Wednesday, March 22, 2023

the kelantan people


The Kelantan people

Wake up and go go

You don't need to be controlled

You have your freedom

Yet you can't allow to be free

The state enact laws

Curtailed your movements

Even the men can't wear shorts*

They will be hauled up and fined

Is this your world of paradise?

The Kelantan people

You have lived in decades

Under the crocodiles rule

You don't have your say

You have to follow blindly

The crocodiles live in joy

The luxury of life driving nice cars

The clever ones migrate out

Leaving the poor folks dreaming of paradise

Thinking they have no choice

In the next state election

The Kelantan people must wake up

Take back your freedom

Don't vote for the crocodiles

You did it before now do it again

*fine $1,000 each

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