Friday, March 31, 2023

the SRC case


The SRC case

Let it rest

No more appeal

The Federal Court should reject

It makes the mockery of justice

The man got his 2nd final appeal

He wants to reappeal again?

The Federal Court is final

Even on the second round

The Federal Court shouldn't allowed

This is the final judgement

In the Federal Court no more appeal

MO1 should pay his fine

The $210 million to the government

Else the bankruptcy should proceed

No more delaying tactics

don't be blinded supporters


MO1 supporters

Don't they realize his corruption?

The millions gone to his bank account

The current case on 1MDB too

The details are written in report

What are the supporters thinking?

That corruption has no case?

That religion allows it without consequences?

These supporters should read the holy book

Don't listen to others to get influenced by them

Learn to understand right and wrong

Stealing is wrong; corruption is bad

Maybe they get peanuts

They can't differentiate right or wrong

As long as they remember the cash

The bad deeds they will forget?

the wrong my way


Will the Old Man sue the Renaissance Man?

The Old Man has to think twice before going ahead

He mustn't think he will have his way now

He isn't the prime minister but Anwar is

The Old Man should recognize the game

It will be a long way to clear the shame

When in court he can't plead he has forgotten

The previous RCI will haunt him in court

The Renaissance Man will start to fight

His team will collate details and documents

The Old Man should really think twice

Before his way becomes the magnet to pull him down

The Old Man should recognize now

Anwar is the sitting Prime Minister

He will have all the documents and information

The people will watch ready with pop-corns

Thursday, March 30, 2023

MUDA leaders bid your time


MUDA leaders

Don't cry like babies

They aren't in the league yet

They should buy their time

They issue negative statements

You will not stay in the moment

You are a new party in the horizon

Thinking big is a problem

PH has to wait to see your behaviour

PH leaders didn't forget your antics

Once in Johore state election

MUDA went against its wishes

PH is your best bet

In staying relevance in national politics

Bidding your time takes self discipline

Just don't cry like babies

once he was the master of his game


The Old man Dr Mahathir

He lost his deposit he should give way

He doesn't need to play his game

He had his chances but he forgot

He has no value

The credibility goes with the wind

Once he was the master of his game

Now he wants to sound relevance

He should take the hint

The Langkawi folks said in the voting

He lost his seat and deposit

He should stay at home think of his mistakes

The Old man Dr Mahathir

His age will tell on him

At 98 years old he should pray

Apologize his mistakes before it's too late

one way conversion is wrong


On way conversion

The state laws can't supersede the Constitution

As it is also laid out in Federal Court decision in 2018

Surely the state legal advisors should know the law?

Since it involves an Islamic faith conversion

The lawyers may want to divert a different route

They can't do as the Federal Constitution is clear

No state laws can over-ride the Constitution

When will these religious people learn?

Play by the laws and compassion along

If it is wrong don't try to justify it to be right

Forcing it will not bring light to a faith

This is the problem with secular and Islamic laws

A country needs to have one law to stand in good stead

Yet what we have seen for years

The face of fear of losing followers

the shell out politicians


The shell out politicians

They should stay and enjoy rest

They shouldn't be involved

In the current affairs

The medias should keep away

The shell out politicians

They knew their stay wasn't welcome

They had their seasons now let them go

The medias shouldn't promote them

They aren't worth the time to hold

Whatever they want to say today

They still say the same thing of yesterday

Let the shell out politicians

Walk alone enjoy their rest

The reporters shouldn't waste time

They aren't the best to remember

Wednesday, March 29, 2023



Jlow will hide

In China in Shanghai*

Establishing his business

China can't deny

He will not travel out

Unless with a false name to hide

The Red Notice by Interpol

He will stay tight in Shanghai

Now Kuwait court found him guilty

Jlow can't hide for long

Maybe Anwar can bring it up

Asking China for help

1MDB case

Malaysia got the bad name

MO1 gone to jail

But the case still barking in court

Anwar should try

Bring back the master mind

Of 1MDB fiasco for the country

She needs to take back her dignity

*reported in the press

the graveyard


The graveyard

Hardly people will show up

What we will see

The blocks and names

In the days

The wind and sun

Tall grasses and bushes dance

Help by the hot wind

In the nights

The dark shadows flow

Nothing in particular

Only the lovers glow

Nobody will want to stay

The night of dark shadows

The bad luck some will say

But the lovers will not hear

The graveyard

The dead will sleep well

In the days in the nights

Only lovers will dare to fight

China visit Renaissance Man


The Renaissance Man

The hiccup in Saudi Arabia

As the backdoor leaders wanted to say

For Anwar it was a fruitful visit

Next he will jet to China

He will continue to establish ties

Since it started in 1970s

A friendly and trading partner

The 3 days official visit

He will boost the economy cake

Both countries needed each other

More so for Malaysia to progress

Maybe Anwar should discuss about Jlow

All reports indicated he stays in Shanghai

Though at one time China denied his stay

In fact his whereabout can be determined

Now we will wait for the bankrupt back door leaders

Maybe some of the sacked wolf members to say

It will be a coup if Anwar could bring home Jlow

We need to close the IMDB case for good

the Old Man phobia


The Old Man

LKS just wasted his time

He will not listen to advice

He still wants to play politics

Because he is afraid

Going the underground beat

He still thinks he is relevant

In today's politics

The race and religion

The Old Man can't forget

He has the phobia

The race will fall behind

His race has many

Even the government supports them

Yet the words spin from the Old Man

As if his race is dropped out from the swing

The Old Man

Lost his deposit

Lost his job

Yet he still whines

LKS shouldn't waste his time

The Old Man will die on his crusade

He has his phobia his race is fallen behind

He wants the cake to eat it all

the bad beat


The day walkers

The playing games

The good or bad

Playing out in their lives

Those who forget

Running in sins and wild

A time will come

The knocking on the doors

The wild scenes

The victims can be found

Nobody will miss

Nobody will remember

The day walkers

Day in night in

Hot up the scene

The suckers fall

But who want to hunt?

The agencies will say NFA

There is no motivation

It's the laziness way

crimes don't pay


She screams and shout

Eyes getting red with tears

In her addicted condition

She can't see the right or wrong

The pushers running away

They don't want to be seen

The woman screams like mad

The craving knocking her wild

The side hawkers stare

Nobody dares to help

In the back alley of a city

Life can be dropped like rain

The drug dealers smile

In their dens of luxurious living

Earning the easy blood money

They will say “money is power!”

The crazy woman runs

Eyes of red tears blow by the wind

The burning in her body

She isn't going to give way

Detectives running along

Trying to make head or tail

The woman knows the drug den

She hits it with all she has

As they say

Crimes don't pay

The explosion and fire

Catching up in the air

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

the Old Man better thinks twice


The Old Man rings up

Wanting to hit it high

He may fall on a trap

The Renaissance Man

will not apologize

The Old Man can file

A defamation suit in court

He better prepares to testify

The wealth he has or hidden

Don't play a tune “I forget”

The Renaissance Man

He may have all the records

He can dig it up during those years

We can sit and watch with pop-corns

It will be an interesting tale to tell

There is a book written

About the Old Man riches

The author claimed of US100 billion

The Old Man denied it all

Though he didn't open up his books

The Renaissance Man

He isn't afraid of legal suit

He has his numbers

otherwise he would stay quiet

The Old Man better thinks twice

Now the trap is laid

The Old Man catches in the trap

Even a rat will get caught

When greed of cheese his downfall

Let us watch and read with pop-corns

the Old Man whines


The Old Man whines

Like an old lady getting cold

Eyes may have lost its sight

Yet his mind still never get tired

The words he spins

It's all about one race

Losing it all he says

When he was out of office

He is good at his rate

He doesn't care he will burn the house

He only spins on his race

Afraid the losses will ruin

The causes and losses of his reign

The Old Man doesn't seem to remember

He only spins his tale on his race

Losing it all he says

The trouble with the Old Man

He always thinks of a race

He doesn't think of his consequences

Even the nation as a whole

Once he was a master of his game

Now the voters told him to forget

His age has caught up with him

He better prays hard and doing good deeds

the shop-lots drainage


The shop keepers along the row of shop-lots

Doing business for years plying their trade

Washing the floors and kitchen sinks areas

The dirt and slime dropping to the drains

The years of neglect

The years of don't care attitude

The drains will get clogged up

The flash floods may hop about

The town council officers

They don't really walk the scene

They can take long breaks

The clogged drains never in their sight

There are cases happening

Maybe let the flood rising

It may open their eyes

They can't sit in office all the time

the chief wolf gets back his passport


The chief wolf gets back his passport

The Court of Appeal allow it permanently

There is no reason now to ask court permission

As he holds the Deputy Prime Minister job

It has nothing to do with his case

It has to do with the job he holds now

A respect of dignity by the Court of Appeal

Let the man enjoy his freedom for now

Until his court cases come up in court

Let the judge assess his guilt or not

When he is found guilty by the court

There will be a time to take back his passport

As it stands today and decided by the Court of Appeal

The chief wolf can get back his passport

He hasn't found guilty by any court of law

Until he is found guilty then the policy must change

Monday, March 27, 2023

the power in hand


The power in hand

Do the good or do the bad

The mind will have a go

Taste it or grow into it

In every level of society

There is always a power play

The person who welds it knows

It can become intoxicating

The power to hire and sack

Every employee will recognize it

The boss who holds it will remember

In the wrong hand it will cause pain

Power to stand alone

On the top feeling the glow

It doesn't bring much joy

To the person who holds it

In the background will be the shadows

Playing their brand of disobedience and bush fires

Spreading ill wind for their own agenda

Until they are found and removed

Power in the hand

The BBQ glow or hate the stuff

Don't let it commands the mind

In the wrong hand it will cause pain

politics and religions


Politics and religions

The toxic mixture of doom

Any party which uses it as its core

It will not bring good vibrations at all

Religions should stay as it is

Let the faithful fulfill their vows

Without the hindrance of politics

The politicians only care for themselves

The history in our records

It will tell the bad news for all

Using religion for a political end

A short term gain a long term failure

The Crusades were a bad example

The Christians used it to expand wide

But what happened in the end episode?

The sorry state of affairs

Now we have the Islamic extremists

They will face the same dilemma as the Christians

Iran is finding hard to control the change arising

Saudi Arabia is slowly releasing her control

Politics shouldn't mix with religion

It will not bring a better solution in our lives

The political will is needed to change it

No religion in politics no religion for the Federation

the base must be strong Renaissance Man


The Renaissance Man

Busy jet-hopping to Asean nations

Rallying for the country's businesses

Establishing his contacts again

He should stay home

Get his priority done

The cost of living

The draconian laws appeal

Even the dress code

He hasn't made his stand

He mustn't be afraid

To spook his race

They need to wake up

The Covid 19 pandemic shown them

They aren't prepared for the long haul

It is because of depending on assistance

The Renaissance Man

No doubt economy is important

But the base must be on strong footing

Else it will not stand the storm

the white waves


The white waves

Rolling wild to the beach

Forever it is the way

The clashing of natural way

Every beach-goer will watch

Looking with his eyes to see

How nature always stay patience

Even in times of destruction

Because there will be renewed

In life in nature in its way

The white waves know the truth

So it kisses the beach shoreline

Putting its marks

Every time on the high tides

Telling all who watch it

We will not miss

Sunday, March 26, 2023

rolling on the time


They always say

Don't shift the time

When it is so good”

Let it roll and see

The end will tell

If we can allow it to go

Many have no patience

They give up the dice

On the rocking chairs

They will tell their regrets

Just a few minutes more

Don't shift the time”

Rolling on the time

Stop. Watch. Listen

Without patience in the end

They will tell their regrets

the Rocket in Penang


The Rocket in Penang

Don't cause unnecessary turmoil in the party

The leaders must stay united to face the challenges

Don't take power for granted

The grapevine says of leaders change

In the coming state election in the state

It says of Ramasamy camp and LGE camp

Why want to sow disunity in the Rocket?

The Rocket is a discipline party

Let it stay that way for the good of the people

The leaders shouldn't have camps in the party

No need to glorify each other to stay relevant

The Rocket in Penang

Stay on the unity role within the party

Once you let outsiders poke into the core

It will cause headache in the souls

don't file false police report


Anyone can make a police report

There is no law to deny it

As long as the police handle it well

The file of reports will be contained

Any false police report

The culprit needs to be hauled up

It has to show to the public

Don't make false statement to the police

The politicians must know the law

Don't use the police for their own agendas

If they can't debate properly on issues

They shouldn't stay as politicians

As it happens now

Filing police report seems the way

The politicians just wait and pray

Knowing too well the police will keep in view

diversion tactics


The moo leaders

Diversion tactics they play

Using it to hide the truth

The corruption cases ringing true

Yet the moo leaders

They don't see; feel nothing in their souls

What they see are the millions stars shining

Tempting their faith forgetting its call

The top leaders in court

Macc will not stop pursuing

They are still many to net in

So the diversion tactics on the move

Macc in pursuit

The wealth of the nation disappears

Digging up the past contracts

Digging up the wealth

Yet the moo leaders don't see

They try to tell their own version

One time they said they were in the open book

Macc caught the leaders instead

good or bad it's only politics


We want to be heroes

Running wild in politics

No guns no bullets

It's only the words

Across the nation

Let the stations play it loud

Let the people hear it

Good or bad it's only the politics

Do they believe it?

The words flow into their ears

Telling them what we want them to hear

We want to be heroes

The sound of it

Say it loud many times over

Across the nation

The stations play it loud

We want to be heroes

No guns no bullets

The words flow into their ears

Good or bad it's only politics

Saturday, March 25, 2023

the chief wolf


The chief wolf

He does it wrong

The party will stay different

As the losers are trooped in

The members may not like it

The winners are left in the cold

The losers in the chief wolf's cocktail

They enjoy the party benefits

How is he going to galvanize his party?

There will be a division within his division

He should get the winners to be in his team

The losers, some are bad, shouldn't be in it

Now he makes his call

The members will have their silent protest

The winners too will not feel happy

The friction will arise closing rank will be a dream