Monday, March 13, 2023

the tree of old


The tree of old

Standing upright fighting the sun

The rain, wind and humans

Tall and big with branches all over

The rising tides only brush against it

The tree of old is grateful it stays

Giving shades to the humans and vehicles

No complaints it stands tall to stay

Across the road

The young upstart says

You should go

You have your time!”

The tree of old

It shakes its branches

I am here for decades

Everyone recognizes me”

Young upstart

You stand beside the road

You see the tractor

It is clearing all away”

No it isn't me”

The tractor knocks it off

Uprooted it and its demise

The young upstart can't believe it!

The tree of old

It has its history

It will stay safe

In the years ahead

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