to make it right

The judges rule
Out of the Constitution
Giving lenghty judgements
They miss the point
The sultan no power to sack
Legislative Assembly the venue to decide
The 11 points gimmick

It suits on race base policy
The important issues
Move the economy
Share the cake equally
Projects, wealth, services and distributions

The black knight smiles
Give the lower income something to digest
Let their grumblings die...........
As he rides to his ultimate aim
Ruling it with his cronies
Power, wealth and prosperity

100 days
Small measures to make feeling better
The rough rides people ignore
Running for the crumbs sadly it is true

Saturday, July 11, 2009

children sharing their joy

Kampung Children by Smatchmo
Kampung Children by Smatchmo

Listen to the children's laughter
Ringing in the garden or in public places
The care free ways lighting up their faces
Running freely sharing their joy

Why it is when they grow up everything changes?
As hardships and wants pressing the adult minds
The children in most of us suddenly disappear
We change ourselves forgetting our roots
The children in our beings gone for good

Our minds locked into 9 to 5 and late at nights
Pursuing wants and satisfaction to get materialistic wealth
We forget our children's footprints building in our past
We hardly smile; we hardly say thank you
We take and take and take along the way

We hardly walk in the rain
We hardly feel the snowflakes falling
We hardly admire the twinkling stars
We hardly sit and watch the beautiful sunsets

What we do most of our times
Rushing out make money wanting a good life
Drilling into children studying hard don't go out playing
The future lies in a good education
And so the young forget how to play

It is good to play young
It brings moments of seeing the past
The sparkles in the eyes remembering games
And the way it was now sharing with the young
The free flowing laughter and children songs
Once a while act like children
We will see a better place in our lives

the cronies whet lips

The 3rd bridge
Hanging with a line
The cronies whet lips
Ah there is money flowing

The Bee Anne government
Finding ways to make money
On the surface it looks legal
It is taxpayers' money
We all suffer in vain

The way it has been
Even today we will see
Branding projects billions will be spent
Do the people get it in the end?
Free is hardly the word
We pay for it through taxes
Yet every day we will continue to enrich companies
Linked to the ruling elites

Some one suggested
Build a tunnel linking to Singapore
In this way the traffic flows solved
The bridges can be dismantled
Let the ships and tourism flow
Ferries and shops along the Johore Strait
Promoting tourism and related services and products

Mega projects we will not get it free
We will continue to enrich the crony companies
With contracts one sided people like us pay
Like Halloween Bee Anne will come knocking doors
Tricks or treats they smile at you and me

the village champion


The village champion
Bee Anne encourages
Giving the rewards
Employing many teachers

Languages the passages of knowledge
In this borderless world we must learn
The way we wish to achieve
In the world stage we dream

Political decisions
It erodes the confidence
Of the people challenging the world
Bee Anne leaders want to stay good
Telling the people
Be the village champion

Other countries marching forward
Jumping into the wagons to challenge the world
Here the 1Malaysia leader..........
Be the village champion

1Malaysia slogan
It never works in real life
The political journey of hidden rules
The people get fooled
Only the practical parents know
Spend extra money for a language
For the world isnt waiting
We must chase after it

Friday, July 10, 2009

the bygone era

Gopeng heritage artifacts
On the right turn of the bus station
Drive right through
Number 28 next door to 3 + 1 outlet

The remembering of those times
When your grandparents lived by
Of tin mining and artifacts of bygone era
Pay a visit if you have nothing else to do

The Japanese occupation
The people of the times
The battles and hardships
The torturing incidents

The developments then and now
How times changing landscape
Of people remembering
Of events susurrus in the minds

The echo of the bygone era
The tin mining, artifacts and buildings
Watches, lamps, ancient coins, old records
Somewhere it will remind you of the past

As one approaches to the future
The past will be the benchmark of one progresses
In time and in life
Go pay a visit
Entrance is free
Close on Wednesday and Thursday

the lost birdie

The adult humming birds with 2 little birdies
Flying around the trees looking for the lonely lost
A few days had passed there wasn't any tweeting sound
Perhaps the lonely birdie eaten up by the cat........

I had no idea what was happening
I could determine they were looking for the lost one
Hopping from branches to branches
Tweeting loudly there was no reply

The early morning sun
The rays hot the wind easy flow
Yet amongst the flowers and leaves
There is no reply answering the tweeting

Eventually they fly away
The silence descends on the trees
Only bees winging from flowers to flowers
Sucking what the bees can find
As the wind breezing through

there is 1 in the country

Pelancaran Logo 1Malaysia di Dataran Merdeka 27 Jun 2009 by Raja Nong Chik

Pelancaran Logo 1Malaysia di Dataran Merdeka 27 Jun 2009 by Raja Nong Chik

There is 1 in the country
Standing tall for all to see
Right on the city centre
What you think?

The slogans of the past
Fooling the crowd
Only the cronies and supporters
They always swallow it all
For wealth and power
There is 1 in the country

The actions don't flow
Pick and seduce
There is 1 in the country
For obvious reasons

The CATS system
The ruling leaders ignore
Spinning 1Malaysia
Action makes the grade
Nothing with words and dreams
When there is no solid foundation
It will be hard to explain

the black knight rides

1Malaysia slogan by mowadoha
1Malaysia slogan by mowadoha

The black knight rides
He doesn't care
What others think
He wants to do his thing

Lies, deceits and make belief
It is his way to do it
The Malay witch-craft stroking magic
So far he feels so good
Riding on his black horse

He hasn't proven to bring economy high
He is only good at the back door triumph
Perak still reeling of his farting ways
The Perakians really getting annoyed
As his pirates go on telling all kinds of magic
He rides his black horse further North
There is something he wanted to do
Toppling again through backdoors

The people have known
He thinks we are the fools
His PR guys may have spinned plenty
The days are numbered
The black horse will leave him

When the day arrives
The people will celebrate
For the God has answered prayers
Enough change must come