Tuesday, March 07, 2023

the back door game


The moos and crocodiles leaders

The sleeping will be unpleasant

The minds will be worried of tomorrow

What will Macc do?

Some have been charged in court

One person is in remand in Macc

The investigations ongoing

The moos and crocodiles leaders dilemma

It is one of the reasons

The Bawang crocodile keeps hinting of back door

He can dream on it day in and day out

Unless the Home Minister takes him in custody

As it stands today

The Bawang crocodile doesn't care of law or Royal decree

He thinks he is above everybody and law

It is time to rope him in for good

The nation doesn't need his character

Spewing political venom for his own benefits

Still harping on race and religion and its supremacy

He doesn't want to acknowledge the many races in the nation

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